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Aw, don’t worry, honey. Most guys think what you was thinking, first time they see me.

“I’m sorry I annoy you…
I’m sorry you’ll probably talking to someone way better than me , & I can’t help but feel like a bother to you…
I’m sorry that all I want is to you to talk to me…
I’m sorry I come off as clingy but in reality I’m just missing you…
I’m sorry if you don’t want to talk to me it’s understandable… All I’m is a annoying clingy burden… I bother you too much I fear that you’ll slowly drifting away…

i love the way he always sticks his tongue out after he gets tongue tied and i love how he always talks to himself and then starts laughing and i love how he doesn’t care about what other people think and i love when he starts talking about something and he just stops and laughs and i love how whenever he talks about something bad he always ends with so uh yeahh with a nervous laugh and i love when he looks at me like i put all the stars in the sky and i love how he always tells people to be careful and i love that he sleeps without a shirt on and i love that he always grabs me when i’m about to fall and i love how he calls all of his friends buddies and i love how he always holds the door open and i love how you never know what’s going through his head and i love how he sleeps with his hand behind his head and i love the way he sticks his tongue out just a little bit in pictures and i love his cute little smile when he laughs at something stupid and i love his goofy smile and i love that he drinks tea and i love how he acts when he gets hyper and i love the kind of stuff he finds funny and i love his smirk and i love how he cares about everything and everyone and i love that he doesn’t want to hurt me and i love that he cares about what he looks like and i love how he laughs and i love that he puts up with my rambling and i love how he messes with people and i love how tough he is and i love that he is so selfless and i love everything about him

yet it still wasn’t enough

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Me: *is sleep*
Rats: *shuffles squeak crunch*
Me: *is sleep*
Rats: *crunch crunch sQUEAK*
Me: *ignores and sleep*
Rats: *squeak sQUEAK THUMP*
Me: *jump outta bed, turn on the lights*
“What the heck”
Rats: *is laying around with baby faces and cute jammies on*
“Wat mom”
Me: “You little…”
*go back to sleep*
Me: “goddAMMIT”

Mad Max Star Wars AU:

They’re all on Tatooine and the movie is the exact same except with speeders instead of cars 

“Okay, so this theme says ‘French’. What do French people wear? Eh, I’ll just put on some European shit.”

“Oh hey, so that one did pretty well! Let’s see, the theme is ‘Ladies Dance Ball’, huh? Okay, so. ‘Ball’ means it shouldn’t be too casual, yeah? Something nice. And a shorter skirt seems better for dancing than a longer one. Y’know, less shit to trip over an’ all that.

“So, okay. Something nice with a shorter skirt. Well, none of these evening gowns are gonna work. They look like something for attending a cocktail party, not something for dancing. It’s summer, so maybe I should go with my Cool stuff? Yeah, that works.

“Oh, the only Cool dress I have is all white. Hm. That’s not too bad; it’s very pretty. But you gotta be careful with white cause you don’t want the other stuff to distract too much from the dress. I guess I’ll just stick with white. I know it’s probably a bit gauche to wear all white when you’re not getting married, but this doesn’t really look like a wedding dress, so it’s probably fine.

“Still summer; still want it to look cool. These sheer stockings are probably great for that. And the dress has ribbons, so let’s use the shoes and gloves with ribbons on them.

“Done! It’s beautiful! I could really see someone going out dancing in something like this. I mean, maybe not in real life, but definitely in a movie or somethin.”

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