why do i draw her so much

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A few of the future alternians in the Hiveswap series have been leaked, while others have been released in a “Troll Call.” From some of the fantastic alternians we have been shown so far, do you have a favorite? If you aren’t too busy please, could you maybe draw your favorite?

idk why but i just like her hahah. 
We kinda don’t know anything about the others? well i mean we don’t know about her not much neither haha. But she looks like she knows everything and tries to have everything under control haha

More Undertale doodly doodles! I… I really like Undyne, so I decided to draw her again, this time with her hair down. The more I draw Undertale the more I think I'ma do small headcanons for some of the characters because… well, why not? xD

Speaking of headcanons, let’s start with Undyne here. Given that she’s some sort of fish/reptilian/amphibian?? monster, I’ve decided that she doesn’t actually have boobs in my headcanon. Given that she isn’t mammal, there isn’t really a reason for her to have any since she can’t produce milk, so yeah. I’ll probably tweak her appearance here and there to my liking as well (lighter belly and chest, orange irises, scars, so on).

But yeah, it’s small but it’s a start. I hope you guys like the drawing! She was so much fun to draw. :3

(PS: yes her jacket is based on Mass Effect’s N7. I can’t help myself ;_; )

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

what your fav homestuck character in 2017 says about you: The Kids
  • John: you just love this soft windy boy!! you super dig his aesthetics of blue and wind and flying and oh look you just drew a picture of him kissin some boys. "a pure, splendid boy indeed", you note as you draw john slam dunking dirk into a trash can as a prank
  • Rose: you are gay. you understand the true nature of rose as NOT a prim and proper lady but a pretentious messy goth lesbian who just likes to stay up at 4 am eating coffee beans and critiquing the homoerotic nature of literary works behind an Arby's or something. you love her and you love her twelve million girlfriends like kanaya, jade, vriska, terezi... the list goes on and on. you love her.
  • Dave: you really sympathize with his triumph over abuse and you constantly reblog davekat like your life depended on it. you understand that dave is the most developed character in the comic and you own a pair of mirror shades just to subconsciously remind yourself. have I mentioned how much davekat you reblog and draw and write? davekat is canon guys and your soft asshole boy got the boyfriend of his dreams. here's another comic of him in his underwear watching movies with karkat.
  • Jade: you SUPER DIG her aesthetic. JEEZE she is GOALS. you own at least 500 different pictures of jade holding the five planets on your phone and you love how she is both smart and capable of standing on her own. furries are a-ok and you like making dog jokes with jade. what a precious daughter. being part-dog was the greatest thing that could happen to her. also, you really think she got shafted in the ending and regularly post jade in many cute outfits to fill the void.
  • Jane: you draw her with bright red lipstick and a diner aesthetic. you are kin with jane and primarily ship janeroxycallie (or as I like to call it CottonCallie). you're kinda quiet about your love for her and don't post a whole lot. if someone else made a post for her, you'd be there giving your support and throwing in your own opinions.
  • Roxy: GOOD WIFE GOOD WIFE WIFE MATERIAL HOLY WOW NO WAY WOWZA GOOD WIFE. you are absolutely in love with her and everything she does. you get mad when people draw her with a drink because Hey, my beautiful wife worked her BUTT off to get past that and??? she did it??? wow. she's strong, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's sassy, she's funny. Wow. you draw her gaming, you draw her making jokes, you draw her in different aesthetics, you draw her doing void things, honestly who cares as long as you're drawing her. you might not be into johnroxy but ROXYCALLIE HOLY SHIT MAN. I cannot stress enough how much you love her.
  • Dirk: you can't help but love this trainwreck of a man. he's so problematic but that's why you love him! you regularly upload dirkjohn comics involving his wacky manime antics. everything you draw with dirk is gay or is him doing something ridiculously over the top but that's just the way you like it. sometimes you'll do character analysis posts that really delve into his subconscious and then accidentally attract 30 haters to your blog. you like how he cronches into an orange with the skin on and are CONSTANTLY shitposting.
  • Jake: you and twelve other guys are in the same small cult for this goofy boy's butt. you know just about everyone on this site that loves him. you would die for this man. everything he does makes you smile. you make analysis posts all the time about how he is WAY smarter than he lets on and is an ingenious manipulator but not in the Bad Way. you appreciate him way more than just guns, skulls, and movies. you draw him with very fluffy hair and have four askblogs for him. people will say you have bad taste and you will agree but continue to love him. every one out three comics is about dirk.

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Grover bringing Percy and Annabeth some plants as a house warming gift (he meant to just bring one but then he couldn't decide). Grover coming over for dinners after his Lord of the Wild trips to tell his now very domestic friends about his adventures. He cries the first time he holds Theo and Percy asks him how it feels to be an Uncle. Whenever Annabeth goes out of town for work Grover comes over to help Percy w the kids and they talk about how they could have raised a family together. Tag!

They tell Annabeth this when she comes home and she goes, “Of course you could have, why do you think i let you look after mine?” 

Grover is the /favourite/ house guest. His visits are usually spontaneous and on more than one occasion he has appeared in the Jackson’s back garden and slept in their flowerbed for several hours before mustering enough energy to communicate with anyone. While he sleeps, the kids make a blanket of leaves and bushes for him to keep him safe and warm. They love him as much as Percy and Annabeth do.

Grover is Theo’s godfather but he’s actually Ruthie’s favourite; it’s her connection with nature and animals which draws her so affectionately to him. When she was little, Grover used to grow flowers out of the grass between her toes and she would stare at him with delight and wonder on her face. They’re also always on the same team because Theo always chooses to be on Percy’s and Amelia chooses Annabeth’s. Ruthie never feels left out, she just….can’t decide, but Grover is always the best team buddy and they kick everyone’s butt. 

(Blackjack has also stepped in on a few occasions. Ruthie persuaded the Aphrodite kids to make them matching t-shirts, it was quite a sight.)

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3

Lessons Learned, pt. 2 [Negan x Reader]

Words: 2,262

Warnings: SMUT, language, kitchen sex, unprotected sex

A/N: Here’s the highly requested second installment to my Negan imagine. I hope you all enjoy it! And yes, this is totally inspired by that scene from Sons of Anarchy. I’m a little nervous about posting this so I hope it’s not too terrible! 

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Tell me about the one who loved him (part two) - A Sirius Black Imagine

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Part two of Tell me about the one who loved him

Many days had passed and Harry was sitting into Sirius’ room, along with Ron and Hermione. He hated being into the Blacks house, especially because he felt so guilty about facing Sirius everyday and not telling him the secret he knew about him. It put so much pressure on him that he did everything to avoid his godfather during the Christmas holidays, which made him sad and anxious. He needed his presence more than anything but he couldn’t handle looking at him in the eyes with what he now knew. The first day when he came to Grimmauld place, he thought about telling at once Sirius. But the man didn’t seem to be in a good mood; in fact, he looked more depressed than he looked back when he got out of Azkaban. One night, as Harry came downstairs to get a glass of water after a nightmare, he surprised a conversation between Lupin and Sirius, as they were drinking into the drawing room together.

‘I tried to look for her, but it’s like she vanished into thin air’ he heard his godfather whisper.

There was a pause.

‘Come on Sirius, don’t get yourself into trouble just for her.’

Just for her? Do you know how much time I spent thinking she believes I am guilty?’

‘Why does it matter? You said it yourself, it’s been ages.’

Harry heard Sirius swallowing heavily his liquor.

‘What about me?’ he asked.

‘You are safe here. Don’t you think about going out of here ever again before it’s okay for you to do so’ replied Remus with a cold voice.

‘It’s like you don’t want me to see her. Is it? Are you hiding something from me? Is she okay?’ said Sirius, sounding nervous and angry.

‘Are you thinking straight, Pads?’

There was another pause.

‘The girl has moved on, don’t go trouble Y/N with your excuses and explications!’

‘What’s the matter with you, since when did you lose any empathy for your old friend? I just want to see her again, just one time, for Merlin’s beard-‘

‘She’s married Sirius! There, I said it. She has a life of her own now, she moved on, don’t go trouble her with the past! What are you thinking, that she was going to wait for you? It’s been almost fourteen years.’

Harry felt the tension in the room. For a few minutes, he wondered what was happening as he heard nobody talk anymore. As time passed and nobody move or spoke, Harry walked silently back into his room. He felt so sorry for Sirius he couldn’t breathe anymore, his chest hurt. How he wished Sirius knew that he had a daughter with Y/N, that he had a future of his own, that he hadn’t lost everything. He heard somebody opening the door. Hermione was standing in the doorway, looking at him curiously.

‘I thought I heard noise in here’ she whispered.

‘Couldn’t sleep’ replied Harry, trying to chase away his thoughts.

She looked at Ron who seemed to be lost into a deep sleep.

‘That makes at least two of us’ she smiled. ‘Mind if I come in?’

Harry shook his head and Hermione sat beside him on the bed.

‘Are you having visions again?’ she enquired.

‘No, that’s not it’ said Harry, feeling uncomfortable with what he just heard.

Hermione put her hand on Harry’s and looked at him with sincere eyes.

‘You know, you can tell me anything.’

Harry smiled back to her and they sat in silence, staring at the flames crackling in the fireplace.

‘Hermione?’ said Harry, breaking the silence.

She looked up at her friend.

‘What would you do if you knew a secret, a big one, that would change one’s perception on life and future?’

She frowned her eyebrows.

‘Who would it concerns?’ she asked.

Harry sighed.

‘I know something – something very important – but I’m not confident about telling the person it concerns, because I’m not sure how that person would react.’

‘Harry, you’re worrying me… Why don’t you just tell me what it’s about and I’ll try to help?’

Maybe he could tell Hermione. He looked at Ron, fast asleep.

‘Are you familiar with the other students? Other houses, other years?’

Hermione raised her shoulders.

‘I don’t know everybody, but I have a good memory.’

‘There’s this girl, maybe you know her. Second grade’ he continued.


‘Well, I came to know recently, something about her. Something huge.’

‘I didn’t know you were interested in gossip, Harry’ mumbled Hermione, not sure where her friend was going with this.

Harry sighed heavily.

‘You know Y/D/N Y/L/N?’

Hermione raised her shoulders again.

‘Long black hair, silver eyes. She’s pretty too. She’s in Slytherin.’

‘The name does ring a bell. But I’d have to see what she looks like, to be honest… Where’re you going with that Harry?’

Harry felt his hands becoming sweaty and his blood pumping loudly in his veins.

‘You wouldn’t have to get out of this house to see what she looks like…’ he whispered.

Hermione raised her eyebrows and waited for the denouement. Harry felt nervous, he wished she’d have put the puzzle pieces together by now.

Don’t make me say it, don’t make me say it’ he thought.

‘Wait a minute…’ he heard Hermione say.

She got up and started pacing in the room.

‘I think I know who you’re talking about. She has those shiny long black hair does she? I remember her cause the first time I noticed her, she was in the library and something about her felt very familiar when I glanced at her!’

Harry waited patiently for Hermione to figure it out.

‘The eyes, yes, the eyes. These silver eyes, well, her whole face expression, the smirk…’

There was a long pause. Her eyes widened and she put her hand in front of her now opened mouth, her expression shocked.

‘Are you sure?’ she asked, nervously.

‘Without a doubt.’

‘Does he know?’

Harry shook his head and felt his eyes burn. 

‘I surprised a conversation and I asked questions to Lupin afterwards and pretty figured the rest myself.’

‘Then maybe you’re wrong’ suggested Hermione, not sure she really wanted to believe what she was just told.

‘No. Lupin confirmed it. He asked me to tell no one, but how could I keep this to myself?’

‘You need to tell him, Harry!’ said Hermione, hurrying to her friend, taking him by the shoulders.

‘How can I be the one telling him? How can I tell Sirius that he has a daughter he doesn’t know about?’

Harry heard the floor crack outside the room. Both he and Hermione jumped with fear. He stood up and looked into the door crack that Hermione didn’t close entirely. There, two pairs of bright silver eyes were shining into the dark, reflecting the dancing flames of the fireplace behind Harry’s weak body, surrounded by black fur all around. The big dog seemed to look blankly at Harry. Surely, Sirius had heard them say they weren’t able to sleep and decided to make them laugh by transforming into Padfoot, like he did some nights before. He started to walk slowly in reverse.

‘Sirius, I-‘ Harry tried to mumble.

But the dog had disappeared.

‘SIRIUS!’ he shouted again, waking up Ron and the entire household.

They heard a door being shut down loudly downstairs. 

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Could you draw picture were Donovan calls Sherlock a Freak and John just stares deadly at her behind Sherlock so she shuts up?

Okay I was gonna do a normal pic at first but then I thought: why not a gif? I had so much fun drawing this, specially John and Sherlock’s faces XD. Thanks for the request and I hope you like it <3

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Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

Dating Peter Parker Would Involve:

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  • Honestly, it’d take him ages to muster up the courage to ask you out. Even then, he didn’t really ask you out, not in the traditional way, at least.
  • “I, uh—I like,” he coughs, avoiding all eye-contact, “Like, I like—like, you.”
  • In the end, you took pity on him. “I like you, too, Peter,” you confess, struggling to maintain a straight face to show you’re serious, you promise, despite Peter’s awkward (albeit adorable) shuffling.
  • For the first month of your relationship, he’d be super nervous. About everything. 
  • Half the time, it took May’s kind words of encouragement to even give him the confidence he needed to take you on a date.
  • Sometimes, you swore he forgot you both even went out, like it was some sort of dream for him.
  • He eventually relaxed, though, especially after you discovered he was Spiderman.
  • You’d both came up with a plan to figure out what was wrong with him. 
  • May, of course, blamed Tony Stark’s internship, which lead to regular discussions about the billionaire between you two (which quickly got rerouted to Pepper Potts and her brilliance; May has a celebrity crush on her, you’re sure of it).
  • After a brief period of utter panic, you’d become quite fond of Peter’s alter ego. It served as a reminder of his heroic nature. Plus, it made you laugh at Flash’s insistence that Peter didn’t know Spiderman.
  • “You know, technically, he’s right,” you say, smiling as Flash prepares himself for another long-winded rant. “You don’t know Spiderman.”
  • You both do the Spiderman kiss—or try, at least. You’re hellbent on it being as romantic as possible, despite Peter’s lax attitude towards it.
  • When Peter lost his suit, you tried to help him sew a new one. You probably should have told him you can’t sew for shit, but it was more fun to have him coddle over your various pin prick wounds.
  • It’s not that you and Ned don’t respect Peter’s wishes, it’s just that they’re the Avengers, Peter, did you even get an autograph?
  • You and Ned steal his suit all the time. 
  • Tony blames you two for Happy’s deteriorating health and constant state of panic.
  • “Peter? Peter, the suit? Where’s the suit? I swear, if you’ve lost it—look, that’s a really expensive suit, I can’t afford to—wait, is that Ned? Why is Ned hanging from the window?! Do you know how expensive the lawsuit will be—”
  • You direct MJ to Happy, since she likes drawing people in turmoil so much. You don’t think you’ve ever seen her sketchpad fill up so quickly.
  • Study dates. All the time. So you both can ‘study’. Aunt May is still confused when you get detentions for not having done your homework, despite your ‘study sessions’.
  • He’s not big on PDA—like, at all—but he loves handholding. 
  • “I larb you, Peter.”
  • “Did Aunt May tell you—I don’t even know—”
  • “Peter, no! You have to say it back.”
  • He gives a resigned sigh. “I…I larb you, too.”

art trade with the fabulous @funsexydragonball! :D

She asked me if I could draw something with Gogeta, with the option of pairing him up with either Bulma or Chi-Chi (or both X3). I got the go-ahead to do a lady Gogeta, so I decided to draw her with both lovely ladies o3o I drew Bulma and Chi-Chi more well-endowed here than I would if I had just drawn this on my own, because I know how much Miss funsexy loves her db ladies curvy ;D (lady Gogeta would be drawn the same regardless if this was a trade or not lol XP)

I hope you enjoy! :3


(the reason why I’ve been putting this message in my art posts recently is cuz I’ve been experiencing art theft over the last few months =^=)


*sneezes* hey thanks for the requests i appreciate it <3 these were fun to do

under the cut is just me responding to some of them, don’t mind me -3-

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You have a rare and marvelous spirit. In another world…

Why not this one? 

Hello I am crying. Look at this stunning drawing of Shina and Solas I commissioned from the lovely @lavilsa She is such a sweetheart, and I am lucky to call her a friend. Seriously, if you haven’t cheked out her art, DO IT! 

Thank you so, so much for the drawing, love. I’ll be sure to get another one the future <3 

So I discovered this meme on instagram and IT LOOKS SO COOL that I did it too. The game consist in making a drawing and then repeat the drawing trying to mimic the art style of some of the artists you admire! (I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS THING)

 So here it is, hope you all like it, I made it with all my heart :3 Im sorry for ruining your styles guys hahaha 

 1- that’s my lil Nico di Angelo. 

 2- @indigonite‘s Nico, I tried my best here, but BRO so hard to color like Bruna. Maybe I made him a lil too red ;u;

3- @saberghatz‘s Nico. Idk why but it looks more like saber’s last year’s art, cause her Nico changed a little, but I love both her Nicos, so :v 

4- @tamaytka‘s Nico. Im sorry that I ruined the way you draw eyes, I really LOVE your eyes, but I COULD NOT make justice to them. 

5- @leegarbettart  Lee Garbett never drew Nico but he is my favorite artist in comic books, he draws Loki in Agent of Asgard, and I love his art so much!

6- @onihimeart also never drew Nico, but her art style is so complicated that I could not even make it look alike ;u; Sorry friend!