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Chowder pulled back after a few minutes, looking upward. Nursey’s relaxed grin seemed to glow in the sunlight, just like the rest of him. 

It was beautiful, Chowder thought. Nursey was beautiful.

memento mori by someobscurereference

Please read this lovely Nursey/Chowder fic and ship them with me!!

ok but like imagine Finn is in the middle of an interview and he see’s you walk by and get’s totally distracted so as soon as the interview is over he goes to find you. I’m sorry, bye.

Clexa Mystic Coffeeshop AU

Lexa is 95% certain that the girl that comes into her coffee shop each morning is a witch.

Whether it’s the tattoos that she swears move when she sees them out of the corner of her eye or the way the girl’s hair changes color if she looks long enough (not that she’s staring), Lexa is positive something strange is going on and she is determined to find out what.

Me every time I want to talk to my mom but she starts screaming at me