why do i care so much about food

Un-diagnosed autistic kid starter pack

“Wow, you’re so rude”

“Just eat your food, stop being so picky”

“Why are you failing this class, I know you’re smarter than this”

“I don’t get why you’re confused, it’s really easy”

“You need to get out more and talk to people. Stop playing with X so much”

“Why do you always wear that? Don’t you have other clothes?”

“Stop doing that thing, it’s really annoying/why are you always doing that?”

“Just hug him, he’s your Grandpa. I don’t care if you barely know him. Why are you being so weird about it?”

Me: Eternal screaming.

Don’t Say Anything (part 6)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

warnings: Pietro Maximoff

A/N: I went to go see Beauty and the Beast today and omggggggg it was so good. I didn’t think I was gonna like it at first (bc I like the original) but it was amazing. Also I’m sososososo tired so sorry in advance if this update is shit I just wanted to get a part out for you guys (woop woop Pietro bro)

“So what’s your plan?” Pietro asked as the three of us sat and ate our food.

You look over at him. “My plan?”

“Yeah.” he nods. “It’s obvious what you need to do.”

“And that is..?”

Pietro sets his fork down. “You have to make him jealous.”

You nearly choke on your food. “What? Are you crazy?”

“It’s obvious that he wants you, Y/N.” he playfully rolled his eyes.

“No, he wants Nat. They’re together.” you respond.

“So we break them up and bam, you two get together.”

“Piet!” you exclaim as he chuckled.

“Alright, so here’s the plan. You’re going to make him jealous and the guy doesn’t like me. I don’t know why though, I’m a very likable person but anyways, you’re going to make him jealous and what better way to make him jealous than to make him jealous with me.” he smiled. It was true, Bucky didn’t really like Pietro. You never understood why.

“I don’t know, Piet.” you sigh, moving a piece of bacon around on your plate. “What do you think Wanda?”

Pietro scoffed. “Who cares what she thinks? She’s just a kid.”

Wanda glares at her brother. “I’m not a little kid.”

“I’m twelve minutes older than you.” he smirked and she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I know. How could I forget. You remind me every time we see each other.”

Pietro smiles and touches the tip of her nose. “младшая сестра.”

Wanda rolls her eyes again. You laugh, watching the two annoy each other (mostly Pietro annoying the hell out of Wanda) for the rest of breakfast. After eating, the three of you go back to his apartment and lounge around for a while.

“So how long should I stay? A week?” he spoke up as he laid on your lap.

“A week? You really think you can get them together within a week?” Wanda says. “Bucky’s really oblivious for an old man. Aren’t old people supposed to be wise?”

“I can do it. Trust me. They don’t call me the Love Master for nothing.” Pietro nods and both you and Wanda burst out laughing.

“No one calls you that.” you giggle.

Pietro looks up at you. “You’re a dream killer, you know?”

After spending almost the whole day at Pietro’s, the three of you drive back to the tower. Pietro had packed for a week. Upon entering the building, he drops his bags and inhales.

“Ah, I’ve missed this place.”

You smile. “You can sleep in my room if you want. I have a couch that pulls out into a bed that you can sleep on. Unless Wanda wants you to stay in her room.”

You look over at Wanda and her eyes widen as she shakes her head. “Oh god no I don’t want to be near him this whole week. Good luck with him, he’s torture.”

Pietro rolls his eyes at his sister. “You’re such a drama queen.”

“Says the drama queen.” she responds.

“I’ll have you know-”

“Alright children, that’s enough. Piet, come on, let’s get you settled in.” you step in like a mother. Pietro grabs his bags and sticks his tongue out at Wanda before following you to your room.

You show him the pull out couch, showing him how to do it before leaving to let him settle down. You felt a bit better, knowing Pietro was there. He has always been there for you no matter what and you were glad he was in your life despite how obnoxious he can get.

You enter the kitchen, seeing Steve and Wanda cooking tonight’s dinner. Tony Natasha were talking while Bucky and Sam were bickering back and forth with each other. You exhale loudly and make your way to the pantry in search for the Circus Animal Cookies. Hopefully you can-

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Steve questioned and you back out of the pantry.

You shake your head. “Nothin’.”

He squints his eyes at you. “You were looking for the animal cookies, weren’t you?”

“What? Pfft, no. I was just.. Making sure all the food was still there.”

Steve smirked, knowing you were obviously lying. “Mhm, sure.” he folds his arms over his chest. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

You salute him. “You got it, Steve-O.”

The blonde chuckled and walked back to Wanda to assist her. As you turned to leave, Bucky calls out your name, causing you to turn back around and walk towards him. Be calm and cool, Y/N. Be calm and cool.

“What’s up?” you ask, standing right in front of him.

“How was the little trip?” you knew he didn’t care so why was he asking? Men.

“It was good.” you nod.

Bucky hummed. “What did you guys do?”

“We went out for breakfast and chilled at his apartment afterwards. I was so full, I was in a food coma.” you groan, patting your stomach just thinking about how much you ate earlier. This makes Bucky laugh.

“Well I’m glad you had fun.”

You nod in response.

“How are things with Nat? It was a big step to come out to everyone.” you say, suddenly feelings the stinging sensation in your chest.

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “Everything’s going great. I’m happy, she’s happy, we’re happy.”

“That’s good.” you smiled. You wished for an escape, not wanting to be near Bucky anymore. You don’t even understand how you’ve lasted this long being with him and not breaking down.

“So uh, when are you gonna go see Pietro again? Is this gonna be a regular thing, you going off to see him?” Bucky questioned. He asks the weirdest questions.

“Actually..” you were about to tell him that Pietro was there and would be staying for a week when in waltzes Pietro in all his glory.

“Hey guys!” he exclaimed before walking over to you and Bucky. “Hello, my love.” he wraps an arm around your shoulders and kisses your temple.

“Hey Piet.” you murmur.

Pietro looks over at Bucky and smiled. “Bucky, old friend, long time no see.”

Bucky’s features harden and he glares at the blonde. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t tell him?” Pietro looks at you.

“I was about to until you came in.”

He looks back at Bucky. “I’m staying for a week. Really missed this cutie.” he cuddles you to him.

“Where are you staying? I don’t think there’s-”

He cuts Bucky off. “With Y/N.”

Bucky shuts his mouth and goes right back to glaring at Pietro. He seriously doesn’t like him.

“Can we watch High School Musical tonight? My singing voice has gotten better.” Pietro says as he guides you away from Bucky. The brunette watches as the two of you sit on the couch and he can’t help but feel angry.

A/N: It’s short I knooowwwww I’m sorry. Tell me what ya think anyways.



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Sorry to the people who didn’t get tagged!

yeah there was a vegan who commented on my post about homelessness that said “I’d care about this much more if humans didn’t eat animals” I blocked them. Which is why the comment no longer shows up. But ten bucks I make a similar post with enough time I’ll get more angry vegans saying the same shit.

Stop acting like your community doesn’t say bullshit like this, they literally do. There are so many vegans who don’t give a shit about marginalized people because they “eat animals.” It’s a thing. 

To deny it’s a thing is fucking bullshit and willfully ignoring problems you should address in your community.

- ̗̀  shit the squad says sentence starters  //  vol.3  ̖́-

  1. “I breathe drama like oxygen.”
  2. “It’s like Supernatural, people won’t let it die.”
  3. “This music sounds like farts.”
  4. “It’s late and I’m smutting.”
  5. “I’m funny. Learn it.”
  6. “What accessory are you sniffing?”
  7. “I think I’ve been pretty tame. I don’t think I’ve cursed New York’s name in a few weeks.”
  8. “Are you allergic to manners?”
  9. “Acid, my true love.”
  10. “Sorry, I was making pizza and had cheesy hands.”
  11. “Machetying sharks is easier than just going inside.”
  12. “What a day, a dude took a hint.”
  14. “I told the ghost to fuck off.”
  15. “I wasn’t about to get ate by sharks the night before graduation.”
  16. “I just imagined a tub of acid and a dick being dipped.”
  17. “Make up your god damn mind, male.”
  18. “Are we about to watch an hour of men pushing and shoving?”
  19. “Go home bitch, stop playing in the dirt.”
  20. “I got a stomach ache and DIED.”
  21. “Why do you care about sperm in removed uteruses?”
  22. “I’d like to pledge my life to lesbianism now.”
  23. “I don’t need judgmental smiley faces from you.”
  24. “If I didn’t use that so much I would put it on the banned list.”
  25. “Fuck dealing with hair right now, I’m IN NO MOOD.”
  26. “I’ve moved on thanks to Jesus and salt.”
  27. “When did I do that. Why did I do that.”
  28. “I’m gonna cook my food, you judgmental hoes.”
  29. “I broke it off after I won.”
  30. “I can’t believe someone took the microwave.”
  31. “Who takes a microwave from the fuckin’ lobby?”
  32. “I’m not hair-drying my mac and cheese.”

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity. If you HAD to marry each of the Mystic Messenger main seven (V and Saeran included), what would the reason be? I think I'd marry each because they're all sweet precious jellybeans who deserve love. But I think I already know why you'd marry seven since I'm like... 110% you're actually really married to him in real life

Yoosung- Because I love him so much???? Like so much!!! Lol he is such a sweetie and so caring. I love that he is smart. I’d love to play video games with him tbh. And eat junk food hahaha. And do the sickeningly cute stuff like have matching shoes etc. and I will protect him from Saeyoung!!!!!!!!!

Jumin- I love that he has values and morals. And he likes wine. He’s intelligent, hard working and passionate about helping people I love him. I’m a lot like Jumin in that I’m very loyal to my friends (it’s the Leo aspect of me) so I love that about him.

Zen- Hm, while he does brag a lot, I can still see that he is incredibly selfless. He is always looking out/worrying for everyone he is close to, even when he is struggling with his own problems. I find that incredibly endearing. He sticks up for people like a true knight. He talks a big game but deep down he is a pure cinnamon roll who appreciates his fans and is humble which I love! And maybe he can help motivate me to work out again T_T

Jaehee- I need to protect her lol omg. We are both fangirls so I get it and we can fangirl together. I love coffee as well. And I relate to her way of thinking. I keep a strict code for myself in my head and I try to stick to it? So I enjoy that she does as well. Idk I love her lol

Saeyoung- Yes, I mean all the reasons. Everything. It’s honestly creepy how alike he is with my hubby and it didn’t even click with me for months while playing until one day I was looking at one of the memes my husband had created for me and sent me (as he often does) and I was like holy shit. Holy shit??? Wait a second? Then I was like 

V- So many things. Um, well first because he is creative and artsy and I love that a lot. He often holds things in to protect others and puts on a front and I do the same thing so maybe we could help each other out with that idk lol. I like his intelligence, and his heart. He’s poetic which makes me swoon a little haha.

Saeran- jdekwbdwfbfb um. Oh man this is a hard one because tbh we don’t really get much of him in canon and like that upsets me? So all I have to go off of is like what I ‘created’ as far as his persona in my head and in my writing? Once he was in a good place mentally I think he would be a great partner. I like that he is a little emo and salty because same. I feel like I could really brood sometimes and he would be more accepting and just let me do my thing, where some of the other guys would try and make me feel better? And I just wanna do my thing and be my salty self for a while and Saeran would like be salty too and we can be angry together and go buy some eye liner lol. Idk I have this duality about me and I feel like he fits that side of me thats a little darker.


Admin K: I can’t believe i wrote this with one hand…but hope you like it. Sorry if there are any mistakes.

genre: Badboy, criminal AU

word count: 2,129

Originally posted by sneezes

“I still don’t understand why you had to do all that. Now look where you ended up in.” You said in disappointment on the phone to Mingyu. Behind the glass wall, he spoke on the phone with you.

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The Signs a few weeks into school

Aries: *all grades are C’s and D’s* :DDD i can still do this :DDD

Taurus: *reviews a single vocab card* that’s it this is too much for me obviously my school wants me to die

Gemini: I honestly don’t care if I pass or n- *gets handed back a test with an A* HA ONLY THE VICTORIOUS SURVIVE IN THIS RUTHLESS REALM

Cancer: *is more concerned about their boyfriend than their grades*

Leo: What? No, I didn’t do the homework, I was actually gonna ask YOU if I could copy…

Virgo: BUT IM SO STUPID *has high 90’s in all of their classes* WHY CANT I BE SMARTER ???

Libra: Haha man the school food tastes like shit *eats it every day*

Scorpio: Boi if you give me pictures of your math homework I’ll give you pictures of my chem homework

Sagittarius: *teAcher asks them why their late* honey don’t be a bitch to me because then i’d be a bitch back and then i’d win bc i’m better at being bitch than you are

Capricorn: Screw this i’m never getting strsight A’s! *strives for straight A’s*

Aquarius: *that ONE kid who can’t keep their mouth shut in class discussions* i just think its funny how…

Pisces: Shut up im on tumblr

“Reading lines” [ Tom Hiddleston One shot ]

Summary:  This is it. The day i had been dreading the most had finally arrived. Today I was shooting a love scene…with Thomas Hiddleston.

By: A.Wölf.


This is it. The day i had been dreading the most had finally arrived.

I was never nervous on movie sets, besides this was my fourth movie but today I just couldn’t keep it together. Today I was shooting a love scene…with Thomas Hiddleston.

I’m about 80% sure that the reason of this behavior is just that I am starstruck. I really admire him and I never thought I’d have the chance to work with him yet here I am. When my agent sent me the script there was no love scene. However, things changed along the way and the director decided to include it.

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anonymous asked:

I just recently found out my gf has an ed, and I know you've kinda of touched on yours. I just wanted to know if there's any tips or advice you could give me on ways to be supportive in a helpful way?

First off, I commend you so, so much for caring so much about her. That definitely shows with you wanting to find helpful ways to support her. Some things that are helpful for me, or I know that have been helpful for others are:

-Educate yourself on it; read; do research; understand that 99% of the time it has less to do with the food and more to do with something the person is going through or struggling with. A really good book to read would be “My Life Without ED”

-ASK ABOUT HER TRIGGERS. I cannot stress this enough. Let me tell you why: Most people with an ed are people pleasers, myself included, therefore when you say something that may be really unhelpful or triggering to them, they won’t say anything for the sake of not wanting to make you feel bad. It’s super huge. Triggers can range from talk about exercise to telling them you forgot to eat a meal to something you may seem small like talking about food components.

-Remind her that you are there for her, but don’t be overbearing. You’re there to be supportive, not her therapist.

-If she comes to you when she wants to act on a behavior, do not and I mean do not!!! Try to fix the issue for her or tell her that she can’t just skip a meal, or that she needs to “just eat”. Those things are super unhelpful. Listen. Give her comfort.

-Ask her what she’s feeling when she’s wanting to act on certain behaviors and why. Regardless of how many articles you read or books, this is where all ED’s are different. But, it’s super important because it will help you understand why there is a certain need of avoidance or relief that she is looking for through these actions.

-Most importantly, be patient with her. Some days she may be super distant when it comes to the topic of food, somedays she may be really open to it. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s something you live with forever. But, as long as she knows she has support it will make it so much easier.

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Hii may I have a scenario where Atsushi's girlfriend is jealous about some girl who always gives him snacks? Omg, make it angst and fluffy, omg <3 how I love my purple giant! (if your ask box is closed, just ignore it hahah)

Mnnnn yes, drown me in feels, not sure if this is good, but hopefully you like it anon!—Riko

    This was becoming tiresome, you, at first, didn’t mind it, you knew your boyfriend was popular due to his amazing skills in basketball, so of course he would receive some gifts! Not as many as Himuro, but enough that showed he had fans. But then…it started, now it was small gifts, mainly his favorite snacks, and so Murasakibara had taken a liking to the girl who would bring him these snacks… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
    You thought nothing of it, Atsushi had confessed to you, saying he liked you, not her, but you. You thought you had the upper hand, she wasn’t able to have romantic or semi-romantic lunches with him, couldn’t walk home with him, didn’t meet his family, didn’t get to kiss him like you. But it just didn’t stop! Her constant pestering, her meddling, her obvious attraction for your boyfriend. Soon she was joining your lunches, ending up with you having to spend most of it with Himuro while she fed him snacks like THEY were together!! She would come to your guys classroom at every break, would sit in your chair when you went to get something, would flirt with him, and it pissed you off to no end.
Though that wasn’t the most frustrating part, no, the most antagonizing part was, Murasakibara didn’t care! He enjoyed that girls company, he always talked about her!  He was the one who invited her! He would always ask if she was coming to his games, would act like she was more important, would treat her special! So you had enough.

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anonymous asked:

Could I have GTA!Michael x Reader inspired by the following lyrics from "That Would Be Enough" from Hamilton: "would you relish being a poor man's wife / unable to provide for your life?" "I relish being your wife" Thank you xx

((I’m so glad there’s suddenly an influx of Michael requests))

“Who are you and why are you here?” Geoff demands. You’re pressed against the wall, still in your oil stained overalls and boots, with a knife to your throat.

“I fucking live here you fucks!” You yell back, “Get this fucking knife away from my neck or else.”

“Or else what?” Ray shrugs smugly.

“Have to fucking do everything myself, goddamn,” you mutter, before lifting your knee into Ryan’s gut and planting your foot on his kneecap, shoving him away from you. You lift your arm and knock your forearm against his, pushing the knife away from your neck and you grab his other wrist with your free hand. As Ryan collapses to the ground you jump on his back, pulling his arm with you and threatening to break it.

“Now that I’ve got a bit of the upper hand,” you chuckle to yourself at the pun, “One of you fuckers is gonna tell me who you are and why you’re here or else I’ll break his fucking spine.” You kneel on Ryan’s back, placing the heel of your boot in the dead center of his spine and pulling on his arm a bit.

“Shit,” Geoff says, running a hand over his mustache, “Look, lady-”

“What the fuck?” Michael says. He’s come in from the yard to find his wife on Ryan’s back, threatening to break his spine, and the rest of his crew looking at said spouse with apprehension and distrust. “What the fuck are you guys doing here?”

“You know them, Michael?” You ask, scowling. When Michael nods you turn a bit red, “These fuckers tried to fucking threaten me with a knife! What the actual fuck is going on?”

“Michael, your girlfriend’s a psycho!” Gavin cries, “Make her get off Ryan!”

“Shut the fuck up, Gavin. They came over because I said I knew a mechanic who could fix up our cars for cheap.” Michael explains. You huff and get off of Ryan, letting his arm fall back to the ground. He gets up silently, but his eyes are tight with pain and you feel a sense of satisfaction for leaving a mark.

“Fine,” you state, “I’m going to the garage. Go ahead and tell them about how I’ll fix their fucking cars and then get them out of here. I don’t want them in my fucking house, in my fucking yard, and especially in my fucking garage.” You storm off angrily, rubbing your neck and muttering about insane people ruining your afternoon, breaking into your own goddamn home.

From the garage you can hear Michael yelling at his crew for nearly killing you and how they probably blew their chances of you fixing their cars. You’re a well-known mechanic who does freelancer work for a number of gangs including the Cock Bites and the Fake Funhaus guys. Those more successful gangs pay you handsomely for fixing their vehicles whereas the FAHC would be paying you less than 50% what you make off those other guys.

Later, Michael comes into the garage to see you underneath your personal project, a custom car that can’t be bought anywhere in the world.

“Honey?” Michael asks timidly, “They’re gone now.”

“Yeah,” you grunt as you tighten a bolt, “I know. I heard them leave.”

“They know about you now, so if they come back they won’t bother you. I told them they could fuck off since we’d be paying you less than half what you make off your other clients.”

“Michael,” you sigh, sliding out from under the car with a few oil splatters on your face and large goggles covering your eyes, “I’ll fix your damn cars. It’s not about the money. I don’t care that your crew wouldn’t be paying us much. I just don’t appreciate being threatened in my own home.”

“That’s understandable,” Michael is sitting on the short staircase by the door, two beers in one hand and a cookie in the other. You climb to your feet and remove your goggles before sitting next to him and taking one of the beers.

“I don’t get it,” Michael says after a while of silence.

“Get what, hon?” You reply, a piece of the cookie in your mouth.

“Why you’re with me. I don’t bring in very much money, I’m certainly not rich or anything. Why would you stay with a guy like me?” Michael sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you swallow the piece of food in your mouth and rub his back.

“I love being your wife, Michael. Like I said, I don’t care about the money. I don’t mind that you don’t bring much income into the house because you do so much more. I’m fine with being the main provider. You clean and you cook and you take care of the house while I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off already. I don’t know what I would do without you. And you love what you do with the guys, I respect that.” You nudge his shoulder with your own, “I love you, Michael. And that wouldn’t change if you made less than nothing and we lived in a dirt shack by the sewage plant.”

Michael sniffs slightly and laughs, “That’s such a gross place to live.”

“You bet it is and I would love you even then.”

“I love you, too,” Michael hugs you and you continue to rub his back, relishing this moment as a poor man’s wife.

bangtan-angel  asked:

Hiiiiiii :D Could you do a bts reactions of them finding you on your free day giving blankets, clothes, food... to the homeless? (You work at big hit, as a stylist and they've been trying to talk to you because they have a crush on you)??? I love youuuuuuuuuu (❤️3❤️)

This is so cuteee O3O I love you toooo <3 Thanks for the request ^^

BTS Reaction of them Finding You On Your Free Day Giving Goods (Food, Clothing etc.) To the Homeless (They have a Crush On You)

“Aish.. I think She’s too perfect for me… Even her beautiful smile can make my stomach flip”
*Covers his head* “Why don’t you love me???!!”

Originally posted by koweans

He would notice you walking down the streets of downtown and would hide behind a building. He would take a peek to see what you were doing. He noticed you were talking to someone, so he looked out a bit more. You were handing a small package of food and a water bottle to the man sitting on the ground, “Have a nice day!” You smiled at the man before walking away. Namjoon would just look at you and would sigh heavily, “I want to protect herrrr. Or be by her side” *Cries* (Not literally xD)

Originally posted by y--oko

“Hyung, she’s perfect. She’s everything you could ever want in a girl. She’s sweet and kind. She cares about us a lot! She has her free day today… I wonder what she’s doing…”
“Oh, I saw her outside. She was handing out food and clothes to some of the homeless people”
“What?! Seriously?? Hyung.. She’s too much for me to handle.. It’s like a bundle of perfect stuffed into one person”

Originally posted by mint-ee

He would be more like, “Why would she want to do that?” As like a ‘joking’ manor. But in his head, he would be thinking about being able to go with you and hold your hand and be all lovey dovey and shit… yeah

Originally posted by hugtae

He would be so hyper and happy. He would talk about you nonstop to the rest of the boys. Everyone in the building basically knew how big of a crush he had on you. Except for… yourself that is. Well.. until Yoongi decided to blurt it out -which made Tae tackle him down- but you were glad to know it so you gave him a hug and asked him if he wanted to join you, of course, he would say yes

Originally posted by luniekyu

Everyone looks up at him from eating, “Why are you yelling?”

Originally posted by hob-e

It would warm his heart. He liked *Cough*Loved*Cough* you more and more everyday because he always learned something new about you. He would think you were perfect in every way and he wanted to date you SO badly. He would come up with terrible excuses just so he could be beside you for a bit longer

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hope you liked! It’s pretty bad.. I’m sorry ;-;
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Masked Jealousy (Chanyeol X You ft. Suho)

requested by akkie-ku :)

It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve hung out with your boyfriend, Chanyeol. You still contact him every day and talk to him through the screen of your phone, yet those phone calls only last 20 minutes.

Because you miss Chanyeol so much, you decide to surprise him at Music Core on Saturday and cheer him on.

You wake up early in the morning to prepare lunchboxes for your Boyfriend and his members. Although you’re not the best cook in the world, you try your best to make bento boxes because you know how much Chanyeol loves them. You feel giddy inside as you start making each of the member’s faces with eggs, sesame seeds, tomatoes, ham, and peas.

Once you’ve finished and are ready to go, you pack the boxes into a bag and walk towards the building. You only live 5 minutes away, so you decide you might as well get some fresh air and exercise.

The staff all recognize you and you are easily allowed access without any suspicions from the fans. You dress just like a stylist, so no one even gives you a second look. As you approach EXO’s dressing room, you hear many voices chatting away, and the occasional laughter.

Taking a deep breath to brace yourself from whatever will be thrown your way, you knock on the door.

A couple seconds later, Suho appears with a smile on his face.

“_______-ah! What are you doing here?” Before you could even greet him, he hugs while patting you on the back.

“Hey, Oppa!” You would hug him back but your hands were full from carrying all the bento boxes. He lets go and pats you on the head. He sees you carrying food and takes the bags off your hands and motions you to go into the room.

“________?” When Chanyeol first sees you, he thinks he is hallucinating, but slowly comes to the realization that you were standing right in front of him. Hastily, he stands up and wraps his arms around you.

Feeling embarrassed, your cheeks go red. You hear the members spouting out many things, some of them saying “aww” while others telling you guys to “get a room.”

Chanyeol doesn’t care about what his members say as he takes your hand and stares into your eyes.

“What are you doing here, jagiya?”

“I-I came here to cheer you guys on!” You half lied. The real reason you came was because you missed Chanyeol so much, but you weren’t about to reveal that to everyone. Trying to change the subject and avert the member’s attention to something else, you clap excitedly.

“Oh yeah, I bought you guys bento boxes! It’s to make sure you guys are energized before you perform today!”

“Really?” “Yo, give me” “Suho, why are you hogging it all to yourself!” “Food, Food, Food”

You hand each member their own lunchbox and give the last one to Chanyeol.

“Thanks, _______-ah,” he says softly while giving you a wink. He takes your arm and was about to have you sit next to him, when Suho suddenly starts laughing.

“Yah! _________! How could you make me look so ugly, where are my eyes!” You laugh at Suho and stick your tongue out at him.

“At least I don’t look like a pig while I sleep!” Suho retaliates. You gasp and take his drink.

“Fine, no energizer drink for you then.” You try to run away but he’s one step ahead of you and catches your shirt. He stands up and tries to take the drink away from you, but you reach your hands away from him.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol stares at the both of you, getting jealous because he wants to spend time with you but all you have been doing is running around serving the members. He gets up off is seat and walks towards you, taking the drink from your hands and giving it to Suho.

“There, you have your drink, now let me spend time with my girlfriend.” Chanyeol takes your hand and drags you to the other side of the room.  You look at him and see that his eyebrows are furrowed, and his smile was now a frown.

“What’s wrong, Oppa?”

Chanyeol doesn’t say anything to you and sits down on his chair. He takes out his phone and starts playing games.

“Aren’t you going to eat? I made these Bento Boxes, just for you!” You try to talk to him, but you have no idea why he became so mad and silent.

“No, I think you made them for someone else.” He doesn’t look at you when he talks and seems to be more focused on the game then on you.

“Are you mad at me?” You poke at him to try to soften him up. He continues to play his game, not responding to your touch. Then, you stick your head between him and his phone and pout.

“Answer me, what’s wrong?” You look at his eyes and see a flash of sadness that is then masked by the angered gaze. You have come to the conclusion that he’s probably jealous that you spent more time with the other members than with him, but you couldn’t help it if they were all so needy. You sighed and decided to do what you knew would make him forgive you.

Although you were extremely shy to do PDA in front of all the other members and felt uncomfortable when others were watching you, you didn’t care at the moment because you just wanted the sweet Chanyeol back.

You give him a peck on the lips and use your puppy dog face on him. At first, Chanyeol is flustered because you’ve never initiated anything in public, but he gradually relaxes his facial muscles. However, being the stubborn boy that he is, you see him trying to compress his smile.

“I’m sorry for not spending time with you, but I came here today because I actually missed you so much, and I only came for you, not anyone else, I swear.” You smile at him and put Chanyeol’s bento box into his hands.

“Open it, I made yours super special!” Chanyeol opens the lid to reveal a bento full of hearts. All the food was heart-shaped and on the bottom, the words “I love you” was spelt with sesame seeds.

“Wow” is all that comes out of his mouth. He smiles at you and puts his lunchbox to his heart.

“I don’t think I can eat this, it’s too…beautiful.” You scoff at his exaggeration and punch him lightly.

“Well you have to eat to get energy for your performance, so eat!”

“Yes, Ma’am! But _______-ah…maybe I should get jealous more often so that you will kiss me more.” Chanyeol wiggles his eyebrows at you. You feel your cheeks going red and slap him on the arm.  

The two of you continue to laugh and talk to each other as if the two of you are the only ones in the room.

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I hope you liked it! Thanks for requesting a scenario! I haven’t written in forever so this may be a little bit iffy. T_T I would have written a longer scenario but I’ve been procrastinating my homework haha…

Picture Perfect: Part 1

Welp. I know I still have White Oaks to work on, but I thought of this AU (which is so cliché and been done before a thousand times, but whatevs) and thought it would be the perfect low pressure project to work on over the holidays and moving process. Plus I need some happy romcom worthy fic to work on because White Oaks ain’t that by a long shot. So have some gross cliché overdone holiday hiccstrid. More to come.

“And your family doesn’t have a clue?” her roommate asked, sitting with her feet on the chair, tucking a dark strand of hair behind her ear.

“Nope,” Astrid said, placing the open box on the counter. “Help me decide which of these I should use.”

“Still, don’t you feel, I don’t know… kind of bad? I mean, you’ve been lying to them for two years—”

“Five,” Astrid corrected, before, “that doesn’t make it better, does it?”

“No, darling,” Heather chuckled.

“Well, whatever keeps them off my back,” Astrid said. “Honestly, it’s like my family is convinced I’m this giant ticking clock, just waiting for the perfect man to sweep me off my feet and pump me full of babies.”

Heather made a face at the imagery, before venturing, “And it would be the end of the world for you to tell them the truth? That you’ve been single for the past five years when they thought you’ve been in a committed relationship?”

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Right, Honey?

Dean x Reader

The countless aisle of brightly colored labels with slogans you had heard many times before on TV were almost numbing as you looked for the few items you needed. To be honest, you really didn’t need anything, but after being in the car for more than 12 hours with two men, you were willing to pretend to need some super personal “lady items” for a few minutes. Your eye caught sight of your favorite snack and you contemplated getting it.  Well Dean had asked for pie, so if he was getting his favorite food why shouldn’t you. You picked up the food, and tossed in your little hand basket before strolling around towards the bakery.

As you looked about for a pecan pie a dreadful, yet familiar voice broke through the numb peace reigning in your head.

“Y/N, is that you?!” the voice called out. You didn’t turn around, hoping she would just assume that it wasn’t you and keep walking. However, you had never been that lucky.

“Y/N,” she called again, standing directly in front of you. There was no hiding. You looked up at the mac eyeshadow enhanced eyes, on the perfectly contoured face of your cousin, Michelle.

“Hi, Michelle. It’s been a while,” you sighed, realizing this was going to be exceedingly unpleasant quickly.

“It has! Everyone thought you were dead! From the looks of it, I wouldn’t be too quick to put off that rumor.”

“Oh, Michelle, you’re so funny,” you spoke dryly, with a faked smile.

“You know, last week, I was out on my yacht, and my mother said she heard that you let all of your money go down the drain.”

“Oh you were on a yacht, I thought the point was to keep the sea harpies out of the boat. But what would I know about boating.”

“What indeed,” she sneered, “you should see my home. Some of us know how to invest wisely.”

“Still trying to find happiness in Benjamin Franklin’s eyes I see. I’m sure he’ll be around when you’re old and alone.”

“I don’t need any of that. I managed to make something of my life.”

The gloves were off, and things were about to get personal. Michelle’s carefully filled in eyebrows pushed together to form as much of a frown as Botox would allow. However before she could say anything, her gaze shifted to a point just past you. Before you could look back to see what she was staring at, a hand touched your lower back.

“Everything alright,” a heavenly familiar voice asked.  You looked up at Dean and felt a light bulb go off in your head.

“Yeah, babe, everything’s great. I just ran into my cousin, Michelle. We were having a chat,” you explained, making careful eye contact with Dean that read ‘Please just play along.’ He gave you a confused glance but played along never the less. He looked to Michelle and smiled, offering her a short nod.

“Well who is this?” Michelle asked, looking Dean over with an almost predatory glare. Dean shifted uncomfortably on his feet under her gaze.

“My husband, Dean, Dean Winchester.” You lied. The words just spilled out of your mouth. Michelle was just so smug about everything all the time. While she might have been rich, she had never found someone who would love her. You couldn’t even blame her suitors for deciding the money wasn’t worth it. She was just a terrible person, and it was because life had always been served to her on a silver platter.

“Husband?!” Michelle exclaimed. Dean and gave you a slow confused glare.

“Yeah, we’ve been married for a year now.”

“Oh please! You could barely charm a toothless fool. There is no way he is your husband,” she laughed.

At that blatant bit of disrespect, Dean through an arm around you and pulled you close, “I am her husband, and trust me, my baby is plenty charming.”

Michelle gave you both a surprised look, and under her concealer and foundation you were sure you could see her face turn red, “Well, Nana’s holding dinner at her house tonight. You should come and let the family meet your husband.”

“Oh I-”

“Oh yes you have to come Nana will be so pleased to see you.”

“O-okay,” you stuttered.

“Good. I’ll tell everyone you’re coming.” she resolved before continuing through the store without so much as a good bye.

“God, she’s a bitch,” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you into a lie, she just makes me so angry!” you growled.

“It’s all good. We’re going to that dinner, and we’re gonna give her hell.”

“You’re just in it for the food,” you grumbled, smiling up at him a little bit.  He gave you a big grin in return and winked before turning the both of you around to head to check out. Dean made sure to tell Sam what happened the moment the two of you got back to the motel. Sam found the entire thing hilarious, but you were already in war mode. If you were going to survive an entire evening with your haughty family, you needed to get Dean ready. That meant shopping, and going over house rules and manners.

“Dean I need your shirt and pants size,” you called as you went into the boys’ room.
Dean gave you a funny look, “Why?”

“I need to find you something to wear for dinner tonight.”

“Figured I’d just take out the FBI suit-”

“Dean, my family is on the fucking Forbes’ list. They will know a cheap suit when they see one,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose, “Why am I even asking you, come on. We’ll get you measured.”

Going to high end shops with Dean was no field day. He complained about being confined in a “monkey suit” to no end. However, you knew he was pleased, he liked being pampered. It was one of his guilty pleasures that he thought no one knew about. You picked out the suit and you were simply taken aback by how absolutely stunning he looked in a suit. This was going to be good.

Aftter hours of making yourself look like the perfect women you are, you emerged from the bathroom of the hotel room you’d rented just for the night to greet Dean. His mouth fell open a bit at the sight of you. While on the road he only ever saw you in jeans and an old tee. This was entirely different and the dress you wore did wonders.

“Okay, um I think we are ready to go,” you quipped. Sam came walking through the double suite, and gave you the same bemused expression Dean was giving you. Immediately, you felt self conscious.

“Is there something wrong with me?” you asked frantically hurrying back to the bathroom mirror.

“No! No,” Sam exclaimed, “You… you look gorgeous.”

Slowly you stepped out of the bathroom with a sheepish smile, “Thanks, Sammy. Well, while you’re here feel free to order room service and watch all of the pay per view you’d like.”

“Thanks. So why did we have to move hotels.”

“The other one was too cheap. If Michelle found out I was there she’d tell the entire family, and I don’t want to deal with that. Enjoy the fancy soaps, and the comfy beds,” you encouraged before checking your phone for the time. If you didn’t leave right at that moment, you were going to be late. You hurried over to Dean and took his hand, towing him out of the door. As you drove in the freshly cleaned and polished Impala you gave Dean his story.

“We have been married for one year, dated for three, accounts for all the time I’ve been away from the family. You are a mechanical engineer, with a modest salary. I am a nurse, and we live in a little suburb upstate.”

“Why do you care so much about what these people think?” He questioned

“I dunno,” you sighed, “It’s really just Michelle, she’s been a smug asshole since the day she was born. Mom enjoyed the modest simple things in life, so we didn’t get extravagant unnecessary things, and Michelle always made fun of me for having less. Listen, Dean, you’re a pretty good guy, and if anything you’ll get some good food from all of this. Leave my family to me.”

“Whatever you say, honey,” he smiled.

Dean let you out of the car at the door while he parked. The door opened the moment you stepped on the big porch. Michelle was there with a big smile, ushering you in quickly.

“Y/N’s here every one!” she called, “Y/N where’s your husband? We’re all dying to meet him!”

“If only you all would just die,” you grumbled under your breath. You were quickly swallowed up in the chaos of questions and hugs from family members, all of them saying the same thing to as the last. “You look stunning” “You could lose some weight?” “We thought you were dead!” it all went around until you met your grandmother’s kindly face. She pulled you into an honestly pleased hug and kissed your forehead.

“There’s my favorite,” she murmured in your ear, making you smile.

“What about Michelle?” you grinned.

“Don’t get me started on that brainless wench,” she scowled.

“Nana,” you laughed. The two of you caught up with each other in a secluded part of the living room next to the fire place. As far as your family went the only one you ever missed was your Nana. She was honestly a good woman, her living children were just questionable people. 

“Michelle told me you were married.”

You felt a little bad about lying to your grandmother, but you nodded. Holding out your hand to show off the diamond ring you bought at the mall.

“Where is he?”

You craned your neck around and looked for Dean among your family. At first you began to fear that he had changed his mind, decided all of this wasn’t worth it. Before your fears could get the better of you, you saw him and your heart skipped a beat.

He was just walking out of the kitchen with a bottle of expensive whiskey and glass. His eyes caught yours, and he set the bottle on the table and continued over with his glass. As your nana saw him she let out a low whistle.

“Damn, he’s one fine piece of man. Does he have a brother?” she asked wagging her eyebrows. You laughed at her question and nodded.

“He has a younger brother.”

Dean came over and met your grandmother, getting a taste of her quick wit, and sly humor. The woman was really just an older version of you. That realization made Dean smile, especially as he saw the happiness the woman gave you. He couldn’t imagine why you’d traded all of this for a life on the road with a target on your back. Dinner was soon served, and Dean learned that when you said he’ get good food out of the deal, you hadn’t been joking.

“So, Y/N, when can we expect kids from the two of you,” Michelle asked with a vindictive smile.

“Uh…” you drawled.

“We want to be sure this world is safe for a child, before we bring one end. So whenever the time is right.” Dean answered smoothly, taking your hand that rested on top of the table. You recognized that he was rather good at this charade.

“So how did you two meet?” Michelle further drilled, looking for a weak spot in your lie. In truth, she had found it. You had not discussed your meeting.

“Well,” Dean began, and he looked at you with soft tender eyes, “I was passing through Montana on business and I found her with her nose buried deep in a text book about local native american tribes,” this was no tribe, this was truly how you had met, “There was this supposed sacred ground in the forest near by and well we were both looking for it. I worked up the courage to talk to her, and we went out for coffee. We wound up going to the sacred ground together, and we haven’t lef each other’s side since.”

“How romantic,” your grandmother sighed.

“Let’s get a kiss from the lovely new couple!” Michelle cheered.

You shook your head “no” but the rest of the family simply joined in with cheering. Dean put a finger under your chin to make you look at him, before her pressed his lips down on yours. You felt butterflies batter at the walls of your stomach… What the hell did that mean?!

Dinner passed with minimal upset. Your family seemed widely accepting of Dean.I was a relief that no one put that much scrutiny on him or you. Michelle threw silent glares at you every now and again, but over all that dinner was fine. There was even pie for dessert. 

As you drove back to the hotel you and Dean laughed about the events of the night.

“Why did you ever leave?” Dean asked.

“Well after mom died… well I just didn’t fit in. My mom lived a more modest life, and the family really disowned her for dating someone they thought was below her… so yeah… I just didn’t feel like I could go to them. You know?”

“Yeah… well I had being your husband. For pie like that, I’ll actually marry you,” he chuckled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for being my husband for the night.”

“No problem, honey,” he grinned.

Through The Dark

6x01 reaction fic. I identify with Blaine in so many ways (let’s make art and help people!) but wow do I deal with pain like Kurt does.

When cold and aloof is anything but.

Blaine doesn’t move out right away. There’s nowhere for him to go, for one: Sam is gone and Mercedes is gone and Artie lives in a dorm. Then Blaine makes an attempt at defiant impudence, crossing his arms and looking away and saying, “I live here, too. I’m not leaving.”

But he sleeps on the couch and moves his stuff into cardboard boxes and seems to spend most of his energy on never being there. Kurt doesn’t know where he goes or what he does. He doesn’t ask.

One day Kurt comes home from class and the boxes are gone, the small pieces of furniture and few decorations Blaine had contributed to the loft are gone. The pillow and blanket that had been neatly folded on the couch for weeks, gone. His lotions and colognes and cleansers, shampoo and conditioner and toothbrush, gone. Even the food he liked, and they’d even argued about that, about food, about cheese. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you do when people make fun of your weight? Because i think you're not overweight you just enjoy food and that is good!

just be like “hey if you care about eating so much then why don’t you go eat shit”