why do i always screw things up

It breaks my heart every time i see a post on my dash about someone jumping ship on calzona or not rooting for them to be together anymore. 

Shonda has screwed them up, I won’t deny that, but…I’ll always root for them and always have hope. 

They may have lost some of what they had and have grown to be different people, especially in s12, but that just gives me more hope. After season 8, Arizona became someone else, evolved to be someone else and Callie had to adapt and essentially do the same. They became two different people who had to find out who they were in this new situation. Watching the show again, I understand more than before why Callie ended things in season 11 and I still think it makes sense even though it breaks my heart. They have become two people who needed to fully find their new selves and grow separately so they could truly embrace and learn who they are. 

That being said, that gives me more hope. They are new people who are in a considerably happy period in their life. They know who they are and that really gives me hope of [when they] get back together, they’ll be able to really love each other and really learn to love and accept the people they’ve become. They already know about each other’s past and the hurt and pain and ups and downs and everything in between, but with this new layer of exploring and finding out what has changed in the other, of being able to re-fall in love again in a true fresh start? That gives me hope. 

Everything I Know About The Stormlight Archive Based On ~The Internet~

And by “Know” I mean am half-guessing/completely making up because I’ve seen about 10 posts on my dash but I’m reading this thing today so


-One of them is Shallon Davar and she’s a ginger

-But her left hand is always covered????? What happened there.

-Also Pattern. I’m not even gonna guess on that one; looks weird.

-And then there’s Kaladin. He seems to have a blue color pallet.

-He has weird markings on his forehead, and probably other places. No idea what that’s about, but they look cool.

-Kaladin looks cool. I am interested in Kaladin.

-He also has a Navi. Named Syl? Idk but she looks smol and blue and I like her.

-There’s also someone named Dalinar Kholin.

-I know literally nothing about Dalinar.

-Roshar. Is what the world is called. Probably.

-I’m sure the magic stuff has a name too but I’m forgetting it. There is magic right? I’m pretty sure there is.

-I am a stick.

-But you could be fire.

-Do they use “Storms” as a swear word? 

The books are long af. I think I will enjoy this.

More sherlock spoilers
Look Y'all I appreciate you all want sherlock X someone but let us have ace aro sherlock

He obviously admires Irene. I would too. She was probably the first smart adversary he encountered. As smart as him I mean. She intrigues him. It’s like a game of wits with her. So sure he sometimes texts back probably flirting but that’s all part of it. Don’t tell me you’ve never playfully flirted with a friend that you didn’t want to date. He thrives on clever and witty things and she is all of that. That doesn’t mean he wants to fuck her. There are better things in life than that

Also with John. They hugged. That was it. Yes, Sherlock does love John. He probably loves him more than he has loved any person. But he is not romantically interested. John Watson is his first and best friend and sherlock would protect him with his life.

Just a little bit of your heart - Stiles Imagine

A/N: part two of Just a shadow enjoy x

Warnings: swearing

Characters: the whole pack

Part 1: http://styles-obrien-hemmings.tumblr.com/post/153634699962

Part 3: http://styles-obrien-hemmings.tumblr.com/post/154923293027

My phone vibrated to itself, unwanting to pick up the phone I just left it there . Making my way to the balcony I sat on the cool metal chair out looking my neighbourhood,today was spring formal and I was just sitting here like some broken hearted Nilly. Fuck I muttered to myself why do I always screw things up? I heard some branches being broken and huffs of breathing “who’s there?!” I call “I know Kung fu” I say making a dramatic pose “no you don’t y/n” Stiles’ head perks up with a smug smile “help me over” he calls I grab him and haul him over the balcony ledge.

I take note his attire,he’s wearing a black tuxedo with blue flowers sticking out his pocket “you look all fancy” I giggle “yeah yeah I know Ly- I mean” my smile became a frown he was going to say Lydia probably cause his date is Lydia I cross my arms in order to get warmth since it was getting chilly out “y/n are you cold?” Stiles asks removing his jacket and placing it against me I give him a small nod and sit back down in the chair “listen y/n I know we didn’t have time to speak but if you’d like to we could now?” He smiled “I’d like that” I responded in a soft tone

“How’d this come about? The whole liking me ?” Stiles questioned pulling out the other chair next to me “grade school” I tried not to get into too much detail “and why didn’t you tell me?” He glanced at me with sorrowful eyes “well that’s obvious I didn’t want to ruin anything which is too late cause I have and I don’t know why I do these types of-” Stiles cut me off placing his hands to my face and his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate and sweet I almost fainted it was too much to bare he pulled away a while after “there” he smiled “what’d you do that for?” I quirked a eyebrow “I don’t know” his smile disappeared as the sound of a car honking went off. “Oh shit I gotta go I’m so sorry y/n” Stiles began climbing down the balcony faintly in the darkness you can hear Lydia call for him there goes my shot.

<<<<< Three weeks later >>>>

I haven’t been hanging out with the pack since the kiss with Stiles damn what a joke. Malia’s been trying to get me to open up during Math but with Lydia up front I can’t get a word out. The day had ended fairly quick so I made my way to the lacrosse field where I go to catch up on homework or to hang with Stiles but since we aren’t speaking again I make sure he doesn’t have practice when I come here.

I was listening to secret love song by little mix when someone caught me off guard I looked up and who else but Stiles was in front of me “what do you want.” I grumbled rudely “I know you’re kinda mad at-” I cut him off “kind of?! Hell Stiles I’m fucking pissed off at you ! How-how dare you come to my house kiss me just for me to find out your fucking dating Lydia and might I add have been for a while!” I was fuming with rage the tears began falling down my face “Y/n I’m-” I cut him off again “you’re what? You’re sorry huh? You’re fucking sorry ?! Well too late fuck you and fuck me too for being so naive so stupid all I wanted was just a little bit of your heart to love me too.” I got my bag and left him open mouth and torn as I kept walking and sniffing the way home.

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Oh oh oh if you get a chance can you do a Ben Solo and Jerk Barista AU off the prompt list like where he screws up the reader's name. It happens to me all. the. freaking. time. I started giving a fake name because of it lol

You couldn’t quite comprehend as to why it was so difficult to spell out your name, it wasn’t the hardest thing to do when you pronounced it loud enough for the barista to get; but every single time you had ordered your usual and told them your name, they slaughtered it. It was always misspelled, and if it wasn’t that, it was another name—sometimes a name that didn’t even sound similar to your own—and you were fed up.

What you didn’t know was that the guy was doing it on purpose. Ever since he had been the one to make your drink and hand it to you, he had been doing it. Wasn’t like he wanted to get a rise out of you, he just enjoyed your attention—especially when you were annoyed. “My name is y/n, y/n, not hard to say or write…simply y/n. Do you need me to spell it out?” Was something you said almost every time, the man either nodding for you to do so or waving a hand because he “got this” which he never did.

If you had spelled it out, he still wrote it wrong, and if you hadn’t spelled it out he’d write another name other than your own.

So you gave up, decided to use a fake name that was the easiest to spell. “My name is Mia.” You spoke, the man nodding and writing it down, hopefully this time he’d spell the false name right.

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  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

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Julie was asked delena or stelena and she said both I mean that with all my heart... and honestly maybe she does but delena is more popular and she looooves damon so we get delena. I just wonder though, why did elena end up with damon? like what warrants that over elena ending up with Stefan likeee what's the difference? why couldn't it be Stefan? I don't like bamon but why wasn't it bamon instead of steroline? like I just don't get it a part from the fact that delena is more popular

Firstly, I find this idea of popularity interesting because I always thought it was just about who was more vocal. The SE fandom in my experience doesn’t do things like the BK fandom for instance where they will rally to make sure Bonkai will trend on twitter and shove it in Julie’s face and let her know over and over how she screwed up. There isn’t a sense of fans mobilizing, it seems like people here and there being like hey Stelena and yet when we get even a moment in an episode like Stefan’s meltdown in 7x12 there’s sheer celebration and Stelena trends, I just don’t think we’re a vocal fandom which is fine but I think it skews the perception of popularity.

Secondly I think Julie is a teenager. Even when she discussed the work environment in the Goodbye Video she likens the experience to high school so I think objectively she may know that Stefan and Elena should be together but she is not an objective person, she is not a writer she is a fangirl so I think she chose DE because the relationship she thought she created with DE is one she wants. Why it wasn’t Bamon is obvious, the misogynoir in the show is insane which is also why the Bamon relationship fundamentally changed.

Classic Star Trek Sentence Starters

“Why don’t you tell me what an attractive lady I am?“
“It seemed the logical thing to do at the time.”
“I find myself growing fatigued. May we continue this questioning at some other time?”
“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”
“Let them eat static.”
“I don’t like to lose.”
“I like to believe that there are always possibilities.”
“Please let me know if there’s some other way we can screw up tonight.”
“Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things that he’ll never tell his doctor.”
“Those beautiful words, well acted, change nothing.
"There is nothing good in war except its ending.”

I wish you liked me like you like her. I wish you would post pictures with me, I wish you would cook for me, I wish you would do all the things you used to. I wish we could go back to when I was her and you were you. To when we were us and she was her, and there was no in between.

But I can’t. And I think that’s why I’m going out to get drunk, to forget the memory of you, and how screwed up my life is. To, only for a night, be someone else. Be the person I’ve always wanted to be. To forget all the baggage I carry around, to forget the looks we exchange but the words we leave unsaid.

—  h
In Appreciation of Sam Winchester

To give a little backstory for this post, I started watching Supernatural about eight months back on the recommendation of a friend. I was instantly hooked and haven’t looked back. I have consumed all 218 episodes of the show since then. It will be an understatement to say that I am a fan. I am freaking crazy about the series, and everything in it. But Sam Winchester is my absolute and ultimate favourite. In the following lines, I will try to explain why. I’m sure the ‘Reasons why I love Sam Winchester’ trope has been explored countless times already by different people. I just wanted to add my own personal reasons to theirs:

1. He is everyman. Sam is not above making mistakes, sometimes huge ones. He can be selfish, gullible, frustrating and hurtful, but his heart is always in the right place. He is you and me, screwing up time and again, yet trying to do the right thing. And I’ll take a good man over a good hero any day.

2. His Faith is a thing of beauty. Sam believes in his brother, in God and angels, in humanity, in the inherent goodness of things with an almost childlike intensity. It doesn’t matter if he is often let down by the things he believes in. I find this unshakable faith to be highly inspiring in my times of despair.

3. He is the very opposite of weak. Who else on the show has demonstrated more psychological strength than the man who fought off and seized control from the Devil himself within his own mind? Who else endured nearly two centuries of unimaginable tortures in the Cage and still lived to fight the good fight? Sam Winchester has been put through the toughest sh*t for ten years on the show. He may complain sometimes but he has never said ‘I’m done’ in the spirit of giving up.

4. He chose action over destiny. Sam is ‘Free Will’ personified. He teaches you that you should be and do whatever you want, fate and predetermination be damned. 

5. He is the awesomest little brother in the history of little brothers. Sam loves Dean, so much that he considers letting Dean down to be his biggest sin. The Winchesters’ codependence is legendary. So the prospect of losing his brother often drives Sam to some extreme measures. I mean, unleashing a primordial Darkness upon the world to remove Dean’s deadly tattoo? Come on Sammy. Then again, you can’t not respect that level of loyalty and devotion. Plus I love both the boys and can’t say mad at Sam for long.

6. He saves the day with his big brain. A man who’s simultaneously good with numbers, computers, languages, symbology, mythology, hunters’ lore, legal know-how, investigation, interrogation, ammunition, deductive reasoning, all-round trivia? I can’t even.
7. He kicks ass literally. He is the second best hunter on the planet. Dean Winchester says so. Gordon Walker felt so too.
8. He makes me laugh. Sam’s witticisms are not a dime a dozen. He doesn’t try too hard to be funny you know. But the things that come out of his mouth sometimes! In 5.21, when the rest of the group is busy arguing over the ramifications of Bobby pawning his soul off to Crowley, Sam remembers to ask the right question: ‘Did you kiss him?’ In 10.05, as Dean finishes relaying his aggravations about Destiel shipping in the school play, Sam once again shows us that he has his priorities right. Shouldn’t it be Deastiel and would CasDean be an acceptable alternative? Adorable! And I still can’t get over the Sampala.
9. He nails the lovemaking scenes real hard every single time. Pun not intended.
10. He needs all the love he can get from us. This big, strong hulk of a man can radiate such innocence and vulnerability sometimes that I just want to wrap him, or as much of him as I can, in a hug and never let go. Since the beginning of Season 8, he has hardly had the time to recover from one ordeal before another was dumped all over him. People keep on kicking him while he’s still down. Hope all our love and best wishes can help him have a better run this coming season.

So there you have it folks. 10 reasons why I love Sam Winchester. There are many more that didn’t make it into this list, but I’m glad I was able to highlight some of the more pressing ones. They say affection defies logic or reason. I sure had fun making this list though. I hope you enjoy reading it too. -  TDatta

She’s messed up.
That’s what happens when you grow up like she did. People take advantage of you, you think everyone’s out to screw you, so you do stupid things. Like lie and deal drugs and hurt people before they can hurt you. But that doesn’t make you a murderer.
Please, I believe her.
—  this is why I’ll always love Rebecca Sutter. Maybe not an angel, yes, but a lost soul who just needed someone to trust her and do right by her.

Aah! This was a nice conclusion to the storyarc! I’m so glad it was more positive than anything, like I knew this show is always optimistic but I’m always nervous about sad things happening, haha.

Pearl about broke my heart at the beginning. That’s just so… me when I screw up. Desperately trying to fix it but making everything worse

So, “just a Pearl”, “I need someone to tell me what to do”. Definitely seems to support the whole mass produced/subservient Pearls theory we’ve been discussing for a while. There’s definitely something particular about Pearls that informs why Pearl is the way she is and I feel like we’re very close to finding out what exactly, since this was very deliberate development there

And Garnet was talking about how she struggles to be strong, too, because the others rely on her. It’s something we could see but she’s never said it before so I definitely think that’s important. We’ll be seeing her be more and more vulnerable, I think.

and after that talk, probably a more confident and self-assured Pearl? Slightly. But I think hearing that Garnet relies on her strength was something she really needed to hear. 

I do like that Garnet didn’t entirely forgive the whole incident, though, she said that Pearl working to be strong despite her weaknesses and not letting it consume her would help for Garnet to start trusting her again. So they’re better off now, and Garnet isn’t as angry, but the whole thing isn’t just completely forgotten.

The theme of Season 2 so far is definitely communication, what was important in this storyarc is that Garnet and Pearl needed to honestly talk about how they were feeling and everything

I just love how cartoony over-the-top villainy Peridot is. She’s hilarious.

Also, pretty definitely sure that ship was either Rose’s specifically or just a ‘Pink Diamond’ ship in general. All the consoles and gems were pink.

Boy howdy though it would’ve been nice if Cartoon Network didn’t completely spoil the dang climax for no reason.

okey doke, going to rewatch with my little sister now

No but seriously. Y'all.

This is what true love is like. It’s messy. Humans screw up. But real love, the kind shared between soulmates, it truly can conquer all things. Beckett is flawed. So is Castle. They’re humans. It comes with the territory. But their love? That’s legit. It’s real. It’s deep and true and for always.

That’s why I love this show. They don’t just do a bunch of sex scenes just for the heck of it. They don’t just show them being happy all the time. Relationships aren’t easy. They take work. But being willing to put in the work, that’s what makes it worth it.

Y'ALL. The writers and cast and crew love this show even more than we do. That might be hard to believe, but they do. They prove that by giving us something true to life. Sure the show has plot holes sometimes. Sure it gets police procedure wrong now and then. Yes, sometimes the actors hold their phone upside down. But the story - the love story and the family story and the getting justice story and the growing as a person story - all these stories and more, that’s what they give us that proves they love the show. They love the story, all aspects of it, more than you could ever know. By making it real, making it relatable, making it full of people who screw up like the rest of us do, the people who create this show are writing us, the fans, a love letter that just keeps getting better and better.

I love Castle because it’s, in my opinion, the realest show on television. It’s more than a show to me. I’m flawed. I screw up. And it’s mostly because of the crap in my past, the way my frelling horrible childhood shaped me into who I am - the good and bad sides of me are all based on my life experiences. Every single day of my life I do things that are good and bad that are products of my past. And Castle is full of characters that are the same as me. They’re real. They’re messed up. But they’re loved. And they keep growing and getting better. Just like I’m trying to do.

Maybe it’s just me, but I believe Castle is perfect because of all the imperfections the characters have. I can relate to them all in some way. And that’s why I love this show.

“I hoped things were different. That things had changed.”

“None of the reasons we broke up have been resolved. Hell, that night was a textbook example of our relationship. Yelling at each other one second and fucking the next. And here we are arguing again! We’ll probably be in your bedroom soon, screwing, despite that fact.”

You started it. Why can’t you just be happy with the way things are between us, huh? Why do you always try to make it something more? We’re…I’m not the settling down type, Don. I like my life the way it is.”