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Summary: (So I asked you all random words and will be writing occasional drabbles based on those words) This one was by @re2d2 (my love!). Hope you enjoy!



extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources.

Word Count: 1,130

A/N: This is all for fun, and silliness. And yes, two oneshots in one day. I’m on a roll. 

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As soon as you get to know Bucky, you give him a new nickname: Parsimony. Why? Because he’s stingy as hell and despite having more than enough money, is always looking for the cheap stuff in stores. Always. And that means often finding the cheap versions of your favorite foods instead of the brand you enjoy. Which is why you’re now chewing on a knock-off brand of chocolate chip cookies that aren’t Chips Ahoy.

“What’s got you looking all sour?” Clint asks with a grin as he steps into the kitchen. He reaches for a mug and dumps half of the decanter’s coffee into it. He sighs in bliss as he chugs down a gulp.

“Parsimony went shopping again.”

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Quit fucking asking me why I’m always tired if you don’t care to hear how my thoughts eat away at me every time I try to find the comfort of sleep. Don’t ask me if I’m okay if you would rather hear a pretty lie than know that I haven’t been okay since my dad left when I was 8. Don’t ask me why I’m always sleeping if you can’t try to comprehend that sadness eats away at me until I can finally find the ability to stop my mind for one fucking millisecond. Quit asking me why I’m so nervous all the time unless you can believe that mental illnesses ARE in fact a real thing and do affect people. Quit asking goddamn questions if you don’t care enough to hear the fucking answer.