why do i always rant goddamn

mildly controversial rant

So, I know lots of people debate over the topic of gender, and people specifically get mad over non-binary people and the use of they/them pronouns. I don’t claim to be a gender expert; I’ve never taken a class or done extensive research on it, but why does it fucking matter if someone wants to be referred to as they/them???

I’m ranting now because I’m kind of pissed at a friend on Facebook who made some post about how “NB people are snowflakes”. They aren’t hurting anyone by identifying as something they’re comfortable with???? I can understand getting pissed about other social issues but I don’t see why this is a problem like goddamn. I’ve always just been a chill person so maybe that’s why I don’t care that much, but I don’t know why it’s so hard to let people do what they want?

Quit fucking asking me why I’m always tired if you don’t care to hear how my thoughts eat away at me every time I try to find the comfort of sleep. Don’t ask me if I’m okay if you would rather hear a pretty lie than know that I haven’t been okay since my dad left when I was 8. Don’t ask me why I’m always sleeping if you can’t try to comprehend that sadness eats away at me until I can finally find the ability to stop my mind for one fucking millisecond. Quit asking me why I’m so nervous all the time unless you can believe that mental illnesses ARE in fact a real thing and do affect people. Quit asking goddamn questions if you don’t care enough to hear the fucking answer.