why do i always make things at 2am

Voltron characters as things I've heard people say in my school
  • Shiro: I've been up since 2am working on shit and all I wanted today was my fucking popcorn chicken this school is a McBitch and I'm suing for harassment.
  • Lance: these pants make me look kind of wide, but I kind of like.. really love it
  • Keith: Finding Nemo? I'm the Emo Nemo.
  • Hunk: I think the Lunch Lady is trying to get in my pants and all I want is my food why does this always happen to me?
  • Pidge: how fucking stupid do you have to be?
  • Me: I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours later: WHY CAN'T I GET ANY ADRIEN POINTS ALL I'M GETTING ARE CAT NOIR POINTS GDI WHY IS THIS HARD??? I don't want to do his route TWICE IN A ROW, especially since I ALREADY MESSED IT UP
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that: WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

I will not tell my husband ‘I hope it’s a boy/girl,’ 

I will tell him I hope it’s healthy.

I will not name them some normal run of the mill name,

I will name them something special, historical and rare; something they can explain to other people and make conversation about.
I will not pierce my baby’s ears,
 because it’s her body and it should be her choice.

I will raise them among animals
, so they will never be scared of them,

And they will understand the meaning of unconditional love.

I will not shove my traditions down their throats,
And that includes labeling eggs a breakfast food,

Or raising them to bow to a religion they don’t even understand yet,
They can make their own choices about religion when they’re old enough.

I will not make them stay in and do homework when it’s sunny and beautiful out,
Because humans are animals too and we sometimes forget how much we need nature.
I will not read my children bedtime stories that end happily ever after,

Because I want them to be prepared for when life takes them and shoves their faces into the dirt. 

I will certainly not tell my daughter that she needs a charming handsome prince to save her
Instead I will teach them to stand up to bullies
Regardless of age, or size, or how many p.hD’s a person might have,
you always have a right to say no.

But I will teach them that there is always a reason why people do things

Nobody is soley bad,
and to strive to understand the villain and not just hero.

I will not judge my daughter

If she starts wearing too much makeup 
I will not call her a whore 
If I find out she lost her virginity at 15
Or is in love with a boy three years older
God, love is war and she will need every soldier on her side.
I will not tell my daughter every time she goes out ‘don’t get make raped’

Instead I will tell my son instead ‘don’t rape’,
Because the time to end victim blaming is now.
Your teenage years are for making mistakes and making memories,

but I will slap him the minute I hear him talking shit about a girl’s body with his buddies 

Telling them that she’s too fat

Or not pretty enough.
Maybe I’ll show him the scars on my wrist,
And remind him that when I was young I thought the most important job I’d ever have would be to be pretty and thin.

Lastly I will not tell them I expect grandchildren,

Or even triple figure paying jobs,
I just want them to be happy with their lives.
They are always welcome back home,
And they are always welcome to bring strays home.

As long as they are kind and make an effort,
You can be proud of your children.
It’s not that hard,
What does it matter if your son decides he likes makeup?
Does it matter?

Does it?



It doesn’t.

I really wish I didn’t have to write this,

I wish this was the kind of world where this would be ordinary and common ,
Accepting and respecting and supporting your children. 
But surprisingly,

It’s really rare 

And you wonder why there are so many fucked up broken people in this world.

Why did Hitler do what he did?

Start by asking Hitler’s dad why he laughed at Hitler’s art.

—  How I Will Raise My Children, Story a Day [Day 16]
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Hiii, I’m BACKKK!! It’s vacation and I hit 4k a couple weeks ago so it’s the perfect moment to do cute ships for youu ^^ 

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whoisjhope  asked:

I wanna ask you your top 5 jongkey moments, you have 3 hours.

You do know that this is virtually impossible for me babe because there are so so many ;;;; . So I’ve just picked a classic few :

1. This was one of the first jongkey moments I saw … and a shipper was born…

2. When Jjong always finds an excuse to make contact with Kibum on stage …

3. Do I need to explain why I chose this one? ;) …

4.  The way Jjong looks at Kibum gets me every time -  that’s love right there ;; ..

5. And of course, this moment will always be the sweetest thing ever ;;;;