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Silly Sentence Starters

“Okay what the fuck you CAN’T eat all that shrimp in one go”

“I know I brought home six kittens but listen”

“It’s not ‘’’’’obsessive’’’’ I just like watching him throughout the day as a hobby”

“We should dress up as something cringy and film a youtube video of it,  we’ll be famous”

“God I fucking hate ducks, they have no business being so cocky”

“This is why this relationship doesn’t work, because of you, and your always in first place on rainbow road. THIS. IS. WHY.”

“I know you don’t consider Filthy Frank to be art but I do so we need to meet in the middle here”

“I am NOT gay for them, I know we kissed and tried to get married but it wasn’t like I like them or anything”

“God I want an otter, let’s go get one now. Let’s just steal it from the zoo. They can’t stop us”

“One of my socks has a whole in it so I’m going to shoot myself”

“I know bees help the Earth but my face??? not the Earth”

“Monkeys make me so uncomfortable, they scream too much”

“If another baby cries while we’re in this store I am going to fist fight it’s mother”

“Get that fucking vegetable AWAY FROM ME” 

Her Lips

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KJ Apa x reader 

Warnings: Language I guess

Plot: In an interview the cast of Riverdale is asked what feature of their co-stars is the best.

You were part of the adorable Riverdale cast and you were so happy for that. Everybody loved you and you loved them. Even if you had a crush on KJ, that nobody knew of, except maybe Camila and Lili, you were really good friends and you teased and made each other laugh all the time. 

You were about to do an interview about the show and you were putting make-up on. Not much though just the basic. You did take care of your lips though making them pop out and look even more big than they already are.

Everybody was interviewed in pairs, so most of the cast was done except you and Madeleine. 

“So ladiess….” said the interviewer. “We are going to play a game. You are going to tell me what is the best feature of each cast member. Let’s start with KJ.”

“Body.” you said maybe too quickly. “Wow! That was fast. It’s not like he doesn’t have other amazing features, like his voice, his laugh, or his adorable personality. It’s just that his body…. I mean come one….You have seen him shirtless!” 

Everybody laughed and so did you trying to hide your embarrassment. Why the fuck did I say his body? And why the fuck did I continue talking?

“I have to agree with (Y/N)” said Madeleine.

“What about Cole?”

“Humor” you both said in unison


“Her dorkiness.”  said Madeleine.

“Her daddyness.” you said.

“Hahaha ehmm…Camila.”

“Oh her dance moves.” you said.

“Her eyebrows.”


“HAIR” said Madeleine.

“Oh thank you!!! Do I answer that too? Or is it too narcissistic?” 

“You do.”

“Hmmm I have to say lips. I love my lips.”

“So does KJ it seems.”

“Wait… What?” you asked confused.

“When I asked him about your best feature he said immediatly your lips.”

“Of cource he did.” said Madeleine. “He is kind of a pervert.”

“Okay…” you said and laughed awkwardly. “I told you I do have some great lips.”

“So… Madeleine.”


When you got home you immediatly opened your laptop and watched KJ’s and Cole’s interview.

“Let’s start with (Y/N)”

“Her lips.” said KJ.

“Whoahhh whoahhh dudee!” said Cole with a smirk.

“Is there something you wanna tell us KJ?” said the interviwer raising an eyebrow.

“No no nooo.” said KJ blushing “I mean she has really nice lips. Well  she also has an aodrable laugh, mesmerising smile, great humor and she is gorgeous and-”

“I am gonna stop him before he says she has a great butt. Her laugh is the best one though. I mean you laugh with her laugh and she doesn’t even mind she just keeps laughing.”

“Yeah ehmm definately her lips. I know it sounds weird.”

“Bro you make it sound weird.” 

You were laughing and you were shocked. The thought that he might like you back crossed your mind but your thoughts were interupted by the doorbell so you got up to open the door.

“ Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa what are you doing here?” you teased with a “mesmerising” smile.

“So my body, huh? I should have seen it coming. I mean every time I take of my shirt you are like “Well hellooo there”. Plus you are always biting your lips when I am shirtless.” he said with a smile.

You didn’t have time to be embarrassed or blush. You just teased him back.

“You mean my nice lips that can turn into a mesmerising smile? And an adorable laugh?” 

“Yeah do you mind me tasting them?” he said coming closer.

“I don’t see why I might mind.” So he did taste them.

“Definately your best feature.”


“People are growing up in an interesting time right now where social media dictates our image of perfection. We have all of these social media–famous people now who have set this bar, and it’s a very unrealistic bar. I start following models on Instagram and I get in this spiral where I follow one and then follow the next, and I’m like, why do I follow them? Every day, you look at that when you’re scrolling through your feed, and you start to feel like it’s normal. Everyone is different. We’re in the generation where we feel like we need to be doing something at all times. We’re obsessed with productivity, and it makes everyone incredibly anxious. I always feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m always hard on myself. Yesterday, I was in the car with @colesprouse, and I was saying how I get home and I don’t do anything. I just go to sleep and I feel so useless, and he was like, ‘You’re the lead in a TV show, you’re working 15-hour days, your show is about to air, you need to chill. You’re 22 years old, you just got out of college, you’re right where you need to be.’ Because of the way we grow up so fast now, we start to think we should be at a higher place. We don’t appreciate where we are in our process, and we always feel we need to be on the next level. We can’t just take a second. In doing this show, I’m starting to learn how to just let myself go home and go to sleep—and that’s okay. We can only appreciate where we are in our lives by taking it day by day. Stressing about feeling like you’re not trying hard enough doesn’t help; it only makes you less productive and less inclined to push forward.” - Camila Mendes for obsessee

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 19

A/N: This chapter is long asf you guys, but I’m sure you expected it. The drama in this is to die for lmaoo, but I promised they’d be alright and I’m going to keep that promise. I wouldn’t ruin your little hearts like that. So, remember 100 notes and feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

At the rate this story gets notes, I’m pretty sure you’re all going to want the last chapter tmr. So, I’m gonna get to finishing that and try not to get upset that it’s over.

*WARNING**: Just a pinch/ mention of smut, nothing too detailed or serious.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

You all had been standing there in an eerie silence for what felt like hours after the recording had stopped. Calum was standing there stiffly with no sign of emotion on his face. It was as if the Māori had shut down completely after hearing the news. You were beyond nervous at this because Calum was usually one to let out his anger as soon as he felt it, he never thought about what to do, he kinda of just reacted. Luke on the other hand was praying for the ground to open up and swallow him whole instead of Calum getting to him.

“Mate…you okay?” Ashton was the first to speak as he took cautious steps towards Calum.

“You…you slept with Y/N?” Calum questioned Luke who now resembled a deer caught in headlights.

“Calum, I’m so sorry.”

“You slept with Y/N.” he repeated to himself, almost as if he had to get the words stuck in his brain so that he could believe it.“That’s got to be a joke right, you wouldn’t have…You know how much she means to me.”


“What the fuck, Luke?!” He shouted, knocking over the lamp on the couch side table. The glass shattered the second it hit the floor and you had to keep your thoughts focused on the situation and not how hot you found an angry Calum to be.

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◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.9k

◦ request: gurl i think you already know who dis is ;))) but man oh man write some of that hyungsik smut 👌🏼 um i have no storyline in mind but pure smut will be right too? 😂

please please please write a hyungsik scenario where you’re obsessing over him in hwarang and he teases you about it (i saw your post and i was like same because i never paid attention to ze:a until after hwarang and i’m personally hyungsHOOK)


◦ a/n: @thejungcock​ I SEE YOU GIRL // Everyone is thirsty for the Hyungdick so here is something to satisfy everyone’s needs. ENJOY. 

m a s t e r l i s t

“Oh no…” You gasped, bringing your hands to cover your mouth. “No, no, please,” your fingers gripped tightly at your knees. “Aw, don’t cry. I’ll love you.” You whispered, trying not to drown out the sound of their voices. “I swear to God–“ you began, but quickly cut yourself off with another gasp.

Your boyfriend chuckled beside you. He laid across the couch with his hand behind his head, propping it up as he glanced up to see your reaction every once in a while. Your eyes flashed over to him in horror.

“No,” he shook his head, sitting up. “I won’t.” He answered before you even opened your mouth. This was a weekly routine. You would both plant yourself in front of the television in your pajamas to watch Hwarang. You would end up completely caught up in the story, yelling at the screen, complaining about how Sam Maekjong needed to be loved and constantly squealing that Hansung was your favorite Hwarang, and your boyfriend would hardly look at the screen. Then, they would drop an unexpected cliffhanger and you would turn to your boyfriend, begging and begging for him to tell you what happens next.

“Baby, please,” you whined, shaking his arm. “I’m begging you. I won’t ever ask again,” you complained.

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BTS Reacts - Your Drawing Of Them

Hoseok: When Hobi finds you huddled over a desk, moaning endlessly to yourself, he becomes worried - what exactly are you slaving over? You don’t notice his presence in the room, so you keep at your detailed sketch of Jung Hoseok; your eyes dart back and forth between a picture reference of him and your own work. He cranes his neck over your shoulder, muttering a faint ‘whoa’ under his breath. He knows that this is your line of work - he just never knew how amazingly capable you are at it. Hoseok is so proud of you, that he just wants to comment on your work until he’s dried out of compliments. However, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it - he knows you get easily flustered to showcase your art, so instead, he chooses make light of the situation by striking a dramatic pose, which makes you laugh in response.

“So beautiful! Those lines, the strokes, those details! So perfect! This - this is art!”

Seokjin: He’s casually browsing your phone since his has just run out of battery, when suddenly, he swipes through your photos to find something that piques his interest. Jin fixates his stare on your screen as his expression turns to one of enthrallment. Your brows knit as you ask him, what are you looking at? He lifts his arm higher toward the ceiling, admiring the image in your phone’s gallery while you jump up and down, clawing at his wrist to get your cell back. The watercolours that stained the thick, textured paper painted a portrait of one handsome Kim Seokjin. You’ve been quiet about your current side project this whole time, which makes him wonder why you feel the need to shy your talents away from the public eye; he thinks what you’ve created is absolutely beautiful and worthy of praise.

“I can’t believe you drew me so well! I guess it helps to have such a good-looking subject, huh?”

Taehyung: When Tae stumbles across your drawing of him, he becomes absolutely flattered. This inflates his ego, especially since it’s a notable piece of work. He would constantly badger you about it - why did you choose me? Is it because I’m the handsomest member? Taehyung would start to act mockingly cute to further tease you and your supposed ‘obsession’ with him. If he doesn’t already think that you have a crush on him, he would now - not that he would mind it. He’s always thought of your strong interest in the arts as something very agreeable. He places his hands on his cheeks, flamboyantly exhibiting his features. ‘Wanna do another one of me?’ - a disgusted moan is heard from Min Yoongi before he abruptly slaps the boy who’s taunting you, across his face.

“I was just kidding! Well, not really. You can draw me as much as you like, just make sure you show it to me next time, okay?”

Namjoon: Namjoon would rest his revering gaze on you as he covertly watches you draw, standing behind your seat wordlessly. You’ve painted an impressive, well-proportioned sketch in his likeness. He knows the artist in you always thinks of yourself as your own worst critic, but he could see no fault in your craft. He would watch not only the varied gestures in your hands, but the gentle, patient expression on your face as you remain quiet - he is enjoying every second of your impassioned focus - he’s enjoying watching you. Namjoon ponders what might have possibly prompted you to draw him, of all the things you could have, around you. Either way, he’d feel pretty proud of you for finishing this, and appreciative that he’s the illustration of your choice. He smiles warmly before speaking up:

“Ah, you’re an awesome artist.  I don’t know how, but you’ve made me look even more handsome.”

Jimin: Jimin is about to make himself comfortable on your couch, when he spies an array of familiar photographs strewn across your desk - all pictures of him. He unearths an accurate charcoal depiction of him; the resemblance is uncanny. He is wholly and utterly embarrassed by this, but he can’t deny the fact that he’s also pretty amused by your efforts to have hidden this from him for so long. When he thinks of you sketching away at his portrait; the characteristics of his face being so thoroughly canvassed by you, it makes his cheeks flush red. You’ve always told him you were working on something ‘beautiful’ - a word he’s always used to summarize you in his mind - to realize you’d been referring to him all along, makes a sheepish grin appear on his lips. When you come home, all he can muster is a meek:

“This is amazing - but did you really have to use this many references of me?”

Yoongi: ‘Why can’t I look at what you’re working on?’ You try to repel Yoongi’s attempts at snatching the sketchbook out of your hands. You warn him not to be an ass before you leave to relieve yourself in the bathroom, and of course, he takes this opportunity to pry while you’re gone. His nose scrunches as his lips grow wide while he takes in your artistry. Low-key wants to steal it so he can frame it up in his bedroom. He knows humility is an important trait to being a noble creator, but he definitely wants to urge you to put your work out more, especially because it’s good. Yoongi wants nothing more than to see you be successful in your dreams, even if that means giving you a little push. When you come back, he appears to have a little drawing of his own in his hands:

“If I trade you for an original Min Yoongi, would you let me have yours? I’ll only post it on every social media platform I have an account for.”

Jungkook: The maknae is astounded by the detailed crosshatching in the pencil strokes that brought the piece together - he wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that it was a picture of him. Jeon Jungkook would be attracted by the effortlessness of your natural abilities, and would want to get closer to you because of it. After witnessing this impeccable image, whenever he thinks of you, he does it with a newfound respect and wonderment for your being as a whole - he adores the talent you always seem to dismiss as a regularity. When you notice your sketchbook in his hands, the expression on your face turns to one of distress; it doesn’t help that it’s under the rest of Bangtan’s scrutiny, too. Jungkook tries to ease your concerns. He never wants you to feel like you’re being judged, even if he thinks that you’re pretty damn special for being able to do what you do.

“Sorry we took a peek - but I really love this! You’re really good at drawing. How come you’ve never shown us any of this? I think your artwork is seriously professional!”

Two requests in one! I hope you guys like it! <3

How my time spent in fandom has changed me: a summary

Person: Wow, your character is kind of a Mary Sue…

Me when I first entered fandom: oh gosh that’s horrible, I’ll be more careful when writing in the future.

Me now: hell yeah she is. And killin’ it. 

Person: Update soon!! I need mOAR!!!

Me when I first entered fandom: Haha, I’ll try! I’m glad you like my story so much :D

Me now: And I need $10,000, for there to be more hours in a day, and sleep but I guess neither of us are gonna get what we want, huh.

Person: You should really consider writing a scene where character x does this. Also I don’t think the direction you’re currently taking the story makes sense, it’d really be better if you…”

Me when I first entered fandom: Okay, I’ll take that into consideration! Thanks for the advice!

Me now: why don’t you fukcng write it yourself then, you asdkflajfkadsjfla–

Person: Seriously? You honestly like that character? But they’re so problematic.

Me when I first entered fandom: *mumbles inaudibly*

Me now: Your point? I mean sure, they’re absolute trash, but they’re Mine and you can’t take them from me. 

Person: But that ship doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Me when I first entered fandom: Yeah…maybe you’re right…

Me now (with a wild glint in my eyes, shoving 2 pieces of fanart and unfinished fic scraps into their face): But it could. It could

Person: Do you read smut?

Me when I first entered fandom: I…I mean…sometimes s-sex comes up in a fic? I always skip over it though!!

Me now: Why? Do you want recs?

Person: Don’t you think it’s kind of weird to be so obsessed over fictional characters? I mean, you have two tests next week and instead of studying, you’re hunched over your laptop frantically writing fic at 2 a.m. Like, how do you justify that?

Me when I first entered fandom: *wails*

Me now: *wails louder*

anonymous asked:

Why do u and scribs always end up obsessed with the same fandom around the same time. First hamilton then heathers the deh now bmc... Its ...Suspicious...

  • Also me: *reads klance fanfic until 3am* *browses klance tag* *saves klance pictures* *watches klance videos* *thinks klance all the time* *is basically a klance trash already*
  • ....Fuck
What Nightmares May Come

A/N: Don’t kill me for this, but I keep getting stuck on what Cassian said to Nesta, you know the moment that was ripping every nessian shipper’s heart out. So I wrote a thing. You know to get it out there and maybe, just maybe, stop obsessing about it.

- - - - - - -

She just needed one additional candidate. If she was honest with herself, she was holding out for the perfect candidate, someone like her. For as long as Nesta could remember she had two dreams just two and really they were more like panic inducing nightmares. Her nightmares were the reason she became a neurologist, specializing in oneirology.

Her nightmares were different from the majority of her patients suffering from PTSD or Schizophrenia. Two -  just two nightmares, never changing, it was like watching the same re-run every night. She often felt like the universe was trying to tell her something, lead her somewhere. In those few moments of her life when she was optimistic she felt the universe and the powers to be were trying to fulfill a promise made in a different time and place.

Oh but this time and place was out of a fantasy novel, full of mythical creatures and powers that defied all physics.

The clinical study she was a running was small, more of a hobby at this point in her career, and she just needed the tenth candidate. Just one more to give her the basis for statistical analysis. The other nine subjects had already completed the study, their data and brain scans already collected.

Today she was meeting who she hoped was the tenth candidate. His pre-screening data was the most hopeful. Like her he reported two nightmares, always the same, never changing, just like her.  Today was the screening interview, today she would read and ask questions about his dream journal.

She is almost bouncing in excitement when she is called down to the reception desk to meet her hopeful tenth candidate. When she sees him, he takes her breath away. In her mind, she was thinking he would be a middle aged, slightly overweight and over-worked man. What she did not expect was a god, if she did not know any better, she would have said Jason Momoa was standing at the reception desk. His lines were softer, but he could pass as a very convincing doppleganger. Gods, in another world, she wonder what it would be like to run her fingers through his hair.

Professional. Yes, she needed to be professional. But she could not help the feeling buried deep within her soul, that this man was familiar to her. He was too much like the warrior in her nightmares.

- - - - - - -

They sat in her tiny, but very comfortable office. She was starting to itch to read his dream journal. So far he was the perfect candidate.


She almost jumped at the unexpected question, no one had ever asked her why.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you so interested in reoccurring nightmares?  I have been searching over a decade for studies, for help, but no one is interested, so why?”

There was something oddly familiar with,  not only his tone, but his eyes. Normally she would never share her nightmares with anyone, not even those she kept close to her heart. But with him, she knew he was different, she knew she could trust him. So she followed her intuition.

“I have two nightmares, like you, always the same, never changing. It was how I landed in this profession, I was obsessed, or still am, with finding a way to unlock these nightmares.”

“What do you dream of?”

It was a mere curiosity on his part. She understood the feeling, finding someone like yourself. Someone who would not call you crazy.

“Another place and another time, nothing of this world.”

They sat in silence for a moment.

“May I see your dream journals, in order to see if you are a fit for this study I need to review them with you.”

He hesitated and she understood, understood more than anyone. It was an intimacy to share what you dreamed of, the nightmares that kept you awake until your body demanded sleep. It was a vulnerability to let others know that you awoke screaming and  in layers of sweat, trying to determine what was reality and what was imagination. Her other nine subjects were lucky, they truly had recurring dreams, not nightmares.

She had seen many tattered journals over years of being an oneirologist, what she did not expect was an artist’s portfolio. She did not expect for him to have taken care with the thing that caused him so much agony. He must have sensed her shock, “I’m an artist,” he sucked in a breath before he continued, “and although I struggle with the nightmares, I know they are precious to me.”

She unwound the string and viewed the first piece. If she had not been sitting she would have fell to her knees. She wasn’t sure she was breathing. She had dreamt of this room more times than she could count. She had dreamt of that exact hand reaching for her while she screamed, before she drowned. The room that belonged to another place and a different time.

“In each dream, she dies. In each dream she dies with a whisper of a promise I could not keep.”

“What did you promise her?”

In a gaze full of wonder, like he had already unlocked the secret that she had been trying to lock for a little over a decade, “In words, safety and time. In my heart, love.” He took another deep breath, “A promise to love of a soul much like my own.”

Deep in her heart she knew, she knew what she would see when she turned the page. She knew that she would see a clearing with an ordinary but also not so ordinary male with wisps of dark power.  She knew she would see from the perspective of a magnificent warrior with large bat like wings crawling towards her. She knew she would see a woman battling the ordinary man and losing, losing until she released a power that blasted that man back away from her, away from the warrior clad in bloodied black armor. A warrior that she loved, that she was trying to drag to safety.

Before she was further lost in her predictions of what the next page told, a voice, similar to the voice in her dreams, “I will find you in the next world - the next life.  And we will have that time. I promise.”

paleesky  asked:

A prompt for the voltron family au, Keith playing with shiro's fringe while cuddling in bed and the kids slowly joining them I'm bed one by one...💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖

[The Voltron Family] It was a holiday on a Wednesday, so the whole family was at home. The teens were in the living room playing video games after lunch, while Keith and Shiro were in bed for some Daddy Time which was basically cuddling in their dictionary.

Shiro was lying on Keith’s chest with his arms wrapped around his husband. Keith, on the other hand, was playing with Shiro’s fringe, running his fingers through it so gently because it calmed down Shiro.

Shiro: *softly* We should probably change our curtains sometime. 
Keith: *hums* You think so? Is our current gold one too fancy for you?
Shiro: *shakes his head* S’not. I just thought maybe a change would be nice. We haven’t gone curtain shopping in a year.
Keith: Obviously. We have five sets already, Takashi. *looks pointedly at Shiro* For the whole damn house. Three floors. Every damn room.
Shiro: *smirks* Do we really? 
Keith: Why are you so obsessed with curtains? They don’t come cheap, you know. Plus, the people at the mall always roll their eyes when we do curtain shopping cause they never have enough supplies for us.
Shiro: *chuckles* Oh my god. They really do. They hate us, don’t they?
Keith: *deep voice* There’s that married couple again. How many curtains do they even need for that house of theirs?! Why can’t they choose different ones for each room?
Shiro: *copies Keith’s voice* We have a motif. A motif!!! 
Keith: *frowns* I don’t sound like that. *stops playing with Shiro’s fringe*

Shiro just giggled and was about to lean up to give Keith a kiss when suddenly someone knocked on their door to get their attention. There stood Pidge, who just entered the room giving no care if she was disturbing her daddies. Before the husbands could ask what she wanted, she took off her slippers and just climbed the bed, separated their bodies and positioned herself in the middle, sandwiching between her daddies. She grabbed both of their arms hugged them in front of her. 

Pidge: *beams* Don’t mind me. Carry on with whatever you were talking about. *gets herself comfy while cuddling both her dads*
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Not that I’m complaining with the cuddling but—
Pidge: Hunk and Lance are having a one-on-one playing Need for Speed at the moment, and I can’t join.
Shiro: But it’s multiplayer, sweetheart and—- *sees Pidge pouting* *melts* and who honestly cares, right? When we can just stay in bed? *smooshes his cheek with Pidge*
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah. So anyways, what were you guys talking about?
Keith: Curtains actually. Your Daddy Shiro wanted new curtains. *snorts*
Pidge: *turns to Shiro in disbelief* AGAIN?

After a few minutes, Hunk appeared at the door.

Hunk: Oh, so you’re here, Pidge. I was just looking for you and—
Pidge: Join us, Hunk! *waves at him to come*
Hunk: *nervous* Aren’t we too big to be sleeping with—
Keith: Oh c’mon, baby. There’s enough room for you here. Or are you too old to be sleeping in the master bedroom?
Hunk: *smiles wide* Okay.

Hunked joined and they continued talking about curtains because Shiro needed to have that discussion with Keith. After 10 minutes they heard someone gasp.

Pidge: *rolls her eyes* You were too busy playing, loser.
Lance: I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. OF ALL PEOPLE, I SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. *storms into the room and positions himself beside his Daddy Shiro* I love cuddling. *frowns*
Shiro: *laughs* *pulls Lance closer* I know, buddy. We didn’t want to disturb your gaming. 
Lance: You know I’d rather cuddle than play games.
Keith, Hunk and Shiro: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Pidge: DISGUSTING. *makes vomiting noises*
Lance: We should kick Pidge out. *slaps Pidge playfully* We don’t have much space. Get rid of the little gremlin so we can fit more.
Keith: *looks at Shiro pointedly* *clears his throat* Anyways, what do you think about doing curtain shopping with us later? And maybe choose one for your rooms? 
Hunk: Oh my god. Can I have a yellow and green one for my room?
Pidge: Green and orange for me. I’ve always wanted that.
Lance: Blue and black would look so great in mine.

Later that day, they all went to the mall and the people in the curtain section hated them. They were not aware the couple had three noisy teenage kids who couldn’t make up their minds. They were worse than their daddies.

Seventeen’s Favorite Features on their Girlfriend

what do you think would be seventeen’s favorite features on their girlfriend? If you don’t want to do all 13, do just the hiphop unit. can you also give a brief description on why?

S. Coups: I really feel like Seungcheol would be obsessed with his girlfriend’s hands. Since a girl’s hands tend to be smaller and more dainty, I feel as if it would make him feel so protective as he would hold them in his larger ones. Also, he would absolutely love just just feel how soft and smooth they are compared to his.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would love his girlfriend’s hair, and I’m not just saying that because he is known for having great hair. He just seems like the type that whether her hair would be thin or thick, he would love running his hands through her long hair or even her short little bob. It would feel so soft and silky to him and it would make him smile at how beautiful it looked.

Joshua: I feel like Joshua would love his girlfriend’s cheekbones. One of his favorite things would be seeing his girlfriend smile and the way her cheekbones would pop when she would smile would make him smile himself. Seeing his girlfriend’s cheekbones pop would be like heaven for him, and he wouldn’t hesitate to remind her that she looked so much prettier when she smiled just like the little cheesy boy he his.

Jun: People are always talking about Jun and how he would so be into a girl’s body shape, but honestly I see him being really into his girlfriend’s thighs. I don’t really think he would care if his girlfriend would have thick thighs. Like, I feel like if she did, he would think she would be even sexier than having a thigh gap because to him thick thighs would mean that his girlfriend is healthy. I feel as if his girlfriend had confidence in her thighs he would find that really sexy because it would mean that she doesn’t care about what size she is and wouldn’t want to change her already perfect self.

Hoshi: Soonyoung would be all over his girlfriend’s lips. Like he would be so cheesy and would try to do everything to get a kiss from his girlfriend’s pretty pink lips. Even if she would refuse, he would always find his way around it and almost force himself upon her playful to try and steal a kiss from his girl. In the end it would all end in giggles and his girlfriend would give in and give him the kisses he deserved.

Wonwoo: I can really see Wonwoo falling in love with his girlfriend because of her eye color. Like, if she was a foreigner and had these really pretty blue or gray or green eyes, he would fall for her instantly. Even if she was from Korea like him and had brown eyes, he would fall for the way that they would shine or sparkle when she smiled. He would love the way that they would bring out the rest of her features and compliment her perfectly.

Woozi: Jihoon was probably the hardest one for me to figure out. Like, for him I can see him falling in love with any of his girlfriend’s features. But if I had to chose one, I can really see him falling for her body shape or in any case, if she had body confidence. I feel as if whether he was with a skinny girl, a chubby girl, or any body type in general he would love her endlessly. If his girlfriend didn’t care what type of body, much like Jun, Jihoon would love that. It would make him feel good about himself because his girlfriend is already happy with how she looks and he doesn’t have to remind her about how amazing she is. Sure, he would still do that like all the time, but it wouldn’t make him feel so sad because he girlfriend didn’t think she was perfect like the way Jihoon would see her. Even if she was very insecure about her shape, I can really see him doing everything he can to make sure that she feels like she is perfect enough for him, especially since he would consider her the most beautiful girl he’s ever met.

DK: This one is going to turn out a big shock for most of you (note sarcasm), but like himself, Seokmin would love love love his girlfriend’s smile, almost like Joshua. He would do everything to make her smile and make sure that he was happy. Out of all of them, I really do think Seokmin would be the most likely to want to get into a relationship with someone who suffers through depression (not that the others wouldn’t), but as I said before, I feel like his main goal would be to see his girlfriend happy and if she wasn’t happy, he would want to be that sunshine in her life to make her the happiest girl.

Mingyu: I don’t know why, but I have always seen Mingyu as an ass man. Like with everything his girlfriend would do, he would just kind of subconsciously look at her butt. It would get to the point where she would become used to it, but especially when they were in public she would swat him or scold him for looking at her ass. Even when they would be taking a walk through the park, he would find himself reaching to grip her butt or even sneaking a look.

The8: I can really see Minghao being obsessed with how cute his girlfriend’s nose is. Like, it wouldn’t even matter if she thought hers was big or not (he would always say that it was fine the way it was), he would always praise her on how adorable it looked. Everything from the way it crinkled when she would laugh or the way it looked when she would sneeze, he would always find himself smiling at the way it looked. Often it would make her feel slightly insecure, but she would soon smile as Minghao would explain that her nose was absolutely the cutest thing he had ever seen, besides his girlfriend herself of course!

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is another one of those people where I can’t really see him loving one part of his girlfriend over the other, but if he were to chose I can see him loving his girlfriend’s collarbones. I just love the fact of him giving his girlfriend cute little neck kisses that lead down to her collarbones and leaving small pecks mixed with ‘I love you’s’ as he would touch her collarbones with his plump lips. And lets not even get into how much of a turn on it might be for him ;)))

Vernon: I really do believe that Vernon would fall for a girl’s dimples. Like, if his girlfriend had some really cute dimples in her cheeks, (kind of like woozi’s dimples), he would think it was absolutely adorable and want to poke them ever chance he could get, just so he could see her flush up and giggle at his stupid yet very cute antics.

Dino: Chan would love his girlfriend’s stomach. And kind of like Woozi, he wouldn’t care about the shape or the type of stomach his girlfriend would have, he would just love it so much. His mother had always taught him that he should be a gentleman and never comment or touch a girl’s stomach, but he couldn’t help himself around his girlfriend. He would love complimenting her on how cute her little tummy looked and he would be all for tickling her sides until she begged him to stop through her laughs. It would make him smile so hard he swore that his smile would rip off his face.

Feel free to send in more questions or scenarios requests!

anonymous asked:

Alexander is high-functioning autistic and ADHD. He'll always run his mouth and get sidetracked by things. He gets fixated on one topic and become OBSESSED with it for months. (As seen in the musical) he uses 5 year old logic a lot (Lafayette was MY friend first, "why are you upset?" "I'm NOT." Etc etc), he'll never stop taking. Even if he's on the brink of losing his voice. He has a huge oral fixation and always has the end of a pen or gum in his mouth. He's a precious bean. (Any other hc's?)

I don’t have any experience being autistic or having ADHD, but if anyone else wants to send some in, please do!

sayhiisobel  asked:

Why do you ship spuffy, even after the rape scene? (Honest curiosity, because I'd love to have an argument to tell my friend who would hate spike and Buffy so much)

Both of them have contributed to each others personal growth profoundly. So while there’s been dark times, rock bottoms, toxicity, and downright abuse, there’s also been a level of understand that can only be born of being such outsiders: Buffy being a human, but can’t fully live in the human world due to supernatural forces – yet being unwillingly drawn to the darkness. Spike being a vampire but can’t live in the vampire world due to human technology – yet being unwillingly drawn to the light. Light trapped in darkness, and darkness trapped in light.

Then there’s the ‘give and take’ nature, of things that have been vital to both their survival and growth. Such as being there for each other in the strangest of ways, in the most important of times. A mix of tough love, comfort, and meeting each others needs. Even when they were feeding each others addictions were they doing these things, because in the process they learned necessary things about themselves that made them reevaluate life: Buffy regaining her will to live, and learning she wants to live in the light again with her sister. Spike wanting to change, and going to get his soul. And I think none of those things would have happened if they hadn’t hit rock bottom as they did.

There’s a billion reasons I ship these two. I understand completely why some people can’t, or look at them in disgust. But for me personally, I see something so powerful. Just like love, it’s a power that can be used for both great destruction and great growth. Cause love isn’t always some pure and good thing, it can also be a force that drive individuals to obsession, to the point of harm. And I can safely say that these two have been on both sides of this spectrum, making them do things for both the best and worst of intentions.

But while there’s all these reasons, at the end of the day I ship them cause of their chemistry. I love how back and forth they are, how they challenge each other. How they’ve managed to drop all guards with the person they’re supposed to have their guards up with at all times.. How against all odds they managed to be tender with each other in the end.

In short: I love the way they dance.

DannyMay: Fangs

“Daniel, why are you staring at me?”

“I never realized…”

“Realized what son?”

“I’m not your son. Do you know Edward Cullen?”


“Well I figured you would know him, considering you’re both creepy.”


“Actually now that I think about it… wait are those fangs? When did you get fangs?!”

“I’ve always had them.”

“That means, oh no. That can’t be.”

“Daniel, you are starting to annoy me.”

“I probably should have guessed. Creepy old house, creepy attitude, creepy obsession with my mom… You weren’t hiding it very well.”

“Hiding what well?”

“Though you don’t glitter in the sunlight…”

“Neither do you.”

“Then there was the time when my blood sample went missing… OH GROSS!

“What are you blather- For the love of cheese, I am not a vampire!”