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Fame (L.H.)

A/N: This is not one of my best writings. I’m disappointed with how it turned out, but it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’m sorry I keep writing such sad imagines, but those usually have a nice plot to them. I promise the next one will have a nicer story line. I most likely will not be writing a Just Friends Part 3 or Roommates Part 2, so please stop asking. However, once I reach 1K followers, I’ll give you all a little treat :) Also, THIS GIF IS NOT MINE.

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Part 2


That picture.
That stupid picture.
It was because of that picture that you found yourself clicking on various posts that had your heart breaking even more.
What picture?
The fucking picture of Luke in his smiley shirt - you know the one - pre-lip piercing and with fringe.
The picture made you realize how much he had changed with his new found fame.
Sure, the first year wasn’t as bad, but as the band grew, the more Luke lost himself in the fame.
Of course you were happy that the band was taking off and that he had become more comfortable and confident in his own skin, but if along the way he acted like someone he wasn’t, he’d eventually turn into that person permanently and you don’t think you can sit back and watch it unfold.
Luke was no longer the lanky, shy, teenage boy that you once knew. He had become this muscular, outgoing, nearly twenty year old man that you don’t even know.
“Hey, Luke,” you called over to him where he was sat on the opposite couch on his phone - which is really all he does anymore when he’s not playing a show, being interviewed, or not out clubbing.
“Hmm?” He hummed, not even looking up at you.
“Let’s go do something. The two of us, just like how we used to. We can go to your favorite pizza place down the road,” you suggested. You wanted to spend some time with your best friend as it has been a very long time since you had.
“Sorry, can’t. Have an interview in a few. Maybe next time,” he shot you down, still not looking up at his phone.
What a lie that was.

More pictures.
All you saw were picture upon picture of him over Twitter and Tumblr.
“Interview, my ass,” you mumbled as you scrolled through the pictures of Luke at Nice Guy with some girl.
He could’ve said he wanted to go clubbing. You would’ve joined him, but it seems that he doesn’t want anything to do with you as of lately.
After scrolling through a few more, you slammed your laptop shut in anger.
You don’t recognize the boy that was on your screen.

“Hey, Y/N!” Luke yelled at you from behind.
You turned around from where you were walking in the direction of their dressing room. “What?”
Luke caught up to you. “Geez, what’s your problem?”
You rolled your eyes and kept walking. “What do you want?”
He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “Thought we could go out to eat.”
You stopped in your tracks and looked at him. “Wow, you actually have time for me? Ordinary, Y/N?”
He furrowed his eyebrows. “Why say it like that? I always have time for you.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Bullshit.” You turned to walk away.
Luke grabbed your arm and pulled you back. “It’s not bullshit. I make time to hang out with you.”
“Oh really? When’s the last time we hung out, Luke?”
He thought for a moment. “When we went bowling and made a bet to see who would have to be the winner’s servant for a day.”
“And when was that?” You proceeded to question him.
“Last week?” He guessed.
This time you scoffed. “More like five months ago, Lucas. Nice try.”
“So what if I haven’t made time to hang out with you? I’ve been busy with the band,” he nonchalantly stated.
“Busy with the band? You call going out clubbing and hanging with girls busy with the band? Get a grip on yourself, Luke.”
“Stop being such a complaining little bitch, Y/N. You should be thankful that I even still bother to hang out with a nobody like you.”
You sucked in a breath and took a step back away from him as tears filled your eyes.
That was the one thing Luke had promised you he wouldn’t dare to think of saying to you as he got famous more and more everyday.
Luke’s face turned into one of shock and regret. “Y/N… I-I didn’t mean-”
“Don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about hanging out with a nobody like me anymore.”
“That’s not what I meant-”
Then you said the words that broke him. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” And with that, you turned on your heels and ran away.

You ignored his calls and texts. You ignored the pounding on your hotel door. All you know is that you wanted out and the only way to do that was to leave.
So that’s what you did.
You changed into a pair of leggings and a tank, threw on a flannel, grabbed your phone and wallet, and was out the door.
You had gotten into a taxi and gave the driver directions to the one place where you knew that you’d be able to clear your head.
You thanked and paid the driver then headed towards the building.
You greeted the receptionist, who knew you very well from the amount of times you’ve been here, and asked if your room was open.
“Yeah, go on in,” he told you and you thanked him before rushing towards your room.
You opened the door and flipped on the light switch. You walked further into your sanctuary, letting the door close behind you.
You took off your flannel and tied it around your waist then threw your hair up into a ponytail.
You walked over to the sound booth and plugged your phone into the system and the familiar tune of Justin Bieber’s song Sorry filled the empty room.
You walked over to the mirror and stared at yourself. Your eyes were red and puffy from the crying while your hair was disheveled in its ponytail.
Then you started dancing.
At first it was just a few free styling moves, but then you let the music take over as you created moves, letting out your frustration and anger.
You don’t even know how many times the song had repeated itself or how long you spent in the studio, but you got an idea when there was a knock on the door followed by Casey - the receptionist - walking in.
“Y/N, it’s closing time,” he said as he sat in front of you with his back against the mirror as he watched you continue to dance.
“Really? How long have I been in here?” You asked surprised as you came to a halt.
He shrugged. “About five hours maybe?”
Your eyes widened. “What time is it now?”
He pulled out his phone. “About a quarter till ten.” He pocketed his phone. “You’re not normally in here for this long unless you have a class. What’s up?” He patted the spot beside him.
You grabbed your phone from the sound booth and made your way over to sit down beside him. “Luke.”
“What happened this time?”
You shrugged. “He basically called me a bitch and a nobody.”
Casey furrowed his eyebrows. “That doesn’t sound like the Luke you’ve told me about before.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Because it’s not. I don’t even think that the real Luke exists anymore. He got washed away in the fame.”
He put his hand on your knee. “You should find him and bring him back as that is what a good friend would do. It’s also what someone who’s in love with him would do too.”
You gave him an incredulous look. “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold on there. Who said that I was in love with Luke?”
He gave you a look. “It’s obvious that you are, Y/N. The way you talk about him, the fact that you’re angry about this, the fact that you care so much about what he does… all of that just points to the obvious fact that you love him.”
You sighed as you stared straight ahead of you at the wall. “How are you able to see all of this and yet I’m invisible to everyone else?”
He shrugged. “You’re in here a lot you know. It’s kind of obvious.”
“Yeah, to you.”
He sighed and stood up. “Come on,” he held his hand out for you to take.
“Where are we going?” I asked him as I took his hand and he pulled me up.
“We are getting some ice cream because that is always a great solution to every problem.”
You laughed. “I guess I could go for some ice cream.”
So, true to his word, the two of you went and got some ice cream. You stayed out for about an hour just talking and enjoying your ice cream until you had to go back.
“I guess I should head on back,” you tell him as you stood up to throw your cup away.
He followed you. “I can bring you back to your hotel if you want so that you don’t have to call a taxi.”
You smiled at him. “That’d be great, thanks.”
He nodded and the two of you walked over to his car.
He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and turned the car off.
“You don’t have to walk me in, Casey. I can go in by myself.”
He shook his head as he got out of the car. “That’d be very douchey of me.”
You laughed as you got out as well. “Suit yourself.”
The two of you headed inside and into the elevator towards your floor.
“So, what are you gonna do now? You can’t just keep on ignoring him.”
“I’ll do it until I can’t anymore.”
He shook his head and the elevator doors opened.
The two of you stepped out and headed towards your hotel room. You opened the door and walked in to see all of the band inside.
“Uh, why are you all in here? This is my room in case you forgot,” you tell them as you put your phone and wallet on top of the dresser.
“What are we doing here? Where have you been? You’ve been gone for five hours and didn’t tell any of us where you were going. You didn’t even answer our calls and texts. Then you come back at a quarter past eleven with some random guy?” Luke scolds you as he got up from the bed and stalked over to where you stood.
You crossed your arms. “If you knew that I wasn’t answering your calls or text, did it ever occur to you that I was ignoring you? That I left for a reason?” You tell him.
He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again.
“Can you all just leave? I’m tired and I just want to sleep,” you sighed and opened the hotel door showing them that you meant it.
The rest of the lads got up, muttering a quick goodnight, before leaving with Casey following suit leaving Luke standing where he was and you still by the opened door.
“I mean it, Lucas. Leave,” you tell him and gesture with your head to the hallway.
“No,” he said stubbornly.
“Why must you be so damn difficult?”
“Oh, I’m being difficult? You’re the one that fucking won’t talk to me!”
“Because you’re being such a dick!” You yell at him and slam the door shut then stalked over to him.
“Oh, I’m a dick? How am I being a dick? I’m not the one blatantly avoiding another person who is only trying to apologize!”
“I don’t want an apology from you if it won’t be sincere and you’ll only do it again!”
“It was an accident! I didn’t mean to say it! It was a one time thing!”
“But you promised you would never say those words to me, Luke.“
He sighed as he rubbed a hand over his face. “It was an accident. I was just annoyed and it slipped out.”
“You wouldn’t say it if you never meant it.”
“I don’t even know you anymore, Luke.”
“I’m still me,” he told you.
You shook your head. “Fame has changed you, Luke.” You looked up at him with watery eyes. “And I really wish it hadn’t.”
His own eyes started to water as well. “Hey, the old Luke is still here. He just grew up.”
“You can still grow up and still be the same person you once were. You’re acting like someone you’re not and you’re turning into that person. Well, news flash, Luke. I’m not one to be swooned by all the glamour and fame. If you even knew me like you once did, you know I prefer the small things over anything extravagant. You know I’d prefer movie marathons in my pajamas than going out and clubbing.”
“What do you want me to do?” He pleaded.
You walked back and opened the door. “I want you to wake up and snap yourself out of this façade because until the Luke that I know comes back, I don’t want anything to do with you.”
He stared at you in disbelief. “You can’t just shut me out of your life, Y/N! Have all the years of being best friends meant nothing to you?”
You glared at him through your tears. “That! That right there is exactly what I’m talking about, Luke! You know just how much this friendship means to me! How dare you say I think of it any less!” You scoffed. “You need to get a grip on life.”
He didn’t move. “Y/N.”
“I swear on all that is good that if you don’t leave right now, Luke, I will scream bloody murder and throw shit at you until you do,” you huffed, all of your patience gone.
He stared at you in shock.
“You have five seconds,” you tell him as you started counting down. You normally would’ve laughed at your reference to their band name, but you were done with his shit. 
He shook his head and made his way past you and out the door.
You slammed the door and pressed you back against it as you slid down to the floor. Your strong façade dropping as your tears flowed freely.
You just lost your best friend.