why do i always end up shipping couples that are doomed

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may i ask why u fell out of shipping squirrel/bramble? i dont particularly like it much myself (anymore) either.

That’s a bit of a long-winded answer, and I’ll go ahead and apologize ahead for the length, and if I remember things wrong I haven’t opened any of these books in some years now so most of what I remember is either pretty vague, or been updated by reading up on the wikia - and getting rants from my friends of course, they’re my number one source on Warriors-related info these days. xD

So like, I started out REALLY liking the pairing, mainly because I have an immense soft spot for dislike-turned-like relationships, what can I say, I enjoy a good old tug-o-war between reluctant parties. 

Unlike most of my fellow fandom at the time (the majority at least) I was a Squirrelpaw fan right from the start. I’m not lying if I say she’s my number one favourite character throughout the series, because she was one of few who had an actual development, and a personality that wasn’t either just lame and flat, or over-the-top dramatic. Either way, her spunk and sass and how she had traits and flaws just really appealed to me. 

And I felt the “teenage crush” with her and Brambleclaw was pretty cute, they were contrasts who argued all the time but then learned to say sorry and so made up. And the Erins DID apply every known trick in the book to “sanctify” the couple as © True Love, from arguments to jealousy/rivalry to teary-eyed realizations and apologies. Even though we all realized they were headed for doom again once The Sight was published…

Now here’s my first problem: I DISLIKE Brambleclaw/star. He is, to me, a top ten disliked character of all time. BramblePAW was cute, with how he renounced his father and fought to be seen as himself rather than, what, demonic spawn?? And I honestly thought we were done with this part of his plot development when the second series rolled in, and maaaan was I wrong. This courageous kid is now an angsty young adult who’s for some reason no more over his Tigerstar-relation than he ever was. Who spends the majority of the series forever angsting over this, and going on a journey that builds up SUCH a big ego that he comes back and basically expects to be given deputyship as a form of gratitude even though he has no other endorsements to show for - and to make matters worse, the Erins send him straight into Hawkfrost le coup’s arms and turn him into an antagonist, and still expect us to nod our heads and be jolly when they proceed to “clean his slate” and instate him as a true, “good-hearted” deputy although he was -this- close to killing his leader/mentor/father figure in life. Thank you for the birth of Bramble’s ever-present hypocricy. And it doesn’t go away?? He never comes forward about this, doesn’t even tell Squirrel that unfortunately she was right about Hawkfrost all along and he’s sorry for everything, oh nope he goes on pretending nothing ever happened and Firestar was actually stupid enough to go along with it, and the only glimpses we ever see of this in the third series is when he “hints” to it like some conflicted, “woe-is-me-my-record-isn’t-clean” kind of guy. Bah. 

And don’t get me started on post-Sunrise Brambleclaw, that was like upping the ante from angsty to an outright blame fest where everything awful in his life is because of others, and has nothing to do with himself or his actions and attitude whatsoever. Okay fine you can’t look Squirrel in the eye after the lie, but did you really need to reject your foster children in the same breath, and avoid them too like the plague for the following six months?? The Erins never thought to develop him far enough that he actually, you know, learned to see beyond his own nose. 

This was the beginning of the end for my time as a SquirrelxBramble fan. Like, I pretended for a good while that the ship wasn’t as tainted become was it was, that things would get better again once he got over himself and realized what an ass he’d been, and she got her apology and they’d try to sew together this mangled relationship… but we never got that, did we? 

“I understand” that’s the closest thing to an apology Squirrelflight ever got in the books, and that’s nowhere NEAR enough. More than a year’s worth of rejection, abuse and public humiliation, only to get this. Watching her former mate not only reject her, but reject the children that they raised together, that she hoped he would have loved enough to understand still needed him. 

And then the Last Hope ends with no understanding of whether they get back together or not, honestly I thought it was over then since to me, Squirrelflight seemed really fucking tired of it all. Like who wouldn’t be? She even says it’ll never be, outright, to Lionblaze??

But noooo, the Erins see fit to give us the piece of crap they fittingly named Bramblestar’s Storm. And let me tell you, I dislike Bramblestar juuuuuuust as much as his warrior version. First of all they screw with Squirrelflight’s character again, they always did love to throw her under the bus to solidify Bramble’s “niceness.” And then they introduce Jessy and that horrid romantic triangle and I was just about ready to vomit up my innards. What we needed was for Bramble to have the time for some proper insight into his own assholeness, some self-reflection kind of time; not for him to suddenly become all torn over his ex-wife and this new, young and fresh copy of her?? That is NOT helping my growing dislike of SquirrelxBramble just saying - I didn’t feel the “nobleness” in him giving up Jessy to go “back to where he belongs.” It rather felt more like that husband who was thiiiiis close to cheating but decided it wasn’t worth it. 

Also, as a romantically unrelated note, was I the ONLY ONE who was worried over Bramblestar’s “I don’t like it when the Clan opposes me” sentence?? Like what, was it a dictator’s seat you thought you’d inherited or something? And people still think he makes a good leader??

So the final note is that these authors have always sought to make Brambleclaw/star to be a better character than he actually is. They never let him admit he’s in the wrong, he never has to face up to his actions, and as a final insult, they grant him, the MALE, the one who’s behaved like an insensible jerk for the longest time, a CHOICE. Whereas Squirrel is left same as always, waiting for him, with no other options than to remain alone. I’m not even going to mention Ashfur that was so badly developed it was obvious they never considered him a choice for her, only a plot point for her relationship with Bramble. But the fact remains that she HAS to settle for him, be happy and overjoyed “yay he still wants me” while Bramble gets to continue to pretend he’s that nice guy with the troubled past, and not the sickening hypocrite he really is. 

But then that is hardly news. You’ll notice that when the Erins write, there is one thing that is extremely important to their character creation; their chara MUST be one to be pitied. They have to be troubled, or abused, or burdened by something, so that the -good- that they get in the end, feels deserved. “Oh you poor thing, here have leadership and be merry.” And then you’ll notice which one of Bramble and Squirrel was the one the Erins really pitied. It’s like they always do it - make leeway for their male characters, and step all over the female ones. 

So yes, I threw my hands up and walked away from the BramblexSquirrel mess, and I haven’t looked back since. ^^

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your askbox seems crowded with johnroxycallie asks today. welllll sorry im going to add another one to the pile! i am intrigued! i used to ship johnroxy because it seemed real & cute but i moved to roxycallie when it was canon. but this is interesting?? sooo im interested but not sold. give me your best sales pitch for this new ot3 and adopt me into that good good 4 person fold?

Okay here’s why I like it.

To start you have to understand my salty relationship with Roxy’s bisexuality. I basically wrote my own god damn narrative for it in my own head because I am just so over homestuck’s completely unwillingness to give women arcs relating to their sexuality. Womens’ queerness is always something treated by the narrative as obvious and unworthy of commentary or exploration or any element of revelation/self-discovery or even an iota of reflection or struggle, which is especially FRUSTRATING when they’ve been shown struggling with the queerness of OTHERS. It’s that last part that gets me w Roxy – I especially hate this with Roxy specifically because her relationship with Dirk was so very fucking fraught with her being bitter at him for being gay and thus unwilling to be with her. Roxy was aggressive about her attraction to Jake and Dirk and I would have really liked to see SOMETHING about like. The narrative there after she meets Callie, especially when Callie expressly tells Roxy that her species can’t experience human romance and blah blah blah blah there are so many things I would have loved to know more about re Roxy and her sexuality but this post is already going to be long so enough said about how mad I am about this specifically

The way I’ve settled on it for my own peace of mind is that Roxy went after Dirk and Jake most aggressively because she had the “save the human species” thing held up as the banner of like, the most important thing she could do to the exclusion of most else. Couple that with her being upset at Dirk for being gay and you get a workable explanation for her suppressing her own bisexuality and being so exuberantly performatively straight. 

So. Callie is the only person outside the other alpha kids that Roxy has had this lifelong close relationship/bond with. They have a conversation where they basically gal pal each other aggressively, with Callie saying her species can’t do redrom/human romance and Roxy being cagey about whether she’d reciprocate because Callie is basically telling her there’s no point to the thought exercise and who likes rejection?? but Roxy is the one who brings it up and is clearly fishing to see if Callie likes her likes her and blah blah blah people have been shipping RoxyCallie long before credits video because of all this, the ring, etc. The closeness of their relationship and the mutual “if only this could work it could be so good” narrative there like all right. 

Then, John. There’s an element to Roxy’s attraction to John that’s rooted in that instinctive thing she has going on that you can see on display in their first meeting, where she sees A Dude and immediately does her mental calculus to determine hey here is A Dude, he’s kind of cute, he’s maybe not gay and/or off-limits b/c my best friend has a huge messy crush on him. And it would be real easy to weigh the scales here and go full RoxyCallie if that were the sum and parts of their relationship, but like, here’s the thing – it’s not. 

I just cannot let go of John and Roxy as the sole survivors of the Game Over timeline. Roxy is Callie’s beacon of optimistic hope, Roxy is the one who acts to save Callie and preserve her in the alpha timeline (with John’s help – John gives Roxy the ring after all. I like that detail in the full scope of them being a Unit in the future.) But JOHN plays that role for Roxy. Roxy watches Rose die and is ready to sit down and throw in the towel. She tells John straight up that her only plan going forward after this is to accept her fate and bury her mom and wait for her miserable doomed timeline to end and take her with it. John is the one who convinces her there might be a better way, there might be hope. JOHN is the one who acts to preserve Roxy’s existence in the alpha timeline. I really love the parallel between Roxy bringing Callie back from the brink of oblivion and John bringing Roxy back from the same via the same mechanism that allows John to get the ring that allows Roxy to bring Callie back in the first place. That is a really tidy loop and I like it a lot.

So, Roxy in Earth C with a boy she likes and has a connection with that literally no one else can understand because no one else went through Game Over, no one else has this dissonant experiences that might not mesh 100% with the people they love, no one else has this potential imposter syndrome. I love the idea of Roxy and John bonding over that and have never really been willing to give it up. I love the idea of Roxy coming to understand that her infatuation with the idea of A Boy, Any Boy and the future she wanted so bad were products of trauma and really examining that and then realizing she fell for John legitimately, that she genuinely finds him charming

Simultaneously, Roxy in Earth C with the alien girl she’s had a crush on for like probably forever, and now she’s free of the burden she always assumed she had to repopulate the human race. Also her entire family is queer and she’s free to explore her own feelings with that context. Maybe to accept that her feelings for Jane were never purely platonic (and her feelings for Callie certainly never were) and half her frustration at Dirk was that he insisted on being “true” to himself while Roxy never felt she could be and imposed straightness on herself out of obligation to the human race. That could make a girl bitter, right? (I have so many god damn feelings about Roxy and Dirk reconciling post-canon)

And here’s Callie with her insistence that cherubs can’t experience redrom, too. Except now she’s living on Earth C with, for example, Karkat, a troll who absolutely experiences romantic feelings the same way humans do despite all his species lore stating Trolls Can’t Feel Like That. And now Callie has eternity to explore HER feelings – and we know part of why Callie just accepted that she couldn’t experience flushed/human romance is because she didn’t think anyone would ever love her like that anyway, right? She thought she was hideous and unloveable. Well now she’s here on Earth C and there’s no way Roxy is going to go on letting her believe that. And without that holding her back from exploring the way she REALLY feels, you can see a path to Callie allowing herself to experience emotions she never thought she could. 

And all of these are positive things and wonderful things for these people to learn about themselves and about each other. 

Roxy caught between the boy she fell for on her journey and the girl she fell for long before her journey even started, just having this realization like, everyone is doing what they want here, this is our universe and our earth and our society and our rules, and she’s kind of unofficially dating them both for awhile but not committing labels-wise to either until eventually she’s just like fuck it??? Here’s how I feel, now how about you??? And I cannot imagine Callie protesting Roxy loving them both or someone else loving Roxy as much as she does, and John’s relationship with romance throughout Homestuck is so bemused and ???? and exploratory, I imagine he’s like well this is kinda weird is this like a troll thing and Roxy is like no this is just an us thing and they deal with it

John and Callie have already been spending tons of time with each other throughout and again, as I referenced in an earlier post, there’s some initial awkwardness that settles out into a balanced arrangement and Callie and John both love Roxy and care about each other very much.

Also like, until there actually is some kind of epilogue that does more with John’s current depression arc and ties in the Masterpiece with everything, I like this alternate reality where John has someone who understands him in a way really no one else can there for him when his shit starts to go south, I like the idea of there being an entire long ass subplot where John tries to isolate himself and Roxy is instrumental in not allowing that to happen, I like Callie’s cheer in the face of her own blisteringly unforgiving history and reality being an inspiration for John, I like a lot of things that canon as it stands doesn’t have a satisfying character-driven arc for at the moment.

And, you know, to cap all this off, I really just like JohnRoxyCallie as an acknowledgement that bisexual woman are not “less” for liking boys, that bisexual woman don’t “count” unless they are exclusively with women, and that bisexual people in real life who ship bisexual characters with people of opposite/other genders are not somehow betraying the queer community by doing so, while simultaneously not sacrificing a potential f/f romance for a m/f one.

The LGBT community’s relationship with bisexual women is MY pet issue, because obviously I’m a bi woman, and there’s obviously an element of that going on as well. It bothers me with the treatment of a lot of fandom/homestuck’s bisexual women (this frenzy by queer fandom to erase every relationship a bisexual woman ever had with a man as being not real or not valid for x, y, z reasons while Straight Fandom is over there doing the same thing, but opposite) but Roxy is by far the Homestuck Canon Bisexual Woman I personally care about the most so SHRUG that’s why you get a million words of my feelings

Anyway that’s why I like them

Game of Thrones and Shipping

I’m not a die-hard romantic, but I’ve always – in one way or another – shipped a couple on almost any TV show or book that I’ve read. Game of Thrones is probably the only show where I’ve never shipped anyone with each other (the notable exception being Jaime and Brienne but I never truly believed they would happen, so for me they don’t really count).

So, it came as somewhat of a surprise, when, somewhere during season 7, I picked up on the fact that there are people who are zealous Jon and Dany shippers. Of course, people are allowed to ship what they want (no question there), but it made me think on why I never shipped them, as they are somewhat of an obvious choice. It was very curious to me that I never saw these two together. Like, here you have two heroes who try to make the world a better place – together they’d be “difficult to defeat” as everyone’s little darling Littlefinger put it.

The thing is, even though I started unconsciously shipping Jon with Sansa since season 6, I NEVER intended to ship anyone on this show. This isn’t a show where you can easily ship two people. Almost all the romances portrayed either served the story progression in some way, ended up tragically and/or simply didn’t fit the normal expectations for romance of a modern audience.

I will try to illustrate my point with three prominent couples on the show/in the books who ended tragically, but who either served the plot and character development or didn’t portray a typical romance story.

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Amor Vincit Omnia ( Yoongi/ Oc)

Chapter 18

“So, I heard you’re going out with Yoongi tonight…” Jimin said mildly, as he watched me carefully arrange the finished clay pots on the display shelf before adding a small placard with each child’s name underneath their creation. It was backbreaking work, seeing as there were close to thirty kids. I couldn’t risk breaking any of them.

“Yes. He told me he’ll pick me up at seven.” I smiled brightly and there was a flicker of discomfort on Jimin’s face.

“I’m glad you’re trying to get to know each other.” He said very carefully, watching me closely. I felt a little bit of disquiet.

“You look like you want to tell me something..” I said cautiously.

Jimin sighed.

“It’s just…does he know that you’re in love with him?” He said bluntly after a momentary pause.

I stopped and quietly turned away from the shelf. This didn’t seem like the kind of conversation one ought to have near breakable pottery. Stepping away from the shelf, I wiped my hands down on my work apron and wiped a bit of sweat away with the back of my hand. Moving to the nearest chair, I settled down quietly.

“I… we didn’t exactly talk about all that…” I said .

“You don’t remember anything that happened after the Charity Ball?” He said impatiently and I felt sorry for whatever conflict he seemed to be going through, evident in his flawless face.

“I’m sorry..” I said gently. I’d tried , very hard to try and remember but it was like chasing will-o-the-wisps in a swamp really. Whatever memory or emotion I’d felt for Yoongi after that night in the ball was gone. I didn’t know how I’d felt about him.

“You don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your fault. ” He said roughly.

I didn’t reply.

“Ji Soo, I really don’t want to be the villain in this drama, but the fact remains that he hurt you very badly. I… you spoke to me about it, the day after you… well the day after you guys fought. And trust me you were heartbroken. It was crippling to watch you go through something like that and I would hate for you to go through it again. Yoongi is… he’s a great guy. But I don’t think he even realizes how much damage he can cause people by his negligence. He’s a self-sufficient guy. Has always kept himself guarded and safe from emotional attachments, so he’s not likely to empathize with you when he hurts you. I just…I don’t want you to dive headlong into this and end up hurt again….” He said very seriously.

I stared at him, suddenly feeling very foolish.

“Should i cancel on the dinner?” I said helplessly.

Jimin looked taken aback.

“No! That’s not what I’m saying.. Just… be careful.”

I stared at him and shook my head. “ I don’t know what that means. ” I said finally. I really didn’t. Be careful of fault? Falling for him? That ship had already sailed….

“Ji Soo, he’s always known you’re in love with him. Just don’t let him take that for granted…” He said and then stopped suddenly looking at me in shock.

I felt my heart crack in two.

“He’s always known….??” I swallowed thickly. “ Wait did I already… ” I frowned. “ Did I already tell him I was in love with him… before the divorce.???” I said stunned.

Jimin looked at me, stricken.

“Ji Soo…”

“He knew I loved him and still divorced me??” I said, unable to comprehend. If I told him I loved him shouldn’t he have….

Suddenly an even more terrible thought hit me.

“He didn’t just divorce me after I told him I loved him…” I said , with a sudden sickening bolt of realization.“ He divorced me because of it....” I gripped the edges of the chair . No wonder he refused to tell me how we’d broken up.

Suddenly I couldn’t breathe.

“I’m such an idiot….I… last night I thought…he…I thought he liked me…” I said helplessly hurt.

“Ji Soo, he does!! He likes you..!! Hell I’m pretty sure he’s in love with you as well, he just doesn’t know….”

“I think you should leave…” I said bluntly, standing up.

Jimin looked hurt.

“Ji Soo…”

“I just.. I want to be alone now. I have to think about…. stuff.” I said staring around blankly. I couldn’t think like this. My head felt like it was splitting in two.

Jimin nodded.

“I’ll leave. Are you alright?” He said nervously.

I nodded thickly.

Once he was gone, I sat down on my bed , cross legged, staring at my phone. I wanted to call Yoongi and tell him I didn’t want to see him again. Ever again.

But I couldn’t. I wanted to look at him, face to face and hear him say it from his own mouth. That he did not care whether i loved him or not. Then maybe I could move on. I suddenly laughed at the absurdity of it all. I’d been diving headlong into this dream of a life with Yoongi without considering one important thing. Whether or not he wanted me in his life… How incredibly foolish I’d been…

I spent the rest of the day in a complete daze, unable to move on from the fact that something potentially life-changing had happened in the time I couldn’t remember. I’d thought it was somehow my fault for leaving him, when yoongi had told me that I was the one who had asked for a divorce.

But apparently he hadn’t reciprocated my feelings for him. And so, like any normal human being, I’d left him.

When Seven O clock rolled by I was dressed as usual, in a simple pastel brown gown that hit just below my knee. Staring at myself , I realized that I looked painfully young. Which I was. Twenty one years old is not the age to make mature decisions I thought in despair. I should be happy now, shouldn’t I? I’d spent a life of misery and twenty one was the age when it was all supposed to end. A new life. A new husband. A new love. But then, now here I was, almost turning twenty two in a couple of months and there was no happiness in sight. Was I just one of those unfortunate souls doomed to chase happiness for the rest of my life. One step forward, two steps back.

Would I die like this? Never knowing what it’s like to be loved by someone?

Tears stung and I fought to regain my composure.

I grabbed the nearest lip stick, smoothed it over my lifeless looking lips. The pale pink color seemed garish against my deathly pale skin and I wiped it off at once. I looked like a corpse. There really was no other way to describe it.

When the doorbell rang I froze in place, momentarily panicking. What do I do? What do I say?

He came in without waiting for me to open the door, caught sight of me near the door of the bedroom and offered me a brief smile.

“You look nice. Ready?” He said briskly.

I don’t think we should see each other .

“I’m ready..” I whispered and then blinked when he offered me his arm. I took it hesitantly, the fabric of his dress shirt soft underneath my fingers.

“I made a reservation at one of the fine-dining restaurants in Itaewon. You’ll like it. ” He said , opening the door of the car for me. Once we were inside I tried to get my thoughts in order. I glanced at him and my breath caught in my mouth.

He looked beautiful .

Like something out of a poetry book .

Like a storm cloud that looks so beautiful and holds the power to destroy whole worlds.

“Is something wrong?” He said finally.

I shook my head quickly . And then regretted it. What on earth was I scared of?

I opened my mouth to tell him that I wanted to talk but his phone rang and he transferred it to the car’s audio.

“Hyung, are you with Ji Soo? There are paprazzi cars all over that hotel in Itaewon. They want to know why you’re seeing your ex-wife again…Whether you guys are getting back together…” Hoseok’s voice was rather desperate.

Getting back together…

“No!!” I yelled before I could stop myself and Yoongi gave me a surprised look.

“Okay, we’ll steer away…I’ll take her to the penthouse. ” He said softly. I gripped the dash board tightly.

After hanging up he gave me a look.

“I’m assuming there’s something bothering you.”

I didn’t reply for a while and finally gave up trying to say the right thing.

“I just..I realized that there are different ways to reject a person.” I swallowed. “ You tell someone you don’t love them and that’s rejection, right? But then there’s this other kind of rejection where you don’t have the heart to kick them out and say you don’t love them, or maybe you do care for them, just not the way they care for you, but you don’t reject them and you let them stay but honestly, it wouldn’t really make a difference to you if they stayed or left but you think that it would make a difference to them…I mean they’ll be happy being with you so you take pity on them and -”

He pressed his lips to mine, cutting me off abruptly and it took  me a second for the hysteria to go and to realize that he had pulled the car over. I stared straight ahead , while he kissed me slowly, using his lips to gently suckle on my lips, draining out the last bit of agitation till I stopped trembling.

Then he pulled away.

“I’m not doing this out of pity…. I want to be with you…” He said quietly.

And for one maddening, eternal moment I wanted to believe him.

“You didn’t before. Isn’t that why you divorced me?” I said softly.

He moved back and swore under his breath.

“Did Jimin tell you that…” He snapped, eyes narrowing and I suddenly didn’t want to throw him under the bus.

“I remembered..” I said lamely and stopped when he reached out and gripped my arm . His eyes bore holes into mine…

“Really? You remembered? Then you must also remember that I chopped off Wu Yi Fan’s arm with a fucking axe because he touched you. Right here…” He made a sawing motion across my elbow and I recoiled in horror. The mental image made me want to vomit.

“Yoongi…” I said sickened.

“And immediately afterwards, I shot him in the head. Like I did your father. You know why? Because that’s what my brain tells me to do, anytime i see someone hurt you, anytime I see you with someone who isn’t me… I want to put a fucking bullet in their head. You better ask that friend of yours…Youngjae.. to watch out.” He said angrily and I yanked my arm out of his grasp, terrified.

“Yoongi don’t!!”

“I don’t know how to say the right things. All i can tell you is that… I’m not the same person I was..that night at the charity and the night I agreed to a divorce. You’re important to me. I can’t let you go… It’s different now..Everything’s different…”

“But I’m not!!” I said miserably. “ Can’t you see….that I’m still stuck behind….I don’t remember all the things we’ve supposedly gone through that’s changed your mind about me. Everything’s changed , i know but I don’t remember how and it makes me crazy…” I sobbed out.

He took a deep breath and then looked straight ahead.

“You only wear pastels. ” He said finally.

I blinked.

“What?” I said , confused.

“Your clothes. They’re all pastels . You never wear red, black or solid colors. You’re literally the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. But you don’t like flaunting it.Why?”

I stared at him, heart pounding.

“Because I don’t like to be watched.” I said finally. He nodded.

“Because what happens when you’re watched?”

An itchy feeling of discomfort began inside me. Why was he asking me these things? Why did it feel like he was dissecting my soul .

“I ..I make mistakes… ”

“And when you make mistakes?”

His voice was barely a whisper.

“I get punished.” I finished, staring out of the window , blankly.

“I know. I knew it the moment I saw your wardrobe. The way you held yourself. The way you smiled so vacantly. Not even a mm more than required. How you were never loud, not even a decibel more than what was barely audible. I knew because I could relate. It’s why I don’t get involved with people easily. It puts me in the spotlight. They get closer closer, watching me . They find my weak spots, my vulnerabilities. My mistakes. And just when I’m at my weakest, they attack me with it. I can’t afford that, not when so many lives depend on me… I’m sorry I screwed up. give me another chance. I can make this right. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. We can start again and this time I’ll do it right. ” He said gently.

“Because you love me?” I said vacantly, looking at him.

He nodded.

“Ji Soo…I don’t want to scare you but…I burn for you. Most days and nights, I can’t fucking breathe unless I shut my eyes and imagine you next to me. Fuck, I even got a stupid Vanilla plant in my office because it smells like you..” He laughed bitterly.

“I don’t smell like vanilla..” I said stupidly and he turned to smile at me. His fingers caught my clenched hand and brought it up to his face.

“You used to…. ” He reached out and stroked the back of my head. “ When I first got shot, you used to let me sleep on your lap sometimes, at night . When I was feverish and thrashing around. I remember your scent. It was Vanilla. I remember everything , sweetheart. i may not show it out, but I remember every thing you’ve done for me. And I want to give it back to you. Give you all these nameless feelings that you’ve given me. I remember everything sweetheart. ” He kissed my knuckles.

“And I don’t…” I said softly. He hesitated.

“It’s alright if you don’t have some memories… we’ll make new ones… ” He promised. “ Better ones…” He grinned fleetingly and I fell in love , all over again.

“I’m scared… ” I whispered.

“We’ll take this slow. Real slow. As slow as you like. Like I said. We’ll do it from the first. ” He squeezed my hand.

When we pulled into the penthouse, a bolt of nostalgia hit me and I gripped his hand tighter. When the door opened however, he froze in place.

I blinked in confusion.

It was my mother in law , and Hye Mi. Hye Mi looked very different from how I remembered her. The blonde streaked hair was now a classy brown, worn in long waves around her perfectly made-up face. She wore a fitted white gown that hit her legs and simple diamond jewelry. She looked familiar. Like someone else.  

I smiled automatically.

“Ommonim…” I said without thinking and she rounded on me so fiercely, that , Yoongi pushed me back, stepping in between us swiftly.

“what the hell are you two doing here?” He snapped, glaring daggers at his mother.

“Us?! What the hell is she doing here?? After everything she put us through..after dragging your name through the mud…” She hissed venomously and I stared in complete confusion. What was she talking about???

“Mother.. Get out of my house. ” Yoongi said coldly.

“ i will not. You disgusting whore…. You walk out on my son..my son…humiliate him in front of the world…. bring disgrace to our family and have the gall to come back here…?? What did you want… money?? Why are you here?? Were you going to sleep with him to…”

Yoongi snarled and Mrs. Min recoiled.

“Finish that sentence mother. And it will be the last time you ever see me.” He said coldly.

“Yoongiya… Look at her….she doesn’t deserve you… She left you.. she divorced you and turned you into a laughing stock…”

“At least she didn’t fuck another man in our fucking bedroom…” Yoongi shouted and Mrs. Min looked like she had been slapped.

“Yoongi..” she whispered. And then her eyes narrowed. “ If you try to get back with her, you lose Bangtan. I’ll have all your friends fired and ruined. ” She hissed.

“No one tells me what to do, mother. Get out.” He glared at her.

Mrs . Min shot me another look.

“He’s going to marry Hye Mi in the next month. If not.. he loses Bangtan. He loses everything. If you have even an ounce of decency in you, you’ll get the hell out of my son’s life. You’ve ruined him enough.”

With that she sailed out of the house.

“I’ll meet you at your office.” Hye Mi whispered on her way out and Yoongi reached out and gripped her arm.

“Step anywhere near me and I’ll slit your throat, you bitch..” He said, eyes narrowing dangerously and she smiled slyly.

“I’m sure you’ll change your mind…once your friends start bearing the brunt of your stubbornness. Look, I’ve changed myself, ” She indicated herself , “ Brown hair, princess clothes, because that’s your type now, apparently. You’re mine Min Yoongi. You’ll always be mine.” She yanked her hand away and walked out.

I stood perfectly still, trying to process what had just happened.

He pulled me into his arms.

“Don’t think about that.. They’re just..”

“You didn’t tell me our divorce made you.. affected you…” I said numbly. He smoothed his fingers up and down my back.

He swore.

“It’s alright. It doesn’t matter… ”

“How can it not matter.. Did she mean that.. about Bangtan.. You should talk to them… You can’t lose your inheritance…” I blathered.

He raised an eyebrow.

“When I said, no one tells me what to do, I pretty much included you..” He said with a smile but his eyes held a note of seriousness. I bit back my protests.

“Come on…. We’ll not think about it. Let me order something for…”

“Can I cook for you?” I said softly and he stared at me.

“I.. you don’t have to.”

It was the first time he’d ever hesitated when talking to me and I was charmed.

“But I want to.” I said quietly.

I soon understood that there was one thing the great Min Yoongi could not do.


“please.!! I want this to be nice and delicious… It’s our first dinner together…Just go wait there.  ” I begged, when a taste of the soup he’d just seasoned, had me gagging.

He rolled his eyes.

“Fine. Let me just tell you however that a soldier is only as good as his commanding officer. If I’m bad it’s only because you’re terrible at giving instructions.” He said loftily.

Deciding that it wasn’t really worth it to argue with him, I agreed and he finally left me alone. The dinner got done quickly afterwards and when I came out carrying the first tray, I stopped short. The entire room was dark except for the table which had a dozen small decorative candles bathing it in a warm glow. The table was set perfectly, with fresh flowers in tiny vases and I blinked when I saw the perfectly folded napkins. They were done the exact same way I used to when I was married to him.  

I stared at it , fighting tears.

A forgotten memory of him telling me he didn’t want the napkins folded perfectly…

“ I…uh…looked it up on Youtube.” He said nervously. “ It’s not perfect. You can fix it.” He said gruffly. I placed the tray carefully on the table, and kissed him quickly on the cheek. His entire body stiffened and I grinned.

“It’s perfect.” I said softly and he smiled again.

“Let’s eat then.”


“I didn’t know.. about your mother and father…” i said cautiously.

Yoongi hesitated.

“It’s alright. I guess it’s just one more reason I never got into serious relationships. I.. I’d always thought that the one who loved more was at a disadvantage, in a relationship. So i made sure I always cared the bare minimum. ” He said roughly,.

I hesitated. It explained a lot and made his actions more understandable and I only felt sorry that no one had told him that there’s really no more or less in love. Love is love. You either had it or you didn’t really.

When i told him that he reached out to squeeze my hand.

A few more minutes and I thought about it some more while he carefully chewed .

“You know, I’ll never do that right?” I said carefully and he stopped moving. Put his fork down and gave me a look that was completely broken.

“Ji Soo…”

“I’d never cheat on you. You’re… You’re everything i’ve ever wanted…” i said softly. 

“I’m so sorry for what I did, Ji Soo. Fuck, I was an idiot. Of course I know you’d never do that… I just… I was an idiot. I want you . We’ll make this work. I’ll … learn . How to make you happy. ”

I nodded.

After dinner , he dropped me off at the studio and I hesitated.

“I’ll call you tomorrow. We can meet up..” He said, unbuckling the seat belt and coming around to get me out. I remembered all the shameless flirting from yesterday and shook my head. I wasn’t the same person I was yesterday. And neither was he. Just talking to each other had changed our relationship from something that was casual interest and sexual attraction, to something more elemental. More reverent.

“ Everything’s changed.” I said when he kissed me lightly , barest press of his lips to mine,m fingers gripping my wrist as he leaned into my body, his scent drowning out everything else.

“For the better. ” He said at once.

“ For the better . ” I agreed.

Categories of Jon€rys shippers, my reactions and some explanations

All these observations are based on posts I saw on my dash in passing, so this might not be very representative, but still…. Had to put my thoughts down.

-There are the ones who ship quietly in their corner, enjoy their fics and their gifs and are probably nice people. These are my favourites. I love them. If one of their posts happen to be on my dash I scroll past and give a tiny wave. No explanation needed there. They just ship another couple than I do.

-There are some who multiship. I have never been much into multishipping. My favourite kind of multishipping is shipping several couples alongside each other, I ship Jonsa and I would really like to have Gendrya and Braime. I can understand the lure of having a character you like with other people as well and play with the pairings. I kind of like Sansa with Podrick, because Podrick is so sweet, I like Jon with Ygritte, and I like Sansa and Margaery. Usually multishippers are chilled about canon. And that’s all fine by me. Within the multishippers there are people who multishhip Jonsa and Jon€rys, again fine by me. I really can’t understand it, because since book 2 Jon€rys has been my absolute NOTP, but not understanding does not mean that I want to convert multishippers. Again I scroll past, if I don’t like something and give a tiny wave and I look into the posts I like. I love them as well, especially if they have good Jonsa content.

-There are some who canonship Jon€rys, and ship Jonsa as a side crack ship. Now I would be fine with that as well, if these people wouldn’t tell everybody who cares and everybody who does not care, that it is absolutely delusional to canonship Jonsa. I really don’t like much to be told how I should ship… I canonship Jonsa. And I’ll go down with that ship and I don’t need anyone to condescendingly tell me to spare myself the pain. So, not my cup of tea. Explanations? None, really. There is no possible rational explanation for that kind of behaviour.

-There are some Jon€rys shippers that jump on posts about Jonsa. If they do it, because they don’t really understand the tagging system or the post landed on their dash because of a tumblr glitch (can happen), I’m annoyed, tell them about how I or OP tagged correctly and hope I won’t see them again. Explanation: Misunderstandings can happen. I try to be tolerant about that, because it happened to me once, that I jumped on a post that was tagged correctly.

-And then there are some who just don’t have any chill. They jump on posts, are rude, repeat the same boring Jon€rys arguments again and again and are a pain in the ass. They even jump on posts complaining about their behaviour. They have to actually look for that kind of post, because I at least don’t even post in the regular Anti Tag anymore. They have to stalk Jonsa blogs for the specific purpose to troll. My reaction. MEH! My explanation: These people are so stressed about their ship, although it has already become canon, because deep down they know Jon€rys is doomed and their idea about Jon and D sitting on the throne in the end is just a dream. They know that no kiss, no tender or passionate undressing, no happy smiles, no afterglow, Jon being the legitimate heir of the 7 kingdoms, Jon and D together in the penultimate episode and not in the last 10 minutes of the show means that they will not have a happily ever after. And they are so stressed about this, that they annoy Jonsas, because Jonsa is realistically the only ship that threatens them.

-Then there are Jon€rys shippers who try to reconcile Starks and Targs. They - somewhat condescendingly - wish Sansa all the happiness in the world, as long as it is not with Jon. They want Sansa and D to be friends, and they dream of Sansa and Arya and everyone else accepting Jon and D. My reaction to this is somehow mixed. I know they mean well, but on the other hand meaning well is not always good. And I think there is an explanation for that: They desperately want Sansa with another character so she won’t pry on Jon. They want Sansa to be friends with D because a good girly friend like Sansa would never betray her good friend and pry on Jon.

And now what I think is important about this recent trend in the Jon€rys fandom: Deep down they know that their ship is doomed if Jon’s Stark family does not accept D. That is why they want Sansa and D to bond about the shit they have gone through, that is why they want Arya to admire D. I can relate to that, I love my couples happy, I just don’t think it is realistic. I think the only thing Jon€rys can realistically hope for, is that Sansa and Arya tolerate D because of Jon.

My brother has a wife I don’t really like, but he’s been happy for many years, so I put up with her, smile, endure her constant talk about her own self and always defend her when my mother has doubts about her, so my mum won’t turn into some terrible mother-in-law. My brother’s wife has endured some hardships in life, some of them even similar to my own experiences, and I feel for her because of that, but that doesn’t make me like her more. Imagine my relief, when my sister once told me, that she can’t stand her either. We talked and bitched about her for a very long time and got it all from our chest. We promised to never tell anybody else about that and to carry on enduring her. This is the only reaction from Arya and Sansa to D which would make sense to me. But to be honest, does Jon look happy around D? So happy, that Sansa and Arya will put up with D?

evermore (beauty and the beast au) | chapter two

A beggarly woman casts a spell on the notoriously arrogant prince Ben Solo in order to teach him a lesson. Furious at his scarred appearance, he gives into the murderous rage that had been brewing under the surface. Turning to the dark side, he destroys any memory of his past life.

After Belle’s father goes missing, she takes it upon herself to track him down. There, she stumbles upon an old, derelict manor and the tale as old as time begins to unravel.

Pairing: Kylo Ren x OFC (Belle)

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: Here’s the second chapter! Let me know what you think! I promise Belle will finally come face to face with Kylo in the next chapter, but for now enjoy mysterious Hux, a lil’ teaser of angry Kylo and Gaston!Poe. Also I haven’t checked this for errors and typos yet, so please let me know if you spot some mistakes!


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Eleventh Doctor & Reader Shipping Imagine

Gender neutral imagine. I pulled a unisex ‘J’ name out of my ass, hope it doesn’t offend anyone. There is a very, very tiny amount of smut (if you can call it that) in this, because frankly, I have a very hard time seeing this regeneration being sexual. Although he’s flirty and winky, I just can’t really see it, and he is incredibly awkward. Hope I captured him alright, he’s…difficult to write. ‘I love you’ is thrown around a couple times, which I know, is almost as hard to imagine as Eleven having the sexy times. All manner of fluff included within. Enjoy! Geronimo!

Originally posted by doctorwho247

-Aliens invading. Impending doom. Skinny weirdo with a bow tie. Enough said. You were hooked from the start, because honestly, why wouldn’t you be?

-“Who are you?”
“I’m The Doctor.”
No time to question him because he’s grabbed your hand and whisked you down a relatively long corridor.

-Running. All the time. You sit in the common room in the TARDIS with your feet up. The Doctor walks in with tea, “You okay?”
You nod, trying not to let the ache bother you, “Yeah, I’m great.”
He puts the tea down and sits next to you, grabbing your feet and begins to massage them. “You know, I’ve been around for a while and I can usually tell when someone is lying.”
You sigh, “I didn’t want you to think I was weak.”
An immense amount of compassion fills his expression. “Dearest (Y/N), you are anything but weak.”

-You talk to the TARDIS constantly, although it’s mostly one-sided. “So, does he bring home a lot of us then?”
The TARDIS rumbles as if laughing and lights flash green as if to say ‘yes’.
“Right, well I don’t blame him. He’s so alone. Except for you. You’re the only constant in his life. If it weren’t for you, he’d be madder than normal.”
The TARDIS rewards your genuine compliment with pictures of baby Doctor on the monitor. You nearly crumple to the floor from intense laughter.

-Exploring the TARDIS and getting inexplicably lost. You have to ring him to find your way back, “Where are you? I thought you went to the kitchen to get some Jammy Dodgers?”
You come across another hallway, “Yeah, I was but I wanted to see what else was in here.”
“Ah, so you’re snooping then,” The Doctor’s voice is heavy with amusement.
You snort, “No, of course not. I’m just…yes, I’m snooping.”
He laughs, “Okay, where have you ended up?”
“I’m in the…What the heck? You have a bowling alley?!” You exclaim.

-The Doctor is the definition of awkward. Kissing, well…that’s an experience. He doesn’t really know what to do with his hands. Sometimes they are on your back, or maybe your hips, or shoulders? He never knows. You help him by placing his hands on your hips, while you run your fingers through his hair. He hums against your lips, obviously enjoying the feeling now that he’s a bit more relaxed.

-You give him cheek and nose kisses, to which a light but visible blush swells over his face. You trail your lips to his jaw and neck as he leans against the inside of the TARDIS doors. He makes small sounds of arousal at the sensation of your mouth on his skin.

-You know he’s not overly comfortable with intimacy and your sexual relationship moves at a glacier pace. You’re not bothered by it, however, perfectly comfortable with any kind of contact from the Time Lord.

-You sit and watch movies and tv shows. He does his best to sit still, with an arm wrapped around your shoulders, and his fingers drumming anxiously on your arm. Before you know it, he’s bouncing in his seat. You change the tv to the Wii and you face off at various light games. He’s not fond of the violent ones, so you stick to WiiSports, WiiParty, WiiMusic, and WiiPlay (minus the duck hunting mini-game, no guns). The Doctor on the WiiFit board doing the hula has you laughing so hard you fall off of the couch and face-plant with the floor.

-He twirls happily around the console the TARDIS, arms waving about as he goes into detail of all the planets he wants to take you to. “Everything! There is absolutely everything to see! Where do you want to start?”
All the ideas fall from your brain and you come up short, “Uh…I don’t know.”
His excitement falters a little, “Oh, you humans and your partial memory loss just when things were getting somewhere.”
You breeze past the minor insult, “Why don’t you surprise me?”
His face lights up again and he boops your nose, “Let’s set the controls to random, shall we? More fun that way. Geronimo!”

-When you both go undercover you take the same last name as him and he loves it, even though he doesn’t say it. “Yes, hello! I’m John Smith and this is—”
“Jay Smith,” You proclaim happily.
The Doctor smiles and laces his fingers with yours. “Yes, we’re the Smiths, how can we help?”

-You cuddle, which is always a little weird for him. He doesn’t like being still for too long, but he enjoys the closeness. You fall asleep to the rhythm of his hearts beating in unison, the sound always managing to calm you down after a rather stressful day of avoiding death.
“You know, I quite enjoy this,” He says, tracing circular Gallifreyan words on your back.
You hum into his chest in contentment, “You want to move around, don’t you?”
A low rumble of laughter fills his chest, “It’s a subtle itch, but it’s not too overwhelming at the moment. Thank you for always accommodating my comfort.”
“Thank you for being alive,” You mumble.
He kisses the top of your head and almost inaudibly whispers, “I love you.”

-You inevitably get captured by some kind of looming alien race. When the Doctor comes to rescue you, his expression has completely changed. The once relatively composed and friendly face is filled with rage and…fear. He can’t lose anyone else, especially you. He loves you, and whoever takes the people he loves better run because he’s the Oncoming Storm.
“Let (Y/N) go,” The Doctor demands, sonic screwdriver raised.
“Or what?”
“Or I’ll make you,” He growls, eyes alight with an unusual menace.

-Once you’re safe, he’ll check you for injuries. Looking you over again and again, almost frantically. He shines the sonic in your eyes and you swat at him, the bright neon green light slightly blinding you. “Are you hurt? Are you alright?”
“Yes, I’m good. I’m okay,” You say, trying to smile.
He holds you close to him, “Oh, don’t you do that to me again. I thought I’d lost you. I…I love you.”
Your heart melts at the words you know are incredibly hard for him to say. “I love you too, Doctor. Always.”

-You try and teach him how to use Twitter, “You’re always insulting it, but do you even  know how to use it?”
“Why do I need to tell everyone what I’m doing? Did you…? You can’t post pictures of me on the internet!”
You laugh as he chases you around the console room trying to steal your phone and delete the photos.
“Blimey, you wouldn’t happen to be part rabbit would you? Hm, rabbit people. That would be a first for me, and that is saying something. You’re quite fast,” He complains at you.
“Well, I have to be, traveling with you!”
“Give it here!”
You’re almost positive that you hear the TARDIS laughing at the sight of you both.

-You buy him a whimsical bow tie with question marks on it. “(Y/N)? What have you got there?”
“Open it,” You say excitedly.
The Doctor opens the box to see his present and his face lights up with happiness. “For me?”
You kiss him on the cheek, “For the most enigmatic, and amazing person in the universe.”
“I love it, thank you,” He never takes it off afterwards.
“Bow ties are cool, right?” You offer.
He beams at you, “Very.”

-He’ll send you rather sexy winks and you blush like an idiot every single time. He’ll often watch you and find himself smiling and thinking how he got so lucky.

-He is always impressed how you put others before yourself. You go out of your way to help people and save them when you can. He’ll stare after you, completely smitten, and you have to snap him out of his daze. “Oi, spaceman, pay attention.”
“Sorry, what? Oh, yeah right. Sorry.” He keeps looking at you.
“What?” You press.
He just smiles and pecks you on the lips at lightning speed.
“Okay, wait, let’s do more of that!” You say as you chase after him.
“Planets to save, love,” He’ll call at you.

-He opens up to you about Gallifrey and the war. You never pressure him to divulge information though and he appreciates that to no end. He willingly offers to share with you and you listen while you hold his hand. He finds comfort in speaking with you and he listens to your issues as well.

-You make him banana smoothies, and banana sundaes, and banana everything. You don’t really know why he likes them so much but his eyes always shine so brightly when you surprise him with banana-inspired dishes.

hello yes i just finished lord of the flies (and then watched the 1963 movie immediately afterwards) & i rlly luv piggy so im gonna yell abt Just Piggy Things™ even if no one cares

  • piggy’s the first character we’re introduced to, after ralph ofc, so that means we’re supposed to get attached, and boy did i get attached..
  • ass-mar
  • the fact that he’s been called mean nicknames so long that his real name doesnt matter to him?? he doesnt care what hes called?? poor thing wtf??? hes like eleven hes too little for this
  • the Flashing Anime Glasses. especially the one w the fire when he starts laughing maniacally. same.
  • im talking about: “then he laughed so strangely that they were hushed, looking at the flash of his spectacles in astonishment.”
  • also: “’i got the conch,’ said piggy, in a hurt voice. ‘i got a right to speak.’” let him speak hes the only damn reasonable one. also stop hurting him hes been hurt enough goddamnit 
  • k but how much he loves ralph? and ralph is annoyed by him??? but then later he confides in him & cries over him & their friendship is my fav in the book so. they bond it just takes a while. but piggy was always good to ralph awe
  • “i was with him when he found the conch. i was with him before anyone else was.” he finally made a friend dont u take him from him ;-;
  • k speaking of the conch, in the first movie, his laugh when ralph’s blowing the horn for the first time??? aw??? a rare moment of joy in that sad ass movie?? 
  • ‘63!film piggy is the sweetest & cutest i lob him. ‘90!film piggy was annoying as shit tho i refuse to talk about him.
  • in the ‘63!film when he puts his hands on his hips when jack says “shut up fatty” and then hides behind the tree when they all laugh at him.
  • god in the book it’s easy to forget theyre actual babies but with the movie u cant possibly forget and theyre so cute but defenseless it’s so sad
  • i kno these actors r like 70 or dead now but i wanna go back in time & give them a hug. especially piggy cuz hes a pouty chubby bub gOD IM SO SAD
  • one last note on the film before i get back to the book: the movie rlly encompassed how awkward i imagined piggy to be & i luv that. also his story time abt camberly was adorable + educational (for me, anyway)
  • how hurt he is when ralph tells the other boys his name, poor thing ugh :(
  • “’let him have the conch!’ shouted piggy. ‘let him have it!’” yes stand up for poor lil mulberry child
  • “piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly.” hes so fuckin sweet??? hes like the mom of the island hes so nice to the littluns i luv him
  • and when he gets upset over the mulberry boy probably bein killed in the fire :’( hes the most sensible and the most empathetic of all the other boys. what a cinnamon roll. unproblematic fav. true neutral. 10/10. the best boy.
  • my second favorite line in the whole book: “then, with the martyred expression of a parent who has to keep up with the senseless ebullience of the children, he picked up the conch, turned toward the forest, and began to pick his way over the tumbled scar.” tired mama piggy lmao
  • he wants to make a sundial?? hes so smart aw
  • piggy thinking ralph’s patronizing smile was a friendly one :( :( he just wants a friendddd hes so naive & sweet im sadddd
  • i think it’s implied most of the other boys (particularly the choir boys & ralph) are from a nicer, more upper class part of england, &, despite his intelligence, piggy’s more lower class, judging by his cockney-esque accent (his use of ‘them’ instead of ‘those’, etc.) and also “piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter…” idk why this is cute i dunno
  • “piggy arrived, out of breath and whimpering like a littlun.” me in pe. but also poor thing ;-;
  • “piggy sniveled and simon shushed him as though he had spoken too loudly in church.” i interpreted shushed as, like, consoled, more than, like, ‘quit crying, ya baby’, which was more what he was doing, but still…first of many cute piggy & simon interactions. i’d ship them but theyre like twelve so nah. but they cute as buddies
  • “this was too bitter for piggy, who forgot his timidity in the agony of his loss. he began to cry out, shrilly: ‘you and your blood, jack merridew! you and your hunting! we might have gone home-’” this hurts because if jack hadn’t gone hunting, they may have been rescued before simon or piggy died :( :( :( horrible vague foreshadowing
  • simon getting piggy’s glasses for him when jack throws em ;-;
  • simon giving his piece of meat (not a euphemism, goddamnit) to piggy.. god simons so sweet hes my second fav
  • “only, decided ralph as he faced the chief’s seat, i can’t think. not like
    piggy…he could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only piggy was no chief. but piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.”
    why does ralph resent piggy sm. it’s like it psychically hurts him to compliment him, even just in his own head. jeez. just cuz someones fat doesnt mean they cant be smart?? the 50s were weird
  • “piggy came and stood outside the triangle. this indicated that he wished to listen, but would not speak; and piggy intended it as a gesture of disapproval.” aka ‘i’m mad at everyone so im gonna stand two feet away & glare at you all’ aw haha
  • when he tiptoes onto the triangle cuz hes done w his protesting ahaha aw
  • “piggy held out his hands for the conch but ralph shook his head.” idk i thought the mental image was cute. “gimme pls” “nuh uh”
  • what he says about the beast & life being scientific…me & piggy would be buds if he was real lmao
  • “ralph nodded to piggy. ‘go on. ask him.’ piggy knelt, holding the conch. ‘now then. what’s your name?’ the small boy twisted away into his tent. piggy turned helplessly to ralph..” honestly piggy & ralph are the mom & dad of the colony (jack being the asshole uncle) it’s so cute
  • “’that’s a clever beast,’ said piggy, jeering, ‘if it can hide on this island.’” sarcastic piggy is sarcastic
  • more sarcastic piggy earlier in the book: “you got your small fire all right” i lob him
  • indignant & shrill piggy… and his quote: “’what are we? humans? or animals? or savages?’” honestly lowkey want that tattooed
  • i fuckin hate jalph but admittedly jack’s jealous lil “’that’s right–favor piggy as you always do.’” is salty & gay lmao
  • the whole three blind mice convo…i luv
  • particular highlight in that scene: “’i’m scared of him,’ said piggy, ‘and that’s why i know him. if you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him. you kid yourself he’s all right really, an’ then when you see him again; it’s like asthma an’ you can’t breathe. i tell you what. he hates you too, ralph—’” POOR BABYYY 
  • also “’i know about people. i know about me. and him. he can’t hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he’d hurt the next thing. and that’s me.” IN THE END ROGER’S THE ONE WHO HURTS HIM UGH :(
  • “’keep piggy out of danger.’” YOU ASSHOLES LET HIM DIE
  • piggy holding his breath until his asthma acts up & then the boys just leave him??? what dicks
  • “jack cleared his throat and spoke in a queer, tight voice. ‘we mustn’t
    let anything happen to piggy, must we?’”
  • “piggy put on his one glass and looked at ralph. ‘now you done it. you been rude about his hunters.’ ‘oh shut up!’” why dont more ppl ship them?? compared to jalph theres nothing??? theyre like a married couple it’s precious. like i said - mom & dad of the island.
  • piggy getting braver & being more of a leader once jack leaves!!! im proud of him!!
  • he [simon] sought for help and sympathy and chose piggy” k the two most humane & sympathetic kids on the island, and the two doomed ones, gravitate towards each other & look out for each other & it so sadd
  • piggy being “so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society” he didnt deserve his fate he was so good im so sad
  • samneric & piggy making a little mini feast for them?? thats so cute??? 
  • also “piggy broke into noisy laughter and took more fruit. ‘he might be.’ he gulped his mouthful. ‘he’s cracked’.” piggy u get teased for bein different why would u tease simon (behind his back too) for bein diffrent u hypocrite. noisy laughter tho aw
  • piggy & ralph laying by the fire & talking…ralph didnt deserve piggy honestly he wasnt even grateful until the very end for such a good friend in such a horrible situation??? ugh
  • when he understood how far ralph had gone toward accepting him he flushed pinkly with pride” see? good friendship. piggy just wanted a friend & to be considered valuable. and ralph finally started appreciating him
  • piggy took off his glasses, stepped primly into the water, and then put them on again.” prim: stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper. idk why this is funny to me
  • when he gets annoyed and starts slapping the water & yelling. temper tatrum lmao. dont blame him
  • piggy stirred the sand under water and did not look at ralph. ‘p’raps we ought to go too.’ ralph looked at him quickly and piggy blushed. ‘i mean–to make sure nothing happens.’ ralph squirted water again.” they’re so fuckINGN CUTE
  • piggy touched ralph’s wrist. ‘come away. there’s going to be trouble. and we’ve had our meat.’“ SO MUCH OF THIS STORY WOULDVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THE OTHER BOYS ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PIGGY
  • ralph sat down in the grass facing the chief’s seat and the conch. piggy knelt at his left, and for a long minute there was silence.” i luv their dynamic sm. ruler & adviser. no questions asked. ultimate loyalty. so good.
  • piggy trying to be all rational about simon while ralph freaks out…what a scene. also i luv how awkward their convo w samneric immediately after is
  • piggy wants to be rescued most and hes the one whos killed!!!! bullshit!!!! justice for piggy!!!
  • when ralph says piggy should write a letter to his auntie & he takes it serious & ralph laughs & piggy doesnt get it. awe.
  • the scene where they take his glasses ;-; u made my boi piggy hav an ass-mar attack u monsters,
  • he held out the conch to piggy who flushed, this time with pride” and then “piggy sought in his mind for words to convey his passionate willingness to carry the conch against all odds.” the conch is the only constant on the island, the only dependable thing he has besides ralph, so hes so invested in it, hes pretty much deemed himself the caretaker of the conch, and it dies with him…
  • the scene where piggy reassures ralph & it says “the twins were examining ralph curiously, as though they were seeing him for the first time” is probably my fav scene in the entire book…it just really shows, in a couple of lines, the characters that ralph & piggy are, and what their relationship is like, and why they’re a partnership throughout the whole book. fantastic.
  • “’am i safe?’ quavered piggy. ‘i feel awful–’” fuckin foreshadowing, i hate it. imagine being practically blind on a cliff and then, minutes later, falling to your death. god it’s terrible.
  • piggy crying for ralph not to leave him actually hurts like psychically in my chest. him and simon were babies??? i know it’s fiction but kids are the sweetest things, not even fictional kids deserve to be killed so mercilessly??? im so fuckin sad
  • his last words…powerful and iconic.
  • i dont wanna talk about his death. im very sad
  • k ik it’s terrible but when he died his skull cracked open & his brain more or less fell out (”and stuff came out”, “with his empty head”), and thats p macabre but it’s also symbolic and genius bc when roger killed him he also took away the only thing he had going for him, the only thing that gave him superiority over the others - his intelligence. his brain. 
  • of course, have to end on: “ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called piggy.” cue me shutting the book, hugging it to my chest, and sobbing

anonymous asked:

Hello Jorahssquire! I know our ship is doomed. There is no denying. (-.-) But I wonder if there are still some shippers who haven't lost all hope? Some optimism would be nice. Right now I'm quite sad and dissapointed. I really don't know what I expected...

Aww yup there seems to be no denying that they are really pushing the Jon and Daenerys angle - which I kind of suspected they would all along.  So I can’t say I’m super disappointed because I wasn’t at all surprised.

What I am very disappointed in is the way the story has been presented - the lines, the scenes that Jon and Dany have shared - I feel like I’m watching Titanic or some YA romcom - sort of cheesy and cringey in  my eyes.  Though I’m sure many fans like it.

Kit and Emilia have okay chemistry with one another ( and it’s improving ) and I also get it from a story perspective but GRRM don’t you be calling other writers PREDICTABLE  any  more lololol  -  Because your two main characters have always been and are becoming increasingly more standard fairy tale troupes.

What I’ve been even more disappointed in is the level of animosity and ridicule that I’ve seen Jorah experience this season - jokes ,comments and comparisons between he and Jon in a whole sense of matters - 

Mean spirited digs in regards to Daenerys, Jeor , Longclaw, Lyanna (Baby Bear ) Mormont - where Jon is put on a pedestal and Jorah is denigrated.  further negativity where Jorah is lambasted because he’s a asshole, a Slaver, a pedophile,an old geezer AMD get this one A RAPIST lololol ( WTF ) -  Show Jorah hasn’t so much as kissed Daenerys ( well except for her hand after 7 seasons ; P )

Not sure where all this bile is coming from but I imagine a lot of is it coming for the Jon and Daenerys ship - so I must ask what’s up people -

Your SHIP has literally sailed why the need to destroy, hurt and blow up the other SHIP - it’s really very unkind and ungracious, the jokes are rather unoriginal and repetitive - You’ve found no new ways to taunt??

If they are so bent on comparisons I shall compare to - Aside from a couple hotheads OUR SHIP has let them enjoy theirs SAILING - We’ve mostly backed off and let them enjoy their moment - that’s mostly why I don’t understand the way we’ve been treated in COMPARISON….

In so far as Jorah and Daenerys - I always really knew that they would not end up together in the traditional sense but I was a sucker for their wonderful writing,dynamic and chemistry - But I do feel that they were always a pair used to display Chivalrous Love -  a type of LOVE which oft ended up rather unrequited OR in heartache for one or both parties….

That  whole notion is what made the paining so intense, complex and interesting to me….

Also D and D just saying that  for many fans the long game and slow burn is oh so much more satisfying….

Sorry for writing a book I get a bit passionate on this subject…. -  Also thank you for sending me the comment I really enjoy them - though I probably didn’t give you much hope…

Originally posted by jorahssquire

LGBTQ+ Representation in Volume 4: What we could have gotten

So lately I’ve seen a lot of people talk about LGBTQ+ representation in RWBY and I wanted to share my many MANY thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind that this post is going to be very long and will contain an extensive list of all the things the writers could have done in volume 4 that they didn’t.

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smellycinnamonthundahfudge  asked:

so what do you like about kastle? i don't ship them but i do find their relationship sweet and interesting and i wanna know what a shipper thinks about them <3

That’s a thinker. I love Karen and Frank as individuals. That’s honestly the biggest part of why I enjoy shipping them. I love that Karen struggles with things she’s done in the past, struggles with the notion of what it means to be a good person, struggles with the idea of atonement (and whether or not it’s even necessary) and still comes out of it believing that people have good inside of them, and that she has the ability to be so passionate (cue Karen yelling at Frank at least once in pretty much every kastle fic there is), and I love that Frank is so single-mindedly devoted to his mission, that he has this black and white world view, a code that he lives and kills by, that he has hard edges and is unyielding about most things. I love that each of them have a very unique sense of humor.  I think they bring out interesting things in one another, and they see things in each other that no one else does. Karen (potentially) helps Frank stay somewhat connected with his humanity while not denying him the release of doing what he does, while Frank seems to embrace the darker side of Karen (and I feel like that encouragement would allow her to stop hiding her past, which I have so many head canons about and I want to see it all put out in the canon universe). He just… immediately sees her, and I can’t say that there are many people in the netflixverse who do that. Everyone else seems to be blinded by the image she presents, the intentional facade she has created. I mean, there are finite moments in DDS2 between them, but each one of those moments seems so incredibly pregnant with meaning and understanding, “not your first rodeo” etc.

Of course, part of shipping them is taking their personality traits and extrapolating them to potential relationship dynamics, because in reality they are not a canon couple (and may never be, and that’s fine). That may be because the biggest part of me shipping ANY pairing is whether or not I enjoy writing stories for them, and Kastle is just ripe for interesting and action packed emotional journeys. There’s so much sadness and bittersweetness possible. They have the potential to have a really heart-wrenching love story and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing (there’s something kind of melancholic about them together because they can never truly be a normal couple unless things change drastically for Frank, there’s something sad and doomed about them loving each other), and while I wait for that story to bloom (fully aware that it may never) I can sit and write AU’s to my heart’s content. If you read any of the fic I’ve written, you’ll see that I don’t ever really write “established” Kastle. I like the journey and growth of their possible union, if that makes sense. Sure, Frank is not canonically ready for a relationship, and Karen is sort of mixed up in a lot of different emotions, but I like imagining the what-ifs (and I don’t necessarily want to speak for other shippers, but I think that’s what a lot of us really enjoy). 

I’ve been in fandoms in the past where I shipped couples that were clearly supported by canon, and who eventually ended up together, but because narratives demand conflict. they were always either written terribly and out of character, or they were torn apart. And let me tell you, i frickin hate that, so lately I’ve been shipping mostly non-canon couples, or couples that are so far off from being canon that I know I’ll have lots of time to play with the ship before it’s sunk before my very eyes :P

Sorry that answer was such a mess, but I can’t just think of a way to say “I ship kastle bc X, Y, Z.” It’s extremely complicated for me.

Duskynoir's Writing Tips Masterpost

My little list on posts I’ve reblogged, organized as best I could. Will be updated as time goes on.

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Summary: It’s friday night and it’s your weekly tradition to go around the Solo Triplets house to tease Captain Edgelord Kylo about his disastrous dates with Hux, try not to laugh at Matt’s failing career as a radar technician and pretend that you aren’t in love with Ben.

A/N: This was based on a dream I had last night. Except it was just me and this guy I knew in school then I punched him in the face. It was a good dream. Also I wasn’t in love with the guy. I like Kylux and yes I know it’s a terrible ship but may I point out ‘Careful Ren.’ My point proven. Hux doesn’t have a first name because what the fuck Disney are you serious that’s his actual name? Stormpilot is pure love and happiness. Female pronouns.

It was 6pm on a friday night and it was time for you to leave to go to your friends house for the weekend. Kylo, Ben and Matt Organa-Solo were your best friends since high school and there was a unbreakable bond between you all. It never mattered when you turned up but you liked to make an effort for yourself and definitely not for Ben Solo who you definitely did not have a crush on shut up Rey.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what Wanda and Hawkeyes (616) relationship is like? I know that in the past it was hinted at that he had a crush on her and eventually slept with her one once after House of M, but apparently it was actually a doom bot disguised as Wanda or something?? lol I'm not even sure anymore. btw I love your blog you write great meta.

He had a crush on her, yeah. Clint has A Thing for Eastern Europeans. He also has trouble with Eastern Europeans. It’s the things we love the most that destroy us (and stand outside our apartment building with baseball bats).

They both joined the Avengers way back in Avengers Vol. 1 #16 during an era known as Cap’s Kooky Quartet. There was a subplot about Clint pining for Wanda while Wanda pined for Steve. It was pretty typical comic book stuff, and there was never any sign Wanda reciprocated Clint’s feelings.

Eventually, Clint started dating Black Widow. Then he got dumped by Black Widow. His crush on Wanda returned, but only to cause drama in the Wanda/Vision romance, which wasn’t official at that point. Wanda and Vision’s relationship was constantly being derailed by these kind of obstacles (see also: Pietro, Mantis, angry protesters, Vision’s… Vision-ness). Clint decided he still liked Wanda and kissed her, but she told him she was in love with Vision. Vision saw the kiss but not the rest and misinterpreted it. This was all straightened out pretty quickly, and Vision and Wanda started dating. Hawkeye was so upset that he left the team.

After he returned to the team, the crush seemed to go away. There weren’t any real signs he still had feelings for her until many years later. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

CLINT: Hiya, Witchie! How’s tricks?
WANDA: Hawkeye! How are you?
CLINT: Back from the dead and ready to party. And I must say, you’re looking quite ravishing, as always.
WANDA: Ah, thanks. I—
CLINT: Don’t worry. I’m not hittin’ on you. I do learn, sometimes.
Avengers Vol. 3 #1 by Kurt Busiek & George Perez

People tend to remember that he was attracted to her, but to me, the more important thing was their friendship. They have a lot in common. They’re both orphans who grew up in a rural area. They started out as bad-ish guys who weren’t really bad. They have brother problems and violent fathers (yes, yes, I remember Magneto isn’t Wanda’s father anymore). Much of their identity comes from being Avengers. They tend to be team players, even though Hawkeye (bless his heart) thinks of himself as a loner. They’re kindred spirits in a way.

In other ways, they’re opposites. Hawkeye is the best at what he does. He can’t miss. He has to hit the target every time because he has no powers. In place of powers, he has skill and hard work and determination. Wanda is all raw power, potentially immeasurable power. Wanda’s powers are such that “can’t miss” is a laughable objective. Missing is part of the game. There is a certain amount of danger and unpredictability that comes along with what she does. There’s a reason she compared chaos magic to “tossing grenades.” She has to accept that things will sometimes go horribly wrong. Clint can’t allow things to ever go even sort of wrong. Clint is all precision and Wanda is all disorder.

Up until Avengers Disassembled, Clint was one of Wanda’s best friends. Something about that mix of similarities and differences worked very well. They got along. Everything was very nice… and then she killed him. She got powered up by Doctor Doom and started losing her grip on reality and hearing voices that told her to kill the Avengers. He was one of the ones who died.

What really happened was that Avengers had become an unpopular book and writer Brian Michael Bendis was hired to reboot the franchise. He was given a list of names of characters he could kill off and Hawkeye was on the list. He said, “There’s no way I can kill off Hawkeye. People will hate me,” and so, because he is a troll, he killed off Hawkeye. There’s no real reason Wanda would want to kill Clint (Vision is the only death in Disassembled that made sense), but his name was on a list.

Bendis (and Wanda) resurrected Clint in House of M, but he was really mad about being killed so he went after Wanda. They had a very emotional confrontation where she didn’t seem to 100% understand what was going on (“I loved you. I would kill for you.” “I love you too. I brought you back.”) that ended with her accidentally killing him again. Or erasing him from existence altogether. It’s not clear.

She brought him back again at the end of that story, but he was a mess after that. He became a ninja. (We don’t talk about that time Clint was a ninja.) It was just… a mess. Did I mention it was a mess yet? I respect Clint’s right to be traumatized by dying twice (and Bendis’ right to bring up his own stories ad nauseam), but a ninja, really?

Clint wanted to know why Wanda killed him. He went to Transia to track her down, but when he found her, she had no memory of anything that happened or who he was. She had given herself amnesia at the end of House of M and was no help in Clint’s quest for answers. And so he slept with her.

I’m trying to keep this from devolving into a Comics Have Consent Issues discussion, but suffice it to say, that was not a good idea. A Wanda with her memories would not have slept with Clint. She made that abundantly clear when she did have her memories, and as an amnesiac, she lacked necessary information that would have affected her decision to have sex with him. She and Clint were not on equal footing in that situation. This was a bad story, and everyone involved with making it happen should feel bad.

[Note: During this period, Clint also kissed Loki while Loki was disguised as Wanda, but that’s a different story.]

Avengers: Children’s Crusade tried to fix this by having the Young Avengers find Wanda in Transia only for that Wanda to turn out to be a Doombot, while the real Wanda was in Latveria with Doctor Doom.

CLINT: You found her in Transia?
BILLY: No. The Wanda we found in Transia turned out to be doombot.
CLINT: What?!?
HANK: You’re joking.
JESSICA: Please don’t be joking.
Avengers: Children’s Crusade #6 by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung

These panels come right after Clint mentioned sleeping with Wanda in Transia. The implication is obvious. Clint didn’t really sleep with Wanda. He slept with a Doombot. But it’s far from a confirmation. We have no idea when Wanda was replaced by a doombot or even when she met up with Doctor Doom after losing her memory. Characters saying or believing something =/= that thing being canon. Tom Brevoort has always maintained Clint slept with Wanda and not a Doombot. How seriously you take that depends on how much you care about Word of God.

There is another complication to the Doombot retcon, and it comes during Avengers Vs. X-Men, just as Wanda was returning to the superhero fold.

CLINT: What did she say?
JESSICA: You mean: What did she say on our all-day ride home in the quinjet? Where all she talked about was you?
CLINT: You guys aren’t going to tell anyone about this, right? Bro code?
JESSICA: Where she said: I wonder what things are going to be like between you two now that she is back with the Avengers? And I said: Whatever do you mean? She says: We have some unresolved issues in that we used to have a thing. But her knowing you as well as she does, she’s wondering if and when it’ll ever resolve itself… this thing with you and her… and what did I think of the whole thing? You know, me being a woman of the world.
CLINT: What did you say?
JESSICA: I said I wanted to light you on fire.
Avengers Vol. 4 #30 by Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson

This is one of those moments of Bendis canon — and they happen a lot — where things just make no sense. Characters talk about their lives in a way that does not reflect what actually happened. Wanda and Clint did not have a thing. He had a thing for her, but that was many, many years earlier. It’s not like they had some unresolved issues right before Disassembled.  They have unresolved issues in that she killed him, but that’s about it. I can buy that Wanda has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about Hawkeye. I cannot buy that she has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about her non-existent romance with Hawkeye.

The only thing this can reasonably be referring to is them sleeping together in Transia, which is why I’m hesitant to say the line in Children’s Crusade makes the Doombot thing officially canon. This is Bendis’ attempt to counteract that. For a guy who loves to rewrite others’ stories to mean the opposite of their intention, he’s surprisingly prickly about other people undoing his stories.

This conversation that Wanda and Jessica Drew had would have made perfect sense… if she had been talking about Steve. Wanda and Steve have an unresolved thing. Since we don’t see her actual conversation with Jessica, it’s not hard to believe this has a touch of the unreliable narrator. Characters saying things =/= things actually happened that way, remember? I don’t know what to make of this scene beyond that it’s Bendis trying to assert that his ship was canon.

If I choose to believe Wanda didn’t say the guy’s name during this off-panel discussion and Jessica assumed it was Clint but really it was Steve, and Clint DID sleep with a Doombot, is that cheating? It doesn’t make everything right in the world, but it’s a minor improvement.

Anyway, Clint doesn’t seem mad about being killed by Wanda now. It hasn’t come up in a couple of years. They seemed okay with each other in Avengers Vs. X-Men. That doesn’t mean some new writer won’t show up who has him hate her again (hopefully, sans the ninja thing this time), but Disassembled and HoM were written a decade ago. I’d rather have comics that tell new stories than ones that obsess over old ones.

anonymous asked:

I feel like I've asked this before, but Tumblr might have eaten my question (or else I just missed seeing it on your blog -- if that's the case, go ahead and skip this!). Anyway, do you have any headcanon face claims for other POTO characters like Meg or Carlotta? Thanks! xoxo

Be warned: Thar be an enormous text/photo post below!

MEG: I have TONS of headcanons for Meg. TONS. In my mind, she’s a sassy, take-no-prisoners kind of gal. Because ballerinas are hardcore. Do not mess with them. They are angels of doom. 

My Meg loves horror stories, hence her eagerness to talk smack about the Opera Ghost. She has a mean right hook. She’s very flirty, where Christine is more withdrawn. She defends her friends to the death. Like her mother, she’s a born leader. She once kicked Erik in the groin.

It was awesome.

Not for Erik, but for basically everyone else.

Faceclaim-wise, I actually always end up picturing Meg looking like the 2004 version (ditto with her mother), but with significantly smaller ta-tas. I have nothing against the aforementioned ta-tas—it’s just that in my head, Meg’s rather lithe, being a ballerina, although I do picture her having a round, sweet-looking face that belies the fact that she can beat the crap out of someone if she wants to. (I picture Christine being tiny-curvy. Do you know what I mean? Petite, but curvy.)

External image

External image

If we’re talking Leroux-verse, I imagine Meg and her mother being either Indian or of Indian descent. She’s described as dark-skinned, and for whatever reason, I started picturing her as Indian. (Incidentally, I want to make a race-bent Phantom piece while I’m still on break because that would be so much fun.)

CARLOTTA: Okay, Minnie Driver’s Carlotta was my absolute FAVORITE part about the 2004 film.  She was hilarious. I LOVED it. Personality-wise, her portrayal ALWAYS comes to mind when I think about Carlotta. But I like to flesh her out a bit. I imagine she lashes out because she knows she’s getting older and her voice isn’t what it used to be. She KNOWS Christine is exceptionally talented and fears being replaced and forgotten. She comes from a wealthy Italian family—yes, I know the book states that she’s from Spain, but I can’t get Italian out of my head—and is used to being spoiled and getting exactly what she wants. And she’s very talented. That has to be a given, because there is NO WAY the opera would keep her around if she couldn’t sing and sell tickets. Carlotta HAS to be talented, but again, her voice is slipping. Because she yells so much. :D 

I do imagine, however, that she has a very loyal, loving side to her. She and Piangi are head-over-heels in love. She flirts like crazy but always ends up going back to him because they’re two peas in a pod. They bicker and argue, but at the end of the day, they have matching socks and pajamas. They’re those people. And he treats her like a princess and she thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to her, hence her devastation when he dies. They never marry—she doesn’t want to, because then her wealth and property holdings will go to her husband—but they basically are married, for all intents and purposes. 

Physically, I picture her being va-va-voom curvy. Average height, black hair, dark eyes. And very pretty. Very Mediterranean. Think Cecilia Bartoli:

External image

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NADIR/THE PERSIAN/DAROGA/RESIDENT BADASS: I’ve mentioned before that we have a family friend named Nadir who has permanently become my image of the Daroga. He doesn’t know it, but my design for the character draws heavily on his appearance. Short, stocky, thick graying beard, slightly balding (Erik’s fault, I’m sure) and with twinkling, kind green eyes. I imagine him being about ten years older than Erik, so in his mid-to-late fifties. Being an ex-police chief/detective, he’s extremely intelligent, which irks Erik to no end because Nadir is the only person on the planet who can see through and escape Erik’s tricks and traps. He knows Erik better than anyone else, and cares about him deeply, although Erik drives him up the wall. He never quite gives up hope that Erik can be redeemed. He tends to feel that way about everyone, despite the horrors he’s seen living under the shah’s regime. 

He always looks like he’s just about to smile. He’s deeply devoted to his Islamic faith, loves world literature, has a quiet yet sharp sense of humor, and is an avid gardener. He takes his gardening extremely seriously. Do not mess with his begonias. 

When Raoul and Christine comes along, he immediately takes on the surrogate dad role and tries to protect them. 

He has a slight thing for Madame Giry, though he’d never admit it. SHE has a thing for HIM, though she’d never admit it. I ship the two of them like crazy. I seriously do. Not book-Madame Giry, but my own version of her, who’s quite a bit like my version of Meg— independent, powerful, sharp-tongued and quick-witted. Talk about a hardcore couple. Erik grudgingly ships it.

There are a few drawings of him in my gallery. As far as face claims, as I said before, the Nadir we know fits my mental image for him. I also LOVE Homayoun Ershadi with a beard as the Daroga:

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MADAME GIRY: In my mind, she’s a force to be reckoned with. I like the  name Antoinette for her. Not because I like The Phantom of Manhattan, but because Antoinette just fits her. She was a prima ballerina for years until she married a young lawyer, settled down, and had Meg. Her husband died when Meg was a toddler, but she didn’t want to marry again and missed dancing, so she returned to the opera and was given the position of the ballet mistress. She runs a tight ship, which is why the Garnier corps de ballet is the best in Paris.

And she’s fiercely protective of her girls. When anything’s threatening them, she goes into mama bear mode. She seems outwardly cold, but loves deeply and fights for what she believes in. Do not mess with her. Everyone at the opera harbors a deep respect and admiration for her, including Erik—though he’d be loath to admit it. She, like Nadir, is exceptionally intelligent and saw through Erik’s ruse fairly quickly.

One night in the early days of the Garnier, when everyone had supposedly gone home, she confronted him when he thought he was alone in Box Five, whacked him upside the head with her cane, pinned him to the floor with the end of the cane pressing into his throat and told him that if he ever came near her girls, she would skin him alive. 

Erik believed it because she probably meant it. The two came to a wary truce and he does leave the ballet girls alone, save a harmless prank here and there, although Meg’s storytelling paints him as the resident poltergeist.

Over the years, she’s learned more about him—as much as he allows, anyway—and finds herself becoming more concerned about him, despite her better judgment. She’s never seen his face, but suspects that it’s the cause of his dissatisfaction. They like to talk politics and history and stage blocking. They’re both on the same page in regards to the latter, but always end up arguing about the two former. She and Nadir are the only two people who can safely get away with insulting him.

He also occasionally leaves her English chocolates in box five. She makes sure to leave him half of the box with a note nagging him to eat something, for God’s sake. Occasionally, he will, because he can’t help but like her. And her affinity for dark clothing.

Miranda Richardson was the first Giry I ever saw, so she’s perpetually ingrained into my mind as the character:

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Andre and Firmin: Second favorite part of the 2004 film. Okay, they’re right up there with Carlotta, if I’m going to be honest. I absolutely adored them in the movie. Again, they were my first introduction to the managers, so I always end up picturing Cirian Hinds and Simon Callow as the characters. Although I don’t picture Firmin with the pompadour. I love the pompadour. I do. But I cannot picture him doing that every single day. Although, let’s be honest—he probably does.

Also, I ship ‘em. Definitely, totally do. Don’t we all? Look at this perfect couple:

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Okay WestAllen Rant Time

Gotta say it makes me so angry when I go into the Iris, Barry Allen and WestAllen tags and see nothing but Iris West and WestAllen hate posts. And I’m even more annoyed that WestAllen is being compared to the toxicity that is Lauriver and that Snowbarry & Baricity are being compared to the greatness of Olicity. I’m sorry but I’m just so fed up I decided its time for the hard truth that people in this fandom refuse to accept. I’m gonna start by saying first and foremost that Arrow and Flash are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT shows. The Flash is a spin off of Arrow but it is not Arrow. They’re differently toned, differently structured with completely different characters on both sides. The only things they share in common is that the two leading characters [Oliver Queen and Barry Allen] are connected because of Arrow and they’re both based on popular DC comicbook superheros that’s it.

Now I’m going to tell you a little something about Lauriver and why it didn’t work because again you guys need a reality check on this. Every time someone in the WestAllen fandom mentions our ship being endgame [which canonically it is], one of you loud voices in the Barricity or the Snowbarry fandoms [gets their back up] likes to toss frequent insults here and there about how boring Iris is and what a b**ch she is for not wanting to jump Barry’s bones so quickly after he friggin just got out of damn coma! You completely disregard her as a person and dismiss the hell she went through for nine months no matter how much Barry screams why he loves this girl. Your initial reaction for when he does that I’m guessing is plugging your ears like a bunch of 5th graders.

First off Lauriver did not work for two specific reasons:

1. It was toxic right out of the gate. Both Oliver and Laurel were unlikable selfish people in the beginning. They came out of the gate with lies, drama and cheating left and right. Oliver kept running off with Laurel’s younger sister Sara [another toxic relationship] while Laurel had her sights set on Tommy [Oliver’s best friend]. They were not presented as the couple to root for. I don’t care what they were in the comics onscreen it did not translate successfully. The creators of Arrow totally botched up Lauriver by a combination of bad writing and [I’m sorry to say this] bad casting. And I’ll probably get hate for saying this also but superheros who date other superheroes is not an interesting nor an appealing combination. People need to be able to relate to the hero’s love interest as much as the hero [Felicity just turned out to be that girl]. The combination of superhero/everyday-woman always wins out because of the perfect balance of heart and soul. The girl is usually the voice of the audience [the heart], who saves the hero by preserving his humanity. In Arrow and Black Canary’s case its like two abusive alcoholics trying to make one another well when all they’re doing is destroying each other. It’s like Sara said: “we both wear masks and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one.” This is very true because as I said being a superhero is a lonely path; being with someone normal who isn’t part of that crusade is their only connection to the rest of humanity. Felicity was Oliver’s other half, his connection to the rest of the world. Laurel is a dark unhinged person and Oliver has enough darkness in him that he needed someone like Felicity to brighten him up which brings me to the second reason Lauriver failed where Olicity succeeded.

2. The two chosen leads have ZERO onscreen chemistry. You can kid yourselves all you want about chemistry being preference but its not. You either have it or you don’t. Having no chemistry doesn’t make you a bad actor it just means you don’t gel well as scene partners. Unfortunately in Stephen and Katie’s case they did not hit it off. I went in watching the show expecting to give Lauriver a chance but I couldn’t because of their incoherence. They did not mesh. I didn’t get butterflies in my stomach when I watched them. The people who cast Arrow made the mistake of not testing their two leads [potential couple] out before shooting the pilot. Cassidy wasn’t working. I don’t say that as a disrespect but she and Stephen don’t have a single spark to bounce back and forth from. There is something called “the broccoli effect” which I learned from a friend years ago that basically means when two actors are so in-sync, they gel instantly. Cassidy and Amell unfortunately weren’t blessed with this nor were they exciting onscreen together as a duo. So ergo Lauriver was doomed to fail from the start. Olicity happened because it was accidental and not being fans demanded immediately for it to happen. Stephen walked into that first scene with Emily in 1x03 and they just CLICKED. I felt it watching it, the creators and writers felt it as did both the actors. They were indeed blessed by the “broccoli effect”. That was the moment the show runners decided to change the story because they found exactly who they needed to play opposite their broody dark hero. Arrow needed Felicity because she represented the every-girl someone we all could relate to. She was bright, funny, smart and adorable and that allowed Stephen to humanize Oliver [something Laurel/Katie couldn’t do]. And the thing is guys chemistry is extremely important for any relationship to make a series, you either have or you don’t. And people were enchanted by Olicity because this cute little tech girl was just the perfect breath of fresh air to our nearly homicidal dark vigilante. In a way this mistake with Lauriver worked out because we got an even more memorable romantic duo out of it. 

 Now I’m going to tell you about a little show [which also lived on the CW long before Arrow and The Flash breathed life] you may or may not have watched or heard of called SMALLVILLE. It was basically the retelling origins story of Superman and how he evolved into the Man of Steel. This show had one of the biggest most ridiculous shipping wars to ever happen in any series between Lana Lang [Clark Kent’s comic canon first love] and Chloe Sullivan [aka worst made up character ever created for a series].

For years the war between Clana and Chlark engaged in a messy duel for whom Clark should end up with but IMO these people kept forgetting that no matter what SUPERMAN’S FUTURE WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE WITH LOIS LANE. Both actresses who played opposite of the hero had been in majority of the Smallville seasons [been there since the first season]. And no matter how many love triangle storylines the writers gave these three they never strayed away from the source material know why? Because changing the story of a comicbook legend as big as Superman would be like committing blasphemy. They were not about to piss off a legion of Superman fans just so fangirls could have their dream come to life. These people behind the show made it abundantly clear that no matter what Clark was not going to end up with Lana or Chloe because they’re not in his future. Superman’s future was always going to be ending up with Lois Lane because she and him are DC comicbook royalty [something that Green Arrow and Black Canary are not]. They were the ultimate end game and no amount of screaming was going to change these showrunners minds.

Now I will say that only one out of two of these actresses [Kristen Kreuk] had excellent chemistry with Tom Welling aka Superman/Clark Kent [and both Lana and Chloe had HUGE fanbases]. Their storylines together throughout the first three seasons were awesome I loved it but ultimately I knew Clana wasn’t meant to be and I accepted that. I honestly didn’t think at the time that Clana’s chemistry could be matched but it was. When when they brought in Erica Durance as their chosen Lois Lane for season 4 that first scene she had with Tom gave me goosebumps and butterflies. First it was hilarious and second it was also sexy as hell because he was naked [yes I went there lol leave me alone].

But the ultimate reason their first interaction onscreen worked was the chemistry. My god it was so thick you could cut it with a knife and when I say this pairing was a slowburn couple, I’m talking 4 years before anything romantic happened between them. That’s four years of platonic Clois until it developed into this magic:

Not only was Erica the perfect Lois Lane [who brought alot of sass and charm and genuineness to the character] she and Tom sizzled onscreen together. After 4 years of Clois snug in their cocoon this is what they produced once their romance arc took off in season 8. The final 3 seasons were complete Clois gold. Now this couple wasn’t without their bumps in the road, Erica’s Lois was received with mixed enthusiasm by fans [especially Chlark and Clana fans]. She was hated alot and I mean ALOT. Legions of screaming fans demnaded her to be off the show and cried for Chlark to happen once Clana was out of the picture forever but guess what the outcome was? CLOIS. It didn’t matter to these show runners how much these obnoxious loud whiners in the Samllville fandom screamed their heads off, they would not ruin what they spent the last 5 years building up to. Clois was their plan all along because of Superman’s iconic history and destiny. Lois Lane is part of his destiny, his link to humanity. She is his other half and they were not going to change that because some fans wanted made-up Chloe Sullivan [who doesn’t exist in the comics] to get the hero. Did I mention Chloe and Clark had zero chemistry on the show period?

Now when it comes to The Flash, Barry Allen and Iris West are right up there with Superman and Lois Lane. Their love story is popular and iconic. They are the second royal DC comics couple. The Flash’s future and destiny is linked with Iris’s, she is his other half. His long lineage cannot happen without her! His story is connected to her’s, he can’t be The Flash without Iris which is something you Snowb**rys don’t seem to get. Changing WestAllen’s fate on the series would be like stomping on Superman’s legacy. And that’s not the only reason why I strongly believe Barry and Iris are going to end up together. Aside from over 40 years of history in comic canon, the actors Grant and Candice are incredible onscreen together. They came swinging out of the gate brimming with loads of phenomenally fluid energy, charm and beautiful sincere chemistry.

The writers made these two likable in the pilot than established a healthy friendship [something to root for] to back it up but Grant and Candice sold it. They already have the potential to be just as amazing as Clois was and Olicity because they’re on the same wave link my friend. Grant and Candice haven’t even scratched the surface with WestAllen, we’re only 4 episodes into the first season. I just told you Clois was slowburn for 4 years [and she didn’t come into the show until season 4] and we know Olicity took two years but within that time frame these actors dug their way into people’s hearts. I find it ridiculous that Flash fans are judging WestAllen this early when we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. We have no idea how dynamic Grant and Candice can be as a couple because people aren’t willing to see this thing play out. But I can tell you based on what’s been presented this far and what the showrunners have said about WestAllen they are not straying away from that important part of Barry’s superhero journey.

Add to the fact that these show runners spent a numerous amount of time casting the right Iris West to play opposite of Grant’s Barry Allen. They even gave them both a chemistry test before Candice was given the role. They would not go through all of that to simply discard 40 years of comicbook history of this extremely popular superhero to pander to a bunch of loud mouths who aren’t satisfied with the lead actress. I got news for you, this isn’t Arrow they’ve learned from their mistakes. Even if Snowbarry becomes canon it will not be their endgame plan. Based on the writing in the first 4 episodes  they’ve made it abundantly clear that Iris is and will always be Barry’s one and only. They would not waste powerful dialogue with Felicity/Emily in that important train scene with Barry/Grant if they were not serious about WestAllen being their core couple. In case you didn’t realize Felicity’s purpose in that episode [despite the Olicity stuff] was basically being WestAllen’s catalyst. She helped grow the seeds that were planted in the pilot or [maybe even the episodes where Grant guest appeared on Arrow in season 2].

They are not going to rewrite history because you think he should be with someone who isn’t the Iris West they’ve chosen. Well they didn’t listen on Smallville and that was successful for 10 years with and without Clois. So stop comparing Arrow’s circumstances with The Flash, they’re not the same thing nor the same show. They’re NOT going to change something as big as the Flash because people are desperate for their crack ships to sail [they are crack ships because they don’t exist. WestAllen at least are friends]. I’d be more concerned about comparing how things ended up on Smallville than how things are going on Arrow because in The Flash’s case its on almost on the same wave link of popularity as Superman. There’s no chance in hell these people are going to piss all over 40 years of history.

And you forgot one major detail in all this, much like Lauriver Snowbarry does not have any chemistry whatsoever and like Olicity WestAllen does have chemistry and it was instant. I guarantee you with time, Grant and Candice are going to become one of the most sizzling up-and-coming couples on television. They’re on slowburn not on breaks. They have the potential to be sexy together onscreen, their subtle looks are already enough to leave up for the imagination. So with that I’m going to end this rant with these little gems:


Debunking a Few of The Common Complaints about a Makorra Romantic Return Being More Natural Than Korrasami (An In-Depth Analysis)

Pretty much a self-explanatory title even if not the catchiest. I’ve been mostly staying out of all the Korrasami/Makorra drama because I really don’t think it should be this serious, and I’m just more interested in talking about the other aspects of ATLA/TLoK aside from shipping. But I can’t ignore some of what I’m seeing here any longer because it’s flooding my dash and the tags that I’m tracking which I’m probably going to stop tracking after this post because it’s getting quite tiresome.

While I’m not saying that Korrasami as presented was the be-all-end-all of romantic plot lines (because it wasn’t) and that I don’t have some critiques of both Korrasami and the finale in general (more on that later), it still was obvious in the latter two seasons that Korra was growing closer and closer to Asami rather than Mako and that a Makorra romantic relapse wasn’t happening.

Before I go any further, I need to firmly point out that this post is not directed at Makorra shippers in general (just these few salty irrational Mako/Makorra stans I’ve come across. You know exactly who you are).

Even if I don’t personally agree with the ship (romantically I mean. I do love Mako and Korra as a botp), I do think that people have the right to ship whatever they want without their tags being flooded with hate and ridicule (which some Korrasami shippers have been guilty of as well) which is why I always attempt to tag things appropriately in general and I’m undercutting (just in case Tumblr decides to be stupid again with the tags anyway) because it’s going to be a bit long so strap in folks and get ready.

Keep reading