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You can't just point out the knob fondling then not expand on it Tink! Come ooonnn, you're killing me!

I mean… what do you want me to expand on really? :p

I was kinda just being cracky but yeah there is a reason behind these choices. I always ask WHY did something happen on the show, because this isn’t real life, everything that happens and is chosen to be shown on screen happens because a conscious choice was made to do something, and that choice was made for a reason, to show the audience something. Sure occasionally these choices are an actor choice and / or not necessarily showing us anything particularly huge or even can just be plain wrong (I’m looking at you J2 changing the Game of Thrones reference around, still bitter), but when it’s something that is consistently in the subtext that is different, that’s there for a reason.

That’s what is so great about fiction. Also about this show in particular where subtext is literally the bedrock of the story and has been since the pilot (eg. the Sam / Dean relationship. Sam’s whole arc “ending” in Swan Song is based on all the subtext of his story since the pilot, the WHOLE SHOW uses subtext all the time and builds the actual text on it, this isn’t just about Destiel).

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Cas is fondling a knob and Dean is fondling his shoulder. Both for no apparent reason. Dean stops immediately when he sees Sam.

These are choices that were made for the visual storytelling of the scene. A scene in an episode where Dean / Cas were framed as parents to Claire (with cool uncle Sammy teaching her to break the rules), bickering like an old married couple whilst having also shopped for Claire’s present together off screen, having just last episode with Claire had an in depth emotional conversation that was framed as romantic and having defended each other to Claire (“Cas…he saved the world”, “well maybe theres a little monster in all of us”).

All this for *reasons*.

So I just add this to the large bank of “wtf-ery” of Dean / Cas that makes no sense if you don’t read them as awkwardly falling in love despite themselves and the whole show building this story in various tiny and huge ways with small moments like this, the 9x09 flirting, Dean adding a second bedside table to his room when Cas is human, the lip licking and boner scene etc etc etc.

These are all small moments that are surrounded by and build up to the big moments like “I rebelled for you”, “I did all of it for you”, “I did it to protect you”, “he was your boyfriend first” “the one whose in love with you”, “I’m not leaving here without you”, “I need you”, “he’s in love…with humanity” and “my fathers creation, you can’t help but represent that for me”, “everyone you love… except me”, “it’s not an it Sam, it’s CAS”, “what about Cas?”, “your human weakness”… 

… “I love you”.

Oh and all the times they’re canonically paralleled to romantic couples too.

Oh and all the times Sam is like wtf is my life having to deal with these two repressed dorks pulling bitch faces and raising his eyebrows at them.

It’s all just pieces of a puzzle. A puzzle that if it doesn’t come together to create a beautiful picture of a love story between these two characters makes literally no sense because that’s what each individual piece represents and builds towards. It’s like having a puzzle with pieces that all create a beachside sunrise and saying nope that’s just not what this is, I see all your yellow and gold puzzle pieces with actual sunbeams and I see the sand and yes it might appear to look like a sunrise and yeah it might be on a beach but… it’s not… 


One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

  • Sole Survivor: *picks a lock*
  • Maccready: nice job! But, can you do it blindfolded?
  • Me, under my breath: you'd be surprised what I can do blindfolded... 😉


I’m a new studyblr and I decided to make this post to introduce myself and maybe get new friends? :) anyone? no? ok then.

✨ who are you? ✨

My name is Pihla and I’m from Finland. Sooo like in the pictures above, the texts are going to be in finnish mostly.
I’m 14 years old (15 on September 4th!). This is my first ever studyblr and the pictures are my first ever monthly spread! (well first ever any spread)

🌞 what will you post about? 🌞

Journaling mostly, at least while I’m on summer break. When school begins I’ll post notes and fun school stuff (probably?).

🌙 why did you make this blog? 🌙

I have always wanted to start a bullet journal and be productive and do aesthetic notes and spreads but I have never really gotten myself to do it so I hope that I’ll find some motivation and inspiration from here. :) Also maybe find some new friends? still a no? ok. (no but seriously, message me please! if you want lol)

Ok I don’t know what else I should write about so… If you have the time please reblog and follow! Would be greatly appreciated 💛

xoxo Pihla

What's that?

Last night’s SVU didn’t give you the Barisi or the Carisi or the Barba content you were looking for?

Fear not. I got your back! Fic will be posted in 3, 2, 1…

…hours. In, like, 2 or 3 hours. I’m currently 7.3K in my 19x03 Barisi episode tag, and it’s almost done, and I already went over the death threats and I’m just starting to write about Dodds and lmao it’s such a fun fest :D somebody stop me


Part 1 | Part 2 (final)

OC allergy fic (Theo)
Word count:
( read up on my ocs here if you’ve never seen these nerds before ~ )


Theo didn’t even know what to say at this point. He knew he should be thanking him, and Anika. Why were they being so nice?! He felt like maybe if he didn’t speak and stayed as quiet as possible, he would cease to exist and hopefully evaporate and everyone would forget about him and, by extension, this mortifying event.

He was just grateful they weren’t telling him he was stupid or gross. Or at the very least, if they were thinking it, they weren’t saying it..

He snapped out of the downward spiral when he heard Venn say his name.

“Theo. You came here with a bag didn’t you?”

Theo sniffled. “Uh …mhm. I think, I dropped it by the counter.”

“Do yooouuu have anything in there for when things like this happen?” Venn asked, retrieving the bag and sitting it on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“If there is, it’ll be in the front pocket,” Theo recalled.

Venn unzipped the section, pulling it open. “shit, it’s like a mini pharmacy in here.”

“Is it?” He huffed a nervous laugh “I use that bag for everything so, I don’t know, some of the things in there are probabliih- not even good anymore–hh” Theo sniffled again, the tingling itch had begun working its way up his nose-bridge. He plucked some new tissues from the box, breaths short and choppy, and cupped them around his lower face.

Venn was quick to catch on. “If you’re gonna do it just, give me some warning so I know when to shield my head or something.”

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Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon - Exanonanon please,perience with Signs

Aries - They are really amazing fun friends who were always there for me in my time of need. But in exchange I have to be supportive and understanding of all their crazy impulsive usually Bad decisions. But somehow, they always make it out alright???? So envious of how fearlessly true to themselves they are.

Taurus - I love Taurus, they are sweethearts. But somehow I find it hard to get close to them. Maybe because we are both used to ppl appraching us and making the first steps? Idk. Anyway fun fact, I’m usually super attracted to visual mediums made by other Tauruses. Taurean directors, designers, and editors are always my fave. Does this happen to anyone else?

Gemini - Gems are so fun. Nobody can get me talking like a Gem. Kings and Queens of banter (which is perf for me because too much talking abt deep shit can leave me feeling exhausted tbh). Also non-judgemental so I can be as weird as I want. Hard to get close to tho and their restlessness is tiring for me. My fave musical artists are Gemini.

Cancer - I attract so many cancer friends??? The Ultimate Mom Friends. At theit best, they are super loving and caring and will remeber tiny details about you. But also they expect u to read their minds and u may accidentally hurt their feelings by breathing. And if they don’t like someone… do NOT bring them within two hundred meter radius of them. But still, the truest of friends.

Leo - Competitive and prideful AF. When something good happens to u, u never feel like they can be truly happy for you. At the same time, they are so fun to be around and can make even the most redundant task into a Good Time. They know how to make people around them feel special and will defend u when ppl talk behind ur back.

Virgo - I have a hard time vibing with Virgos. Maybe bc we are both detached af. Also Im air dom so I find virgos too grounded into reality for me if that makes sense? They are also judgemental. But from far, they seem like cool people that got their shit together and I admire that. All the cool minimalist aesthetic, and super organized fandom blogs I follow are ran by them. Great eye for editing and super informative.

Libra - Forever that friend I really hit it off with one time at that one party but we never actually get around to hanging out. Hilarious af and conversation flows easily with them. However, can be a bit too clingy and socially needy imo. Stop trying to get validated by others, please.

Scorpio - They into that mind reading shit cancers are into. Love to tell me about myself and fuck it, sometimes they are right. Always up to have those deep soul-searching conversations (then I go talk to my Gemini friends to relax). Intense, passionate, and exude a lot personal magnetism. But my air moon self can get exhausted trying to keep up with their emotionally draining asses.

Saggitarius - I can count on them to make me feel like I live the most boring existance of life. They always have MORE experiences that were BETTER and more life-changing. Oh and they could be hanging with like 4 different people that are more important than you at the moment, just fyi. But once you get past their self-aggrandizing bs, they are freaking hilarious and suprisingly generous. Btw a big no (for me) to the super bossy ain’t-shit sag men.

Capricorn - I literally don’t know a single capricorn like that. Where my cap men at? I have a Cap descedant and venus in 10th so Im trynna holla at y'all.

Aquarius - Used to be my least favourite sign, then I found out its my moon lol. They truly believe they are Perfect and beyond reproach. Always talking about how things Should Be but not doing a damn thing about it. Like idg why they have such big egos when they arent even doing anything with their lives???? Well, at least they are smart well-informed people. And they try really hard to appear as inclusive and non-judgemental as possible. (Key word: appear)

Pisces: Their hair is so big because its full of secrets! Seriously, Im quite secretive but even I will find myself opening up to them without even thinking. They just have such an approachable, open and receptive air. Strangers also seem to randomly approach them a lot so when hanging out with them u oddly meet new people like that. Idk its strange. They are nice but be careful. If u hurt them, they wont hesitate to demolish u in the ugliest way possible.

Dating Eggsy Would Involve...

Author’s Note: I always thought shit like this was super cute and so I decided to try it myself and… I think I should stick to full-fledged imagines LOL. Figured I’d post it anyway because why not–I can always delete it if I’m not feeling it. Though I may write one more for Jacob Frye and stick it in the queue…

Word Count: Does it even matter?

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I know I don’t say random things like this

Being kinda cheesy in public is not my thing Un_n), and 90% of my online interaction is silent, but idk..it must be nice to know that your presence (no matter how rare it is) in someone else’s space is something for them to be grateful for…so hey! I am.

I know no one sticks to something in tumbly forever xD many of you sure know little about me, some others have for 1-2 yrs and there are a few that have for…3-4 (wow lol) and that’s quite meaningful!

And you know why? because I don’t talk much about myself or share my thoughts in here (not the starter type fff).. but whenever I do I never regret it and that’s good news! makes me feel I’m doing this blog thing right since there isn’t..well..legit bad feedback dhjsdfs I even got to know some of you better or just share some nice words..and is something I can’t never let pass! I’m always thankful..to the people that can bear with me (or just my blog) for so long..that’s all. Thanks for appreciating whatever I’m giving to you rn heh..

( º//-º) Many must be shy af like me so I don’t blame you if we barely exchange words but..I know you’re there and that’s enough c: Thanks for approaching me, whether it is via tumblr, twitter, etc.

Have a nice blogging, now and wherever you go :v

the thing about dan and phil

‘why do you like dan and phil lol??’

see, this is something im always asked, and today im here to answer it.

i always have identity crises. always. i dont know who i am. i dont know if i ever will. im a massive 5sos fan, and i do like 5sos a lot. hell, i lined up for 15 hours for their concert and waited 6 hours at an airport. but the thing is, im not like them. i never will be like them. i’ll never be like their fanbase, i’ll never be the epitome of a band geek. the ‘sexy band girl chic.’ i will never be that. and for a long time, i wanted to be. i wanted to pretend i was into heavy makeup and skintight clothes and revealing skirts and that i had a sexual aura around me. i wanted to be that person. but i couldnt. i never will be. see, i dont fit in there. 99% of the celebrities we see nowadays have these fans, and you usually need to adapt to some kind of persona along the lines of what i described to be a ‘proper’ fan. i changed myself into someone i didnt like because i wanted to be seen as that; as an admirable 5sos fan.

the truth is, im the opposite. i dont like makeup. i wear sweaters and jeans and i stay inside all day reading ridiculous fanfictions. i chat to people on a blog forum. i watch these two guys. you might know them by dan and phil. and the thing about them is that, in my eyes, theyre different. they arent trying to make you like them. they arent striving to target an audience. they dont pretend to be something they arent; and theyre not ashamed of who they are. dan and phil are two kind, genuine, unproblematic people with unbiased opinions and an outlook on life that one day, i hope i have. they dont judge. they arent dramatic. theyre just these two guys. daniel howell and phil lester. and theyre themselves. when i joined the ‘phandom’ i realised something. i could be who i wanted to be, and they would accept that. i could cry all day and never leave the house, and that’s cool. i could be an energetic sports geek, and that’s fine. i could be a nerd who loves school, and that’s great. i don’t have to become the epitome of a dan and phil fan. i can be someone who i already am; me. and theyre ok with that. someday, i really hope that’s okay with me too.

im a dan and phil fan because they arent celebrities in my eyes. theyre just my friends on the internet. theyre them. and that’s taught me that it’s okay to be myself. i dont have to pretend anymore. im madi, one fan out of millions of other unique, beautiful people. we are all different. but thats okay with them.

dan and phil,

thank you.

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"Oh no, I don't intend to punish you, well perhaps just a bit. But actually I merely wish to show Noct - no, pardon me, - I wish to show EVERYONE who you belong to. You belong to me, Hypaa, to me alone. I put up with your little excursions into these "other hells", as you like to call them, long enough and now it's time that you're being put back into your place. After all, I don't think that you wish to relinquish your title of 'Queen of Ignis hell' to someone else, now do you?"

I mean… no… BUT

I do rest assured that there will always be others to carry on the Word of Scientia in the event of my backslides into other hells, as our combined praise of you renders us selfless in the quest to elevate you forever

And I’ll still worship everything that you are, titles or no titles, because I can’t completely ever be not yours, my lord


… *fidgets and sweats* is this where I die? Cause I’m prepared for that *takes out a will I’ve prepared long beforehand* L E G G O

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Um, hey, mama. I'm sorry, if smth dosen't write right, i'm just /very/ bad at English... How can i get enough determination? I just... I like to draw, and i do it a lot, but sometimes i really hate what i drew. I just look at the picture and thinking: omg that's ugly, why do i even drawing? Even when other people saying that that's prety cool or good. I do understand that my drawings are not that bad but... I just can't help myself. What do i have to do? And sorry for bothering you.

Don’t apologize, friend. I’m always here for a little advice when needed! And boy do I have some for you lol.

First, I think it’s important to know that any artist worth their salt feels the same way you do from time to time. No matter how long they’ve been drawing, or how skilled they are at it, there are quiet moments of frustration after scribbling out an image they worked hours on. There are frustrated days of “why the hell won’t my hands work like I want”.

For every beautiful piece of art you see from your favorite artist, there are thousands more crumpled papers, hit “undo” buttons, and deleted layers.

That’s what encourages me to keep drawing, even when I feel like I’m not very good at it. ( 75% of the time lol) I look back on my old work, realized how much I’ve improved, and then remember art is a constantly changing and growing thing that only gets better the more you focus on it.

It’s okay to hate your art and feel bad sometimes, as long as you pick the pin back up the next day.

let’s drag the signs lol

let’s all sip a bunch of tea and take this post with a grain of salt, yeah? : )

Aries: Stop being so bossy and stubborn in your arguments. Have you even looked at your arguments carefully before being such an asshole to people about it? Watch, I bet someone’s going to find a hole in it because you were too busy shoving your opinion down people’s throats. Grow up.

Taurus: You are so stubborn. Do you realize how many people you’re hurting by not listening to them? Some people tell you to change because they care for you. And if you refuse to change from your ways, you’ll stay the same. Stubborn, with no improvements and progress. Nothing.

Gemini: Can you stop trying to be such a know-it-all? People don’t care about the latest gossip you give. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t keep a secret. But the moment someone else does the same thing to you, you get all upset and butthurt. You get what you give.

Cancer: You think you deserve an award for being the most emotional person out there? Just because you can be super emotional doesn’t mean you can just slam it on everybody when you can’t handle your emotions. The worst part? You’re not even willing to handle other people’s emotions.

Leo: You need to stop being a little attention seeker. Have you stooped that low to the point where you have to hurt others to get your attention? It’s disgusting how you’ll accept any kind of attention that comes your way. Even the bad kind of attention. So much for trying to keep up that image of yours, huh.

Virgo: Just because a person isn’t your definition of perfect doesn’t mean you can passively judge them from the distance. Even if you don’t, who do you think you are to nit-pick on every little thing about them? You think you’ve fooled everybody by looking all put together, but you’re the real mess here.

Libra: People are going to step all over you if you’re not going to assert yourself. You think you’re expressing your anger nicely by being passive aggressive? No, you’re just being immature and petty. If you’re gonna try to fix conflicts around here, fix the conflicts inside you first.

Scorpio: Why do you always to be so power-hungry and controlling? Why do you always feel like you have to control every little aspect of your life? You know it well yourself, life never goes according to plan, yet you control everything and everyone at their expense. Also, stop being so jealous, man.

Sagittarius: What people find really annoying about you is that you really don’t have your shit together, and you know it. Yet you don’t do anything about it. It’s really stupid that you criticize people and try to look like you know everything when you don’t. Why? Because you don’t have your shit together. And you know it.

Capricorn: Stop talking down on people. You think you’re better than everybody else because you have ambitions and plans for yourself? Well, what if I told you that you’re not gonna achieve them because you apparently think that you can do everything by yourself? Successful people don’t get successful by themselves. They have people. People they don’t look down on. Hmmm.

Aquarius: Cut the special snowflake act already. You think you’re so cool and so ~unique~ because you do things differently from everybody else. You literally shove your thoughts down people’s throats and expect them to be okay with it yet you run as soon people try to console in you.

Pisces: You’re honestly a sweet, compassionate individual that cares for a lot of people. Sike. You like to present the image that you’re a weak, soft pushover when in reality, you use that sweet, innocent image to manipulate people to get what you want. You’re not sweet or nice. You’re manipulative and insidious.

lol idk why I always set myself up for disappointment…. like literally? I’ll have two whole weeks to do an assignment I’m completely capable of doing in 3 days but I just WON’T n I always tell myself “alright tomorrow you should @ LEAST do this n this” but I don’t even do that. then I get upset and stressed with myself n I’m always putting up this facade of time slipping away from my life n me always running out of time because of all the things going on in my life when absolutely NOTHING is going on… I’m just a fucking lazy ass turd. I really might as well just remind myself that you AREN’T gonna do your work until its due n save myself this emotional trauma of being sad over being unmotivated when ring ring? thats not any new news bitch….

I was flipping through some Laguna screenshots and realized…just how ironic and sadly appropriate this shot is.

Laguna always seeming to be one step ahead and out of reach of Raine, how despite all their efforts they were destined to be apart from each other.

Laguna looking ahead and striving forwards, towards his goals…and inevitably having to leave Raine behind.

And fuck, I’m crying now.