why do i always do this to myself lol

I’ve been studying immunity all day and feeling kind of sick of it to be honest…heh what a pun

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✈️ 😊 💭!!

✈️ what is your dream city and why?

  • ive always wanted to visit NYC !! i just have it in my head as being somewhere i wanna see in person and experience myself

😊 what do you like to do as hobbies?

  • im not that interesting but i spend a lot of time painting my nails lol, i find it so relaxing ((does that even count as as hobby??)) also in the summer my friend n i hula hoop which is fun

💭 do you keep a diary?

  • i dont keep a proper diary but i write myself things to look at in the future from time to time!! i write in a journal about my uni experiences, n i wrote a reflection on 2016 on nye anndddddd i do the question a day book w haneefah @buzzfeeds every night before bed !! 

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 Nicknames: Farah                                                                                  Zodiac: Scorpio                                                                                      Height: 5′1″

 Last thing I Googled: “gotham ao3” - Looking for Nygmobblepot fics lol
 Song stuck in my head: Dirty Laundry by All Time Low                            What am I wearing right now: black and yellow top, jeans

 What do I post: 99% Nygmobblepot. 

 Why did I choose my URL: I’m studying biology. Mycorrhizae are fungi that  have mutualistic relationships with plants. Tbh I just love the way that word  sounds. So i always thought to myself that I should use it as a username  whenever I heard it in class.
 Religious or spiritual: Atheist. But I don’t judge people if they are religious.
 Fave colour: Uhh .. does black count?
 Avg hours of sleep: Maybe 7.
 Lucky number: 6
 Favourite character: Hannibal and Oswald
 How many blankets i sleep with: One.
 Dream job: Something involving genetics research. Or maybe genetic  engineering … or personal genomics. 

I’m still kind of new here and don’t know many people. So i won’t tag anyone …

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I just started an anti blog and im lowkey kind of worried about not being able to hold up a good argument if i have to

Hey, it’s okay! Honestly, I’m pretty bad at it myself, that’s why I rarely do so. Most of the times I only reblog other people’s replies/posts because they always word it better lol

If you do feel like you need to say it something yourself… If you are afraid of your words not making sense, you can always draft it first, take some time to relax and come back to it with a fresh mind to organize it.

And if you are afraid of someone not taking you seriously, even if you word it perfectly… Unfortunately, it will happen, no matter what you do. Just saw an anti on my dash try to explain to someone and, even though they explained it perfectly, gave examples and links, the person just kept ignoring them and throwing the good ol’ “it’s just fiction”.

So I guess my point is.. just do your thing? Like, if you want to argue with your own words, do it, but if you think that other people’s translate your thoughts better, that’s good too! I think the only rule of thumb here is to not send threats to someone.

I’m sorry this is messy I sort of forgot where i was going with it..

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Your not black so why do you always talk about black history lol relax

I’m not trying to work myself up so fam, you is the problem as to why I probably have to be the one to educate and put people in their place when they decide to be disrespectful & uninformed and I will continue to that until y'all learn how to treat people as they want to and should be treated okay not how you wanna treat human beings how human beings want to be treat it’s about equity right now okay? All lives do matter but which are the lives that have been mistreated for centuries what the fucking fuck. NOT the lives of the white wealthy land owning man or the 53% of white women who want to go back to the “great America” where their dumbass would stay home and be called a stupid fuck that cant be educated, employed or have their own fucking say and instead cleans Pyrex all day.
So black lives matter and I will advocate for that as long as I need to because your dumbass probably thinks that the only influence African Americans have made is peanut butter huh? Uh I really wanna stop typing but how can I??? When African Americans were stolen from their country and horribly horribly shipped to America to be mistreated to say the least and then they teach Americans how to wipe their ass and shower while Americans were living in caves boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeah and they’re thanked by getting their culture ridiculed while Americans appropriate it from day 1 and I mean A LOT has been stolen from their culture come on prisons songs, the beginning of holler was literally created by slaves in the fields, chopping wood like the library of congress took prisons songs and we had masterminds like charlie Patton (who y'all were so disrespectful couldn’t even spell. His name right bc it wasn’t black enough for him) and Richard Allan with the wandering refrain and John lee hooker w/ the rural blues & y'all still wanna argue that Ike turner didn’t bring the blues to Chicago and Detroit and MAKE ROCK AND ROLL ughh and then urban blues only becoming popular bc the fucking European white kids thought it was acceptable like shut upppppp yalll can’t credit the real fucking influencers of music but I bet y'all know who elvis was right??? Uhh bc idk man..if it wasn’t for Elvis growing up in a black community bc his father didn’t want to pay the higher prices in the white city I mean he said the blacks influenced him but everybody wanna act like the shine comment was just a rumor right anywho I’m not a hater of Elvis his covers were nice 🙂🙂 but I’m just saying houndog by big mama Thornton is where it’s at!!!
I’m sure you’ll never see this anon but I hope the universe hits you up one day & teaches you to stop being so self centered and egocentric bc this isn’t your daddy’s post civil war era we are not going to be quiet.

I was flipping through some Laguna screenshots and realized…just how ironic and sadly appropriate this shot is.

Laguna always seeming to be one step ahead and out of reach of Raine, how despite all their efforts they were destined to be apart from each other.

Laguna looking ahead and striving forwards, towards his goals…and inevitably having to leave Raine behind.

And fuck, I’m crying now.

TITLE: You Will Always Be Mine

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 3

AUTHOR: thesegraylittlelies

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:   Prompt/ Original imagine:

Imagine visiting Loki in the dungeons and telling him about your engagement, he doesn’t take it very well and threatens you, saying you are and always will be his.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Don’t judge me this is my first time writing something like this lol


As I walk down the dark hallway leading to the dungeons, many things are going through my mind.

What will he say? 

What will he do? 

Will he even care?

Why do I even care what he thinks?

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I guess I like doing self portraits not because I like to draw my face because of how it is structured but because a lot of times, I feel alien to my face. A lot of times when I look in the mirror, I’m like “woah a face”. My inner thoughts are so elaborate that sometimes i live fully in my head. I don’t forget that I have a physical self but I get unaware of it. I feel like my mind sinks my physical self in better with self portraits lol. It’s very silly sounding now that I’m typing it out but this has been a very recent realization. I’ve always wondered why I enjoy doing self portraits so much and it’s mostly because I feel like a part of my identity is revealed to me each time I do one. I get to know myself better perhaps.