why do i always do this to myself lol

  • Sole Survivor: *picks a lock*
  • Maccready: nice job! But, can you do it blindfolded?
  • Me, under my breath: you'd be surprised what I can do blindfolded... 😉
I know I don’t say random things like this

Being kinda cheesy in public is not my thing Un_n), and 90% of my online interaction is silent, but idk..it must be nice to know that your presence (no matter how rare it is) in someone else’s space is something for them to be grateful for…so hey! I am.

I know no one sticks to something in tumbly forever xD many of you sure know little about me, some others have for 1-2 yrs and there are a few that have for…3-4 (wow lol) and that’s quite meaningful!

And you know why? because I don’t talk much about myself or share my thoughts in here (not the starter type fff).. but whenever I do I never regret it and that’s good news! makes me feel I’m doing this blog thing right since there isn’t..well..legit bad feedback dhjsdfs I even got to know some of you better or just share some nice words..and is something I can’t never let pass! I’m always thankful..to the people that can bear with me (or just my blog) for so long..that’s all. Thanks for appreciating whatever I’m giving to you rn heh..

( º//-º) Many must be shy af like me so I don’t blame you if we barely exchange words but..I know you’re there and that’s enough c: Thanks for approaching me, whether it is via tumblr, twitter, etc.

Have a nice blogging, now and wherever you go :v

So I’m not good at getting these one shots out fast. I keep making them longer and longer. Why do I do this? I like to try and develop at least a little story for them. I hope y'all appreciate that. There shall be an attempt at angst this time (let’s see how that goes), but rest assured I almost always try to balance it out with fluff. Just how my brain is working now. Anyways! Would anyone be interested in the WIP ask meme? You send in a word and I’ll tell you if it appears in any of my WIP along with the sentence it’s in. Lemme know!

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Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon - Exanonanon please,perience with Signs

Aries - They are really amazing fun friends who were always there for me in my time of need. But in exchange I have to be supportive and understanding of all their crazy impulsive usually Bad decisions. But somehow, they always make it out alright???? So envious of how fearlessly true to themselves they are.

Taurus - I love Taurus, they are sweethearts. But somehow I find it hard to get close to them. Maybe because we are both used to ppl appraching us and making the first steps? Idk. Anyway fun fact, I’m usually super attracted to visual mediums made by other Tauruses. Taurean directors, designers, and editors are always my fave. Does this happen to anyone else?

Gemini - Gems are so fun. Nobody can get me talking like a Gem. Kings and Queens of banter (which is perf for me because too much talking abt deep shit can leave me feeling exhausted tbh). Also non-judgemental so I can be as weird as I want. Hard to get close to tho and their restlessness is tiring for me. My fave musical artists are Gemini.

Cancer - I attract so many cancer friends??? The Ultimate Mom Friends. At theit best, they are super loving and caring and will remeber tiny details about you. But also they expect u to read their minds and u may accidentally hurt their feelings by breathing. And if they don’t like someone… do NOT bring them within two hundred meter radius of them. But still, the truest of friends.

Leo - Competitive and prideful AF. When something good happens to u, u never feel like they can be truly happy for you. At the same time, they are so fun to be around and can make even the most redundant task into a Good Time. They know how to make people around them feel special and will defend u when ppl talk behind ur back.

Virgo - I have a hard time vibing with Virgos. Maybe bc we are both detached af. Also Im air dom so I find virgos too grounded into reality for me if that makes sense? They are also judgemental. But from far, they seem like cool people that got their shit together and I admire that. All the cool minimalist aesthetic, and super organized fandom blogs I follow are ran by them. Great eye for editing and super informative.

Libra - Forever that friend I really hit it off with one time at that one party but we never actually get around to hanging out. Hilarious af and conversation flows easily with them. However, can be a bit too clingy and socially needy imo. Stop trying to get validated by others, please.

Scorpio - They into that mind reading shit cancers are into. Love to tell me about myself and fuck it, sometimes they are right. Always up to have those deep soul-searching conversations (then I go talk to my Gemini friends to relax). Intense, passionate, and exude a lot personal magnetism. But my air moon self can get exhausted trying to keep up with their emotionally draining asses.

Saggitarius - I can count on them to make me feel like I live the most boring existance of life. They always have MORE experiences that were BETTER and more life-changing. Oh and they could be hanging with like 4 different people that are more important than you at the moment, just fyi. But once you get past their self-aggrandizing bs, they are freaking hilarious and suprisingly generous. Btw a big no (for me) to the super bossy ain’t-shit sag men.

Capricorn - I literally don’t know a single capricorn like that. Where my cap men at? I have a Cap descedant and venus in 10th so Im trynna holla at y'all.

Aquarius - Used to be my least favourite sign, then I found out its my moon lol. They truly believe they are Perfect and beyond reproach. Always talking about how things Should Be but not doing a damn thing about it. Like idg why they have such big egos when they arent even doing anything with their lives???? Well, at least they are smart well-informed people. And they try really hard to appear as inclusive and non-judgemental as possible. (Key word: appear)

Pisces: Their hair is so big because its full of secrets! Seriously, Im quite secretive but even I will find myself opening up to them without even thinking. They just have such an approachable, open and receptive air. Strangers also seem to randomly approach them a lot so when hanging out with them u oddly meet new people like that. Idk its strange. They are nice but be careful. If u hurt them, they wont hesitate to demolish u in the ugliest way possible.

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

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Um, hey, mama. I'm sorry, if smth dosen't write right, i'm just /very/ bad at English... How can i get enough determination? I just... I like to draw, and i do it a lot, but sometimes i really hate what i drew. I just look at the picture and thinking: omg that's ugly, why do i even drawing? Even when other people saying that that's prety cool or good. I do understand that my drawings are not that bad but... I just can't help myself. What do i have to do? And sorry for bothering you.

Don’t apologize, friend. I’m always here for a little advice when needed! And boy do I have some for you lol.

First, I think it’s important to know that any artist worth their salt feels the same way you do from time to time. No matter how long they’ve been drawing, or how skilled they are at it, there are quiet moments of frustration after scribbling out an image they worked hours on. There are frustrated days of “why the hell won’t my hands work like I want”.

For every beautiful piece of art you see from your favorite artist, there are thousands more crumpled papers, hit “undo” buttons, and deleted layers.

That’s what encourages me to keep drawing, even when I feel like I’m not very good at it. ( 75% of the time lol) I look back on my old work, realized how much I’ve improved, and then remember art is a constantly changing and growing thing that only gets better the more you focus on it.

It’s okay to hate your art and feel bad sometimes, as long as you pick the pin back up the next day.

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Don’t be jealous, all you need to do is to be passionate in improving your art! It took me like, 4 years to develop this style, and gosh, man. You should’ve seen my original drawings lol (especially the one before I started to make a style for myself)

Also, if you’re drawing already, it’s important to practice all the time! Honestly we can always say that but I believe you could make great art too! Promise :D

(Sometimes I get a bit jelly too, but hey. I’m proud of what I can do too. I’m making art, you’re making art. Others might be better, but we’re all making the same thing we love doing- art.)

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hello! i was wondering — what canvas size do you use? because every time i post my drawing anywhere the quality isn't that good for some reason :(

my default is 8x10 inches at 300 DPI (unless im doing a larger print), then i usually shrink it down when i post stuff online :o generally when i resize my images i try to make them around or less than 1100 pixels in width/height. mostly bc im paranoid about ppl stealing my art lol

tumblr in particular tends to resize images automatically to fit on the dashboard which is why a lot of them turn out blurry. (you might have better results saving as png instead of jpg, which i always forget to do myself tbh)

Dating Eggsy Would Involve...

Author’s Note: I always thought shit like this was super cute and so I decided to try it myself and… I think I should stick to full-fledged imagines LOL. Figured I’d post it anyway because why not–I can always delete it if I’m not feeling it. Though I may write one more for Jacob Frye and stick it in the queue…

Word Count: Does it even matter?

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I’ve been studying immunity all day and feeling kind of sick of it to be honest…heh what a pun

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21 and 12 ?

12. Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

Yeah, definitely~ although I’m sure it’s not as interesting as you think lol.

21. Do you like to challenge yourself?

Yes, I challenge myself a lot. Lol, that’s why I like doing the drawing memes and such because I grew up drawing animals and landscapes so drawing people and expressions has always been difficult for me. Drawing memes and challenges are quick ways to get myself familiar with my style and learn how to fine-tune my skills so I can improve.

thank you for sending me one ;w;

Artist Asks~

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Idk what the hell is going on in these kxk shippers minds but like do they realise a shit load of kaisoo supporters r part of the lgbtqa+ community. Like bro i can't fetishize (lol this ain't even proper word soz) myself lmao. The way they act they fetishizing hetero relationships??? And like fuck off why just hate on kaisoo and not another ship with kjn in it??? Can the straights plz chill the f out

The fact that they target only kaisoo shippers when other ships do all the same things is so revealing to me lol…like Ive always said, if ksoo or ji were a girl and the other a man, they’d be silent. Crickets.

Also Im still not understanding the fetishing thing and how to them “I support kaisoo as a closeted gay couple” translates to “omg I ship kaisoo because it sexually arouses me” lmao smh😂😂

I don’t even know why I’m tying this, but I wanted to share something with you guys. Have you seen my Grey’s lessons meme? It all started because of that Mark Sloan scene telling Jackson that if you love someone you gotta tell them regardless of the consequences.

That is something I have always struggled to do, sharing my feelings (of any kind, but specially when they made me vulnerable). Last year I built up the courage to say to someone that I liked them (really, really liked them - to quote Arizona 😂). It may sound stupid, but I had never done it. I had always waited for the other person’s reactions and signs before I even attempted to open up a little. Anyways, even though things with this person didn’t work out in the end for other reasons, it was totally worth it.

Anyways, I’d be a complete hypocrite if I didn’t continue following that idea…and all because I have gotten hurt in the past? To quote myself last year, “having feelings for someone is beautiful in itself - regardless of what the other person’s feelings might be. Even if they’re not reciprocal, no one can ever take that away from you.” So yeah, I still believe some things are worth being said, and I’ll never change my mind on that.

So here I am, torturing myself because I’m about to put myself in that position again, that vulnerable position in which someone can make you feel completely worthless. I know and agree that whoever doesn’t want/value you for who you are isn’t worth your time, but heck, it hurts. At least for a while, right?

But I’d rather be heartbroken for a while than wonder why I didn’t fucking do anything about a situation I have control over. I can’t control other people’s actions, but I can control mine. So if I think something is worth saying, why not say it?

The point is, even if you think your world will collapse when/if someone doesn’t give you the answer you expect, even if you fear you will shut down before you can even utter a word…you still build the courage to do it. There’s no sense in worrying over something that hasn’t happened yet. And even if things don’t go your way, you still did your part.

***Also, this is very stupid but I just realized yesterday I have never asked anyone out? And now that I’m about to actually do it, I have been wondering if I should just take a step back and wait for things to magically happen (aka wait for the other person to do it). But why the hell should I do that? It’s the 21st century and I’m a grown woman. If anyone is ever intimidated by that or my asking, well, that’s not my problem really 😌

To summarize: don’t let fear hold you back from doing the things you feel like doing. Don’t let other people’s reactions hold you back. Walk tall, even if you fight and lose. WALK TALL 💪🏻

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Hello! 30:What you hate the most about work/school? 37:One of your insecurities?
38:Your childhood career choice?
39:Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Well hello! Thank you for the ask!!

30: What you hate the most about work/school?

- In both cases, I really hate busy work. :/ Doing stuff that ultimately serves little to no purpose drives me Up The Wall, so I have a lot of trouble getting myself to do homework for class. It’s more bearable at work, because at least there someone is paying ME to do pointless things. lol

37: One of your insecurities?

- I’m always insecure while speaking, or communicating in any way, really… Which is probably why I joke so much. It relieves some of the pressure.

38:Your childhood career choice?

-I’ve wanted to be a lot of things: an author, a teacher, Tarzan, a veterinarian, an artist, a pro skateboarder, a translator, a firefighter (I thought it came with a dalmatian). Now, I’m working towards becoming an archivist!

39: Your favorite ice cream flavor?

- All of them tbh I really like minty things!

I was flipping through some Laguna screenshots and realized…just how ironic and sadly appropriate this shot is.

Laguna always seeming to be one step ahead and out of reach of Raine, how despite all their efforts they were destined to be apart from each other.

Laguna looking ahead and striving forwards, towards his goals…and inevitably having to leave Raine behind.

And fuck, I’m crying now.