why do animals suffer

La chronicles: sleep is good

Me: where are the minis, the foster sis, Hell where is my mom

A: L and X took them to breakfast.

Me: oh…. *crawls in* Kay.

A: mmnhhh.

Me: tell him if he brings them home with another animal he isn’t getting sex for a month.

A: what?

Me: if he brings home another animal I’m cock blocking for a month. I’ll be everywhere. I’ll cling to one of you like a spider monkey.

A: that sounds more like kinky fun than a deterrent.

Me: you’re supposed to be horrified.

A: hmmm. Not likely.

Me: fine, I’ll be like the heifer in sense 8 and post a video online.

A: you wouldn’t

Me: hmm no but I’d make you wonder….

A: what why do I have to suffer??

Me: no. More. Fucking. Animals.

A: you are really no fun when you are tired.

Me: mm mm sleep. Good. Ssshhhhhhh

“project voicebend just keeps getting better and better! they animate their own stuff sometimes and their production value went like way up KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”

haaa aahaha hA AHAA H

anonymous asked:

Why do animals eat each other in the wild, why does this suffering exist in the universe?

It just is this way. Everything is just happening. 

We can take certain stances about this and some are more productive than others. 

My guru likes to say that suffering exists so that we don’t get complacent with this world and instead seek the divine Self that is beyond all. 

We never want to wake from a dream if we are not suffering. 

This is a useful perspective to take. 

However, in the end, everything is inconclusive. What matters is that suffering exists and that there is a way beyond suffering. That is one of the Buddha’s noble truths. That is a timeless yogic teaching. Such is the purpose for the aspiration of Enlightenment or Awakening. 

Suffering is inseparable from the illusion. To get rid of one, the other has to go. 

Practice meditation and discover this insight for yourself.