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bokuto is struggling save him

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I'm curious: what do you make of John's love for the hat? The metas I've heard identify the hat as the persona Sherlock feels like he has to put on for the rest of the world (a persona including his straightness), and that makes a lot of sense to me. But in that case, why would John always want him to wear it? Do you read that as John trying to avoid hoping for a romance between them? Or do you not interpret the hat that way? Thanks!

In direct reference to what I added to that Moffat quote, literally on the show Mary is John’s subconscious, so the direct conclusion to draw is that John wants Sherlock to wear the hat. That is the the surface level reading of TLD, so that’s what Moffat should have said if there was nothing else to Ghost!Mary’s existence.

Except we know that she does have more meaning than just being John’s subconscious, and so does Moffat, which is why he said Mary wanted Sherlock to wear the hat.. If Mary represents Heteronormativity (”I know what you could be now that I’m gone”), then Ghost!Mary is John’s heteronormative thoughts and his ultimate struggle to overcome them - his unhappiness in the life he thought he wanted, his desire to cheat but it still not being enough, and his feelings that (gay) Sherlock and his (gay) love for him are “monsters”.

If we remember in TAB when John told Sherlock to “wear the damn hat”, that moment gave us helpful symbolism - the storyteller is asking Sherlock to be the man he writes about, not who he really is. The hat is what the people want to see, but not who Sherlock really is. It masks Sherlock’s true (soft, feeling, gay) self. Sherlock throws it off the cliff into the waterfall in rejection of this fake identity, which John helps him realize.

But the hat returns in TLD as Ghost!Mary repeatedly suggests to John that Sherlock should put the hat back on, perhaps as a sort of: “LOL what are these, gay thoughts?? Wouldn’t I/the kids like him better if he was straight? LOL check yourself John.” But John finally comes to terms with these thoughts at the end of the episode, and they finally disappear when he realizes that it is what it is, and he can’t change Sherlock or his own feelings for his friend. 

After John’s speech about not being able to be the man Mary(/heteronoramtivity) wanted him to be, putting the hat back on is a subtle say for Sherlock to complete the thought that was interrupted. It’s a way to show John that he is Sherlock’s “piece of that”, that he can be the man John writes on his blog, the man he thinks John wants him to be. But remember that “wear the damn hat” is something TAB John said, so TLD John has no idea what it means, which is probably why Sherlock is still wearing it the first time we see him again in John’s TFP dying horror-themed nightmare.

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hello! I was wondering if were doing Newt x reader for the otp dabble challenge? if so, I really like 35. could you maybe write something for it? :)

“Why’re you dressed like that?” - “Does that mean it looks good or should I change?”

Prompt from this list by the always inspiring @prompt-bank

Newt x reader

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Adding the finishing touches to your outfit, you fussed slightly in the mirror, fiddling with your tiepin. It was yours and newts anniversary, and you wanted to do something special, just for him, as he seldom spoiled himself it was down to you.

Satisfied you stepped out into the living room, only to find that newt wasn’t where you had left him, curled up in his squashy armchair reading a book. Furrowing your brow in confusion, you began the search for your husband.

Panic began to swell inside you as you checked each room, to no avail. You were now clambering back up the steps from his battered brown leather case, scenarios began to reel through your brain, each more ridiculous and heart wrenching than the last.

As you paced the living room rug, nibbling at your finger nails, the front door clicked shut. You rushed to the door, relief washed over you like a wave, Newt stood looking slightly confused, holding a bouquet of flowers, and wearing his smartest suit. ‘why are you dressed like that?’ he asked curiosity clear in his voice, a slight smile playing at the corner of his lips. “does that mean it’s alright or should I get changed?’ you asked fiddling with the edge of your waistcoat, as you looked up at him.

He placed the flowers in the porcelain jug that sat on the little table by the door, “don’t you dare get changed, you’re perfect.’ His voice held a slightly husky tone, as he took your hand and spun you around so that he could see the full effect of your clothes. You giggled as he slowed your twirl down so that he could fully appreciate your backside in the form fitting trousers.

“what is all of this in aid of, love?’ still not letting go of your hand as he gestured to your outfit, that he was enjoying a little bit more than you had anticipated. “well, I wanted to take you on an expedition, and I can’t very do that in a ball gown now can I?’ you teased lightly.

He looked at you with such tenderness that you thought you might just melt, ‘I was going to take you out to dinner.’ Newt murmured softly as he tucked a loose tendril of hair behind your ear, leaning into his touch.

“well it is still early, we could do both.’ You suggested, his lopsided smile grew even further as he nodded.

Suddenly remembering the bouquet of flowers, he grabbed them from the jug, and handed them to you, along with a kiss to your forehead, before you pulled him down by his tie for a proper kiss.

‘I should get these into some water.’ You murmured as newt pressed his forehead to yours, while he hummed in agreement, not quite ready to leave this perfectly moment just yet.


Have a great day and be safe


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The people detailing your wlw posts need to stop,, these are about lesbians stop being lesbophobic we get enough hate enough as is, you have no idea how hard it is to be a lesbian in a community more accepting of gay men than gay girls

Normally I wouldn’t post this because it’ll cause discourse but I agree, honestly. The MLM community always asks girls not to do it to their posts but I see them do it to ours much more often. I’ve seen guys ask people to tag women/lesbians because it’s a “trigger” for them. Just admit you hate girls and move on.

You people always ask me why I don’t tag posts as “MLM”, then go around adding “*boys” to my WLW-specific posts. It’s really frustrating.

if you ever read a document on barebones game design, the first question seems to always be “why will your game be different from the other ones?” and i feel like this too often would discourage people from doing what they wanna do because they believe they need to do a novelty idea never done before, like portal, or gunpoint, or trine, and its not really about that. it could be just great atmosphere and really solid feeling gameplay that drags people in. adding forced novelty mechanics in an attempt to stand out can very often lead to just boring and/or tedious minigames if done wrong.

nothing never-heard before was added to dark souls that made it famous. nothing was changed when it comes to the classic “youre a knight or an adventurer or whatever, theres huge monsters, you can use magic or swords or axes” formula. it was the solid fighting mechanics and the lore and atmosphere altogether that kept it afloat. 

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"Why," Grantaire asked, from where he was chained to a lamppost, "Do we always end up like this? While naked?"

“It was once.” Bahorel replied curtly, “And as I recall I was still in possession of my trousers.” Grantaire glared up at him.

“I seem to recall that the handcuffs were your partners idea. Why do you even have- Actually don’t answer that.” He added at Bahorel’s grin. “I thought the groom was supposed to be the one that this shit happened to.”

“Well when the groom vanishes at 11 it’s hard for anything to actually occur.” Bahorel said dryly, “Apparently Courfeyrac text him because he was worried and he’d actually gone home.”

“So that leaves us to be… The stand in? Which one of us is Cosette?”

“Well…” Bahorel considered, “I am the prettiest.”


“We’re a couple hundred years away from gender equality.”
“Only a couple hundred?”

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*whispers* they could do this if there was a mating they hadn’t accepted yet *scampers off*

Haha! Well, I personally don’t think that they could. I think that head-to-head communication isn’t a mate bond thing, I think it’s a damaeti thing, which is why Rhys and Feyre can do it? Either that, or Rhys built it into the bargain they made, which is why they don’t talk anymore after that portion gets broken by Hybern. But I’m a party pooper regardless since I don’t headcanon Nessian as mates, so I guess I just fail here. :(

blacklabelapollyon replied to your post: ……..I feeeeeeeel like……… People who don’t raid…

I always found Healer DPSing to be a really idiotic way of asserting that a healer always has something to do during content (raid including). To me, a healer class should strictly be healing, and if they want to DPS that’s an added bonus. But if DPS is not meeting checks it shouldn’t be up the the healer to push, even if it helps. That’s on DPS imo

:V Between you and me that’s why I’ve told my team I ain’t DPSing. Most teams do have both healers do like 60% heals %40 DPS But I find the challenge of mostly solo-healing in difficult raids to be way more fun than stance dancing, and that’s just personal preference.

The few nights we DID actually have a discussion of “but if you DPS more then we can skip phases maybe possibly and it will boost our overall raid DPS and make us look better” and explicitly said “hey dudes I honestly don’t give a fuck :Y This is how I like playing so as long as we’re getting this shit done each week, I don’t feel like doing anything different.” And we do have a really laid-back friendly team, so they respect that that’s what makes raids fun for me.

I don’t recommend that for other teams at all honestly…mostly because I feel like so many raid healers have gotten used to dancing that they aren’t intuned with that…mindset you have to be in to solo-heal. When I’ve had replacement co-healers and let myself go “ok they’re here to help, don’t go at it too hard with the healing” people end up dead. I honestly just don’t trust anyone but myself to keep everyone alive. And lol that’s kind of bitchy to say but tbh it’s true, that’s just my mindset. (with few exceptions, mostly just @koryaze who is my co-healing soulmate and wished he could stay by my side forever~)

I’m personally happy using the downtime where others DPS to regen my mana since I’m WHM.

Unless I’m having a shitty night, no one dies on my watch unless it’s their own damn fault *coughmissingacooldown* *coughbeingtoofarfromme* *coughsoakingahittheythinktheycantake*

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In 7.07 AD (or Noel I'm assuming?) took Noel and Aria's file from Jessica Dilaurentis' lair. Do you happen to have any theories on why they would take Aria's?

Nope, this literally makes no sense to me. I’ve always said that I think this is a little side plot. A little filler (although an interesting filler). I think it has nothing to do with the endgame and what AD is trying to achieve, etc.

Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.2)

A/N: Ch.1     Ch.3     Ch.4     Ch.5     Ch.6     Ch.7     Ch.8     Ch.9     Ch.10     Ch.11     Ch.12

Chapter 2 of my arranged marriage/mafia G Dragon fic! Enjoy! ~Ad.Red

Genre: At one point or another there will be everything. Also, gun and drug mention/use in the future. 

Word Count: 2,161

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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Ugh… End of the year papers can break you, yet here I am.

Acting like I have time.





Weak knees.

Sweaty palms.

Dry mouth, tight throat.

Hot room, hot place, hot, hot, hot.

Sasuke cleared his throat. He was leaned against the wall with his hands in his pocket. He didn’t know why he kept trying. He lost count of what attempt this was, but she never seemed to understand his intentions anyway. Still…maybe he wasn’t being clear enough. She obviously wasn’t the type to take hints, so if he could just come out and say he was asking her-


He jerked, looking towards the door of the convenience store. Hinata was partially out, tugging large garbage bags with her. She was in uniform, smiling awkwardly at him. And like magic, his face was suddenly full of heat and color.

“Hinata,” he said calmly despite his heart betraying him.

“I thought it was you. What are you doing here?” She paused a beat. “And standing out in the sun. Look at you, you’re burning up.”

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I honestly can say that after sleeping on it, I'm not bothered as much by the POV change. What I am bothered by, however, is the fact that you've continually changed the date and then said we didn't need to worry because you write quickly. It comes across, and I don't mean to be rude, like you're not all that serious about it and you're just throwing it together last minute in the hopes that you might make the spring date. Please don't do that, your books deserve so much more.

We only release books that we’re 100% satisfied with and love from the core of our souls. if we need more time, we have no problem pushing a release date back, especially since we’ve stated that the Damaged Like Us release “season” is tentative. We always say it could be Spring or Summer. 

The reason why the Like Us series has been pushed back so much has nothing to do with the story. It’s because we added books to the Addicted series and then we got a Young Adult book deal. So we kept having to push it back to make room for these other projects. 

The Like Us series has been on our minds for years, and we’ve had to restrain ourselves from writing it bc we’ve been obsessed with these characters so much. 

Also, this is a major reason why we’re going to start waiting to announce our future projects until closer to the release like a lot of other indie romance authors do. We worry that our transparency has been confusing or upsetting readers, and we’re sorry for that. 

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17, 22, 53, 57! 💛

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

one of my favorite books is contact which takes a very agnostic answer to this question…but still yes. i think there are probably multicellular or unicellular organisms on other planets but not like civilizations with iPads you know

22. Where would you like to travel?

um…honestly I just like nyc (where i already live) i’ve never really understood why travel is a Big Deal. maybe london because there are some cool fashion designers housed there

53. Favourite makeup brand?

3CE!!!!!!!!!!1 Their website is so beautiful. 

when I thought I was still cishet and was like Makeup Is For Airheads Who Don’t Read Books Like I Do their website was so beautiful (and still is, I always scream in tags when I rb 3CE and am planning to copy an outfit in one of their ads jgdkgdsa) that I was like…makeup is a noble pursuit and I want to do makeup 

in terms of makeup I wear (bc I’m black and 3CE doesn’t understand that black ppl exist??!) i like estee lauder but their politics are really problematic

57. Favourite food?

fried plantains!

@flokingaround replied to your post: You know, by all accounts Shun should have…

Yuro probably has parents too so i guess Yuya has 4 parents? Also the caretaker at the orphanage who took care of Yugo and Rin, does she know about what happened to her 2 kids?

I honestly have no idea if Yuto has a family or not(I always kind of assumed he didn’t). But yeah, if he does then wow, the entire situation is just, massively complicated and a mess.
I mean, would they take turns living at Yuya’s house and Yuto’s house? Ditto for the girls.

Also names, do the girls get Hiiragi or Kurosaki added to the end? Or do we just hyphenate it to Hiiragi-Kurosaki(so, Yuzu Hiiragi-Kurosaki, Ruri Hiiragi-Kurosaki etc…)

This is why I’d like to imagine that post-canon they DO find a way to split apart ad the photo in the ED with all 8 is totes canon.
Because it’s a massive clusterfuck for everyone involved.

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Would you be willing to talk a bit about your scripting process for the Midsummer's comic? I'm new to adapting, but I want to do a comic take on Macbeth and I feel like using the original text won't work well.

I guess, for me, it’s all about the thematic stuff.
Do the themes within the original match what you wanna make? And what exactly are you ADDING to the original by doing so. Cause of course it’s great to just do a modern version or a fantasy one, it’s up to you, but when you create stuff, you have to think of what your representing and what you’re creating’s impact will be on the people who see it? And in a world where artists make the media, and the internet making it so easy to share, you gotta think about it.

For example, I think part of why i wanted to mess with Midsummer is because i always felt the girls were screwed over righteously. It reduces the two human women, (who are meant to be best friends!?) to harpies fighting over blokes, Hippolyta’s marriage doesn’t seem quite kosher, kinda forced, and titania gets tricked with the magical version of a roofie in in her drink.
 It’s unfair?
I want to make a version where their world is fairer. That’s what i want to put in the world by messing with the text.
Anyway, sorry burbling, i’m trying to gauge exactly what you’re asking and i’m bad at summaries. If you want to message me about it, ask me specific stuff cause im bad at this, feel free!
- S

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Omg Hearts Don't Break Around Here is my favorite song too!! And yeah while I'm sad it's not on the setlist I'm also glad too because I feel like it's a song that not many people really listened too so it's kinda like my secret song of his if that makes any sense. Like it won't become an overly popular song and only a select amount of fans know about that song because most fans just look at the setlist and learn those songs

I feel that way about New York, too. New York and Hearts Don’t Break Around Here belong to me and are mine! 

But do you really think most fans only learn the songs on the setlist? I suppose maybe the more casual fans do that, but I think the fact that Ed added Dive to his setlist because so many fans wanted him to says that a lot of fans learned the album pretty well first. 

On the other hand, maybe that’s why people are always asking me about Ed’s setlist before they attend his shows. I’ve never felt the need to know exactly what would be played at Ed’s concerts before I went because it wouldn’t make a difference in whether or not I could sing along, but I reckon it makes sense for people to be curious if they don’t already have his whole discography memorized. x) 


“The Rescue: V2″ – Okay, even though this is too late for the SuperCat March Madness Angst week, that’s pretty much still what inspired it, well, that an boredom. I had time to fill and didn’t want to start anything new, and when I was a makeup artist, doing bruises and wounds was always oddly fun, sooo…Why do I feel like I should add that I’m not psychotic here? More notes behind the cut.

Meanwhile, please don’t repost, post on Instagram, trace or otherwise steal. Thank you.

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