why didnt one of you just sleep on the floor

ROAD TRIP AU for ur group

just think about it

  • them arguing over which music to play and in the end they just play the funkiest songs they can find like the playlist of shrek or what does the fox say and slowly everyone of them start singing along to the songs until they’re all screaming their lungs out and performing them dramatically
  • there’s always this person that’s like “are we there yet” and “can we stop here? i nEED TO PEE” and everyone’s like goddamn it we just had a break ONE HOUR AGO WHY DIDNT YOU PEE “i didnt have to” FUCK YOu okAy fINE 
  • one of them constantly falls asleep on other peoples shoulders but thats not the worst thing the worst thing is that they’re SNORING SO LOUD what the fuck but nobody says a thing and lets them sleep and when they wake up everybody is like “GOD KEEP UR SNORS TO URSELF” “u couldve woken me up” “nah u looked so peaceful”
  • EVERYONE falling a sleep on each other, none of them care, there’s not enough space for them all but they just HAVE to do it somehow and some just kind of fall down the floor or just half and their limbs are all tangled in each other but they just dont care its okay its fine they just want to sleep
  • them arguing over who drives next because nobody wants to drive in the middle of the night and dont want to be the only one awake when everyones peacefully sleeping and they just switch every couple of hours
  • them stopping in the middle of the night at stores that open 24hrs and look like a huge fucking mess and probably have bad breath cause they just woke up and its 3 am and now we’re here in this store and want to buy snacks and everything is SO BRIGHT and “why the fuck are you sitting in this shopping cart its not right give it to me let me sit in it”
  • and last but not not least: HOLDING HANDS DURING THE RIDE i dont care who or how many its just super cute 

anonymous asked:

people who only have one pillow? wow a white girl like you of course wouldn't understand the situation of being poor. hah! my mom said "if we don't need it, don't buy it" i never had a table for 10 years cuz we didn't need it we just ate on the fucking floor and you're here wondering why people would only sleep with one pillow? you seriously don't understand? i know some ppl have one pillow as a choice but still man that's such a white thing to say. omfg

i have been poor my entire life what does being white have to do with being poor jesus fucking christ excuse me for having a personal preference for more than one pillow i didnt know that if i slept with more than one pillow i was automatically rich go away