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And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Wowww, a pic where I’m actually smiling! What a rare find!!

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Hey I love you.. um question has anyone done a breakdown of Rick/Michonne's flashbacks of each other for episode 701?? I just noticed that in Rick's flashback while he was on top of the Van it had the scene after she finished brushing her teeth and on the tracks with Carl... so my question what does that mean?? Like i know everyone says he didnt realize his love for her until 6x10 but why would he see those moments & be so cherry?? Did he love her then too and just didnt recognize it?? Thoughts

Hey I love u more

As for ur question: Buddy, pal, friend, my guy: Rick and Michonne have been in love for the longest.

Let me direct u to this post created by the beautiful @siancore that discusses Rick’s flashback to one of the few times Michonne has ever fully smiled at him in all of her toothy glory, bc how could that wondrous memory of her not stick out in his scared and panicked mind?? (Oh, and just btw, aside from her smiling at his clean-shaven face, Rick’s flashbacks also included that scene with Chonne and Carl messing around on the traintracks, that time when Michonne showed up at their doorstep after killing the Governor and getting separated from Rick and Carl, and Rick and Michonne cuddling in their bed.)

Now, it’s been clear (pun intended) that Rick and Michonne have been feeling some type of way towards each other for the past five seasons [if you don’t believe me, just rewatch Clear because a) it’s a perfect episode in every way and b) LOOK AT THEM FLIRT, CAN U FEEL THAT SEXUAL TENSION, GEEZ LOUISE I NEEDED TO TAKE A SHOWER RIGHT AFTERWARDS].

And if you don’t believe me, just ask Robert Kirkman.

“We did something different in the show, but [Richonne] was something that Scott started talking about, I believe, in season 4. There were a lot of … I don’t remember the episode number, because I’m old, but the episode - oh, it’s ‘Clear’ [season 3, episode 12] when Michonne and Rick and Carl encounter Morgan. We were discussing that kind of stuff all the way back there and there were seeds planted in that episode that you so brilliantly wrote.”

Or Gimple.

“In [season 4 episode 1] I wasn’t in charge of the show. During that time there were a lot of little things I did where I was like almost like doing fanfiction or telling stories to myself because I absolutely respected [the fact that] it was other people’s decisions at that point.” (He!!! literally!!! used!!! the!!! term!!! fanfiction!!! He did that!!!)

Or Andy.

“It was just natural… And Michonne has been a mother figure and best friend to Carl for so long. And she saved Rick’s life and Carl’s life on countless occasions. There’s something rather moving about these two warriors getting together. […] I kept thinking, 'Of course — it’s been right in front of me all the time.’“ (and tbh I feel like Rick realized his feelings for Michonne way before she realized hers for him, and so Ricky G was just careful not to act on them in a classic case of “I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship” until eventually he could not push his feelings away any longer and literally used mints as an excuse to make his move. MINTS!!)

Or Danai.

“Deanna asked her in episode 8 ‘what do you want?’ And at her core she was definitely cutting herself off from her heart. I think [laughs] she’s probably been in love with Rick for a while.”

And now we’re here. Almost to episode 12. Almost to the sex scene which was written by a professional screenwriter/showrunner who has been shipping Richonne ever since they first met and lowkey dropping little bits of fanfiction into the script because he so badly wanted them to become canon.

Yeah. We get to see what THAT GUY has planned for his first 5-years-in-the-making OTP sex scene.

Guys. Guys.

Imma die.

The 5 times Peter realizes he loves you.

The first time:

Peter had known the girl for a while, about 5 years, the were two inseparable. Even since you were a little girl with pigtails and he was a little boy with glasses too big for his face. You moved into his apartment building in the fifth grade and went to the same school together. You two became best friends quickly due to your equal love for school and you soon turned into a duo of sorts, if there was Peter there was Y/n and vise versa. 

Peter couldn’t help but fall for you, it was a clitché but he loves you. He didn’t realize it at first, not being able to pinpoint the overwhelming feeling of adoration and compassion. But when he did it was the greatest, and scariest moment of his life.

 You were laying on Peters couch, waiting for him to put on Lord of the rings, a throw blanket over you as your head rest on the arm of the couch. The movie begins to play, Peter lifts your feet, sitting down and returning your feet on his lap, fixing the blanket to cover himself slightly as well. You sit up just enough to stuff a pillow under your head and throwing one at Peter, giggling slightly at his odd expression.

 “For your neck.” You say, his expression lightens once he realizes that you didn’t randomly throw a pillow at him, even if you would. You sit up a bit more, making sure you don’t kick Peter, shrugging off your thick hoodie. Peter tries to hide a smile when he sees your shirt, a Spider-Man shirt, you didn’t know his secret and he thought you may question why he found the shirt so comical.

 After a hour into the movie you start to drift off, you were exhausted from the 2 a.m study session and Peter lightly massaging your calf didn’t help you stay up at all. Peter looked over at you, you didn’t see the look of admiration that took over his features, he wanted no more than you wrap his arms around you but he didn’t want to wake you.

 You looked so peaceful and helpless compared to your normal sassy and independent ways. Those were some of the things he loves about you, how you wouldn’t take anyone’s shit, even his, especially Flashes. You were a little firecracker as May called it. He loved your soft hair. Your bright smile. Your eyes. Your heart shaped birthmark that sat on your collarbone. All of it and he never realized until you were laying there , the glow of the television highlighting your features. 

He felt like an idiot for not noticing until now. But he guesses it was better that way, so he might be able to cut ties without causing too much pain. He thought he was protecting you, that’s all he wanted to do.

 The second time:

 You and Peter have never had this bad of a fight but he loved how strong you were and held your own during it. He keeps lying to you, he really is a terrible liar. Plus after seeing him lie to May, for however many years, you can tell easily when he is even if the lies were innocent. Like when he had to tell May you needed to urgently run to the store for tampons but really Peter had forgotten her birthday present on the subway and needed to get a new one. 

 “You are just being so annoying!” He yells, standing up from his bed and paces back and forth. He was frustrated, he didn’t know how to deal with this. He felt like shit for what he’s saying but it was the only way. 

 “To bad I didn’t ask for your stupid opinion.“ You snort, spinning in your chair trying not to focus on the insults spilling for your best friend, and crushes, mouth. If you were to focus on them you would cry and you weren’t allowing that.

 “Well, too bad because I’m tired of you thinking you can do no wrong! You are being over dramatic and annoying.” This all started from you complaining about him canceling plans for the third time, this week, and the fact he had new bruises sprinkled across his skin. You were only worried. You refused to apologize for caring about Peter.

 “I think you already used annoying-” You said until Peter interrupts you.

 “Wow, that’s something an annoying person would say.” 

 “Well, you would know!” You two were fighting like children, you both knew it but it seemed like Peter was just trying to find something to fight about. Peter runs his fingers through his hair and you stop spinning because of the frustration and dizziness clouding your head. “Peter, why are you doing this?” You were angry and confused with the boy. He had never snapped like this, he was always caring and as sweet as bubble gum.

“I-I have, I have been holding this in for too long and I need to get it off my chest.” It seemed painful for him to say, almost as if he had to convince himself that that’s what he wanted to say.

 “Well, anything else you need to get off your chest? Please say it now, rip off as many band-aids as you need to.” You say with a fake smile, beginning to gather your school materials you were studying before Peters meltdown.

 “Nope, I think I said it all. Your annoying ways and how over dramatic you are. Oh, and don’t get me starting on your bitching.” He says it a matter-o-factly and counts on his fingers as he listed the things off, each thing felt like a stab to the heart. It hurt you, the words burnt, the fact you have been called annoying many times before from others when you were younger. The word has haunted you ever since. Plus, it didn’t help one of the people you care most about is saying them.

 “Well, congratulations asshole. You just lost your best friend.”  

The Third time:

 Its been awhile since you’ve talked to Peter, you have seen him in Physics class but outside that, nothing. You cut all ties. Yes, you miss him but you didn’t deserve the way he had talked to you, it was rude and uncalled for. So you gave up, it took a lot but you needed to. You took your seat across the room from his, by some of your friends. You were ready to throw yourself into the class but still had a few minutes until the bell rung. You refused to allow yourself to peek at Peter, whom was already sitting too.

 “Should of known Parker would be here early.” Flash joked, acting like Peter couldn’t hear him, even if he knew he could from the lack of bodies and noise in the room. His friends laugh at his joke, cheering him on. He kept making a few more jokes until your instincts to protect Peter kicked in.

 “You’re such a hypocrite.“ You says loudly with a light laugh. Shocking Peter, that’s the first times he’s heard your amazing laugh since the fight, it was music to his ears.

 “What did you say Y/n?” Flash asks surprisingly nicely, you could tell he heard you the first time. You scoff, turning in your seat to better face them.

 “You’re a hypocrite, meaning you are basically calling Parker a nerd for being early to class yet, here you are, early to class.” Flash smiles at you, it was a false smile but you appreciate the effort.

 “I didn’t ask you. Could you just shut up for once?” He sounded so annoyed, it was entertaining so you couldn’t just shut up. That would be too easy.

 “Honey, I could but that doesn’t mean I would.” You smile sweetly at him, Avoiding Peters stares completely. Peter stiffened at the sarcastic pet name. Flash rolls his eyes and finds his seat as the bell rung. Peter still staring at you with a goofy look in his eye but you didn’t notice as you were trying to stop yourself from doing the same thing.

 The fourth time:

 “Tony, I don’t know what to do, I love her.” Peter whined to Tony, Tony tried to pay attention to him but couldn’t pull his focus from his project. Peter was dying to talk to you, regretting his decision to cut you off. He thought he was protecting you but in all honesty he was just scared. Scared of messing everything up, more than he already has.

 “I can see why the girl seems intimidating.” Tony laughs, taking some notes at his desk. Peter was sitting on the desk across from his, probably Banners, he didnt care at the time. He ignored how Tony might know you too lost in thought.

 “It’s like I tried to hate everything I love about her. Her beautiful hair, Her messy hair. Her smile, her crooked teeth. Her heart shaped birthmark, the random spot. I cant seem to hate it, the things I hate, I love.” He has a dreamy look in his eye that weirds Tony out. He returns to his work trying to avoid the boy. 

 “Kid, I’m not really the best person for this right now, my mind is completely else where. Try Nat and Clint, they are better at this stuff.” Peter nods and jumps down from the desk, wandering to find the two assassins. The finally came to the gym to see Clint and Nat talking to a young girl. You. He was in shock, slowly walking to the three of you. Nat noticed him and smiled, motioning him to walk faster. 

 “Y/n, this is Peter. Peter, this is Y/n. You two are the same age.” You smile and turn from looking at Clint, your face instantly dropping as you see him but you regain your sticky sweet grin and reach your hand out. 

 “Hi, nice to meet you.” You say sweetly, almost too sweet, he took your hand cautiously.

 “Y/n, Why are you doing this?” He asks, still shaking your hand, god you missed him but this was for the better. Nat and Clint exchange awkward glances not knowing the complete story but enough to still interest Nat. 

 “You know him?” Nat questions, raising her perfectly arched brow. “No? The Peter I knew is dead to me.” His smile fades but yours doesn’t. You were being petty, you knew that but you couldn’t help it. Every time you saw him the wound he caused reopened. Nat and Clint exchange confused looks but could still feel the tension so try and help a bit.

 “Y/n here is our newest recruit. Maybe you could show her to her room? Nat and I have to go find Steve.” Peter nods quickly, grabbing the keys for your room and then your hand, leading you out of the gym.

 “Let go on me, Asshole.” you say, pulling you hand away from him but still walking with him.

 “Oh, She does know me.” He says with a smirk causing you to scoff with an eye roll Tony would be proud of.

 “Like I could forget.” You walk into the large glass elevator. “I can find my room by myself, I really dont’ need your help.”

 “Nonsense. So, why are you here?” He looks over at you with a raised brow, you almost forget your anger with him. Almost

 “New recruit.”

 “How’d that happen?” He didn’t sound shocked, just amused. 

 “I’m a badass.”

 “I could have told you that.” The elevator stops at what you amuse is your floor. The living room is huge with a beautiful kitchen attached. Peter showed you it all, you were amazing, your tiny Queens apartment didn’t compare to this at all.

 “This is my room and right next to it is yours.” He waves towards the door then turning to you with a bright smile, honestly he was just happy to see you and have the chance to straighten all his mistakes out.

 “You’re a real Vanna White, you know that?” You both chuckle and he happily nods. 

 “I have been meaning to talk to you.” 

 “Is this going to be the whole clitché, its not you its me thing because I think we have realized Its you, Spider-Boy.” You slowly make your way to your room, readjusting your backpack for the short over night stay. You felt yourself surprisingly enjoying talking to Peter, not that you didn’t in the past, you just weren’t sure if it would be awkward. Peter was confused on how you know about him but almost as if you’re reading his mind you say. “I do my research.”

 “I cant disagree with that statement because It was me. I was a jackass who was scared and thought being a jerk was the only way to keep you safe. Seeing you here now, I have realized that you don’t need my protecting and also that I-still-love-you.” He rushes the last part but you can still make out what he said. You grab the keys from Peters hands and unlock the door, facing Peter once more.

 “Dammit Peter Parker.” You mumble, looking down at your hands that were fumbling with the keys.

 “What did I do?” He looks scared that he has offended you until he sees a wicked grin cross your face.

 “You’re making me fall in love with you a second time, If I even stopped the first.” 

 The fifth time:

“So you like Spider-man?” Peter questions, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You chuckle, shaking your head, secretly trying to think of a  snarky comeback. He had continued to bring up you shirt ever since you found out, he just liked seeing you get flustered because of the question, which made you keep wearing the shirt as lounge wear because of how happy he would get. You had also purchased an Iron man and Captain America one just to tease him but you wore the Spider-man one most.

“Maybe, I mean, I do normally root for the underdog.” Peter lightly pushes your shoulder and you make your way to the kitchen. You two had already built your fort and picked out a stack of movies that there was no way you would make it through all of them. You had decided you needed snack when you had gotten comfy, snuggled into Peters chest until you were rudely interrupted by his stomach making noises mocking a dying badger.

“Tony always keeps popcorn above the fridge in that basket no one knew its purpose.” You struggle to reach the basket, jumping multiple times to extend your reach. Peter finally steps in after a few minutes of him watching you struggle with an amused grin.

“Why don’t you just use you powers?”

“Because Wonder-boy, that’s cheating and its not as rewarding.” You go to step on the counter after giving up on the jumping strategy or Peters help, even if you didn’t ask in the first place. He chuckles at your stubbornness and stops you before you can even get a knee on the counter.

“Last thing we need is for you to fall and break your arm and waking up Tony, getting us caught. Let me help.” 

“Wow, I didn’t know I have such an affectionate boyfriend, I’m so lucky.” You sarcastically say as Peter, instead of easily grabbing to instead, lifts you to grab it.

“Aha! We prevail!” You chant as Peter sets you down, you quickly peck his cheek before going to make the popcorn. Once it was done you had returned to the comfort of your fort and using Peter as a pillow, his stomach calmed as he munched on pop corn. Peter looked down after hearing the familiar sound of your light snores, smiling to himself as her brushed you hair out of your face and then began to play with it. Soon he felt his own eyelids getting heavy and pulled you closer to him and securing the blanket around you too causing you to hum happily and snuggle into his neck. He started to drift off but just before he did he pressed his lips onto you forehead lightly then allowing himself to fall asleep as well.

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Beth and Daryl at Alexandria Safe Zone after reunion, and they have lots of awkward but sweet moments together. Oh and Team Family tease them about it or something like they know what's going on between them. :)

Sitting in the lunch hall, watching her eat food like it was completely normal was something Daryl was never going to get used to.

When he had seen her standing in the forest and had run to her, throwing his arms around her he swore he would never lose her again and he wasnt going to- not for a minute.

But it was hard. with all the jobs to be done and all the things that kept happening daryl never got a moment with her in which they were alone and the ones that he did get were for seconds, a passing in a corridor or a queue for food. But he didnt care, he would spend only seconds with her everyday as long as she was safe, and here, she was.

“So Daryl,” Daryl jumps in his seat and his fork clatters onto the plate below him as rick slides in next to him chuckling, “Some nice pie, isnt it.”

Daryl rolls his eyes and picks up his fork again, shrugging in response, “Its okay i ‘spose.” He replies and Rick nods, eating a mouthful.

“it must be hard to really appreciate it when theres something even better on the menu, right?” He smirks and Daryl turns to him with wide eyes. 

“What are you talking about?” He asks and Rick looks at him as if he’s crazy but Daryl can see its an act.

“The pudding…” Rick leans into Daryl right beside his ear, “What were you talking about?” before Daryl can reply rick turns and continues to chat to Michonne and Daryl sits in shock, trying to wrap his head around what Rick just said.


The next day Daryl is heading over to the gate to check security when he sees her, Beth. She’s standing talking to Carol and when she sees Daryl she smiles and waves him over and Carol joins in so he cant really say no.

He walks over and gives a nod to both women and Beth looks down blushing while Carol tries to cover a laugh, Daryl clears his throat.

“Ugh… lovely day isnt it.” He states and both of them look at him in shock and he cringes internally but curses externally.

“Fuck,” He turns and walks away from the two women who are now laughing hysterically after him and he can feel the embarrassment rising.

“Daryl wait!” He huffs but halts to a stop and waits for her to catch up- he could never not wait for her. She stops beside him and gives him a shy smile, “Im sorry, its just it was so weird to hear that sentence coming out of your mouth.” She giggles and Daryl keeps his face the exact same and beths laughter quickly stops, “Um… where are you going?” She tries and he points over to where Abraham is standing talking to some other men. “Oh then ill walk with you.” She grins and Daryl wants to point out that the journey is literally 10 metres away, “Its on my way.” She adds and he decides not to mention that theyre heading to the edge of the wall… in the opposite direction from anything.

“So… how have you been?” Beth asks him and he shrugs, “Really, another shrug? I thought we were past this.” Beth sighs and Daryl looks away from her but then feels bad and instead turns his head towards hers and sighs.

“I’ve been okay, trying to figure out how to live normally, i suppose.” He tells her and her smile brightens with his words. “I mean,… i dont think i’ve ever actually had a home cooked meal before?” He states and she bites her lip.

“I could uh… i could cook you one… if you wanted that is.” She quickly adds and Daryl stops walking, one because theyve reached the other people and two because he’s in shock. Was Beth Greene asking him over for food?

Beth fumbles around, “I mean i can cook okay, my mamma taught me and i know it might not be as amazing as the meal you made us back at the funeral home bu-” With the mention of that place Daryl cant help but smile and his hand automatically stretches out and grabs hers.

“I’d love to.” He mumbles, looking into her soft blue eyes and they light up with his admittion.

“Did i hear you say you were cooking tonight Beth?” Abraham asks, slinging an arm around her shoulder and Beth jumps slightly in response.

“I uuh… yes… you’re welcome to come?” She adds, and Daryl kind of wants to shout no at her but he refrains and instead just glares at Abrahams arm around her shoulder.

“Someone i don’t think Mr Dixon and you have the same idea.” He chuckles and Daryl tries to stop glaring at him as Beth turns to face him. “Anyway, i dont think Daryl likes to share his pudding,” He leans in close to Beths ear and winks at her, “If you know what i mean.” The blush on her face is immediate and Daryl can feel his ears heating up too.

“I u-uh, i better go.” Beth quickly stammers before sliding out from under Abrahams arm, “I’ll see you at 6 Daryl.” She adds at the last minute and then she’s gone, fixing her hair as she scurries away.

“Well Dixon, i think youre going to be in for one hell of a night.”



Daryl straightens his shirt and then almost slaps himself, stay calm Dixon, this is easy,

He walks straight up to the doorstep of the house that Beth is staying in and knocks and as he does he glares at the sleeve of his shirt, the material restricting his movements, god this was so stupid. 

He was wearing a dress shirt.

Michonne had ‘accidentally’ put it in his pile and then when he tried to return it she told him to wear it tonight. Abraham was going to die.

Daryl curses to himself and then turns away from the door, running a hand through his partially styled and freshly cut hair.

What was he doing? “This is not me, who did i think i am thinking i could get Beth Gre-“

The door opens behind him and he spins around in a panic, ready to explain how he’d been called in to do guard duty but all the breath is knocked out of him as he looks at her.

Beth greene was breathtaking. She was wearing a white lace dress and she had curled her hair somehow, letting loose and slightly frizzy curls fall across her face.

Daryls heart thumped as she played with the ends nervously and he coughed before stepping towards her. “Hi.” He started and she grinned, looking down with a smirk.

“hi.” She replied and he scratched the back of his head and a strage texture jogged his mind.

“Oh yeah ugh…” He holds out his hand and she gasps, “This is for you… I know its not much…” He trails off as she take it gently and caresses it in her fingers, the red petals contrasting with her tanned skin. She reaches up and puts it in her hair and it sits perfect, a red rose surrounded by blonde waves.

“Where did you get it?” She asks and he shrugs which makes her laugh, “I see you got a hair cut.” She adds and he groans, embarrassed. 

“Yeah, Carol kind of attacked me, i know i look stupid.” He admits and Beth takes a step towards him, running a hand through the shorter, but still fairly long, locks of hair.

“I think you look good, it lets me see your eyes.” She murmurs and Daryl smiles at her while she blushes and steps back. “I uh… come on in!” she walks through the door and Daryl follows behind, making a memo to keep his hair out of his eyes.

“The foods out so we can just go and start if you want?” She asks and he nods in agreement, following her to the table. “Okay so it might not be the best because i never really got the chance to practice a lot but-”

“Beth it looks amazing.” Daryl assures and her body sags in relief. “Please sit.” He asks and she quickly does, straight across from him.

“So uh… the hospital?” He asks and she freezes, “Sorry, sorry, i shouldnt of asked.” He almost hits himself, way to go asshole.

“No, no, its okay… it was quite horrible… the men were vicious and the women… they werent really seen as people.” Her voice trails off into a whisper and Daryl reaches across the table, taking her hand in his.Beth looks up and meets his eyes.

“Im so sorry you went through that,” Daryl states and Beth can see the pain in his eyes, “I wish it never happened to you, i tried i ran after that car through the night but i couldnt, I-”

Beth squeezes his hand and gives him a soft smile, “Daryl i know… Carol told me… i know you tried, no one would try harder than you.” She answers completely truthfully and Daryl feels the courage building up inside of him.

“Beth I-”

The doorbell cuts Daryl off and he could murder whoever is on the other side of that door, “I’ll get it.” Beth tells him and he grumbles a reply.

At least this gave him time to come up with what exactly he was going to say to her,

“Hey! We heard there way a party tonight!”

…Or maybe not.

In walks Maggie, Glenn, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol, Tyreese and Tara.

“Where’s Judith?” Daryl asks and Rick smirks.

“Abraham and Rosita offered to look after her, for some reason Abraham didnt want to come?” Rick looks smugly at Daryl who grits his teeth.

“Yeah i wonder why.”

“I brought more food and lucky i did, looks like you would have enough for all of us.” Maggie states, walking to the table and Beth lets out a high laugh.

“Well, you know didnt really realise you were coming.” She jokes but throws Daryl an apologetic glance and he smiles back.

“Well its not like this is a date right?” everyone freezes as Maggie raises an eyebrow looking directly at her sister then Daryl.

Glenn notices how nervous Daryl is getting and jumps in, “Daryl did you get a haircut?” Glenn asks and he groans, throwing his head iin his hands as everyone turns to look at him.

“You need a haircut for a special occasion, right?” Carl adds and Beth elbows him in the side while Rick high fives him.

“I hate you.” Daryl murmurs to Rick as everyone starts eating and Rick laughs,

“Sure you do, thats why i let you borrow my shirt for your big date.” Daryl looks at Rick in shock,

“Its not a-” the look Rick gives him shuts him up immediately and he blushes slightly.

Daryl looks across the table at Beth who rolls her eyes and he smiles in return, she mouths sorry and he shrugs in reply which makes her laugh. Eventhough Daryl had wanted it to be just him and Beth he didnt really mind everyone else there, he had never had a homecooked meal or a family like this and the bliss of it made his heart ache slightly.

A foot touches his leg and runs up the side of it and Daryl looks at Beth n shock but she just smirks and keeps eating her peas, her foot winding with Daryls, maybe this wasnt so bad.

“Whoever is playing footstie under the table please stop before i make you.”




so this didnt turn out perfect but i like it still!

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I Like You ||Nate Maloley||

This was requested by magconsmut! Hope you enjoy!

     “Nate, Sam! Where are yall!” I yelled in my best friend and also the secret love of my life Nate Maloley’s house “Were in the basement!” Sammy yelled.

     Nate had called me not to long ago asking me to come over to chill and I said yes because all my other friends were out parting and I knew that Nate would call and ask me to come over so I rejected all my other friends invites. 

     Pushing those thoughts to the back of my mind I made my way down to the basement. I was greeted by Sammy “Hey babe.” He said smiling and pulling me into a hug “Hey boo” I said smiling “Im going to leave right quick my girls kind of mad at me right now so im going to try to make it up to her.” He said grabbing his phone and throwing on his jacket “Ill see you later.” He said walking up the stairs “Bye” I called up to him.

     Not to long after Sammy left Nate walked into the basement “Hey y/n im glad you came over.” He said flashing me his signature dimpled smirk “Im glad I came to, I was bored out of my mind.” I sighed “I saw you friends were at a party on instagram why didnt you go?” He asked sitting down next to me slinging an arm over my shoulder making sparks fly through my spine “I dont know I just didnt feel like it, I dont need to party every night just most nights I guess.” I said thinking nothing of the question “Your lying.” Nate said, I pushed him away from me “No im not! Why the hell would you think that!” I spat out lying through my teeth. “See look you just proved me right, you just freaked out over an accusation. So why didnt you go out and party with your friends like you usually do every night?” He asked.

     No matter how mmuch he pushed I wouldnt tell him the truth, I refused to. “Come on just tell me.” He pushed yet again, but by this time I was off of the couch standing in front of him. “No, Nate just drop it.” I huffed crossing my arms across my chest. “Are you hooking up with someone?” He asked smiling suggestively, but I just shook my head in frustration at how stupid he can be sometimes. 

     Nate grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto his lap, I tensed up almost immediately. “Just tell me why you didnt go with your friends y/n, I dont know why your freaking out its an easy question.” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath hitting my neck “Because..I..Uh..because I love you.” It slipped out, I didnt mean to say it, I got up real quick. Nate looked shocked “Im going to go.” I said almost running to the stairs but Nate was right behind me.

     Nate grabbed my hand stopping me from running away, but I wouldn’t turn around to look at him I was so embarrassed. “You love me?” He asked, but I coulsnt say anything I still refused to look at him “Y/n look at me babe.” He said grabbing my hips and turning me around to face him. “Do you love me?” He asked again. I bit my lip and nodded, his face softened “I love you to, I always have.” He siad smiling and pulling me into a kiss.