why didnt i post this b4

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I hate when people say "oh why doesn't Miles just come out already" or "why doesn't he just post" he wasn't super active before the show but he's worse now BC OF ALL THE HATE YOU PEOPLE GIVE HIM LIKE JESUS CHILL OUT HE DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING WRONG his comments are so mean I've seen people call him the f slur and that if he was gay they would unfollow/be mad and people over all being so rude to him like leave my bby alone

his social media was actually fun and funny b4 all these demons ruined it. He went out with Mae and Carolyn and the rest of his la friends but we don’t even see pics of that. So. I’m sorry if I’m too sassy when I defend him but y'all gross trolls ((not you)) are ruining one of the people I love most’s ability to be close to us

shinee as tumblr bloggers
  • jonghyun: funny animal vines & pics of his dog; makes late night real deep posts but deletes them the next day so no one actually knows..
  • key: fake deep aesthetic blog
  • minho: mainly a sports blog but he tried writing fitness advice posts b4 but it was too much effort
  • onew: the best. just a perfect balance of humor and photos and nice things. he doesn't understand why he has 100k followers. he just writes random thoughts & every1 reblogs it.
  • taemin: forgot he even had a blog