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Gurl please give all the information you have about Andreas and Jonghyun and also who is Andreas the greek guy??!!! Why i didnt know that earlier?!??! -_-''

haahah well jongtae guested on a show called abnormal summit in march of last year. andreas was on the show and there was lots of looks exchanged between him and jjong–as well as some unintended lip staring lmao. there’s a jongtae cut that’s subbed but most of the flirting between andreas and jjong is the two of them glancing at each other and andreas catching himself while staring at jjong’s lips lol. so, if u want the sexual tension, u’ll have to watched the raw version. if it helps, jongtae come out at around 27:45. 

and.. andreas is hot.  just sayin’

Trust Issues

Devon had been in his room when he heard a thud, causing him to look up from his phone. He put the phone down and got up from his bed, stretching his wings as he quietly opened the door and peered down the hall. He didnt see anything, but grabbed his bat from his closet nonetheless and walked down the hallway cautiously. He kept his wings folded behind him as he looked around the living room, narrowing his eyes and checking the kitchen as well. Nothing had fallen over, the door was still locked, but he knew he had heard something.

He frowned and moved to check the balcony, opening the door and looking around outside for a few moments, then sighed and shut the door.“ Must be hearing shit…” he muttered.

“Well, you certainly heard something.”

Devon spun around, raising the bat and yelping as someone shoved him against the door. A knee sharply impacted Devons stomach, causing him to wheeze and drop the bat as the attacker grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the wall behind him. The man who attacked him had short brown hair and blue-green eyes. He smirked as two others appeared behind him; a blond and another brunet.“ Still slow reaction times, huh Devon?” He chuckled.“ You’ve never been that fast at all…”

Devon huffed, squirming and trying to spread his pinned wings a bit behind him.“ Casius, nice to see you again..” he glanced behind him and nodded to the others.“ Sirus, Jackson. Still lackeys, huh? What a shame you two cant just stand up on your own, hm?”

Casius narrowed his eyes and harshly stomped down on Devons foot, causing him to yelp and glare at him.“ Ok, fine, what the fuck did I do this time? Figured you just said,’ fuck it, leave the asshole alone’, but I guess I did something to piss you off?”

“Something like that,” Casius huffed, stepping back to push Devon to the ground and watched as Sirus and Jackson moved forward to keep him pinned there. Devon glared at the both of them before looking up at Casius.“ Arent you like… legally obligated to read my charges or something?” Casius rolled his eyes and crouched to be eye-level with Devon.“ We had someone say you were in Boston a few weeks ago. When there were thousands of demons loose.”

“And? That wasn’t my fault. Let me go and fuck off.”

“No, of course it wasn’t your fault,” Casius drawled.“ It was a Darkshine, wasn’t it? Lucifers grandchild. We’ve been told to leave them be, but that little stunt still caused a lot of damage.” Devon narrowed his eyes, retorting,“ What, gonna torture me to tell you where he is or something? He’s just a kid; pretty sure his parents are already taking the steps to make sure it won’t happen again. Besides,” he added with a smirk,“ You’re all a bunch of fucking pansies. You all suck at torture, I do worse things to my own victims.”

“Yet another reason why we’re here, but not the main one for once,” Casius huffed, standing up and pulling a gold and silver blade from his pocket.“ We cant hurt the Demon; that would cause too much fuss, and he’s clearly very powerful. But you, on the other hand…”

“Did you not just hear me when I called you a bunch of pansies?” Devon snorted.“ You wont kill me. If I didnt have a bucket list to get through, I would welcome it, but you all wont do it.”

“There are other ways,” Casius smirked, nodding to Sirus, who flashed a length of rope into his hands and began to tie Devons arms behind his back. Devon rolled his eyes and joked,“ Ive done kinkier things than this. Think we should have a safeword?” Jackson deadpanned and stomped down on one of Devons wings, earning a sharp yelp and a long string of curses thrown at him. Casius chuckled and crouched in front of Devon again, holding the blade against his throat to make him look up.“ My my, you seem quite fond of your wings. You’ve been taking care of them rather well.”

“Just cause I fucking Fell doesn’t mean I don’t care about my looks,” Devon retorted.“ I don’t think you’d like your precious holy wings getting stomped on either.”

“I suppose,” Casius agreed, smirking.“ But that is the least of your worries right now.” He pulled the blade away as the other two angels moved to pin both of Devons wings down, bringing up another round of swearing as Casius stood up and walked behind him.“ Now, how should we do this…” Casius huffed, watching Devon writhe underneath them as he struggled to get away from them.

“Fucking- let go of my fucking wings-!” Devon snapped, but froze when he felt Casius’ blade press against the base of one of his wings. He tsk'ed, shaking his head.“ My my, Devon, such foul language. Just another reason added onto your list of why we should do this.”

“Wait-” Devon sputtered, turning to watch Casius with wide eyes.“ Im- you arent-”

“Ah, so now you’re catching up,” Casius grinned, pressing the blade down harder, causing Devon to yelp and struggle again as blood began to seep from the wound.“ Im surprised you didnt catch on earlier, but that’s your problem~”

“You cant just do this because I was there!” Devon protested.“ I didnt do anything-!”

“Exactly; you didnt do anything. Nothing to help the poor humans getting attacked, or to stop the demons from destroying everything. You could have gotten praise for helping, but you didnt. I, personally, take that as an offence. You really dont want to help anyone.”

“Im- Casius, come on, you cant take my wings, please-” Devon pleaded.“ Anything else, I dont care what it is, anything but this-”

“No,” Casius smirked.“ Thats exactly why we’re doing this. Because for once, it’s something you /really/ dont want us to do.”

“I mean it! Ill fucking do anything, just dont-!” Devons voice broke off into a shriek when Casius pushed the blade harder against his wing, breaking the skin and pushing against bone. He huffed and glanced at Sirus as Devon struggled even harder below him, asking,“ Sirus, do you have your knife? It has a better edge for cutting through bone.”

“NO, DONT DO THIS-!” Devon shrieked, yelping again when Sirus stepped down on his wing and handed Casius a knife with a saw-like blade. He twirled the blade in his hands for a moment, then moved back to start sawing away at the wing. Devon struggled and screamed every obscenity he knew at them, trying as hard as he could to free his wings so he could at least try to hit his assailants with them and get away; yet every struggle resulted in the knife digging in deeper and the two pinning him down to hit him or stomp down on his wings.

Then he couldnt feel his wing at all.

Devon froze when he realized this, eyes wide as he felt Casius move behind him and walk into his field of vision. He kept his eyes on the floor, shaking slightly as Casius chuckled,“ My, it isnt every day you see a one-winged angel, is it?” Devon hissed as Casius grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, forcing him to look up as the angel held up the severed wing.“ Now, as much as Id love to see you try and flaunt yourself with just one wing, I do believe I’d like a pair to hang on my wall, not just the one.”

“Casius- please-” Devon begged, shaking harder.“ I-I get it! I know what I did, please just let me go-”

“What? No, you heard me, I want the other wing,” Casius huffed, letting go of Devons hair and stepping behind him again. This caused Devon to start struggling again, rambling and pleading again for them to stop. Of course, they werent listening, and soon enough he could feel the blade cutting through his other wing.

Devon didn’t struggle nearly as much this time, his energy drained as he started to go into shock. He eventually felt Sirus and Jackson step away from him, vaguely heard them chuckling and talking to each other as they held up his dismembered wings. He let out a startled yelp when he felt a hand sharply pull his head up by his hair, Casius now face-to-face with him.’‘ Maybe next time you’ll actually think for once.’‘

And with that, they were gone.

Devon wasn’t too sure how long he sat still for, but he knew he had to get up; he vaguely remembered Ingrid talking about how wounds could still get infected before they healed over, but… How was he supposed to tend to his wounds when they were out of his reach?

He carefully stood up, hissing in pain as he managed to squirm his arms out of the ropes Sirus had used; he must have only tied them tight enough to last for so long. Devon sorely rubbed his forearms, biting his lip anxiously as he thought of what to do next, but he was drawing a blank. He had no one to go to. No one knew he was Fallen. Except…

Devon let out a shaky sigh and picked up his jacket from the back of the couch, carefully pulling it on before flashing to Ingrids apartment. He stood in front of his door, hesitating for several long moments before knocking lightly.