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Happy Mother’s Day! 


This looks like the missing scene we should of got where Stiles received his acceptance letter to George Washington University. Scott is obviously the first one to know. But right when Stiles opens it, he just throws it to Scott and starts running downstairs to tell his dad. I bet the Sheriff took Stiles and Scott to a high class- fancy dinner place that same night to celebrate.


Unexpected Guests: Page 2

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Whoops this update is really long, sorry for stretching the page =u=;; I hope it was worth it though! I wanted to get to the fun part.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

(8) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. You feeling better?
Ignis: what about?
Gladio: Your fever.
Ignis: ?? I had no fever?
Gladio: Oh. My bad. You just looked so hot last night.
Ignis: Omfg, Gladio, not in front of the kids.

  • Me: Is there a reason these movie characters had to die?
  • Writers: Yes, their deaths are integral to the plot. Their sacrifices spark character growth and development for the remaining protagonist(s), and the audience's emotional journey needs to include the ultimate low brought on by these characters' deaths. We also want to bring an element of realism to the story, and make the remaining characters more relatable to audiences who have experienced loss.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Writers: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Writers: ...
  • Me: But could you make them not-dead, though?

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- Okay, last night we saw a movie.
- What was my snack of choice?
- Sprinkled Milk Duds over your popcorn.