why didn't i see it coming omfg

So today's found out I changed someone's view on SQ.
  • Person: OMFG I love OUaT
  • Me: me toooo!!!! Omg yes! SQ till the end!!!!
  • Person: EW no you just ruined the show for me!
  • Me: what? No dude wth? They're perfect for each other!
  • Person: but that would be really wrong! Wouldn't you want to see Robin and Hook with them instead?
  • Me: now that is an EW! You rather have Regina date a cheater who chose her over his dying wife and abandoned his son. And have Emma with a rapist?
  • Person: oh ok well I see where you're coming from.
  • Me: give me a chance!!!! Watch season 1 again!!!! And pay attention to E&R!!!!
  • *a week later*
  • Person: OMFG DUDE!!!! SWANQUEEN IS PERFECT!!! Idk why I didn't see it before! Holy shit balls im so in love with them!
  • Me in my mind: (oh you poor fucker.... Welcome to this curse.) yay!!! I told you!

ask-glados-anything  asked:

"Oh god it's you." She was bored out of her mind right now, and it didn't help that she found Her again. "I thought I told you not to come back." (omfg i just saw your M!A's---GOOD LUCK WITH THAt)


The “mute” woman looked up at the central core with tired eyes before letting out a shriek of surprise and terror. “I-I just w-wanted to see your beautiful face again, gorg-” She quickly put a hand over her mouth, cringing. Oh god no.