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20, 40, 46? :)

40. which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series?

SSLL.  I mean, it’s basically a reverse-harem anime as it is. xD

46. share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet

“why would you ever come back, kid?”

Her smile was small–soft and slightly uneasy.  “For the longest time, I thought it had just been a nightmare.  I thought I had hallucinated the entire thing… No one would believe me.  I began to wonder if I was insane.”

Her chocolate gaze flickered up, straying from the intensity of his dilated eyelight, to the glaring crack in the top of his skull, before quickly amending her slip.  It was too late, however; he caught the pity that had flickered across her expression.  There was an apology somewhere on the tip of her tongue.

There was also a flash of a memory that made his skull ache.  A scene of her with a face softened by youth, staring at him from across an immaculately-set table, the flickering candlelight highlighting the tear tracks and the tremble to her lip.

The fragment slipped through the cracks in his memory, too quickly for him to make sense of whether it was an actually memory or just some sort of delusion.  

“I came back because I finally got your voicemail… and I wanted to make things right.”

Sans rocked forward, his tight grin becoming manic.  “you know… they say doin’ the same thing over and over again and expectin’ different results is the very definition of insanity, pal.”

Her brow furrowed, and her lips parted to voice some sort of query–but all that came out was some sort of strangled, shuddering gasp.  Wide-eyed, she stared down at the bone protruding from her chest; impaled on the jagged end was her bright red SOUL, severed in half.

Sans…”  Disbelief filled the single syllable she managed to rasp before the little heart shattered.  He closed his eyes just he heard the crunch of her body hitting the snow.

When he opened them, the scene had RESET.  She was standing just past the door to the Ruins, and he was concealed in the shadows of the barren trees.  The human clutched her chest, gasping at the phantom injury.  He stepped forward, easily snapping a thick branch beneath his slipper to announce his presence, and her head snapped up.  He expected to see fear in her gaze–for her to scramble back through the snow and plead for the old goat to open back up.  Or, hell, for her to take off running, maybe try shouting for his brother.  

Instead, she looked at him directly, her gaze steady and filled with something he hadn’t seen Underground since she waltzed right through the barrier with the last of their Hope.  


His shoulders started shaking.  It started as a tremble at first, making him clench his teeth.  Then, it started growing.  His fingers clenched into the front of his shorts.

“I guess we’re both insane, then, huh?” she voiced, spreading her arms out to her sides.  There was the barest of wavers to her soft tone, belying her courage.  

It was just enough to make him lose his composure and start outright laughing.  

He tipped his skull back, and he ran a hand over the top of his skull, phalanges grazing the wound that would never heal.  He guffawed harder than he had over anything in years.    

She was right.  Of course they were both insane.  Who willingly throws themselves into the pits of hell–except for someone completely off their rocker?  And she still had her power to RESET the timeline?  That was hilarious!   

And Sans, well… She was about to learn that his changes weren’t limited to being superficial.

“welp, once a judge, always a judge…” he murmured under his breath once his laughter finally subsided and he was able to get himself somewhat under control.  There was a brightness to his eyelight that seemed to unsettle her; once again, she found her gaze drifting.

Sans held a hand out and conjured an elongated femur bone, the head of which was long, flat, and dangerously sharp.   

Her arms fell to her sides, and hesitation swept across her features.  She couldn’t even keep her voice light as she asked,  “…. What’s so funny, Sans?  Think of a good joke?” 

He chuckled again, but instead of the mirthful guffaws from before, the sound was dark and low.  “just thought of somethin’ i wanted to ax you.”  In the next moment, he raised the bone ax above his head and leaned forward.  His magic flared, and he crossed the meager gap with a shortcut, appearing directly in front of her.  Sans was poised to swing, and the human stumbled back, fear finally overtaking her determined stare.   

“wanna buy a head dog, frisk?” 

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I wonder why Isayama chose Mikasa and Levi not to be closely related by blood. He could have done it, they have the surnames and everything, but he didn't. I wonder if that will be important later on?

Exactly, anon! It makes us all wonder

This is all very suspicious. Maybe it’s just a publishing strategy from his editor, since Levi and Mikasa are the most popular male and female characters respectively. Even if it doesn’t serve a purpose later on, at least Isayama hasn’t sunk our ship yet, and that’s remarkable in a manga like SNK - boy, did you see how many ships he’s sunk / nearly sunk last year alone? So there is still a remote chance they become canon in the end, and that’s all that matters for now.

  • Alex Danvers: I just saw the latest edition Kara. That bastard. Just give me the word and I'll take care of Snapper
  • Kara Danvers: What? Why?
  • Alex Danvers: He didn't publish your interview yet again! Just this month you interviewed Lena Luthor eleven times and he only published one. He clearly has it out for you. This is an outrage
  • Kara Danvers: Ha...yeah...outrage. Anyway on a completely unrelated matter could I ask you a scientific question?
  • Alex Danvers: ...sure?
  • Kara Danvers: Now I just want to clarify that this is a purely hypothetical question. For an article. Yes for an article
  • Alex Danvers: Out with it Kara
  • Kara Danvers: Can you die from too many orgasms?
  • Alex Danvers: WHAT!?
  • Kara Danvers: Well I just read that they call it the little death so I was worried that many combined.....you know what never mind. I'll google it
  • Alex Danvers: ......I need a drink

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hmm, yeah. i remember the first time he opened up about it and he said something like Kris was disrespectful, i think. i just lost all respect for him. i think Kai was the only member who didn't speak about it and i have loads of respect for him for keeping quiet. all the other members should have kept quiet until Kris said something. hell, man, they're saying these horrible things about him yet Kris hasn't said anything. :c i would love to speak to you more about this ^u^

Ahhh! Sorry for this late reply but I was wayyy too happy before. I’m going to address why Suho is one of the members I hate. Now, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I think this also sheds some light on Kris’ situation. And maybe I am incredibly biased? I hope I don’t get much hate but /deep breaths/ here goes! I haven’t been with exo from the start-start, I didn’t really stan them until a few months after debut but I can say I’ve been in the fandom for quite a long time and I like to analyse things so… I feel that as a leader, Suho was quite lacking in 2012, he was almost a non-existent leader of exo-k. I mean nobody really saw him as a leader. Almost everybody was praising Kris’ leadership skills with his ability to speak up for the members, help them answer the harder questions when they were stuck etc.. but almost nobody mentioned Suho’s leadership skills. Now this could be because exo k didn’t really promote much but I still felt that way. There’s this clip I think during Gayo Daejun (watch this) you can see Kris’ leadership in action. He commnicates to the staff, arranged the members in seats, quick and snappy. Suho? not so much…

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But imagine James or Sirius trying the send the other a Howler as a joke and yelling and screaming at their wand, and yet not being able to do it because they don't *mean* it. And so they think they're doing it wrong and go to McGonagall to see what they're doing wrong, who just laughs at them and is like "it didn't work because you weren't really angry at them."


I am publishing because this is amazing and brilliant.

I do really believe Howlers won’t work unless you’re actually angry and I do love this.