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how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend

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Hey, why is your icon pepe? I know it didn't start out that way but at this point the racist associations it's had attached to it make me very uncomfortable

I think I set my icon to celebrate the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the US (which was a bit before the meme gained notoriety for its association with the alt-right), and I like Pepe with the gay flag as a symbol that I refuse to abandon him to his fascist captors. But if people find it concerning I can add a clarification to my description and/or switch to a different icon (such as, perhaps, a more explicitly antifascist Pepe, lol, or maybe with the creator killing off the character in disappointment it’s time to find something new). Let me know what you all think!

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You know what I just realized. When Taylor and Karlie mentioned at the very beginning that a lot of people repeatedly said they should meet because they were so much alike? They were all trying to get them together because they knew the girls were gay. It makes so much sense now! In all my life I've never recommended a friendship to anyone, it seems invading and a lot more personal than introducing someone as a potential love interest. Why didn't I see it before?

They played it well, the “you would be best friends” angle. It helped explain how they got so close so fast in a hetero friendly way. But yes, I am quite sure that those people were trying to set them up. 🏳️‍🌈

Duality songs in one sentence
  • The Haunting: Have fun getting over me.
  • N.M.E.: Does your new significant other know you're an asshole, because if not, I'll totally let them know.
  • Why Worry: Stop stressing, it's not good for you.
  • Ancient History: I should REALLY break up with you, but you're hot so I'll wait a bit.
  • Bleak December: I should've found out you were an asshole before we got this far into our relationship.
  • Duality: I'm not a good person, but hey, at least I admit it.
  • Tomorrow: You'll make it through this, and you're chance will come, trust me.
  • Bad Guy: Why are you calling me an asshole when all I did was try to keep this relationship alive?
  • Miss Mysterious: I didn't know you were an asshole because you're so good at hiding and now I regret it.
no matter where you are, no matter how far

by ceaseandexist

art and playlist by @birdstattoo

written for the @1dbigbang

“You kind of have to be a little bit dumb to decide to climb Everest, I think,” Harry says. “Like at some point you should probably say to yourself, ‘Hey, this is really dangerous and expensive and stuff, and maybe I should just, like, become an architect or something.’”

Louis cocks an eyebrow. “An architect, Haz? Is that your secret dream? You want to build –”

“Shh,” Harry says, holding a finger up to Louis’s lips. “I’m trying to make a point. Just that, like, at some point, we all make a stupid choice to put our lives in danger, but that’s just part of why climbing this mountain is such an accomplishment, right? Because most people aren’t dumb enough to try.”

Or: An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.

Read on Ao3

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Can I ask why you like Drew??? It's honsetly been a few years for me since reading about her but I remember I didn't like her bitchy attitude and how she treated the rest of her cabin mates. But I'm sure if I go back and reread it maybe opinions could change about her(it's been 4 years nearly). And you say Rick set out to make her be a classic misogynistic person for us to hate but(I was like 13 when I read about her and I'm 17 now)I didn't see that or get that vibe. So what makes her like that?

i know, it’s definitely a thing that i would recommend you rereading after unlearning all of your internalized misogyny. when you read the lost hero after becoming a feminist, piper and drew definitely come alive and i guarantee you’ll see tropes that you didn’t before, and rethink why they’re unlikable (we weren’t discussing piper, but it’s the same problem).

she’s a bitch who is a bitch for no discernable reason, pitted as the Stupid, Bitchy Pretty Popular Girl. she’s a walking trope, not a character. she’s regina george, except that it’s not a satire, like mean girls was, it’s a legitimate stereotype in action. she’s set up for us to hate. she’s the Boyfriend Stealing Bitch, the one that teaches girls to despise other girls over boys. she’s not developed beyond “she’s a shallow bitch” and the entire purpose of her character is to be torn down, so that piper can complete her character arc. not to mention that male characters step all over everybody all the time, and that never stopped anyone from adoring them and making excuses for their actions. terrible male characters exist in overabundance, because when men are flawed, people call them “anti-heroes” and “tragic” and like the fuck out of them anyway. and when boys and men are presented to be unlikable or even the literal enemy, i guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 they’ll get a plotline that redeems them and makes you sympathize with them. characters like drew don’t get that luxury, because obviously she’s just a bitchy little boyfriend stealing princess, right?

so, i like her, because of how bad her writing is. i like her because i refuse to accept that shitty trope. i like her because she’s a boss ass bitch, who takes no shit and loves herself. i like her because she is deeply flawed and i like deeply flawed, complicated female characters.


Things were still a little tense between them after the whole trying to kill him situation, but they were working on making things better. That was part of the reason why he’d invited Liam over for a little bonding. They’d binged on soda, pizza, video games, and some scary movies before they crashed in Scott’s room, Liam set up in the sleeping bag he always used to use for sleepovers when he was younger. Now, he was drifting off to the sound of the rain beginning to hit the windows around them.

svt as study buddies
  • s.coups: made flashcards ahead of time to share and quiz each other with, brings you coffee and snacks halfway through, has 5 extra pencils and lead if you ever needed it
  • jeonghan: tries hard to focus, gets sleepy real quick, "but that's tiring", falls asleep unless there's food (or coups lol), can find him in the bathroom taking 5 minute naps
  • joshua: perfectionist at heart, aims high and studies hard, signed up to be a tutor in class, wants to help everyone pass the exam, becomes honorary teaching assistant tbh
  • jun: knowledge is power sloth meme, reads things as scripts to memorize them, pretty face and pretty mind, somehow has study materials from the teacher that were never handed out in class
  • hoshi: cracks puns every 3 seconds, nothing gets done but process over product okay, "wait when did the teacher say that?", studies using dance moves as a memorization technique
  • wonwoo: nose in a book, brings up the random facts the teacher never even talked about, sings random parts of songs without warning, leans over to look at what you're reading
  • woozi: doesn't study but still aces the exam, "it was easy", on his phone listening to music instead of studying the material, taps his pencil to new beats he's thinking about
  • dk: stays positive even at 3am and the exam is in 5 hours, the wanderer that goes to different tables and talks with everyone, tries to imitate the sound tape dispensers make
  • mingyu: doesn't actually know how to do all the problems but has good intuition, guesses on problems are 89.4% accurate, doodles in the margins of his and your notes
  • the8: actually helps you study, brings up good debates and wins you over with his answer when he shines his smile, he's on top of his study game and still has time for b-boying
  • seungkwan: diva studier, in the last few hours of studying "THERE'S SO MUCH TO STUDY I'M NOT GONNA PASS TELL MY MOM I LOVE HER I-", worries for nothing because he always passes
  • vernon: asks lots of questions, "why?" "what?" "how?", tbh y'all just end up in a circle of questions, makes a lot of faces when he comes across something he doesn't know
  • dino: bought a set of multi-colored highlighters and uses a different color for each word, wants coffee but is not sleepy???, looks at the answer before trying the problem, "oh i knew that, next question"

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Imagine Sole helping MacCready set up a house for him and Duncan in Sanctuary but instead of his son, he gets a note from Daisy saying "I'm sorry MacCready. Duncan didn't make it." Then Mac doesn't leave the house, talk, sleep, eat, or even cry. One day, Shaun stares at Mac for a while before going up and hugging him. Mac's just startled for a moment and then breaks down, sobbing and hugging the kid tight who suddenly reminds him of Duncan so much.

why would i want to imagine this holy

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After working non-stop for the past couple weeks at the hospital, Sora finally caught a break. She didn't understand why it got so busy all of the sudden but she decided it was the change in seasons. Sora goes up to the house after texting Ryoko earlier to unlock the front door for her. Quietly going in, she sees that even Zero hasn't heard her and after setting her bags down, she then goes over to Goro and hugs him tightly from behind. (You can answer this when you feel like it ^^ )

“Hey there I didn’t here you come in how has work?” Goro was making dinner nothing Fancy just curry and rice before looking at Zero “You’re a terrible guard dog.” he said jokingly at the puppy who just looks back at him wagging his tail

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How would vixx react if they saw their girlfriend laughing with their mom. (And they didn't know that they were in town too, +Gifs?) :D Thanks!

Leo: “Ah, you two have already met…” he closes the front door, setting his bags down, entering the living room where you and his mom are sitting.

N: “Mother, why are you here,” he asks, making an unnoticeable face when his mother turns her back on him.

Hongbin: Damn it, he thinks. Maybe I shouldn’t have left the house key in the pot.

Ken: “Yay… you guys met,” he says weakly, hoping that she hadn’t scared you.

Ravi: “_______! I’m” he cuts himself off, hearing your laughter along with his mom’s voice. He sighs, putting on a fake smile before entering the kitchen.

Hyuk: “Wait mom, not the baby pictures,” he begs, quickly trying to swipe the photo album away.

Hope you liked it!


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I always think Harry kind of hates lying and so his body language or pretend joking reveal an opposite truth. I'm thinking of the gif set you just reblogged where Harry makes the kissy face when asked what they do before going on stage and about the exaggerated wink when confirming that he and Louis didn't live with each other anymore in that old couch interview. It's like he stubbornly needs part of him to tell the truth even as his words have to lie.

I agree and I think that’s part of why we all thought Harry was a bad actor for so long prior to Dunkirk being announced; I think he hates lying about himself and his relationship IRL and does everything he can to subtly thwart the het narrative he’s being forced to present. So it’s less that he’s a bad actor but more that he (subconsciously and/or deliberately?) self sabotages whenever he has to act like a pr stunt he’s involved with is real.

Clearly he’s not a bad actor when it comes to playing someone else entirely for a role. But when it comes to who *he* is and his relationship with Louis? His body language always gives the truth away to anyone who’s paying attention (be it through half-assed het pr stunts or the way Harry subconsciously acts around and gravitates towards Louis).

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I'm honestly wondering how you guys would handle baseless accusations of someone being hateful and bigoted. If you have enough people dogpiling on one person, does it come down to the personal perception of the mods? What if someone didn't really do something wrong or did something that's subjective and a lot of people decide is hurtful and wrong? We've seen a lot of people harassing and dragging people who realistically didn't do anything wrong through the mud. How would you handle that?

As I said we will decide on a detailed set of criteria for our harassment policy before launch, but when it comes to harassment, we think whether the targeted user is “actually wrong” or not is somewhat irrelevant. If a user says something insensitive and hurtful– that is not already grounds for action under our policy– then other users certainly have the right to confront the user and make them aware of why they take issue with what was said. But to go on to slander that individual on a personal level, make threats, organize a campaign against that individual, etc. is never appropriate, regardless of the original fault of that person. I greatly value Tumblr’s representation of different demographics and identities and I have learned a lot from the discussions that happen on this site, so I want everyone to know that in no way will we be attempting to limit discussions about important and divisive issues. However, I hope we can all agree that when these discussions evolve into personal vendettas where users end up being harassed persistently constitutes a hostile environment, no matter what incites it, and we would like to limit that. We know this is an incredibly complicated issue, and we will be working on our policies and try to formulate a system that we think is as fair as possible.