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Silence is Golden, Observation is Platinum

ok guess what fuckers i found a super sad story idea about tony somehow losing his voice and the avengers actually like it better so let’s write it and cry (update: idea from @thoseironeyes so ur welcome i saw it and cried) 

Tony was seriously annoyed that he was cursed with not talking. But were the Avengers going to know that he messed up and Loki told him that talking is unbecoming? No. Because he’s better than that, and he’ll get his voice back in a couple days after Bruce or Thor notice and flip out. Besides, he has things to do. 

Sure, working with Jarvis is a little bit harder. He has nonverbal cues, learns a little bit of sign language, and wastes time by looking at videos of dolphins clicking to get around town. (Well, around sea, but that doesn’t matter. The scientist also named the dolphin Eric, but that’s dumb, so Tony named him Dennis instead.) 

When he comes up to get food, he wants so badly to make the witty remark to just totally roast Barton, even if Natasha hits him on the arm for it. But sound won’t come out. His mouth opens, but he closes it again. If he writes it, then the comedic value is lost. 

“No stupid commentary for once?” Clint sasses. “Wow Stark, you’re playing nice. I’m impressed.” 

“Good job, Tony,” Steve says, flipping through the newspaper. (Ugh, Tony hates getting it delivered, newspapers are so last year.) 

He’s floored by the fact that they don’t notice anything. He makes no sound. When Natasha has a nice pun, he can’t laugh. No sound comes out. Tony can’t talk, and they seemingly don’t care. They like it. 

He tests it. When he watches a movie with Steve and Natasha, they say it’s nice that he doesn’t have the constant running commentary. (Screw you, his joke about Bruce the shark from Jaws was funny.) He doesn’t do anything in response. Natasha herself hasn’t even noticed anything; it’s like they ignore him. 

Weeks go by, and no one notices that Tony hasn’t made a peep in over a month. They like it. Bruce says it’s calming to have total quiet in the lab, save for Tony’s music. Tony doesn’t say anything. He bans Friday from saying anything about it. 

The next battle against Loki, he returns it. “I’m shocked they didn’t notice,” he muses, blasting his stupid freaking magic at the suit. (Tony hates magic.) “It must have been a nice reprieve for them, you not talking all the time. Wasting oxygen and breath with silly little comments.” Tony just scowls. 

“You’re an asshat,” he mutters, voice coming out like water from a leaky faucet. He’s not used to it. But Loki painfully brought up a point; they liked Tony better when he wasn’t talking. 

After the mission, Thor suggests Indian food. Tony really isn’t in the mood, but he eats same as them. He doesn’t say anything. Clint grins at him. Tony weakly smiles back, and thinks about what Loki said. Wasting oxygen and breath. He shouldn’t be doing that when people so obviously don’t care. Tony should’ve learned at an earlier age, what with Howard not paying attention to anything besides booze, inventions, and cars. No one has ever cared. 

So, Tony doesn’t talk. He does his job, releases things, and no one cares. No one notices. The Avengers like it better when he doesn’t talk. So, it stops. 

Not like anyone notices. 

He texts them, yeah. But those are easier to articulate, easier to maneuver. Even Natasha can’t beat him at the texting game. It’s easier than talking, easier than babbling only to realize that no one really cared about the invention he had made for his lab. It wasn’t cool, it was just another thing to tune out. 

He gets a small ray of hope when Bruce says that he hasn’t talked to Tony in forever. 

“You did at the mission thingy,” Clint says. “You know, when you had to patch up Cap?” 

“I did?” Clint shrugs. That’s the end of communication for them. Tony hasn’t talked to Bruce in three weeks and counting, not like it’s a big deal or anything. 

Tony honestly thought they would notice by now. He wasn’t doing interviews, he wasn’t at the forefront of his company meetings talking about the new revolutionary tech; it was all Pepper and the other members of Research and Development. 

Rhodey is the only one he periodically talks with, but Rhodey isn’t at the base. At least he would notice. Probably. Maybe. It was iffy. 

When Rhodey gets to the tower, he notices. 

None of the Avengers are spoken to. At first, he thinks that maybe Tony is giving them the silent treatment, and fists will be thrown if they did anything to Tony. 

“Tony, why aren’t you talking to any of them?” 

“They like it better when I don’t talk,” Tony says nonchalantly. “So I just don’t.” Rhodey’s throat constricts with shock and rage. 

“Tony,” he says lowly. “What have I said about jerks who don’t want to talk to you?” 

“Kick their asses and take names,” Tony says with a sigh. “Rhodey, I know. But maybe…maybe this is better.” 

“No, it isn’t,” Rhodey says, anger growing. “If those clowns can’t handle you talking like you’re about to die from not talking, they’re not friends. They’re not going to be in this tower, making you feel like shit. That’s not how friendship works.” He storms off, towards the common room. 

“When did Tony stop talking?” He demanded, looking straight at Natasha. 

“What do you mean?” Clint responds for her. “He talks all the time.” Rhodey takes a deep breath. Lord, give him strength. 

“No, he hasn’t,” Rhodey says. “The entire time I’ve been here, he hasn’t spoken a word to any of you. Jarvis, since apparently you’re the only one who knows anything around here, when was the last time Tony had an honest-to-god conversation with any of the Avengers?” 

“Approximately two months and three days ago,” Jarvis answers. The silence is so stunning that Rhodey would probably win an Oscar for his presentation of facts. 

“So none of you have even attempted conversation with him for over two months?” Rhodey asks, pinching the bridge of his nose. “None of you have…? God, I thought things couldn’t get worse, but no, this is the tip of the iceberg. Why haven’t any of you attempted conversations?” 

“We didn’t notice that much of a change. Usually, Tony just talks about his inventions anyway, and we can’t really understand what’s going on. So we just, you know, tune it out,” Clint offers feebly. 

“I’m sorry you’re angry with us, Colonel,” Steve says, “but I doubt you would’ve noticed a change if you had been with us.” There’s a silence so thick that Rhodey could cut it. 

“Okay, listen up Shit-for-Brains, I’m only gonna say this once, so you better respect an army guy with a higher rank than you,” Rhodey says with a growl. “Tony talking all the time is awesome. You get so much out of it, and when he talks a lot about his inventions, it means he’s comfortable with whoever he’s with. But apparently, since all of you are Emotionally Constipated and can’t recognize signs of Unhealthy Activity Among Humans, I’m gonna spell it out for you. all of you suck. All of you need to shower him in gifts and appreciation, because guess who is living in one of the nicest places in the western hemisphere? Oh wait, not me.” 

Tony just watches Rhodey go off. He’s silent (what else is new?) and almost smiling. He’s ripping them to shreds, and Natasha sidles up to Tony. 

“I’m sorry,” she says simply. “Am I forgiven?” 

“No,” Tony answers on instinct. “You owe me a hell of a lot, Natasha. It starts with listening to me tell you all about how you’re screwing up your weapons that I made for you.” 

  • soo yeon: hang on, everyone! i got this. *lifts a huge pillar with her bare hands and knocks over a bunch of bad guys*
  • soo ho: what the? since when can you do that?!
  • *soo yeon has been training secretly and now has superhuman strength*
  • soo ho: wait, what? are you telling me we can just throw lines between two asterisks and people will buy it? why the hell didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?!
  • *since han sung's death, soo ho has learned the ability to summon hamburgers*
  • soo ho: oh boy!
  • ji dwi: hey, let me try that.
  • *ji dwi has finally won ah ro's heart and the two are to be married in a month*
  • *lmao just kidding*
  • ji dwi: dammit!

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imagine bucky and sam and nat getting together because they formed a 'hopelessly in love with steve rogers' club and sort of all fell in love with each other and when steve finds out hes all 'geez why didn't you tell me guys' and 'i feel left out now'

the club had started with drunken confessions. sam wilson would have told you it wasn’t possible to get natasha romanoff drunk enough to admit to having a crush, but - well, it happened. the next morning, she said, “don’t you fucking dare tell anyone,” and that was the end of that.

at least, until bucky told sam he had a crush on steve, too.

well, to be fair, it was more like sam bugging him about it until he admitted it. (which really, it only took once - bucky turned beet red and stammered for a few minutes, but then he admitted it readily enough). bucky stuck to steve like glue for a very long time even after the hardest parts of his recovery were over, and it stood out to sam like a flashing neon sign that bucky was absolutely smitten with that boy.

sam told nat, and nat threw up her hands and said “well, we’d better start a damn club.”

so they did. steve walks in on one of their “meetings” - which mostly consist of drinking and complaining about how steve was too reckless on the last mission and he needs to be more careful - and at first he’s confused, but then he grins and says, “you guys have been having all this fun and i wasn’t invited?”

natasha exchanges glances with bucky and sam, raises an eyebrow at steve, and gets up from where they’re all sitting on the couch to approach him. he looks a tiny bit apprehensive, but she takes his hand and leads him back to the couch with her.

there is a lot more cuddling than talking after that.

"Happy 1 year.."
  • Y/N's POV
  • I looked at the clock and finally started getting ready. "You ready?" My manager peeps in her head in my room. I just nod and followed her down the stairs into the car. It was time to do a red carpet for an event. Who knows what event it was this time, all I know is, there are events after events that it is hard to keep up which one is happening.
  • We got to the event, and I got out the car. Flashes and camera shatters started going off. My manager let me onto the carpet to take some pictures. As I was walking, I got called by a friend of mine in seventeen magazine, to do a quick interview. I walked up to him and greeted him.
  • Interviewer: How are you Y/N?
  • Y/N: I'm good. Very good. Excited to be here!
  • Interviewer: What are you excited most about tonight?
  • Y/N: You know, everything. I just can't wait to see what Kevin Hart has in store as the host this year. So, I'm expecting it to be really funny..
  • Interviewer: So it was recently your birthday.
  • Y/N: Yes it was just last month exactly
  • Interviewer: Well, happy belated birthday from all of us!
  • Y/N: Thank you so much.
  • Interviewer: So can you recall the most memorable birthday good or bad in your life
  • Y/N: I can actually but I'm not going to say it haha
  • Interviewer: Come on, we can handle it
  • Y/N: Ok Well I have had great birthdays in the past. But the one I remember the most was my worst birthday in my life
  • Interviewer: OOoo, what happened?
  • Y/N: Well, a couple days before my birthday I was in jersey visiting some friends and I came back the morning of my birthday. And I went home to see my boyfriend
  • Interviewer: Ooo, boyfriend!!
  • Y/N: Yeah, well when I went home, I found him in bed, naked, with another girl in his arms.
  • Interviewer: WHAAATTT
  • Y/N: Yeah, my reaction too hahaha
  • Interviewer: And then what did you do?
  • Y/N: I was shocked too. And at that point I started a video and taking pictures as proof that there was another girl in bed with him, you know, just in case he denies it to our friends
  • Interviewer: Genius! Genius move!
  • Y/N: And from then on I just kept recording. I set it on the table so I can get the whole thing on table. I slowly removed the blanket that was covering them, and found that they were both naked. Which made me so much more mad you know. So I walked my butt to the kitchen, grabbed a big bucket, put 20 big hand scoops of ice cubes in it, then put cold water to the top. I walked back to the room, and poured it allllll over their bodies
  • Interviewer: YOU DID NOT!!!!
  • Y/N: But I did haha
  • Interviewer: They must have been pissed!!hahaha
  • Y/N: GOOD! Haha, well he fell to the side of the bed and sat up and said "Y/N what the hell!" like what the hell was that for and what the hell are you doing home. And the girl was trying to cover herself and yelling at me "YOU ARE FREAKING CRAZY!" And I remember yelling to the both of them, "IF A BOY EVERY CHEATS ON ME, I WILL BECOME A CRAZY BITCH NOT BECAUSE I'M CRAZY BUT BECAUSE YOU CRAZY ENOUGH TO CHEAT ON ME!"
  • Interviewer: That is great!! Hahaha he deserves it both of them! You heard it here folks! You cheat on her, you get the bucket!
  • Y/N: Yeah, want to know the craziest part of it all?
  • Interviewer: What's that?
  • Y/N: It was my most recent birthday...
  • Y/N: I did in fact have one
  • Interviewer: WHAT?! Dish the dirt, who was it?!
  • Y/N: Haha that is what I'm going to be keeping a secret.
  • Interviewer: How long were you guys together? How long have you known each other?
  • Y/N: We've known each other for 2 years? 2 1/2 years, yeah. We dated for 11 months on my birthday. So we were friends before.
  • Interviewer: How tragic. Who is it though? A boy from your hometown? Someone famous?
  • Y/N: Wellllll, you know him.... So...
  • Interviewer: We know him huh? So he's famous!
  • Y/N: Welllll.... Yeah....? He's known..
  • Interviewer: He's upcoming famous.
  • Y/N: There you go, he's upcoming famous.
  • Interviewer: Come on, why won't you tell us? He did you wrong, do him wrong. Don't you want girls to know about him and his ways?
  • Y/N: *Smiles * Haha, I'm not going to deny him future girlfriends! Haha that sounds too much of an ex girlfriend type. I'm not like that. You know, one mistake does not define a person. Yeah, the mistake he made was pretty big and wrong but you know I don't know his intentions for doing so, or his reasonings behind it. But have you ever heard of the saying "You can do 99 things right and 1 thing wrong. But everyone will only remember the 1 thing you did wrong?" He did everything right in our relationship except one thing, the wrong thing. Doing me wrong. I don't want people to know him by the one thing he did wrong.
  • Interviewer: That's very kind of you for someone who just got their heart broken and cheated on. But really, are you sure there's not one little ounce in your body that wants people to know about him?
  • Y/N: Haha no.. I'm not going to do him dirty like that. I will not deny him his career because of one mistake either. I believe in him. I believe in his future. That it will be big and bright. I support him 100% and I will always be his number 1 fan whether he knows it or not. And I wish him all the luck in the future.
  • Interviewer: One more question. Why did you keep your relationship a secret?
  • Y/N: I have a personal life and a professional life. I like to keep those 2 separate. What I do in my personal life is my business. Not anyone else's. I didn't want my fans or his fans calling him out or me out saying we don't deserve each other, we can do better, or why are you guys dating, or he/she is ugly just because we are dating. No.. I don't want people to be in my business telling me what I can and can't have in my life. I would love to make my personal life public so everyone can know more about me but I'm not ready for that. I'm not comfortable with people telling me those kinds of things yet. So until then, my personal life and my business life will stay separate.
  • Interviewer: If you saw him right now, or he's watching this right now, what do you have to say to him?
  • Y/n: Today is the 9th?
  • Interviewer: It is in fact the 9th.
  • Y/N: uhm, * looks into the camera * Happy 1 year. * smiles