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When he yelled what the fuck is happening I became so frustrated he's so overwhelmed and confused he didn't even push the pap they fell and he wasn't trying to take any females phone he had to pry her off he can't just watch El get ganged up on I feel so bad for him it was like he couldn't win in anyway in this situation

I cannot understand why he was arrested and those three girls got to walk. This makes zero sense to me. He didn’t attack anyone. He was trying to protect Eleanor. This is a fucking mess and those charges need to be dropped.

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College AU with Yoosung and Saeran

Okay SO. I just… couldn’t figure out how to write an easy drabble with this because in order for Saeran to actually go to college I would have to change his entire childhood? So… here’s the result of starting down that route. It’s… like an introduction, a first chapter, if there’s interest in me continuing it…and it’s told in first person because I felt like it, okay? Anyway. It’s not edited, yet, I plan to do that in a bit on my phone so forgive any mistakes… Anyway, here we go…

The Star in the SKY

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I first met my best friend and my boyfriend when I was 12 years old. Not that I knew it at the time, but there they both were, following my cousin Rika’s boyfriend into her house, matching sets of red hair and golden eyes staring at me. They were identical and I was in awe; I’d never seen twins in real life before that moment. The only physical feature that distinguished one from the other was the set of round glasses one wore, but their personalities were another matter. The one with glasses had a wide grin on his face and was nearly vibrating with excitement while his brother stood behind both him and V, watching me with an expression I didn’t understand at the time. I definitely did not hide behind her legs at the intrusion, and I certainly didn’t stutter when one of them spoke to me.

Let me back up a bit. My name is Yoosung Kim and I’m a 22-year-old college student at SKY University. My major is veterinary medicine, although I’ve lost a lot of my drive to complete my classes. In fact, the only reason I reliably come to school anymore is because of Seven driving to my house and dragging me there. I’m not sure why he’s so insistent since it’s not like he goes to many of his own, but every morning he’s at my place without fail. Well, he was, but recently his life has changed in a way that’s causing him to become even more reclusive than normal, which is not a good thing. I had hoped the days of me forcing him out of his apartment were long gone, but apparently not. He won’t even let me in to speak with him right now, something I find incredibly irritating since the only other way is to learn Arabic to get past the completely unnecessary lock he has on his door.

Honestly, what 23-year-old does that? Puts a password-coded lock in a different language on the door to their apartment on the 12th floor? My best friend, that’s who. Whatever.

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I turn 30 next year. I'm so use to being "20-something" and although I didn't think it would bug me at all, the closer it gets the worse I feel. I still feel like I'm 16 years old. People on tumblr are always like "why is anyone over 25 even still on tumblr?" and everyone is younger than me. I just want to watch cartoons and buy figurines and play video games. I thought I'd be ok but I feel so old. I feel too old for the kind of person I am and the things I like to do.

Hi love, this makes me think of this one Yoko Ono quote (this isn’t exact): “age is a concept, some people are young at 80 and some are old at 15” people will try to force ideas on you about what it means to be 30 but they don’t matter. It doesn’t have to mean anything. I’m sure there are so many other people out there that feel the same way as you. You’ll find those people eventually and you won’t feel so alone xx I hope this helps! There’s nothing wrong with you, keep feeling young the rest of your life xx

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Donnie was being very careful now that he was back in New York. He was on high alert for any Kraang Droids and mutants that belonged to the Shredder. With his family settling into their new home he had to try and fix the broken heater, microwave, and other various items. So, he had taken to looting apartment buildings for the parts to make it a bit easier. Though he didn't like it, he knew there was no other way to help the city without dirtying his hands a little like this for their sake.

Tiger claw was walking past the ruins of the apartments with at leas three dozen foot ninja behind him. He didn’t know why the shredder wanted these patrols, the city was theirs no one was going to stand in their way. “Spread out search this place from top to bottom. I want anyone found brought to me.” he commanded and watch the ninja spread. 

“This is ridiculous sending us out because of his own insecurities….” his ear twitched when he suddenly heard something from up in the building nearby probably just another thief, but he had to check anyway.“ He jumped up the wall and into the window. His feet landing square on the floor broken glass crushing beneath them."Hmmm…someone is up here. I can feel it.”

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I don't know who to ask so I decided to ask you. So I wear makeup everyday give or take and one day I didn't do that but I brought makeup to put on at school and I didn't get to it till last period. Alright, so a guy saw me doing that and walked up and asked me why I wore makeup and I didn't answer so he watched me for awhile then said you know makeup makes you look ugly then walked away. Bryan, what the hell is this supposed to mean? Please help, I'm really confused!!

makeup isn’t for anyone but yourself. if it makes you happy who cares