why did your face have to come into my life

@bewitchinglesbian replied to your post “why is it that once my life starts actually coming together & i am…”

*sends hugs* i know it’s really hard to face the reality of being stuck w a shitty mother, and also realising that means you have an absence of something fundamental in the way that you deserve to be treated!! But like ugh like I’m so sorry!! you don’t deserve that!!♥♥ But also your mother sounds shitty, it doesn’t sound like she’s giving “love” and asking for “love inreturn?? It sounds like she’s being manipulative and using affection/basic needs… the support and care that a parent is suppose to frickin give to her child b/c that’s what you sign up for when u have a kid?? U need to love and support them unconditionally??? Not just so that you can get more support on your terms and shit?? You dont’ have a kid so that they can validate you and shit?? That’s literallly not your job and that sounds so shitty?? And like she’s violating boundaries n shit if she whines and rants and complains to u about shit when ur not up to it/uncomfortable or whatever like that’s bullshit and she should know that? She is your goddamn parent and an adult who chose to have a child and here she is demandig things of you which is the opposite of parenting?? She should be giving you shelter, food, love and support without asking for anything in return b/c>>??? you were not made to support her, give her advice, guidance, validating, do jobs for her?? that is NOT a child’s job?? Like helping out is nice but?? it’s not your damn job?? and like sdiufhjknx sorry im in a Rant Mood but/?? you are NOT like your mother for ranting/oversharing on your own goddamn blog???? it’s your blog, your space to say whatever tf you like?? you’re not actively confronting ppl in their homes being like BINCH U HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING I SAY!!!! nobody has to read this?? you are forcing nobody!! you are using your own space to say what you are feeling and that’s 100% A-Okay?? ♥ on the other hand you (i assume) live w your mother, and in your own home and space she is forcing you to listen to her whine/complain/validate her, whether it’s flatout forcing out manipulation, she is not giving you the choice to opt out comfortably?? She is invading your space when u emotionally or whatever don’t have the energy for it/dont want to like?? you are NOT like ur mother!!!! sry just reassuing u but ye ill shut up now

no it’s so ok!! this really means a lot.

(my response is Long and Oversharing so i’m putting it under a readmore)

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  • Armin's First Time

This request comes from @brookiebrockbrick.


There’s no fuckin’ way.

I’m dead serious, not once.

How is that possible? Everyone does it.

Not Armin. Not unless he does it in the privacy of his own room, and very quietly.

He had to have tried it. Everyone does at some point in their lives.

I promise you, he hasn’t. We’ve talked about it a few times. He just doesn’t feel the need to.

I can’t imagine my life without it…

Yeah, me either. Shit- he’s coming. I bet I can get him to do it right now. U-uh hey, Armin, what’s up?

Nothing much, just got back from the store. Why do you have that look on your face? What did you do, Eren?

Uh…Armin…I’m really sorry but…when I did laundry this morning…I forgot to separate my clothes…

Wh- How can you…it…EREN, IT’S SO SIMPLE. LIGHTS, AND DARKS, *menacing* lights…and darks…you f-f-fucking idiot.

Holy shit