why did you reblog it from your old name

anonymous asked:

Why would Tyler comment under one of your posts? What the hell is going ooon? I'm so confused right now

Anon, I have not a clue. All I can say, is I did not tag him nor was his full name in the question. And the reply was within minutes after posting. Minutes, I initially ignored it as I did not think it was legit. But I have been told otherwise.  Which begs the question, does he read my blog?

Never ceases to amaze me how many people read my little old blog, its amazing.  You wouldn’t know from the comments and reblogs, but trust me, its insane.  

Which next begs the question why?  If I am just spewing batshit crazy tin hatting theories with no basis in the truth, why would anyone care?  And I think the answer to that is, while I am sure I have many of the details wrong, the foundation of what I say is firmly steeped in the truth.

Greetings, studyblr community! An authentic and depressing challenger arises.

-Who the hell is this guy?

My name is Denizhan, 15 years old high school sophomore from Turkey.

-Why did he make this post?

Because he thought that this community was too optimistic, and is in desperate need of followers.

-What will he post?

Notes that aren’t good, so that you can relate. Quotes that aren’t generic, so that you can read some different quotes on your dash. Unhealthy dose of philosopher quotes.

-Wow, he sounds edgy.

He damn right is.

-What does he study?

Anything he likes.

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