why did you make such a beautiful creature

The New Attraction

Draco Malfoy x Reader

You’re the transfer student at Hogwarts after the war. You were sorted into Gryffindor. At breakfast you sat by yourself. You’re pretty sure that everyone thinks you’re shy when really you just didn’t care.

Your first class is Double Potions with the Slytherins. Snape puts everyone in pairs and you get stuck with Draco Malfoy. Great.

“Why is this scum sitting next to me?" 

As the question rolls out of his mouth, the class goes dead silent. Probably wondering what the ‘shy’, quiet, new student is going to say.

"I’m sorry.”

“For what? Existing?” he sneers.

“I’m sorry for whatever I did to give you the impression that you can insult me. Because you’re wrong.”

He blinks in surprise and by the continuing silence, the class is surprised too.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Well, since the Professor told me to get with Draco Malfoy, I’m assuming that’s you. But please tell me I’m wrong. I’m begging you.”

He rolls up the sleeve from his left arm to show you the black skull and snake.

“Do you know what that is?”

“Yes. It’s the Dark Mark. Done with the interrogation yet?”

“So what am I?”

“An immature boy.”

Some people chuckle at this. He asks again through clenched teeth.

“So what am I?”

“A slimy git?” you guess.

“I’m a Death Eater.”

“No you’re not.”

“Really? They sure fooled me.”

“You’re an ex-Death Eater. What’s up with that name any way? Are you the one eating death or are you force feeding death to someone else?”

He chuckles dryly. 

“So you know who my leader was?”


He flinches.

 "But if I recall correctly, someone in this room defeated him.”

He turns to Snape and asks impatiently, “Do I have to sit next to this horrible creature?”

You interrupt before Snape can answer. 

“Aw, is Dwaco afwaid of gwirls/gwuys?”

Draco glares at you while Snape warns, “Miss/Mr (L/N)..”

“No. I just don’t like ugly ones.”

“You’re so shallow. Personality makes someone beautiful, not just looks. That’s why I’m beautiful and no one can figure out what you are.”

“Miss/Mr (L/N)! If I have to warn you one more time, you’ll go see the Headmistress!”

“You beautiful? Maybe in another universe.”

“You still admitted that I’m beautiful.”

“Did not!”

“Uh huh. In an alternate universe, I’d still be myself, but my environment would be different. So if my alternate self is beautiful, my normal self is beautiful.”

He scowls at your logic.

“Well, at least I have friends.”

“Where? I came in here and you were by yourself, no one near you. When you have friends, they normally talk to you. I might not have friends here, but I at least have some.”

Draco’s left eye starts to twitch. Snape’s deadly drawl interrupts.

“Miss/Mr (L/N), if you’d be so kind, please go see the Headmistress.”

“No offense, Professor, but I’m not going unless Mr. Malfoy accompanies me. He’s caused as much of a disruption as I have.”

“Fine, whatever! Both of you go! Now!”

You take a bow to the class and to your surprise, they applaud.

You stomp out with Malfoy on your heels. As soon as the Potion doors shut, Malfoy has you pinned against the wall.

“What’s your problem?!” you hiss.

He whispers in your ear, “You. No one talks to me like that and it kinda turns me on. You’re feisty. I like feisty.”

Then he kisses you roughly. It was the best damn kiss you’ve ever had.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 15.2

Here’s the last half of chapter 15! @outlandishchridhe is my soul sister and I love her. We’ve got so many plans for the future of this story, so don’t worry. I can’t say when the next chapter will post with Ish having a lot of stress at the moment. I promise there will be more, but you’ll have to wait.

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 9

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  • Word Count: 1,396
  • Characters: Bendy x Chubby Reader
  • Theme: Yandere

Walking through the abandoned building, your small feet shuffled on the wooden floor while trying avoiding the ink puddles that painted the hallways. As you pressed your Bendy plushy closer to your chubby body, your sense of panic began to grow at the realization you were lost in the hopeless maze.

You mentally scolded yourself for even walking in here to begin with, all because you were such a fan of the old cartoon that you just had to go to the place of origin where the Dancing Devil was created. Your innocent six-year old mind did not even think about the possible dangers of even going to such a dangerous place alone.

However, after your personal tour around the abandoned animation studio did you finally realize something. Someone else was there with you, watching and following your ever move. Although you couldn’t see it, you felt and heard it. You heard the unknown presence follow you with heavy footsteps, a pair of dull inky eyes observing the small child.  

Although you did not know it, this voyeur kept you safe from all the damned souls from harming you, not even getting close enough to make it known you were in danger in the first place. The black creature didn’t know why it kept protecting you, following your ever step. You were the same species as the creator, a traitor! Yet, you held an innocent aura. Something it has never known or witnessed before, it wanting to bask in that holy light that umbrellas around your chubby body.

The inky body knew you were nothing but a mere child, having done nothing wrong but bring beauty and innocence into the cruel world filled with turmoil and unrighteousness.

However, it wasn’t until he heard your whimpers escape trembling lips did he realize how frightened you were in the abandoned building. Of course, this was no place for an innocent child such as yourself. He wanted you to escape this place, go back to your parents to carry on your beautiful life compared to his damned creation.

But there was one problem, how could he present himself to you? A child, without frightening you? So the cogs within his mind began to crank and formulate a plan, to lead you out without him revealing his demon-like body.

“Don’t worry, little one.  You will return home soon enough” he thought to himself, while leading trails to the secret back door to leave his personal Hell. Like following a cookie crumb trail, you eventually found your way out of the scary building to have the cool summer breeze caress your chubby cheeks.

Wiping the tears that stained your rosy cheeks, you finally walked your way home in time for dinner. Unknown to you, the inky mass covering the Bendy plush within your grasp, possessing the vessel. He was finally out of the Hell that taunted his black mind, images of the past flowing through his memories every second of the day.

Although he was now impressed into the plush, he had never felt such warmth before. The silky smooth feel of your skin on top of the synthetic fur on the doll, stimulating his every sense causing the demon to heat up.

Every since that fateful day, he has always been with you. Always watching you, through the eyes of a plush doll covered in black ink. Every night he watched in fascination as the child slept peacefully, without a care in the world or worry that something so dangerous was so close and within her small grasp.

He knew absolutely everything about you, your likes and dislikes, every insecurity you possessed and fantasy you dreamed. It was all his to devour, you were now his. Even are you grew into your teenage years, he was always there to wipe away every tear shed. It boiled him inside to see you upset, wanting nothing more than to reveal his true form rather than the damned doll he possessed.

Now that you were older, you have abandoned the Bendy doll. Tossing him aside as if he were trash into the corner of your room, forgotten of all the memories shared between you two. Really, he was your best friend so how could you throw him away?

When others threatened to take you away, he was always there. The devilish creature ready to pounce on anyone who dared look at you suggestively.

Your body attracting wandering eyes, drinking in the curves of your heavy body that made Bendy itch with lust. The dancing demon wanting nothing more than to devour your body, caressing every roll and crevasse on you.

Your first heartbreak, oh how it pained him to see you spill tears into your pillow night after night. Your first boyfriend had supposedly abandoned you, yet to your ignorance he simply disappeared.  When he was pound, nothing but black inky filling his lungs mixed with blood.

Bendy will always be there for you, whether you liked it or not. How could he allow some other man treat you in such a vulgar way, no one deserved you but him.

Every day, you ran through his inky mind and made his black stained heart beat faster at the thought of you. He knew he just had to have you soon, or else he would go insane.  Wanting nothing more than to bathe in your presence, feel your burning skin against his true form.

Every night he would hover over your bed while you slept peacefully, his gloves hand tracing your skin delicately as if you were a masterpiece. You were like a plant sheet of parchment, and he wanted nothing more than to stain you with his dark ink to claim you as his. Oh how beautiful it would be to finally have you within his arms, to love you like you truly deserve.

“You’re the only one for me…” he said softly, somewhere inside wanting you to hear his pleas of love and affection. He knew you would return his feelings, he just knew it deep inside. Why would you have kept that doll in the first place? Why would you have gone into that abandoned building to see all the left over Bendy merchandise in shambles.

You have done this to yourself, truly. Now it was time for you to pay the price. His mind began to construct a plan, to make you his forever so you both could be happy.  This world was too cruel, full of sins and damnation that he did not want your beauty and good nature to be tainted. Wanting nothing more than to capture the beautiful butterfly in a glass jar for his own greed.

After months of plotting, it was finally time.

He waited a couple of minutes after slipping a powdered substance in the glass of water you kept on your nightstand every night. You were so predicable, it made him crave you even more.

Carrying your limp body into the night and finding its way into the once lively building, he walked toward the room that consisted of his nightmares. Opening the door, with a prolonged screech of the worn down and rusty opening.

His black eyes scanned the deteriorating room, stopping on the one thing he hated more than his very existence.

The Ink Machine.

Opening the hatch where he gazed into the black abyss, the machine still pumping full of cursed ink that created his very being. Feeling you shift within his arms, he looked down to see you are awakening just in time. His cheeky smile grazing face as he watched your eyes blurred with sleep trying to adjust on your strange surrounding before a forceful kiss was pressed upon your plump lips.

Your chubby body starting to panic and whither in his grasp, trying to escape the unknown offender that was claiming your lips. After a moment, he released you. Just as you opened your mouth to let out a scream, he pushed you into the machine and closing the hatch to lock you inside.

He watched, mesmerized by your chubby body flailing through the ink filled tank. Your lungs breathing in black liquid, the beginning of your drowning to blissful death.

Soon, you will be just like him. Immortalized, where you both will be together forever with no escape.

Your own personal Hell, surrounded in black ink.

anonymous asked:

May I please have domestic headcanons for vampire Hanzo?

You sure may! I hope you like these~

- It would take some time to get used to his bloodshot eyes and face after a night of hunting. You knew he had to feed himself with blood, human blood for that matter, but he had assured you that he only took the lives of those who possessed rotten souls, not hurting the innocent. Occasionally, Hanzo would also feed off of you, but it was the choice he favored the least, as he did not want to hurt you or scare you away. This is also why it took a lot of reassurance from your part to make him not starve himself whenever there was no other supply at hand. The archer would only take a little from your neck though, being quick enough to pull back within a second as well and not make you bleed unnecessarily.

- Despite his regal and dangerous nature, he’s quite a gentle vampire around you, treating you as his lifeline to his sanity which you truly are. Never could the lonely vampire have foretold that such a beautiful creature like you would enter his life, or that he would ever find the happiness most vampires could only dream of. He treasured you greatly and treated you as such as well, taking care of most of the chores in the house and pampering you in massages and gifts. He’s a lot more graceful than most humans as well, as you can barely notice him padding through the house and he seldom lets something fall on the ground or breaks something. He had to learn not to startle you too much actually, as the vampire was used to his stealthy way of moving and now that he was living a domestic life, it was suddenly not needed anymore. It took some time adapting.

- Hanzo still liked to put some of his stealth to good use though, especially when he wanted to surprise you with a new gift or a gesture of affection. You would make the most delightful sound of bewilderment, as the vampire warrior snuck behind you and put his chilly arms around your form, his lips soon following. Because vampires were not warm blooded creatures like humans were, it never failed to startle you whenever Hanzo would tease you with his touches, the feeling mimicking that of tiny ice cubes gliding across the surface of your skin. The archer would eventually apologize to you though, but not after smirking in triumph at your reaction and continuing with granting you your pleasure. In a way, his unique body temperature was quite appealing as well, as it could give relief during hot summer days. You would always kiss him back after the chills of his presence had ceased, giggling lightly at his unusual antics.

- Getting used to his different sleeping pattern also took some time for you, as the vampire slept during the day and joined you at night again, unless the whole house was blindfolded which you often did as well. Hanzo did want to spend as much time with you as he could and for that matter, he tried his hardest to stay stable during daytime, which also resulted in him getting his own pair of sunglasses and even the occasional hat. In general, Hanzo would do a good job at hiding his true nature from ordinary citizens, even working a parttime job alongside them at an office department. Although his own area in the office would be completely covered, people would not dare question him about it, as the marksman did his job effortlessly and was far from approachable in the first place. He was not as warm to others as he was to you, the reason being that he did not trust most mortals with his true being, knowing it would only cause them more fright and disgust instead of admiration and acceptance, which he only earned from you. You were the only place he dared call home and that was enough for a creature like him.

Seventeen going to a Christmas Party (feat. BTS)

Episode Three: Seventeen attends a Christmas Party at Bangtan’s Dorm.

Jin: “Hello beautiful people, welcome to our humble dorm. My name is Jin the princess, feel free to make yourself at home, but please do not enter the room at the far end of the dorm that has a pink door, it is strictly out of bounds”

Mingyu: “Why? What’s in there?”

Jin: “I said it’s out of bounds”

Woozi: “Imma take a nap on this sofa, wake me up when this is finally over”

Suga: “It’s like looking in the mirror, I shall name you yoongi junior”

Scoups: “Their dorm’s bigger than ours and we have thirteen people!” *rAgE*

Vernon: “At least we have more toilets than they do, right?”

Rap Monster: “Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Bangtan’s annual Christmas party, I would like to make a toast.”

Rap Monster: “Memories that are made when it is with the ones you love are the most beautiful ones. I am most thankful for all of you on this cold Christmas day, thank you for making it a warm one, cheers”

Hoshi: “Coups hyung why can’t you say wise stuff like that?”

Scoups: “Shut it Hosh”

*Meanwhile on the adventures of our favourite 97 liners*

Mingyu: “I wonder…. what magical creatures lies behind this pink door”

The8: “But Jin said not to go in…”

Mingyu: “Huh? What? Who?" 

DK: "Oh dang, its locked”

Jungkook: “I have the key” *slowly raises key*

DK: “Where did you get that?”

Jungkook: “I stole it, Jin hyung hid the key in his super mario coin pouch” *smiles like a little child*

The8: *whispers to mingyu* “Who is he and when did he get here??”

Mingyu: “what did YOU JUST SAY? DID YOU JUST ASK ME WHO HE IS?! How can you not know who Jungkook is?!!”

The8: “I did NOT ask you that ewgyu”

Mingyu: “Yeah you did, you just asked me that like 3 seconds ago and did you just call me ewgyu?!”

Jungkook: “…”

DK: “Don’t mind them Jungkook, they are always arguing but they secretly love each other”

Mingyu & The8: “WE DO NOT.”

Jungkook: *unlocks door to Jin’s room*

The8: “Thughao down thughao down. Too. Much. Pink. AHHHHHH

Jungkook: “I always wondered what Jin hyung’s room looked like….. but this is EXACTLY how I pictured it to be in my mind….. pink and filled with super marios….” *smh*

Mingyu: “Hey Seokmin! Oh look! It’s you!”

DK: “Where?”

Mingyu: *points at donkey kong figurine*

DK: “Do I really need to remind you what DK stands for?" 

Mingyu: "D is for Donkey, K is for Kong”

DK: “It’s so obvious that you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve ever said”

Mingyu: “oooohhhh what’s this?” *picks up Yoshi figurine*

The8: “What did I tell you guys, he has an attention span of a squirrel”

Mingyu: “It’s name is… hoshi?”

Mingyu: “Hoshi hyung is that you?”

The8: “It clearly says Yoshi”

Jungkook: “Okay. I’m bored, I’m leaving, bye guys”

The8: “What was his name again?”


The8: “Why do I even try”

DK: “Put that down Mingyu before you cause some serious damage like you always do”

Mingyu: “I do not, what an outrageous thing to say… I am offend-” *hits glass display case for figurines*

*display case falls and smashes into smithereens*

Mingyu: “whoops”

DK: “God dammit gyu”

Joshua: “So I heard you guys went to America in your rookie days, how was it?”

Jimin: “Yeah! It was great! I met a guy named Tony and he was really nice to me!”

Joshua: “Well when I came to Korea, I met a really nice guy named Jeonghan" 

Jimin: "I think I was his favourite out of the entire Bangtan”

Joshua: “I think he was my favourite out of all the Seventeen members”

Jimin: “and he had a cute nickname for me, he called me chim chim”

Joshua: “my nickname for him is angel, because he is an angel that has such a beautiful heart and also beautiful hair. Every time I look at him, it’s as if there’s a glow around him- wait who were you talking about again?”

Jimin: “Tony?”

Joshua: “Who dat?”

V: “Hey want to hear a joke about paper?”

Jun: “No, not really…”

V: “Never mind its tear-able”

Jun: “Oh god”

V: “I am on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it”

Vernon: “That doesn’t sound like an effective way of dieting”

Wonwoo: “But I can’t eat seafood” TT

Jun: “Please stop”

V: “Okay I got some Christmas ones!”

V: “What do you call a broke Santa?”

Wonwoo: “poor…?”

V: “Saint-NICKEL-LESS! Get it?”

Wonwoo: “Jun… I don’t get it”

V: “What do you call a rude reindeer?”

Vernon: “… disrespectful?” i call it seokmin, but call it whatever you want 

V: “RUDEdolph HAHAHAHHAAH” *claps hands uncontrollably*

Jun: “Someone take me back to China….”

Jhope: “I’m your hope! I’m Jhope!”

Jeonghan: “I’m Jeonghan and my hair brings people hope”

Dino: “No it doesn’t….”

Jeonghan: “Hush child, you’re too young to understand about the hopes my hair brings to this world”

Dino: *pouts*

Jungkook: “tell me about it, the downfalls of being the maknae”

Dino: “I know right? Even though I’m cute and squishy and I can get my way when I act cute-”

Jungkook: “But they treat you like a fetus even when you’re 90 years old and the only food you can probably eat is mush”

Dino: “I think I just found my new best friend” *tears up*

Jin: “Okay…. Which dumbass went into my room?!”

97 Line: *looks away*

Jin: “You!”

Mingyu: “Who? Me?!?”

Jin: “Yeah you, tall one. It was you wasn’t it!”

Mingyu: “What. NO”

Jin: “I know it’s you, I followed your snot trail and it led me to you!”

Seungkwan: “Now that is just plain nasty”

Jin: “You broke my glass display and my super marios are now covered in glass!”

Seungkwan: “Damage level percentage prediction: 99.3%”

Scoups: “What in the world Kim Mingyu, I leave you alone and you wreck someone’s room?!!”

Rap Monster: “Alright everyone, let’s just take a deep breath and calm down-”

Jin: “Calm DOWN?! You’re telling me to calm down? What if this snot boy went into your room and wrecked your Ryan bears?”

Rap Monster: “Woah woahhh why are you bringing my Ryan bears into this”

Jin: “Oh yeah that reminds me, you broke my beloved refrigerator door, god of destruction”

Joshua: “I am not acquainted with the god you speak of”

Rap Monster: "What… I bought you a new one to replace the broken one”

Jin: “It can never replace the love I have for the old one Namjoon, it had two doors and this one has only one! The old one had an ice dispenser on the outside so I named it Icy, it was so beautiful.” *dabs eyes with tissue*

Jin: “I remember it like it was yesterday, one fine day I was using it, I pressed the button and it dispensed ice into my caramel macchiato and then the very next day someone broke Icy’s door right off her body. R.I.P Icy the refrigerator” 

V: “We will never forget your sacrifice for us” *takes off hat in respect and bows*

Rap Monster: "I can just buy you an ice dispenser if you want one that badly”


Scoups: “Okay children, let’s get out before he remembers about Mingyu…" 

Seventeen: *creeps out slowly*


Woozi: “I ain’t leaving this place, I finally found my family”

Vernon: “But we’re your family…”

Suga: “Not anymore you’re not”

Scoups: “I’ve failed as a leader, all those years I spent training with you Woozi, all the tears I shed… did it not mean anything to you Jihoon? Our friendship-”


Woozi: “Okay you know what, Soonyoung why not you stay here and I’ll leave”


Suga: “Yes please take him with you. I already have a Taehyung and a Hobi, I do not need another one of these" 

Wonwoo: "Well that was fun!” *chirps happily*

The8: “No hyung, no it wasn’t”

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Turn loose the mermaids(Part 6)

Me:*sees drama|Me:….Anyway, did anybody asks for Captain Noir getting  a heart attack? Here is part 6 guys

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When Chat Noir came back in his cabin, it was midday. His mermaid was still in his bed, her tail taking the place of her legs. Yet she was still covered in his jacket and holding it like it was her most treasured possession. Her rosy lips were parted slightly and her long, dark eyelashes rested against her pale cheeks. She gave a content sigh and Chat almost dropped the tray with her food. It was by far one of the most heavenly sounds he had ever heard.

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Wuuuuu my brain already created another oc for battim !!! This time, it will be something that will be out of the ordinary, I present to Miyu the kitsune:
Name: Miyu (meaning: beautiful kindness)
Occupation: She works in a temple, which is in toon town.
Relationships with other characters: Bonnie and Veronica the cat (Miyu considers them her friends, since Bonnie was always kind to her, and Miyu admires her for her noble heart, and she apreciattes a lot to Veronica , because she has the same tastes as her, and she loves to go to the flower boutique, to get some roses and decorate the temple)
Personality: Miyu is a young woman who dedicates full time to her work, she is very reserved to the people, besides being calm and patient. In the temple, he usually goes to the garden, because he loves serenity and listen to the beautiful sound of nature, tends to fall in love with any caricature with his innocent and mischievous smile, although Miyu does not do it on purpose. She is very kind and kind, she also loves to heal people with her powers, she especially loves to meet new friends, but, it is very difficult for someone to be friends with Miyu, since she only chooses people of greater confidence and who knows that friendship lasts. (Miyu makes the decisions seriously, and usually goes for the one that his heart indicates)
What Miyu loves ❤:
-the flowers (especially the roses and the tulips)
-the cherry trees
-the nature
- goodness
- sing (only when she’s alone)
- the onigiris
What Miyu hates 💔:
-fights -the hatred
- do not be honest with her, since her heart feels it. -the betrayal

I hope you like this little oc (seriously, I loved the result ❤) in addition, this is just a quick drawing of her, soon she will bring doodles, and drawings already done better, and possibly, in the future, make changes to her. his physique. You may wonder why it does not look like a normal caricature? Hehe, the answer is this: because I do not want to use the same way a cartoon character must have, I did not want to draw an ordinary animal, I wanted to experiment, to make a creature that has the characteristics that I want, and to fulfill my expectations, also why not make one that is from another place? Like Japan! (Honestly, I love Japan ♡ ~ ♡) Even is a rare and very majestic and beautiful being, of Japanese mythology and belief. In any case, please do not copy or steal the idea of ​​this character, please …

Bonnie: @bonnie-bombay 💖 Veronica : @yaoitrashqueen 💖 (Sorry for my english :“D)
Tell me about your passions. Tell me what makes you tick. Tell me all the things you’ve discovered about yourself after all these years of searching. Why do you do the things you do, and how did you get to be such a beautiful creature? I want to get to know you so I can justify this love I already feel for you.
—  Marianna Paige
Unexpected Savior

Characters: Crowley x Reader, Dean, Sam
Words: 1382
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: When the reader goes on a hunt alone, she needs a little saving. But it’s not who she expects.

You could barely feel your body as you opened your eyes. You didn’t know how you got to the small cabin, but the werewolf was nowhere in sight, so you must have been able to get away from it. Hopefully it was dead.      

           You tried to sit up, but the pain in your head, sent you reeling. You felt arms bracing you, but couldn’t focus to see who it was. Sam and Dean weren’t even in the same state. You weren’t even supposed to be hunting alone.

           “Bobby?” you tried guessing who might have come to your rescue.

           “Not quite, Love,” you heard the distinct British accent of the King of Hell himself. What was he even doing there?
           “Crowley?” you groaned.

           “Don’t sound so excited, Love,” Crowley chuckled, “If not for me, you would have been puppy chow for that werewolf.”

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mere-people au (??) baz is a siren. 

Also, it’s Sam’s ( @crossstitchedonmythrowpillows ) birthday! Happy birthday my good friend <3 This one’s for you :) (go wish them a v happy birthday!!)

tw for abusive home situation. 

[simon pov]

My father always warned me about the Sirens. Vicious mere-people with sharp teeth and persuading beauty they were, according to the stories. 

Though, I can’t imagine them being scarier than my own father. 

My parents had been yelling again, and when my mother came to my room she told that right now it would be best if I would go visit a friend.

“Don’t you and Penny have something to work on for school? Go, go and pay your friend a visit.”

My mom hasn’t been herself lately, she’s, well, a bit confused lately. No, Penny and I don’t have anything for school to work on, it’s summer vacation. My mother has seem to forgotten, though.

I don’t blame her. My father’s been getting worse. When my mother came to my room her eyes were red and her arms were covered in red handprints. I wish I could protect her from my father, but she wouldn’t let me. She thinks she needs to be the one protecting me. 

I know I wouldn’t win from my father. I’m only fourteen and my body hasn’t grown into itself yet. My mother is right when she tells me my father would hurt me if she didn’t stand in between me and my father. There’s no way that I would win that argument, but I don’t think she understands how much it hurts me, seeing her like this. 

So now I’m outside, expected to go to Penny, but I don’t want to constantly bother her family when mine is fucking it all up again. I’m walking towards the rocky part of the beach, to watch the waves as they come and go. 

I know the Sirens are real, I wonder if I’ll spot one. When Penny and I were younger we always used to be out looking for the Sirens. I think Penny has stopped believing in their existence, but I never have. I am sure I’ve seen one of them once. A dark green tail is all I saw that day, but I know it didn’t belong to a normal fish–like I said, the tail was dark green–I know it was a Siren. 

The sun has already gone under when I sit down on one of the rocks. The waves splash against my rock, but I’m sitting high enough not to get wet. I have my knees pulled up agains my chest, my arms hugging them whilst he rest my chin on my arms. A huge sigh leaves my mouth. 

I close my eyes and force myself to relax. Mom will be okay

I hate myself for being so weak.

When I open my eyes again and look at the water I see a pair of eyes looking back at me. I jump and almost fall of my rock. The boy–it a boy, around my age–seems to be frightened by my sudden jump and sneers at me before it ducks back under the surface of the water. Only a second later I see the boy’s dark green tail, and he’s gone. 

I crawl to the edge of the rock and look at the sea, but there’s no boy, no Siren, there to be found. 


The next evening I’m back at on my rock, waiting–hoping–to see the Siren again. I hadn’t gotten a good look at the boy. He had black, half long hair and a reddish-brown skin. No matter the short look I had gotten, of one thing I was sure, I was intrigued by his beauty. I wanted to see him again. 

Sadly, that evening, he didn’t show. Same for the day after that. And the day after that.

I felt alone. 


Tonight, as I sat on my rock, I was crying. 

It hadn’t been my mother who had come into my room to tell me to go see Penny this evening, like normally. I had been sitting on my bed, covering my ears so I wouldn’t have to hear their screams when my father stormed into my room. 

“Out!” was all he said to me. I cried for my mother like a six year old. I didn’t know where she was. I still don’t know. 

I’m hugging myself as tears after tears make a path down my cheeks. 

“Why are you crying?” I hear a soft but clear voice say. 

I look down into the water and see the same pare of eyes, the same boy as a few days ago, staring back up at me. My eyes grow wide in surprise. This time I have a lot more time to take the boy in. His eyes almost the same color as the sea surrounding him, only more gray. His eyes are round and droopy. His whole complexion is incredibly sharp for a boy of his age. (It makes me wonder how old he actually is.) 

“You can talk?” I ask him, I don’t know much about Sirens. Only the stories the people’ll tell you. Those stories are about women that would lure sailors to shipwreck with their enchanting voices. Those stories had never scared me. How can people be so sure of the story when all the people that had seemed to be actually there when the story had unfolded, had died. Who had been the one that had told the story when no one ever survived? When I was younger the story used to make me giggle. 

My mother used to tell me different stories about Sirens than all the other people did. She told me about societies of mere-people that lived on the bottom of the ocean in huge palaces that they shared with the fish. She told me the sirens were friends with the other sea creatures because of their beautiful voices. The Sirens would sing to make life under water happy and beautiful. 

“Why wouldn’t I be able to talk? You assume I can only sing?” The boy asked.  

I don’t know what I’d assumed. Just not talking. I shrug.

“Why are you crying?” The boy asks again even though I’m pretty sure my tears have stopped. 

“I think I’ve lost my mother,” I say and I feel my eyes water again. 

“Did the Sirens steal her?” The Siren boy asks.  

I stare at him for a moment. His eyes, his eyes his eyes. I want to get closer. 

“No,” I tell him and then I ask him, “Are you here to steal me?”

“Do you want to come with me?”

I think for a moment. “Yes,” I answer.

“Than it wouldn’t be stealing, would it?” 

I smile at him and lean closer to him. I want to touch him. I want to know if he’s real.

“You can come into the water if you want,” The young Siren says. I nod and strip down to my briefs before I slip into the water. The water is cold but I don’t really mind. I get as close to the boy as I can get without making him look uncomfortable, which is pretty damn close. Our noses are almost touching. 

“Hi,” I say and I feel lame saying it. The Siren boy just grins. “What is your name?” I ask him curiously.


“Basilton?” I say. “I guess that fits.”

“Just calling me Baz would be okay, though.”

“Okay. Baz.”

My legs are moving, kicking, to keep my head above the water. Sometimes my legs brush against Basilton’s long green tail. It makes me smile for some reason. 

“Do all Sirens have green tails?” I ask him.

“No, why would you think that?” 

I just shrug. 

“Do you want to swim together?” Baz asks. I’m still smiling and I nod.

Baz swims so much faster than I do. (It’s because of his tail, it isn’t fair.) We don’t stray far from my rock when we swim, or at least I don’t. 

Sometimes Baz disappears for moments underwater and then tries to sneak up on me, hoping to make me jump. Eight out of ten times, he succeeds. 

“You’re tired,” Baz says after a while. 

“I’m not,” I lie.

“You are.”

“I want to stay here.” 

Baz smiles at me, comes closer and takes my hands in his. I can’t help but blush. 

“You could come with me,” he says.

“I could?”

“Of course!”

“Wouldn’t I drown?”

Baz was silent for a moment. “I’d have to turn you. If I bite you, you’d become a Siren. You could come live with me.” 

Baz seems excited, but I feel a little scared and mainly unsure. 

“But–” I say, “I need to wait here.”

“For what?”

“My mother.”

“You said you lost her.”

“I need to find her again. Baz, she will come back for me. I need to wait here. I need to find her again,” I tell him desperately.

Baz’s face falls. “You won’t find her here,” Baz whispers.

“I have to wait,” I tell him, whispering as well. I lean my head forward a bit so our foreheads touch. “Will you be here again tomorrow?” 

Baz nods and I give him a weak smile. Before I know it Baz pressed his lips against mine in a firm, quick kiss. He ducks under the surface of the water so quickly that I can barely see his face after he pulled away from the kiss. Though I’m sure he was blushing. 


The next few days are a mess. I don’t visit the rock. Leaving Baz like that makes me hate myself. I hope he understands, if I see him again.


It’s almost a week later when I visit the rock again, crying again. I’m still wearing the black clothes of my mothers funeral. No one knows where I am. Penny knows I went on a walk after the funeral, but no one knows I’m here. No one knows why I’m here. 

“You’re crying again,” I hear Baz say. 

I look up and I nod. “You came.”

Baz looks unhappy. “I came every day. I told myself today was the last day I would come to see if you were here. Why are you crying?”

“My mother… She’s gone.”

“Still lost?”



I shake my head, but then I say, “I think my father.”

“Why do you think that?” He asks, but I just stay quiet. 

“Simon?” He asks again, but I don’t answer. I just strip my clothes off and get into the water. I swim towards Baz and wrap my arms around him when I am close enough. I clung onto him and cry. He wraps his arm around me and holds me tightly. 

The two of us slowly sink under the surface of the water. Neither of us cares. 

Only when I’m desperate for air I kick myself up. My head appears above the surface again and I inhale. The crying has stopped. It’s only a second later when Baz’s head pops up above the water as well. He just stares at me.

“I want you to turn me,” I tell him.

He nods, though he doesn’t look happy about it the way he did last week. 

“I want to be with you,” I say.

Baz nods again and then he kisses me. I sigh into the kiss, wanting to cry again. Though this time it would be tears of relief. I feel sure of this, I feel sure of him. I feel safe and that is something I’ve never felt in my entire life. 

I hold onto him and I kiss back. I relax, I feel. I’m good, even though so many things are so far from good right now. This, this is good. Baz is good and I want to stay with him.

“Baz, I want you to turn me,” I say against his lips. 

Baz breaks away from the kiss and looks me in the eyes. I look back. His eyes are beautiful and I love them. 

“Okay,” Baz tells me and he presses a kiss to my cheek. And then a kiss on my neck.

And then teeth, before all goes black. 


I feel weird when I wake up. You’d think I’d feel out of place, but no… just weird. 

Though when I open my eyes and look around I know all is good. 

I’m safe.

His eyes, his eyes, his eyes. 

Anonymous asked: Hello! How about Cas is very talkative and Dean gets annoyed by it. So every time he tries to speak, Dean ‘punishes’ Cas by kissing him. Um idk, maybe you could make Cas drunk so there’s a reason why he talks too much? You are awesome! Keep writing!

Author’s note: Several other people have requested drunk!Cas before, so I thought it was about time I wrote something for it. Enjoy! 

“Bees… Bees are beautiful creatures, Dean. They are so often underappreciated, but think about how they are such hard workers. If it weren’t for bees, we would not be allowed to experience the true miracle that is honey. Did you know that bees…”

Castiel kept rambling on and on, and Dean tried to block it all out, seeing as it was kind of necessary for him to pay attention to the road. They’d been to Balthazar’s birthday party, but Dean had dragged Cas home when he’d noticed that his friend had basically been swaying on his feet. Cas hardly ever went down the road of alcohol, and so he was kind of a lightweight. Dean, being the awesome friend that he was, had seen it as his duty to save Cas from himself, before things could get worse.

Of one thing Dean was sure though; His best friend shouldn’t be allowed to get drunk ever again. The thing with Cas was that on the rare occasions when he got drunk, he kept talking, and talking, and talking.

“Don’t you agree, Dean?” Castiel asked once his lengthy monologue about insects was finished.

When Dean averted his attention from driving to take a brief look at Cas, it was obvious that Castiel was very serious about whatever he’d been babbling about. It was adorable, but also distracting.

Castiel smiled at Dean; a dopey, drunk smile. The kind of smile that Dean loved. The kind of smile that made Dean question his life, his friendship with Cas, and his entire sexuality. Blue eyes watched him expectantly, as if Dean’s response was the key ingredient to a matter of life and death.

“Jeez, I don’t know, Cas… I think bees are… they’re great.” Dean improvised, having no clue as to what Cas had been talking about.

“Aren’t they! I think humans often take them for granted, just as they take everything for granted, and for another thing…”

Dean tuned Cas out again, strictly focusing on the road. When they pulled up in front of Dean’s house after another good ten minutes of driving, Cas was still talking.

Castiel was supposed to sleep over at Dean’s place after the party, and initially Dean had been totally cool with that, but now he realized that he was going to have to make sure that a very intoxicated Cas made it to his bedroom without them waking up the rest of the family.

The silence was deafening when Dean turned off the Impala’s engine. He angled his body towards Cas, who was still chattering.

“And I don’t get it, I mean truly, why would Meg Masters want to dance with me? She kept insisting, and insisting, even after I informed her that I can’t dance. Do you think she didn’t believe me? Or do you think she simply didn’t care, and…”

Dean zoomed in on Cas’ lips. They were pretty, a dark shade of pink, and they were forming exquisite shapes around the words that Castiel was spitting out.

“Alright, chatty Cathy.” Dean said mockingly. “We’re gonna go inside now, and you’re going to keep quiet so we don’t wake up mom or dad. Or Sammy for that matter, because he will tell on us if we wake him up.”

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sarini  asked:

can you do an imagine where Seven comforts sad/crying s/o if possible? Having a rough night tonight.. ;w;

Note: Sorry for late answer! I wasnt at home for days and at first, I had internet but then when we went to a different place didnt have chance to write.

“MEOOOWWW????? Wont you stop crying? God… I do not know how to stop these tears. I’ve been doing weird things for hours but you’re still crying…”
“Seven, she was my best friend! She was like my sister, like my twin! And now she’s going away… Oh, she’s already gone! She told me she’d go when she was about to leave! How could she do this to me?”
Your best friend for years moved to another country for her education. But she said she was going while she was getting in car and leaving. You were so shocked that you’ve been crying for hours. You think she had to tell you because you deserve it.
Seven’s been cooking for you, trying to make funny things for you but he always fails.
“I can’t understand why she did this to me…” you say with a calm voice.
Seven hugs you. “Maybe she didnt want to say goodbye. If I were her, I wouldnt want to say goodbye to the most beautiful creature of god in world too.”
“Saeyong… It’s not it. You know.”
“Wov. You said Saeyong. I can understand how serious the situation is now.”
You look at his face. His eyes are all red and full of tears. You realize that you ve not looked at his face for hours.
“Hey why are you crying?” you say, hugging him.
He tries to smile. “I hate it when you cry. I hate everyone who makes you cry. It sucks that I cant make you smile when you always cheer me up on sad days. I have to be a better boyfriend.”
You kiss him. “You already are.”
He becomes serious. “There’s gonna be sad times and good times. Sometimes life’s gonna give you cabbage, sometimes Honey Buddha Chips. But never forget that whenever life turns into cabbage, I’m here. Whenever life turns into Honey Buddha Chips, I’m here again. The ones who leave are gone and if they do not come back, it s not important. sometimes you just have to let go. If she tries to talk to you, then it means she wants to talk to you. Sometimes you just have to think easy. I always say "you you you” but remember that we’ll always do things together.“
You are so shocked that you cant talk for a minute. Then you talk. "Seven how did you say those words…? I mean wov, thank you so much.”
He kisses you and when he is about to say something, you hear beep from oven.
“Honey Buddha Chicks!”
“I’m making Honey Buddha Chips with chickens. Justt for you!”
“What? How did you make it?”
“I put chips and chickens…”
“What?! Run!”
When you take the meal, you see burned chips and chicken in oil pool. But you eat it anyway. Because he cooked for you and he made your day. You see that you have the best boyfriend in the world again.

Note2: Hope you like it!~

Derek Hale-The fair

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A/N: Just an idea that came into my mind a few weeks ago

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I hated Valentine’s Day. Perfect occasion to take money from people. And it’s also that time of the year were you could see couples everywhere, remembering that you are still single. The whole city was decorated with flowers and red hearts, and there were stands with all kind of gifts and sweets at each corner.
I didn’t want to stay home just because I didn’t have a boyfriend. I wanted to have fun so I decided to go to the fairground. I found my prettiest blouse and a pair of jeans. I wanted to be pretty for myself so I paid extra attention to my hair and my outfit. I grabbed my purse and left the house.

Even though Beacon Hills was a small city, it had everything you could want. One of my favorite places was the fair. I took the bus to go there and I was ready to enjoy this day.

From the bus station I could feel the sweet scent of the cotton candy and roasted corn. The kettle corn’s sound of being popped off and the sound of people having fun on the rides, combined perfectly with the music that accompanied the whole scenery. In front of me were colorful tents, clowns, game booths and of course, cupidons. For each special event, the fair changed it’s theme a little. On Christmas, there were Santas and reindeers, on Easter were people dressed in bunnies, carrying baskets full of colorful eggs, and real rabbits jumping around. Now, there were angels with bows and arrows and a heart draw on their shirts.

“One ticket, please” I said, stopping at the first game booth I saw. I had to hit some cups in order to gain a stuffed animal.

“Don’t you want to let your boyfriend try?” The seller said.

“Do I look like I need one?” I said.

“No. It’s just… all the girls that came here let their boyfriends to win the animal.” He shrugged.

I raised a brow and without even looking at the cups I threw the ball. I hit most of them, leaving only two on the table. I used the last two balls and I have won the prize.

“Congratulations.” The guy said and handed me the prize.

Next, I went to the ferris wheel. I entered in the same cabin with a group of 5 people. I took the place near the window. I couldn’t help myself but notice the man who stood in front of me. He was tall and extremely handsome. He had dark short hair and green eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket that gave him a mysterious look. I tear my eyes from him before he could see me staring.  I  made myself comfortable on the seat and looked outside. It slowly started to move.

“I don’t undestand why you wanted me to come with you.” the stranger said.

“Come on! Don’t be such a sourwolf. Have fun for once in your life.” A boy next to him said.

“Yeah, Stiles. I had nothing better to do today than watching you and Scott kissing Lydia and Kira.” He huffed.

“Maybe if you smile a little, you will have a girlfriend, too” The other boy, Scott I supposed, told him.

We reached the top in a few minutes. The view was splendid. We could see the whole city.  Around us was a sea of colorful lights. I looked at my watch and I decided that after this is over I will go to one more ride, but not after buying a cotton candy and watch some clowns making fun of people.

I was the first one to get out when the wheel stopped. I was walking down the stairs when I missed a step. I fell on my back but instead of a painful hit I felt two arms catching my waist. My back hit a muscular chest. When I was back on my feet, I turned around and saw the mysterious man with whom I shared the cabin.

“Thank you.” I said.

He nodded. “Just be more careful next time. You could have hurt yourself badly.” He said.

I gave him a little smile and went to a food stand. I bough a small cotton candy. I closed my eyes in delight when I felt the sweet flavour on my tongue. I hadn’t taste it in a long time. It’s one of those things that you don’t know you were missing until you see them. Or in my case, you taste them.

I was taking a stroll around the fairground and the love tunnel caught my eyes. I have never went into one and I was really curious. I went to the stand to buy a ticket.

“Sorry, miss but we only sell two tickets.” The man said.

“What?” I asked, furrowing my brows in confusion.

“Only couples.” He said giving 2 tickets to the people next to me.

“That’s discrimination!” I shouted.

“Look, doll. I am tired and I don’t have time for your existential crisis. You don’t have a boyfriend, you don’t have tickets. That’s why it’s called the tunnel of love. Next!” He said. I huffed and plopped down on the stairs.

“Look at that girl. She wanted to go alone.”


I heard some girls who where sitting on the queue with their boyfriends. I rolled my eyes and took my phone, wanting to call a taxi.

“There you are!” I saw the handsome stranger coming in my direction. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Of course. I can’t believe you wanted to take this ride without me.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Just play along.” He whispered in my ear, and leaded me to the man who was selling tickets.

“I would like two tickets for me and my girlfriend.” He said.

He looked curious at us but he gave the small pieces of paper. We made our way throught the gates and waited for a cart to come. When it finally did, I noticed how pink it was and how many hearts were drown on it. He let me get in first and even hold my hand to keep me from falling…again. We put our seat belt and the cart entered the tunnel. The only light was coming from the neon lights on the ceiling and from the heart decorations around the railway. I was nervous. My hand were sweating and my heart was pounding in my chest like crazy. I had to ask him.

“Why did you do that? You don’t even know me.” I said looking at him.

He moved his look from the tunnel’s walls to me. “I just saw that guy refusing to give you a ticket and then those girls making fun of you and I just thought that it would be a good idea.” He shrugged.

“Thank you.” I said.

We entered a new part of the tunnel, where I saw two swans sitting on a nest. I nudged his shoulder.

“Look at them. This is so cruel! How can they keep this beautiful creatures here, in the dark.” I said.

“I think you are the first girl to ever say that in this tunnel.” He laughed.

“Because the others are too busy kissing their boyfriends to observe serious issues.” I said.

“I think you are right.” He said.

“What do you think about Valentine’s Day?” I asked out of the blue.

“For me it’s just another day. My friends dragged me to this fair because, apparentely I was spending too much time in my house. They thought it would be better for me to meet new people.” He said.

“Well…you have met me and you also got a ride in the love tunnel. I say you won.” I laughed.

“How about you?” He asked.

“It’s not a special day for me either. I came to the fair just to enjoy myself and to prove that I can have fun even though I am alone. And look.” I said and pulled out of my bag the stuffed animal. “It’s a wolf. I have won it at one of the booth games. All by myself. Girl powers!” I said. He took the toy and smirked at it.

“It’s a cute wolf.” He said and gave it back to me.

We reached the last part of the ride. Right before we exited the tunnel, confetti fell from some tubes place on both the walls and ceiling. The cart stopped and we undo the belts. He got up first and helped me.

“Thanks again. It meant a lot to me.” I said, walking to the fair’s exit.

“You are welcome. I had fun. Do you want me to take you home?” He asked.

I shook my head. “No, don’t worry. I will take a cab.” I smiled. He returned the smile and said goodbye.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“Derek Hale.” He replied.

Three Years at the Java Stop

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2220

Warnings: Fluff and baked goods. (Don’t read while hungry)

Summary: Sam makes Dean stop in a roadside coffee shop where the menu and the owner keep Dean coming back.

Author’s Note: Huge thanks to @whatdoyouthinkmyjobis for all of her edits and helpful suggestions.

You wrapped up a single slice of your signature pie and stashed it and an entire pie just like it in the back office. You took a minute to write on the pie box. “Can I get a Date Night?”

Just over three years into running the Java Stop, things were going great. It turns out truck drivers, business travelers and vacationers alike all wanted a good cup of coffee and a little atmosphere along the road. You got to know your regulars and loved making coffee and treats for them. You had become known for your ability to guess what a customer wanted even if they didn’t know themselves.

Your favorite regular had come to you just a few weeks after opening. You’d never forget the day he reluctantly stopped in with his brother.

“Stop grumbling,” The taller of the two men said as they approached your counter.

“We’re buying four dollar coffee now?” asked the other, who was pouting. He had a perfect pout, perfectly kissable.

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  • Jb: *blinks*
  • Me: MUST you be so fucking rude, jesus. God bless your parents for making such a beautiful creature, god bless my unworthy eyes. THANK YOU WORLD for catering for this creature. Im so fucking done , i hate him so much. Like why don't you just take my heart... TAKE IT. I don't understand why I bother being in this fandom , I get treated like shit. But I love it. I love him. Is he okay?? Did he eat properly?? He is so precious .... and I hate him for that
  • ~Nelly
  • why must this kid be so perfect
The Light In The Dark

TITLE: The Light in the Dark


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him. 

RATING: Teen and Up


“Well?” Stark was beaming as he presented the dog to the room.

“You are aware I can’t see him, hence why he is needed in the first place.” You laughed. “What’s his name?”

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After Seeing the Scorch Trials

Me: Okay, Okay, I’m fine…

Mom: Are you sure?