why did you make such a beautiful creature

Dating Audrey Jensen Would Include...

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  • Hand holding
  • Coming up with many theories
  • Thinking that she is lying to you
  • Accusing her of being the killer
  • “I am not the killer, Y/N! Stop saying that!”
  • “Yes, but you could be their accomplice!”
  • “BABE!”
  • Fighting about that a lot
  • You and Noah basically being in love and Audrey being jealous
  • Actually spending most of your time with Noah
  • Him being the third wheel during movie nights 
  • “I don’t know why I even come because I know every time that you both will just be sucking each other’s faces!”
  • Everyone’s mom catching you two making out
  • Her being dominant
  • Hating when she becomes shady
  • Her always sneaking in kisses 
  • “ Did you know that you’re the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth?”
  • Audrey trying to be really smooth when flirting with you
  • Usually, Audrey is all confident but you make her weak in the knees
  • “Y/N, y-you look actually so great today! I mean like you look great everyday! I just think you’re really pretty…”
  • Her smirk turning you on
  • Everyone in the gang shipping you two
  • Noah almost telling you that Audrey likes you
  • “Hey, so, Audrey think you’re really cu-”
  • “NOAH! NO! STOP!”
  • “You think I’m cute, Aud?”
  • Her being so nervous around you
  • Awkwardly shopping for sex toys
  • “We could just order all this online…”
  • “That sounds like a better idea. Thanks…”
  • Her constantly pinning you down on the bed
  • Riding her face a lot
  • Emma always walking in
  • Noah always walking in
  • Everyone always disrupts you two
  • Loving when she yells because she gets all riled up
  • Audrey actually not letting you go anywhere alone
  • Audrey convincing Piper to let you live
  • “Piper… please… she’s my everything… I love her…”
  • Her always sneaking away from you when you hangout
  • “Babe… stay please…?”
  • Her not listening until you start to undress
  • “Babe…turn around…”
  •  Her staring at your bare chest
  • Sometimes very kinky sex
  • But sometimes really sweet sex
  • ‘I want to protect you and I’m scared that you are going to die or get hurt’ sex
  • Her constantly being worried about you
  • Taking care of eachother
  • “I love you” is something always said at least once everyday
  • Being completely lost without each other
Tell me about your passions. Tell me what makes you tick. Tell me all the things you’ve discovered about yourself after all these years of searching. Why do you do the things you do, and how did you get to be such a beautiful creature? I want to get to know you so I can justify this love I already feel for you.
—  Marianna Paige

Consider Priest!Oikawa struggling against his strong attraction to mysterious sea creature Merman!Iwaizumi

“Why is human so against love?” Iwaizumi asks, head tilting to the side, little droplet of waters glistening through his hair and the beautiful-crafted coral adornment against his ear. His fingers hovers just above Oikawa’s before spreading across the only exposed skin around Oikawa’s wrist. “I thought you liked me.”

“I did. I do, Hajime,” Oikawa whispers. His hands reach out despite himself and almost flinch as he touches the small, teal (so beautifully matched the merman’s deep green eyes) scales along Iwaizumi’s arms. 

“But some of us,” Oikawa wets his lips and feels his heart constrict painfully when he sees Iwaizumi’s eyes follow the movement. “Some of us vow to dedicate all our love to the God.”

“Who is this God then?” Iwaizumi asks again as he hoists himself higher, upper body completely out of the water. Oikawa feels himself leaning forwards as Iwaizumi does so, and his hands grip tight around the slick muscle where smooth skin meets scales around Iwaizumi’s waist.

“Who is this God,” Iwaizumi repeats, voice lower than a whisper, as he presses a soft kiss against the corner of Oikawa’s mouth. “To deny you of something like this?”

Oikawa’s eyes flutter shut as Iwaizumi feeds the last question in between his lips.

“Don’t you want me?”

  • Jb: *blinks*
  • Me: MUST you be so fucking rude, jesus. God bless your parents for making such a beautiful creature, god bless my unworthy eyes. THANK YOU WORLD for catering for this creature. Im so fucking done , i hate him so much. Like why don't you just take my heart... TAKE IT. I don't understand why I bother being in this fandom , I get treated like shit. But I love it. I love him. Is he okay?? Did he eat properly?? He is so precious .... and I hate him for that
  • ~Nelly
  • why must this kid be so perfect