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Suga Daddy: Part 3

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Word count: 7.8k

Genre: smut, angst

My computer is in the shop so I had to edit on my phone. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. ^^

Parts: one | two

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It was now Friday, the first day of rehearsal. You’d gotten there a little early, deciding to stretch and mentally prepare yourself, this would be your focus for the next few months. You’d gotten a text from Yoongi this morning, wishing you luck, so you felt pretty good about today.

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BTS Reacts - Finding Out You’re Pregnant

request via dms : “a little react of BTS finding out that you’re pregnant?”

Min Yoongi: ‘I’ve never thought about raising a family,’ he casually says in passing, as he watches a happy family walk past, through the window. You’re a week into your pregnancy; you haven’t told anyone. You know Min Yoongi is focused on his career, and having kids wouldn’t really fit into his lifestyle. You don’t want to burden your boyfriend of several years, but you know you’re going to have to let him know about this sooner or later, no matter how hesitant you are. ‘I’m pregnant,’ you curtly confess. His turns around so swiftly; his jaw hangs open for awhile, processing this knowledge - he is going to be a dad. It scares him, and he is resisting every instinct in his body that makes him want to run out of the room yelling at the top of his lungs, but when he looks at you, all he sees is the person he loves, about to give him the gift of his life. The truth is that Min Yoongi has never thought about raising a family - until he met you.

“I … what? Are… are you serious?”
( You nod in reply. )
“… I guess I’m gonna have to get used to more than one person calling me ‘daddy’, now…” 

Park Jimin: You’re nervous as to how he is going to take the news of an unexpected pregnancy. When he emerges from the elevator, he explodes with enthusiasm - ‘jagi, did you watch us on television last night?’, ‘did you see us accept the award?’ - an endless stream of questions pour out of the singer. Hoseok asks if you’d like to go out for drinks with them, but you refuse. ‘Why, are you pregnant?’, joked Namjoon. You stare at your boyfriend while he’s on his victory-high, but the look you’re giving him causes his bouncing to slowly come to a stop. An awkward silence hangs in the air, and Hoseok constantly switches his attention between your still bodies. He mouths a visible ‘oh my god’, exchanging glances with Namjoon. You mutter a weak ‘yes’ - hearing you say that you’re about to give him a baby makes him queasy - but little does Jimin know, down the road, he would be a proud father of three sons, and he would wonder why he ever overreacted in the first place.

“J-Jagi, are you for real? I… can’t even… what!? How!? We… we used a condom, didn’t we!?”

Kim Seokjin: You’re having lunch together, when suddenly, your body convulses, and you make a break for the bathroom. He’s concerned for you, so he gets out of his seat and walks over to the door, calling for you from outside. You quickly retort for him to stay out, and you start retching between words. His brows knit - did you eat something that didn’t agree with you? He’s noticed you taking trips to the toilet a lot more, but he’s always thought it’s because of how much water you’ve been drinking lately. A pang of realization hits him when he thinks of the last possible reason for your sudden illness. The last time you’d slept together was a month ago. Seokjin definitely sees children in his future, and even though he has trouble stomaching all this right now, he’s unable to contain himself. He would want nothing more than the person he loves to bear his child. Having kids would mean the world to him, but he needs to ask you one thing before he accepts this turn of events.

Jagiya… I know you’re pregnant. I want you to know, that I’m ready as ever to embark on this journey with you. I want to be with you and our child forever, if you’ll have me.”
( What are you saying, Jin? )
“… Will you be my wife?” 

Jung Hoseok: You’re at the doctor’s office - you haven’t been feeling particularly well lately, so you decide to take your problem to the clinic by yourself. When the doctor informs you of your unplanned pregnancy, your heart stops. You’re not sure how to get this news to your boyfriend. You ring up Hobi to tell him that you’re dropping by Bighit. His ears are sharp - he is able to detect the anxiety in your shaky voice. He pesters you to tell him why you’re upset, and after at least five minutes of his persistence, you cave in, announcing your pregnancy. There is a long silence on the call, and you’re concerned that he hasn’t digested this news well. Hobi is a family man - the thought of spending the rest of his life with you and his new kids gets him amped to a maximum. Jung Hoseok runs at full speed into the practice room, yelling at the other six members of Bangtan as you hear him wail over the call:


Kim Namjoon: ‘I’m flipping out, what do I do?!’, Kim Namjoon eavesdrops on your phone call as he stands idly outside your bedroom. He’s noticed how tense you are all night, and he’s tried breaking the ice with both affectionate kisses and playful humour, but none of it unwinds you from discomfort. Hoseok finally returns your calls after hours of you dialing him. You had to tell someone, just not Namjoon yet. He urges you to relax, and to just talk to your long-time boyfriend. When you’re through with the call, you find the man himself seated down on the sofa, having been left to a state of uncertainty after hearing the word ‘pregnant’ escape your lips. Namjoon’s undecided about his opinions on having kids - it’s not that he’s unwilling to start a family with you - he just can’t believe it’s actually going to happen. Watching you freak out puts him on edge, so he tries to remain as calm as possible, making the first move, struggling to keep in his panic:

“… Is there something you want to tell me, babe? Like, I don’t know… BEING PREGNANT!?”

Jeon Jungkook: The answering machine on the desk beeps as Jungkook screens through the calls in the apartment. He’s decided to make himself comfortable at home before you return from work, so checking his calls is the first order of business. A medical clinic calls, ‘the results of your blood test for pregnancy are in, and it’s positive - please get back to us if have any more inquiries’. Jungkook has reached a whole new level of freaking the fuck out - he is so shook, that he simply goes about his regular routine around the house, making himself a bowl of cereal before sitting on the couch, waiting for you to return. His brain has short-circuited, and he just stares blankly ahead. Some part of him is wondering why he’s so scattered about you bearing his child - sure, he is young - but if there’s anyone in his life he wants more to have kids with, it’s you. This line of reasoning results in him being more accepting of the fact that he’s about to be a father.

“… I wonder what’s a good name that goes with Jeon…”

Kim Taehyung: He’s casually brushing his teeth in the bathroom, when his eyes catch something unusual in the dustbin. ‘Jagi, what is this?’ You hear Taehyung’s voice from your bedroom, and it clicks in your mind that you haven’t taken the trash out yet. Ohmygod, you think, starting to feel the dread set in. You fly off your bed, scuttling toward the bathroom in haste, panting hard from racing your way there. You find him examining your pregnancy test closely. You’ve been meaning to tell him, but you wanted to make sure through a doctor’s visit, first. You bite your lip, anticipating his reaction - however, when he turns to you, you see tears well up in his eyes. You’ve been afraid to bring this news to him, but you should have known that Taehyung loves kids like nothing else, and to him, discovering that the love of his life is going to bring him even more happiness than they already have, makes him realize: one by one, all of his dreams are coming true.

“Yah, pabo… I can’t believe you’re pregnant… do you know how much this means to me?”

This was hard to do, mostly because I kept juggling back and forth between them reacting as ready, future parents, or unexpected recipients of the news. Either way, I sincerely hope you liked how it turned out - thank you for requesting, please enjoy! <3

All of You~Park Jimin{M}

Sorry mom,sorry dad

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That the only solution to any problem, but also the beginning of every single problem.

It isn’t that you are greatly obese,  or even obese. You’re thick, having large thighs, big tummy,  and streach marks. It made you, you. Sure people tell you to lose the extra weight, but that wasn’t you. You are happy, happy with your body, the way it jiggles and shakes when you dance at the club. You catch eyes ever everyone in there most the time. Your confidence is what lures them in. Sure your scared, scared of being called names, but when it happened you had a herd of guys fighting over it. It made you feel great. You loved yourself, and most agreed when you called yourself beautiful.

But then he came into your life.

It wasn’t the fact he made you feel bad, but the looks people give you when you walk down the street.

He loves you, with every fiber in his being, and you felt yourself catch on fire when he touched you. Park Jimin, is the only man who stayed longer the a night. In reality he was only supposed to be a one night, forget the next day. But he couldn’t stop coming to club you parted at with your friends. His black eyes always catching you. Shorts, and a tight top. Hook up after hook up, you stopped trying with other guys. Your main goal was to get him out of his seat to watch you, to run his hands up and down your sides.

Soon the hook ups stopped being a random weekend nights to a late night phone calls and three simple words.

I miss you.

It made your heart melt. Leading to you laughing as you stumble into his bedroom. Sober, and happy. He didn’t just want a quick fuck, he wanted more that night.

Leading to you now slowly moving things in. Small things. Waking up to his arms wrapped around you, or his lips on yours as he begged you to wake up, wanting breakfast. It lead to the meeting of his friends, all slowly falling in love with you jokes and personality. Leading to Jimins jealous side come out for the first time. It was cute, fun and definitely worth it.

When the L word came rolling out his mouth one night proved how scared you really are. It wasn’t that you didn’t feel the same, because god did you. You just weren’t sure if it would last so you walked out to catch fresh air. You saw the look on his face as you walked out, defeated. He looked broken.

You didn’t plan on it, as you pace outside of the dorm building you and him were living in. As you did you felt a hand in your shoulder making you jump and turn to face one of his best friends,Yoongi.  He was older then you both, but held so many child like qualities. He was the first of Jimin’s friends you met, and he came around to your place to play video games or to watch you cook dinner. He became a good friend of yours.

“Why did Jimin call me panicking about you walking out after he told you he loved you?” His words weren’t harsh, he knew how scared you were to be hurt,you had expressed it to him one night after you and Jimin’s first offical fights. You were being insecure at a club you both went to when you saw a bunch of ‘skinny’ girls around him. “Y/N?” Yoongi’s voice cuts through as you felt your eyes burn.

“I-I don’t want to get hurt.” Was all you were able to say as you slid agains the buildings wall. “I’m being selfish I know that Yoongi, don’t need to give me that look.” You had you legs up as you wrap your arms around them, “I just…I just don’t get it. How does he love me? I can bearly bring my knees to my chest because of my belly, his shrit look normal on me, they don’t flow around my thighs like other girls would, the fit perfectly or sometime to tight. I’m so freaking big compared to hi-” you were cut off with Yoongi cover your mouth with a raised eyebrow, his brown eyes watch as he let go of your face and sat down in front off you.

“What happened to that confident girl we met months ago?”

“She fell in love with a boy, who is to good for her…a boy who is absolutely perfect.”

“Does Jimin think he’s perfect?”

“Well no, but he is in my eyes-”

“In your eyes? In his eyes you are perfect Y/N. Every flaw you have makes him love you more and more. So stop being selfish and scared and go and tell him you love him, and express you scared feelings.” He stopd up and held a hand out for you to take, as he pulls you up he walked with you to the elvator and smiled. “Plus, you do know why he gets jealous right?” Rising and eyebrow at the boy he let out a laugh as he pushes you into the elvator. “You have a very big ass. Namjoom said he couldn’t get his eyes off it for the first week he knew you.” He said as the doors close making you let out a loud groan as you slolwy go up the floors.

As you reach your floor you step out to see you dorm open and small shuffling nosies coming out of there. As you walk in, you see Jimin had stared to clean, and mumble to himself. A habbit he picked up months ago when he had throw and glass dish at a wall when his anger had gotten the best of  him.

Letting out a breath you clear your throat and shut the door locking it when you felt yourself being pushed up against the door. His sent made your knees go weak as you turn around to face him,  he was looking at you with a small glare as he slams his hand against the door. “You don’t walk out like that again. Ever.” His voice was strained aa he pushed his hips against yours. His eyes not looking at you as he let out a soft groan.

“I love you.” Your words were quiet, soft and light. It wasn’t like he hadn’t said them you not even two hours ago. He froze at the words and looked up at you. His lips were parted as he moved closer to you, if it was possible.

“Say it again.” His voice want soft, or gental. It sounded possessive, demonic even. His hand roam you body as he pushes you harder intothe door making you groan as his lips meat the exposed skin of your neck.

“I love you.” Once the three words passed you lip again he bit into your skin making a choked moan leave you lips as you hop moved up to met his. The feeling of his grown bulge through his lose sweat pants made your core heat up.

A fire builds as his hands rush under your shtit letting it lift above your skin, onto the floor his lips trail down your neck, leaving shades of red and blue, as he reaches you bra he reaches behind you to unclip it, as if fall of you shoulders he lets out a growl at the sught of you.

His heart was thumping against his chest as his eyes roam down you body, the red to white lines that crawled over you hips and the front of you stomach made his mouth water. The way you belly slightly over filled your tight pants. As his eyes met you breast he couldn’t help but latch his nouth into to the thin skin on top of one. The felsh became raw quickly as your hand ran through his hair making him groan as you tug at the dark locks of his hair. As he pulls away you slowlypush him to the couch that was a couple step from the door. He flips it around making you fall on to the brown leather as he stand between you legs he let out a groan.

“I love you.” You whisper making him pull his shrit off as he goes back to trailing his lips back down your body. His hands pulling at the strings of your tight sweat pants. As he tugs them down with your underwear leaving you bare. “Jimin…no.” you whimper when you feel his finger run up you dripping slit. His head snaps up as he let out a small wine as you tug him. Sitting up you were at the perfect hight to his lower belly. Falling onto your knees you trail rough kisses down his skin, leaving the blue marks that make him feel proud. As you untie his jogggers your met his his hard-on.

His dick was sup in the air apmost hitting his stomach his tip was a painful pink color, with pre-cum dripping from it. As you touch it with thetip of your fungers he legs shake, as he grips your hand around him. As you move, he let out a low moan, looking u at him his eyes were shut, head thrown tp the side as his mouth slackes open. His hand was around your wrist controling the speed you were going at.

You tongue runs alone his tip making him let out a scraggly cry, his hand wrapping unto your hair as you let him slip into you mouth, the salty flavor of of pre-cum made you slightly gag as it hit the back of your throat. His hips jerk as he holds you head in place, you hands were now placed on his hips as you hollow out your cheeks, the small sucking motion made him let out a slur of curse words and your name. Moving up and down his hands still in you hair he let out groans that wrre broken up with you name and I love you’s he finally pulls you off of him when he stared to twitch in your mouth. You had a string of silva falling out of your mouth as he stood you up, his hand on your shoulder as he leans his fourehead against yours.

“I love you. All of you.” He runs his thumb ovee your lip cleaning you up as he looks to the couch then back to you. Reading his thoughts through his eyes you lay down on the couch, he climbs ontop of you as he moves his body between your legs, his hands running his tip up and down you dripping core.

“Jimin.” You wine making his eyes reach up as he smrik and pushed into you. It wasn’t as rough as he always was, it was gental, full of passion. Hisbarms fall next your head as his mouth hangs open for a the moments he wait for both him and you adjust. One of his hand reach down to grip your love handle making you look away, hoping his eyes didn’t catch you look away. You always look away, but this time he did.

“Y/N.” He mumbled pulling back the moving back with int you. “Look at me.” His words made you look ip into his eyes as he free hand move to cups you cheeks. “All of you. I love all of you.” He the starts to move faster making you moan as your arms roam up and down his back. Mangled bodies filled to the brim of body heat, and passion. His lips leaving more and more mark over you skin, your doing the same.

As he stared to go deeper you couldnt help but scresm out hid name making a smile fall on his lips as your legs wrap around his waist. Soon your walls were tightening around him,making him let out a low but loud groan of you name. One last deep thrust and you were gone, you vocal cords going blank, eyes rolling back you hear him groan as he lets go at the sight of you. His body falling ontop aa he grinds into you. His seed filling you up as he let out a loud cry of your name.

A few mintes pass and he was still inside of you, his breath had claimed down as yours had. Your hand werenrunning through his hair as he let out a humm of satisfaction. “I really do love you Jimin. It just scares me.” Your words made him pull back from you aa he dinally slips out of you. The empty feeling making you wince aa you ckose.tou eyes, he roll you onto your side as you feel him pull a shrit that was clearly his at the smell that surround you, ovee your shoulders. He climbs in next to you and runs his hand down you neck.

“I know Y/N…just..I wish you would walked to the room not out of the building. I didn’t chases after you because that last time I did thay I almost lost you. I..I just wish you would understand I love every piece of you. I love all of you.” You smile as he kisses your lips again.

“Now what is this that Suga told me about Namjoon looking at me ass?” A smile on your face as the question falls from you lips after a momments of silence.

“I’m going to kill Suga.”

I’m Tyler

Requested by: deputy-orange-juice

Summary: You have some fun teasing Tyler when he offers to help you in your garden.

Pairing(s): Tyler x Reader

Warnings: Swear words

A/N: My first fic on Tumblr! This really isn’t my best but it’s 1 o’clock in the morning so enjoy!

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Living with Teamiplier could be stressful at times. No matter what time of the day it was, the house would always be noisy. That’s why you convinced Mark to let you convert half of the garden into your personal, outdoor sanctuary.

You were tending to your vegetable patch when you heard some rustling and a soft “Oh shit.”

“Tyler?” Your face fell when you turned around and saw that he had trampled through your pansies. “My flower bed…”

He offered you a guilty smile and crouched next to you, trying to straighten the crushed stems of the purple and white flowers. “Sorry, I’m not much of a gardener.”

“I can tell,” you replied slowly, gesturing to where he was sitting. He looked down and cursed when he realised his jeans were stained with fertilizer.

Tyler watched as you laughed, the sun glistening off of the few drops of sweat that had accumulated on your forehead. Dirt was speckled across your face like freckles and your hair was slightly frizzy from the humid winds.

“You okay there, buddy?” He was snapped back into reality by your gloved hand waving in front of his face.

“Y-yeah. I was just wondering if you need any help?”

“No offence, Tyler,” you said with a grin. “But I think I’ll pass.” You watched as his smile faltered and he stammered out another apology before going to stand up. “Wait! I didn’t say I couldn’t teach you a thing or two.”

“Like what?” He asked suspiciously, sitting back down again.

“Well, for one thing, I could teach you not to keep ruining my flowers.” You suggested, reaching out to stroke a petal that was sticking out from underneath his large legs. “The trick is not to sit on them.”

“Gardening can’t be that hard,” he snorted, grabbing a pair of gloves and rolling up his sleeves.

“Oh, Tyler” you said with a pitying sigh. “I’m going to make you regret those words.”

Two hours later, Tyler practically crawled over to you in exhaustion, dragging a bucket behind him. There were sweat stains under his arms and down his chest and back.

“Here are the potatoes you made me dig up.” He announced before lying down and panting heavily.

“Tyler?” You called after looking at the contents of the bucket. “These are bulbs. The vegetable patch is on the other side of the garden.”

He groaned and gave you yet another weak apology. You just patted him on the head and re-planted the bulbs, cracking a smile when you thought of an inside joke between you and the boys.

“I’m Tyler, and gardening is easy.” You say loudly.

“Oh dear God, why?” You hear him grunt from behind you.

“I’m Tyler, and I’m good at everything.”

“I’M TYLER, AND I HAVE ABOVE AVERAGE HEIGHT.” Mark’s voiced echoed down from an open window in the house.

There were footsteps and suddenly Ethan was outside.

“I’m Tyler, and my motto is “Smile always” even though I never smile.” Ethan was mimicking as he did a funny walk with stiff limbs.

“I’m Tyler, and I’m better than everybody here.” You laughed, copying Ethan.

“I’m Tyler, and what I lack in penis length, I make up for in height.” Mark said, now having joined you in the garden.

Tyler just lay in the grass with his hands covering his face as the three of you laughed.

“I’m Tyler,”

“I’m Tyler,

“I’m Tyler,”

The jokes got more and more ridiculous as time went on. The letter ‘I’ being dragged out even longer with every passing punch line. Until, finally, Tyler stood up.

“I’m Tyler, and I have crappy friends.” He said, trying to hide a smile as he stomped back into the house.

Favorite thing

Genre: Fluff (Like really fluffy)

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  one with TaeTae where his girl likes the rain so he takes her out to play in the rain and they get super wet and then they laugh and come home and take a warm bath 

Originally posted by rapgodv

On a day that Taehyung had finally gotten a break from work he could always be found indulging in his own hobbies as if he couldn’t get enough. The sound of him yelling at the other teammates could be heard from the few rooms away, where you stood. It had been a few hours and you were wondering if he was still wasting away on the computer, so you got up from your bed to go see him. 

“Come on, it can’t be that hard!” He yelled.

You peaked your head into the doorway but to no avail he still didn’t notice you. Letting out a small sigh you came over and plopped yourself down in the second desk chair next to him. Taehyung finally spared you a quick glance, now showing a smile on his face. 

“Hey babe, I thought you were taking a nap?” 

You resting your face against your hand as you watched him playing his game so intensely. 

“It’s a little hard when you’re so loud…I know you love Overwatch but don’t you think 5 hours is long enough?”

“Yeah-no, I was about to get off. I just need to finish this.” He said for about the fourth time. 

You ran your finger across the bed spread pondering what you could do to get him to spend a little more time with you. When he glanced over at you he thought you looked a bit sad, striking a cord with him. He hadn’t realized that you must have had something planned for this break, but little did he know you were just lost in thought. 

“Hey TaeTae?”


“What’s your favorite thing in the whole world?”

He barely looked up from the computer screen before blurting out an answer. 

“Right now? Probably games. Why?”

You shrugged as if he was going to see it. There was no agenda behind the question but you did want to know that if there was anything you guys could do together. The answer he provided was a little less than helpful.

“I was just curious.” 

Taehyung knew the answer he gave wasn’t the right one when he took notice of the look on your face. He couldn’t figure out what you were up to.

“What’s your favorite thing?” He asked back.

“Hmm….Probably when it rains outside and everything feels really calm. Those kind of days are nice but it’s just cloudy today.” 

You heard the sound of his computer shutting down and you looked up, surprised to see him standing up from his desk. He set his headset down, finally facing you for more than 2 seconds now. 

“Then we should go outside.”

You pouted, wondering if he had really been in this room so long that not only was it not raining, it was also not the hottest day. 

“I told you it’s not even raining though.”

He let out a small laugh before taking your hand as he pretended to drag you along.

“Just come with me.”

“Fine.” You agreed, standing from the chair and walking outside with him. 

Taehyung looked up at the cloudy sky, making you wonder why he didn’t believe you in the first place. He also takes a look at the things around you both, searching for something in particular. 

“Close your eyes, Y/N.”

“What? Why?”

He giggled, “Just hurry and do it already.”

You already knew he was up to trouble but you did as he asked, covering your eyes with your hands. Hearing him walk past you a few times wasn’t that concerning until the feeling off something cold make you jump. It took you a few seconds to realize it was getting you wet so you quickly removed your hands, seeing the water coming down from the sky. Although his makeshift contraption with the hose was behind you, you instantly noticed he was trying to make it rain for you to make up for his amount of gaming. 

“Is this okay?” He questioned, standing in front of you as you both were now peppered in “raindrops”. 

You felt the corners of your mouth giving away the happiness you instantly felt.

“You’re such an idiot.” You giggled, pushing him playfully.

He couldn’t help but show off the goofy grin he had plastered on his face. Although you were both getting soaked, he didn’t seem to mind much. Before you could say anything he leaned his face so closely to yours you almost stopped breathing. Though you had been dating for a while it never got old, almost feeling that little jump of excitement before he kissed you. Plus being this close to him made you realize just how gorgeous he was and that he was completely yours no matter what. You really couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful, sweet, and-

“Tag! You’re it!” Taehyung called out as he patted your arm instead of kissing you. 

-sometimes childish boyfriend. Still, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

“You’re so in trouble for that!” You ran after him, smiling. 

The two of you spent an absurd time chasing after each other around outside. Sometimes when he’d catch up to you, he’d pick you up as you screamed. As much as an annoyance to the neighbors you were probably being it never stopped you two when it came to playing around. Maybe that’s why you fit so well together. The boys also found it a bit embarrassing when the two of you would get so into something you never saw how loud you were being. Still, things like this felt like they were straight out of the movies, extremely cheesy but heartwarming at the same time.

Taehyung finally walked over to turn the hose off since the wind was making it way too cold for the two of you to keep playing out here. He saw your hands come up to each sides of you as you shivered. 

“Let’s get warmed up before you get sick, okay?”

You nodded, moving yourself under his arm. As you both stepped into the house, he quickly led you both to the bathroom. Taehyung picked up one of the towels from the side, placing it over your head. He looked down at you, a light smile staying put on his expression, as he set his hands on both sides of your head to try and dry off your hair. 

“Maybe we should just take a bath together? We were outside, afterall…” You suggested, hoping he’d agree. 

“Sure. Whatever you want.” He hummed, removing the towel from your head. 

“Lift up your arms for me.”

You looked up at him, lifting them up. Taehyung easily pulled your shirt off over your head, helping you get undressed after turning on the tub. 

“I swear sometimes you baby me.” You mumbled.

“It’s because you’re cute. Now come on, it’s almost full.”

You watched as he carefully stepped into the tub, extending his hand out to help you in. The room was already so warm from the steam but it was comfortable. You both got into the tub, you sitting between his legs so you could lean your head on his chest. There was a bit of a calming silence but it was soon broken after Taehyung started to smile once more.

“What is it?” 

“I’m sorry I spent this weekend without going out with you. I tried to make up for it so I hope today was okay. I changed my mind about something too.”

You gave your boyfriend a confused look as you snuggled up against him. “About what?”

“You’re my favorite thing in the whole world.” 

Into You

Requested by @kfictionist: Can you do a Johnny fluff inspired by the song Into You by Paramore? ♡ tqsm

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Johnny x Reader

Johnny and you had a fight. It was always on the smallest things. The simplest problems made him frustrated and the next thing you know, he is releasing all of his negative energy on you. But you didn’t hold back, you screamed at him too. You stormed out of his apartment too. And when he tried to call you, you would always turn your phone off. However, it wouldn’t last for more than a day, either of you always apologising, not wanting to lose the beautiful thing you both owned. 

Today was different. He didn’t call and you were getting worried. Your two room apartment seemed quiet and sad although the world outside was bright and sunny. You sat on the warm leather couch, staring at your phone. On the inside you were convincing yourself that you didn’t care but every inch of you did. The TV played the same old sitcoms and everything around you annoyed you. You finally stood up and inhaled deeply. “Well I guess I have to go and talk to him.” You stomped towards your bedroom and stared at yourself in the mirror. “Can’t stay away can you?” You decided to wear something simple, to not give Johnny the idea that you dressed up for him. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, you apologising was enough. It wasn’t that you were being egotistical, he just fought you with you over something irrational. He saw you with your co-worker and started assuming your relationship with him. Before the fight ended, he left you in tears in your apartment. Unlike before, it seemed possible to you that he might not come back.

The air smelled of fresh flowers welcoming early spring. The sun was blazing but the cold breezes still passed occasionally. You saw many couple walk past you, fingers intertwined, and it made you miss Johnny. His corny jokes and silly smiles. And his kisses. Oh his kisses. His lips were always so soft against yours and he smelled like mint and deodorant. He would hold you so close like you were slipping from his hands. You reminisced about how it felt to wake up next to him. His arms over your stomach and face nuzzled into your neck. Him surprise hugging you when you’re cooking and then laughing at you when you’re being silly. And then it hit you why you’re doing all of this. Johnny was responsible for ninety percent of your happiness. He was the only person who could make you feel whole, like you mattered. You both fought, over stupid things, but somehow always ended back together on his bed laughing over nothing. You picked up speed and walked faster to your bus stop. 

After what felt like ages, your bus did arrive and you kept on staring nervously outside. Although your heart beat was rapid, your pace didn’t falter. Your arms ached to feel him again but the unsettling feeling of him possibly leaving made your heart sink. What if he was with someone else in that room. What if you went into there and there was someone else in his arms. You saw Jaehyun jog out of the building, smiling as soon as he saw you. He jogged towards you. “Oh Y/N, thank god you’re here.” He caught his breath before continuing, “He’s been such a mess for the past week. He won’t stop practising and running around. I haven’t seem him so…aggressive. Like ever.” You only stared at him confused. 

“Yea but like isn’t your comeback like around the corner?” You stated. He shook his head and smirked. 

“But he doesn’t have you. He had a fight with Taeyong last night. You know he doesn’t like conflict. Go and talk to him before he explodes.”  He waved at you as you left him behind, nearing their practice room. 

The music was blasting behind the wooden door. Your hands shook as you opened the door. He was dancing along the elongated length of the mirror. The music was too loud even for such a big room. It was brightly lit, the air cold and chilly. But Johnny was sweating frantically. He wore a tank top that gave a striking view of his arm muscles. He stopped dancing as soon as he saw you. “Hi,” you said. He just stared at you. 

“So what? You got bored of that blond friend of yours and decided to visit your poor old boyfriend?” He reached for his towel and forcefully opened the bottle of water. Gaining courage, you walked over towards him. He took a large gulp of water, not looking at you.

“Johnny, he’s just my friend. And he has a girlfriend.” He laughed mockingly at you. You reached for his arm, touching his skin gently. “I didn’t want to come here you know. But I just realised, we’ve fought over worse things. But we’re here, we love each other. I love you so much.” His eyes were fixed on the wooden floor, hair dripping wet. The undercut suit him, you hadn’t gotten the chance to see it. 

“I was excited to see you that day. I got my hair done and I wanted to show you. But you turned me down because of that friend of yours.” You pulled him close, not caring if he’s sweaty. 

“I’m so sorry.” He finally looked into your eyes. He was so much taller than you.

“It’s okay.” He replied and then broke into a shy smile. “Can’t believe you actually came, considering you don’t like apologising.”

“Sometimes you have to do things you don’t for the people you love.” He leaned into kiss you. His lips were salty but smooth against yours. Pulling you closer, you reached for his damp hair, gently feeling the buzz cut and smiling in the smile. He held the small of your back and pull you in deeper into the kiss. “We always come back to each other.” You said, pulling back. 

“That’s the irony. We’re so different.”

“Not really.” You replied. He pulled you towards the door, not being able to hold himself anymore. It was going to be a long night.

Music Series: Figures by Jessie Reyez

Thank you for the request, lovely Anon!

This was an interesting one for me to write, but I think it turned out alright, and I hope you like it.

Figures” by Jessie Reyez, which can be found on Spotify, HERE.




Figures…I gave you ride or die and you gave me games

Love figures…I know I’m crying cause you just won’t change

Love figures…I gave it all and you gave me shit

Love figures…I wish I could do exactly what you did

Anger. That’s all you felt. Sheer anger.

When Harry told you he wanted out of the relationship, you were shocked. The two of you never fought, rarely argued, and loved each other more than you could ever have imagined loving a person. So when he said he was breaking up after nearly a year of being together, without any explanation, you wanted answers.

“Don’t you think I deserve to know why?” you cried to him. “Fuck, Harry! Just last week you were talking about the children we’ll have together someday! And now you want to break up?”

“Yes,” he says coldly, not looking at you.

“Wh…what did I do?” you stutter. “Did I do something to make you angry? I…”

“No,” he says, shaking his head. “It’s me. I’m sorry.”

After discussing the matter until you were a messy puddle in the kitchen floor, Harry grabbed his things and quickly walked out of your flat. You screamed, so hurt, not understanding what had happened.

Until the next day when you saw him, getting into his car outside of a store he frequented…opening the passenger door and a woman getting inside, while paps took photos around the car.

I wish I could hurt you back

Love, what would you do if you couldn’t get me back

You’re the one who’s gonna lose

Something so special, something so real

Tell me boy, how in the fuck would you feel?

If you couldn’t get me back

That’s what I wish that I could do to you

Anger. That’s what you felt. Lingering anger.

You saw him that first day with the girl and couldn’t believe he was with someone else. But when you found out that the rumors were that he had been with her for a while, you were devastated. You never expected Harry to be the type to cheat on you, and your heart was broken all over again. Not only had he left you with no explanation, but he had broken your heart for another woman. A woman he had been with while with you.

“You know people are talking,” your friend tells you. “And some are saying Harry’s been seeing her for a couple of months now.”

“But how?” you ask her, shaking your head in disbelief. You were all cried out at this point, or at least that’s what you told others, but you knew that Harry was with you most of the time when he wasn’t working, which meant he had to have been lying to you about working.

Cheating and lying. How could you have not seen this about Harry? He was always so wonderful with you. It just made you want to be as horrible to him as he was to you, but that’s not the type of person that you were.

“Maybe you should throw yourself back into the dating pool,” your friend insisted. “Let me set you up with someone. Get you back into the game again.”

Your first thought was that you weren’t ready for that. But at that moment, you gave zero fucks.

“You know what? Let’s do it,” you tell your friend with a determined, smart-ass smile. “I’m not going to sit and sulk about a punk-ass rockstar who thinks it’s okay to treat women like that. Set me up!”

You clink your glass against hers and down your drink, and soon find yourself with a date for Saturday night.

Figures…I’m the bad guy cause I can’t learn to trust

Love figures…You say sorry once and you think it’s enough

I got a lineup of girls and a lineup of guys

Begging for me just to give ‘em a try

Figures…I’m willing to stay cause I’m sick for your love

Anger. That’s still what you felt. Controlled, but still there.

As you start to walk out of the restaurant with your date, you nearly run into a couple and excuse yourself, before seeing who it is.

Harry looks at you in bewilderment, as if you were some crazy oddity at a side show, or that bad accident that you don’t want to look at but you can’t take your eyes off of. You look at him as he looks at you, his breathing increasing as his date puts her arm around him. Harry begins to speak when he sees your date put his arm around your shoulder.

“Excuse us,” your date says politely, not realizing who they are. “You ready, love?”

You hesitate a moment, then look to your date with a smile.

“Yes,” you say. “Let’s go.”

As you pass Harry, you feel the back of his hand brush against yours, and the knuckle of his pinky grabbing yours for a quick moment, then letting go. You look at him, his eyes meeting yours, then you turn away, angrier than you already were.

After your date drops you at your flat with a sweet kiss to your cheek, you shut the door and immediately call your girlfriend.

“What the fuck?!” you yell at her, explaining everything to her. “Why would he do that?”

“He’s a pompous ass, love,” she assures you, just like a best friend should. “He thinks he can just love you and leave you and lead you on to believe that at some point, if it doesn’t work out with the other girl, he can come back to you and just take you back again.”

“What pisses me off, is I’m not sure I wouldn’t!” you say, honestly.

“You better not, after what he did to you!” she admonishes.

“I know,” you say, sulking and frustrated. “But I still love him, even though he’s an ass. That sounds ridiculous.”

“Yes, it does,” she agrees. “But I get it. Just takes time to get over someone you love.”

I wish I could hurt you back

Love, what would you do if you couldn’t get me back

You’re the one who’s gonna lose

Something so special, something so real

Anger. Enough to still feel it, but you felt done with it now. Resigned anger.

“Love?” you hear a voice behind the pounding at your front door. Are you dreaming? You open your eyes and look at the clock on the dresser.

3:12 a.m.

Who the hell is beating on your front door at 3 o’clock in the morning?

You quickly go to your front door, barely one eye open, as you look through the peep hole.

“Babe, please…it’s me…Harry,” you hear him say with drunken voice. “Please let me in.”

You stop and think for a moment, not much wanting to talk to him or see him again. But that side of you that would always care about him…love him…wanted to make sure he was okay. You remove the chain on your door and open it, looking at him with irritation.

“Harry…what do you want?” you ask in frustration. “It’s 3 in the morning.”

“Is it?” he says, trying to look at his watch but unable to see it through drunken eyes. “I’m sorry. I just…I need to talk to you.”

“What is there left to talk about?” you ask coldly. “You broke up with me…cheated on me…and are still with her…so what could there possibly be left to talk about?”

“Please…” he said, begging then grabbing your hand which you promptly pull from his grasp.

You take a deep breath and move out of the way so he could come inside, closing the door behind him. You turn around and confidently look at him, knowing you’ve done no wrong, that this was all on him.

He looks at you with sorrow and sadness, knowing he hurt you and feeling horrible about it.

“So…” you try to help him get started.

“I’m sorry,” he says with a frown.

“You’re sorry!” you nearly shout, then remember you have neighbors sleeping.

“Yes!” he says, slurring his words a bit. “I never meant to hurt you! It wasn’t you, it was me!”

“Oh, I know that! Any more cliche’s up your sleeve?” you ask sarcastically.

“I didn’t…” he says, searching for his words through a drunken mind. “It isn’t what you think, love…”

“It isn’t you telling me you want to break up, then the next day seeing you get into your car with the woman you were apparently cheating on me with?” you question with bitterness.

“Yes, but no,” he says. “I just need to…”

“Harry, I don’t know that I care any longer what you need!” you yell at him. “You weren’t too concerned with what I needed. You broke my heart, then immediately made me look like a jilted fool to the rest of the world by showing off your new woman to the paparazzi, while you somehow managed to still come off the fuckin’ golden boy!”

Harry looked at you as a tear left his eye. “I still care for you!”

“No! You don’t get to cry about you cheating on me and leaving me!”

“I never wanted to leave you!” he yells. “I…look, it’s a long story…but…”

“I don’t want to hear it!” you argue. “Where was your long story the night you told me we were over, with no reason except ‘it’s not you, it’s me’? Hm? You know, if all it was, was a long story to explain it, did it ever cross your mind that maybe I would have understood? Believed you and gone along with it? But you decided it was better to break my heart!”

“Please, baby, just let me…” he tries.

“No!” you spat. “You decided this was over, for whatever the fuck reason you thought was worth breaking me. You still care for me?” you drill, as he nods, trying to touch you but you pull away. “Harry, how do you think you would feel, if you thought everything was beautiful between us, and you came home and I left you? How would you feel if I left you for another man and you couldn’t get me back? How would it make you feel if you saw that man put his hands on me and kiss me? How in the fuck would you feel if I kissed him back, let him touch my body, make him moan, let him stroke the hair that you pull? Because that’s all I thought of after you left and I saw you with her. Does that bother you at all? Because if not, then there is nothing else…”

You try to finish your rant but Harry presses you firmly against the wall, his lips pressed against yours, his hands on either side of your face, as you feel him crying into your mouth, his breath rapid as he sobs. For a brief instant, you miss that kiss on your lips, even the roughness of his action against the wall, the feel of his body pressing against yours. For a brief instant….

You push him away with all the strength you have as he loses his balance slightly but catches himself.

“If I was a vengeful person, Harry Styles,” you say with loving contempt, “I would hurt you in every way you’ve hurt me, just to spite you. So take it as a gift that I’m just letting you go.”

You walk to the front door, opening it and looking at the floor, waiting for Harry to leave. He slowly walks to you, tears down his face. You want to scream and cry and beat your fist into a bloody pulp, but you show strength in front of him, not letting him see you weak again. Not sense the night that you showed it and he walked away. Not again.

Harry leans to you, trying to kiss your cheek but you pull your face out of his reach. He sobs quietly then walks out the door and disappears down the hall of the apartment building.

Not again….

Tell me boy, how in the fuck would you feel?

If you couldn’t get me back

That’s what I wish that I could do to you, you

To you, you…Figures

Never Falter

Poe Dameron/ Reader

Originally posted by starwars

Words: 1,164

Summary: There’s something about being proved wrong after the countless hours of meticulous research that makes you boil over with emotion. You will never forget the helping hand of a friend who rescues you from your tidal wave.

Prompt: “Can I maybe request a Poe Dameron x reader where the reader is frustrated or upset about something and Poe cheers her up?”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: @winchesterandpie

Author’s notes: This is my second rewrite of this fic? I had an original idea but I felt like it went too fast and rushed a lot of what makes the prompt. Is this a better idea? Lmao idk there’s a ton of fluff so there’s that!

You bow your head out of respect, gripping the datapad tighter as you rush out of the command center. When you turn the corner, several feet away from the door, you press your back against the wall. That’s when your own walls begin to fall down.

What went wrong? Where in your calculations did you mess up? You looked them over twice, thrice, so many times that you stayed up late until your eyes burned. Sleepless nights to get your presentation ready to present to important figures of the Resistance and you blew it. Someone found a fault in your data, questioned your reliability, and how you could have allowed this oversight to happen. All you could do at that time was to take it, keep your emotions inside, and respect the individual.

Now you’re breaking down in a hallway.

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I Think I Like You A Lot - Kim Samuel Requested Scenario


Summary: Bae Jinyoung’s sister likes Samuel, Samuel likes her too, confession in front of all trainees, Jinyoung’s happy

Genre: fluffmedo

Message?: Bae Jinyoung and Samuel are bae (ha)


“Why today?!” I moaned.

“Come on Y/N, all the trainees will be there,” Jinyoung said. “Even Samuel.”

“Why did you single out Samuel?” I asked. “You make it seem like I’m obsessed with Samuel and let me tell you, I’m not!”

Jinyoung nodded, “yep. Totally believable, now hurry up.”

“I’m not!” I shouted after him as I pulled on my shoe and ran out.

He walked in front of me the whole way as I chased to keep up with him.

“Jinyoung wait!” I called.

I heard someone laugh behind me, “it’s fine. I’ll stay with you instead.”

I froze, turning round and seeing Kim Samuel. My heart leaped but my mind panicked.

But instead of freaking out on the outside I just chuckled, “thanks Sammy, at least someone’s nice.”

Jinyoung gave me the middle finger as Samuel and I laughed.

“How do you deal with him?” Samuel asked, laughing.

I shook my head, looking down, “god knows.”

“Is he over-protective?” Samuel asked.

I shook my head, looking at Samuel, “not particularly. Just a normal older brother, annoying but sometimes caring.”

“What, like, with boyfriends and stuff,” Samuel said, putting his hands in his pockets.

I shrugged, “wouldn’t know. Never had one.”

“Seriously?!” Samuel exclaimed.

“It’s cause she’s a loser!” Jinyoung called.

“Frick off!” I shouted.

Jinyoung laughed but when I looked at Samuel, he looked like he was in deep thought.

“You alright?” I asked, then laughed. “It’s not that shocking.”

“It kind of is,” Samuel said.

My heart raced.

“Come on you two! Party’s started!” Jinyoung shouted.

I nudged Samuel’s arm, “come on.”

“I’ll catch up,” he said.

I tilted my head at him but still jogged ahead, catching up with Jinyoung.

“You two going out yet?” he asked.

I shoved him.

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding!”

We walked in with our arms linked as I looked around.

“Let’s go speak to Daehwi,” I said, nudging Jinyoung.

Jinyoung nodded as we started walking over.

“Ah Jinyoung!” Daehwi exclaimed. “I’m so nervous!”

“Why?” I laughed.

“Every A grader has a solo performance tonight,” Daehwi explained.

“You’ll do great Daehwi,” Somi, Daehwi’s ‘date’, said.

Every boy was told to bring a ‘date’ to the party so there was a fair amount of sisters, mothers and friends although I’m sure Daehwi was the only one who had an idol.

“Samuel’s going first,” Daehwi said. “As he was the first to get an A grade.”

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Singing?”

He nodded. “I’m so nervous though.”

“Trainees!” we all turned round to face the stage at the sound of BoA’s voice.

“Ah, I should probably go backstage,” Daehwi moaned.

“Fighting!” I exclaimed.

He smiled, high-fiving Jinyoung then disappearing

"So first up for performances,” BoA continued, “is 16 year old Kim Samuel!”

Everyone turned around and cheered as Samuel walked on stage wearing the same thing that I’d seen him in a few minutes ago.

“They must have been freaking out, he only just got here,” I said, turning to Somi.

She shook her head, looking confused. “He was the first one here. He did leave a few minutes ago, saying he was going to meet someone.”

My heart fluttered. That must have been me! Or Jinyoung.

“Um, I’d like to dedicate this song,” Samuel said, clearing his throat, “to Bae Jinyoung’s sister, a loser.”

He smirked at the end whilst taking a step back, preparing to perform while I was flustered. For me? Why?!

Somi nudged me, smiling excitedly.

Samuel then proceeded to sing ‘With You’ just like his first audition, but this was much more heart fluttering. Especially for me. When he finished he paused the crowd from their cheering.

“Um, where is Y/N?” he asked.

Jinyoung pushed me forward, forcing me to stumble towards the stage and causing Samuel to see me immediately.

He took a deep breath. “Okay, so basically, I like you Y/N. A lot. From the moment I met you I knew I liked you but it seemed to get a lot scarier knowing that Jinyoung was your brother. I was shocked to find out that you’d never had a boyfriend. Someone like you always deserves someone, so, I guess I could be that someone if you wanted me to.”

I buried my face in my hands, smiling.

Everyone in the room started cheering, chanting 'say yes’.

I took my face out of my hands and the whole room quietened down.

“Samuel,” I began. “I like you too.”

“Oh my god,” Samuel said in English. “What?!”

I laughed, being drowned by the amount of people hugging me until Samuel jumped off the stage and ran towards me, pulling me into a hug and spinning me round.

BoA walked on stage, laughing and clapping. “But the real question is. Jinyoung? Are you okay with this?”

Jinyoung walked towards me and Samuel, looking a bit stern and very emotionless, but upon reaching us, he smiled widely and pulled Samuel into a hug.

“Why would you date this loser?” Jinyoung laughed.

I shoved him before he pulled me into a hug saying, “I’m kidding!”

Everyone cheered and the party continued. Daehwi performed next, it was amazing. Samuel thought it was great. I thought that he was greater. I’m surprised he didn’t realise as I was staring at him for pretty much the whole night. Many people came over to congratulate us and I always buried my face in Samuel’s shoulder when they did.

“You embarrassed?” he asked, looking down at me.

I shook my head. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m trying to hide it.”

“Don’t hide it!” he exclaimed, laughing. “Show everyone your smile.”

I smiled widely then and so did Samuel as he pulled me into another hug as we listened to the amazing voice of Sungwoon singing on stage.

“I think I like you a lot.” Samuel smiled.

I chuckled, “I think I like you a lot as well.”


Originally posted by malecsbiscuit

Words: 1247
A/N: I would like to apologise for me taking so long, im just way to lazy to start on imagines, but when i first get started… yeah. love you xx

You kicked the demon in the stomach before rolling onto the concrete, taking the seraph sword you dropped a minute ago, jumping up to put the sword right into the demon. As you saw it disappear, you heard another scream. Before you could react the sword in your hand was gone. The demon had knocked it out of your hand, which meant you no longer had a weapon. You tried to kick the demon but missed and instead it grabbed your leg pulling you towards it.

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Emergency Money

Michael Gray/Shelby x reader

Request: Can I request one where you’re friends with Michael and after the charlotte situation he tells you that you’re the only one he’d want to have kids with?

Author’s note: This one is a little rambly but was super fun to write so hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Warnings: Lots and Lots of swearing, fluff.

“What the fuck is going on, Michael?” You ask as your best friend or ex-best friend you weren’t really sure. Michael had been off with you for about a month now, you knew there was business, family business going on. But usually, he would tell you about all that. I mean you two had literally been inseparable for the past two years (much to the dislike of your boy/girlfriend’s through the years)and now all of a sudden you barely saw him and when you did it was like he wasn’t really there.

“Where’s that money I gave you? The money i told you to keep for emergencies?” He said searching through your cupboards in your kitchen pulling things out and making a mess as he did so.

“Calm down I’ll get it now.”

“I need it now (Y/N), hurry up.”

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Draco Malfoy Imagine Amazing Actor

Requested by Anon: Could you do a Dracox Reader imagine where the reader gives Draco a love potion thinking he actually took it, but he found out and didn’t take it so he acted like it was real but the feelings were real? Does that make sense? Message me if you don’t understand it

You gave your friends a shy smile, as you eyed Draco from the other side of the Great Hall. He took a sip from his drink and made eye contact with you, but you ducked your head. 

“Has he drunk it?” Ginny asked and you looked at her, before seeing Draco stand up with his friends, having finished the meal. You watched him walk out and sighed.

“What if it doesn’t work? And what about when it wears off? I shouldn’t have slipped him the love potion.” You mumbled to Ginny, so nobody else would hear. 

“(Y/N), don’t worry. This will give you some closure.” Ginny reassured you and you nodded, before leaving to go to class.

“(Y/N), you look stunning today.” You blinked a few times and looked at Draco, who was smirking at you. Pansy glared at you, before tugging on Draco’s arm to drag him away.

“Thanks Draco. You look good too.” You replied in a friendly tone and Draco blushed slightly at the compliment. 

“That means a lot to me (Y/N). I can’t believe that you’d even notice me.” Pansy sighed and you gave Draco a surprised look. You knew it was the potion talking, but you wished it wasn’t. 

“How could I not notice you? Everyone knows you Draco. If anything, it’s me who nobody sees.” You shrugged and Draco leaned in, closer than you’d ever imagined him.

“I see you.” Draco kissed your cheek and your lips parted in surprise.

“Meet me after curfew, outside the library.” You nodded breathlessly, as Draco walked away.

“If we get caught…”

“We won’t. Besides, I’ll make sure you’re not punished.” Draco promised and you nodded reluctantly. You’d expected the potion to have worn off and it hadn’t, but you weren’t complaining.

“Why did you want to see me? What do you need to say, that you couldn’t say in front of everyone else?” You asked him, keeping your voice down. Draco cupped your face and whispered.

“I know about the potion.” You stumbled away from him, tears clouding in your eyes.

“I knew this morning, so I pretended to take it. Looks like I fooled you.” You looked at the floor in embarrassment. 

“I’ll admit what I did was wrong, but I just needed to get over you. But you didn’t need to be so cruel. Pretending that you liked me? Acting like you cared about me? I bet your friends were howling with laughter. Congratulations Draco, you’re an amazing actor.” You started walking away, but Draco grabbed your arm and spun you round, planting his lips on yours. Even though the kiss was heavenly, you pushed him away.

“What are you doing? You don’t get to kiss me after that. Or is this just your final part in the plan?” You asked bitterly and Draco shook his head rapidly.

“(Y/N), I can’t act. Everything I did today, everything I said, I meant it all.” You looked into his eyes and saw only sincerity. 

“You have feelings for me?” You questioned hesitantly and Draco chuckled, pulling you closer to him. 

“Do I need to be any more obvious?” He asked and you leaned in to kiss him. Draco kissed back and you mentally thanked Ginny into talking you into using the potion. 

“Who’s there?” Filch called from down the corridor. Draco broke away and grabbed onto your hand. 

“Run.” He whispered and you took off down the corridor.

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The Stolen Puzzle Piece

Request: “Sam x reader please! Maybe where the reader is dating Sam but someone (jealous ex? Idk) lies and tells the reader Sam is planning to break up with the reader. Then Sam has an accident and temporarily loses his memory, and the reader nurses him but doesn’t reveal she’s his girlfriend because she figures there no point if he no longer wants her. Thanks lovely!”

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1996

Warnings: None

A/n: this is shitty and I didn’t even edit it I’M SORRY I SUCK

“He wants me to go meet up with him.” You sighed, looking between the text message and Sam’s unchanging expression.

“Then go.” He shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

You frowned, locking your phone screen and staring back at the uncertain face that was reflected.

“Why don’t you care?” You asked, turning in your seat to lean your head on the palm of your hand. You thought it was exactly like Sam to seem unaffected by the news, but now he seemed a little too persistent. Was he upset?

“I don’t care,” he grumbled, moving over to lay a quick peck on your forehead. “because I trust you. And I spoke to him on the phone last night. Everything’s cool.”

You smiled warmly at him, reaching your arms out and waving your fingers around like a needy child. Sam rolled his eyes and chuckled, leaning down to shower you in more affections.

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-Curiosity- Anthony Ramos x Reader

147. “I wish I could hate you.”  

A/n: this is a request from an anon! I hope they would like it.  Cause I didn’t liked it myself in general. Anyways, I need a human who has great ideas for titles btw-Enjoy <3

150 Prompt List
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You were feeling lonely.

Anthony has a lot of two show days lately, so you were left alone in the house without anybody to cuddle or talk to.

You don’t like going out of the apartment when you don’t have work.

You were only left alone to watch or rewatch some of your favorite shows on Netflix.

Anthony usually would be home by 10 or 9 in the evening. You trust him enough to not suspect him in cheating or something.

But there was a feeling of too much loneliness in you that just wouldn’t go away when Anthony was away from you.

To add it up, you were feeling like there was going to happen. Either bad or good, you felt like it was going to happen soon.

You cleaned the house, watered the little plants around the apartment, did some laundry and iron some clothes.

Keeping yourself busy to forget the thoughts.

It was going to be fine.

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One of the Guys Part Four (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 970

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one, part two and part three here. This is the final part, hope you enjoy :)

You had been successfully avoiding Peter all week at school since you accidentally told him that you were in love with him. He tried talking to you a few times in the halls but you’d luckily always found a way to run away. You weren’t ready to hear your best friend tell you that he didn’t love you the same way.

Michelle was the only one you could talk to about the situation and you also enjoyed her company so you’d been hanging out and eating your lunch with her everyday. Even if you and Peter don’t become friends again at least you know you’ve got a friend like Michelle to have your back. Ned was a bit harder to talk to since everywhere Ned went Peter followed. But when you did talk to him you made sure to avoid the topic of Parker. You had gotten over the fact that he was Spider-man and didn’t tell you, that was the least of your worries. But you couldn’t face him now he knew how you truly felt, you knew your feelings had ruined your friendship. 

It was Friday now and everyone was heading home or grabbing things from their lockers. You were talking to Michelle about your English assignment when you noticed everyone around you was looking at their phones and whispering excitedly to one another. You were confused as to what was going on to make some of the girls in your school “aww” or shout out how “their chances with him are ruined”, whoever he may be? 

Michelle let out a gasp next to you, she was looking at something on her phone too.You tried leaning over her shoulder to see what was going on. ”What is it Michelle?” She turned to you with an excited expression, what was going on? ”You like Spider-man right?” You nod and gave her a confused look, what does Spider-man have to do with this? What has Peter done?

“Well I’m pretty sure he did that.” She exclaimed as she holds her phone out in front of you to reveal a picture of the Brooklyn bridge with the words “I love you” spelled out in webbing. You gasped as you realized who wrote it, it was Peter, it had to have been. Was that message for you? You’d hoped so otherwise it would only cause you more heartache if your best friend loved someone who wasn’t you. 

“Are you okay Y/N? You haven’t said a word.” Michelle looks concerned waving her hand in front of your face to get your attention. “I’m fine, I just remembered I had to be somewhere.” You rushed out as you turned and almost sprinted down the hall. Michelle just shrugged and went back to looking at her phone. You had to see Peter. If this message was for you you needed to know. 

As you practically ran the entire way to Peter’s apartment your nerves were kicking in. What if Peter didn’t love you and this was for someone else? You wouldn’t want him not to be happy, if someone else was the one for him you wouldn’t get in the way of his happiness.

Outside his building you tried catching your breath, this is why you never run. You make your way up the elevator and finally arrive outside his door. You contemplate if you should knock or just walk away but before you can even make a decision the door is opened by Peter himself. 

“How did you know I was here?” You asked with confusion written all over your face. He looked relieved to see you thankfully. “Spidey-sense.” You nodded your head in understanding, this more awkward than you anticipated. “Oh. I just stopped by to er-” You didn’t get to finish your sentence as the unexpected happened. 

“God I missed you.” He steps closer and pulls your body against his chest, not wasting a second before pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened but it didn’t take long for you to kiss back, melting into the kiss and wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your waist and you kissed for what felt like forever. 

You pulled apart and stared at each other. Did that just happen? Did that just actually happen or am I dreaming? “So i’m guessing that message was for me then?” You bit your lip sending him a cheeky smile.

His face lit up and he smiled. “You saw it?!” You couldn’t help but scoff at how naive he was sometimes. “Peter, the whole world saw it, it’s gone viral.” You snorted at the dork, but he was your dork.

His eyes seemed to widened a bit at this, he obviously didn’t really think it through. “Really?” Laughter escaped you again, god you loved this boy. “Yup.”

“It’s just, I’m in love with you Y/N. I didn’t even realize it until the other night when you told me your feelings for me. All week I have been thinking about it over and over again in my head. Y/N, I couldn’t stand it if you were to be with someone else because i’m so in love with you it hurts. I wish I’d have realized sooner because maybe then we’d already be together. But what I can do now is promise you that I will never hurt you, I will protect you with my life and I will love you until my last breath even if we aren’t together. Because I love you, so so so much.”

Tears uncontrollably fell from your eyes,you couldn’t believe this was happening. This is all you’d ever wanted and more. “I love you too Pete. I love you so much.” You wrapped your arms around him, embracing him in a hug as you laid your cheek against his shoulder.

Plan J for Jealous

Request: Hi !!! Love your blog:) can you please do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and Barry gets jealous cause of someone idk you chose and the reader is like why you care and he admits his name and lots of fluff Thanks ;)) -anon
Pairing: Barry x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, jealousy
Word Count: 1122

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Bad For Me (Min Yoongi x Reader)


It was wet and cold outside that day; the sky gray, and the rain coming down in ice cold sheets as the soles of Yoongi’s white converse became coated in mud as he ran, paying no mind to the puddles.

He just needed to make it there on time. For once in his life, he actually cared about following the rules and being prompt. But, it had been a bad day, and his perfectly formulated schedule that he had made weeks prior had been forced to be disregarded.

Yoongi needed to make it to that audition on time. It was a simple job that paid minimum wage, but it offered him money, and something to devote his time to so he wouldn’t feel so lonely anymore.

You were sitting at the counter within the warm shop, watching the rain roll down the large glass windows that were across the room. You were sitting calmly, having a cup of black coffee and not thinking about much in particular. You were in a state of ease; a state of ease with everything in your life.

But then, a young adult walked in. He was tall and lanky, covered by a long-sleeved striped shirt and an additional hoodie, his hair a mess from the rain, his white converse stained in the dirty water that covered the city streets.

You were content with everything before this.

But then, Yoongi walked in.

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okay so thank you to everyone who gave me ray + felicity’s canon ages so that i could look at them, go “oh this isn’t what i want” and just throw that out the window i’m god now i make the rules

here’s something you need to know about american jewish culture, and i never got to partake in this for a wide array of reasons, but we as a people are literally obsessed with sleepaway summer camp. like sleepaway summer camps that are specifically like, send your jewish children here! we teach them to be more jewish by surrounding them with other jews! and you know what if it works it works whatever

and this is one of those things where like, jewish kids look forward to being away from home, at summer camp, for eight literal weeks. most jewish children go through puberty exclusively at jewish summer camp, that’s just how it works honestly i have people that can confirm

and why i’m telling you this is because i need you all to imagine that ray and felicity are say like, a year apart, and are absolutely 13 + 14 at fucking b’nai shalom jcc in the mountains this is a name i just made up and i swear to you jewish people are gonna find it funny so sorry to the rest of you. this post got long as FUCK btw so under the cut. its more pro ray and felicity than like them exactly as a ship? but whatever

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Married to a Monster - eleven

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Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly. This chapter contains depictions of self-harm.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven  

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Alex Galchenyuk - 5 years

“okay?“ Alex asks as we walk into the room full WAGs while the guys were outside.

The wags from my point of view were like the popular girls and I was like the freshman on there first day. Main point is that I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Plus I don’t really think they like me. I mean after all I’m the youngest, and I’m dating a guy that is 5 years older then me.

“Babe, are you alright?” Alex asks as we walk into the Pacioretty house.

“Yeah, just tired is all.” I reply quickly.

As we enter the house to get to the back yard, I feel the stares of some of the WAGs as I walk with Alex.

“Are you sure your okay? you seem really tense.” Alex says.

“Yeah, I’m good just a bit tired.”

“Okay, I’m gonna go hang out with the guys okay?” He asks

“Yeah, okay.” I reply very unsure of what I would do without him with me.

“How about you go spend time with the other girls?” Alex says looking into the kitchen where the girls were standing, drinking and talking.

“Umm….okay.” I reply timidly walking over to the group of older girls. This caused them to murmur amongst themselves. This only made me more self conscious.

“Hello.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

No one replies they just keep murmuring.

Thankfully my phone rings. So I quickly exit the room and walk out front.

“Hello,” I answer the phone.

“Hey, how’s it going?” My best friend asks.

“I definitely don’t fit in. I mean in 18, and not a model like everyone else.” I reply looking at my shoes.

“I’m sure your just nervous.” She says

“I’m not nervous, I’m out of place. I shouldn’t of come with Alex. I should of just stayed home.” I reply quickly my eyes still focused on my shoes my breathing speeding up.

“Why did you go then?” She asks quickly.

“Because, Alex asked and you know I feel bad if I can’t do something with him. I mean, I don’t want him to not have fun or to feel bad, I also don’t want to be a burden you know?” I ask with tears welling in my eyes.

“I understand, maybe just tell him.” She suggests

“Its not as easy as just telling him. For god sakes these people are his family. I’m not just gonna say ‘oh Alex I feel left out and hated because I’m 18, not a model and 5 years younger then you’, I’m not gonna say that. I don’t want to cause any problems for him. I mean, he’s one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He’s respectful, sweet, thoughtful, funny, and overall a great guy. I’m not gonna take the chance of losing him just because I’m over sensitive or feel left out.” I say a tear running down my face.

“Okay, do you need me to say I need you over so you can leave?” She asks.

“No, it’s just two hours. I’m sure I can survive.” I reply wiping the tear streak.

“Okay, just text me if you need me to tell Alex I need you pronto okay?” She says.

“Okay, your the best. Thanks” I say hanging up as I hear the front door start to open.

“Babe, the foods ready.” Alex says

“I’m not that hungry.” I reply lightly.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Alex asks closing the door behind him and walking over to me.

“What do you mean?” I ask trying to act dumb.

“You are always hungry around this time of day. You have barely said two words since we got here. Plus your eyes are a lighter color, which means you feel vulnerable.” He explains walking closer to me so we were only inches away from each other. His light blue eyes starting back into mine, searching for an answer.

“Nothing, I’m good. Just tired is all.”

“If you were tired, then your eyes would be grey, not light blue. Plus, your eyes would be drooping.” He explains lightly. His Russian accent showing even more.

“I’m okay, I will talk to you about it later okay.” I reply not meeting his icy blue eyes.

“Alright, but we are talking about this later.” He says softly yet firmly.

“You should probably go eat before the food is all gone.” I reply giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“You should too.” He says rubbing his thumb along my cheek, cupping my jaw with the same hand.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You should still eat something. Even if it’s just a bite of hotdog. You need to eat.” He says kissing my forehead.

“I’ll eat later.”

“No babe, you need to eat otherwise you will pass out.” He says putting his hand on my waist, dropping his other one.

“Okay.” I reply reluctantly.


“Tell me what’s wrong.” Alex says as we walk into the house.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“If it makes you feel vulnerable, then obviously it matters.” He says as he sit on the couch, with him on one end and me on the other.

“It’s stupid.”

“I don’t care if it’s stupid. It bothers you, so I need to know.” He says as he lifts me into his lap.

“Why did you choose me?” I ask messing with my hands which were placed in my lap.

“What?” Alex asks shocked, while turning me around so I am facing him, my legs on the outside of his.

“Why did you choose me? You could of chosen someone your age, or a model, or some pretty Russian girl. So why me?” I ask not meeting his eyes, instead picking invisible lint off of my shirt.

“I chose you because your sweet, you care, your not interested in me for my money, you always cheer me up. Plus you put up with my teammates and my shitty moods.” He says while lifting my chin and looking into my eyes lovingly.

Hearing this I just fidget. Turning my head so I’m not looking at him, but the wall.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” He says turning my face with his thumb and pointer finger.

“I don’t fit in. I mean I’m 18. I’m a plain girl from a middle class family. They all think I’m just here for the money. They don’t even acknowledge me. I mean I’m immature compared to all of them. They can all drink and have adult girls nights out. While I can barely legally live on my own.” I reply not meeting his eyes.

“What do you mean by ‘they’?” He asks

“The other WAGs. They hate me.”

“Is that why you never go to any team event? Because you think they hate you?”

“There is no thinking Alex, they do.” He just chuckles and shakes his head.

“Babe, they don’t hate you. It’s what they do to every new WAG it’s like an initiation thing to see if the girl stays with us.” He chuckles.


“It doesn’t matter to them that your 18. It was just an initiation kinda thing. Okay?” Alex asks kissing me softly and slowly.

“You mean I freaked out for nothing?” I ask against his lips.

“Pretty much.” He says, pulling me closer to him while kissing me.

And guess what? He was right, the girls even told me about it. Guess it was just an initiation.

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