why did you make him walk outside

May I request fluff of all of the characters bedridden and sick being cared for by their s/o? How would they act? What would they need or want from them? Would it be easy and relaxing, or hard and time consuming? And what would they all have and why? (Love your stuff!! Keep it up!)

Sure thing, here you go!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • What? Seriously?
  • How did he even catch a cold? He’s always wearing a mask!
  • Are you serious?! He walked all the way to the library in this weather?! It’s practically a blizzard outside, he could have just gone online!
  • He repeatedly tells you that online does not even begin to compare to the experience of researching culture from actual books.
  • Still, you tell him this is completely ridiculous!
  • Regardless, you tend to him, making sure he stays warm and bringing him hot drinks.
  • His favourite part of your caring for him is when you sit by the fire with him and read to him.
  • He’s not too needy, and reminds you that you don’t have to care for him and you can take a break whenever you want!
  • But really, he’s not too high maintenance, and caring for him is pretty relaxing. Nice and rhythmical.
  • It takes him a little while to get better, as he refuses to take any artificial medicines, but eventually, he’s back to his usual self!
  • That’s not to say this didn’t definitely happen again a week later.

Maki Harukawa

  • The laziest sick person in the world.
  • She won’t even move, she’s just going to bury herself under all these blankets and groan.
  • A cold, and what a cold it is.
  • She’s a sniffling, red-nosed mess, sneezing all over the place.
  • You make sure she has plenty of tissues ready, at least three boxes at all times!
  • She’s way more high-maintenance than you expected, but she doesn’t ask for anything.
  • She just expects that you already know to do it.
  • And really, you do.
  • So you make her lots of soup, light the fireplace, and cuddle with her.
  • You also make sure to go out and buy lots of medicine.
  • You have very little free time now, because her every need needs to be attended to, and god, there’s quite a list of them.
  • But when she’s feeling better, she’s very appreciative!
  • And she apologizes for you having to work so hard.

Rantarou Amami

  • Assures you that really, you don’t have to do anything, he’s okay!
  • He can still get up and move and work, see? He’s fine, you don’t have to take care of him!
  • And then he throws up.
  • So back to bed with him!
  • He finally lets you take care of him, and you do a wonderful job!
  • You’re completely attentive to his every need, because you feel bad about how sick he is.
  • He can’t keep a lot of food down, nasty stomach bug!
  • But he can handle light things, so that’s what you make.
  • You have him in the guest room…but only because it’s closer to the bathroom.
  • And also because you don’t want him sleeping in your bed with you while he’s sick. If you get sick too, who’s gonna care for you both?!
  • You make sure to get him lots of medicine.
  • He tells you that you’re working too hard, but you really want him to get better!
  • It’s pretty time-consuming, but you don’t mind, because you love him, and you know he would do the same if you were sick.
  • Soon, he gets better, and he makes sure to repay you with lots of nice dates for all your hard work.

Kirumi Toujou

  • Why! Won’t! She! Stay! In! Bed!!!
  • Every time you look away, even for a second, she’s out of bed! Cleaning!
  • Kirumi no!
  • You have a cold! No!
  • You constantly have to take her back to bed, but she just won’t stop getting up, every single time you look away!
  • You can’t even make her soup or buy her medicine because every time you try, she gets out of bed!
  • It! Is! Stressful!
  • It takes her FOREVER to get over her cold because she will not stay in bed!

Ouma Kokichi

  • That being said, you feel bad, because he’s got the flu pretty bad.
  • Like, really bad, actually.
  • So you let him complain.
  • He can barely keep any food down, which is frustrating!
  • He tends to get sick a lot, because of how much exposure to people he has as a supreme ruler.
  • He won’t stay in bed, but he definitely wants to!
  • Alternatively, he’s bundled up in five blankets, practically living on the bathroom floor.
  • So that’s where he lives now apparently.
  • He won’t take pills because he’s a huge baby, so you have to sneak most of them into his food.
  • Which he still can’t keep down anyway. Frustrating!
  • Basically cries the entire time, because his tummy hurts and he is not having a good time :c
  • But eventually he falls asleep!
  • So you carry him back to bed, and he manages to sleep for a lil bit.
  • But when he gets better, he gives you lots of hugs to thank you!
  • And also tells you everything you could have done better.
  • Buuuut also thanks you.

Angie Yonaga

  • Angie isn’t feeling too well…how did she even get a cold?
  • You guess it was probably the move.
  • Your city isn’t quite as hot as her island!
  • But she is all too happy to let you take care of her!
  • She’s a little needy, but she’s also adorable, so you just can’t say no to her.
  • You give her plenty of kisses, because she wants them!
  • Even if it might make you sick.
  • You bring her lots of sketching supplies and food, just what she needs.
  • She sleeps during a lot of the day too, which makes things easier for you.
  • She’s needy, yes, but most of her needs are pretty easy to manage.
  • She gets better real quickly, and thanks you plenty!
  • But…now you’re sick.
  • Damn kisses.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He is very adamant that he can handle himself, and not to worry about him!
  • He doesn’t want you doing any more work than you have to!
  • But he’s sneezing like crazy and you know he needs to rest.
  • So off to bed with him!
  • He’s reluctant, but finally lets you take care of him.
  • You bring him lots of soup and lots of blankets and lots of medicine!
  • Still though, he’s reluctant to let you work this hard.
  • He insists you get some rest too.
  • Very low maintenance, but that’s a problem, because he never tells you when he needs something!
  • But, you know when he needs something, you’re an expert in that field by now.
  • Needless to say, he gets better pretty quickly with such a dedicated s/o!
  • He repays you with plenty of thanks and plenty of hugs.

Kaede Akamatsu

  • Independent and wants you to know it!
  • Tries to do everything herself, make her own food, buy her own medicine, assures you that you can rest easy!
  • You try to help, but she’s just too on top of everything.
  • There’s no time for you to go get her medicine! She already did it herself!
  • You wanna take care of her, really, you do, but she will not let you!
  • Finally, FINALLY, you get her to AT LEAST take a nap.
  • That’s about all you can do.
  • You have no idea how she gets better so quickly, working like that!
  • She assures you that she’s just really good at taking care of the sick, including herself!
  • You are so, so confused.

Kaito Momota

  • Just kind of…
  • Does nothing.
  • Lays face-down on the couch and just groans.
  • Doesn’t ask for anything, just groans.
  • You put on movies for him, bring him medicine and food, but mostly you just give him his space.
  • Sometimes though, he will groan SO LOUDLY that you’re sure the neighbours can hear it, so you go cuddle him to keep him down.
  • But he never gets off the couch!
  • You need somewhere to sit, so you mostly just sit on his back.
  • He gets better, but it takes FOREVER because he won’t even TRY to get better!
  • He’s so lazy when he’s sick!
  • When he gets better, he acts like nothing even happened, but does thank you.
  • And scolds you for sitting on him while he was sick! Very rude!

Miu Iruma

  • Almost as whiny as Ouma!
  • But also the grossest.
  • She sneezes without covering her mouth, and she throws up SO LOUDLY that it almost makes you wanna throw up too.
  • Has a million demands, and if you don’t meet them all, she’ll complain until you do!
  • Super time consuming and extremely high-maintenance, never even TRIES to do anything herself until she’s feeling 100%!
  • But when she does feel better, she pays you back in full.
  • And when I say in full, I mean in NSFW ways that are for A DIFFERENT ASK.


  • It…appears as though he has caught a virus.
  • You have no idea what to do here.
  • He’s just kind of bugging out in the middle of the kitchen??
  • Oh god he just shot a laser at the waffle iron-
  • To bed with him…?
  • You are really, really confused. 
  • You read through the manual he wrote out for you when you had asked for some kind of robot instruction book a few months ago…
  • Maybe if you just…?
  • Yup. All you had to do was turn him off and on again.
  • Easy fix!
  • He’s super embarrassed afterwards, and very sorry for wasting your time!

Himiko Yumeno

  • A pretty lazy sick.
  • But mostly just tired, at least this keeps her in bed!
  • She doesn’t ask for much, but she still asks for the norm, like soup and medicine.
  • Eventually, though, she asks for you to do a trick for her to make her feel better!
  • You try, and it’s terrible, but she laughs and smiles and tells you she loved it.
  • You’re glad you could make her happy!
  • She gets better quickly, and makes sure to give you lots of kisses and face-squishes as thanks!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He. Feels. Horrible.
  • He is so sick.
  • It’s not uncommon for him to catch things, being outside as often as he is, and this time is no exception.
  • He’s even harder to keep in bed than Kirumi, despite how bad he feels!
  • He wants to go outside!
  • He wants to go for walks!
  • He wants to go in the woods!
  • If he stayed in the house, then things would be a little easier, but you turn for a second and he’s OUT THE DOOR.
  • After a stern lecture, he agrees to stay inside until he feels better…
  • But then spends the next week lying about feeling better when actually he still feels awful.
  • Frustrating!

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • Sick? What? She’s not sick, she promises!
  • Liar.
  • She is sneezing like crazy, and eventually you get her to go back to bed.
  • Although she continuously insists she’s perfectly healthy, she’s still sneezing a ton, so you tend to her anyway.
  • You bring soup, medicine, blankets, movies, books, anything she could need or want!
  • But she swears she’s fine!
  • Which makes it really hard to tell when she’s actually feeling better.
  • You decide to pick around the time when she stops sneezing.
  • She’s not high maintenance, but you turn it into a very demanding job for yourself!
  • When she feels better, she’s appreciative, but also a little grumpy that you ignored her repeated statements that she was fine!
  • Buuuut she kisses you anyway.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Literally the last thing he wants is you taking care of him.
  • This is so stupid.
  • He hates this.
  • But this cold is nasty so he has no choice but to let you take charge.
  • Being so small, his immune system isn’t very good, so he gets sick a lot, but you are always there to help!
  • He does what he can for himself.
  • You make his food, but he gets out of bed to come get it.
  • You go buy him medicine, but he gets out of bed to come take it.
  • You wash nice warm blankets for him, but he takes them out of the drier and carries them upstairs.
  • Overall a team effort!
  • But when he does feel better, he’s very thankful that you took such good care of him, and thanks you, though a  little embarrassed.

Tenko Chabashira

  • She tries to be independent, but she’s pretty out of it while she’s sick.
  • So instead she just sprawls out across the bed and mumbles about how she doesn’t NEED help.
  • She definitely needs help.
  • So you make sure she gets enough water, and food, and medicine, and sleep!
  • But she is really out of it.
  • So she doesn’t try to be high-maintenance, but she definitely is.
  • You take very good care of her the whole time!
  • And when she feels better, she doesn’t remember much of what happened, but she’s very grateful for your help, and promises to make it up to you!

Jim Kirk x Reader

Figured if Jim could play the Beastie Boys in the first two movies, then some Ritchie Valens would be acceptable.

“Leonard, did Jim get off the ship? I can’t find him.”

You walk up to the Doctor, who was chatting up Scotty. Everyone was crowded outside the docking station on Risa, eager to start a few days of much needed R n R, filled with sandy beaches and some gambling for the hell of it.

“Sorry, Darlin’. He might still be on the ship, why don’t you go check. We can meet up at the hotel.”

Bones smiles at you, patting you lightly on the shoulder before turning back to Scotty. You nod and turn to make your way back to the Enterprise, but what you didn’t see was the knowing smiles on Scotty and Bones’ faces.

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You argue with Darry...

You look at Darry with a smile on your face as he walks through the door.

“How was work, honey?” You ask instantly, walking up to him and planting a kiss to his lips. “Did you have a good day?”

“It was fine” He sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair. He looked stressed and completely worn down. “I’m just tired, is all.”

“Well, why don’t you go on to bed? I’m making your favourite” You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands hoisted around your waist as he kissed your neck. “Go on honey, I’ll wake you when it’s ready”

“I love you” He said, giving you a chaste kiss.

You grinned as you pulled away.

“I love you too, now go get some sleep” You smacked his butt lightly as you went back into the kitchen were Ponyboy was currently studying.

“How’s that homework going for you, Ponyboy?” You asked kindly, mussing his perfectly greased hair as you walked past him.

“I’m nearly done, I’m just stuck on this last question is all, do you think you could help me if you’re not too busy?”

Immediately you stopped what you were doing as you stood behind him, grabbing the pencil from his hand as you looked over at the math problem he was currently trying to solve.

You helped him solve it, explaining the rules he needed to use in order to achieve the correct answer.

“Thank you” He said smiling up at you.

“How was school today, sweetie?” You asked as you began chopping up the chicken you had brought from the store earlier today. “Did anything interesting happen?”

“Not really…” He said trailing off.

There was just something so suspicious about the way he said that.

“Not really?” You said with a raised eyebrow. “What does not really mean?”

“It mean’s Darry is going to be angry at me.” He held up his history paper with a big, fat D- marked on it.

“Angry” You huffed, a hand on your hip. “Did you even study for this test?” You gave him your infamous ‘don’t you dare lie to me look’.

“No”” He sighed, looking down at his hands. “I might have gone out instead.”

“Ponyboy Michael Curtis, what has Darry said to you about doing your homework and studying? It’s important that you keep your grades up, that way you’ll be able to go to college and make something of yourself. You were made for bigger things than Tulsa!” You gripped his shoulders lightly, forcing him to look in your eyes. “I want you to promise me that you will study from now on.”

“I will, I promise” You wrapped your arms around him, kissing his forehead.


You went back to cooking as the door slammed open, making you jump at the sound.

“Goodness Sodapop, Darry is trying to sleep. Keep it down, honey.”

“Sorry Y/N!” He yelled from the room he and Ponyboy shared making you roll your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N?” Ponyboy said with an almost shy look on his face.

“What is it, darling?” You asked, stirring the mixture as you made contact with him.

“Do you think it’d be alright if I go out with Dally and Johnny to see a movie?” You looked at him with a frown on your face, wanting to say no. You knew Darry would be beyond pissed off if you allowed him to go out on a school night, especially with D- he just got.

But he looked so damn innocent with those big puppy dog eyes that he was giving you.

“Fine, but I want you back by nine. No exceptions, you hear me?”

“Thanks Y/N” He grinned.

“I will put your dinner in the fridge, you can heat it up when you get home.” He raced out of the kitchen, throwing a ‘thanks’ over his shoulder. “And I mean it, no later than 9!”


Darry woke up just as you were dishing out the dinner you had cooked, you laughed as you saw his hair sticking out in all different angles.

“Do you feel any better?” You asked as he sat on the chair beside Sodapop.

“Ponyboy Curtis, get your ass out here right now!” Darry yelled, making you inwardly wince, forgetting that you hadn’t put his bad grades away from Darry.

“Actually, he isn’t here” You said in a small voice as you placed their dinner on the table. “I let Ponyboy go to the movies with Johnny and Dal-“

“You what?” He hissed angrily, rising from the seat he had just been in. “You know my rules about him going out on a school night, and did you know he got a D- when you let him leave?”

You didn’t answer him as you looked down at the floor.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, I thought you had more damn sense than that.” He huffed, his fists balling at his side. “Honestly, what were you thinking?”

He was yelling at you, he never yelled at you.

“Ponyboy hardly ever gets the chance to go out anymore.” You said in a soft voice, refusing to meet his eyes.

“That’s because the last time he went out he ended up in a murder rap, are you stupid?” His hands grasped your hips tightly as he glared down at you. Poor Sodapop looked on with widened eyes, not knowing what to do as he watched the drama unfold before him.

“Darry stop” You whispered, finally looking up at him with widened eyes.”You’re scaring me, heck, you’re scaring your brother.”

His grip on your his lessened as he stepped back from you, fire in his eyes.

“Y/N, I want you to pack your things and leave. I don’t want you here”

Your eyes widened as you reached out to touch him; he recoiled away from your touch like he had been burnt.

“Darry, please don’t do this! You don’t mean that.” Tears were brimming in your eyes.

“Darry…” Sodapop whispered.

“You stay out of this Soapop!” Darry growled, slamming his hands down on the table in front of the wide eyed Curtis.

“Don’t you dare talk to him like that, Darryl!” You pushed him out of your way and bent down to Sodapop’s level.

“I love you, Kid” You pressed your lips to his forehead as you ran out of the house, tears falling from your eyes. Quite frankly you didn’t care where you ended up, you just ran, your dress flapping behind you in the wind.


You found yourself at the park you had first met Darry.

You sat on the swings you and your friend had once watched Darry from. You remember watching him play football with the gang, his shirt was off and you were both swooning.

You were caught out of sweet reminiscent reverie as you heard footsteps approach you from behind, you heartbeat pulsated in the cage of your chest.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” You heard a soft voice say from behind you, their arms wrapping around your middle. “Please, come back home to me, to us.”

You shook you head, pursing your lips, trying you damn hardest not to let any sobs escape.

“No, Darry. You don’t want me, you said so yourself!” You whispered through your tears, you felt his arms unwind from across your middle as he knelt down in front of you immediately.

“Look at me, baby” When you refused to meet his eyes his fingers went underneath your chin, gently forcing you to look into his.

“I’m so sorry, okay? I honestly am, I came home from work and I was so stressed. I couldn’t even sleep with all the racket that the boys were making. And when I came out and saw that damn report card… I just lost it. And when I heard that you let Pone go… I just got so scared.” You saw tears in his eyes. “I was so scared that I was going to lose him again. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened.”

“That would never happen” You whispered, wiping away his tears with the pad of your thumb. “Pony is a smart kid, he knows better now.”

“I don’t want to lose you either” He said, looking down at the ground.

“You won’t”

You brought him into your chest and you kissed the top of his head.

“Take me home?” You whispered.

anonymous asked:

How do antis think pap walks don't exist when there is a video of Louis outside a club being papped and the pap literally makes him walk back to the door and start the photoshoot all over again?? And he does it willingly??

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:“If Lounielle wanted privacy as much as you claim us so real and they did not know the paps were there then explain to me why Danielle stared right into the camera. Deadass looked straight into the camera. Saw it aknowleged it knew it was there and did not get to and go inside. If Louis loves her so much and is straight why did he move 5ft away from his topless gf and turn his body so his back was facing her. Please explain.” Needless to say I got a bunch of crazy ass explanations from antis.

Easy explanation: antis are dumb 

I can so see Badboy!Michael being the type to buy you a leather, biker jacket. It would probably be after school, when you just out of class. You walked outside of the building to see your boyfriend, leaning against his motorcycle and scrolling on his phone. You girned and happily walked over to him, you catching his attention quickly. He walked as you did and wrapped his arms around you, picking you up. “Why are you in such a good mood?” You asked, giggling a bit as he put you down. “I got a surprise for you!” He said, grinning widely. You motion for him to continue, making him say, “Close your eyes!” You rolled your eyes and cover your eyes, hearing him walk over to a place then return, him saying that it was time for you to open them. You looked to see your boyfriend holding a black leather jacket with little spikes around the collar and the back saying ‘Michael’s Princess’. You laughed a bit and took the jacket into your hands, looking at it. “What do you think?” He asked nervously. You looked up and smirked, saying “I think this is the cheesiest thing you’ve ever done but, I love it!” Making him grin, watching you put it on. You did a little spin, giggling as you modeled for the jacket. “How do I look?” You asked, making him pull you close, kissing your nose before saying, “Perfect.”

Badboy!5sos Blurb Night with @c-dizzle-fo-shizzle!

  • "congratulations to the John Quincy Adams eighth grade graduates!"
  • Everyone stands up and cheers. But out of the corner of his eye Lucas spots a blonde hair short stack run out of the gym. Him and Riley make eye contact.
  • Riley: go after her Lucas. I know you want to.
  • He follows Maya into a familiar hallway. He finds her sitting on the bench outside Mr. Matthews old class. She lays her head on the higher part of the bench and stays still. She seemed to be sad.
  • Lucas: Maya!
  • she jolts up.
  • Maya: you scared me huckleberry!
  • Lucas walks over, making sure to keep eye contact and sits next to her.
  • Lucas: whats going on? why did you run off?
  • Maya: I don't know.
  • theres a slight pause.
  • Maya: I guess I'm scared.
  • Lucas: of what?
  • Maya: of going to high school. I'm worried that once we get to high school, we'll all go our separate ways and have different classes and we won't be friends anymore.
  • Lucas: Maya.. if that happens.. if we don't have classes together, we will always have Topanga's. We can meet up and talk and be friends for as long as you like. High school is a big change for all of us, but we will always have each other. I want you to be happy and I want to reassure you that High School will not change our friendship.
  • Maya: wow thanks Lucas. that made me feel better.
  • Lucas: no problem. I'll always be here.
  • Lucas and Maya exchanged looks, and her took her hand and she laid her head on his shoulder.
  • A couple minutes passed and Maya lifted her head up and drew closer to Lucas' face.
  • She looked right into his eyes, and before he could react, she whispered "hahur" and gave him a slight smile before putting her head back onto his shoulder.