why did you leave

Our Final Goodbye

L: Its been a long time sinse i saw you.
A: I haven’t heard from you for a long time
N: I only know that i miss you
D: I miss your beautifull smile.
A: I know that everything is complicated now that we gona in diferente aways
Long days of weeks that we have passed trying to find our way.
L: Heartache and tears are blinding my sight, It feels like i’m 6 feet under and i cant excape.
D: i need to find you, i need to find Love , long nights that only the stars saw.
5H: ohhh I miss you
L: we should had talked. But instead things got complicated.
And ppl are makeing us fight.
Ohhh i miss you
The memories that we shared, everytime that you were there.
But then you played no fair.
And then your gone and i’m here.
N: can you tell me, Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me crying on my knees.
Waiting that it was all a dream.
I didn’t wanna lose this dream that we created.
But there was nothing i could do to make you talk.
D: Ohh yes now its over.
What we had
Its over
And its so bad.
Ohh i miss you.
It gets repeted all over again, and enter the repear part.
G-Eazy: Girl, I can’t belive you, you left me after all we been throgh
I dont hate you, but i dont love you
Can you think about anyone that its not you?
I mean
I’m not the shit you tryna start,

But yeah what you did its hurting me.
I’m man enough to admit.
Dont talk anymore with that fake shit,
Just turna round and grow up
Young Gerald, and you know who said that.
5H: ohhh I miss you
L: we should had talked. But instead things got complicated.
And ppl are makeing us fight.
Ohhh i miss you
The memories that we shared, everytime that you were there.
D: (ohh no)
All the times that you were there)
But then you played no fair.
And then you were gone, and i’m here.
L: trying to Forget you…

Submitted by @thefaceoflj Supposedly these are the lyrics to their possible next single and THIS IS LIKE A DIRECT REPLY TO MILA’S I HAVE QUESTIONS AND I AM SO EMO AND TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW.

hey yo @ horrible customers
please don’t call me doll. don’t call me sweetheart. or dear. or honey. or baby.
it’s not ok. you may think it’s harmless, or a compliment, but it makes me uncomfortable.
no, I am not being “overly sensitive.”

why does it bother me? a lot of reasons. You may mean well when you say it. It may be a habit or you’re trying to give me a compliment. either way it still makes me uncomfortable. you wouldn’t call my male coworkers a pet name like that, would you? no? whys that? you don’t want to “compliment” them?

it bothers me because the people who are allowed to call me those names are family. my mom calls me honey. my boyfriend calls me doll and sweetheart. you are a stranger. You don’t get to use personal pet names on me, a stranger. that’s not okay.

you wanna know another reason why it bothers me? I am 5'2. you are big and tall and unfamiliar and weigh twice as much as I do. and I can’t tell you not to call me names like that, because if that makes you upset? there’s not much I can do to defend myself, and yes, that scares me.

Just take your damn coffee and go.

Not Your Sweetheart

Ch 134 is giving me heart palpitations

Touka is giving commands and strategizing and fighting!! This is WONDERFUL!

I should be scared but I am SO EXCITED to see a female character show that kind of strength and agency in a manga. Touka filling in for Kaneki is my AESTHETIC! She’s really acting like a leader! I worry about the Bebe but I can’t wait to see Touka kick more ass!!!

As for urie I am so not ok
Someone please save the boy

God Mutsuki chill the fuck out boy you need to CALM DOWN go meditate and listen to some music or something seriously like go to a spa or get a massage someone help him

Kaneki why the hell did you leave man I love you but the king needs to stay in his kingdom to rule and such sweetie get home where you belong

@fireflyfish replied to your post “Vader: [text] u fool  Vader: SERIOUSLY???? Obi-Wan: Ah. The package…”


I am very sorry. See, this is the great struggle of writing the Vader texts – the Anakin ones can mostly just be ridiculous and involve Anakin whining about pancakes while Obi-Wan pretends he hates it and scrolls through his secret stash of Anakin pictures, but Vader and Obi-Wan? Those two can only play “fuck/marry/kill” with Imperials and Jedi they knew for so long while Vader’s bored in meetings before one of them is just like I LOVE YOU WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME

I’m assuming Obi-Wan had a few too many one night and ordered the blanket off the HoloNet for Anakin in a fit of Longing after his phone popped up the automatic calendar reminder (”ANAKIN’S BIRTHDAY – DO NOT FORGET!!!!”). 

Anakin programmed said reminder into Obi-Wan’s phone himself ages ago. Obi-Wan never could bring himself to delete it. (As if he could ever forget Anakin’s birthday even if he tried.)

Well… I could not resist that story about his wife and Marisol. We know, what haunts him.

“Papi? Why did you leave mommy and me behind? Where were you papi? I am scared papi.”

He heard her voice….the voice he knew anywhere. If he still had a beating heart, it would be racing as he limped, trying to find her.
“ Marisol?”

His little girl’s voice was crying out to him, scared. Every dead vein, every dead cell screamed to find her…..to hold her close. To tell her everything was going to be okay.

Tell her that he would never leave her…..tell her that he would never leave her and her mother behind….

“Marisol, cariño, estoy aquí, ¿dónde estás?”

We all have that one person we’d stay up late for. Only them. Why? Because they’re the only person who can make you smile through a text. The only person who gives you genuine butterflies. The only person you’d lose sleep for.
—  And now you’re gone
I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.
I’ve been crying all day
It hurts because I know you wouldn’t be there to comfort me,
To tell me it’s gonna be okay,
I wouldn’t be able to hear your voice,
I won’t be able to be okay,
Because you’re the reason, but I still love you,
And I still miss you.
—  //9:28, i don’t think i’ll be able to move on