why did you have to be cancelled

Arthur: I figured it out. why I have such terrible luck all the time. It’s because, when I was a child, I accidentally opened an umbrella indoors. and then, knowing that was bad luck, I just kept opening and closing it, hoping it would all cancel out eventually.

Alfred: Mm..

Arthur: Well, it’s all coming down on me: all that built up bad luck.

Alfred: Yeah, I did something like that with mirrors…

Tangled: Before Ever After is confusing, continuity-wise.
On one hand, it explains how Rapunzel was able to appear in Sofia the First with her long hair back again.
On the other, the series is explicitly taking place before the Tangled Ever After short, in which her hair is short. This means at some point the writers of the series- probably when the cancellation is looming- will have to explain why her hair becomes short again.

Makes you wonder what the Rapunzels at the Disney parks said when somebody asked “how did your hair grow back?”. I hope it was something like “it’s a long story”…

Dear Felix,

So, I’ve watched your ‘My Response’ video. I have to say that when you teared up, my heart broke. I’m sorry that you are being attacked like this and from your videos, we can see how this issue has been going on for quite some time. Years in fact. I don’t know why there are people out there who seems like they’re holding some sort of grudge towards you. Now they pushed it to an extent where your show got cancelled (THIS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH), the contract got severed, and people labelled you as anti-semantic. I mean, yes, i have to say here that the joke went a bit too far but for the media to take things out of context is downright unfair from the way i see it.

You contribute a lot more than you did any harm. Why is that not in the spotlight? Push charities aside, you saved so many lives out there as PewDiePie ( @pewdie ). You made our days better, you made us laugh, you helped some of us walk through difficult lives and situations. That is what the media needs to shine their spotlight on!

Despite all these bullshit, I just want you to know that there are still many of us bros that stands with you, supporting you. Yes, we made fun of you, your hair, calling you names, calling you the Kazoo kid, sassing you, teasing you and all that but in the end, we still love you. You did so much for us. Now, we will be the one that will held your hands and we will walk with you through this.

p/s: Be careful with your jokes next time buddy. Don’t push the boundaries too far. 

2.00 am,

You can watch the video here

chelsea on Twitter
“they were literally like this from the beginning can you believe”

Never seen this particular photo before. How can people deny there was chemistry? I remember reading some claim that she looked uncomfortable with him too. You have to be kidding.

I don’t think anyone expected Peter and Jenna to hit it off as well as they did - or be as right together. This is why Jenna agreed to stay for another season - cancelling her resignation twice and if Victoria hadn’t come along, who knows? It’s also my firm belief that this is to credit or blame (your choice) for what was clearly some form of a “course correction” with regards to Danny Pink. Only Steven Moffat can speak to this with authority - and maybe some day he will - but I don’t think he expected Twelve and Clara to go in the direction they did … but then he saw them on screen together and I think it was evident from that first readthrough, and certainly on screen we saw it from the restaurant scene in Deep Breath and the “Am I a good man” scene in Into the Dalek, and the opening to Robot of Sherwood. I always wonder what might have happened if they had decided not to film most of Series 8 in order of broadcast. What if they’d filmed Mummy on the Orient Express first, before Deep Breath. Would we have had the hallway nightcap? The “if only you liked the people you were supposed to” conversation? Would whoever was responsible ultimately for Clara saying “I love you” to the Doctor (I doubt it was a spur-of-the-moment thing) even have thought of it? Food for thought.

The Christmas miracle in his red suit

Short summary: Y/N Y/L/N is almost too kind, so kind it made her life a bit harder than it had to be. Listen to how one of her most unfortunate nights, became the most important in her life. Discover her in-real-life-Christmas miracle in Central City.

A/N: OK, so I know many of you are still waiting patiently for your requests, but I felt like posting something festive, bc people! It’s December! And December equals Christmas! So to force myself to pull myself together, I made a little Christmas-special to y'all! 

“Because of the bad weather, all trains have been canceled,” A deep sigh escaped my lips as I sat down on the bench in disappointment. Why did mother nature suddenly decide to hate me? I never did anything wrong! I always helped when needed: Gave old ladies my seat on the bus, never said no to people needing favors, I even held my hotel rooms tidy so the maids wouldn’t get too much work! So why would the Gods above leave me stranded in Central City on Christmas eve?

“I’m sorry, Sammy but if Santa doesn’t drop by to give me a lift home, there is no way I will get home to you guys in time,” I tried to talk sense to my baby brother – though I already knew that was pointless.
“But you never know! Christmas is all about magical things and miracles, right? Now tell the rest that I love them, and will try my best to get home as soon as possible! OK bye, bubba,” I hung up, and left the needy, crowded station with my hopes up something would save me – or better yet: Someone.

I realized within seconds that the guy on speaker earlier wasn’t the describer-guy. Because when people say ‘bad weather’, some associate it with a bit windy and tons of rain. What was going on in Central City was a full on snowstorm. The wind was whiplashing, and the snow – something that usually caused a good, tingly feeling in my stomach, was now hurting my face and blinding me. 

I tucked my thin scarf good around my neck and placed a pair of emergency-sunglasses on which hopefully, would cover my eyes from the white weapons of frozen, crystalline water. So there I went, in one of my least useful scarves, protecting 30% of my neck, and a pair of sunglasses that made me look like some sort of lame celebrity (because which stupid celebrity walks through a weather like this, and in sunglasses). 

My feet were getting colder and stiffer by the minute, and all I wanted was to curl up in a warm place and cry. Though sunglasses were better than nothing at all, they really didn’t help much. So as I staggered forwards, I promised myself that next time anyone from work needed me to cover for them, I would check the weather cast before accepting.

And as if the Angels had heard and listened to my thoughts and prays of mercy, I spotted Jitters. Suddenly my numb feet seemed to move faster. Please say it’s good coffee, oh God, please. 

The place was so crowded I first wondered if some famous artist was performing. Though I quickly learned there was more than me that needed asylum from outside. 
“Excuse me, but where does the line start?” The lady in front of me turned, and gave me and my frosty self a pitiful smile while saying:
“I think it’s at the corner of the counter, hun,”
“Thanks! And merry Christmas,” I smiled back at her and dived deeper in the human see. Now, if I was a counter, where would I be?

“Hi, uh, sorry, I’m just trying to… yeah, thanks. Pardon me, yeah, sorry, I just need to get to the line, hehe, sorry?” I continued telling people to let me through, but looking back I probably moved 1 mile per hour – maybe two.
“Excuse- oh I’m so sorry!” My body had clumsily bumped into the person in front of me. My eyes that were currently staring at the ground, worked its ways upwards towards his face. Once I saw his deep, green eyes, it was impossible to look away. Never had I ever seen such beautiful eyes…

The man in front of me gave a little cough which made me snap out of my trance. He must have seen my surprised manner, and found it funny, because next thing I know, the handsome guy is laughing. 
“It’s some weather out there,” My bad attempt at small talk made him stop laughing, the only evidence of his earlier state being his smile. Really Y/N? The weather?
“Yeah, I can’t remember last time it was this bad… I’m Barry, by the way, Bary Allen," if this had been at a different place, I would have shaken his hand, or given him a hug, but we were both incapable – so I didn’t. So instead I just nodded and smiled.
"Hi Barry, I’m Y/N, so… you’re from here?” And that’s how our conversation started.

“Hey, do you have plans later?” Barry asked me, and I let out yet another sigh.
“Yes, well… Sort of,” I said, not knowing what to answer him. I mean, if a guy you had known for thirty minutes just asked you if you had plans, what would you do?
“Sort of?” He seemed confused by my answer – obviously, so I told him. I told him everything and hoped he wasn’t a Psyco-murderer that would take me afterward.

“How do you feel about a Christmas dinner at my friend’s place?“ I was happy he didn’t give me any pity-stares. Though his offer seemed tempting, a little voice in my head held me back from accepting. You can’t just interrupt their Christmas dinner just because you’re stranded here, Y/N. Plus: You’re not dressed for the occasion, some jeans and a sweater – too casual, Y/N. 

As if he had heard my thoughts, Barry talked again. 
"I can assure you they won’t mind, Y/N. And it’s casual, but if you’re uncomfortable, I’m sure Iris have something you can borrow from her!” Oh great, he had a girlfriend. In spite of my earlier thoughts on the case, I answered: “Ok, I mean: it’s not like I have something better to do,” and then he smiled at me, making me knees go a bit weak.

“Shoot, we have to leave! I completely forgot the time!” Barry jumped out of his chair, and I followed his pace.
“When were we supposed to be there?” I asked while taking on my coat.
“Forty-five minutes ago,” I looked at my new friend with shock in my eyes.
“Barry!” Forty-five minutes? Didn’t that mean…
“The house is a fifteen-minute walk away,”
“Let’s make it in ten,” And then we left.

While walking down the snowy roads, realization suddenly hit me.
“Barry, what am I going to do with my family. I haven’t seen them in half a year, and my brother has been lo-”
“Relax Y/N, I’ll get you home by Christmas morning, I promise,” Barry chuckled, sending me the most beautiful smile I could ever imagine.
“I have my ways,” he winked at me, and we continued walking.

Five minutes later, the conversation was in a lighter tone. Though when the laughter calmed down, and we just walked in silence. Without noticing it, my body had started to shake, I could already hear my mother scold me for not dressing right (for both a Christmas party and snowy weather)
“Here,” Barry handed me his coat.
“You’re cold, take my jacket,” he laughed, and took the body heated cloth around me.
“But now you’ll get cold!” I said, pushed the jacket off of me, and gave it back to him, which his quick reflexes swiftly denied.
“I don’t get cold,”
“That’s bull and you know it,” his smirk went back on his face, and he shook his head while a little laugh escaped my lips.
“High metabolism,” he gave me a wink and zipped the zipper up to my chin.

With our hair wet from the weather outside, and Barry’s sweater soaking wet, we stumbled in the door both out of breath from both laughing and running the last hundred meters.
“Hey, Bar, oh, who’s this?” Our laughter stopped, and my attention drifted towards the sound.
“Oh, hi Iris, this is Y/N, I met her at Jitters. Her train got canceled because of the weather,” he explained and took off my (his) jacket for me.
“Hi Iris, I’m so sorry for just popping up out of nowhere,”
“No, no, it’s alright, you shouldn’t be alone at Christmas eve,” before I knew it, Iris’s warm smile was reflecting my own, and two cups of eggnog were placed in each of my hands.

“I think I’m team Milsther,” I said, my head free from any worries for the second time today. Barry’s group of friends turned out to be very friendly and nice. Now we were currently putting the grandma-feud to an end (after maybe too many cups of eggnog). 
“I will drink to that!” Cisco says with a wide grin on his face. We clinked our cups and took a sip each, when I turned to see Barry on the other side of the table, my eyes instantly met his. Unlike the rest of us, he didn’t seem too affected by the spiked drink. This interested me, so with the argument going on by the table, I silently raised from my seat and so did he.
“I would normally go out to the porch,” he said, looking straight into my eyes.
“And I would have followed, but the sofa tempts me more at the moment,” the smile on our faces reached our eyes, and we sat down.

Joined by bits of alcohol, happiness was running through my veins. I found myself in a Christmas miracle. Along with missing my train, I had met a really cute guy that I liked very much. He had the best sense of humor and a smile that made my knees go weak. I could often find myself getting lost in his beautiful green eyes, which would often conclude with him laugh at me for not listening.

“I really like your laugh,” my tipsy self, took over my body, letting my mind run freely, and my personality bold. Trying not to give in, Barry showed me a killer smile, and if it wasn’t my head fooling with my senses, I would say his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
“Thank you, I really like your laugh as well,” his words got me giggling and fired up.
“Oh, you don’t mean that!” I said, fisting his shoulder a bit too hard (ok so I may have been a bit more than tipsy). He opened his mouth, as if he was to say something more, but got interrupted by Cisco.
“Barry! My man, get yo girl over here!”

Sunlight woke me up, followed up with a strong headache. Oh, God where am I, thoughts were filling my head with worry as I took in the details of my surroundings. Scheisse, my mind continued cursing in different languages, it’s Christmas Day! 
“Y/N?" I had almost succeeded getting dressed without waking anyone up, but of course, I managed to trip over something on my way to the door, and down came Mr. right.

“What’s going on?” His grogginess didn’t calm down my panic. In fact, you could not only see it see by my gesticulations, but I believe anyone could have sensed it in the atmosphere of the living room, that my panic had increased.
“I promised him, Barry! I promised I’d be home! And I’m not home! I’m hundreds of miles away from home! How am I supposed to make it in ten minutes?!” My voice had leveled up to a point where I would normally be sure I had awakened the whole household.
“Y/N, just let me get changed and I will get you there in five,” his attempt to talk sense to me failed miserably, as I exploded like the ticking bomb I was.
“HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GET ME HOME WITHIN FIVE MINUTES?” i blinked and he was gone. The second time my eyes opened, a man in a red suit stood in front of me, and before I knew it, Barry’s voice escaped his lips.

“Uh..uhm..uh-uh…” Out of all the intellectual, funny, smart and witty stuff I could have said, those were the things that my mouth chose – you could clearly see it wasn’t my mind’s work. In spite of my hometown being far from Central city, everyone knew of The Flash. I mean: He’s a superhero! Who wouldn’t know of him? Though most of his fans from home fantasized about his abs, how his handsome face would look like, I was more intrigued by how he got his powers. 
“How?” I finally managed to say something useful, but sadly, I wasn’t very happy about his answer.

“It’s a long story,” Barry rubbed his neck while looking down. 
“Yeah, yeah you’re right, we need to flash- Oh God no!” He laughed at my embarrassment, which by some sort, made my confidence boost.
“I would have liked to see you talk to your idol,” and once again my mouth made another bad decision of wording. Before he had time to react I spoke again.
“You know, we should really get going,” he nodded, and we were off.

The whole way, I had my hands plastered on his torso, and my eyes set to the side. Though I saw mostly scarlet rubber, I didn’t miss much. I always wondered how it would feel like though. To be able to speed off like he did most days. My hair didn’t get too winded up. No, it was almost like a force kept the air that should have hit me minimize. And before I knew it, we stood in front of my house.

“Yeah,” Barry’s proud, wide grin was almost a bit out of breath.
“That was amazing!” I could jump out of joy, but it was as if my body was in some sort of shock. A shock that made my feet sink to the ground as if they were afraid the would disappear or get out of control again.
“Wow, easy tiger!” Being in deep thoughts, I hadn’t realized that my balance was a bit off as well, so when Barry caught my falling body, I gasped for air.
“Thank you,” I said, smiling at my rescuer. 

Though he helped me stand up, his hands never left my hips – which I was happy for, I didn’t want to leave him. And if I let go of me, I was afraid he would run off, that I would never see him again.
“For not letting you fall, or for last night?” I wanted to be cliché, to say: Too late to say I didn’t fall. But I saved myself for the embarrassment.
“For saving me too many times for as stranger you have known for less than 24 hours,” I smiled.
“I wouldn’t call you a stranger,” his earlier, joking smile and tone had disappeared. Now I could see the reflection of myself (looking quite damseled if you ask me) in his humble, serious, green eyes.

“Y/N!” Our moment was interrupted by my little brother, and before I knew it, my miracle had kissed my cheek and sped off.
“Good, that means we’ll stay in touch,” I said under my breath before embracing the little munchkin that had run up to me.

A/N: Tell me if you guys also want a “New Years Eve”-one as well! I will try my best to upload it before the big day!

Shuu’s Diabolik Interview!

1) Shu why do you have old headphones when they finally made noise cancelling headphones ? « They’re bothersome. Too big and bulky. Besides, sometimes I do enjoy the sounds that come out of your lewd mouth. Heh, did I embarass you? Good. »


2) Shu, how do you feel about Yuma…? « Heh…about that guy? I don’t care about him, he keeps waking me up and calling me ‘Neet’. He annoys me. »


3) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? Shuu, do you like flexible girls? « Flexible girls? It makes no difference. A lewd woman is a lewd woman, and easy prey. Her being flexible is just another advantage of hers I can take. I wonder, is the reason you asked because you would like to test this theory out…? »


4) I don’t mean to be offensive, Shu…You lounge around lazily a lot… And often can’t be bothered to do anything… If you and your signifigant other were getting intimate, would you do the work, or would it be all her? « Hehe~ Why do you want to know, are you interested because you’d imagine me doing things to you? What a scary woman. But if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. She would most likely do all the work but I’d make sure to tell her what to do, and as shy as she is it will be delightful to embarrass her~ »


5) Shu do you have any kinks you like being intimate with a girl? « Hmm…why do you wanna know huh? Are you ‘that’ kind of woman ? Hmph… You’re scary… I would say lingerie can be pleasing in bed but a pain to remove… I wouldn’t mind having the girl top me and for once take my role ~ but of course I’d tell her what do you and she would have to obey me… I’d make her to embarrassing and shameful things. So Every Time she things about it she will get wet and all aroused because of it~ Satisfied with my answer ? »


6) What does turn you on? « Hmm..what a lewd question. Skirts, they’re so teasy, hiding the forbidden area and yet showing it~ It’s always fun to tease a girl who wears a skirt~ »


7) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where does it hurts the most ? « That’s a stupid question. No matter where, it’ll hurt. When I bite you, it’ll hurt. But where it hurts the least? Well, why don’t we find out together, since you’re desperately demanding it~ »


8) What’s your favorite subject in school besides music?? Favorite music piece? (Like moonlight sonata) « School does not interest me… It’s a waste of time for me, therefore I don’t like any subject. And as for my favorite music piece I’d say any pleasured feminine voice, the louder the better~ »


9) Do you preffer dogs or cats? « Cats. Cats don’t annoy me with barking and constant whines to play. »


10) Do you believe that love exists or is it simply attachment? « Hmmm a rather philosophical question… Love is one abstract notion, there is a thin line between love and hate, both strong emotions but what is love? Is it simple attachment to one significant other or simply desire to be part of their lives? I believe there is no such thing as love if there is no pleasure but once again… We may get pleasure without any sign of love, In the end there is a big difference between love who involves both pleasure and attachment and simple attachment who is merely a feeling of friendship and attraction towards one person. »


11) You were different when a kid, what changed? « Hmph. So were you. I grew up. »


12) What kind of food do you like? List them?  « I don’t like many food aside from rare steak. I really like the taste of it, mostly when some blood is still dripping from it… »


13) Why do you sleep everywhere if you have a comfy room? « It’s too bothersome to move… »


14) How can you hear everything going on around you if you always have your ear buds in? How is your music device not dying? You have it on constantly. « My ears buds are always in but I sometimes pause my music, aside from that vampire have a good hearing sense so in any case I’d hear everything. My music device doesn’t die because I regularly change the batteries inside it and have a spare MP3 ready for any emergency case. »


15) What’s with the skirt fetish ? « Skirt fetish? Heh, cute. Skirts are befitting for lewd women like yourselves. They hide just enough to only give a taste of what’s underneath it. Whether it be a simple pair or panties, or the natural state of her womanhood, it excites me. They’re easy to get a few rounds in, especially in public. Look at that red face of yours. Did I excite you instead? You lewd woman… Heh, why don’t you put a skirt on. An action speaks louder than words, after all. »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )

Cancel That Date; Michael Clifford Smut

Hello dearies! 

I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. I’ve just been so busy lately! Anyway I’ve managed to finally finish this Michael smut so I really hope you guys enjoy it! As always feedback is welcome!

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tbh I don’t think bts performing “am I wrong” on music core yesterday was a coincidence

1) it’s not common for a group to perform two songs unless it’s their comeback/goodbye stage. BTS’s goodbye stages start next week.

2) even if you cancel out reason one and say it was just a pure coincidence for bts to have had two performances yesterday , why did they choose “am I wrong”, a song that directly attacks politics and society, when they know the current situation at hand? They could’ve done “21st century girls” or another track off their album, but no.

3) Even if bts hadn’t made this song with the intention of directly attacking the current scandal with the Korean President, the lyrics can still be applicable.

though a lot of their tracks attack society as a whole, bts has made lyrics that reference a lot of political events and politics as a whole (ex: j hope’s rap in ma city where he calls out ilbe, rap monster’s pre-debut track “shut up and vote” which called out the low voter turnout in the elections, and suga’s 518-062 that’s based on gwangju’s pro-democracy movement)

so it’s very likely that bts (rap monster in specific, as he was the one that wrote the majority of the lyrics for this one) created “am I wrong” with the corrupted politics in mind. This proves to be even more likely when you realize that they referenced the sewol ferry tragedy (which the president was extensively blamed for), and literally quoted something that the minister of education of Korea had said.

So yeah, it definitely wasn’t a coincidence for bts to perform this song yesterday and I am just so proud to see them use their status as musicians to speak out on this issue and for them to be actually used by a major broadcasting channel to make a political statement. And all of you guys (whether bts fans or not) should too.

Nate Maloley Smut (REQUESTED) First Time

Request: Hey I love your blog! !! Could you do an imagine with Nate 😍 him and Y/N have been together for like two years and he takes your virginity and then Nate brags to his friends about it and she wants to break up but he apologies. (They’re in high school)


“Yes?” Nate answers. “Hey babe, I’m sorry for waking you, Um can you come over?” I ask over the phone. He sighs before talking.

“Y/n it’s 2 in the morning what’s wrong?” He asks. “I can’t sleep, have a lot on my mind I guess.” I say. “Did your parents come back home yet?” He asks.
“No they’re plane got cancelled so they won’t be back until next week, I guess they decided just to stay in Seattle I don’t know why.” I answer.

“Okay, I’ll be there soon babe, I love you.” He says. “I love you more.” I say before hanging up. I get up and go into my bathroom to check my appearance. I wash my face and brush my teeth before pulling up my blinds so that the only light in my room is the moonlight. I lay back down and log into Twitter to pass time waiting on Nate.

Minutes later I hear my window being pulled open startling me. “Nate Fuck! You can’t do that you scared me.” I say placing my hand over my heart. He steps into my room while laughing.

“You know I wouldn’t let anyone hurt my baby.” He smiles. He takes off his hoodie leaving him in his plain black tshirt and pulls me into him and hugs me.

“Hey lil mama, you alright?” He says while rubbing my back. “Yeah, just stressed you know.” I say into his chest. I break the hug and lay down on the bed, him following after me. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me.
“I’m excited and scared at the same time for graduation Nate.” I admit.

“Why are you scared?” He asks. “Because” I say sitting up. “Because I don’t like thought of being in the real world, for almost 19 years of my life my parents have been taking care of me and I’m scared of being in the world and not being able to provide for myself. After next week we have to be adults.” I say.

“So you’re scared of becoming an adult?” He says sitting up so that his back is on the headboard.

“I mean I’m not necessarily scared of like becoming adult. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be fun being able to do what you want but I’m just worried that one day I’ll fall and I’m never be able to pick myself back up with no one to help me.” I sigh looking down at my hands. He lifts up my chin and kisses my lips.

“Everything will be fine. You know I’ll always be here for you babe, we’ve been rocking it for two years now Soon we’ll have our own apartment, then house and then maybe kids some day. I promise everything will be fine.” He smiles.

“Okay I believe you.” I smile back. We lay back down and cuddle together while watching that 70s show. I look up at Nate and I just feel a wave of happiness run through me.

He’s so perfect with his perfect jawline structure, his dimples that show when he smile, his beautiful eyes I can stare into all day. The moonlight ejecting into the room makes him look even more gorgeous than ever.

I find my self kissing his collar bone and straddling his waist. He kisses me back and grabs my waist. Our kiss is passionate with a hint of lust in it.

We haven’t had sex yet because we planned to have sex at the right time also I’m a Virgin, but right now I need him. I begin tugging his shirt and he breaks the kiss to lift it over his head and kisses me again.

This time I break the kiss and I hesitantly pull my shirt over my head. Nate watches me while his chest rises up and down and a fast rate. I grab his hand and I place it on my back where my bra connects together. He unclasps it and slowly pulls it off my chest. Nate has never seen my boobs before so I felt a little uneasy.

“Y/n you’re fucking beautiful, omg.” He groans. He sits up again with his back against the headboard and places kisses all over my neck. “How far are we taking this?” He asks.

“All the way” I answer. He stops kissing me and looks me in the eyes. “You mean.. I can take it?” He asks. I nod yes and breathe in deeply.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you feeling like you have to babe, I want you feeling comfortable.” He says caressing my cheek. “I trust you” I say to him.

He starts kissing my neck again and his right hand is massaging my left boob. “Well tell me to stop if it gets too much and we’ll try another time.” He says. He wraps my legs around his torso and lays me down so my back is against the bed.

He leaves wet kisses from my collar bone to the hem of my shorts which he pulls down. Then he gets up and lays next to me pepping himself up on his side with his head in his left hand. Before I could ask what’s wrong, he takes his right hand and slides it in the front of my underwear. His middle finger begins rubbing my clit and a temporarily slow rate to a very fast rate.

“Natee oh my god.” I breathe. He continues this motion for at least two minutes before he goes down and pulls off my underwear. He looks up and down at my body and his mouth drops open. He groans.

“How did I get so fucking lucky” he says. He pries my legs open and dips his head in between them. His tongue flickers against my clit really fast causing my legs to trembling.

My moans come out uncontrollably.
“You taste so good baby.” He praises. He sticks a finger inside of me and curls it at the same rate as his tongue.
“Say my name.” He says.
“Naaattee.” I moan.
“How good does it feel?” He asks.

“It feels so good baby.” I breathe. Minutes later Before I could reach my high he stops. I didn’t complain because I knew he wanted to save my first orgasm from him while he’s fucking me. He unbuttons his jeans and slides them off his legs throwing them in the pile of our clothes. I sit up and I nervously Palm him through his shorts. He smiles down at me and gives me an eye brow raise.

I bite my lips and take his length out of his boxers. I knew his dick was big, I knew it. He lays back on his forearms as I pull his boxers down. “Tell me what to do.” I say without thinking.

“Grab and pump.” He says. I wrap my fingers around his length and start pumping slowly. “That’s it.” He moans. I put his tip in my mouth and I circles around it with my tongue.

“Ooo baby that feels good.” He moans. “Just wrap your mouth around me and pump the rest of what you can’t get.” He breathes out. I rotate my tongue around his head as I go up and down on him. I look up at his and his eyebrows are furrowed with mouth creating a perfect o shape. “Fuck.” He grunts.

Minutes later he pulls out of my mouth. “I didn’t want to cum yet or cum in your mouth.” He smiles.

“Damn that was so good.” He praises while planting kisses on my neck. “Are you sure you wanna do this lil mama?” He asks while lightly pushing me back down on the bed hovering over me. I nod. He gets up and he grabs his pants looking in the pockets. “Fuck” he curses under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” I ask. “I don’t have any condoms.” He sighs while running his fingers through his hair.
“I think my sister might have some.” I say getting up. “Is your sister here?” He asks.

“No she’s with her boyfriend doing god knows what, not that she would mind if you were here anyways she and her boyfriend do this all the time.” I answer.
I walk out my run and hurry to her room and look in her beanie that’s hidden in her bra drawer and pull out a condom.

I walk back and I hand him the condom. “Lay down.” He says. I climb onto the bed and lay down on my back. He hovers over me and slides the latex over his length. He slowly slides himself in me and thrusts softly. I wince at the pain which causes him to stop. “You gotta get use to it.” He says. “Just go all the way.” I say.

He nods and slides all the way in me. The pain is unbearable and it feels like I got the wind knocked out of me.
“You’re so tight.” He grunts. His mouth drop and he closes his eyes shut.

“It hurts.” I whine. “I know baby, give it a few you won’t feel it.” He says. He continues sliding in and out of me at a slow rate. Soon the pain decreases and I’m ready for him to go faster. My legs wrap around him and I tell him to go faster.

He quickens his pace and the pain is mixed in with pleasure. “You’re so fucking tight oh my god.” He moans.
After a while all I felt was pleasure.
“Nate fuck yes.” I moan. “Faster.” I breathe.

He hides his face into the crook of my neck and starts thrusting even faster. The sound of skin slapping together and our moans fill the room.

“Yes Nate don’t stop.” I moan. My legs squeeze his torso tighter as I’m getting close to my orgasm.
“Baby I’m gonna cum.” He pants. He lifts his face and places his forehead on mine. Our breaths hitting each others face as we exhale.

“Y/n.” He groans. His thrusts become sloppy and I feel a warm liquid shoot inside the condom. Seconds later I come after him. “Nate yes oh fuck!” I cry. We both ride out our high until we can’t take enough. He pulls out of me and disposes the condom into my waste bin.

He grabs my towel that’s hanging over my chair and wipes himself off with it. He hands me his tshirt and crawls back into bed with me. I put on his shirt before laying my head on his chest like before.

“That was amazing Y/n, I’m glad you gave me the honor of taking something so precious.” He says. He kisses the top of my head and I’m too tired to reply.
“I have to go back home soon, we have school in the morning.” He says while shifting to get up. Before he can move I grab him. “No, at least stay until I fall asleep please?” I say.

He smiles and nods. “Anything for you lil mama.” He says. Soon I drift into a deep sleep.
When I woke up, Nate was gone.

I check the time on my phone and of course I’m late. 10:45 the clock reads. I get up and do my morning routine before heading out to my car to go to school.

I park in the student parking lot and head to the office to get a tardy pass. As I’m walking down the hallway I see Sammy. “Hey Sammy.” I smile at him. “Hey Y/n wait up I want to talk to you about something.” He says jogging over to me.

“Yeah what’s up?” I ask. “So I was talking to Nate this morning, you were really a virgin?” He asks. I stop dead in my tracks. “Wait what?"I ask. Maybe I misheard him.

"I would’ve never thought you were a virgin I mean you’re so pretty and you guys have been dating so long I would’ve assumed he smashed by now.” He smiles while nudging me with his elbow. My breathing increases.

“What are you talking about?” I question him. “Nate said you guys had sex last night and that he took your virginity.” He says. I look up at him with sad eyes.
“I’m sorry did I say something?” He says looking concerned.
“Sam what the hell.” I breathe out.

“What?” He asks. “That’s something special to me I can’t believe he told you.” I say, tears threatening to fall.
“Y/n… He didn’t just tell me.” He says.
I breathe out slowly trying to calm my self down. All I can hear is my heart pounding in my ear. “Who else did he tell.” I ask.

“He told all of us. Me, John, Kenny, Dillon, the jacks, Jack G told Madison, Madison told Emily, Aaron, Derek and I can’t remember who else.” He says while counting his fingers. “Are you fucking kidding me.” I say under my breath as I push past Sam to go find Nate but before I do the bell rings.

“Y/n what the fuck is wrong?” He says pulling me back towards him.
“Sam losing my virginity is something precious to me and he knows that.I can’t believe he would just tell you guys like its nothing.” I say. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to approach you like that and hurt you.” He apologies.

“No it’s not your fault, I’m glad you told me and not someone else. I can’t fucking believe this.” I say placing my hand over my forehead. “I know, I’m sorry he did that to you Y/n.” He says while wrapping his arms around me.

“I know where he and Swazz are going for lunch I’ll take you there if you wanna talk to him.” He says. I nod and follow him out to his car in the parking lot. He unlocks the car and opens the door for me and he gets in the drivers seat. The drive is super quiet and awkward like we’ve never talked to each other a day in our lives.

I break the silence. “What all did Nate tell you guys?” I ask.

“He told us how good it felt, the blood on the sheets and the freckles around your.. You know. That’s all I can remember.” He says.
After that I keep my mouth shut. I can’t take anymore daggers to my heart.

Soon we arrive to a woodsy area and I see the boys in the bed of one of the guys truck parked by a tree. I get out the car and shut the door behind me and approach the truck with Sammy. As soon as I get out the car, the smell of weed immediately hits my nostrils making them flare.

Nate throws his head back from laughing so hard and puts the blunt between his lips. His eyes meet mine and he passes the blunt to Swazz, jumping out of the truck.

“Hey baby I haven’t seen you all day!” He exclaims while hugging me tightly. My arms don’t even wrap around him like they use to.

He pulls back still holding me.
“Are you okay?” He asks with a concerned face. He looks up at Sammy and the expression on Nates face is blank.

I look at Sam and he gives me a sympathetic smile before walking over to the guys. “Why did Sammy bring you here?” He asks. “Nate we need to talk.” I say sternly.

We walk away from the boys so they can’t hear our conversation.

“Y/n please tell me what the fucks going on.” I says. “Nate. Did you tell people that you took my virginity?” I ask. He shuts his eyes and inhales deeply. He takes his face in his hands and rubs his forehead with his fingers. “Answer me” I demand. His hands drop to his side before he speaks.

“Y/n I’m sorry but, I did.” He says. My head drops and my tears fall. “What the fuck Nate!” I raise my voice.
“Why, why would you do that?” I say tugging my hair in anger.

“I was so happy that I finally had all of you that it just slipped out when they asked me how you and I were doing babe.” He says. “It just slipped? Or did you brag about it.” I ask.

“Both?” He says. I groan.
“Baby I was gonna tell you.” He says taking a step towards me. “No don’t come near me I honestly don’t believe you. Sam was the one to tell me and it was the first thing that was said to me when I came into school how do you think that made me feel?” I cry. I’m basically balling my eyes out right now.

“I’m sorry Y/n.” He says, his voice getting thicker. “Save that sorry shit if you were you wouldn’t have done it. That’s so fucking low even for you Nate.” I say.
I turn and face away from him for a minute before speaking again.

“Nate You really hurt me this time.” I say.
I turn around and face him again.
“I think we should take some time away from each other. Maybe a day or two I really can’t even look at you right now.” I say. “Baby please don’t be like that.” He pleads.

“Be like what?! You told them every detail, the blood on the sheets, the freckle on my vag I mean that’s the least I know. I’ll see you later.” I say walking away from him leaving him by himself.
I call out Sam and he drives me back to my car at the school.

“Thanks for telling me and taking Sam.” I smile while unbuckling my belt.
“It’s nothing and hey I really didn’t mean to come at you like that this morning I should’ve told you in a more.. Mature way you know.” He says. I nod. We sit in silence for a few and laugh together at the awkwardness. “Yeah well I’ll see you later Sammy.” I say opening the door.

“Wait.” Sam says grabbing me back.
“Y/n, I know you’re upset with Nate but I think you should still come to our kick back.” He says. “How’d you know I was planing on not going.” I ask. “Y/n it’s our last hang out before were official adults you know.” He smiles.

I sigh. “I’ll think about it.” I say. “Okay.” He smiles. I give him and hug and instantly he hugs back. We pull apart and he kisses my cheek, almost hesitantly. “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He laughs uncomfortably.

“It’s fine.” I say and I kiss his cheek back before leaving his car and getting into mine.

I decided to go back home since I didn’t want to even see Nate today. As soon as I got home I plopped down on my couch and soon drifted off to a deep sleep. When I woke up My doorbell was ringing.

“Y/n baby please open up.” I hear.


“Bro just give her some space you’re just gonna make it worse.” I hear another voice.


This cannot go well.

I'm insulted by Disney after watching Andi mack You Ruined gmw so why the fuck is it now you decide to be progressive, WHY DID YOU FREAKING CANCEL GMW THEN??? WHY DID YOU FUCKING STIFLE MICHEAL JACOBS CREATIVITY and now you're telling us after 3 years you're bloody ready to actually have a progressive show????

Writing wise I’m interested in Andi mack and will be watching it and analysing it
The acting is weak but the kids are learning
Story line is intriguing and i see mystery about Andi’s dad pulling me in i wanna see how Terri writes that into the story
Jonahs character intrigues me
I see character developments, emotional story lines in the future
Cyrus is gay right? Or there may have a twist with that too
Let me know your thoughts
But yes i’m watching andi mack
And whilst its not my demo
I really like it and see potential
So well done Terri
Now all i need is the acting to be less akward and cringy
Lets talk about it 😃

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Reading your love interest analysis made me so nostalgic of dracula. Why did it have to be cancelled? The cast seemed so happy to be working there. We could have had it all! Gay vampire Katie, what a dream! Season2 would have been when things started to get good. Just picturing Mina's reaction when finding out what happened to Lucy. I like to believe something could have happened there. I also read an interview where Katie said that when it was cancelled she felt really bad and it broke my heart

Don’t you just love those old Dracula feels, anon? I would have to agree. The way that show ended just destroyed me. Knowing that it got cancelled was a bit of a kick to the gut. Katie did such an amazing job playing Lucy and she will always be one of my absolute favorite characters.

Season 2 would have been such a ride for Lucy and Mina. You know Mina wouldn’t have been able to stay away after everything and then if she found out what Grayson did to her?? Ohhhhh man. That would have been rough. I like to think after a while their friendship would have been back on track and may have even led to a potential romance! Plus who knows what route Lucy would have taken after being turned? No matter what became of her though, I think her devotion to Mina would have remained.

I recall reading how Katie almost didn’t get the role because some didn’t necessarily see her as being believable as Lucy. Then she almost lost the role because of her hair color! I love that they managed to find a way to keep her on because I can’t imagine anyone else doing what she did with Lucy.

I remember that interview as well! Oh it broke my heart to know how sad she probably was. Really it was the first project that she had that ended that way and she was so excited for the role. It would have been hard to deal with. As her brother told her though, she will have no issues finding work. And he was right! Katie literally has not stopped since her first role and that is so awesome to see considering the industry and her lack of technical training. I’m such a proud fan!

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what did you say about jmo and her nails?! i have this epic theory about her and why she's so private... how do you feel about people wildly speculating that she's actually gay?

bro i am the EXACT person to come to this to, she’s 100% gay when ouat is cancelled maybe she’ll wait a little bit but she’s gonna come out and i’m gonna be like “yeah i called it like three years ago” i have never gotten gay vibes from a celebrity like i have for jmo

Scare PewDiePie Season 2

Okay, so first of all… This is going to be a giant comment, and there will probably be a lot of grammar mistakes in it… But i’d appreciate it if you’d take the time read this and react on this “comment” with your own opinions about it.

The reason:
It’s ridiculous how his channel got cancelled just because of a JOKE. I understand that people got offended by it. In my opinion, Felix took it too far. And people have a reason to be mad or dissapointed. But to cancel his show for this? No. That is not the right conclusion.

Why this is unfair:
A lot of people put work, sweat, energy, money and stress into this project, SO did other Youtubers (mostly Seán or better known as Jacksepticeye, a good and close friend of Felix). Now, everything that they’ve done, all the work that they put into this, all of the stress and the depressing times that were mostly going around Felix because he litterally worked WAY TOO MUCH, yet all the fun they had and all the laughing they did, it has all been there for nothing? No. That’s just not fair. I refuse to believe that this is the right and ONLY option, because it isn’t the right and only option.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) is the cause of ALL OF THIS. They put it on their website, without any context, calling him an Anti Semitic and a racist creature, and even going to Felix’ sponsers to tell them about this WITHOUT going to Felix himself first, just for the sake of clickbaiting people onto their website to read their nonsense. Then telling everybody that this was not the case and they DID go to Felix in the first place, but they DIDN’T. AND later on, after all of this disaster, going to Felix’ door. Only to ask him if he wants a platform to defend himself.
This. Is. Total. Bullshit.

My opinions:
I do not stand with this. Please let’s just forget that this happened. Felix apologised for his actions. He feels extremely sorry and deeply feels sad that he made the joke and upset so many people. Felix isn’t even the only Youtuber who made “jokes” like that.
Heck, even Disney and WSJ made/make “jokes” like that. Humans make mistakes, and humans deserve to be forgiven for them. And so does Felix. He made a mistake, and to my opinion, he deserves to be forgiven for it.
Come on, let’s make Youtube and Felix/PewDiePie better, and let’s make Scare PewDiePie Season 2 a thing again.

Thank you for your time.

when the urge to binge is strong

1. change your bed sheets
2. sweep the floors
3. have a shower and wash your hair
4. have a nap. put fresh sheets on your bed, burn some incense while you make  mug of tea. play some soft music, put on rain sounds. build a blanket and pillow nest, wear your softest pyjamas, cancel all of today’s plans and have the rest you need
5. journal about anything
6. journal about the last week- include what you ate and how you felt about it, get to the bottom of why you want to binge
7. have some herbal tea- peppermint, green tea, and fruit teas are especially good for binges i found
8. go for a walk
9. call a friend and see them in person
10. go online (window) shopping 
11. binge. sometimes you will do everything you can, but you will still binge. and thats ok. you are forgiven, you did not commit some horrible crime. you can move on from this, you do not have to make up for it. its ok.

Two towers fall and a country is terrified for a few years.
Two towers fall
And an entire peoples are crippled for the rest of their life.
“Never forget,” they say.
How could I even dare to erase it from my mind?

On the day after the September 11th attacks
I felt America turn her back on me.
My parents told me things wouldn’t be the same,
That we might not be safe,
I was seven wondering why they kept playing the same scene
From an action movie on the television all week.

On September 12th, 2001
My dad cancelled 3 business meetings,
My mother didn’t go to work, never wore the hijab in public again
For the first time in my entire life, my grandmother did not go out to water the plants.
The officer at my elementary school says “Today you can’t come inside,”
If I knew what was happening them I would scream
“I have crayons in my bag, not bombs!”

I sat on the curb across from my school
Waited for the day to end,
Too ashamed to tell my parents to pick me up.

I didn’t understand, and I still don’t,
The dirty looks I get when I cross below the Mason-Dixon
How my family has, without fail,
Always been ‘randomly selected’ at airports.

My father changed his name for an entire year,
A name he once prided and cherished,
Because it got him on the no-fly list.
My mother cried on the phone
Trying to find a window repairman after the first brick.
My brother and I spent nights with my grandmother
Consoling her that she didn’t make the wrong decision coming to this country.

I can remember the kids at school asking about
‘Uncle Saddam.” Saying I smelled like a terrorist,
I remember begging my mom not to cook cultural dishes anymore.
My friend changed his name from ‘Osama’ to ‘Wali,’
His last name from ‘Hussein’ to ‘Badar’
Because they threatened to kill him and his family.
We prayed in classrooms in the corner edges of the school,
While Young Life had their annual fundraiser in the cafeteria.
They asked us where our turbans were,
If our parents drove camels.

We wanted to hate them,
We only ended up hating ourselves.
I have spent 21 years feeling like a villain in this skin I didn’t choose
For a religion I no longer practice
Watching my family, and my people,
Suffer for atrocities they would never commit.

Stop telling me to never forget,
Because I never fucking will.

—  “ 9/12/01″ - Nishat Ahmed

This was a hard poem to write.

Appreciation Post (Patrick Stump/FOB)

Do not let anyone say that Patrick Stump or Fall Out Boy as a whole does not have dedication or believe in what they’re doing. Because they’re fucking wrong. Let me tell you why: this performance they did for Jimmy Kimmel. Patrick Stump is nothing less than one of the world’s top notch voices. If you don’t believe me then you can fight me, believe me I’ll beat your ass to the ground - I maybe short but I’ve got the heart and soul to do so; if there’s a will there’s a way. Back to the point at hand, the band could have easily cancelled this performance given the circumstances of Patrick being sick with strep throat. I mean they can’t perform without their singer. HE HAD STREP THROAT AND STILL PERFORMED. Nonetheless consented to WEARING A SKIN TIGHT BODY SUIT when he could probably hardly breathe without it on in the first place. His throat was probably on fire the whole time and probably could hardly swallow or breathe, you can hear him lose his voice and try to catch his breath in a couple of places during the song. THAT TAKES FUCKING DEDICATION NUMERO UNO. AND SOUNDING AS GOOD AS HE DID BATTLING ALL THESE FACTORS, sure it wasn’t perfect, but hell of an effort and all the kudos goes to that tiny man with a trilby and soul voice for being such a trooper. He was more than likely dying after this performance, and like had someone holding tea for him right after he was done. Not to mention sacrificed his whole voice that day (at least) for that song. If that isn’t dedication, then dedication is dead and buried in some unmarked grave.

Ascendant... on TV?

Alright, I heard the news… (background: reports that they are making ascendant, which is technically allegiant part 2, into a TV movie with the potential to spin off into a TV show)

My first reaction - before finishing the sentence - was that they were going to cancel the last movie. I was about to get so pissed. I do NOT want them to do that. At all. 

Second reaction? I was still mad. They are not giving us the proper ending to the movies! Why do we have to suffer because you did terrible with Allegiant movie?! Now guys, Allegiant did really bad in the box office. I have no idea what happened. It was good…. could have been way better. They focused too much on CGI and all instead of the plot or the characters. I thought it was still a good movie though… as long as they fix in the last one. So when I heard this news, I was mad. What if the actors are not on board with it? They would have to replace the actors. I absolutely love Shai and Theo as Four and Tris so I really don’t want to see them replaced. 

Now, I’m just venting. Ha. But seriously! I want a proper ending! I would have forgiven them for Allegiant if they would do Ascendant correctly and properly and honor the books. TV movie tells me they are not going all out.

Only way I can be okay with this is very simple:

1. Honor the book’s ending

2. Keep the actors (especially Shai and Theo)

3. Focus on characters and plot

4. TV spinoff is okay… if you do it based on another group of kids living in the new reformed Chicago… I can dig that. But Tris cannot be part of it. And I’ll understand if Four isn’t either, since he tends to live away from the society at the end of the book anyway.

Anyway, will patiently wait for more news on this. 

What are your thoughts on this?


So Seventeen were doing a recording for Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook. WAS DOING but fans ruined it for them. Now this is a big thing a very important thing to do especially for seventeen. No one was suppose to know about it not even the fans. Pictures were not suppose to be taken it was like a privacy thing but no one listened and guess who got punished for it? Yeah, that’s right. Seventeen did. They got punished because the fans would not listen they wouldn’t back off they wouldn’t give seventeen the privacy they needed or the respect so they had to cancel the recording and go home all because out of hand girls. Even Seungkwan told them to stop! Seungkwan! That has never happened I believe. Why would you make them beg..beg you to stop. That’s sad and seventeen have worked so hard and for an opportunity like this.. you blew it for them. They left the building with such disappointed faces. If you “fans” don’t stop now you’re going to ruin future events for seventeen where it’s not even going to be enjoyable for them. They’re going to be afraid to even wanna come out and it is heartbreaking. So please out of the kindness in your heart don’t do this to these poor boys. They don’t deserve it. Respect seventeen like you’ve been since day one. It’s not that hard!

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Let's keep playing would you rather Katie edtion! So, OPTION 1: Everything stays the same as it is OR OPTION 2: Dracula was never cancelled, it's still airing and katie's still a regular playing baby gay vampire lucy BUT because of this she never got casted in Supergirl so there's no Lena.

Oh god! Why?? I didn’t ask for this? Why do you all want to hurt me so?

Originally posted by whiteguykarate

You all know how much I love Lucy. Like… deep, unhealthy, pray to the gods for her eternal happiness while ugly sobbing love.

But I would take option 1. Lucy was an amazing character and Katie did so well. I know it broke her when Dracula was cancelled and she was afraid that she would never get another great opportunity. BUT! With a show like that, I cannot imagine how far the story would have gone. Like it would be in it’s fourth or fifth season by now.

Even though she doubted it would happen, Katie has gotten great opportunities and roles that have really allowed her to grow as an actress and have new experiences. I’m really happy for her in that regard. So yeah, option 1 please :)