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Weeks ago, I messaged you about how much I was struggling with my depression and your reply was so kind and supportive. You told me to check in with you about how I'm doing at the end of your reply. Things have still been pretty bad but I did end up reaching out to a professional again. I find re-reading your reply sometimes really helps when I'm feeling particularly sad and lonely. So Wil, seriously, thank you for the reply you gave me last time and thank you so much for caring.

I am so happy to hear that you are taking care of yourself. It’s so important, and it’s fantastic that you reached out to a professional. That’s why they are there! They have literally devoted their lives to helping people like us, so even when we feel weird about reaching out to them, they are always going to be there for us when we need them.

Please continue you take care of yourself, and also give yourself credit for fighting through the bad times! I know how challenging it is, and you totally deserve a high five.

I am always here if you need to reach out again. Thank you for letting me know how you’re doing, and for letting me share your experience with others. You’re helping people you don’t even know.

his ➙ j.j.k ➙ 0.22

pairing: jungkook x reader

type: angst, fluff, smut.

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RFA+Saeran & V Reacting to Finding Female MC Crying

Thank you for the good wishes and request! I hope you like it :) 


  • Yoosung walked into their apartment to see papers scattered all over the table and an abandoned laptop
  • MC was laying on the couch sniffling into a cushion
  • He walked over and got down on his knees on her level
  • “Hey, I’m here. What’s wrong honey?”
  • He moved the hair stuck to her face from the streams of tears.
  • “I’m done, I can’t deal with the stress. I’ve been working on this project and the deadline is less than 48 hours and nothing is working.” She started to hyperventilate.
  • “Ok, I’m here. You’re here.” He took her hands and touched them to his face then hers and kept repeating until her chest was falling at a normal pace.
  • He stayed there stroking her hair until the tears subsided.
  • Whatever it would take to help her like she had done for him so many times before.
  • “Thanks Yoosung. I just had a breakdown and everything was crumbling… I’m sorry.” She kissed his hand in apology.
  • He kissed her hand in return. “You don’t need to say that. I want to be right here, with you.”
  • She nodded and thought she might cry again just from his words.
  • “Do you want to try looking at the papers again or take a nap on the couch watching YouTube.”
  • She sighed. “I should probably try again, but that second option is tempting.”
  • Yoosung smiled and pulled you up from the couch as he stood. “That’s my girl.”
  • He walked her back to the table and pulled up a chair next to her.
  • He helped get things organized and insisted on staying put.
  • The whole process he listens, proof reads, and offers his opinion when asked.
  • Every time MC tensed up, he grabbed her hand without missing a beat and helped her get through until the end.


  • The door swung open and Zen jumped at the outburst.
  • “Zen!” MC cried and slammed the door.
  • He emerged from the bedroom. “I’m right here-“
  • MC flung her arms around him and started uncontrollably hiccupping
  • “Baby, what is It?” he hugged her tight.
  • “I was w-working so hard for that promotion and t-today, they, they announced that they hired a new person for the position.”
  • “Oh, baby,” he stroked her back.
  • “I was so mad, I just went to talk with my boss to ask why and he said I had all the qualities but wanted to keep me in the same department because I would do better there. I worked so hard and gave them so much. I just quit right there. I felt so unhappy with my work but thought if I could move up it would get better.”
  • MC pulled back and look him in the eyes, “Oh god, did I make a mistake?”
  • He stared into her swollen eyes and his mind raced trying to find the words to console her
  • “I think the important thing, is that you’re happy. If you feel relieved in quitting then I think that’s a sign.”
  • He tucked a lock of hair behind her head and put his palm on her cheek. “I do know that you are one of the hardest workers and anyone would be lucky to have you.”
  • MC nodded and took some deep breaths. “Thank you Zenny.”
  • He kissed her forehead. “How about we watch some movies and eat ice cream? I went grocery shopping today and got your favorite.”
  • “I feel like the luckiest person to have someone like you.” Her smile returned.
  • Zen frowned. “That’s not possible?”
  • MC gave him a confused look.
  • “I’m the luckiest person because I have you.” He smirked.
  • Her face gave a slight brush and she started to laugh. “You’re too sly.”
  • Zen was filled with his own relief seeing the girl he loved laughing and smiling.


  • Arriving to her hotel Jaehee settled into the room and called MC to check in
  • After a few rings MC answered, “H-Hello?” with a hiccup.
  • “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Jaehee forced her voice to stay calm but her mind was running frantic.
  • "The boy died, and he kissed his horse before going to the hospital. Then the guy kicked the bad guy and, and-”
  • Her voice faded and was replaced by a rustling sound.
  • “MC? Hello?” she snapped into the phone. MC wasn’t making any sense.
  • “Hello?” a male voice came through.
  • She identified it immediately. “Zen?”
  • “Hey Jaehee, yup its me.”
  • “What is going on?” she almost growled into the phone.
  • “Well we went to this movie together and it had a rather sad ending. I think MC’s emotions are just being intensified by the hormones from the pregnancy.”
  • A movie? All that emotion from watching a damned movie. Jaehee pinched the bridge of her nose.
  • “Where you worried? I told you nothing would happen while Zen the Knight was around,” he spoke confidently.
  • She sat on the edge of the bed, running a hand over her face in exhaustion. "Put MC back on the phone please.”
  • "Sure, one moment.”
  • There was more rustling as the phone was handed off.
  • “Hello?” she answered sadly.
  • She had been prepared to scold her for being so irrational. The tone in her voice however, took away any energy she had for it. “I will be home tomorrow as soon as possible. Please try to calm down in the mean time.”
  • “It was just so sad…”
  • “It was a fictional movie,” she stated calmly.
  • “I know…” she mumbled sheepishly. “I love you.”
  • “I love you too. Good night.”
  • “Night! Sleep well!” she signed off in a more cheerful tone.
  • She hung up the call and ran a hand through her hair. This was only the second month, things would only get worse as she progressed. This pregnancy would either make or break Jaehee Kang.


  • It had been a late night for Jumin and to finally arrive home he could cuddle up with his two favorite ladies
  • But when he walked in there was no greetings only an empty living room.
  • Confused he set down his things and hung up his jacket to investigate further
  • He reached the bedroom and heard MC’s voice from the bathroom
  • “It’s alright sweetheart. Shh… it’s ok, you’re going to be ok,” she cooed.
  • His heart jumped a bit not knowing what was going on
  • He gently pushed the door open to find MC on the floor rubbing a towel over something small on the floor with tears running down her face.
  • Elizabeth the III sat on the sink watching curiously and meowed upon seeing Jumin.
  • MC glanced at Elizabeth and followed her gaze to see Jumin in the doorway.
  • “What is it MC?” he asked
  • The towel moved as a head turned to reveal a dog with a narrow face and light brown fur
  • The dogs dark brown eyes met Jumin’s and he quickly cowered behind MC best he could
  • “Jumin,” MC quickly spoke. “I didn’t have time to call you.” She wiped at her eyes.
  • “I was jogging at the park and this, t-this monster just threw this poor puppy in the pond and left. I couldn’t leave him there, he almost drowned and that guy didn’t even care enough to look back!”
  • Jumin tried to imagine such a terrible scene and felt some anger himself. No animal deserved that kind of cruelty.
  • Her voice quivered with anger and the tears started up. “I can’t imagine what else he’s been through.”
  • She petted the dog next to her and as Jumin got a better look he noticed the dog was missing half of its front right leg.
  • Jumin took a deep breath and walked in to kneel by MC’s side.
  • MC didn’t know what to expect next but when he put an arm around her shoulder and hugged her close she was so relieved the tears kept coming.
  • “I know, it’s ok…” Jumin whispered.
  • “I know you don’t like dogs but I can’t stand the thought of dropping him at shelter to be stuck in a cage. I don’t know if anyone will even take him because of his leg… Elizabeth even seems to like him,” MC listed off.
  • Jumin grimaced. “MC…”
  • He made the mistake of looking directly into her eyes and felt his resolve crumble. “…We’ll keep him for the weekend and get him vetted but the apartment isn’t suited for a dog. We’ll see if we can’t find a proper home for him ourselves.”
  • She hugged him tight and kissed him. “Thank you Jumin!” She kissed him again. “Thank you!”
  • He tried not to smile and coughed to clear his throat. “It’s just for the weekend.”
  • Something wiggled between them and Jumin came face to face with the animal in question staring into his eyes.
  • Jumin tried to ignore the dog and lean in to kiss MC but felt something wet and noticed the dog and put his black nose to Jumin’s face to stop him.
  • MC giggled. “Aw, he likes you.”
  • Maybe it was the exhaustion but he swore the dog turned back and licked MC in the face and seemed to tauntingly turn back to glare and Jumin.
  • Jumin narrowed his eyes. Just the weekend.


  • Finishing some work up in the office he came out to the living room to find MC ball up on the couch with a pillow to her just with tears streaming down her face
  • He cautiously asked, “What’s wrong?” 
  • MC pointed at the TV and stated matter of factly, “Just having my heart shattered into tiny pieces. Seven, I need you to take a knife and stab me, I’ll be in less pain that way.”
  • He sighed, “That’s all?” He came and sat down next to her.
  • Snuggling in and putting his arm around MC. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you. You can cry on my shoulder. It can’t be that sad…”
  • “Anyone would cry if they couldn’t see the love of their life,” she countered.
  • “We’ll see about that,” Saeyoung replied. 
  • Halfway through the episode Seven was holding a pillow to his chest and sniffling.
  • “Are you crying?” MC asked with a smirk.
  • “UM, did you miss the part where he proposed to her with sand art and she friend zoned him for the other guy? Because I didn’t.”
  • He squeezed the pillow to his chest and narrowed his eyes at the main actress on the screen. “You don’t deserve him you monster.”
  • MC tried to contain the laughter but it overflowed until the tears coming were from the pain in her sides.
  • When the last of the giggles subsided she put her arm around his ‘shoulders. 
  • “It’s ok baby, you can cry on my shoulder,” sh’e said confidently. 
  • He leaned in and laid his head on her chest. “If you insist…” he sniffled. 
  • She raised on eyebrow. “Last time I checked that wasn’t my shoulder.”
  • Snuggling in close to her chest he said, “I think I feel a little better.”
  • MC ruffled his bright hair. “I can’t believe you,” she giggled. 


  • He parked the car and walked up the driveway, checking the address given to him once more to make sure he was in the right place.
  • MC had to pick up the gift and insisted they take separate cars to the wedding.
  • Sure enough, he saw MC’s car in the drive and glanced at it as he passed
  • He paused abruptly upon noticing someone was inside
  • He knocked on the passenger window and watched as MC jumped and scrambled to wipe at her eyes
  • Saeran opened the door and got in
  • “You’re early,” MC breathed and offered a smile. “I’m just fixing my makeup.”
  • He stared at her as she attempted to search for ‘makeup’ in her purse
  • “You lied to me after all,” he stated.
  • She froze and looked at him wide eyed. “W-what?”
  • “You said you were happy for him. That you wanted to attend.”
  • Her hands gripped the purse tighter. “I did, I am. I mean… I should be happy for him, he’s my father. He’s getting married to a nice woman with kids. He gets another chance to be a good dad… He just wasn’t in the right place when I was born.”
  • MC’s voice became hoarse and she bent her head down. “I’m really happy for him.”
  • Saeran reach over to hold MC’s head to his chest. “You don’t have to let go of all those feelings. You can be happy, angry, upset, and more and not feel guilty for it. You don’t have to go in there either.”
  • He kissed your cheek. “If you still want to go, I’ll fix your eyeliner for you.”
  • MC snorted and shook her head. “You do make some of the straightest lines.”
  • “It’s a gift.”
  • She gave him a quick peck on the lips. “As long as you’re with me, I’ll be ok.”
  • Even after being together for so long his heart still fluttered. “You want me to mix things up if they’re going too well?”
  • She swatted his shoulder. “Of course not!”
  • MC wiped away the tears, “Well…maybe just a little sabotage.”
  • There went his heart again and he reached over to embrace her. “That’s if we leave the car.”
  • He captured her lips and leaned in with some other ideas in mind.


  • Jihyun was startled when from his work when he heard a loud thud followed by a cry of pain and another thud.
  • He quickly jumped from his desk and went to the living room to find MC rolling around on the floor surrounded by laundry spilled from the dropped basket.
  • She was kicking her foot frantically around and seemingly convulsing.
  • Avoiding her kicks he knelt down trying to assess what was wrong
  • “MC, what happened? Are you hurt?” he asked frantically.
  • “Argh! So much pain!” MC moaned and tears rolled down her cheeks.
  • “Don’t move, I’ll call an ambulance—”
  • “No! It’s just—I stubbed my toe on the table!” she exclaimed.
  • Jihyun was dumbstruck, “What?”
  • “God, it still hurts, it feels like it’s been going on for hours,” she hissed.
  • He laid back on the floor with a heavy sigh and a hand over his heart.
  • “Please don’t do that, we almost both went to the hospital.”
  • MC wiped at her eyes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to end up on the floor trying to do laundry.”
  • He picked up a pair of shorts next to his head and tossed them aside moving onto his side to face her better.
  • Taking up her hand he kissed her palm. “Does it still hurt?”
  • She nodded. “Just a little.”
  • “Even if I did…this.”
  • His fingers skillfully attacked her sides and soon she was rolling again, trying to escape him.
  • “S-stop it!” she laughed.
  • “Maybe for…a kiss,” he bargained.
  • “Alright!” she exclaimed and rolled over to place kisses all over his face.
  • Now it was his turn to chuckle as she started going after his neck.
  • “N-not fair MC,” he breathed.
  • “All’s fair in love and tickle fights,” she declared.
The Boy Next Door

Summary: It’s Bitty’s sophomore year and he finally gets a boyfriend. Rodrigo is the quintessential boy next door: smart, kind, sweet, popular, a talented goalie. Everyone in the Haus adores him, everyone except Jack. Jack can’t stand him, and he’s not even sure why.  Also on AO3

Chapter 1: The Meet Cute

Rodrigo Zuniga was the quintessential boy next door. The popular goalie of the Samwell men’s soccer team, he volunteered at the no-kill animal shelter in Norwood once a month; was treasurer of the Samwell Athletes and Allies organization; he spearheaded the annual Spring Lake Quad Clean Up; and had a 3.75 GPA majoring in psychology and Latin American Studies. He lived with the rest of his teammates in the soccer house just two doors down from the Haus. He had just asked one Eric Richard Bittle out on a date, and Eric Richard Bittle said yes.

He was literally the boy next door, and Jack Zimmermann could not stand him.

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A Friend Like Me.

Request from @the-lazy-leprechaun: Could I maybe request a fic where Bucky has finally cut his hair since he is now part of the Avengers and the reader offers to help him shave his beard if he guides the reader through it step by step? Like really fluffy!!!

Note: This was totally cute to write out. I remembered the request slightly wrong though when I got into this and accidentally had Bucky asking the reader to do it for him rather than the reader offering buuuuuut I think it makes it extra fluffy so I hope you don’t mind :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,135

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Originally posted by seabasschino

A chorus of cat whistles filled the room unexpectedly and dragged you out of the book you were reading for a few brief seconds, not enough to want to turn around and find out the reason behind it but enough so that you lost your place on that page and groaned to yourself. Even after years of working with The Avengers you were still the complete opposite of the majority of them – whereas they liked to socialise with one another during their downtime you were more than happy to just pick up a book and lose yourself in a whole other world.

You glanced over the page again and found the last line you had read and was about to start again when you felt someone jump over the back of the sofa you had nestled yourself onto and land heavily beside you. The cold feeling of metal brushing up against the bare flesh of your arm told you who it was before you had even looked up from your page.

“So come on then [y/n] what do you think?”


It was the only response you offered him as your eyes scanned the words before you. Pride and Prejudice is an absolute classic, one you had fallen in love with back in your college days, and no one was going to interrupt your reading of it….not if they wanted to have a peaceful life.

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anonymous asked:

Tbh kinda want there to be some langst in the form of Matt suddenly showing up and seeming like a the team wanting him to pilot blue lion

Lance didn’t mean to spy on them, okay, nor did he mean overhearing what they were saying. It’s just, he was going for some leftover goo after a well needed shower, and as he was rounding the corner, Shiro’s voice, laced with amusement, reached him and made him stop in his tracks.

“We’re gonna train you like a true paladin of Voltron,” he was chuckling, followed by a oh so familiar ‘oof’, meaning he had just patted the shit out of someone’s shoulder. The someone replied back, a little wheezy “Sure, because that’s exactly what I need” and- of course it was Matt.

Matt Holt, Shiro’s long time friend and companion, Pidge’s brother, miraculously back safe from the failure of the Kerberos mission. Everyone was overjoyed with having him on the ship, rightfully so, and he was a cool guy, with an acquired knowledge of Galra machinery that even the Alteans lacked. Had a smile for everyone, a biting humor that made even Keith laugh, and was also great with technical stuff. Basically, the perfect paladin.

And Lance was happy to have him back, of course, because he had never seen Pidge look so joyful, and Shiro looked less like he was contemplating leaving again to fistfight enemies in the astral plane. It was awesome, even.

But- lately his chest had inexplicably started to feel hollow. He was so happy, except for the constant pressure in the back of his eyes, and an annoying knot in his stomach. And sure, he could feel his control slipping with Blue, like their bond was just an echo of what it had been, like the connection was disturbed by a shitty cable plan, but it was going great. Zarkon was no more, Shiro was back with Matt, and the Galra army was still reorganizing itself, scattered and weak. They would be able to get it over with, finally, and go back home, leave all this shitshow behind and save the universe, whatever.

It only made sense to use every resource they had. And while Lance thought he had hidden his shortcomings well, what if he hadn’t? It didn’t matter. Of course they wanted Matt to pilot Blue in his place, because he was a shitty paladin anyway and wouldn’t it be better for everyone? He just wanted to go home, and him backing down was the faster solution.

So why couldn’t he bring himself to say it? To say, hey, Matt, I’m leaving Blue to you, treat her well, she’s a mighty lady. And why couldn’t his heart stop rabbiting in his chest, growing fangs to bite into his lungs and steal his breath? Why the fuck did he feel so empty?

He was surprised too, when a thud ringed clearly in the silence, and it was him hitting the floor, his legs suddenly giving out.

Confused, he watched two figures approach and- Shiro and Matt were looking at him weirdly, as he scrambled upright again, using the wall as a prop.

“Lance,” Shiro called, and he was frowning “Everything okay? We heard a noise.”

Lance laughed, although humorlessly. “Just tripped!” he lied, and now Matt was smiling, and he couldn’t bear it any longer, could he?

“No case of human slipperies, I hope,” Matt joked, and Shiro gave him a tight lipped, amused stare.

Lance winced. “Naah, I just took my shower a little too hot, I guess.”

Shiro looked relieved at that, but still suspicious, his eyes narrowed. “Good job out there, by the way,” he praised, slowly, clearly trying to make him feel better, and it hurt. Why did it hurt so much?

“A-Ah, of course! You, too,” he tried to hide the grimace behind a bright grin and a wink. An uncomfortable silence fell upon them. Huh. “Well!” he trilled “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my beauty sleep is calling me!” They laughed.

“Sure it is! Get some rest, Lance,” Shiro said, raising his hand to give him what would probably have been a reassuring pat, but Lance practically sprinted away, missing the troubled look Shiro and Matt shared.

Only when the door of his room was firmly closed behind his shoulders he let his legs fail him again, sliding down into a crouched position.

“Fuck,” he managed, low and broken, staring at his feet, as hot tears started streaming down his cheeks, “Fuck.”

Coming Home (Chapter 17)

Welcome back! Just a quick note– I dont actually hate Fury. In fact I have no issue with him at all, but I wanted a chance for Tony to show off exactly how Alpha he is…and Fury opened his mouth and said the wrong thing lol. So PSA– I dont hate Fury, so anyone that absolutely loves him, dont read too much into this chapter, its just one scene in one of my many fics, doesnt mean anything lol

Alright, gear up for some Winteriron Feels, some (less explicit) smutty smutness and the above mentioned, Tony losing his shit on Fury. I tried a little different format with the NSFW, I hope it worked out. 


Enjoy :)


Tony paced in the hallway outside Bucky’s room at SHIELD headquarters for a full five minutes before he calmed himself down enough to knock on the door quietly. Steve had given him a key to Bucky’s room, but Tony wasn’t about to invade Bucky’s privacy by using the key, but he was still tempted to shove it up Fury’s ass if the Director so much as glanced in his general vicinity, so he kept it in his pocket anyway.

So Tony knocked, quickly and firmly but hopefully not too aggressively, and hoped Bucky would open the door.

“Tony.” Bucky opened the door and stopped in his tracks, black and silver wings lifting around his body to hide himself, metal edges clicking as he shifted anxiously. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” Tony blurted, and then closed his eyes and held up a hand apologetically. “Sorry. Bucky, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Um… can we talk?”

“You want to talk?” Bucky blinked at him and seemed to withdraw into the room a little more. “About what?”

“Why didn’t you come back with Steve?” Tony asked carefully, feeling awkward just standing in the hall talking, and unable to stop staring at Bucky, at his crystal blue eyes and the scruff that was getting a little too thick, at shoulder length dark hair and all those muscles wrapped in a tight grey t shirt, his left arm held slightly behind his body.

“I don’t want to be there.” Bucky said bluntly, relaxing his posture now that he knew Tony wasn’t going to yell at him. “You don’t want me there, so I didn’t see any reason to stay.”

“Why would you–?” Tony’s voice rose again and he backed up another step, dropping his wings and putting both hands out, palm up, to look an unthreatening, as un Alpha as possible. “Bucky, honey, why would you think I don’t want you there? Things have been rough, and admittedly I have been hiding away more than I should, but you belong at home. Not here working for Fury.”

A growl threaded his voice on the Beta’s name and Bucky’s eyes sparked curiously. “You don’t like Fury.” he stated.

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anonymous asked:

21 please!

oooh interesting hahaha

21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“Ah shit!” Isak groaned throwing his head back as he threw his keys on his bedside table and dropped his bag. 

Even looked up at the frustrated boy in alert “What? what is it?” 

“Jonas has my phone.” Isak moaned into his hands. 

Even shook his head “why…why would Jonas have your phone? is there literally anything you guys don’t share?” 

“Even the only thing you are wearing right now that isn’t mine is your underwear.” 


Isak screwed up his face “Eveeeeen” 

Even’s beautiful laugh filled the room as his eyes squinted up in slits “Kidding!” 

Isak blushed and smiled, an involuntary reaction whenever Even did that. 

Anyway, Jonas has my phone because he took it away when I kept texting you instead of listening to his rants about soft and hard tacos.” 

Even nodded “sounds like an interesting debate. on one hand the soft shell is easier to eat, but the hard shell adds an interesting authenticity that you just can’t-” 

“Oh my god stop!” Isak laughed. 

Even pursed his lips and tugged at Isak’s hip “can we go get tacos?” 

Isak smiled and shook his head “You are so random. We can if you give me your phone so I can text Jonas and tell him to bring my phone to school tomorrow.” 

“Anything for the man of my life.” Even replied, handing him his phone. 

Isak rolled his eyes, his cheeks hurting from all the smiling Even always got out of him.

“I’ll go get my jacket.” Even said, heading to the living room. 

“you mean my jacket” Isak laughed. 

he went into the messages to find Jonas’s name when he saw something he couldn’t unsee. 

There was a message to a number that hadn’t been added to contacts. Isak squinted at the message, his heart pumping hard. 


Yeah i’m seeing him again tomorrow. He is really sweet and everything but he is a baaad kisser. But yeah I’ll call you tonight :)

Isak felt his heart sink into his stomach, and his fingers instinctively touch his lips. Was he really a bad kisser?? he always thought Even was happy whenever they were intimate. But maybe, maybe it was all a lie? Then what else is a lie? Isak felt sick. 

“Hey baby you ready to go?” Even called from the living room and Isak swallowed his emotion. He wasn’t meant to see this. He will just try to forget about it. 

But of course he didn’t, he ended up staying up all night wondering if this whole time he was doing everything wrong. Why was Even still with him if he was bad at everything? What was the point? 

The next day he showed up to school grumpy and Jonas noticed. 

“What the hell is up with you? I gave you your phone back.” 

Isak grunted. 

“Okay speak up” mahdi said, all the boys leaning towards Isak, ready to listen to his problem. 

“Even thinks i’m a bad kisser.” 

Magnus laughed and Jonas furrowed his brows. “he said that?” 

“No he texted it to someone.” 

“Isaaak” Mahdi shook his head in disapproval. 

“I didn’t mean to see it! It was just there.” 

“Well who did he say it to?” 

“I don’t know, there was no contact name.” 

Jonas dismissed it with his hand “it’s probably nothing”

“NOTHING??? My boyfriend hates me!” 

“Even loves you.” Magnus stated shaking his head. 

“He basically kisses the ground you walk on” Mahdi agreed. 

“But my kissing!” 

Jonas shrugged “It’s just one thing.” 

Magnus nodded “Yeah he loves you despite your terrible kissing skill. that’s sweet.” 

Isak glared at him. 

“What? it is is! I mean you can’t all be pros like me” Magnus grinned smugly. 

The boys all looked at him unconvinced. 

“It’s true! Vilde can’t get enough. She is obsessed. I mean I could teach you some tricks if you like Isak” 

Isak screwed up his face “No thanks Magnus.” 

“what? I don’t mind. Your my friend. Theres nothing wrong with a friend showing another friend how to kiss.” 

Mahdi laughed, Jonas shook his head “You are seriously deranged Magnus.” 

“Okay so i’m gonna go. Sorry Magnus. I’m still not going to hook up with you.” Isak said walking away. 

“I don’t- that’s not- Guyyyys!” 

That night Even and Isak were snuggled up watching a movie when Even kissed Isak’s neck. he tensed up. The anxiety creeping up his body. Oh no. All he could think was how bad he was at kissing and how much it must disappoint Even. 

Even pressed his lips against Isak’s and Isak just sat there, unresponsive. 

Even pulled back confused 

“Baby what’s wrong? Are you upset.” 

Isak crossed his arms “I just, I don’t feel like doing anything.” 

Even nodded “Okay. That’s okay.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around Isak. 

Okay now Isak was mad. Even gave up way too easily. He must be relieved! Isak is a bad kisser. 

He shook off Even’s arm and lifted his head up. 

“Okay.. talk to me.” Even said, closing the laptop. 

“Well why did you give up so easily? Are you? Are you grossed out by me?” 

Even looked at him blankly “What? Isak what are you talking about?” 

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” 

Even laughed “baby, you are the best kisser in the world.” He raised his eyebrows “I’ve taught you everything you know.” 

“You’re lying.” 

Even’s eyes became concerned and he took Isak’s hands in his. “Isak I love every single part of you. I can’t even be in the same room without wanting to jump you. Your kisses send me to paradise.” he kissed his knuckles. “What is this really about? Tell me.” 

Isak finally caved “I saw your message. on your phone.” Even didn’t react so he elaborated “it said “he is really sweet but he is a bad kisser.” 

Even was confused and then he smiled “And you thought it was about you? Oh baby you’re everything but sweet.” he winked, poorly. 

Isak scrunched his brows “Then…who were you talking about?” he found the biggest fear hitting him hard in his chest. Was Even cheating?

“I don’t know, I didn’t write it.” Even said nonchalantly

Isak felt relief flood through him. 

“Then who did?” 

Even laughed and when realisation hit him “Oh my god! Vilde borrowed my phone when I was helping her plan Kosegruppa last night because hers were flat. She wanted to text Eva” 

Isak smiled brightly “So it was about Magnus.” 

The laughter consumed him and Even kissed his forehead with his smile. 

“Baby whenever you think you are a bad kisser, just come to me so I can prove you wrong.” 

and then his lips were on Isak’s and everything disappeared. 

No. This wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. 

I hope this was okay <3 

Owned - pt 9

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

The doctor wanted to see you both today, as soon as possible. Both of you, confused and silent on the way there.

You almost fell asleep once again in his arms until the driver announced that you were five minutes away.

“Good morning Doctor Lu, is everything okay?” Namjoon asked her.

“We hope so. I just got the test results back.” She flipped through some papers and circled a few words. “You’re not pregnant Mrs. Kim but these tests show signs of a serious issue.”

“How serious?” Namjoon questioned.

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is it so much to ask that you text me back
I’m so scared of losing touch I’m scared to ask if you know that
the reason why I try so hard to be nice
is so no one else will leave me behind
you’re right that it’s not that hard to tell the ones that you love
how much they mean and how you’d feel if it was them and not us
but I can make the time in my life to be sad every time you’re around me

how did it make you feel to know you’re not quite enough
for someone who took so much from you and then just gave up
on the things that used to make me so glad I got to be holding your hand
‘cause I’m not too busy i’m just still dizzy trying to
catch my fucking breath through these sweat-soaked sheets
but you’re still so pretty and I’m still to skinny to hold
all this weight on my own

but I find the time to tell everyone I love
that someday I won’t need them anymore but that’s because
they’ve given me everything I need to be me
you let me be me

I’m not going back to my bed before I find a way to tire myself out
it seems that everything tires me out except trying to get some rest

So I’m halfway through season 1 of The Punisher but I just wanted to share with you all something that has been on my mind since episode 2: flowers. As if Frank giving Karen flowers wasn’t reason enough to flail, they‘re white roses. But why does it matter? Well, different flowers have different meanings. While I don’t believe Frank gave much thought to which kind of flowers he was buying (although he bought flowers, and that means something already), the writers certainly did, as it is a common way to convey a message about characters’ feelings, intentions or about the nature of a relationship. So buckle up and follow me through all the Feels™ because not only are roses a universal symbol of love, white roses have a very interesting and particular meaning. If you google it, you’ll learn that white flowers are usually associated with purity and innocence. But beyond that, white roses can symbolize new beginnings and convey a message of hope, being used to celebrate marital or romantic bonds. That’s why they‘re also associated with young love. Also, in the old times, instead of red roses, a suitor would send a bouquet of white roses to convey their intentions of beginning a courtship. Besides all these, sending someone white roses can express feelings of trust, loyalty, respect, admiration and reverence.

I don’t know about you guys, but I‘m inclined to believe that TPS writers are Kastle af

Hannibal’s “I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it” will ALWAYS destroy me like please when will I be over this and then worse yet, “did you think you could change me, the way I’ve changed you?” hannibal please PLEASE I’m begging you to engage in some introspection, see your feelings, recognize them as genuine and human and tbh,, like pretty mundane , love is mundane and ordinary hannibal and YOU fell in love that’s why this hurts so much and you’re crying and you killed abigail but you couldn’t kill will like oh my god, mizumono breaks my heart is basically what I’m getting at here


Summary: Tom hates cats and you found a little kitten on the road. But you don’t want Tom to see him

Word count: 710

A/n: Sorry for mistakes and I hope you’ll lke it:)

It’s christmas and I’m coming home, where Tom should make cookies. He decided to make them by his mother’s recipe. That was so cute to see him making them. But he found out that we don’t have some powdered sugar to decorate cookies. So, I decided to buy them.

But know, I should slip past Tom unnoticed, because if he sees what I brought, he will be clearly dissatisfied.

I opened the door and tried to be as quietly as possible. But me plan, to go to the second floor, was spoiled when Tessa came to me and started barking, meeting me.

“No, no Tess. Sh-h-h. Please!” I whispered and tried to calm her down. So, she didn’t and Tom came here.

“Hey, y/n. I wouldn’t notice you unless Tessa started barking. Yeah, and my plan could be very good. I love her, but somtimes she doesn’t appear at the right time.

"Yeah, I didn’t want to bother you. How is your cookies?” I tried to behave as usual.

“They are already in the oven. So, did you buy a powdered sugar?” I gave it to him. “I love you so much!” He kissed me.

“I love you too. Well, I need to change my clothes” My hand was on my stomach, because I had to hold something I tried to keep in secret.

“Are you sick? Why do you keep you hand on stomach? Does it hurts?” Holland began to worry about me.

“No, no, I’m okay. I just need to have a shower and change my clothes” The creature under my jacket began to move. That’s not good, Tom mustn’t notice it.

“Okay, just tell me if you feel bad” he smiled at me and almost left me, when heard squeak from my jacket and then meowing.

“Shit” I closed my eyes and understood, this is the end.

“What is it?” Another meowing. “Is that cat? Under your jacket?” He was really confused. I just stared at him and didn’t say anything. “Is that a joke? Let me see it” He started moving toward to me and I instinctive made steps back.

“No” I don’t know what to do.

“Let me see it y/n” Tom gazed at me intently. In his gaze one could see the severity. He continued to make steps toward to me and I paced in the opposite direction.

“No” Yes, I am stubborn and Tom is. Somtimes, it became a problem and maybe today the same.

“Don’t try to hide it from me. I know, this is a cat” I feel myself as a child, who came home with animal and tried to persuade parents to leave him.

“Okay. But we will leave it at home” I came closer to Tom and opened my jacket. There was a white kitten with a wonderful brown eyes. “I saw him on the street and I couldn’t pretend not to notice.”

Tom made a deep breath and looked at him. Kitten was so scared. “We leave it here, but don’t expect me to love him. You know, cats are not mine” His face still was serious, but I know he’s not mad at me. Even if he doesn’t like cats.

It’s christmas night and I already washed and fed our new little friend. Now Tomas, Tessa, kitten and I layed on the sofa and just watched on the fireplace. I love this atmosphere.

“Tom” I’m lying on my boyfriend and kitten sleeping on me.


“What name should I give to the kitten? Maybe… Sam?” I looked at Tom.

“Hmm… What about Happy?” His voice was hoarse, but I like it.

“I think, that’s a good name” I smiled at Tom and kissed him.

Suddenly, Happy woke up and made a sound. Tessa woke up too.

I think she feels herself like a mom for Happy. She likes and cares about him. They defiinitely will be a good friends.

“Maybe… I’ll like him… Maybe” when I heard this words, my smile became bigger.

“I’m sure, you’ll love him” I hugged Tom stronger/

“But not like I love you” after this, he kissed me and we all fell asleep on the big couch.

Maybe, after this night Tom will like cats, like he loves Tessa and me

Property of Newt Scamander

Request: “newt imagine where he’s comforting the reader bc she got dumped and he ends up accidentally saying something along the lines of “i would have never done this to u” which leads to dominant possessive smut bc newt had to watch the reader, who he was in love with, be in a relationship with someone else so he had a lot of pent up jealousy?”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2284


Originally posted by lovershub

Newt had been searching for you for hours. As soon as Queenie had told him you were at their place, he raced over, apparating in broad daylight. He didn’t care if he was spotted, he just wanted to be with you. He knew something was up as soon as your boyfriend had shown up at your shared apartment without you. Normally, after a night out together, you would both stumble home. He would open the door, his heart would shatter at the sight of you in another’s arms, and then he would have to go sleep in his case to avoid hearing the sounds you would make in your bedroom.

But in the early hours of the morning today, you hadn’t been by your boyfriend’s side when he knocked.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Newt asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. The clock read 4am.

“Don’t know, don’t care. I’m just here to pick up some of my things that I left here.” The tall brutish man responded coldly, pushing past Newt.

Now Newt had reached the Goldstein sisters’ apartment block. He ran up the stairs, not worrying about making a ruckus and alerting Mrs. Esposito to his presence. He knocked loudly on the door, it swinging open to reveal a frazzled Tina, with bags under her eyes and a cup of coffee in her hands. He had forgotten that it was only just 6am.

“Where is she?”

“Roof.” She croaked. Newt moved to go but Tina gripped the sleeve of his coat. “I think she needs to be alone for a while.”

“No, she needs me.” Newt continued up the stairs, slowly opening the door to the roof. He winced as it noisily creaked, but the hunched over figure didn’t move.

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Like Brother, Like Sister - Part 2 (Archie x Reader Request)

Request(s): ‘Prompts #5 #9 #19 #145 your dating Archie and your jugheads younger sister by a year and your a south side serpent. And one day in school you get into a fight with Cheryl because we’ll it’s Cheryl lmao. Just an argument not like physical. She had said something about your family and your dad FP. Archie, jug, Betty and Veronica comfort you and try to calm you down. Also backing you up in the argument.’ - Anon.

- ‘hi! could you please do 62 and 64 for archie x reader? thank you!!’ - Anon.

Prompts: “Why do you hate me?” “I can’t believe you!” “I’m going to kill you!” “Go back to bed.” “I want to protect you.” “You’re so beautiful.”

I ended up going a bit more soppy than I expected, hope you still like it!

 Part 1

Characters/Pairings: Archie x Serpent!Reader, Serpent!Jughead x Betty, Cheryl, Veronica.

Warnings: Kissing, Mild cursing.

Word Count: 1745.


Originally posted by riverdales-daily

Archie and I lay in his bed together, our hands intertwined. We didn’t talk, music played quietly from Archie’s laptop. It had been a few weeks since I joined the Southside Serpents and I’d been kept pretty busy. The gang had taken advantage of my young appearance and sent me on jobs a lot. This was the first night in a while I’d had free.

I turned on to my side, Archie quickly followed. We looked at each other, I studied his face. His brown eyes had developed a darkness underneath them, I could tell he wasn’t sleeping. I knew he was up most nights worrying about me, he’d told all of our friends this but didn’t dare speak to me about it. I placed a hand on his face, rubbing his cheek under my thumb. He had a slight stubble, it was rough to the touch. I was starting to worry about him.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ He spoke in a hushed tone. I smiled at the first words he’d said in a while. My cheeks flushed, he still managed to make me blush even after all this time. I smiled a thank you at him. My finger traced over his lip before I brought my lips to his. Our kisses were delicate nowadays, we soaked in every moment. We parted our lips but still kept incredibly close, our faces almost touching.

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Enoch O’Connor Imagine (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children)

Anon asked, “The reader is a peculiar at the home but gets killed by a hollow and it really hits Enoch hard (cause of what his peculiarly is)”

A/N: Yes…this sure is something. I wrote it in the car- ?!! And I was so proud! ?! because like- I was able to write out in the open instead of hiding in my room, so- yeah. I hope you like it though! (because i sure do :”D) Reader is Female btw.

Word count: 893

It’s been a week since your death and Enoch was still a mess. All the children had cried when you died, even Miss Peregrine teared up a little, but they knew that they couldn’t be upset for so long.

Enoch on the other hand hasn’t come out of his room except for dinner time and even then he would rush through it and go back to his room. Today he didn’t even bother to eat dinner, and Miss Peregrine sent Claire to see how he was. She knocked on the door and Enoch yelled for her to leave, so she did, but got the other children to try something.

Enoch got it the worst. He was in denial at first. Saying things like, “She can’t be dead! She can’t! She promised to not leave me!”. Then came anger. Wanting to kill all the hollows… he tried to accept the fact that you were no longer there, but he couldn’t.

All of the children tried something to get him to come out of his room, but nothing worked. Miss Peregrine went to attempt and he opened the door, but wouldn’t show his face. He laid back on his bed with the pillow covering his face. “Enoch… It has been a tragedy for us all, but you can not just live like this.” said Miss P. “I know you loved her the most out of all of us, but you need to accept it.”

He didn’t respond. Not even a nod or a thumbs up, or a shift of his body to show anything. “Enoch, I’m talking to you.” said Miss Peregrine. Enoch just mumbled something into his pillow and Miss Peregrine sighed. “She’s in the room where Victor is…” she said under her breath, but because of how quiet it was, Enoch heard her anyway.

He removed the pillow from his face, but still did not show Miss Peregrine how he looked. “What?” he asked confused. “You heard me Enoch O’Connor. Don’t act like you did not. Before you go and see her, clean yourself up child.” she answered and slowly got up, leaving the room.

Enoch slowly sat up sighing and running his fingers through his messy, unwashed hair. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He shook his head and rubbed his face a bit. He decided to go wash up like Miss Peregrine told him, since he hadn’t in a long while.

Once he got out of the shower he smiled to himself in the mirror. He was thinking about you. He was going to bring you back to life. To talk, to see you smile, to be happy.

He didn’t want the other children to see him going to the room you were in, so he was very sneaky about it, but got to your room. You were dressed in white with your hair let loose, falling on your shoulders. He smiled softly looking at you. He remembered to carry a few hearts in his overall pockets to try and bring you back to life.

Enoch made an attempt and it didn’t work. “Come on…” he muttered getting frustrated. He made a second attempt…nothing. “Please…” he begged starting to make a third attempt. Nothing. He only had one more heart. “Work, ya damn thing.” sighed Enoch.

He looked at you hoping to see something and your eyes fluttered open. “(Y/N)!” he said excitedly. You slowly looked at him and gave a soft smile. “Hi Enoch.” you said quietly.

When the hollow had killed you it didn’t totally slay you like crazy, it was a quick death that didn’t cause much pain, so now to you weren’t feeling much pain either.

“I missed you so much…” he said holding your hand that felt cold. “I know. I saw.” you said casually. “You did?” he asked and you nodded. “Enoch…you’re gonna have to let me go.” you sighed.

It surprised Enoch that those words had come out of your mouth. “What?… Why?” he asked. “You know why… You can’t keep bringing me back. I love you, and that means I want you to be happy. Just accept the fact that I’m gone. You can do this once in a while so we could talk, but you need to let go.” you responded.

He looked at the floor. “Everyone’s telling me to let go, but I can’t seem to. It’s hard.” he sighed. “I know. It’s gonna be hard, but if you love me, you’ll do that for me.” you said rubbing his hand softly with your thumb.

He looked back up at you and nodded. “I’ll try.” he replied. “Good.” you smiled. “I don’t think I have much time left.” you sighed. “No…please stay.” he said sadly. “Let go, Enoch.” you replied letting go of his hand.

You put your hands back together and closed your eyes to go back to your peaceful state. Enoch began to tear up and he kissed your forehead leaving tears on your face. He wiped them off. “For you? Anything.” he sniffled.

Enoch stood up and smiled (with tears still present) at both you and Victor, who was also in the room. He opened the door. “I love you.” he said mostly towards you, but he loved Victor too. He walked out and closed the door behind him, starting to slowly let go.

anonymous asked:

thoughts on that fanservice bit in Dan's liveshow?

I have so many thoughts!

- It was fucking hilarious. 
- It was a laugh with you not laugh at you moment. 
- He was teasing us but there was no underlying anger or anxiety to it.  Dan was in a good mood.
- He volunteered so much information that he didn’t need to: what they did for lunch, who they went with, that he went to meet his mum, why he went to meet his mum. None of that information was pivotal to a You guys are gonna flip, I was cold earlier so Phil gave me his coat and I wore it joke/story. 
- It feels like another one of those moments of increased comfort, that he was even ok sharing that under the guise of a joke. I mean, the whole point of it was just them sharing clothes. It was a big deal because Dan knew his fans would flip out - and they did. And he told it anyway.
- The things he actually said could so easily have turned negative, but the tone wasn’t negative at all. He was dragging his fans the same way his fans drag him; with truthful digs but no malice. 

tl;dr - I liked it!

Slytherin!Minghao x Gryffindor!Reader
  • You, my lovely accomplished reader, are the Captain & Keeper for the Gryffindor quidditch team.
  • Words cannot describe how ecstatic you are to be a part of the team and represent your house, it’s an honor.
  • So when you’re walking down the hall and hear some guy mutter under their breath “come on, what’s so good about the Gryffindor team? When was the last time they won?”, you freeze in place momentarily.
  • You come back to your senses, turn around and stomp up to this kid, yelling loud enough for everyone to hear: “Even though Gryffindor hasn’t won in recent years, you can bet your magic that I’ll make sure we win this year!”, all while staring down the person who made the snide comment.
  • It wasn’t until you walked away and your rage fizzled down that you took a moment to appreciate that that guy was really cute.
  • But that didn’t matter, if that person has the audacity to make rude remarks about your quidditch team, it doesn’t matter how cute he is He can kindly fuck off.
  • Later that night you’re relaxing in the Gryffindor commons room, when you overhear some people talking about you.
  • “And when Minghao was talking shit about the Gryffindor team, Y/N roasted him in front of everyone and then stormed off”
  • “I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed”
  • “As long as they actually keep their promise to win, then shouldn’t we be proud?”
  • You backtrack in your mind to your outburst in the hall earlier and realize: “I told off Minghao, the best Beater that Slytherin has had in the past 100 years. He’s gonna freaking kill me in the Gryffindor vs Slytherin match next week”
  • Your relaxing is cut short and you understandably go crawl in bed, beginning to panic.
  • But you pull yourself together, thinking “okay, it’s fine, we’re just going to train even harder, and not back down from this challenge”
  • When you see him in the hall and in your classes, you become more aware of Minghao and begin to notice him more and more.
  • You can’t help but wonder if he’s mad at you for calling him out like that, or if he even remembers what you said to him (oh trust me, he did, but you don’t know that).
  • The two of you didn’t have a rivalry before, but you definitely do now.
  • You sit at the table directly behind his in Potions, and almost every time you have class, he’ll turn around, glance at you, turn back to the front, and then whisper in a different language to his friend Jun, who sits right next to him.
  • You’re like “does all this boy know how to do is talk shit about people?? G o s h”
  • And it seems like if you ever see him in the hallway, he stares you down the whole time.
  • Basically, you’re 97% sure he hates your guts.
  • To help follow through with your promise to beat Slytherin, you call for extra practices every day leading up to the match.
  • At first your teammates were like “dear god why”, but you gave them a good pep talk, and got everyone motivated to go all out for this match.
  • The Slytherin team apparently had the same idea though, causing your two teams to have to share the practice field.
  • The first day this happened though, you were running drills with your team, when out of the corner of your eye, you see a mob of green creeping towards you, and you’re just like “gosh darn it, Slytherin please leave me alone”
  • Their captain, a Chaser named Jun, and Minghao’s best friend (the one who he keeps talking to about you), approaches you and says “Hey, I think we both booked the field, do you mind if we just split it in half? I promise we will try our best not to bother your team”
  • And you’re like, “…Yeah… I mean that sounds great with me. Good luck with your training”
  • Because this Slytherin boy?? Who has been listening to Minghao talk shit about you every Potion’s class is being nice to you?? What kind of witchcraft is this.
  • But you’re like “I’m gonna try not to hold a grudge against Slytherin, we have the same goal- to win the match”
  • This one Slytherin kid keeps coming up to your team members when they’re resting and is talking to them.
  • Jun doesn’t seem to notice this at all though, so you walk up to the kid about the third time it happens and are like “do you need something?”
  • And this kid says “Hi! I’m Chan! I just wanted to wish your team good luck our upcoming match, but Jun told me not to go fly over to your side of the field. So I figured I’d wish you guys good luck when you’re taking a break”
  • In your head you’re like “this boy. He’s so p u r e. Someone protect him”
  • Out loud you’re like “Oh, well thank you! And good luck to you, too!”
  • He grins and begins to walk back to his team, when he turns around and shouts to you, “Oh, Y/N! Minghao says ‘Hi’!”, and then walks away.
  • Meanwhile you’re like 1.) I did not tell this sweet child my name. Is Minghao talking shit about me to his whole team???, and 2.) IF WE’RE RIVALS, WHAT THE HECK IS “HI” SUPPOSED TO MEAN
  • So you talk to your teammates who are currently sitting down and resting and are like “hey what did that kid say to you??”
  • They’re answer and say “He wished us good luck. And asked us if you were seeing anyone”
  • You’ve been so competitive and focused on this match that someone taking a romantic interest in you just does not compute in your head at all.
  • You brush it off as the Slytherin team trying to play some mind games and get to you, and ignore it completely.
  • So for the next handful of days before the match, your teams both practice on your respective sides of the field.
  • And every day Chan walks over and asks your benched teammates random questions about you, like what kind of flowers you like, your favorite color, if you have a crush on anyone, etc.
  • But he’s so sweet and cheerful that you never tell him to stop or to go back to his own team, you just let him keep asking.
  • But you’re like “hey team, don’t answer his questions, I don’t know what he’s up to”
  • And your team is like “yes captain”, and then as soon as you leave to go coach some of the Chasers, they’re like “CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE LIKES THE CAPTAIN???”, “which one of the Slytherin members is it?”, and “gosh I hope it’s not Jun, he’s s o o o dreamy!” my lowkey Jun stan is showing
  • Finally, the day of the match arrives and you’re like “let’s get this over with so I never have to even think about Minghao, and his stupid pretty face… or the Slytherin team ever again”
  • The score generally favors Slytherin, as it normally does. But that’s alright with you, because your team’s strategy is to get that snitch, and get it fast.
  • The score is 178 to 37, Slytherin in the lead, when you finally see it. The seekers for both teams see it, too. The Golden Snitch. If Slytherin gets one more goal (they’re worth ten points), it doesn’t matter who gets the snitch, Slytherin would still win, 188 to 187.
  • So when you see a quaffle coming for your goal, seemingly just out of your reach, you make a risky, split second decision.
  • You step onto the wooden part of your broom, watching the quaffle and it’s increasing proximity to your goal. While you’re in the zone, completely focused on your next move, the Slytherin team has caught on to what you’re doing, and it seems like all of them stop. To your delight, your Gryffindor seeker keeps chasing the snitch, even though Chan (the Slytherin Seeker) stops to see if you’ll actually do it.
  • You hear a “Y/N, DON’T!” and see some Slytherin player rushing towards you, but it’s too late. You’ve made up your mind.
  • As soon as that quaffle comes speeding towards the goal, you leap as far as you can, and wrap your body around the quaffle, taking the full impact of it hitting you in the chest, knocking the wind out of you.
  • You plummeting to the ground prevents you from catching your breath, and you faint from not being able to breath. But right before you fade out, you feel an impact, a much softer one this time, and see a blur of emerald green fabric before completely losing consciousness.
  • When you wake up in the infirmary, you have one question on your mind, so when you’re just conscious enough to make out general shapes around you, and one of them looks like a person, you ask the person-shaped blob: “Who won the match?”
  • The blob puts a hand on your shoulder and says “Don’t worry Y/N, you won. You told me you would”
  • You snap out of your semi-conscious haze, and turn your head to see that of all the people who would be next to you, it’s Minghao. G r e a t.
  • You: “Why are you even here”, you snap at him.
  • Minghao: “Who the hell do you think caught you? And why would you do something so dangerous like that? If it wasn’t for me, do you think anyone would’ve been able to get to you before you hit the ground?”
  • You were proud of your victory until he pointed out how reckless you had been. And as you start to feel the dull pain in your chest from the impact, you really begin to question your decision. But hey- it’s not like you could go back and change what you did, so you might as well be happy that you won.
  • Minghao: “Honestly though, do you know how much of a scare you gave me? I don’t think I’ve been that worried in my life”
  • You: “Why would you be worried about me? All you do is talk bad about me”
  • Minghao: “…when have I ever done that”
  • You: “In Potions, like every single class! You’re always looking at me and then talking to Jun in another random language!
  • Minghao: “First off, it’s not some random language, it’s Mandarin, genius. And second, I haven’t been talking shit about you, I’ve been telling Jun everything I love about you, and how I couldn’t get you out of my mind ever since you told me off”
  • In your head, you’re like “y o u  w h a t”. 10/10 that was not what you were expecting.
  • You: “You… fell for me, essentially because I roasted you in the hall??”
  • Minghao: “No one has ever said a damn thing to me if they heard me saying something they disagreed with. I’m not really sure why though. Jun says it’s because I have ‘severe RBF’, whatever that’s supposed to mean, but you not only called me out, you challenged yourself to do better, and I loved that”
  • You: “So is that why that cute kid Chan kept bothering my teammates about what flowers I like and what my favorite color and all that??”
  • Minghao: “…you tell me”
  • He points to a vase on the sidetable next to your infirmary bed, blooming with your favorite flowers, with a ribbon in your favorite color tied in a bow in the curve of the vase.
  • Without even realizing it, you feel immensely relieved. You thought he hated you, and before, you didn’t know why it bothered you so much whether he despised you or not, but now you know it’s because along the way, you developed feelings for him.
  • So in your drugged-up-on-pain-meds state, you go for it.
  • You: “So, once I get healed, would you want to go on a date with me?”
  • He looks at you, wide-eyed, obviously not expecting you to feel the same way he does. Speechless, he nods his head repeatedly, grinning widely.
  • But his smile suddenly drops, and you stop breathing- thinking that he’s changed his mind and you’ve just embarrassed yourself.
  • Minghao: “You do realize that you have two broken ribs, though? We won’t be able to go on a date for a while then… but could come visit you every day?”
  • You let out a relieved sigh and agree.
  • And that’s exactly what Minghao does, he comes and visits you every day until you fully heal- bringing you homework, playing card games with you, and telling you all kinds of crazy stories.
  • Minghao: “And then Jihoon turned Seungcheol’s hair pink”
  • You: “Yeah trust me, I know that. Who do you think was the one who had to figure out how to turn it back?”
  • Your relationship from there on out consists of hyper competitive quidditch matches, and roasting people together as a couple.
  • And you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
His // Conor Maynard

Requested by @jazelforlife*Smut Warning*

You listened to the dull repetitive dialling tone of the buzzer to Conor’s building as you waited for him to answer the door. You’d very recently had a huge shouting match with your boyfriend and it ended with you screaming “It’s over,” at him, so you were currently on the rebound looking for someone to take your mind off what was now your ex.

To you Conor was the obvious choice as A) he was extremely attractive, B) you’d seen him with girls at clubs before and he 100% knew what he was doing, and most importantly C) he joked many times if he ever had the chance he’d fuck you – so he’d certainly be willing to hook up with you.

You and Conor had been friends for a long time and although the relationship had always been platonic it never felt like he was a normal friend, you’d always wanted more. When he touched you in certain ways your skin burned and when you made eye contact your heart would leap. You used to think that you’d fall for Conor, maybe you had fallen and refused to admit it, but then your ex came along and you fell for him instead.

Finally, you heard a crack and Conor’s voice mumble “Y/N?” through the telecom.

“Can I come in?” you asked him; he didn’t answer but you heard a beep as the door unlocked allowing you to enter.

When you reached the door you knocked and were immediately greeted by a shirtless Conor, instead of issuing any explanation of why you’d turned up at his flat in the middle of the night you instantly connected your lips with his with such force that he stumbled backwards. He steadied himself by wrapping his arms around your waist and returned the kiss.

“What about your boyfriend?” he asked breathlessly once you’d pulled away.

“we’re over,” you replied and pushed him fully into the flat, closing the door behind you.

As soon as the door closed your lips connected with his again. Conor took control of the situation, pushing you against the door and trapping you between the cold surface and his warm body. He pulled away and attached his lips to your neck instead, slowly kissing his way up towards your ear. You wrapped your arms around his neck, clinging onto him to bring him as close as possible.

When he kissed your sweet spot a low moan fell from your lips and you felt his lips curl into a slight smirk before continuing their journey. When he reached your ear he gently bit it, “Are you sure this is what you want?” he breathed into your ear and you whimpered in pleasure as he started sucking behind your ear.

“I-I’m sure,” You managed to get out before another moan spilled from your lips.

As soon as he’d received that confirmation from you he yanked your top from your body then connected your lips once again. He placed his hands under your bum to lift you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist in response, pulling yourself as close as possible to try and create some friction between your crotches.

With your lips still attached he blindly stumbled towards his bedroom. When he got there your lips separated to try and catch your breath and he placed you down on the bed. His body instantly covered yours and his hands travelled to your back so he could unclip your bra.

His hands and lips were all over you, making you feel more pleasure than you thought were possible. Before you knew it, his hands were pulling your jeans and pants down your legs and you were completely naked in front of him.

His eyes roamed your body before he leant down, lips brushing your ear and muttered, “Jesus you’re beautiful.”

You tugged on his hair so you could reach his face and then smashed your lips together with his. Conor’s hands ran softly down your sides, one stopping to rest on your waist the other travelling further down and stroking your thigh.

After a few seconds his hand moved between your two thighs, prying them apart so he could get better access. He ran his finger through your folds and you moaned as he got closer to where you were craving his attention.

After what felt like an eternity he finally slid a finger inside you, quickly followed by another one. You groaned loudly and thrusted your hips upwards to try and gain more pleasure. Another finger entered you and he started moving them quickly but you still needed more, you needed HIM.

“Please Con, I need you” you whimpered against his lips.

He stopped moving his fingers and you wriggled your hips to try and feel the immense pleasure again, “What do you want me to do baby?” he mumbled back.

“I want you to fuck me,” you groaned out.

He obliged immediately getting rid of his clothing and sliding his dick into you, emitting a loud scream from your lips. Conor covered your lips with his to muffle the moas that escaped your lips each time he moved his hips.

“Conor, I’m so close,” you whimpered and he started moving even faster helping you reach your release. You screamed out his name as you reached your orgasm which triggered his own release. His sweaty body collapsed onto yours and you wrapped your legs around his waist to keep his body close to yours.

It had been nearly two weeks since that night with Conor and to say that things had been tense between you would be an understatement. The day after you and your boyfriend had sorted out your problems and got back together, Conor had been very cold towards you since then and you noticed that he was sleeping with a lot more girls than usual.

Nethertheless, here you were again at Conor’s door with tears streaming down your face.  The door opened and a random girl that you assumed he’d just slept with passed you before coming face to face with Conor.

“What do you want? he asked monotonously.

“He cheated on me Con,” you choked out and he pinched his nose, sighing before moving out of the way so you could come in.

“You can take the spare room,” he mumbled before walking away into his room. You sighed and made your way to the spare room where you cried yourself to sleep.

The door slamming woke you up a few hours later and you left your room to find Conor stood by the door with bloody knuckles and slight bruising on his cheek bone. You rushed over to him and cupped his face in your hand but he immediately retracted from your touch.

“What happened?” you asked softly as you went to get a wet towel to clean his knuckles with.

“I went to teach your ex a lesson for how he treated you,” he spat angrily and you reached out to grab his hand so you could clean up the blood.

“You would do that for me?” He hissed in pain as you dabbed his knuckles.

“Of course I would. I care about you so much Y/N.” he replied sofltly

“Then why have you been acting so cold?” you asked desperately.

“Because you hurt me. You hurt me so fucking much Y/N and I wanted you to hurt too but I can’t do it because when you hurt I just hurt even more. I love you so fucking much but you don’t want me so I figured it’d hurt me less if I just let you go from my life all together.”

“I don’t want you?! I’ve wanted to be more than your friend since we met Conor but you never made a move or gave me the sign that you felt the same and I couldn’t lose you so I just hid my feelings and tried to move on”

“Why did you go back to that asshole the other week then? It was made pretty clear how I felt about you. You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough Y/N” he poured out with desperation laced in his voice, just as it had been in yours earlier.

“You’re good enough Conor, you’re more than good enough. You’re all I could ever need or want,” you whispered slowly getting closer to him before smashing your lips together, he eagerly responded and roughly pushed you against the wall. Things quickly got heated and you ended up in his bedroom.

Your body was pressed against the wall again as his lips were trailing steamy kisses down your neck when he suddenly stopped and pulled away to look at you, “Does this mean something to you this time? Because if it doesn’t we need to stop now, I can’t do anything with you if it doesn’t mean anything,” he asked his voice full of vulnerability.

“This means everything to me Conor,” you told him and connected your lips again, wrapping your arms around him to pull him as close as possible.

He pulled away and attached his lips to your neck again, sucking hard to make sure he left his mark there and mumbling “mine,” against your skin. He repeated this a few times before he pulled you away from the wall and led you on his bed where he continued to show you how he was worthy of your love.

That night he made sure to leave plenty of marks on your neck to show everyone you were his and only his.