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I only started watching Skam about 7 months ago, nevertheless it grew to me so much, so fast. There are about a million reasons why I love Skam so much, but this isn´t about that.

The final Skam clip just got released, Skam season 4 has ended and, even though a small piece of me is still in denial, so did Skam.

And that´s why I want to say “Thank you” to Skam and everyone involved!

  • Thank you for the way you portrayed these amazing Characters, that we all love s deeply!
    • Thank you for leaving them what they are supposed to be: Teenager, Students with imperfections (that make them not any less perfect) and struggles – struggles of a normal teenager, who is slowly discovering himself (e.g. discovering who you are, who you love or who you believe in), but also everyday struggles (those might be someone eating your food, that you´ve been excited to eat all day or having to pass an important exam) and painful struggles (like bullying, rejections or eating disorders).                     
    • Thank you for letting us be part of their journey of growing up and seeing not only their “happy, party” side, but also the side, one chooses to keep for themselves, the “depressed, heartbroken and scared” side.
    • Another thank you goes to the Interaction between the characters. There was barely fights between the friends, no big unrealistic drama, no, they chose to rather stand up, support and help for each other, like friends.

I can´t even put into words how much I love these characters and choosing a favourite is as close as impossible.

  • Thank you for being bold and using important, yet so often ignored, topics (e.g. Islam, feminism, coming out/ being gay). So many shows choose to act as if they don´t exist or choose to stick with the stereotypes. But you, a “small” norwegian series, decided to rather take those topics and represent them with heart, passion and truth. All that representation meant a lot to me and I´m very thankful about you giving it to us!
  • Thank you for making this experience as real as possible. This starts by the cast being about the same age as their characters back to the characters visualisation (they didn´t look “flawless” 24/7, they didn´t had a wardrobe that seemed to have no ending or the perfect skin and body), over to the characters social media accounts and texts, that made you feel even more involved, and last but not least the Clipsystem, that made my life at one side stressful, because you never knew when the next clip would be dropped- but once a new one go released the excitement was even bigger.
  • Thank you to all the Actors and Actresses for always giving your very best and playing those beloved characters. Thank you for always being kind and loving to the fans, even though we might be a little overwhelming at times. You all are amazing! I wish you the very best for your future, may all of you manage to make your dreams come true and be happy.
  • Thank you to Julie Andem for creating all of this in the first place. Thank you for making Skam what it is, for putting so much time and effort in the history of these characters, in the stories and the production. Without you none of us would have ever gotten to see this great show!!
  • Thank you for these beautiful, pure couples! All of them grew so close to me and I hope the future will hold the best for all of them. I hope Evak will have a long and happy life in their small home with yellow curtains, Noorhelm will be happy and keep making each other a better person. I hope Vilde and Magnus stay happy together too and helping each other when life gets difficult and to end this with the girl it all started with: Eva, I hope she´ll be happy and finding the love she deserves
  • Besides all of this thank you for giving me, someone who isn´t from norway or another scandinavian country, the chance to see a different culture, a different language and the way people live in Norway!
  • And one last big THANK YOU to all the fans, who spent their free time with translating clips, episodes, texts and writing transcripts. Without you most of us wouldn´t have been able to watch Skam at all!!




“Hey, who even needs me to betray you,” they snapped. “You’re so busy thinking I’m going to that you’ll trip yourself up self-sabotaging in fear of me doing it. Why the hell did you even ask me to help you?” 

“I said I needed your help, I didn’t say I wanted it!”

They laughed then, bitterly. Shook their head. “Wow. Just - wow. Say what you want about my morals but at least I goddamn know when to show even a speck of gratitude to my allies.”

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Who is Sixpenceee?

Sixpenceee is an incredibly influential horror-ish blogger with a huge following on tumblr. While the total number of her followers is not known, some of her posts have received hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of notes. She is a very active blogger; since her blog’s founding in July 2013, she has made 14,000+ posts, meaning that on average she posts ~10 times a day on her main blog alone. She also has numerous sideblogs.

What did Sixpenceee do? Why are you calling her out?

See our “sixpenceee callout” tag. If you want to see things in chronological order, use this link.

Here’s a tag dedicated to direct quotes of & rebloggable problematic posts from Sixpenceee.

In short:

She’s ableist.

She plagiarizes much of the content of her blogs.

She tried to exploit her mentally ill followers via a program called “sixpenceee heals”, where she was going to charge $30 a month to listen to your problems.

Her family has a child slave, and she defends their right to have one.

Meanwhile @ the Spiral Labyrinth (time unknown)
  • Magnus: woo, it's been a while since we visited
  • Ragnor: hmmpf, I don't even understand why we had to come here
  • Catarina: cheer up Ragnor, you know you love us
  • Ragnor: hmmpf
  • Magnus: (looking thru books)
  • Magnus: I FOUND IT
  • Catarina: what did you find?
  • Magnus: okay, so a while ago I found this wonderful guide for planting petunias...
  • Ragnor: of course
  • several minutes pass
  • Magnus: ....and naturally I want everyone to have access to it
  • Catarina: and how are you going to do that
  • Magnus: with something I guess we'll call wiki....WIKIPEDIA!
  • Catarina: wikiwhat?
  • Ragnor: I don't even know why I still bother
TalesFromRetail: Why little old ladies should not use the computer...

Today, I had a customer call me to help her purchase a gift card on line. This lady was 70 years old, did not know how to use a computer, and wanted to buy a gift card for her daughter. Now, buying gift cards with my company is NOT difficult. You just go to the website, and there is a button right at the top for gift cards. Then you put in how much you want the gift card to be, and check out. Easy Peasy.

However, this little old lady did not even know how to open up her browser. She really did not know how to use the computer. So, I spent about 40 minutes on the phone walking her step by step through the entire gift card buying process.

At the beggining of the phone call, I asked her if she could just come in to the store to purchase the gift card, that way nothing could accidentally go wrong, as many things involving little old ladies do. She said “NO, my daughter told me to purchase it online.”

So, we finally get all the way to the end, then we could not finish the transaction, because she didn’t have an email! SO, I walked her through the process of setting up an email, which tool another 20 minutes, at least.

So, after an hour of being on the phone with her, we finally completed the order. I explained to her how she could redeem it. She had to go into her email and follow the link to open up the gift card, and she would have to print the page after the link to have access to the gift card. It took her a while to grasp the concept, but she got it. I hung up the phone and, with a sigh of relief, moved on with my day…

THEN, about an hour later, a little old lady walks up to my register.

LOL: Hi, I need to redeem my gift card.

Me: (not thinking about previous little old lady) Okay, just go ahead and pick out the merchandise you want, and we can use your gift card to buy it all!

LOL: No, I just bought one online and I need to pick it up!

Me: world crumbles around me as I realize it is her Oh, ma'am… The gift card that you bought online is good enough. You just need to show us the numbers of the gift card in your email, and we can use that.

LOL: No. I want the actual gift card so I can send it to my daughter…

Me: Well, why did you buy it online??

LOL: My daughter told me to…

I thought of a bunch of different ways I could potentially solve the situation. I came up with an idea that might work…

Me: Do you have the gift card number?

LOL: Here. hands me 5 sheets of paper

I look at the papers, and it is just the email she got after purchasing the gift card. The one that says “Click here to redeem gift card”.

Me: Ma'am, this isn’t the gift card, you needed to follow the link to get it.

LOL: Well you have all the papers. Why isn’t that good enough?

Me: I need to actual gift card numbers.

LOL: blank stare

Me: I can’t do anything without the numbers you get following that link…

LOL: So I have to go all the way home?

Me: Do you have a smart phone?

LOL: Yeah. Pulls out her flip phone.

Me: Oh, that won’t work. I might be able to go get my phone and we can do it on mine…

I go back to the break room, grab my phone, and bring it out to her.

Me: Okay, what was the email you created?

LOL: The what?

Me: Remember, you had to make an email? Do you remember what it was?


Me: … Okay… I don’t think I can do anything to help you…

LOL: Why can’t you just look it up???

I explain to her that the only way I could try and look it up is with her email…

She is just super confused. I am frustrated. So, she decides to just buy a whole new gift card. Just as she is leaving she mentions “I will just return the other gift card with I print it.”

Me: You can’t return gift cards….

I must not have said it loud enough…because she walked away.

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So I guess on twitter, Ahgases are talking about JB's dad and how he is abusive and that's why JB is like what he is (JB talked about it on the Vlive GOT Jackson Show). JB said (in a joking way it appears) his dad called him a bastard because he wore ripped jeans. What's your opinion on this situation?

Just read into it! It seems that JB’s dad is conservative, I don’t want to use the word abusive. We also have to remember that his family is religious so that plays into it. We don’t know the man and seeing people call him an asshole kinda bugs me too :/ With the whole ripped jeans things, my family members say the exact same thing lol “You look poor why did you buy jeans with holes in them?!” His dad did take it to an extreme tho by ripping it. Jaebum’s family doesn’t come from wealth so I guess his dad doesn’t want to look poor even though it’s just a trend he doesn’t know about. Also most asian parents are like this and wearing ripped jeans could mean that you were up to no good and that you were hanging with the wrong people. It just gives them bad vibes 🤷

His upbringing definitely does play a factor into it but it isn’t an excuse for the actions he makes. I’m pretty sure he has a good relationship with his dad now so that’s all that really matters. Also I haven’t watched the episode yet but if he used the word “ 새끼” then people need to chill a lil bit. The word bastard in Korean can also mean punk and the person who translated it just decided to use the term bastard. It’s not as harsh as it seems.

Virgin Mary 2.0//Elijah Mikaelson

A/N: I’m probably gonna make multiple parts for this, also reader is Hayley’s sister and the story starts at the end of episode 1 of season 1. 

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“WHAT?” You screamed into the phone.

“Hayley you can’t be serious! How did this even happen? And most importantly why am I being punished for shit that you did?!” You angrily asked. 

“Don’t get mad at me! Get mad at the witch who did this to you. Be glad I told you!” Hayley argued. 

“You need to come to New Orleans so that your Jesus baby daddy can take care of you.” Hayley said. 

“Right, and who’s baby am I carying? I atleast want to know his name.” You said.

“His name is Elijah Mikealson, he-”

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just bc you ship members together and they're friends doesn't mean jb wasn't really fucking homophobic during celebrity bromance. he literally did say he might beat youngjae up for saying he wanted to take him in a couples café. said it's bad for two boys to come here. was making it whole uncomfortable. that's the truth. just saying.

idk why i’m gonna answer this, but, a lot of koreans let really clear that Jaebum didn’t say with that intention, and that is common to use that phrase with friends there, such common thing that Youngjae just laughed. But then you are gonna rely in a translation? Cause really everyone knows that languages can have multiple translations. Koreans weren’t even bothered, and no, not bc some of them are homophobic, cause that is just generalize a whole society, but bc it didn’t mean that. 

wtatennisfreak-blog said: You tag Mon-El crap in every tag knowing full well 98% of the fandom doesnt want to see it.

lmao oh honey the only tag i use for mon-el are HIS tags. hell i don’t even use the sg tag for his edits so stop talking out of your damn ass and do some research on how i tag things before u try to comment on my shit because now you look like a fucking idiot. and how did u even find that post hmm? because i didnt tag it with any sg related tags. hell it didn’t have any tags, only my commentary. so how’d u get here unless you were on the mobile app and were creeping on the karamel tag and saw my post. 

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

Also do I need to bring up the facts again to ot8 stans that can’t get it through their minds that he’s not planning on leaving anytime soon?
1. First of all, he’s had so many offers from Chinese entertainment companies that want to sign him and even have tried to bribe him with 113 millon dollars? If he really wanted to leave don’t you think he would take one of those offers and thrive in china? But no, he choose to decline all offers and stick with sm.
2. Secondly, if he didn’t love exo as much as he did why would he risk his health flying back and forth constantly. He’s literally gotten 6 hours of sleep in the past 4 days and he’s been on a plane literally every single day. From Hong Kong to Changsha then to Shanghai and finally to Seoul?
3. He’s always thinking about exo in one way or the other.. whether it’s through phone calls or social media pictures. He’s never forgotten his roots and where he came from
4. He’s mentions exo all the time. (I.e: in the interview where the lady asked what would he do when he had one day off and he said visit his brothers in South Korea) and also in a couple go fighting episodes he mentioned exo. And he also mentioned exo in an interview he did a while ago when they asked what artists Yixing listens to and he literally said exo.

And lastly, he’s not putting his Chinese activities before group ones. SM needs Yixing to keep good Chinese relations so they can get more $$$$ especially right now where the political issues between S.Korea and China are still tense. Many Chinese people are aware of Yixing and are discovering EXOS music. For god sakes even my family in china even know of exo from Yixing and they’re all pretty old 😅. He has a huge impact on the Chinese public and he’s done nothing but good for exo ever since the 3 former Chinese memebers left.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it

Did you do it? Did you lie? Tell a teacher something bad happened when really you just overslept. Asked for an extension when you simply procrastinated and didn’t honor the time given to you. Said it was studying at the library when really it was something else.

Did you rebel against your parents good wishes. When she asked you to stay home did you storm out. When he asked you for a favor did you scoff. When mom tugged on your shirt to cover a little bit more of your behind, did you shove her hand away.

Did you steal? Added an extra hour on the timesheet when you actually left early.

Did you kiss someone you didn’t have the right to touch? Did you do it. Did you lose yourself in zinna and can’t remember how you got there. How the hands touched places it shouldn’t have.

Did you watch it. The scene you said you would skip through. The website you memorized on private mode or incognito even though the angels don’t need a browsing history to write down.

Did you smoke cause ‘it isn’t that bad’ and you once heard a rumor that there’s a difference of opinion. Did you drink because it was just there.

Did you say it. The swear rolled off the tongue didn’t it? Did you say it. That you don’t talk bad about other people but she’s just such a *bleep* and she did this to you. Did you say it, the story you don’t even know the truth behind but put together from istagram and snaps and whispers.

Did you wear it to fulfill the command of Allah and rip it off when it got difficult.

Did you leave salaah for hours or days or months. Did you pray your salaah with motions and words to just fulfill it but not think.

Did you get upset. Mad at Allah for not answering and mutter to yourself how could He do this. Did you scream into your pillow that God hates you and forget His mercy?

Big or small sins, did you do them?

From last Ramadan until this one - do your sins fill your palms, or do they pour down like the rain. Or maybe you can’t even contain your own self during Ramadan.

Did you do things the world doesn’t know about. That if the sin were to appear etched on your face, even your closest friends wouldn’t come near you no longer.

Did you do everything on this post. Or just some. Or just one.

Does it feel like you’re a fake. You being religious this month. Do you feel like a fake to your own self. Like a hypocrite.

Do you want a redo. Let’s redo life again.

How about another lifetime. Enough to wipe out the mountains and seas of sin.

That’s why people obsess over laylatul qadr.

To the ones who have a hard time believing in Allah mercy - believe it. He gave a night to redeem a lifetime. A night better than 83 years. A night where any good deed get’s 83 years of it marked on your record, and more.

A night when all the angels are told to leave their posts. To go down and give to the people their duas, and Allah’s salaam.

A night where fate literally changes. Because you asked your merciful Lord. And His words are the truth - His book is the truth - if He says He grants with mercy that night of laylatul qadr - then who are you to hold your sins against yourself.

Your sin - is it bigger than His mercy, or truer than His book?

—- Surah Qadr —-

Verily! We have sent it (this Qur'an) down in the night of Al-Qadr. And what will make you know what the night of Al-Qadr is?

The night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months.

Therein descend the angels and the Ruh [Jibrael] by Allah’s Permission with all Decrees.

Peace! (All that night, there is Peace and Goodness from Allah to His believing slaves) until the appearance of dawn.

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carried on the breeze [you’ll never find me]

inspired by this post from @stranger-who-writes-fiction

kara has flown myriad out into space,

and alex has gone after her in that damn pod. sure, getting the thing to space wasn’t a problem - reentery however was where things were going more than a little screwy. in no seconds flat  alex finds herself in a falling deathtrap with her unconscious sister draped mostly uncomfortably across her.

this pod was not meant for two.

nor, apparently, is it meant for rouge humans hijacking and then flying it, poorly but still functionally, into space to save their superhero little sisters. yet, alex had done it anyway.

and now, well, with the planet rapidly rising up to meet them, alex realizes the steering is gone. realizes that the best she can hope for is sending out some sort of signal and hoping that wherever they landed…the deo finds them first.

too bad it was going to be a water landing. which, god, that wasn’t what alex wants. any type of crash landing would probably kill her on impact, but at least crashing into some sort of land might ensure kara’s survival. kara who is still unconscious.

alex knows she has seconds left to come up with a plan. she’s feeling a little ill, the pod spinning around and with one arm holding kara to her chest, alex is left to crane her neck over her little sisters shoulder just to look at the console.

her eye catches a red button.

under the console, hidden from the normal line of sight - alex has to wonder if red buttons hold the same meaning on every plant. alex has to wonder why she never asked.

[to be fair, it’s an obscure question, but god, alex wishes she’d had  the foresight to see this coming]

what she doesn’t see coming are the clouds, the fog that seems to be way too high in the atmosphere, plunging the pod and the danvers sisters into a grey half light.

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that one scene is dear Evan Hansen where we all cry,,


I’m not doing this, I’m done

You can’t just stop now

There’s no way I can live with this anymore

What about my parents?

No more emails

How can you do this to them?

No more Connor project, no more orchard

After everything they’ve done for you…they need you.

need me for what, for me to keep lying to them?

That lie’s is the only thing that is keeping them together

That’s not- that’s not true.

Oh really? So they seemed like a pretty happy family when you met them?

I don’t wanna lie anymore!

What about Zoe?

Zoe said she just- she wants me.


Yes, yes- she likes me for who I am-

Except you didn’t happen to mention that everything you’ve told her, it’s all been one big fucking lie, did you? No you left that part out.

So then what.. Um.. What if I did her the truth.

She’ll hate you.

No, no, no- maybe she’d understand- Maybe everyone will understand.

Everyone will hate you

Not if I could just-not if I could just explain it

You’ll be right back to where you started

No. No, no, no, I’m done with this. stop

With no more friends, nobody, nothing. At all.

I’m ready to be done with it!

If you really believe that then why are you standing here talking to yourself? Again. You think you’re going to turn around, all of a sudden and start telling everyone the truth. You can’t even tell yourself the truth.

What are you talking about?

How’d you break your arm? How’d you break your arm, Evan?

I fell.

Really is that what happened?

Yes! I was just- I lost my grip and then I just.. I fell so..

Did you fall? Or did you let go? …you can get rid of me whenever you want. You can get rid of all of it; the Connor project, the orchard. But then all that you’re going to be left with…Is you. End of May or early June, this picture perfect afternoon we shared. Drive the winding country rode, grab a scoop at alamode and then, we’re there.

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 17)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 792

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: Okay, I may or may not be straying away from my original plan with this story now. Uh oh…

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“Maybe it’s a mistake. You know how the media can be sometimes. They just like to stir up trouble,” Daisy reasoned as she paced back and forth in the living room, her gaze flitting over to you. “It’s probably old photos that they used in the articles.”

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Bts reacting to you singing a love song for them


Being the eldest of the group you’d expect him to have a mature response, probably just sitting with a smile plastered on his face while listening to you sing. Nope.  He’d start dancing around from the overwhelming happiness, without any rhythm whatsoever.

Him goofing around almost made you forget the lyrics. After finishing he’d take you in his arms and start spinning you.

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He knew what you were going to do since he saw parts of the lyrics written on your journal, but that didn’t take away from the pleasure he felt when he heard your soft voice. He’d be so proud that you actually took time to make a song for him. He’d invite you to his studio to record the song so he could listen to it all the time.

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He would just sit there and smile softly at you, completely mesmerized by your voice and the amount of love you could give him. He wanted nothing more than to scream and kiss you but he restrained himself since he didn’t want to ruin the moment

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From the moment he heard you start playing your guitar he was already smiling widely. But his smiling face soon turned into a mortified one when he realised you were singing an acoustic version of “Expensive Girl” that you modified to fit him.

“Please don’t beat my dick like I’ve never ever felt before” “Why did you have to bring this back?? You want me to die from cringing too hard??”

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He’d blush really hard and get very shy. He’d start moving his head in time with your song while his heart was pounding in his chest. He wondered how it was possible for you to make his heart race like a teenager even after dating for such a long time.

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Biggest smile ever, eyes sparkling with excitement. He’d turn into a child, giggling softly throughout the entire song.

“Look at my talented baby!! I’m going to make you sing me to sleep every night from now on”

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He’d make an effort to not show to much emotion while you sang, just a small smile, eyes never leaving your figure.

“Looks like someone has a crush”

“We’ve been dating for 3 years, Jungkook.”

“How embarrassing.”

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Top wlw deaths on tv

may yall be remember tbfh

from more painful to less painful in my opinion + a rant because i can´t help myself


Although she could be a total badass and was not scared to fight men even when told she was going to die - which she did not -

She could also be a puppy, look at that, Why would you want to kILL HER?!


Lets cry together fellow gays, because this one hurt like a motherfuckingbitch

look at this munchkin

Samira Wiley is an angel of god we must protect


Not a lot of people actually watched Lost Girl, but this valkyrie was the sassiest

and vulnerable



What a relatable character in a show of vamps

they. just. had. to.

a fucking stray bullet, what are the chances? 99% when the world literally hates us


to be honest they spoiled it for me, fuck you Becky

I was so relieved the first time she almost… you know

Another gay ded. Okay, half gay, still salty as fuck about it!


yup i cried

A fuckload of people didnt die but ´´died´´ in pll BUT MAYA WAS GAY SO SHE COULDNT COME BACK? HUUH? pd: someone remember who killed her? i don’t opps


just when you thought you were getting LGBTQ+ representation in your favourite show

They just…


This was all 2016 doing


just when i started to ship it

it sank before it left the shore. bish bye

fuck you, 2016


i miss her and i barely saw her in 4 episodes?

she was clearly gay. or not? becuase it´s not okay to make assumptions about someone´s sexuality.

Next list will be about happy endings i swear im not all about that dark life.

So, which was the death that pissed you off the most?

Mine Lexa, if i could i’d throw a book at Jason´s head.