why did you do this to us derek

Teen Wolf Stiles x reader x Derek Ch.9            

Throughout the whole next day, __ had a smile on her face. Even her eyes smiles and crinkled. She couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt and how she and Derek did that! __ couldn’t wrap her finger around that. It felt surreal somehow. It was bugging Stiles mostly. The others just thought she was genuinely happy. Stiles kept biting his inside cheeks or using his tongue to pop them out.

When he had enough, he turned towards her. “Why do you have that dreamy look on your face?”

Scott was eavesdropping using his wolf abilities.

“What dreamy look?” __ asked.

“The ones you’re making right now!” he whispered yelled so the teacher wouldn’t yell at him.

“Oh. Derek and I kissed,” she stated simply, still smiling.

This got Scott’s attention as well, because he whipped his head so fast his neck almost snapped.

“What?!” he and Stiles questioned, shocked.

“What do you mean you kissed?” Stiles asked, panic swimming inside of him.

“Exactly what I mean. You know, the action of putting your mouth on someone else’s and it feels good. You should try it sometime.” __ was still smiling. She just couldn’t wipe it off of her face. Not to mention, she went all tingly whenever she thoughts about it.


At lunch break, Stiles wouldn’t just shut up about her kissing Derek. He was acting like the jealous boyfriend, and he was just her best friend.

“__, are you dating someone? As in a certain Alpha,” Looking at Scott, Stiles asked.

__ choked on her water, than spat it all out on him, drenching Stiles completely.

“Where is your come back, __?”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were into that. My come back was me spitting all that water on your face. Would you like some more?” __ growled. “And can you leave me alone for five minutes? It’s not like I annoy you whenever you swoon over Lydia, who, by the way, doesn’t give a crap about you.” She heard Stiles wince, and face the other way. That was when __ noticed the claw marks embedded on his neck. Like the ones Jackson had. __ grabbed his neck, bring him in for closer inspection, and he winced once again.

“What the hell is this? Who did this to you?!” __ furrowed her brows together, and eyes so hardened that they even began to glow.

“What?” Stiles said, a hand behind his neck to examine the claw marks.

“That explains why you don’t remember when we kissed…” she said more to herself. Everyone was watching her. __ turned to Stiles and stared at him, thinking of the last werewolf he met before they beat Peter. It was either Peter or Derek. She trusted Derek, so it must’ve been Peter. She slammed her fists on the dining table and growled once again.

“Peter took your memories, Stiles. My damn special memories, and I-I thought… Aggh!” __ gave up and threw her hands up in the air.

“Well, he’s dead,” Scott said as a matter of a fact.

“No kidding. But why would he take such invaluable memories from him? What the point?” __ racked up her mind for clues, but it only beat her mind into a pulp and the results always came back to nothing. At least for her.  Now their biggest problem was the Kanima.


Derek knew she was upset and not just by his werewolf abilities, so he questioned her, “What’s wrong?” when they both got alone for the second time. __ was silent for a few minutes, then her head whipped, eyes slightly out of gaze, unfocused.

“Can werewolves take memories from people?” __ asked. Derek intertwined their hands together; led her towards his bed and sat her on his lap, but it was more like __ was cradling his body with her knees. __’s right hand, one that wasn’t intertwined with Derek’s, she placed it on his shoulder to keep her balance.

Very softly, he finally replied, “Yes.” It was a simple yes, but it made __ feel like shit. She knew she shouldn’t feel this way, especially since __ is with Derek now, and Stiles only had eyes for damn Lydia. But caring, she still did. He was still her best friend, no matter how much of a knuckle head he was.

“I’ve missed you,” __ whispered, dropping her head on his shoulder, making her beautiful, soft locks drape like some silky sheet. __ kissed him, but this time, he pressed her harder. Derek licked her bottom lip to ask for entrance, but __ refused to give in so easy. Derek’s calloused hands were on rampage. They touched every bit of her body with feverous need. It turned __ on, and she liked his hands gripping her hips, pressing and un-pressing like it was some kind of massage. __ then abruptly stopped, and brought Derek’s hand to her mouth; kissed his knuckles very softly it felt like a peck.

It was a habit she had. She did it if she admired someone so much; to show affection. __ looked beautiful, yet in pain at the same time.

That stopped both of them, but didn’t send them apart, for she sat in his lap still and just laid there. Embracing each other. __ hummed in content and dozed off in Derek’s arms. It didn’t help that Derek was running his fingers through her hair in a soothing way.