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Oooh, what about transboy!Percy head canons? AND head canons where the characters have different godly parents than in canon???

I’m gonna keep all my transboy percy headcanons to myself since most of them are gonna be in the fic… despite it being an au fic… you’ll see. ;)

Send me headcanons&imagines!

I’ve seen Aphrodite!Nico a lot but…like… Ares!Nico?

  • His siblings underestimate him a lot because he is small and skinny
  • He whoops their asses a lot. Clarisse loves him, not that she’d say it out loud, but he’s definitely one of her favourite siblings
  • Baby Nico would still have the biggest crush on Percy, but Percy only comes in later so nope. Ares thinks it’s worse than Hades had, even though he sure wasn’t happy about Nico’s taste either.
  • Ares!Bianca is fucking scary. She has a temper and the vigor of a lioness
  • She doesn’t die. She disappears though. Presumed dead.
  • Nico who put all his trust in Percy Piper (see bwlow) to keep her safe flips his shit. He tries to fight him but Nico is eight and Piper has had a pretty good training. When all his anger evaporates, Nico doesn’t run.
  • Clarisse helps him realise, begrudgingly, that Piper isn’t the enemy but Kronos → Nico wants revenge. he asks Piper to train with him, asks Annabeth for strategy tips, asks Michael for archery help, the Stolls for some emergency dirty tricks
  • If Bianca was scary when she came to camp, Nico sure as hell grows up to be as scary, if not more so.
  • (Battle of Manhatten: Bianca is on Kronos side, manipulated in one way or another and faces her brother on the battlefield. Both thought the other was dead maybe?)

Aphrodite!Percy and Poseidon!Piper is definitely my fave.

  • Piper growing up with a poor but loving father who used to be on the way to becoming a professional surfer when he fell in love for Poseidon.
  • He never regrets having Piper and raising her, even if it means marrying a female version of Gabe that keeps Piper indirectly safe but hates the kid’s guts
  • Polynesian Piper ;)
  • Pipabeth instead of Percabeth ;) ;) 
  • Piper totally having the hots for Reyna when she is in Rome, but Piper remembers Annabeth, and she will be faithful.

  • Famous Author Sally Jackson who hasn’t loved again since Aphrodite broke her heart. 
  • Percy who has faked memories of falling in love with Jason, who was enough insecurities to go around and Jason not remembering him sure doesn’t make it better.
  • Percy who grows  close to Leo because for one he doesn’t decide at any point that Jason “may not know it yet, but is his” (guess my least favourite tlh scene …) and for another he pays more attention to all the shit Leo is carrying around with him (as in emotional baggage)
  • they have a healthier friendship with Leo, who doesn’t close himself off quite as much, and Jason and Percy only start romantically growing close again when they help Leo build the argo.
  • Percy is not as hesitant as Piper to use his charmspeak. It’s scary. 

I have an idea for how Hazel comes back in this Au… but I’m keeping that to myself just in case i do write a fic… 

(i want to so badly :( )


This is like the combination of some of the ss classic scenes. 

Based off of Rawrrsakura's post.

Inspired by chapter 7, 31, 274, 279 (it’s kinda obvious bc i tried to make the panels look the same) So, after reading this comic i realized the flashbacks didn’t make any sense at all why did i even add them in there in the first place?

Don’t lose faith in ss people, it’ll take more than Sakura giving her friend a CPR while pumping his heart like a badass to make this ship sink.

pls ignore the typos and horrible grammar