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RFA reacting to MC having an "accident" in the middle of the night cause Aunt Flo is here./ RFA when It's MC's "time of the month"

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I already made a request last night but, I realized it’s similar to another one. The severe period pain one? By that I mean, Mc is like groaning in pain on the couch and unable to move from the pain. Btw can it be RFA +V and Saeran. I’m like withering in pain and tbh I feel like this will make me feel better lmao. Also, I like went through nearly your entire profile. Tis amaze.

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Ohm. This is a weird request but meh. Do you think you could to a reaction from the RFA + V and Saeran to MC having horrible period pains? So bad that it hurts to stand? Cause like, it happens.

So these are actually some of the latest requests, but this just seemed easier to write, so I finished this as soon as I could to get some content out. Still, it’s almost two weeks late despite that. Our inbox is rotting. Imsosorry ivebeenbusy x.x

BUT ANYWAY! I hope this will suffice? It might not be quite what you guys asked, but I tried ^~^

(had also planned to be for @serensama )


MC on Her Time of the Month


  • Text Message Received. “Hey, I can’t come to the beach today, sorry… >_< It’s that time of the month, so I can’t swim…”
  • He’s never had a girlfriend before. He’s completely clueless when you suddenly cancel on the beach date you’d been planning for days! You’d both been so busy, today was the one day you could actually meet up :C
  • -insert sad Yoosung boyfriend-
  • Instead, he decides to visit, anxiously worrying if you were feeling sick. (his mother makes him bring you some chicken noodle soup, lecturing him about how it was only respectful lololol cmon we all know she would)
  • Hm. You didn’t look feverish, and you weren’t coughing or anything… The only weird thing was how you sat in your chair all curled up into a ball. Curious, he decides to ask you about it, “So uhm, MC… why did you cancel today?”
  • Immediately, your cheeks flush slightly. Didn’t he understand from your text…? With a wry smile on your face, you eventually explained, “Weeeell, I’m on my period… And the cramps have been really bad so far. I can hardly stand. I didn’t want to ruin our date by lying down every five minutes in an attempt to tolerate the pain.”
  • The colour drains from his face.
  • “OH MY GOD MC, ARE YOU OKAY?! NO, NEVER MIND, OF COURSE NOT. L-look, you shouldn’t be sitting here with me if it’s that bad, go back to bed right now and I will make you an omelette because you need good nutrition and rest so pleasepleaseplease go lie down,” he babbles, panic filling his features as he desperately pushes you to your room.
  • He ends up cooking in your kitchen while you bundled up in your blankets, trying to fight off the pain somehow.
  • Brings the omelette to your bed so you don’t have to walk around
  • You fail in holding back a big smile as you look at the beach umbrella drawn in ketchup. (Everytime he made you an omelette, he made sure to draw something different)
  • “I-it’s to represent that we should go to the beach when you feel better,” he sheepishly explained, red tinting his cheeks.
  • Your phone suddenly vibrated, indicating a notification came through. You glanced briefly at your phone before WHIPPING YOUR HEAD to re-read the message
  • Seven: lololol I guess he really wants to see you in a bikini!! What a perverted boy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • You’d been lazily cuddling together in the morning upon waking up after a…. good night together. He’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear, running his fingers over your body… down your back… over your butt… then he stops, a flicker of confusion in his eyes.
  • He suddenly breaks his hold on you, sitting up and lifting the blanket off your bodies. Zen’s eyes seem to be peeled to your legs, or something…
  • You watch him in a half-asleep state, what was he doing so early in the morning? You yawn, stretching slightl- !!!
  • A sharp pain shoots through your lower stomach and you hiss as you clutch at it. What the…?
  • As you roll around the bed, you feel a slight wetness on the bedsheets. Oh. Uh-oh.
  • You heave a sigh, closing your eyes as dread overwhelms you. “Pleeease tell me it’s not what I think it is,” you groan, pulling a pillow over your head. “I’m so sorry for ruining the bed, ugh…”
  • Zen’s eyes soften, sympathy flashing in them. “Honey, it’s okay, it happens,” he says, offering a sweet smile. “I’ll take care of it, okay? Do what you need to, and when you’re done, I’ll go get our breakfast. Don’t worry about anything.”
  • He plants a light kiss on your forehead, gazing gently into your eyes.
  • In mere minutes, he removes and replaces the bedsheets, throws them in the laundry, and heads out to buy some food. You wait anxiously on the bed, groaning as your cramps caused continuous, throbbing pain.
  • “Zeeeen,” you whimper, as if it would make him come back faster.  
  • The front door opens, and you can see that Zen has returned with crepes, cake and hot chocolate in hand. He quickly rushes to your side as he hears your whimpering, stroking your hand as he checks to make sure you’re okay.
  • “I’ve heard that chocolate is supposed to help with cramps,” he says unsurely, holding up the hot chocolate. “And I also got some sweets. I know it’s not a proper breakfast, but I know you love these things around this time of the month. So let me spoil you on days like this, babe.”
  • Despite the lightning bolts of pain you were feeling, you managed to smile from your balled up position, weakly squeezing his hand as a sign of acknowledgment. “I love you, Zenny,” you mumble.


  • From the beginning, she had been aware that you got severe period cramps, and prepared numerous remedies and reliefs.
  • Whenever she noticed that it was nearing your time of the month, she would make you drink water with brown sugar dissolved into them, which was supposed to relax your muscles and make your cramps hurt less.
  • But one day, before your period came, you began to cramp up really badly. Unfortunately, you were still at work, so you had to continue taking orders and serving the customers despite the pain. You couldn’t let Jaehee down, after all.
  • But after doing it for a while, you were sweating profusely, your mouth watering with excess saliva. Your cheeks were flushed, and your legs were beginning to give out.
  • From behind the counter, Jaehee noticed your odd state, and realized immediately what was going on. She dashes out to guide you into the employee room, bringing you a mug of chamomile tea and chocolate cake.
  • “MC, you should’ve told me earlier if you weren’t feeling well!” she scolds you, glaring at you. But her eyes are soft with worry, although she was trying to express her anger.
  • You smile weakly, having no excuse to offer.
  • Her worry morphs into guilt. “I should have given you the day off… I knew that your time of the month was coming soon, I shouldn’t have made you work. I’m really sorry, MC.” She runs a hand through her hair in frustration, ashamed in herself.
  • “But you take such good care of me, I only want to repay you…” you argue softly, furrowing your eyebrows.
  • Your words bring a small smile to her face. “Silly. You’re the one who takes care of me. You’re always considering my feelings, even when I don’t. I can only be so happy thanks to you.”
  • Another shot of pain makes you wince, and you bring your knees to your chest, in an attempt to ease the pain. “Nng… thanks, Jaehee, but I just need to… rest for now,” you managed to say. “Go back to the counter… customers are waiting.”
  • She flicks your forehead lightly. “Silly. I’m going to stay with you of course. I’ll just close the shop. It’s one of the perks of being the owner. Let me take advantage of it, okay?”
  • And so, you end up going home, cuddling together on the bed as you suffered through your monthly hell. At least you had an angel beside you.


  • The two of you usually spent your nights together, but you suddenly asked to stay in a separate room one night. A bit disheartened, Jumin inquired you as to why you requested this, and you sighed, begrudgingly explaining what Mother Nature made you go through.
  • “Is that why you couldn’t sleep last night?” he frowned, his thumb gently stroking your cheek.
  • Your head shot up in surprise. “You knew?”
  • “I know everything, my love. You were groaning, tossing and turning the entire night… I couldn’t even hug you properly.”
  • “It’s not my fault it hurts so much!” you protest.
  • “I also had the maids wash the bedsheets, after noticing it had been dirtied. I hope you don’t mind.”
  • Erk, that was embarrassing. It was only the maids, but you suddenly felt like the whole world knew you were bleeding out of your vagina now. Seriously, Jumin could’ve kept quiet about that part. Now you felt mildly uncomfortable.
  • Jumin continued, “It’s okay. Get some rest, okay? You probably didn’t sleep a wink last night. I have a meeting today, but I’ll try to come home as soon as I can. I hope Elizabeth 3rd will suffice as company til then… Is there anything you would like me to bring back while I’m out?”
  • “Not really…” you mutter, cheeks still red.
  • Jumin raised an eyebrow, dubious.
  • “Okay, fine. Yeah, can I get some pizza? That one we had last time, where the crust was perfectly crispy and topped with that fancy stuff you ordered.”
  • He chuckles, kissing your forehead softly. “I knew you’d give in. And don’t worry so much about it being your time of the month. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, compared to your loud screams at night…”
  • SMACK!


  • The moment he heard your first whimpers he KNOCKED DOWN YOUR DOOR
  • “Honey?! What’s wrong!!” he panicked, throwing the covers off your bed to inspect you
  • You were curled up, rocking gently side-to-side as you quietly cried, the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes
  • “Saeyoungggg… Mother Nature’s killing me again,” you sniffled, trying to deal with the pain
  • “W-w-what do I do?” he stammered, cheeks flushing as he was unfamiliar with women’s monthly pains. He wanted to help, but he really had no idea.
  • But you couldn’t even answer, groaning as the next wave of pain hit you
  • “I-it’s okay, MC, I’ll call for help immediately! Defender of Justice, 707, off to the rescue!!” he declared, suddenly dashing out your room
  • Wait what?
  • “Come baaack,” you called out, feeling slightly disappointed. Had he just run out on you? What was he even trying to do? You just wanted some Saeyoung cuddles right now…
  • From the open door, you could hear Saeyoung talking vividly on the phone, “Give up the sacrifice!! NOW, Jumin Han, or I will hack into your company right now!”
  • Sacrifice? What sacrifice?
  • “I will steal Elly—no, listen to me, I will call her Elly however I please!”
  • Did he already forget about you? You grumbled, rolling over to hug your blankets.
  • “Good, I’m glad we cleared this up! 5 minutes, Mr. Han, I’m giving you 5 minutes to send her over.”
  • Fuck, was he trying to get Elizabeth the 3rd over? Seriously, that wouldn’t really help with your period pains very much. At all. You didn’t hate her, per say, but you were fucking dying in here.
  • You mentally counted down 5 minutes, when the doorbell suddenly rang, and you could hear Saeyoung’s footsteps as he practically flew to the door.
  • “I’m so glad you’re here! Thank youuuu!!” You could hear him exclaim.
  • “MC?” a soft, feminine voice called out to you from the doorway.
  • Your eyes snapped open, “Jaehee?! I thought you were Elizabeth the 3rd!”
  • Her eyes twinkled with amusement. “Now, why would you think that? I wasn’t aware that spending so much time cat-sitting had resulted into my transformation into a cat.”
  • “N-no.. never mind.” It was always hard to explain Saeyoung’s antics. “Why are you here?”
  • “Seven called Mr. Han to demand that I came to help. I’m very glad to (get away from Jumin) be of help, MC. I brought some painkillers, some hot soup and a few bags of tea for you to drink over the next few days. It should help somehow,” Jaehee explained, holding up a small plastic bag that you hadn’t noticed before.
  • From behind her, you noticed Saeyoung peeking nervously from the doorway, his eyes teared up as he stared at your weakened form.
  • “Thanks, Jaehee. And Saeyoung, you can come in, you know…” you said.
  • “B-but!! I’m a pure girl, darling, what if I get the curse of periods too?!” Saeyoung whined, shaking his head furiously.
  • ….That’s what he was worried about?
  • “Seven… Periods are not contagious,” Jaehee deadpanned.


  • He was always prepared when it was your time of the month—even more than you were! He couldn’t help it. For the majority of his relationship with Rika, he’d been doting on her, doing anything and everything he could for her. Old habits die hard.
  • “MC, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing white underwear… it’s almost your time of the month, isn’t it?” he called out as he was cooking breakfast, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.
  • “W-wha?” you yawned. You were only wearing one of his shirts and some panties, but then you realized the date. “Oh, you’re right!”
  • By the time you went to change, you’d already seen the faintest taint of pink on your underwear. Fuck. How many have you ruined by now? …Too many to count.
  • It took a couple hours before the pain started to kick in.
  • Considering this was a reoccurring pattern, V already knew what to do and when to do it.
  • “MC, honey, I prepared a hot bath for you… Would you like to be alone, or shall I join you?” he asked, checking in on you.
  • “Nng… I can’t really walk right now, sorry,” you replied, hugging a heating pouch to your lower stomach.
  • He chuckled in return, “Then I’ll carry you there. Perhaps I should strip you, too?” He winked jokingly.
  • If this had been a normal day, you would’ve taken the chance to jump at him (because V’s hot and a sweetheart) but no, your cramps were killing you today. So no. No sinning today, MC.
  • He fed you chocolate as you sunk into your bath, letting the heat relax your muscles, significantly easing your cramps. He helped to wrap you in a towel, making sure you were warm.
  • By the time you went to bed, the cramps had more or less gone away for the night, and you happily snuggled into his chest, feeling comfortable, relaxed and loved.


  • When he finished his morning shower, he found you groaning in pain on the bed, hugging a pillow tightly.
  • He snickered, “Was I too hard on you last night? I didn’t realize it was that bad…”
  • You shook your head, correcting him, “I’m on my periodddd…”
  • Immediately, his smile dropped. What the fuck?
  • “What… what is that supposed to mean?” he furrowed his eyebrows cutely, looking at you with pure confusion.
  • “I’m bleeding from my vagina, what else?” you rolled your eyes, deadpanning.
  • “Erm. Oh,” he stated in surprise. “Does… does ice cream help?”
  • “Ice cream doesn’t solve everything, Saeran…”
  • He frowned, not knowing what to do. Instead, he crawled into bed next to you. “Well, uhm, I don’t really know what to do… but, whenever I’m not feeling well, your hugs really help me, so if you don’t mind, I’m just going to cuddle with you… okay?”
  • You flashed a small smile at him, inwardly gushing at how adorable he was. “Of course!”
  • He smiled back with a hint of relief that he was doing something right. “Tell me if you need anything, okay?”
  • “And what if I said I only need you?” you joked.
  • He plants a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’m the one who needs you. Please feel better soon…”
Boygroups as Types of Students

HEY GUYS. Later on in the evening I’m gonna start on some questions…but in the meantime I thought I would make  post on how I think  the boygroups of KPOP would be in school. (’School’ is the kpop industry and if I mention ‘the rest of the school….i’m talking about fans not ther groups :) ) 

Wanna One

-          Just started school

-          Still trying to get to grips with what happened to them at their previous school

-          Although they’re new, they’re popularity with the rest of the school is rising rapidly

-          Still cute and innocent though

-          Doesn’t know what school life is really gonna bring them

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-          That one really fucking loud group of friends

-          Always out causing trouble

-          You hear them before you see them

-          But still lowkey really innocent

-          Always trynna make friends

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-          The group that have friends always dropping out

-          SEXY AF but lowkey cute

-          They don’t attend school for a year but then BAM, grade A’s all around

-          Has weirdos following them everywhere and anywhere

-          People leave them notes in the toilet

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Super Junior

-          Been in school a loooong time but still wants to hang out with the kids

-          Even though they’ve graduated, the still hang out with the youngers, cos they’re the ‘cool kids’

-          Has more friends than your whole family put together

-          Really understanding of school  and helps out the new kids

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(^^Couldn’t fidnd a decent gif of them so if you hve on eplease send it to me via inbox and ill put it in:) )


-          The really fucking crazy group

-          Always making friends in the toilets

-          They’re either reaAAALLLY fucking sexy or REALLLLY fucking cute…theres no inbetween

-          Hustlers

-          From a poor family but now they feed the school

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-          BEWARE!

-          Always makes you question ‘how the fuck-?’

-          Beware of the youngest one…he’s not as innocent as you think

-          Makes you question their sanity

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EXP Edition

-          New kids who immediately gets bullied

-          No one likes them

-          Even the school don’t like them

-          Expelled for the pure fact that they’re irrelevant

-          Makes you think ‘Why the fuck did they even try’

(They’re so cancelled I couldn’t even find a gif of theirs)

Hope you enjoyed and if there are more boygruops you wanna see then comment and maybe I’ll make another one:)

Much Love

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Fix-it fic. Post Sterk i din tro


So as I said I’ve written a continuation of today’s clip to try to cheer everyone up a little bit.

In this fic Yousef and Sana talk with real words about their situation. 

This is not entirely fluffy but frankly, the situation isn’t either so I’ve tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

I hope you like it and that this doesn’t upset anyone for any reason, I’ve written it with all my respect.


How could he be so stupid? What kind of 19 years old boy leaves his phone at work and doesn’t think about getting it back? Yousef cursed himself as soon as he read Sana’s message.

The previous day he had been so busy at the kindergarten that he hadn’t had time to check it and then he had forgotten it at the place. Now, any normal teenager would’ve come back and got it but he thought that it wasn’t a big deal being a day without his phone. Well, surprise Yousef, it is a big deal when your crush decides to finally text you and you take 29 hours to answer her.

Now the question was, what should he answer? Should he just say yes? Should he try to act cool? Whatever, he wasn’t cool, not at all.

Of course I want to hang out with you!” he texted “What about Friday? I’m leaving on Saturday”

He paced nervously around his room waiting for her reply. What if he had messed up? What if he had waited too long to answer? What if she already had other plans? What if…?

His heart skipped a beat when he heard his phone beeping. He unlocked it and saw a facebook notificacion.

“Oh are you leaving this Saturday? I can’t this week” the text said “I hope you have the world’s best summer”

Yousef felt his heart breaking when he read the message. Once again he had lost the opportunity with Sana. Of course she had plans, if only he hadn’t left his phone at the kindergarten. When Sana finally talks to him, he screws up. He sat on his bed and put his head on his hands. He should’ve told her sooner about his trip, he should’ve told her when he was leaving, he should’ve…

Wait a minute. Yousef took his phone and read the message again, and again, and again. There was something that didn’t make sense. He had told her when he was leaving, he actually had. On Sunday Elias had asked him when he was leaving and she had heard, she had even asked him for how long he was leaving. Why would she act like she was surprise because he was leaving that Saturday? Yousef tried to calm himself, maybe she hadn’t understood him, maybe she thought he meant the following Saturday. But no, the boys were specifically making plans for Friday because Yousef was leaving that Saturday, Sana was there she heard the whole conversation. What was going on? That text didn’t make sense. Was she backing off again? Was she just trying to confuse him? What exactly was she doing?

Well, sitting in his room he wasn’t going to find out, that was obvious.


He knocked on the door and waiting impatiently. He was about to knock again when the door opened.

“Yousef? What are you doing here?” Elias asked

“Is Sana home?”


“Elias, is Sana home?”

“Yes, I think so. I know my mom left but I think she’s in her room”

“Cool” Yousef said trying to walk past Elias

“Wow, wow, wow, where do you think you’re going?” Elias said stopping him

“Elias I need to talk to your sister”

“Well, like you just said, she’s my sister so before I allow you to go talk to her you’re going to tell me what’s going on”

“That’s what I want to know. I want to know what’s going on” Yousef said exasperated

“Elias who is…” Sana said as she entered the hall “Yousef…”

She froze when she saw him. She thought she wouldn’t see him before he’d leave.

“Sana we need to talk” Yousef said taking a step towards her

“About what?”

“About the text” Yousef said

“Look, I’m sorry I can’t meet…I just…” Sana said looking at the floor

“Don’t lie to me, Sana, just don’t”

“Okay, can someone explain me what is happening? What text?” Elias asked looking back and forth between the two of them.

“I just want to talk to you Sana, please” Yousef pleaded

“Elias go” she just said

“Are you sure?” her brother asked

“Yes, just go”

Elias nodded and left his friend and his sister alone.

“Sana, what is going on?” Yousef asked

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said

“Of course you do. Why are you talking like you didn’t know I was leaving on Saturday?”

“I didn’t…”

“That’s bullshit. You knew” Yousef took a deep breath before continuing “You know Sana I’m just…I’m trying really hard to understand you but you keep giving me mixed signals. We spent the afternoon together and we had what I think it was an amazing time together and then you blocked me on facebook”

“I blocked you before that” she muttered


“I blocked you before that…”

“Okay, whatever the fact is that you blocked me and then you invited us to the karaoke place and surprise Even was there and you knew. Then you started to act super cold towards me and I tried to get closer to you and I know I was a dick when I stole your ball but I was just trying to make you smile. And then at Eva’s party you smile at me, like I wasn’t imagining things Sana, you looked at me and smiled and on Sunday you sat by me and talked to me for the first time in forever and then you add me on facebook and say you want to hang out and when I say yes you change your mind and act like you didn’t know I was leaving. Why? Why are you doing this? What exactly do you want from me?”

Sana felt her chest tighten and her stomach sink. She looked at Yousef, she could see the pain in his eyes, the desperation to try to understand her but how could he when even she didn’t understand herself. She tried not to cry but she felt so bad about hurting Yousef and eventually the tears started to roll down her face.

“No, no, no, don’t cry please” Yousef begged her taking a step towards her “Sana please don’t cry, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m really sorry”

Sana shook her head and looked at the floor.

“Sana please…I just…look Sana I like you…I more than like you, I’m in love with you and I just…I thought that maybe you felt the same but then I’ve been receiving this mixed signals from you and I didn’t know what to think. But I’m really sorry I didn’t want to make you cry, that’s the last thing I wanted”

“I do” Sana muttered


“I do” she repeated this time looking at him “I do feel the same way about you”

“You do?” he took another step hesitantly

“Yes and…I’m sorry I’ve given you mixed signals it’s just…” she said wiping the tears from her face “I saw you kissing Noora and I thought you were together but then Noora told me the truth and she told me that you liked me so I texted you because I really really wanted to hang out with you and to tell you that I like you”

“And why did you cancel?”

“Because you’re not muslim” she said biting her lip

Yousef’s face dropped as he took a step backwards aware of the little space that had been between them

“I understand” he said nodding

“No you don’t. Yousef I want to be with you, I really do but I don’t know how we could make this work. I wouldn’t give up my faith for you and I would never ask you to believe in something you don’t so how could we make it work when we don’t share the same values?”

“But we do, Sana” he said “Look, I’m not going to pressure you into being with me if you don’t feel comfortable with it but we do share the same values Sana. And I respect you and your faith so much and I would never ever do anything to keep you apart from it or to make you feel uncomfortable. If you gave me a chance I’d prove it to you. Just one chance Sana, let me show you that this can work. You put the rules and I follow them”


“And if at any moment you want to give up, you want to stop I will respect it, it’s your decision Sana. Whatever you decide I’ll respect it.”

“It wouldn’t be easy” Sana said shaking her head “You wouldn’t just have to convince me, you’d have to convince my whole family, everyone that is around us”

Yousef nodded and took his phone from his pocket.

“What are you doing?” Sana asked frowning “We’re talking about our future here and you’re texting someone?”

“I’m cancelling my flight” he said still looking at his phone

“What? Why?” she said but he didn’t answer, she took a step closer to him “Yousef, why?”

“Because Sana…” he said looking up at her “If I have to convince you and your whole family that I’m worthy of being with you I should get started right now, right? I can’t leave for two months”

“Yousef…you don’t have to do that” she said shaking her head

“I told you, I’m going to prove you that this can work, this is just the first step. So, what do you say? Would you give me a chance and make me the luckiest man alive?”

Sana laughed and rolled her eyes

“Is that a yes?” he asked

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure if you are” he said

“Then okay…let’s try this”

“Yeah?” he asked with a big grin on his face

“Yeah” she said smiling


“Yousef, yes”

“Just wanted to make sure” he chuckled.

“So, what’s the next step?” she asked “Since you have it all planned”

“Oh, I’m going to make your mom fall in love with me, she’s going to love me”

“A little cocky don’t you think?” she said raising her eyebrows at him

“I made the great Sana Bakkoush like me, after that I can achieve any goal”

“So I’m just a goal for you?”

“You’re more than just a goal for me, you’re my…”

“Soulmate?” she finished for him with a smile

“Exactly that, you’re my soulmate” he said

“And you’re mine”



Set at the “Sterk i din tro” klip Seen from Yousef’s pov, when he just realises he has gotten the message from Sana and then reply quickly after felling so happy, but then she turn him down. Later that evening he comes over to be together with Elias and he tries to get in contact with Sana, but she is cold towards him. He confronts her and she tells him everything or something like that

A fix-it for todays clip? where they sit down and talk about stuff, i know you’ve written a hundred fix-its now but tbh your fics make me happier than the actual show right now. I hope you are well and that your exams are going well. Love You and your writing

after Yousef read sana’s response he decides to go to her place and talk face to face

I’ve received another prompt regarding next Friday’s clip and I think maybe I’ll write it tomorrow

I know this isn’t my greatest fic but I was really frustrated when I started writing so I’m sorry for that

Hope you’ve liked it

Thanks for reading!!

How They Get When They’re Jealous

Anonymous: How the guys get when they’re jealous! You’re such a fantastic writer I love you, thanks :) xxx

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted, but regardless I hope you enjoy it :) 

(and yes I used two gifs of Evan Peters and Ian Somerhalder because they are an addiction)



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When Scott’s jealous he thinks about how much better the other person would be for you; how he’s smarter, how you two have more in common, how he could easily take you away. Scott has to refrain his claws from coming out, literally, and he’s awkward and flustered for the rest of the day. When you question him about it he looks down at the floor and tells you he doesn’t want you to leave him and find somebody else. He doesn’t want you to find someone less busy, someone less dangerous and someone who makes your heart race faster than he does. You’ll dismiss his ridiculous thoughts by grabbing his face and kissing him, letting him know he’s the only you love.



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Stiles never had a very high self-esteem, so when he sees you with another guy that he thinks is everything he’s not he breaks a little. He never understood why you were with him in the first place, you could’ve done so much better and yet you were with him. It baffled him beyond belief, and he was always dreading the day you found someone better. When he sees you with him he runs outside, believing that someone as perfect as you would never settle for someone like him. He feels his heavy tears fall onto his shirt before he sees your shadow approaching from behind. You ask him what’s wrong, he breaks down and asks you why you’re with him, telling you how much better you looked with the fitter jock. You hold him in your arms as he lets out his insecurities, he’s so terrified of losing you, yet he’s convinced he already has. When he’s finally calm you tell him the truth; that you’d never leave him for anyone in the world. He smiles at you before kissing you with all his love, which you returned right back.



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Derek normally always treats you with sensitivity and restraint, but when he becomes jealous it’s another story. He’ll see someone with you, and his mind just goes blank. He’ll stalk right over to the two of you with a sour expression, arms crossed, and he’ll take you away without so much as a glance at the other person. Derek, what the hell?! When you two are finally alone he’ll stop and pull you into a passionate kiss, You’re mine.



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Liam loved you and would never change anything about you. Okay, maybe he would change the number of men you attracted. He could’ve sworn the entire male population in Beacon Hills had tried flirting with you, and he was always having to interrupt suggestive conversations people were having with his girl. Whenever he saw you with another guy he could practically feel his blood boiling. He would come up behind you and deliver the What exactly are you talking about to my girl? line. Liam continued to death glare them long after they rushed away, retreating down the hallway. After they’re out of sight he’d sigh and look at you Why do you have to be so beautiful? you’d playfully punch Liam in the shoulder and he’d smile, pulling you into a kiss.



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Sometimes Theo took things a little too out of hand. One minute you’re helping your friend study, and the next minute Theo comes storming in on the verge of punching him in the face. What’s wrong with you?! it’s been an hour of tense silence before you snap. Why did you cancel on me for him? you were beyond yourself, rage boiling up to a breaking point He needed help Theo, god what is with you? You almost sent him to the hospital this is the point where you’re ready to barge out the door and leave, Theo stops you. Don’t you realise you’re all I all I want? That you’re all I have? If I lost you I don’t know what I’d do, so I’m not going to apologise because I’m not going to lose you to someone else.



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The thought of you being with anyone else made Isaac sick to his stomach. His biggest fear was that one day someone better would come along and you would be lost to him. When you get a little too close to someone else, he panics and starts acting like a jerk in hopes of intimidating the third party. After he makes his third rude remark, you pull him aside and interrogate him for his uncharacteristic attitude. He stays deadly silent, and when you call his name he apologises to you tearfully, admitting he can’t stand the thought of you with anyone else. He was terrified at how strong his feelings were for you, and he would be damned if he ever let you go.



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Brett analyses the guy your with, scoffing as he does. You were so completely out of this guy’s league and he would make sure they knew that. Insult after insult is thrown at the poor boy and he eventually scurries away, defeated. Brett, that was completely unnecessary he just shrugs and puts his arm around you, leading you away from the crowd. Someone’s jealous he raises his eyebrows before dismissing you, whatever. 


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Jackson was normally very cool, calm and collected around people; no matter where he went he carried his dominating aura with him. However, if someone was getting a little too close for comfort to you, his demeanour would falter and he had to break way from his conversation to intervene. Excuse me he’d swoop in attaching his lips to yours in. You’d smile into the kiss, loving the fact that you were the only one who could stir such a reaction from Jackson.



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Parrish was never one for confrontation, so when his eyes lock on you with someone else, he watches from afar until he can’t bear it any longer and walks off to try suppress his anger. Later in the day you spot him, however when you approach him he ignores you. What have I done? He doesn’t reply for a good minute before asking who you were with earlier. Suddenly his attitude becomes clear to you, and you unsuccessfully try and hide your smile Why are you laughing? Your smile widens You were jealous weren’t you? He shakes his head and turns away from you Oh, c’mon, It’s cute you chase after him, laughing.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading this, even if I feel a bit iffy about it. If you have any other requests feel free to send them in :)

Are you cheating on me? - (Peter x Reader)

Requested by - @tomhollandswifey

Summary- When Peter keeps leaving you, and cancels your weekly lunch you start to think that he’s using the Stark Internship as a cover, and decide to confront him.

A/N- I apologise for the length of this, I got a little carried away. Hope you enjoy! (Ask box is always open)

Word Count- 2370 (oops!)

Y/N and Peter were sitting in their favourite little cafe, they came here every Saturday without fail. After chewing the final bite of his sandwich Peter gave a small, slightly sad, smile, “I got to go Y/N, I’m sorry.”

She tried to hide her disappointment at him leaving her, again. This wasn’t the first time this happened, but normally on a Saturday he’d wait until after they both finished eating to go, this time he hasn’t eaten his cake, and she’s only eaten half her sandwich. “Oh,” she sighed and nodded, “Okay, have fun.” This Stark Internship had really been getting in the way of their relationship, she barely saw him these days, he was always running off to do whatever it was that he does, he won’t tell her what that is. She was starting to question if the Stark Internship was a real thing, or if it was a cover for him to go see some other girl. No, I have no reason to worry, she thought as he left the cafe after giving her a very quick peck on the lips, It’s Peter, he wouldn’t cheat on you, he’s not like that.

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Request:Can you do a imagine of Y/N and Peter based off of “Issues” by Julia Michaels?? (PS i hope you enjoy the song as much as i did! 💖💖)

Your arms were folded in front of you chest as you sat beside your boyfriend in your English class. Peter was in the dog house and he knew it. You refused to talk to him. Sure, it was probably childish, no it was most definitely childish but you didn’t have anything nice to say to him so you elected to stay silent. You were acutely aware of him though, the longing glances he kept throwing your way. When the bell rang to dismiss you from the class, you left without even a glance his way. He followed after you with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N, come on, babe. I’m sorry,” he said you gave him a look but didn’t respond, “Please just talk to me.”

You continued through the halls going to your locker. You didn’t look at him because you knew if you did you’d succumb to his puppy dog eyes and his smile. No, you had to hold firm. Teenage boys were like puppies, you had to set your limits earlier on otherwise they’d never respect them. As you opened your locker he leaned heavily on the lockers next to yours.

“I didn’t mean to miss our date. Something came up,” he told you and that earned him another glare. He looked so sure that, that was going to fix everything. It almost made you break your silence. You opened your mouth as if to speak then closed it. Peter groaned as you turned back to your locker and grabbed the needed books. You slammed the locker shut and continued to your next class. A class without Peter, and one you shared with a close friend. When it was time to work independently you immediately launched into talking about Peter.

“Michelle, this is the third date he’s missed,” you complained.


“No, but does it matter? Three dates! Three times! And each time I spent an hour doing my hair and my make up, making myself cute as hell only for him to give me a half ass text saying he can’t come! What the hell is he doing?”

“Homework, maybe? He is a mega nerd,” she offered nonchalantly.

“He has his school work planned out to the max, no way he scheduled a date on a study night. And he calls me on study nights! It has to be something spontaneous, like, like someone else!”

“Another girl?”

“It better not be,” you were livid at just the thought. To think that your, usually, sweet nerdy boyfriend was cheating just made you want to punch something. Michelle leaned back in her chair and shrugged.

“Listen, girl, I love the both of you. I’ll talk to him for you, if you want.”

“Please do. I just can not begin to imagine what the hell he’s thinking.”

When you got home you went straight to studying. Studying was simple, you didn’t have to think about Peter, or anything else emotionally exhausting. All you had to do was find the answers to your questions and prepare for the next test. However as you got to a particularly hard question you couldn’t help thinking that Peter would be able to explain it so perfectly. If you just called him he’d probably know the answer… and he’d say something sweet… and ask you about how you were feeling… you know, if you weren’t angry with him at the moment. As you were contemplating texting him there was a knock on the door down stairs.

“Y/N! Peter’s here to see you,” your mom called. Your parents loved Peter. He was a straight A student. He was charming and respectful and there was no way they could hate him. You got out of bed and went to meet him down stairs. Your mom had migrated back to her room probably caught in the grips of some show. You and Peter stood across from each other awkwardly.

“I really am sorry about cancelling yesterday,” he said earnestly.

“Why did you cancel? And don’t just say something came up.”

“I can’t tell you the specifics okay.”

“Why not?” you demanded, trying to keep your voice low.

“Because…. I just can’t okay,” he sighed looking away from you.

“Is it… is there someone else,” you asked hesitantly, afraid to ask the question, more afraid for his answer. Logically, you knew you wouldn’t believe him if he just said no, but you also didn’t want him to say yes.

“What? No. I’m just going through some things, and other stuff got in the way.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter, trying to silently convey that you were still upset, if not more upset than before, “Listen, don’t play with me. I know… I know I have issues, and I know I can be over zealous, and jealous… but I need you…so badly. And it hurts for you to just blow me off and not give me a reason why.” you explained looking down at your feet. Peter took your hand from where it was worrying the hem of you shirt.

“I’m not blowing you off… I just can’t tell you. I’ve got my own issues that I have to work out and I can’t bring you into it.”

“Peter, I love you. I want to help you in anyway I can, but I can’t help if you won’t tell me what’s up. I won’t judge you. If you don’t judge me for my problems how can I judge you for yours.”

“It’s not something that simple.” he said softly. You felt tears start welling up in your eyes, and they were products of both frustration and hurt. He pulled you into a hug.

“No, don’t cry. Please don’t do that.”

“I love you… but you’re losing me Peter. I can’t take you just cancelling our plans without so much as a good explanation,” you explained as you pushed away from him. He took in a deep breath and you noticed that he looked glassy eyed.

“I… I see your point of view. I’d be suspicious too.” he looked up at the ceiling obviously thinking, “I cancelled because there was a robbery on fifth, and I had to stop it.”

“… What?”

“The little corner store on fifth it was getting robbed at gun point and I had to stop it.”

“Peter, you can’t be serious!”

“Sh! It’s fine, trust me it wasn’t even that dangerous.”

“You said gun point… you’re fucking with me aren’t you? Peter, if you can’t just tell me the truth then-”

He unzipped her jacket to reveal the suit you knew well from media coverage. Everybody was talking about the masked hero sweeping through Queens.

“… Sooo you’re cosplaying as Spiderman,” you said slowly.

“No, I am Spiderman. I only cancelled our dates so I could save people.”

“Peter, this is a really shitty excuse.”

In an instant a web shot out of his sleeve and connected to a book on the table. The book came flying into his hand and then you believed him. Your face was blank with shock.

“Babe, I only told you because I can’t lose you either… You’re probably the best part of my life right now… baby say something.”

“Oh my god, I’m dating Spiderman,” you whispered.

“…Yes you are. Does that mean we’re good?” he asked tentatively.

“Are you crazy, Peter? What you’re doing is dangerous anything could happen, you idiot,” you hissed at him. He smiled in return and grabbed you in a tight hug.

“You’re worrying about me again, it means you’ve forgiven me,” he said happily.

“And swinging from buildings, what if you miss? Then you’ll just plummet to the ground and your untimely death!”

Peter gathered you up in a hug and kissed your forehead, “I never miss.”

“Oh god, why didn’t it occur to me, every that you missed corresponds with something Spiderman has done. It fits perfectly.”

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” he said letting you go and holding you at an arm’s length. He pressed a quick peck to your lips after looking over his shoulder to be sure your mom wasn’t there.

“You’d better, Parker,” you smiled. He grinned back at you, “Oh hey I had a biology question, do you have a minute to stay and help me out.”

“If you were talking to me in biology I probably could have helped you then,” he teased.

“Don’t get smart,” you rebuked, but smiled all the same. It sucked being mad at Peter.

~Mod Lillian (Yeah that was a pretty good song. Thank you for your request.)

Pt.2 Poly!RemusxSiriusxJamesxYou

Co-written with @80s-addict - TW FOR NSFW AHEAD! My writing is normal and her’s is italicised

- Sirius and you do each other’s hair 

-  James absolutely will not let anyone near his hair (Unless of course, one of you is tugging on it and moaning) 

-  Remus doesn’t really mind bc he’s not overly concerned about it but appreciates the attention

Siriusly you and Sirius will sit for HOURS and brush/braid each other’s hair. Sometimes you’ll sit on the floor, others on your bed, kissing and talking and listening to your favorite muggle bands all the while. 

- Sometimes you both get so relaxed you just end up falling asleep, Sirius’ head in your lap or yours in his chest, arms wrapped around each other and legs tangled, snoring (you’d never admit to it though), with beautifully intricate braids and flowers woven into them. 

- Remus and James roll their eyes at their dorks but oh my God you’re so cute they can’t stay annoyed and *click* whoops “Turn the flash off you dolt!” “Sorry” You and Sirius wake up in each other’s arms with enchanting hair and the sound of your husbands bickering and smile at each other and decide to go back to sleep. “AW, THEY’RE SO CUTE MOONY!” “SSHHHUT UP, PRONGS” *thwack* You and Sirius peep an eye open and share a light laugh as the two continue to argue as they leave you to sleep

-  You are always wearing someone’s shirt

-  Like always

-  It’s rare if you don’t (unless you’re going out) 

- And when you don’t Sirius pouts Like straight up this grown-ass man is sticking out his lower lip and giving you the puppy dog eyes because you’re not wearing one of his shirts 

- And you turn to the other two but James is also pouting (not as much as Sirius, but it’s still a lot) 

- Exasperated, you turn to Remus, ever the voice of reason, but even HE is pouting at you! 

- “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, IT’S LAUNDRY DAY!” All 3: “But Y/N!” “Ugh, FINE. *Under breath, but with a small smile* Children.” You march back upstairs, angrily throw off your shirt and blindly reach around the closet before you find something in the back. 

- You throw it on and head downstairs. “Better now?” They’re all staring at you, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. “What?” James: “M-Moons? Cancel our dinner reservations.” “Why?” Sirius: “Y/N, did you look at yourself?” “No…?” James: “You-YOU’RE WEARING MY BUTTON UP. YOU LOOK SO HOT. IT HURTS.” Sirius: “Smooth, Prongs.” James: “Did you SEE her??!” Remus: “I’m with James on this one…Y/N you do look very attractive in James’ shirt.” Sirius: “C'mere, Sweetheart.”

-  …you don’t make it to dinner. Or the movie. Or the reshowing of the movie. …or breakfast.

-  When any of you is upset, the other 3 know 

-  They just know 

-  And it’s a day filled with gentle reminders, soft touches, chastise kisses, and small smiles 

- You’ll all cuddle around whoever is upset 

- And just talk, sleep, or read 

- Maybe watch their favorite show 

- Comfort snacks, fuzzy blankets, and pillows all around 

- The other 3 naming their favorite qualities of whoever is down 

- Their personality 

- Their talents 

- Their intelligence 

- Their looks 

- Just lots of gentle touches and “I love you”’s and quick kisses to persons perceived “problem areas" 

- The night ends with you all a tangled mass on the bed, the person who was the center of the attention now in the center of the cuddles 

- And said person maybe 

- Just maybe

-  Smiles a little and whispers a small "thank you” before falling asleep surrounded by the 3 doofs who will do (and have done) literally //anything// to cheer them up

-  The other 3 hearing them bc they were pretending to sleep - no way they were sleeping while their lil bean was upset - and sharing a quick, tired, but relieved smile and blown kisses before passing out from exhaustion

-  ((Sometimes slow, sweet love-making is required because one of you is really down on your body. So the other 3 take turns kissing all over and focusing on their favorite parts until the Upset Person starts to believe them))

- One of you getting a wild hair and formulating a plan with the other two one day to pounce Unsuspecting Person with Triple The Head Person is random but always almost dies BC HOW ARE ALL OF THESE FUCKERS SO GOOD AT THIS 

- Sometimes it’s James when he’s been an egotistical shit and needs to be taken down a peg 

- Sometimes it’s Remus when he’s stressed about an upcoming full moon 

- Sometimes it’s Sirius when he’s insecure about himself//his abilities and/or is being a tease (more than usual - it’s his natural state, but sometimes he can be a bit much) 

- Sometimes it’s you when you’re stressed about an upcoming event or exam or when you’ve felt down lately 

- Always it’s whoever thinks they’re not good enough one day or seems to be extremely jealous because “Shut up, we love you, and we’re not going anywhere. Now hold still.”

- I love the idea that like during your school years you basically lived in the Marauders’ dorm 

- And like McGongall and even Dumbledore knew 

- But never said anything BC they secretly were impressed that you four came up with your situation and seemed to be handling it well 

- And maybe were a little jealous bc you all just looked so happy 

- So when you graduate Sirius buys a flat 

- And over the summer renovates it with you all 

- And when you’re done he asks you all to move in with him, rent-free because “Your love is enough" 

- And just 

- There’s lots of spare bedrooms bc you all created one really big master suite with a big double king bed 

- And just 

- You and Remus gushing about your new domestic life James and Sirius watching you and scoffing bc "What dorks” but secretly really loving it too

- You and Sirius arguing over drapes and sheets much to Remus and James’ dismay bc according to Remus “Loves, they’re both nice. Let’s get both!" 

- But you insist on the 100% cotton blue gray sheets while Sirius wants the 100% silk dark red sheets and James has had it bc "THEY’RE JUST SHEETS? WHAT DOES IT MATTER? THEY’RE PROBABLY JUST GOING TO GET CUM ON THEM ANYWAY, SO JUST GET A BUNCH OF THE CHEAP ONES." 

- Everyone is //shocked// You, Sirius, and Rem all wide-eyed and slack-jawed, staring at James and each other 

- James doesn’t understand what he did 

- You 3 working feverishly to get the rest of the shopping done 

- James is pleased but still doesn’t know why 

- You and Sirius stay at the checkout lane, blushing as a very flustered Remus drags James to the car to "Explain some things” to him 

- Before they get out the door Rem pulls Sirius by the shirt collar and says he better get in the express lane and you blush even harder and start furiously loading up the conveyer belt while Sirius scrambles to get his wallet 

- You come to the car to find the car windows fogged and James leaned back in the driver’s seat, shirt unbuttoned and glasses askew as Remus rises to the passenger seat, smirking and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he pops the trunk for you “Let’s get home, yeah?" 

- Sirius and you in the backseat and he can’t help himself so he starts kissing you and sucking hickeys to your pulse point and you’re both teasing each other through your clothes 

- Remus and James looking in the rearview mirror Remus raising an eyebrow  and smirking James has never driven that fast in his life

- James accidentally saying something sexual while you’re all at the store 

- He doesn’t realize what he said was sexual 

- Sirius, you and Remus getting flustered and hurting the trip along

-  Which pleases James even though he’s not sure what got you all moving so quickly bc he hates stopping with a firey passion 

- One of you trying to explain to him and getting too flustered

- The least flustered pulls him close and whispers an explanation 

- The donning look of realization on his face 

- Followed by a shit-eating grin 

- Two of you left to finish checking out while the other drags James to the car to get started

-  This happening a //lot// At first you think he genuinely doesn’t know what he’s doing (which is true) but after the 10th or so time, you start to catch on bc he’s become increasingly detailed with his outbursts 

- You 3 continuing on as if you don’t know 

- Because it’s so much fun 

- And sometimes you like to get him back 

- By flipping the script on him 

- Which he also catches on to 

- But does not stop 

- Because you’re all risk takers and it leads to some of the best sex ever

-  Without fail 

- Those poor car seats 

- Those poor cheap sheets

- The entire school knows you’re dating but no one makes a big deal out of it. It just Happened one day and the four of you never look back. 

 - No one dares to say anything bad about it though because everyone fears the Marauders - you anger one, you anger them ALL and then no one is safe.

- Not even the teachers. 

- Borrowing each other’s clothes so often that James straight up rips out all the name labels

- Not letting them curse the other students just because they can

- Having a similar speech pattern

- Inside jokes

-Inside jokes of inside jokes

- If one offends the other, the Offensive One will publicly grovel to make the others laugh and get the Offended One to forgive them

- PDA is only A Thing if the goal is to make someone jealous

- You’re all considered to be married to each other

- You have necklaces that are similar and look like part of a set

-James’ parents charmed them with protective spells

- You can say something into the necklaces and everyone will hear it like they’re wearing headphones

- Howlers proclaiming your love

- Howler marriage proposals

- Feeding each other breakfast items

- ‘Accidentally’ dropping beans down Remus’ front

- “Oops. Guess you gotta wear a different shirt now”

- Being sad when Remus is having none of your shit and simply casts a cleaning spell on his shirt

- Sirius rocking a man bun and James sulking because instead of growing out, his hair grows up

- Remus remarking, “You should take a leaf out of your hair’s book, James” when James mentions it

- Remus being so sassy you can’t eat when you know he’s going to say something.

- Remus knows this and takes full advantage

- The boys making you flustered all the time

- Being very protective of each other

-The boys will shield you if someone insults you

- Like, a literal circle

- When one argues, you all argue

- You and Remus are mediators as Sirius and James are the worst offenders when it comes to unleashing their tempers

- Remus does no harm but takes no shit, most especially from, for or to his three loves.

- It’s an unconventional but very loving, nurturing, protective and explorative relationship and none of you would change it for anything

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

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theluckythreeleafclover  asked:

hiya, if you don't mind my asking, why did you differentiate between cancelled and ended on your tv show rec list? (also what is the difference?)


Ended: Story completed, no more episodes

Cancelled: The channel stopped airing/producing the show, and the story was cut short sometimes with no resolution, no more episodes

I differentiated it because it’s a recommendation post, and people should know beforehand if they are watching something that is completed or something that will end abruptly without a resolution! :)

Ready Steady Part 16

This chapter is shitty and I apologize, I was stuck on where to go with the story, but the next chapters will be better.


Rob and Reader return home. They finally have time to catch up on what happened in each other’s lives while they were apart. They begin to come to terms with the idea of being parents.

Word Count: 4047

Warnings: just a lot of domestic fluff, maybe some swears, slightly angsty singing

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

In this chapter, Rob sings “Fair” as a song that he wrote when the reader broke his heart. Nice job reader, I hope you’re happy.

Another Note: I wrote this while I was hungover. It might be terrible, but I tried. It’s just a little something fluffy before the real angst kicks back in.

Catch up: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14  Part 15

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You drifted in and out of sleep that night. Feeling much better than you had before visiting the ER, but still weak and unable to rest completely. The nausea hadn’t returned yet and honestly, your biggest fear was that it would return eventually. You were told that this condition could go on for some time, and future visits to the hospital were a possibility. Perhaps this underlying fear of having to feel that way again is what was bringing you out of your sleep throughout the night. The only thing that made your restlessness bearable was realizing that every time you stirred, Rob was right there with you. He too would wake each time you did; placing gentle kisses to your forehead and mumbling soothing words to you until you relaxed again. Even as the sun began to peek through the blinds in the early morning hours; he was still there, tracing circles along your back, until you were eventually able to rest again.

The next time you woke up, it was because a slight twinge of nausea had returned. You whimpered, realizing that it wasn’t over yet. This time, when you looked to Rob for support, he wasn’t there to console you. You felt your heart race when you realized he was not next to you, wondering what you had done this time to make him want to leave you. You reached for your phone to check the time and when you realized it was late in the afternoon, you felt the panic begin to fade. You knew he was here somewhere, he just didn’t sleep in as late as you had.

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#SAVESIRENS \ 9 reactions to the cancellation

Hunters Prey - Chapter 2

Bounty Hunter!BaekhyunXReader

Theme: Action and Angst

Word Count: 2,294 (wow I thought this would be shorter)

Warnings: Just really bad writing skills and story plot development XD

Kit- I’m dying- What is writing anymore? I hope this is ok ;; I know I don’t have to many people following me so to the people who reads this stuff thank you for waiting. I’ve b so busy with stuff and haven’t had the motivation to write more so for some odd reason today was a day where my brain wanted to be creative. But yeah please enjoy ^^”

Previous Chapter-


You picked up the red colored crayon, placing it on the paper to draw circles. After a while you had felt satisfied with the picture you had perfectly created taking it over to your dad.

“Daddy look what I drew!” You shoved the picture in your dad’s lap making him look at it.

The man gave a hearty laugh picking you up to sit on his lap. He lifts the picture to look at it.

“It’s you and mommy plus me and brother!” You pointed to each one as you stated each member of the family you drew.

He chuckled patting your head. “You’re such an artist Y/n~” He smiled pointing to your version of your mom. “You even captured how beautiful your mother is.”

You heard your mom laugh and groan in the kitchen.  The man grinned handing you the picture. “Why don’t you go show this to your brother, daddy needs to have a talk with mommy.”

You nodded, happily hopping off his lap running to your brothers room.  

“Did she draw another picture?” She asked slightly chuckling.  

The man hugged the woman from behind, laying his head on her shoulder nodding.

“Did she draw…”

“Yeah… again.” The man buried his face into the woman’s shoulder holding on tightly.

The woman frowned laying her head back against the mans. “I feel so bad for her, having to deal with losing a sibling? Just like that…?”

“She may be six but I think she understands why it happened.” His grip on the women became tighter, reassuring her. All the women could do was nod, and hug her husband back.

“Look Channy, I made another drawing of us.” You sat in front of a picture of a small boy with puppy dog ears. You taped the drawing next to another one you had drawn two weeks ago.

“I really miss you.” You smiled sadly.

“I wonder what it’s like up in heaven. Mommy reads to me from a book filled with stories about it, but it isn’t just all about heaven.”

You giggled smiling.

“There’s one chapter that talks about what heaven will be like. Is it true? Are the roads made of gold? Will we get to ride dinosaurs?? I would love to ride a dinosaur.”

Your eyes start to water.

“I wish you were here with us. Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot. Especially daddy, it’s easy to tell when he’s sad. His dog ears droop really low.”

“Y/n! Dinner time.”

“Looks like it dinner time, I’ll be back after dinner Channy.” You got up running back into the diner room to eat.

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The Sims: DEH Edition: Part One

As any self-respecting person will do, the time eventually comes when making your favorite characters in The Sims is something that simply can’t be avoided. 

All characters were made, and sent off to live in their respective houses, but I played mostly as Evan and Heidi yesterday, so that is where the story will start. 

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By My Side (Jumin) part 1

After returning to the penthouse from another round of training, you were exhausted. For the last three weeks you had been juggling etiquette and business classes, music and tea lessons and planning the next RFA party. It had only been 3 weeks since the very first party you planned, the one where your love proposed to you but since it was such a big success many other groups and organizations messaged you about wanting to join. You and the others had decided to throw another one in a weeks time to raise more money for different charities in need. It was hard balancing everything but you tried your best. You decided to take the business classes to better support Jumin and understand his world. Also, it would probably help Mr. Han’s view of you and of course you would want nothing more than for your father-in-law to actually want you around. The etiquette classes was to help you fit into the higher society. You didn’t want anyone looking down on Jumin because of you. You couldn’t do anything about your social status but you could make sure you wouldn’t say or do anything that wasn’t “pleasing” to the higher ups. The tea and music classes were extra because you remember Jumin mentioning them before and you wanted to plan something special for your wedding to surprise him.

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Min Yoongi

Originally posted by j2asndh

Summary: Habits are hard to quit when you’re so used to them. But he’s willing to quit everything for you.

“You keep missing the note.” Yoongi sighed as he turned to look at you from the piano.

“You are in a different octave so I keep listening to you-”

“And that’s where you’re at fault,” he sighed, “You need to listen to yourself before you listen to me, I’m just here to show you how it sounds.”

“Then why are you doing it in a different octave?” You asked.

“It sounds nicer,” he stated, “Again, this time listen to yourself.” Yoongi began to play the piano once again, you strummed the strings with the rhythm of the piano. A smile came upon Yoongi’s face as you continued to strum on your guitar.

“You did it.” Yoongi smiled, “When are you playing?”

“Next week,” you answered, “It’s going to be at the hospital downtown, will you go?” You asked, Yoongi shrugged while grabbing a cigarette.

“It matters- Hey! That my was cigarette.”

“If you’re smoking, then I am too.” You smirked as you put the cigarette into your mouth, Yoongi rolled his eyes while grabbing the cigarette and put it back into the pack.

“Lemme see the pack and your lighter.”


“Just let me have it,” you ordered, Yoongi slid the lighter towards you along with the pack of cigarettes. You grabbed the pen from your music stand and wrote both Yoongi and your first initials.

“Why did you do that?” Yoongi asked as he took the lighter back into his hand, you smiled as you grabbed the pack and placed it into your guitar case, you then replaced the cigarettes with a lollipop.

“Incase you feel like smoking again, just look at the lighter,” you answered as you got back up, “Or just get a lollipop.” You smiled, you held the lollipop out, to which he grabbed with a small grin.

“Do you think this will help me?” Yoongi asked, you nodded, “Then I’ll try to quit.”


“Yoongi!” You yelled, he ignored you, continuing to walk to the subway, “Yoongi, stop!” You jogged up to him and grabbed his hand.

“What, __? What do you want?” He snapped, he glared at you, you breathed heavily as you shrugged while gripping your guitar case handle.

“Why did you suddenly cancel everything? Why did you you even delete me from everything!” You asked, Yoongi only scoffed while looking away from you, “Answer me!”

“Do you really want to know what happened?” Yoongi asked, “Do you really want to know?”


“One of my best friends got in an accident, do you know how much he means to me-”

“So why do you have to ignore me, and delete me from everything, and cancel all of our music appointments?” You asked, “You have to make me go to bed thinking I did something wrong?”

“Yes! You don’t think I can see how many people look at you-”

“I’m only looking at you! All this time, I’m only looking at you!” You defended, tears streamed down your face, “Do you think I’d help someone that I don’t even care about try and quit something as hard as smoking cigarettes? Or even continuing to pay for an extra hour? You think I would still look at other men when I have grown to have feelings for you?”

“You need to get out of here.” Yoongi mumbles, he sighs as he runs his hands through his hair with the shake of his head, “You need to go before you get hurt-”

“And how will I get hurt? By you not sharing the same feelings as me?” You sniffled, Yoongi ignored you by turning and beginning to walk away.

“Yoongi!” You called, Yoongi winced, this was the first, and hopefully last, time he’s heard you scream that loudly. “Yoongi!” You screamed again, you wiped your eyes while sobbing into your hand. Yoongi walked down the stairs into the subway and dug into his pocket for his lighter and cigarette, but he found a lollipop instead.

“Min Yoongi!” You screamed, Yoongi’s head shot up, he bit his lip, should he go back to you? Should he keep walking? He could hear your loud sobs from the bottom of the stairs, he gripped the lollipop in his hands and chucked it onto the ground with the shake of his head.

He needs to get away from you, he can’t hurt you.

Wiping your eyes, you sniffle and turn and begin to walk away. Looking across the street you saw Seokjin standing next to his car, tears begin to fill your eyes again as you thought of Yoongi replacing Seokjin. Sighing you tiredly walk down the street towards your home.

Conflicted (Part 2, SMUT)

[ previously on Conflicted ] [ from the start ]

A/N: Didn’t expect this to get such awesome feedback! The people have spoken, so here’s Part 2! Thank you :D

Character: Niall

Warning(s): SMUT. SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT. Did I mention smut?

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

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Styles & Co. - part 3

I stand outside Styles & Co, unable to get through the glass doors. Foolish me forgot that at such a terrible hour the tower is locked down and only Harry has access. I should have stayed up in the penthouse but my stubborn nature doesn’t like sleeping alone in his penthouse. The thing I hate about the penthouse is that it’s so closed off that without Harry’s keys, I can only exit through the back. I can’t get to the office floors or even to the other business suits that are kept for clients of Harry’s.

I pull my phone out and text him.

“Can you let me in? I’m outside your tower. It’s bloody cold.”

“What the hell? Hold on, Anastasia will let you in. X
CEO. Styles.& Co -Harry”

“Who the hell is Anastasia?”

I get no response but the lobby lights flicker on and a young lady dressed in a pair of leggings and a hoodie emerges. “Hello, Elise?” She wears a smile sweetly, allowing me in,
“Hi.” I greet, sceptical as to who she is. Why the hell is she here with Harry at four in the morning?
“It’s nice to meet you.” She courteously engages in conversation, keeping it simple but short as we near the elevator.

“What are you doing here? Is everything alright? Why aren’t you upstairs in the penthouse?” Harry straightway stands from his leather chair,

“Everything’s fine. You know I hate sleeping there alone.” I enlighten him, falling into his warm embrace, feeling calmer as he wraps his arms around me.

“It’s four in the morning, why are you here?” He questions again, pulling back to focus his eyes on mine.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came here since you left me naked in the penthouse and deprived of sex,” I respond, walking around his desk and peering out the window; my eyes gazing down at the delightful city view.

“I have no comment.” He bites his lip, “I’m working, love. You need to get to sleep.” Harry heaves a sigh, not seeming too keen on the idea of me being in his office at four in the morning, even if he did have to hurry away after sex. I ignore his comment, my eyes continuing to focus on the view.

The city never sleeps, and it’s a clear indication since the city is still vibrantly illuminated. I hear Harry yawn as he sits back down in his leather chair. I turn around and step closer to him, his body swirling the chair to face me.

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