why did we get this

you know you can tell which people only care about supergirl insofar as it’s relationship to supercorp/sanvers and started watching season 2 only for them because they make posts like “oh we knew what we were getting into with the cw! why did we do this again!” as if it wasn’t a completely different (and no, it wasn’t perfect but it was still good) show in season 1, when we signed up for a cbs show

  • Story Time; I walk downstairs only to find that as I step off the last stair my socked foot flops into a very cold puddle, (and while, yes, stepping in a puddle while wearing socks is a horrifying experience in itself) this was a bit more horrifying, being that I was /inside/ of my house.
  • Calling out to my brother to go get our (freshly showered) mother I run (grimace as I tip toe through the water) into the bathroom and fix the toilet tank.
  • Now that my mom has seen the wonderful sight she calls all her other children and we run all over the house to get every single towel we own (keep in mind that our washing machine is broken and we have no way to clean these towels. But that's a worry for a later time) The problem with this is that no amount of towels is going to soak up this much water.
  • So, I ask my mom if we still own a shopcac, we do, but we aren't sure if it works. So after retrieving the shopvac, we find that it does indeed work. But only if another person holds the the cord together in a precise possistion, because apparently the dogs had chewed the cord and the wires were frayed. So one of my brothers has now been ordered to hold the cord in that one perfect way that will allow the shopvac to turn on.
  • He was also told to be very careful and not drop said cord in the water because then we would all /die!/ (and while dying might get us out of this situation, it is not the answer...or so I am told)
  • We then proceeded to move the not one, not two, but eight or so book shelves outside so we could get the water from under them.
  • With the downstairs now moved outside, we were finally able to make some headway.
  • This is about the time that my sister came home asked what happened, and then proceeded to ask what was for dinner. (We then took a nice healthy break to kill her)
  • After our break, we got back to work, removed all the towels and are now mopping and cleaning the empty downstairs area.
  • To say this is an odd way to wet ones socks would be an understatement...

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u


bizarre nightmares


save him. 

*phew* …It turned into a painting hehe ^^’

Anyways it’s Alya as Volpina… It’s Volpalya!



Like who he tryna kid though?

i won’t fear love

         happy sciles day, everybody!

People are like “ew lancelot is abusive and gross, fuck you if you ship it”

Like bruh. Lotor isn’t even in the show yet. VLD isnt the exact replica of the old show, clearly they’ve made a lot of changes. What if Lotor is a good guy in this version? What if Lotor wants to destroy his father’s empire but Haggar & Zarkon have yet to know? If i recall, Lotor hates his dad in the original show anyway, why not turn him into a rebel?

In any case, Lotor hasn’t even gotten a second of screen time so like ??? How are you making these assumptions ??? Chill.