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requested: ramsay does things to you in front of captured jon

requested by an anon: ramsay captures jon and ramsay rapes reader infront of jon?


okay, tbh this req. made me a lil sad and angry that’s why its kinda long ((hope u like the ending bc i fucking did fam))


You were inside the cells were the hounds were kept in Winterfell. You have been in there for months, barely being fed or even seen light. You cried yourself to sleep every night, thinking of what wrong have you done for Ramsay to capture you.

“Please!” you croaked out, “Let me out.”

A couple of nasty men entered your cell and slapped you left and right to shut you up. “Speak again and I’ll skin your pretty smooth skin.”

You stayed quiet for a little while and the night comes again to end the day. Your day started with a bang of metal to metal to wake you up. A man purposely dropped your food, or whatever it is, a combination of solid and liquid for you to fill up your stomach. You ate it from the dirty ground and drank the most clean water they have offered for you. That day also, you got a visit from your captor. Ramsay towered you, with his nasty smile. He crouched down at your level and touched your face. With his touch, you shivered.

“My sweet love,” he started, “You’re going to be free today.”

You cried and kissed his hands, “Please, my Lord.”

“Oh my sweet love.” He said, fixing your hair and even giving you something more food to eat. Proper food. “Now, I’m going in to battle.” He said, standing up and smiling down at you. “You better pray to your gods to give me my victory, or else if I’m killed, every men I have is going to use you for the rest of your life.”

You shivered from that thought and you muttered that you are going to pray for him. “My Lord, you have my prayers.”

He left you in the dark again, and you were left again with the company of his foul smelling hounds. After a while, a young maiden with a guard entered and offered her hand to you. “My Lady, let’s get you ready?”

You held her hand tightly, her uneasiness on your grip visible on her face, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, my Lady.”

You didn’t ask her to not call you her lady, because you liked it. Its been awhile since somebody said that. Been awhile for somebody to address you with softness and kindness in their voice. She led you into the familiar tower you haven’t seen in forever and was welcomed with a nice warm tub of water. She stripped you off your dirty clothing, and led you into the tub where she dropped lavender oil to lather into your skin. Lavender was always your favorite and you were thankful for it. The guard left you two and waited outside. The room was quiet and the splash of water was what filled your ears. You have always loved getting baths and they calmed you down.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked after she scrubbed you cleaned.

She gave a little smile, “Lord Ramsay commanded me.”

She gave you pretty clothes to wear. Even gave you a dark blue silk dress with pretty embroidery of flowers. She splashed more lavender oil on behind your ears, the nape of your neck and even in between your thighs. She left you in the chambers alone with a piece of bread and honey and some ale to bring it down. It has been awhile since you laid down in the mattress and so you slept through the clashing of metals and the shout of men downstairs to ready for battle.

A guard slapped you again left and right leaving a brighter and bigger cut on your lips for getting slapped often. You were used to the pain so you didn’t wince but you weren’t used to blood. “Get up and follow me.”

You followed him, his armor glistening. He opened a door and led you inside where few men with a hood on, sat in the middle of the room with their arms tied to the wooden chair. You were met by Ramsay and the heavy groaning of the bloodied men on the chairs.

“My sweet love.” He  whispered at your ear. “I won, and your prayers worked.”

“Of course, my Lord.” You said, quietly.

That was just enough for one man on the chair to scream Ramsay’s name. He shook until the chair creaked endlessly. “What game are you playing, Bolton?”

That voice. Jon, you thought. Is it Jon? That voice was undeniably his. That deep voice.

Ramsay walked over to the men and revealed their faces. One of them was Jon. You ran towards him and swept away all the dirt and blood on his face and you hugged him tightly. You cried and cried, because you his familiar face. Jon let out a few tears but that ended when his screams echoed throughout the room where Ramsay dragged you by the hair. Ramsay slapped your face, your lips visibly bleeding hard now.

“You touch her again, I will kill you.” Jon spoke, his voice deep and dangerous.

Jon’s threats didn’t work on Ramsay as he just laughed at how petty Jon’s threat was. You thrashed to get away from Ramsay but he held you harder by your hair that your scalp is burning already. “Now, come here.”

Ramsay thrashed you against the wall and kept you there for all Jon to see. He spoke to Jon, and his words killed you. “If I fuck her bloody, will you kill me?”

Jon’s eyes darkened and his scowl deepened. “I will kill you myself, Ramsay.”

“Try then, bastard.” Ramsay spoke and you can feel his malicious smile on your neck.

You thrashed around, and you even slapped him as hard as you can. He slapped you back and threw you at the wall. You cried when he took off your clothes leaving you cold and naked. He ripped your dress in half and stuffed it into your mouth. He undid his breeches and inserted you into him. He held your arms behind you back and you cried. Ramsay’s grunts and Jon’s scream filled the room. “Please, please!” You cried out. “Please, no!”

Jon at the corner of your eye, stood up with the heavy chair on his back and ran towards Ramsay and hit him. You and Ramsay fell down and you crawled away from him. Jon hammered Ramsay with the feet of the chair and Ramsay was sprawled on the floor, bleeding and his face broken. You cried out until Jon came and asked you to get rid of the rope. You did what he told you and once it’s done he hugged you and breathe you in. He cried into your hair and he clothe you back. The remaining men in the room was freed by Jon. They fixed themselves and you saw the deadly looks on their faces and armed themselves with whatever they can. The lot of them fled and the men downstairs were filled with the sound of ripping flesh.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Jon whispered, “I’m sorry.”

You cried at his shoulders, when he hugged you again. You broke away from him when you heard Ramsay groan. You broke the chair’s leg and you crouched down at Ramsay. You wipe the blood away from his eyes until you saw the grey and cruel eyes you’re going to bring back and forth to hell.

“My sweet love…” Ramsay started.

You hit him with all your might, his blood splashing all over your face and the sound of flesh making you hit him again harder and harder until the blood splattered at you. Jon held you back and wiped your face clean. All your anger broke down when you saw Jon’s warm eyes. The look on his face wasn’t enough to calm you down and remind you who you were. He hugged you again and whispered, “It’s done, Y/N. I am going to protect you.” It’s going to take all the kindness in the world to heal and bring you back again to when you were a mere lady born in Winterfell, with all the gentleness and grace stripped off of you when Ramsay took you and you killed him with all your wrath.


this ending is probs my fave ((idk why))

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They’re..Jotaro’s. See, when I first stayed at his house after my fleshbud was removed, Holly San told me to take off my uniform. I didn’t have anything to change into, so she ended up letting me borrow Jotaro’s pajamas from when he was fifteen.

Obviously when it was time to leave, I didn’t have any time to go home and get my own. So I ended up bringing them with me.

They’re slightly too small, which is why I keep the top few buttons undone. 

@ 5sos, why did you write if you don’t know, one of ur best songs and then let it die when u KNOW its a fan favourite?? it’s like you want me to unstan like I want you to want me this way i need you to need me to stay

Draconian Penance

(U)*comes back into the cave with an egg tucked under his arm* Helix! Hey Helix! I have some great news! I may have a Kobold egg!(U)

*comes out of the water* She isn’t here. I thought she was still with you…where’s your arm?

(U)We..uh..fought. And she ate it.(U)

And let me guess, she ran off after that?

(U)Looks like it.(U)

Alright. You gather up some people to find her. I’ll stay here and watch your egg. And ask Lizandra for a favor. If she’s blaming herself, and she almost certainly is, I have a plan of how to help her get over it.

(U)*places the egg down* Alright. You stay here with this. I’ll be back soon. Hopefully. Probably not. *runs off*(U)

So why did she bite off your arm again?

(U)*sitting beneath his horns* I insulted her parenting skills.(U)

I suppose that could cause tempers to flare. But it’s probably not the norm for humans.

*looking down at the ground* I don’t like it. It doesn’t feel like Helix. *shivers* Maybe she should have been turned into something Water based instead. Or Earth based. Fire isn’t working for her and I do not like it.

What’s done is done. And we need to find her before she hurts herself. Does anyone have her scent?

I think I do, but it’s faint. And smells sick. Like she hasn’t been eating.

((i’ve been waiting for thi s ah a))

“what the fuk what the literal fucking hell i don’t see why i have to be stuck here with these idiots
talking about u idiotic lion, problem child, and milkslut
dad please take me back home
possibly with ____ because shes one of the only good things on this damn ass filthy planet
and make sure that dui and shadow trash are okay
but other than that fuk this planet fuk everyone here i hate this like fuck this shit im out
damn why the hell did i have to sin i hate i dont deserve this all i wanted was some apples bu t no oO
king please read this and let me and ___ leave i happily stay in the heavens
the other gods can stay tho i dont care a bout them
((maybe huedhaut(not really tho) and dui can be returned too but not the othe r s dad please))
have i not suffered enough like damn
ur a fuking two faced bitch of king might as well call u gemini ((no offense tho dui
offense to u tho shadow trash))
ur an ass hole king and ur not my real fuking dad ya shady bitch”