why did u have to break up

dating peter parker would include...

dedicated to my harrison bestie anon in hopes it makes them smile :) also yes it’s really fuckin long i’m sorry i just love peter parker and have a lot of feelings

  • you actually hate to tell the story of how you two met because it’s mortifiying oh mygod
  • peter, however, loves to watch u blush about it even though it was only really embarrassing when it happened
  • taking the subway to school like every other day, you obviously had spent too many hours on the internet so u were tired as hell 
  • so tired you couldn’t grab the pole in time when the subway stopped
  • and you in an ungraceful manner, tripped, stumbled and fell
  • into his lap
  • his l a p 
  • you still get red cheeks when remember just how embarrassing it was
  • oh my god! i c-can’t believe that- i-i, i’m so so sorry- h-holy shit–
  • peter did find it extremely awkward but your mortified and blushing red face was so much more adorable 
  • n-no, it’s fine– d-do you want my seat?
  • o-oh no, it’s alright. i’d just like to crawl into a hole somewhere. sudden amnesia works too.
  • a cute girl with wit and oh my is that a nerdy shirt????
  • from them on, you had his entire heart 
  • yes i will totally be writing a full on imagine for this
  • you guys weren’t friends for long if u know what i mean 
  • like you had already face planted into his lap so you skipped most of the awkward interactions
  • you were kinda like ‘ah what the hell’ 
  • you did it while you guys were walking home together, like usual
  • hey peter, can you hold this for me?
  • yeah?” 
  • and you just grabbed his hand, grinning at him with wink 
  • cue the cutest blushing from peter 
  • peter goddamn nearly had a heart attack but couldn’t stop smiling the entire walk home 
  • he was really sad when he reached your building 
  • but then you stood on ur tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek so he wasn’t that sad
  • eventually kisses on the cheeks became kisses on the lips & it wasn’t official but you two just knew
  • let’s be real, peter is the worlds biggest dork so movie marathons are so common
  • i mean everything– star wars, back to the future, jurassic park, like man you name it 
  • and if u were a nerd too, then oH boy he would just be in a constant state of heart eyes 
  • he would be anyways but extra heart eyes if u geek out
  • c’mon pete, hurry that cute lil ass up! it’s rogue one!!
  • oh my god, please marry me right now.
  • you guys definitely try to quote movies as much as possible
  • i love you” ”i know *intense blushing* diD YOU JUST–
  • he has a such soft spot for when you guys marathon disney movies not that he tells you that
  • something about you lighting up & singing along makes him go !!!!!!! inside
  • no you two never perform disney duet songs together never ever have you done that why do u ask
  • (your favourite one to perform is hakuna matata because its a goddamn classic and peter gets so into it)
  • (breaking free from hsm is a close second because damn can peter hit those notes when he really tries)
  • peter parker is such an admirer like you dont even know
  • he could stare at you for hours and its pretty much what gets him through the day tbh
  • in fact, he has all your birthmarks and freckles committed to memory because shes so pretty i can’t deal with this
  • he blushes SO MUCH when you catch him staring
  • but lets be real, you were staring at him too
  • he blushed even more when he found that out because oh my fucking god she was staring at me do i look weird is there something on my face
  • but when you’re like no you goof, i’m admiring youu get 
  • he just never stops blushing 
  • he! would! try! so! hard! at everything 4 you
  • baking? hell yeah he’ll bake for u
  • singing? eh he’ll give it a go (but only for you)  
  • dancing? he hates it but he loves to watch u laugh and smile with him so he does it anyways (even if he sucks)
  • speaking of dancing
  • peter loves it when u dance
  • especially when you stay over and he wakes up to you dancing around the kitchen or his room 
  • his favourite is catching you off guard when you’re grooving to some 80′s song
  • babe– cutting himself off with his own laughter, i don’t think that’s dancing.
  • he loves to tease you about your funky dancing because seeing his girl blushing is like his second favourite thing
  • (the first being your smile because it completely melts his insides and everything is better when you smile at him)
  • you also love it when he’s teasing because all you have is pout and suddenly peter’s showering you in kisses 
  • peter is such a sucker for kisses
  • actually he’s such a hopeless romantic & lover of cliches like
  • constantly bringing you flowers he finds on nightly patrols? check 
  • stopping so you two can share a cutesy kiss in the rain? check 
  • dumb pick up lines that still make you laugh? check 
  • tbh you both do pickup lines
  • hey, hey y/n, are you the square root of -1? because you can’t be real 
  • he just giggles at you from the bed
  • except when you do it, its a different story
  • hey hey hey, peter 
  • hmm?” 
  • are you related to yoda? because yodalicious.
  • peter just falls off the bed 
  • you don’t even ask if he’s alright, you just cut straight to laughing at his reaction
  • s-shut up! this isn’t because of your pick up line!! i was startled! 
  • even though he’s trying to hide his face in a pillow, you can see his pink cheeks
  • sure, peter, sure. 
  • aunt may is both a blessing and a curse to both of you 
  • because she spills BOTH OF YOUR SECRETS
  • like you can’t ramble to her about peter because she will tell him everything
  • with you in the same room 
  • oh peter, you’re wearing that shirt? i know y/n loves it, she was talking just the other day about how she find it so hot– 
  • peter secretly really wants to know what you said about him 
  • but aunt may does it to peter too and he hates it
  • “seriously y/n, you should hear the things he says about you, i swear he’s turned into some lovesick–”
  • makeout sessions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you both l o v e them 
  • funnily enough, peter is the one who usually starts them 
  • hey y/n, you’ve got something on your face, let me just– *kisses you all over you face*
  • because he’s more than ahead in his classes, ‘study dates’ really means makeout not that you mind though  
  • peter loves kisses everywhere
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • eyelid kisses
  • back of the hand kisses
  • all the kisses
  • his absolute favourite kiss is the one he receives from you in the morning when you’ve stayed over
  • he’ll play with your hair softly and you’ll yawn & stretch and catch him gazing at you 
  • and you just smile and lean up and kiss him 
  • it never fails to make peters heart stop and when you pull away he just goes nooooooooooooo and pouts till you kiss him again 
  • it’s especially hard when you have to leave or part ways after school because peter turns into a needy lil boy
  • one more kiss! one more! 
  • peter you’ve said that seven times now!! 
  • you literally have to push his away, giggling and grinning, because otherwise he’s going to be late 
  • i swear to god parker, it’s only one class! 
  • and of course you know about him being spidey
  • you actually found out by accident 
  • you were searching thru his closest for something to wear when you stumbled across it 
  • tbh you thought it was a really dedicated costume at first
  • so you put it on and it was so fucking baggy man
  • hey peter! look at me, i’m the spider man! thwip thwip! 
  • except it was the real thing so 
  • y-y/n!! where did you find that??? 
  • don’t worry, i’ll keep your spider-man obsession a secret, peter.
  • but when you accidentally web peter’s hand to the wall, you figure out this suit is the real deal 
  • holy shit!! holy shit! you– you’re, this is the real, oh my god, you’re the spider-man!  
  • peter just panics because you’ve webbed him to the wall and he can’t actually do anything
  • no! no i’m not!
  • you freak out for like another minute before you gather your senses enough 
  • peter parker, do not play with me right now- are you spider-man?
  • would you believe me if i said it was a very detailed halloween costume?
  • after cutting him free, you squeezed him into the tightest hug because you were so goddamn proud of him 
  • but also because oh my god how many times had he risked his life and had you not known???? 
  • oh my god, this is so wicked i can’t believe you’re spider-man–
  • you can’t tell anyone! 
  • shh, you know i wouldn’t but holy god! you have to tell me everything
  • you’re not mad i didn’t tell you?” 
  • pfft, i’ll only be mad if you don’t tell me now.
  • yes i also want to make this an imagine
  • yes, you’re the one who patches him up which always ends in cuddles
  • basically you get to shower peter in constant love and affection because he would do that and more for you 
  • he’s just the perfect boyfriend??? 
  • i want a peter parker

she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

The Joker x Reader - “Apart”

When you sent him the invitation to your wedding, you didn’t actually expect The Joker to show up. But here he is and now you have to deal with the situation; you are usually such a good actress, but…this is different. Very different.

“You came,” a smile appears on the corner of your lips as J gets out of the car and the valet takes it away, leaving your ex in front of you with a wide smirk on his face.

“Of course I came, I wouldn’t miss this now, would I?” he opens his arms and you go to give him a quick hug. “Hi, Doll,” he quickly pecks your cheek and you hold him for a few more seconds before breaking the embrace. You didn’t spoke or touch each other in about half a year.  

You take a deep breath, analyzing him and start walking up the stairs towards the mansion while you try to keep the conversation going without getting awkward:

“You still look the same J,” you state the obvious and he snickers, amused.

“I never change; you should know that by now. Would you look at this place,” he struggles to impress himself. “It’s a fortress, took me a while to find it. At least I know my girl is well taken care of, hm?”

“I’m…I’m not your girl anymore,” you whisper, brushing off the weirdness of his statement, but you know he just talks like this all the time anyway.

“Right, thanks for the reminder,” he elbows you, scoffing, and you ignore what he just said and point towards the huge property, excited:

“Let me give you a tour.”

“Where is the groom- to-be? Can’t wait to meet him; he’d better make you happy otherwise he will have to deal with me,” he keeps on yammering and you take his arm, not reacting to the last part of his tirade, guiding him through the maze of the outdoor gardens.

“He is away with business; he will be back in two days for the wedding. You’re the first guest to arrive, the rest are coming tomorrow.”

“You sure hired a lot of people for the event, Pumpkin. I can tell it’s going to be a huge wedding.”

“It will be,” you giggle, watching everybody running around, setting up flowers and the humongous tent where the gathering will happen.

“Wow, I already like it, no expense was spared,” The Joker addresses you, witnessing a few things coming together in a very nice way.

“Miss Y/N,” someone approaches, “do you want more red roses or pink ones?”

“Red,” J answers and it pleases you. “It’s her favorite color.” You also nod a yes and the guy walks away, trying to count how many more to add now. “Who else is coming?” he asks, frowning when a waiter passes you by in a hurry. “ I don’t like the way that man looked at you, want me to take care of it?”

You start laughing, caressing his shoulder.

“Noooo, lets’ not do that, it’s all good.”

It surprises you how much effort you put into trying not to look nervous, you are usually such a good actress, but…this is somewhat different.

“A lot of people will come, you know some of them,” you show him the guest list on a nearby table. “Don’t worry, you’ll seat next to me so you don’t really have to small talk with the others too much. I know you hate that.”

“I sure do,” he grins, kissing your hand and you sigh, continuing to pace alongside him in perfect silence for a few moments.

“Oh, no, it’s starting to rain,” you point out, looking at the gloomy clouds. “Thank goodness the tent is up so it won’t rain inside; they can still continue to decorate, it really needs to be finished by tomorrow night. Let’s go in the mansion, I’ll show you what we got.”


As soon as he steps in and sees the crystal chandelier he looks in your eyes, puckering his lips:

“Same one we have at the penthouse!”

We had,” you correct him but The Joker didn’t get the fact you were referring to his statement involving the two of you. Or maybe he pretended.

“No, it’s still there, Doll. You always had good taste in decorating so I kept it.”

“That’s nice,” you avert your gaze, feeling your cheeks getting warm.

You walk him around, explaining what’s what, just like a well learned lesson.

“I’ll be damned,” he stops, stunned. “You kept it?!”

The enormous painting you two snatched from Gotham’s art museum two years ago is the centerpiece in the living room. He didn’t want to go because he couldn’t care less about stuff like that but in the end you convinced him to steal it together. You had it at the penthouse until…you left and took it with you. Now it’s here.

“You know how much I love it, Mister J,” you tease him by calling his full name, which you only did when he got in trouble. “I could never get rid of it.”

“I can understand that; I know your mind gets set on something and then you don’t let go,” he mocks, starting to walk upstairs.


“And, ummm… this is the master bedroom,” you present it, a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s so you, Y/N, I can see it everywhere. Look at the bed, reminds me of the one we have at the penthouse,” he points towards it and you fix his mistake:

We had.”

“No, it’s still there,” he continues and you are still not sure if he really doesn’t get what you’re saying, but you don’t want to insist on the issue. No point really.

“I wonder if…You do have a mirror here too!” he sits on the bed, looking up and sure it’s there. He lies down on the pillows, gesturing you to come by him and you humor him. “Remember ours?”

You scoot over by him, smiling and grab his hand, looking up at the mirror too.

“Yes, fun times. We had our moments, right?” you have to agree, turning your head towards him.

“U-hum,” he replies, taking your fingers to his lips and kissing them, absent minded. You squirm under his touch and have to break the spell J apparently is unaware he still holds upon you.

“Why did you push me away?” you suddenly ask, squeezing his hand tighter.

“I push everybody away, it doesn’t mean that’s my intent,” he replies and for once he sounds sincere.

“Hey, wanna see my wedding dress?” you hurry and get up, heading towards the walk in closet.

“Might as well,” he lifts his shoulders up, resigned. He doesn’t really want to see it but he can’t upset you now that you are finally on speaking terms again. It takes you about 10 minutes to get ready and step outside, anxious for his reaction.

“My God, Princess, you look so beautiful,” he has to admit, jumping from the bed, coming to meet you in the middle of the room. “Turn around,” The Joker suggests and you slowly spin so he can see your gorgeous dress. “I really like the gown, it suits you.”

“Thank you,” you mumble, playing around with the delicate fabric because you feel edgy.

“My Princess always looks beautiful anyway,” he unravels his silver teeth, chuckling.

“I’m…I’m not your Princess anymore J,” you step towards him, fighting with all the feelings inside of you.

“You’ll always be my Princess,” he simply states and then rolls his eyes. “Come on, you’re gonna cry on me? You know I always talk like this,” he makes fun of you, seeing your lips quivering but has to admit something makes him uneasy.

Fuck it all, you think, deciding on the spot and go kiss him which surprises The Joker and in the same time it doesn’t.

I’m not sure if I like diamonds anymore,” you clearly enunciate and he freezes with his hands around your waist.

This is the phrase you two decided to use when you were together as a warning for grave danger, just in case you couldn’t say anything else and you wanted the other to know something is up without getting busted.

“Well, that’s a first, Doll,” he lets you go, understanding someone is listening, carefully looking around as you put your finger on your lips, signaling him to be quiet. You point towards the corners of the room, quickly scribbling on a piece of paper that you stash in his pocket.

“Yes, I am so bored with diamonds these days,” you try to control your voice from breaking and you hug him tight, barely whispering in his ear:
“Run! A left, two rights around the stairs. Don’t take the car, just run!” and you drag him towards the door, peeking outside to make sure nobody is passing by. He has such an intrigued expression on his face and you cover his mouth, shaking your head as a no.

“Ssstttt,” you soundlessly shush him. “Don’t let anybody see you, they’re all undercover! Go!” you whisper one last time before pushing him away and he doesn’t linger anymore but signals you to follow.

You mutter a NO, watching him walk as he turns around one more time to see you in your wedding dress. He takes the corner and he’s gone.

What the hell is going on? The Joker wonders, carefully sneaking around, hiding behind a wall so he can read the piece of paper you placed in his pocket:

“I’m not at Arkham or Belle Reve, not sure where. Warn as many as you can not to come. After you get out, keep left under the trees until you get to the main road. Don’t let them catch you.”


It was a difficult break up, at least as far as you were concerned. You got sick and tired of everything and left because he didn’t seem to give a damn anyway. You were on your own for about a month when you got ambushed during a heist and couldn’t escape. You were taken to a place you haven’t been before and they were sure thrilled to see they got The Joker’s girlfriend; well, ex, but you didn’t tell them that part; they found out on their own.

You were sentenced to 40 years in prison but offered a deal: if you help the Secret Service catch the elusive Clown Prince of Crime and many others, your verdict will be reduced to only 10 years. It was such a sweet deal and they spared no effort in planning the perfect stakeout: for 3 months they put everything together, using your fake wedding as the bait: they wanted to get as many most wanted criminals as possible with minimum casualties, away from the public eye on that hidden property, rehearsing day and night to make everything seem like the real deal. They knew many would come to the occasion if you invite them. And you agreed, sure hoping J won’t show up. When he did, you didn’t want to care but things didn’t go as planned. You and your stupid feelings for him; you always pay for them no matter what.


Of course the deal went sour and they retaliated for what you did: your sentence changed to life in prison and you weren’t treated nicely, to say the least. You had days when you regretted your stupid decision, crying yourself to sleep in the dark, cold cell. And some days were better, hoping he might find you and get you out of there. Hours, weeks, months and then two years passed with heartbreaking solitude and doubt, and you finally realized The Joker will never save you.  Even if you helped that day, knowing him he probably hated you with passion after tricking him with that well devised scheme and he is not the one to forgive such transgression. Or maybe he just can’t find the location. You tried to cope but the thought of never getting out of there was slowly driving you insane. How you missed the outside world and the freedom of doing what you please.

And you missed him…You couldn’t get out of your mind that last time he looked at you. You wanted so badly to run with him, but had to stay behind to hold them up, pretending he’s still there for a while to give him enough time to flee…Like he appreciated the sacrifice…Too late now for remorse, yet you can’t hide from yourself.

You slowly chew on your bread, deep in thought, sitting on the mattress, examining your skinny hands. You got so much thinner due to the special menu and treatment you were subjected in the last two years. Fit for a Queen, as they like to laugh at you.

“Oh, great,” you pull out the piece of plastic out of your mouth, unnerved you are always given such disgusting food. This is where you usually stop eating, nauseated at the crap you find in the meals. You glance at it for a second before wanting to toss it on the floor when you notice something.

You have to bring it really close to your eyes since you are not allowed to wear your contacts.  

I’m here. Cover your ears,” you read and gasp, dumbfounded, having a hard time processing what just happened.

The loud explosion to the right wall of your cell throws you to the ground and your ears start ringing .You struggle to get up, covered in dust and debris, stumbling to keep your balance, dizzy from the blast.

You stare at the gap in your wall, seeing so many bodies moving around on the other side, not knowing what to do.

“Would you hurry up, woman?! I don’t have all day!” you hear the familiar voice and J creeps inside your prison, coughing and trying to move the flying ashes out of his way.

You can’t even move and stare at him wearing your favorite suit, starting to cry in a frenzy.

He sighs and comes in front of you, his blue gaze going up and down your body, growling when he realizes how scrawny you are.

“So you didn’t get married, hm?” he bites on his lip and you barely manage to utter, whimpering:

“N-no…” and you continue bawling , rushing in his arms and he hugs you, taking each other in for a few seconds. “You…you look the same,” you cry your eyes out on his shoulder, hoping you are not hallucinating from the meds.

“I never change, you should know that by now,” he purrs in your hair, ecstatic he found you. He’s been looking forever; my God you were well locked away or what?!

“Sir, we need to get out of here, they’re coming!” one of the mercenaries yells and J lifts you up in his arms, carrying you outside. The sun hits you and you hide your face in his chest, wincing in pain.

“My eyes,” you complain, wiping your tears and slowly readjusting to natural light, fastly blinking to make it better. “You can put me down, I think I can walk,” you turn his face towards you so you can see him.

“Queens don’t walk,” he grumbles, kissing your forehead, continuing to carry you.

“I really missed you,” you confess on the verge of crying again. “I thought you will never come.”

“Meh, I was bored staring at that chandelier all day,” he tries to joke and you sense his hands holding you tighter.

You sniffle, smiling for the first time in so many months and ask when he looks down at you:

We still have it?”

We do,” The Joker answers, walking faster as all hell breaks loose behind him.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I read your "Mc's Dad wanna talk" you are awesome...!!! Can you please Do RFA+Saeran+V meeting MC's parents who are protective of MC and couldn't trust the boys easily..

thank you so much!!

for those wondering which HC this anon is talking about, it’s here


  • as if he wasn’t already nervous enough
  • hearing the conversation MC was having with her parents over the phone a day before the meeting gave him soooo much anxiety
  • “It’s okay dad, I promise, Yoosung’s a great boyfriend. You’ll love him”
  • *indecipherable yelling*
  • “MOM! WILL YOU CALM DOWN? I’m not moving to another country.. I just want to move in with Yoosung.”
  • *more yelling*
  • “Oh my god, we’ll talk about this tomorrow. See you guys. Yea, love you. Bye.”
  • MC was rolling her eyes but Yoosung, this poor bb was freaking out
  • “Don’t worry, they’re just being overprotective- hey, are you okay? You’re sweating”


  • “MC do your parents think I’m a bad guy?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do they hate me already?”
  • “.. no”
  • “Do you think they’ll make me cut my hair-”
  • “Jesus Zen, it’s 3am. It’ll be alright. They’ll love you when they see you tomorrow, I promise.”
  • *the next day*
    • sorry idk what to put so^^ that’s what i’m going with
  • “Nice to meet you too…”
  • *pulls MC to a side*
  • “Honey, why are his eyes bloodshot? And why is he sweating? Did he not sleep last night.. what kinda of job does he have?!”
  • “He was too busy worrying about his impression on you two to sleep.”
  • this is Zen, probably:


  • she was sooooo stiff and cold
  • her hands were literal icicles that claimed to have fingers
  • “Greetings, I am Jaehee Kang, 26 years old, working at C&R International as the Chief Secretary.”
  • whoa whoa whoa what was that? it’s like she’s writing her CV
  • “Uh, yes, nice to meet you too”
  • MC’s parents are low key shook but also kinda like ????? okay so she’s a good person, check. a little strange but still formal so.. check. seems to have a legit career with good insight for her future, check.
  • after the dinner Jaehee was dead beat. She was speaking like a robot for the entire night and if that doesn’t tire you out well… you’re probably not human
  • “How do you think it went, Jaehee?”
  • sneak peek into Jaehee’s current state:


  • strict parents? no problemo
  • his own were a couple of crazy oldies
  • just gotta be polite
  • show them what u got
  • be formal with language
  • considerate, responsible, understanding, caring, loving
  • just gotta show them all these traits in 1 nIGHT
  • ok now he’s a little like OMG HYPERVENTILATING
  • “Jumin, you’ll be fine, just act like you normally do”
  • “So.. i can order people around and take Eliza-”
  • “right sorry”
  • someone send help he’s going to be expressionless the entire time
  • MC’s parents low key think he might have problems with his face muscles
  • but since he’s the next CEO of C&R… it’s okay
  • his background will make sure that he can’t do anything bad to MC without getting caught by the media


  • he’s whining like a baby
  • “I’ll go under one condition”
  • “that is?”
  • -_-
  • when he actually has dinner though he’s really well behaved
  • acts like a real gentleman
  • “Seven, why can’t you be like this at home too?”
  • SEVEN IS JUST STARING AT MC like duude what did we promise earlier
  • and MC’s eyes open wide upon realization at the statement she just made
  • oops i guess? haha .-.


  • MC can’t find him
  • he literally disappeared from her sight
  • after 2 hours of frantically searching their house
  • Saeran was hiding behind the laundry basket
  • “Saeran, we have to go, dinner’s at six”
  • he looks at MC with the puppiest of puppy eyes 
  • his lips a quivering, tugging at his sleeves nervously
  • who could say no to this little baby potato
  • “..fine, we’ll meet them another time. I’ll cancel the dinner-”
  • “NO”
  • what???
  • “… I’ll go.. I don’t want them to think I’m a bad boy afterall”
  • MC is beaming and all smiles omfg this boy is so precious what did she do to deserve him


  • he wasn’t scared of anything
  • not losing his sight or fighting bad guys or snakes like rika
  • but there was one thing he absolutely hated
  • confronting others
  • hear me out ok ya boi V here is a sweetheart who needs to be protected
  • but he gets blamed for almost everything that ever happens and homie please
  • this boy needs a break
  • so when MC tells him that she wants him to meet her strict parents who probably do not appreciate the fact that he can’t see shit
  • it scares him a little more than you’d think
  • like straight up he just doesn’t say anything for the entire ride to the dinner
  • he tries to gather his thoughts on how to act normal but his shaking hands say otherwise
  • he’s still polite though, during the dinner and all
  • after dinner: “Jihyun! look at this text my mom sent”
  • [He’s a keeper, honey~]

I hope that was okay :D

BTW yas i got 2 requests done today and it ain’t even 10pm (might sneak another one in before i sleep so look out for it!!)

~Cherry L.

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What I want Season 3 to have

- TONS of Cat Grant aka The Queen of The World™
- more James
- no Mon-El (not even mentioning his existence) or any new unnecessary white male character who takes screen time from the actually interesting characters
- also I want Lucy back (I seriously miss her, she was great)
- why did they break up with James exactly when he didn’t end up with Kara??? (Let them be together pls)
- Maxwell Lord could be also back
- more J'onn as Alex’s and Kara’s space dad
- S-U-P-E-R-C-O-R-P !!!
- pls no Sanvers wedding, they are literally dating for two months and they are not ready yet, don’t ruin it for them
- I also love Winn and he should have at least half of the screen time thanks


a rwby telephone game featuring

  1. me
  2. @azure-zer0
  3. @kumadraws
  4. @miss-nerdgasmz
  5. @ammietty
  6. @bonpyro
  7. @xuunies
  8. @kumafromtaiwan
  9. @booksandweapons
  10. @dashingicecream
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  12. @funblade

i took the burden of coming up with the starting image, i chose the theme Snow Ruby (like snow miku only ruby) we started before christmas so it explains the accidental christmas theme oops, (please right click idk what tumblr did but the quality died on some of them)

i made a lil story out of it:

Ruby purchases dolls of her teammates and plays with it before wrapping them up to give as a gift and weiss doll is having NONE of it and went rogue and probably breaks out blake doll and yang doll too and ruby is now telling weiss the story of how she acquired the dolls, weiss somehow not believing her tale and complains why is it her doll that went rogue and in the last scene u see the dolls showing signs of sentience. Also they changed outfits a lot, ruby likes to play dress up with the dolls

anway this was super fun and thank you everyone who joined!!

OT5 Whatsapp Group Chat 3/?

Read on AO3

Niall changed the group name to ‘Zarry is dead’

Zayn: wtf niall

Harry: heeeeeyyy

Louis: lmfao good one mate

Niall: too soon?

Niall changed the group name to ‘BF is not about Ziam!!!’


Niall changed the group name to ‘orange you glad im ur friend’

Harry: isn’t that my joke?

Niall changed the group name to ‘no fuck off’

Louis: MATE

Niall changed the group name to ‘ok sorry’

Harry: hey where’s liam

Zayn: sleeping

Zayn: under me

Louis: really

Liam: no im not!!!!

Liam: i was busy getting this guy here some burgers

Liam: honestly

Mrs. Liam Payne: well you could be sleeping under me

Mrs. Liam Payne: what a shame you’re not

Harry: lol i like that

Louis: what the actual fuck zee

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: hey don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

Louis: hazza not you too..



Louis: big word there

Niall: my ships are doing well

Niall: im a good captain

Niall: shut up lou u didn’t think comedic was a word

Mrs. Liam Payne: liam didn’t either

Mrs. Liam Payne: i thought id actually married an idiot

Liam: oh cmon

Liam: we weren’t even married then..

Liam: and while we’re on that topic

Liam: do u mind changing ur name back and maybe removing that shirtless pic of me from your display?

Mrs. Liam Payne: i think u look great baby

Mrs. Liam Payne: sexy santa is a Look

Liam: im gonna go kill myself

Louis: NO hazza

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: what did i do

Louis: i KNOW you’re thinking of changing your dp

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: aw cmon its fun

Louis: don’t u have people like cindy crawford in your list

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: well im only being a wonderful wife to you

Louis: oh god

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: you never appreciate me anymore

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: i’ve given u 3 beautiful children

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: and now that im all old and wrinkly its like you don’t even care anymore

Louis: lord give me strength

Mrs. Liam Payne: i hear her sometimes you know, going on abt how unhappy she is

Liam: hahahah zayn stop

Mrs. Liam Payne: hush you

Niall: wow im enjoying this

Niall: i wonder how much money i can make just selling these chats

Liam: a fortune

Liam: which u already have

Niall: no

Niall: im gonna sell these and use the money

Niall: to get myself something really unnecessary

Niall: like gold plated golf clubs

Mrs. Liam Payne: that’s already on ur wish list

Niall: and have any of u EVER gotten me it? NO

Niall: ungrateful bastards

Niall: i got u all married

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: no u didn’t

Liam: false

Niall: and now that zayn’s pregnant you cant give me what i want??? UNFAIR

Mrs. Liam Payne: you sound like you’ve been reading too much fanfic

Mrs. Liam Payne: to be fair so have i

Mrs. Liam Payne: kinky..

Louis: oh my god

Louis: hazza remember that one with the snooker table and the.,??

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: oh yeah i’ve got it in my recs

Liam: your what now

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: my recs on ao3

Mrs. Liam Payne: i KNEW you used to read fanfic whenever we went on long plane rides

Mrs. Liam Payne: but hey share ur faves with me

Mrs. Liam Payne: theres nothing new in the ziam tag

Liam: what the fuck

Liam: have i married into

Niall sent a link:
Time Magazine: Zayn Malik scientifically proven to be the world’s most beautiful man

Liam: oh

Liam: right

Liam: im so lucky :DDDD

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: do u just keep that around then

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: what else have u got then

Niall sent a link:
Buzzfeed: Here are 20 reasons why you should believe in Larry

Louis: aww look hazza its got pictures of us from 2011

Louis: did none of u think to stop me from wearing those god awful suspenders

Louis: im breaking up with all of u

Luckiest husband in the world: to be fair mate we were all shit at dressing

Mrs. Liam Payne: speak for yourself li

Mrs. Liam Payne: love you though :)

Niall: i love you all

Niall: intensely

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: we love u too ni!

veryspecificfantasies  asked:

my favorite horrible id fic is always abt BABIES. tommyjon somehow have to take care of two baby favreaus for a weekend!!!! tommy sings lullabies and lovett gets all messy with them doing fingerprinting!!!! Both of them wanna jump each other's bones but are too freaked out!!! tommy wants a FAMILY of Lovett n a kid n pundit!! lovett hooked up w tommy once and then promptly pulled away and ruined it to protect himself but now all these horrible feelings are coming back!!!! U KNO.

this is uh VERY late but I just remembered I wrote this one lunch break and HERE YOU GO: A BABY.


“Why did they ever let you learn to crawl,” Lovett mutters, crawling too, hands and knees after Daisy. She’s got Favs’ gleeful laugh and a head of fuzzy blonde hair and is frankly incredibly spoiled. Lovett points this out daily and Favs insists on saying ridiculous things like “stop buying her things then” or “this is on you, Lovett”. Please. Lovett knows at whom the roving accusation finger points and it is pretty much always Jonathan “soft touch” Favreau.

Ahead of him, Daisy squeals happily, locates one of Jon’s sneakers lost half under his couch, and yanks it out. She’s about to start chomping on it when Jon swoops it away.

“Shoes are not for mouths,” Lovett says, thinking wildly about all the statistics he’s read in secret about germs and how many times vulnerable babies put their dirty sticky fingers in their little mouths. “Don’t listen to Leo. Apart from when he eats Tommy’s shoes, that one’s solid.”

Daisy can’t understand him, obviously, but her face crumples. Jesus, how do Favs and Emily do this all the time? Lovett’s done one thing that’s made her cry and now he feels like he should be branded or something. Jon Lovett: Worst With Children.

“Don’t cry,” he says, “hey, hey, Daisy boo,” and sweeps her up into his arms. She fusses a bit, but settles when she gets her damp fist in his hair, pulling tight. “You know what,” Lovett says, “I respect that, you’re going for what you want. I’m going to be bald by the time you’re two but whatever. You do you.”

Tommy laughs from the doorway and Lovett jerks his head up.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he says.

Tommy shrugs. “You were busy.” He looks infuriatingly good like that, hip cocked against the doorframe even as his posture stays stupidly correct. Lovett has no illusions about what he looks like generally - fine, it’s fine - but hour three of babysitting with dust on his knees is probably not his finest moment.

Tommy’s looking at him weird though, the sort of soft crinkly eyed way he gets sometimes.

“What?” Lovett demands, shifting Daisy in his arms. “What are you staring at? Have I got something on my face? What?”

“Nothing,” Tommy says. He’s pinking up. “Did you know you’ve got baby food on your t-shirt?”

“Tommy,” Lovett says, wincing as Daisy’s determined grip tightens in his hair. “There is baby food everywhere. I’ve lost the kitchen. The baby owns it now; she’s covered it with blended carrots or whatever the fuck Emily left with us. What? Oh don’t look at me like that, she doesn’t know what we’re saying.”

“She might,” says Tommy, who has been doing his level best to watch his mouth around Daisy, with middling to hilarious results. “You don’t know. She’s very smart.”

The Way We Were

Tyler Joseph X Reader

Request: tyler and u dated in the past and you’re still really close and whenever u guys are together the fans say how cute u two are and it causes a fight between u both because it upsets jenna but then friendship-y fluff at the end!! love u!

You were walking down the streets of New York with your best friend, and ex-lover, Tyler arm in arm. Fans would casually come up to the both of you, asking what happened between the both of you, asking whether or not you guys were back together… people would tweet pictures of the two of you together, making comments like, “They’re still so cute together!” Or, “Why did they have to break up? LOVE IS DEAD!” type of things.

It wasn’t bad at first, but it started to get to your head. You wish you had the answers to give to the fans. They have been there since the beginning of your relationship, and now to the end of it. You didn’t even know why you guys had broken up. You broke up with him… Maybe because you thought he wasn’t happy with you anymore? Maybe it was because of the way you saw him when he was with Jenna. She was beautiful, kind, funny. How could he not fall for her? You thought it was best the two of you break up, and Tyler ended up being broken up about it for a while. You were too. He was the love of your life. He still is.

You were going with him to see the venue, and you couldn’t help but feel like this was just like before, when the two of you were together. Of course, he was married to Jenna now, and you even contemplated not going to the wedding. But he was still your best friend. And you couldn’t help but feel like it was your fault that you lost him. Then again, you thought it was inevitable. A part of you wished he didn’t move on that quickly. A part of you hoped that he would fight for you, fight for the love you had both grown for each other. But he didn’t. And you didn’t blame him. You couldn’t.

As you got to Madison Square Garden, you stopped and looked around the empty arena. You couldn’t believe it. They were finally here. They had made it. You smile slightly to yourself, then looked at Tyler. His hand covered his mouth, and you knew he was thinking the exact same things you were.

“I’m so proud of you boys. Of you.” you say softly, walking over to him.

“Thank you… I honestly don’t think I could’ve made it this far without you. You’ve been here since the beginning. You were here when I wrote the TB Saga…” he laughs quietly. Maybe he was still sad about the breakup. Maybe he had regrets too.

“Well, what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t support you until the end…?” you whisper.

He smiles and pulls you into a tight embrace. You take a deep breath, realizing that you still get butterflies whenever you’re with him. You put your head onto his chest slowly. You could feel his head moving, probably still looking at the venue that the band had sold out for two nights.

After a few minutes, you pull away from him and smile.

“Let’s get going. You have to pick your wife up from the airport, remember…?” you ask, a hint of disappointment hiding in your voice. You wanted this moment to last forever, but you knew that it would never happen.

He nods his head slightly, holding his arm up once again for you to take. You link your arm with his, and walk back to the hotel with him. He gives you one more hug before he takes a taxi cab to wait for Jenna at the airport.

You walk into your room and plop down onto the bed, sighing in frustration. Josh knew how you felt for him. He knew everything. You told him all your problems, and he supported you. You were thankful for that. You didn’t think you would be sane without Josh around.

He would tell you that he thought Tyler still had feelings for you too. After all, you were his first love. That person will always hold a special place in their hearts, right? Josh would notice that Tyler would oftentimes look through his phone at all the old pictures the two of you had together, smiling to himself as he scrolled through. Josh even thought he would cry sometimes in the tour bus after reminiscing for so long.

You wanted that to be true. But you knew he loved Jenna. You knew that things wouldn’t ever work out between the two of you anymore. Things were different. And as much as you hated it, you were happy if he was happy. That was a part of you that would never change. You really did love him. You didn’t know if you could ever find someone else you loved as much as you love Tyler. And if you really did love him, you would support him and be happy for him even if it meant you had to be in pain.

Josh knocks on your door quietly a few minutes later, and you take your time to get up and open it. You give him a small smile and step aside, welcoming him into your hotel room. You plop back down on the bed and let out a loud sigh.

Josh sits on the bed next to you and gives you a strange look.

“Have you seen the social media world today? The Clique is blowing up about you and Ty. They definitely miss you guys together.”

You sat up and grabbed your phone, seeing your Twitter newsfeed blowing up your cell phone. You close your eyes and toss it back onto the bed.

“I miss us too. But I screwed that all up. He seems happy. That’s all that matters.” you say as you pick at your nails.

Josh grabs your hands to get you to look at him.

“Yeah, he might be happy, but you aren’t, are you?” he asks sternly.

“I’m fine!” you lie.

“Don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I know when you’re lying.”

You scrunch your nose and look down at your hands again.

“So what…? I can’t just take back everything that’s happened. He’s married now. There’s nothing I can do about that. Even if I want him back.”

“No, you can’t. But you need to focus on your mental health too. Like I’ve said before, there’s always going to be a part of him that will always love you.”

You nod and put your head on his shoulder.

“Thanks Josh…” you whisper.

He wraps his arm around you and gives you a tight squeeze. You wipe your eyes a bit, pulling away when you hear yelling down the hall. You instantly recognize Tyler and Jenna’s voice, and you knew something bad happened. You get up from the bed and walk to the door, putting your ear on it.

“Jenna! I’ve already told you, there is nothing going on between us. I promise! You know we’re best friends.”

“Yeah, I know Ty but seeing those pictures of you two together makes me wonder sometimes! The Clique loves you guys together. You see the tweets and the comments they make. They want you guys back together! I mean do they realize that we’re married?”

“Oh come on! Why do you care what they have to say? I love you, you should know that!”

“Tyler, just… give me some space right now, okay? I don’t want to give you an ultimatum, but I know she still has feelings for you. And you need to sort things out with her, because I’m starting to believe that you still have feelings for her.”

You frown and look over at Josh.

“Even when I’m not wanting to mess things up I still manage to do so.” you say.

“Hey, you aren’t messing anything up. Jenna’s just… a little jealous. It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry too much about it, alright?” he replies calmly.

“Okay…” you spit out.

Josh gives you one more hug before he leaves your room. You grab the nearest pillow and scream into it, then continuing to throw it onto the ground. You didn’t know what to do anymore. It’s not even like you were trying to act like you were still a couple. The two of you were simply good friends. That’s all.

Shortly after Josh leaves, you hear a loud knock on your door. You close your eyes and scrunch your nose up because you knew what was about to happen. You tried to ignore Tyler outside your hotel room, but the man was persistent. Knock after knock, he then started to call out your name.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there. Answer the door, please.” he says quite loudly.

You groan silently to yourself and slowly walk over to the door, only opening it by just a crack.

“What, Ty….?” you ask. “I’m a little busy right now…” you say, trying to make him go away.

“No, you aren’t. You’re a terrible liar. Please let me in.”

You take in a deep breath and exhale, opening the door, finally letting him inside. He quickly walks in, seeing the frustration on his face. You weren’t quite sure what to do or say to him to make the situation better. It was an awful feeling, blaming yourself for what was going on in his perfect relationship.

Tyler sits down on the edge of your bed, his elbows resting on his knees, his face being covered by his hands.

You continued to stand, not knowing if you being close to him would trigger an outrage. You folded your arms and looked down at the ground, not wanting to speak first.

He finally looks up at you, the rage filling his eyes.

“Jenna’s mad at me.” he says. “She thinks you still have feelings for me. She thinks that I still have feelings for you.” his voice quiets down.

You look at him, the fire burning within you now.

“Well, do you still have feelings for me?” you ask, your voice raising ever so slightly. “Because god knows that I haven’t stopped loving you since we split. I don’t know what you want me to say, Ty. I can’t just stop having feelings for you. That’s not how that works.”

“I’m married, (Y/N)!” he retorts.

“You didn’t answer the question, Tyler.” you spit back.

He shoots you a glare and looks down at his feet.

“I’m always going to have feelings for you. But I’m married. And I do love Jenna. I really do.”

You look away, tears welling in your eyes.

“Yeah, I know you do Ty…” you say silently. “What do you want me to do then…? Leave? Because I can you just have to say the word. If that makes it easier on you and her, I’ll go. If that’s what makes you happy.”

“I don’t know what I want! Because no matter what you’re still my best friend and I don’t want to have to choose between the two of you!”

“Then I’ll make it easy on you. Just, forget we ever happened. Forget that we ever dated. Forget that we were ever a thing. Forget about us. I’ll leave, and I’ll move on with my life, and then you can move on with yours.” you say as you start gathering your things to throw in your suitcase.

Tyler frowns and grabs your hand, pulling you into an embrace.

“That is the last thing I would want. I don’t regret any of it. The only thing I regret is not fighting for you. I regret not doing everything in my power to make things the way we were. Instead, I think we’ve both been pretending to be okay. I want you to be in my life. I need you to be in my life.”

You pull away from him and shake your head.

“I don’t know how I can do that when Jenna despises me right now. I can’t keep pretending like I’m okay whenever I see you guys together. And I can only blame myself because I broke up with you. I gave up the one good thing in my life because I saw the way you looked at her. I didn’t think you were happy with me anymore. I knew you weren’t happy with me anymore. And even if you weren’t with Jenna and we were still together, you wouldn’t be happy. I can’t make you happy anymore.” you start to scream.

“You don’t get to decide what makes me happy and what doesn’t! That’s not your decision to make. You don’t get to assume things!” he yells.

“No, maybe not but the way you looked at Jenna was how you used to look at me!” you start to hit his chest. You felt like all your pent up emotions were now coming out all at once. You push him back from you and turn away. You sink to your knees and you start to cry on the floor, flashes hitting you all over again. Memories of the first few weeks after the split flooded your head, making you sob that much more. All the blame you put on yourself, all the hurt you put you and him through.

Tyler frowns and walks over to you slowly, sitting down beside you, holding you in his arms. He puts his chin on top of your head, then started to stroke your hair.

“I’m sorry….” he says quietly. “I didn’t know that you thought that I was falling out of love with you… that was never the case… I wish I could describe why I looked at Jenna that way. I wish we had talked this out. I really am sorry… I never meant to hurt you like that… that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.”

You pull away and shake your head.

“None of it was your fault. But I think I should go… After your performance… I’m going to take a break. You need to fix things with Jenna… and well… I need to be away from you.”I can’t keep faking my way through everything. I will always love you. I will always be here for you. But I just can’t be around you right now.”

Tyler looks at you with sad eyes and frowns.

“Please, (Y/N), don’t do this. Please.”

You purse your lips and close your eyes tightly.

“I have to, Ty. For my own sake. I’m going to go stay with some friends. And then I’m gone after this weekend.”

You get up from the floor and continue to throw your stuff into your suitcase. You wipe your eyes as a helpless Tyler watches. You zip up your luggage and look over at him.

“See you later, Tyler.” you say and give him one last kiss on the cheek for a while. You walk out of the room, leaving Tyler alone. He sits back on the bed, in disbelief of what just happened.


Did he just lose his best friend? The one person that he’s loved for ages? The girl who has been by his side through thick and thin? He gets up and walks back to his room with Jenna, his eyes puffy and red.

Jenna looks up from the TV, frowning when she sees Tyler’s expression.

“What happened, babe…?” she asks as she gets up from the bed.

Tyler doesn’t look at her.

“She left. She’s gone.” he responds with a monotonous tone.

She frowns and holds him in her arms.

“I’m so sorry, Ty. I never meant for that to happen between you two… I didn’t know that this would’ve turned into such a big argument. I’ll talk to her… I promise.”

Tyler just nods his head and walks over to the bed, laying down slowly, closing his eyes. He wanted things to only be a dream. He wanted this whole situation to go away. He didn’t want to lose you. Not after all these years.


After the show was over, Tyler ran backstage, hoping to find you there. But you were nowhere to be found. He frowns and looks over at Josh who shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Ty. I don’t see her. She might just be making her way backstage…” he says as reassuringly as he can.

Tyler nods his head and walks back to the dressing room.

You looked up when you heard him walk in. You stand up from the couch and look at him, a small smile on your face.

“Hey, Ty….” you whisper. “I’m proud of you guys. That show was incredible. Everyone loved it.” you say. You pause a bit before continuing. “I have to catch a flight… I don’t know how long I’m going to be gone for. I don’t know when I’m coming back.” you start, tears forming once again. “But um… know that I still love you, and know that I’m always going to support you, and know that I’m always a call away… and remember that me leaving is not because I hate you. It’s because I love you. And I want you to be happy. But it’s so hard for me to just be friends with you anymore. Because I’ve been longing for the day when we could go back to the way we were. It’s time I let this go.” you say before pushing past him. You walk into the hallway before being stopped by Jenna.

You frown and look away from her.

“Look, I’m leaving. You don’t need to worry, okay?” you say quickly before trying to sidestep her.

Jenna steps back in front of you and grabs you.

“Please don’t leave. Tyler needs you here. He will go insane without you. Look, I know he still has feelings for you. I know that. You were his first love. And I can’t blame him. You are an amazing woman, (Y/N). I got jealous. I’m jealous of what you guys have. You have a relationship with him that even I don’t have. I’m begging you….” she says as a tear rolls down her cheek.

You stare at the ground and take a deep breath.

“I need to do this for myself, Jenna. For once in my life I need to focus on me and my mental stability. I appreciate you trying to talk me out of it, but I really have to go…” you croak.

You move past her and wipe your eyes before being stopped again by Josh.

“Were you going to leave without saying bye to me?” he asks before holding out his arms.

You smile a little and walk into his open arms, hugging him tightly.

“I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.” you whisper into his chest.

“You’re trying to heal. That’s what you’re doing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not going to try to convince you to stay, but just think about it. I know things are sucking now, but things always get better. They always do. As much as I know you want to be alone for a bit, I know you well enough that you will go crazy without seeing Tyler at least once a week.”

You laugh a little and rest your head on his chest.

“I hate that you’re always right.” you sob. “What do I do?” you ask after you pull away.

“As cliche as this sounds, you do what you feel is right for you.”

You give him a blank stare.

“That doesn’t help me, Josh.”

He sighs and looks at you sternly.

“You really want my personal opinion?” he asks smugly.

You nod your head and fold your arms.

“Well, I think you should stay. I think it’s best you and Tyler heal the relationship together.”

You drop your bags and look at him with defeated eyes. You lower your head and sob quietly to yourself. You make your way over to the wall to get out of people’s way. You slid down and hid your head in your knees.

You take breaths to calm yourself down. You hear footsteps approach, but you didn’t care to look up.

The figure sits down beside you, and you get curious. You peek a little and crack a smile when you see Tyler. He smiles back at you and wraps an arm around you.

You rest your head on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Ty…”

“I’m sorry too.” he says before kissing the top of your head.

anonymous asked:

hey can u remind me why did Thor and Jane break up?

It was never actually explained. In  Ragnarok there was a scene (spoilers) where Loki and Thor are in New York. Fans come up for a picture, and tell him “Sorry Jane dumped you” or something close to that. Thor then says “he dumped her”, but then looks and Loki and says it was a “mutual dumping”. My thought is that they just axed her character, because they wanted Thor to have someone more like him (insert Valkyrie).

I Can Imagine This Happening (Text Message)
  • Ashton: Luke where the hell are you?
  • Luke: Why the fuck do u care?
  • Michael: Lucas what's going on with you lately?
  • Calum: I tell u what's going on with him Mikey. That rat is going on
  • Luke: don't call her that
  • Ashton: I saw you smoking the other day luke
  • Luke: So does Calum
  • Michael: Yeah well. He is older than you
  • Luke: You know what Michael? Fuck you
  • Michael: Luke something is up with you
  • Calum: Arzaylea is up with her
  • Luke: Don't talk about my girlfriend you asshole
  • Ashton: Don't call him that
  • Michael: You are breaking people's heart Luke
  • Luke: Are u sure you have a heart?
  • Calum: don't go there Luke
  • Luke: It was fine with you breaking up with Abigail and you say that you have a heart?
  • Ashton: Watch what you write Luke
  • Luke: why should I do that
  • Michael: Just come to the damn show Luke okay?
  • Calum: You know what? Don't come
  • Ashton: Calum?
  • Calum: I don't wanna be in a band with a boy that is being usen
  • Luke: lol
  • Ashton: what da heck
  • Michael: did you just write lol you peasant?
  • Luke: I wrote all of this
  • Ashton: Yeah we know that Luke
  • Luke: My name is Arzaylea
  • Calum: More like Satan
  • Michael: You bitch
  • Luke: Luke just got really high and fell asleep, he was really horny
  • Calum: No details
  • Ashton: You have problems
  • Luke: My friends and I have problems
  • Michael: Are they your real friends whore?
  • Calum: Michael don't
  • Luke: I am gonna tell all of this to Luke
  • Ashton: Hey Luke! I just locked in to your phone and texted bullshit to your friends and they cursed at me! Boo hoo.
  • Luke: No, I'm gonna twist the story a little bit
  • Calum: You really are Satan
  • Michael: Where are u?
  • Luke: Your place
  • Michael: My fucking god
  • Calum: This is all fucking ridiculous
  • Ashton: Luke is not good at choosing female rats

narcissistnech  asked:

Do u think less ppl would hate toni if she wasn't trying to romantically move in on jughead?

I mean I hate to say this but probably. 

I was honestly just looking forward to Jughead having a real true friend that’s a bad ass. I actually wasn’t really mad at her character and I was excited for some bi representation and I’m just really frustrated that they’re using her to create a love triangle. 

Why couldn’t their break up just have been sad because of the circumstance with the black hood? Why did they have to throw Toni in there?

I also just thought Toni would be smarter than that? Like she could clearly see how emotionally vulnerable he was and she went in for the kiss anyway. I get that she may have developed feelings I mean honestly it’s Cole Sprouse who wouldn’t but I’m just very confused by that. Isn’t there some moral girl code to wait at least just a little? He was beaten and sad and broken and emotional and she took advantage of that and I think that’s the main reason I don’t like her right now. I’m also kinda mad Jughead let her but that’s another story. 

She could still be redeemable in the future and we won’t know the meaning of what happened until next week but I really fucking hope Jughead doesn’t do anything he’ll regret later. Just imagining him finding out that the reason Betty did that was because of the black hood and then he has to deal with the guilt of kissing Toni breaks me.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling but the short answer is yes, I do think less people would hate Toni if she didn’t make a move on Jughead. She should have just been a comforting friend in that moment and she took it to a level that it did not need to go to. 

Zollie fans deserve better 💕

I genuenly think that after 2 years of being fucked around, it shouldn’t of ended hoe it did. Like, Ok, fair enough, Camilla wanted a break… But that doesn’t mean that Zosia had to take the rings off, Ollie didn’t have to loose his and be like “If it shows up, it shows up” because… That’s not Ollie???! Ollie should be at home watching Downtown Abbey whilst he puts off watching the rest of Game Of Throwns because he’s waiting for Zosia to come back. He’d be the kinds guy to put a load of pillows into the shape of a human and cuddle it at night… Yes im grateful for the mentions of Zosia but would it hurt for a text message? Anyway, besides that, lets talk YOUTUBE… Season 17, 18 & 19 zollie scenes are being deleted and ¾ are already gone. Like I tried to upload the wedding eps scenes onto yt earlier and within 50 SECONDS BBC copyrighted it… Im sorry, but wtf do u want me to do now?

Man it feels like they r try a erase zollie like it never existed 😭

anonymous asked:

may i ask why did u break up?

i’m worst person in this world to have a relationship, and i have mental problems, idk i’m hurting everyone all the time, i’m can be the coolest friend but i’m not prepared for serious relationships now, idk

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An extremely overdue Phichit E2 and Baz A3 for @forgetmenotsandroses (simon is coming soon, i promise!!!!)

idk what you’re talking about i totally did not put this off because i know you’d be fine with it dhsjdj

also, i’ll may be taking a break from art because yours truly woke up one day with a fucked up forearm AGAIN WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING but this time it only hurts if u stretch in a specific way or u press it and i have no self-preservation…

beyonce song asks
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  • ring the alarm: do you get jealous easily?
  • irreplaceable: do you know any people who you wish you didn't?
  • upgrade u: have you ever dated anyone even a little famous?
  • halo: have you ever met someone who changed your life dramatically?
  • single ladies: have you ever tried to break up a relationship between other people? why? did it work?
  • love on top: do you like the idea of meaning the world to someone?
  • run the world (girls): what's the greatest amount of power you've had at once?
  • dance for you: do you like dancing? can you do it in public?
  • best thing i never had: was there something that meant a lot to you in the past, but now you feel indifferent to?
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  • end of time: what's the longest amount of time you've been attracted to a person?
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