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For my dear @edierone, in response to her fantastic prompt: “The directions were unclear, but they’ve clearly missed a turn or something; they’re miles away from where they were supposed to be, and definitely going to miss the last flight out.”

Title: Parking

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

Timeline: Season 7, post Rush

A/N: Mega-thanks to @piecesofscully for giving it the once over and correcting my mistakes. I swear to God, I will one day learn where commas go and when to capitalize or not capitalize things…


The busy expressway they had been barrelling down has slowly transitioned and narrowed into a one lane highway. Scully adjusts her speed, guiding the silver Taurus along a soft curve through the thick Virginia forest. Mulder is quiet in the passenger seat, an unopened bag of sunflower seeds sitting untouched in the cupholder as he gazes at the passing trees through the window. He jumps in surprise at the gentle touch of Scully’s hand sliding over his knee, the soft caress startling him out of his reverie.

“Sorry. I guess I zoned out there for a little bit, Scully.”

Scully smiles, her eyes jumping back and forth from his face to the bumpy country road. “I said I think I might have missed a turn or an exit some ways back. Can you check the map?”

Mulder nods his head and reaches for the glove box, digging through receipts and paperwork.

“You ok, Mulder? You’re awfully quiet. You haven’t said much since leaving the hospital.”

Mulder speaks as he unfolds the map. “Sorry, I uh, I guess I’ve just been lost in nostalgia. This case has me reminiscing about what it was like to be a teenager, the desire to always be older and faster, the excitement for new stages of life, the angst. I think you should turn around up here.”

Scully slows down and checks the surrounding traffic before swinging the car into a U-turn.

“Do you miss it?” she asks.

“What?” he asks as he studies the Virginia state map.

“Being a teenager.”

He looks up from his lap to ponder the question before responding. “No. Yes. No.” Heaving a sigh he looks at her and shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know. Do you?”

“Hmm.” She pushes a lock of hair out of her eyes and adjusts grip on the steering wheel. “I miss the lack of responsibility, but I certainly don’t miss the tumultuousness of that time.”

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Imagine Chris being a supportive fiancé. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C is here, wooooooo! Oh man, so excited for y’all to read this one. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B)

As you walked out of the Starbucks to wait for Chris’ car to pull up, you spotted a paparazzi across the road taking photos of you. You tensed up and quickly dropped your head, wishing you’d brought your Yankees cap and sunglasses. But no, you just had to look professional for a meeting that didn’t even happen. You turned your back on the paparazzi and glanced at your phone, checking the time. You didn’t know where Chris’ meeting was or how long he was going to take, you didn’t know he was just down the road and was moments away when a car beeped at you. You turned as Daniel rolled down his window, “do you need a ride somewhere?”

“Chris is coming to pick me up,” you told him then scanned the vicinity. Your eyes caught the paparazzi happily snapping photos of you from afar and you felt like throwing up. “But he’s not here yet and there’s a paparazzi across the road and-” You huffed, knowing what kind of trouble you’d get yourself in if you got into his car. “Can you drop me at school?” You asked anyway; you couldn’t say there a second longer. “I’ll walk back to my old apartment from there.”

“Sure,” he nodded and you got into his car. You clicked on your seatbelt and he pulled away from the curb as you started to text Chris. “Tell him about the paparazzi while you’re at it, see if his management team can do some damage control before this car ride hits the front page.”

You were halfway through typing when Daniel beeped his horn and slammed on the brakes. Your body jerked against the belt across your chest and you looked up, smiling when you saw your fiancé’s car taking a park across the street. Chris got out as Daniel’s car pulled up next to the curb, waiting beside his car watching while you thanked your old professor for the help. Chris waved at Daniel as he drove away, raising a brow at you as you crossed the road.

“There was a paparazzi taking photos of me.” You explained and he sighed, feeling both guilt and empathy towards the uncomfortable situation you were constantly put in due to your being with him. “Professor Killian was at Starbucks and he offered me a ride, I didn’t know how long you were going to be.” He shook his head to let you know he didn’t care, then hugged you. “It didn’t go well, Chris.” You thought of lying, but you realized there was no point. “I didn’t even get past reception, they were all so mean.” You mumbled into his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist and engulfing yourself in his warmth and comfort.

“I suspected as much,” he whispered when he kissed the top of your head. “I’m sorry, Y/N,” he gently drew back, looking down at your face. “I should’ve done some research before I sent you to Geoffrey Davis, apparently he’s a bit of an asshole.”

“His receptionist is a total bitch too,” you huffed then laughed when Chris chuckled, squeezing your cheeks in his hand. “I’m glad you’re calm, I was a little afraid you’d get the Avengers to assemble.” You joked and his lips quirked in a smile. He was glad to see you weren’t taking the rejection too hard, but how could you when you had him in your life? He was perfect and capable of always making you feel better, drawing a smile from you even in your darkest days.

“Oh, I’m plotting a revenge,” he nodded and you giggled. “I’m just trying to think of something that won’t tarnish our reputation, ‘cause I think we’re better than that. But believe me, sweetheart. I am furious right now, I fighting every instinct to go in there and fuck shit up. My hand is itching to call someone higher up to kick him and his receptionist’s uptight, snobby ass to the curb.” You cupped Chris’ growing angry face in your hands, calming him down. “But I am not doing any of that because I am better than that, and like your mom would always tell you- those who whisper are scarier than those who yell.” He said and you nodded, smiling. “So screw 'em,” he grinned. “It’s their lost, you’ve got a better offer waiting.”

“Yeah,” your eyes narrowed in confusion, “what do you mean by that? What did you mean when you texted 'someone wants your story’? What story?” You asked and he bit back his smile, beckoning you into the car with his head. “Why can’t you just tell me now?” You chuckled as you walked around to your side of the car. “Where are we going, Chris?”

“Your old apartment,” he answered, pulling his car away from the curb and making a U-Turn. “I texted Seb and Ava to meet us there, I have a feeling you’re going to want your best friend around when you hear the great news.”

• • • • • • • •

“Oh my God!” Ava screamed, jumping up and down excitedly when the words 'the head of production at Sony Pictures said she’d buy our love story’ left Chris’ mouth. “Y/N!” She grabbed you by the arms and continued jumping, forcing you to do the same jump. You jumped, but there was no excitement as you were still trying to process what Chris had just said. “This is amazing, someone wants to buy your story!”

Chris smiled as he watched your best friend flip out over the news, but his smile faltered when he saw the expression on your face. Or rather, lack of expression, which worried him a little. Were you not happy with the news? Did you not hear him properly, or did you not understand what he’d just said? Were you upset because he went behind your back? Why weren’t you reacting like Ava did? You’d always told him about how you wanted your mini series to become something, and while that particular one wasn’t becoming something- Emilia still wanted a story similar to that; a romance that involved you and him. You should’ve been flipping out too, a big production company basically wanted a spin-off of your mini series; a dramatic, enticing, realistic, life-like experience that you would have no problem writing and nailing considering it was the last three years of your life.

“Oh wow, that is amazing,” Sebastian grinned. “Congratulations, Y/N.” He said and both he and Ava hugged you, you hugged them back with eyes narrowed at Chris. You were still confused as to what Chris had done, though shocked was the more appropriate word. “This must be a dream-” Before he could even finish his sentence, you interrupted.

“Chris, can I speak with you in private?”

“Uh oh. That’s not uh…” Ava pressed her lips together and took Sebastian’s hand; he had his lips tightly pressed together too. “That’s not a tone you want to stay for.” You heard her whisper to her boyfriend as she led him down the hall. The second her room door close, the conversation started with a serve from Chris.

“I don’t understand, Y/N,” Chris looked slightly hurt by your reaction. “I thought you’d be happy.” You sighed and sat down on the couch, patting the empty spot next to you. “I know I went behind your back,” he began, sitting down where you’d told him to. “But I did it with good intentions, you didn’t believe in your mini series and I-”

“No, stop. Stop, Chris.” You hushed him, taking his hands. “Baby, I’m not mad and I don’t need an explanation. I know you did it for me and I am very, very grateful. I just-” You sighed and he tilted his head, brows furrowed with confusion. “I don’t want to write about us,” you explained and his confusion increased; what had you been doing for the past almost three years? “Not with the truth, Chris,” you shook your head. “It’s too personal, I don’t want to share details of our relationship with the public. I don’t want-” You corrected yourself, “I can’t write about us.”

It suddenly dawned on him that you were right. He was so excited about the possibility of you achieving your dream, he didn’t think about the consequences paired with the decision he’d left you with: sell out your relationship for international success. You were right to decline, smart- unlike him. If you were to write about the relationship, about how the two of you met and became a couple and fell in-love- the world would be allowed inside your personal relationship. They would know everything that happened; your whole relationship’s intricacies. He didn’t want to share that with anyone- how you met, your friendship, when you fell in-love, the letter he wrote you, the notebook you wrote him. Those memories created together were yours to keep, not for the whole world to watch, relive, and criticize. It was too special, you were too special.

“I um…” He withdrew his hands and leaned back against the couch. “How did I not think of that?” He mumbled to himself, swallowing. “I am so sorry, Y/N,” he turned to you and you gave him a small smile. “I should have never gone behind your back, we should’ve talked about this before I- I fucked up, I am so sorry.”

“Hey, no,” you placed a hand on his knee. “You didn’t do anything wrong, you were just being a supportive fiancé.” He managed a small smile; he could’ve done that all day. “I know you want me to become something big, but I can’t use our relationship as a step towards that. How we got together, our love story? It is a great story, but it’s ours.” He nodded, playing with your hands. “I knew this would happen, that’s why I didn’t want to pitch the mini series.”

“But then I decided to be a smart-ass and went behind your back.” He pursed his lips and you chuckled softly. “So now you and our love story- you are both on the radar.” You narrowed your eyes and prompted an explanation with your facials. “Emilia wants the story, she thinks it could be an international success considering it’s the kind of love story every fan girl dreams of.” You felt your heart ache; you didn’t want to sell out your relationship, but international success sounded so good. “She’ll want first grabs, but she’s very particular when it comes to telling a story right. If you don’t like her, she’s got a few friends over at Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century Fox and- I don’t know, a few places, that she can get to meet with you.”

“Would she be willing to see my other pieces?”

“Yes,” he nodded and you smiled, then sighed when he said, “but not before she tries to convince you that our love story is the story you need to tell first. Look-” He cut himself off, sighing, because he was conflicted too.

Chris wanted you to find success, he needed you to achieve that dream of becoming a renowned screenwriter so he could achieve his dream of marrying you. But getting married wasn’t the only reason he wanted you to do this, he believed in you and your ability to create and inspire. Your love story was amazing, and if something as unrealistic and perfect as your mini series had the power to touch the hearts of those who read it…Wouldn’t a more realistic love story, one that had flaws like every other relationship in the world- wouldn’t it touch more hearts? Wouldn’t it teach better lessons, like how one should take a chance and not settle when it came to love? Were the two of you being protective, or selfish if you didn’t share that lesson with the world?

“Why don’t we just meet with Emilia and hear what she wants?” He suggested and you shook your head. “Y/N-” he huffed. “I know, I don’t want to let people into our relationship either. But this is a huge opportunity for you, this is a path you’ve been searching for. Are you telling me that now that we’ve found it, you don’t want to walk it?”

“I’m not going to walk it if it means I have to sell out our relationship, Chris.” Both your agitated tones meant that it was starting to become a bit of a fight. “I want success, yes. But I don’t want success like this,” your eyes started to sting as tears filled them. “I told you, I don’t need to be a famous screenwriter to be happy. I have you and-”

“What are you so scared of?” He reached for your face and brushed away the tears rolling down your cheeks. “We’re just meeting with her, we can discuss how we want to go about it. You’re the writer, the creative director- you can change it, you don’t have to write our relationship word for word. She just wants a story like ours, not our story exactly.”

“No,” you shook your head, sniffling.

“What are you so scared of, baby?” He asked again. After two and a half- almost three years of knowing and being with you, he knew it was fear stopping you for taking up the biggest opportunity of your life. Fear of what, however, he couldn’t tell. It was more than just not wanting to sell out your relationship with him because like he said, as the writer- you had control over what you wanted in the story. “Talk to me,” he gently urged. “Let’s work it out.”

“What if it becomes too much for you and you don’t want to be with me anymore?” You asked and started crying even harder. Chris frowned then chuckled softly as he hugged you, stroking your hair. “I don’t want you to hate me, Chris. This is our relationship I’m going to be writing about, you are an incredibly private person and-” You choked on your tears, sniffling. “I don’t want to lose you,” you mumbled as you wrapped your arms tightly around him.

“You are not going to lose me,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “Never ever,” he drew back and cupped your face in his hands. “Do you hear me? Never ever, not even if it becomes too much because you are the person I need when it becomes too much.” You managed to chuckle even through your tears. “I want this for you and I trust you to go about it the right way, you are just as private as I am- I have no doubt you’ll write carefully and brilliantly. International success, Y/N,” he reminded you and a small smile played on your lips. “I can’t ask you to give that up, what if it becomes your biggest regret and you don’t want to be with me anymore?” He teased your concern, dragging your smile wider.

“My biggest regret will be not marrying you as soon as possible,” you leaned forward and kissed his lips. He smiled, thumbs brushing your wet cheeks as he kissed you back. In the hallway, Ava and Sebastian high-fived because they’d heard the whole conversation after pretending to enter her room by closing the door loudly.

“So?” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and held it up for you. “Are we doing this? Are we going to call Emilia?” You nodded and he started to dial, only to have you stop him. “What?” He narrowed his eyes when you took it from him. “I thought you said you wanted to do this?”

“I do,” you nodded, smiling. “But not before I marry you.” Tears welled in both your eyes simultaneously; Ava and Sebastian silent screamed at each other in the hallway. “It’s June now, and we’ve always said we wanted a September wedding so…” You trailed off, hoping he’d catch your drift. “I know it’s a lot of work to do in a fe-” He pounced on you, kissing you as you both fell back onto the couch.

“WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” Sebastian and Ava jumped out of the hallway, cheering. You and Chris broke the kiss and turned to them, laughing. “We have so much to do,” Ava told you. “Holy crap, I’m the maid of honor so I have so much to do. Oh my God oh my God, Y/N-” She started towards you only to have Sebastian catch her wrist in his hand. “What are yo- No…” She breathed when Sebastian descended to one knee, pulling a small black box out of his back pocket.

“Oh my God,” you gasped, feeling your smile reach your eyes.

“Fuck yes, Sebastian Stan!” Chris whooped, chuckling when he brushed your gaze.

“I know I haven’t exactly been vocal about marriage, but I think we both know I didn’t have to be because everyone knows you are the love of my life and marriage was always in the picture.” Ava chuckled nervously, vision blurring as she looked down at the love she thought she’d never get. “These two years- they’ve been life changing. Every day I spend with you, I realize there is no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.” He opened the little box, revealing the most beautiful princess cut diamond ring from Harry Winston. “I told Chris I’d propose when he decides to get married, so thank God he decided today because- I don’t think I can wait any longer to be engaged to the most amazing, beautiful, and talented girl I’ve ever met. So will you-”

“Yes,” Ava nodded vigorously. “Yes, Seb, yes.” Sebastian smiled wider than he’d ever smiled before as he slipped the ring onto Ava’s finger. “Oh my God,” she helped him to his feet and they shared a very lovely, post-engagement glow kiss. You and Chris both smiled at each other; he got off you and onto his feet, pulling you to yours. “I love you, Sebastian Stan,” Ava whispered, resting her forehead against Sebastian’s.

“Oh my God, here comes the tears.” You said as you and Chris walked over to the newly engaged, hand in hand. Chris chuckled, squeezing your hand; he was trying not to start crying himself. “We’re getting married,” your shaky voice reconfirmed with Ava when she turned to you. “Oh my God,” you both pulled away from your partners to hug each other, “congratulations, babe. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

“This happened because of you,” she reminded you and you chuckled. “Thank you for everything.”

“Thank you for finding me on Tumblr four years ago,” you smiled at her as the two of you broke the hug. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t. I wouldn’t be here, that’s for sure.” She smiled, squeezing your hands. “I love you,” you chuckled, hugging her again. “God, I love you.”

“Save that love for Chris,” she chuckled when she saw Chris roll his eyes, pretending to be annoyed. “Or should I say, your husband in three months.” You pulled away from Ava and rejoined Chris’ side, smiling at him when he wrapped an arm around you. “Speaking of,” she turned to Sebastian. “It’s our turn to have a long engagement, I don’t how long but definitely way after their wedding.” Ava said and Sebastian nodded, chuckling in agreement. “There is simply too much to do,” both their gazes fell back on you and Chris, smiles on both their faces, “for the lovely future Mr. and Mrs. Evans.”

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Ballroom Night

Daredevil Imagine
Character: Matthew Murdock
Reader: Female
Word Count: 2,382
Warning: Smut, extremely hot waltzing, swearing, very fluffy ending.

Author’s Note: I know it’s long but I hope you like it!!!!! Hope you wanted fluff, smut, and fun! toratoratoramikey

“To Nelson and Murdock!” Foggy says as he holds up his glass.

“AND,” Matt starts,“both of our beautiful assistants.” I know he can’t see, but I swear he could sense my blush.

“I’m glad we decided to hire you Y/n. One assistant for each of us, because god knows just one of you can’t handle us both. This past year wouldn’t have been the same without you. Either of you. You two are special.” Foggy says.

“You’re just glad you finally have Karen to yourself Foggy.” Matt retorted.

We all took a drink and laughed a little. Foggy got up and grabbed another bottle from Josie. While he was gone Karen got up and went to the bathroom. Leaving me alone with Matt.

It was a secret I only shared with Karen. I had the biggest crush on Matt. Honestly, I might just be in love with him.

He’s just sitting there and smiling and knowing smile. I feel as though my heart is going to beat out of my chest. Damn that smile.

“Y/n…” he looks at me and smiles.

“Yes Matt?” I say looking up from my drink.


“Here we are with a new bottle. Starting over but drunker than before,” he laughed holding the bottle as though it was handed down from God.

"Pour me another glass Mr. Nelson.” I smile.

“Oh, come on. I told you Y/n, call me Foggy.” He said with a mock sternness.

“Leave the poor girl alone. I mean she has it bad enough,” Karen pinches my cheek. “It’s ballroom night and she’s got no one to dance with.” She stuck her lip out and gave me the puppy eyes as sympathy.

“I’ll dance with you Y/n.” Foggy smiles. I look across the table and see Matt visibly tense.

“No offense Foggy, but you can dance. Like at all.” Karen laughs and will all join in.

“How about you Matthew? Will you salsa with me?” I ask feeling my liquid courage kick in.

“MATT? Ha! Thats a good one Y/n. Matt is just as bad as I am. He can’t dance.” Foggy laughs.

Immediately Matt gets up and walks around to my side of the table. Grabbing my hand he plants a light kiss on the back sending my heart fluttering.

“May I have this dance Ms. Y/l/n?” he says as he bows.

“Why yes you certainly may Mr. Murdock,” I smile. I catch Karen’s wink as I stand. Grabbing my drink I take one last swig and lead Matt out to the dance floor.

"I won’t make you look bad.” Matt whispers in my ear. “I hope.”

“Wait one moment.” I walk up to the DJ and ask for one of Tchaikovsky’s Waltzes. He nods and I turn and walk back to Matt.

“A simple waltz shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner, right?” I say as he puts his hand on my waist. My breathing hitched, and he smiled as if he noticed. His hands are so large the practically reach my spine. Those long fingers. I silently thank god that I wore an open back dress tonight.

“Right,” he laughs.

The music begins to play. Matt and I sway back and forth. I rest one hand on his shoulder and slide the other into his larger one. I feel the roughness of calluses against my fingers and palm. He grips my hand lightly.

Suddenly he pulls me flush against his chest. The hand on my lower back practically lifting me to him. He smiles and places a soft kiss to my cheek.

“The thing is honey, I am no beginner.” He pulled away and lead me into the most professional waltz I’ve dance since graduating from Cromwell Academy of the Arts. Each stride was as if we have been dancing together for years. We dance perfectly insync. We dance like leaves floating in the autumn wind. I don’t even have to think. I can’t think.

Matt’s hand grips tighter on my back. If it were possible we are now closer than we were before. He leaned in and his lips brushed my ear.

“You only dance like this with me from now on. Do we have an understanding Y/n?” He gives me one of those devilish grins, and slips his hand lower on my back. I just nod in fear that if I spoke it would just come out as a moan. God those hands. What those hands could do is driving me insane!

“Your heart rate is off the charts Y/n. You aren’t thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?”

He spins me and pulls me pack into his very inviting arms. I put one palm to his chest and slowly push him backwards. His right hand captures mine over his heart. Pulling my hand from his chest he spins me, then pulls me in so his chest is flush against my back. I can fell his heart beat against my back. Steady and strong. We sway back and forth. Back and forth. He spins me out and pulls me in only this time we are face to face as we resume our waltz.

As the song comes to an end Matt dips me. When I come back up he holds me flush against him. I’m almost afraid to move, so I just stay still. The feeling of our chest heaving together trying to get our breath back is dizzying. He leans in slowly, and my breathing hitches. Both of his hands are on my back. One between my shoulder blades, and the other just above my butt. My hands snake their way around his neck, and tangle themselves in his hair. Our faces are just inches apart.

“Goddamn it Murdock! Could you just let me win for one night?!” Foggy yells from across the room.

I brake away from Matthew’s embrace, and finally see the crowd that had assembled to watch us dance. The other dancers must have vacated the floor just for us. Aww. What a romantic notion. I grab Matt’s hand and lead him back to our seats.

“Murdock what was that? Huh? I thought you told me you were a hopeless dancer. Why didn’t you tell me?” Foggy says in mock offense.

“Remember in college when I told you I was taking ‘Intro to British Literature’?” Matt asks.


“I took dancing lessons instead.” Matt smiles.

“That’s fantastic Matt. What dances do you know how to do?” Karen asks smiling.

“All of them.” I answer. Everyone looks at me, and I try to hide the colour rising to my cheeks. The corners of Matt’s mouth curl up slightly at the silence.

“If he can dance the waltz THAT well, he can dance any dance he sets his mind to.” I shrug trying to hide my insecurity.

“Yeah! You! How did you learn to dance like that? Plus why didn’t you tell us about it. We could have company dance parties.” Foggy almost yells.

“I went to 'Cromwell Academy of the Arts’. I have a Masters in dance. Majoring in dance and minority’s in law. Cool huh?” Foggy nods excitedly. “I could go pro, but I like sticking around with you two avocados, and this peach.” I jerk my thumb towards Karen. We all laugh and have another round.

“Y/n, why don’t I take you back home? Foggy, will you take Karen home?” Foggy mutters a yep and I nod.

“She just nodded.” Foggy smiles.

“Oh, shot. Sorry Matt I forgot.” I apologize sheepishly.

“Remember I’m not made of glass Y/n.”

“Well, you’re not made of steel either.” I touch one of the cuts on his brow. He doesn’t wince in pain, but he takes off his glasses and closes his eyes. For some reason I feel honored that Matt finally trusts me enough to show me his most vulnerable side. Usually he only shows this to Foggy and sometimes Karen. I didn’t notice but they had left why I was staring at Matt.

“Let go Y/n.” Matt says offering his arm.

We get out of Josie’s and walk four or fave blocks south. Matthew taps his cane as we walk. Sometimes he taps a trash can, and I can’t help but giggle when he jumps in surprise.

“I thought you were a badass avocado at law Murdock. Now you got little trash cans scaring you.” I laugh and we ascend two flights of stairs. We come to a stop at a thick green door, and Matt begins fishing for highs keys.

“This isn’t my place, right?” I shouldn’t have drank that much.

“No. This is my place. You are staying here with me tonight.” He ushered me in with his hand dangerously low on my back.

I set my bag, coat and shoes down on the bench in the front hallway. Matthew pulls me into the main room pointing out the rooms and things in his beautiful big ass apartment. Unable to control myself further, I turn around to face him. He looks at me as though he could see me. I crash my lips into his. He is surprised at first, but finally gets the memo. We move in sync just as we had in the dance floor. Our lips pressed firmly together, and only breaking apart so we can remove our shirts. They’re thrown across the room along with our pants.

Matt’s hands rake over my entire body as if committing it to memory. My hands tangle themselves in his hair as I main against his lips. I break the kiss and turn my neck, and Matt starts kissing and biting my collar bone.

“Your skin tastes like honey Y/n,” he mumbles. His left hand slides up my inner thigh making me arch my back. Matt takes this opportunity to expertly u clasp my bra and slide it from me. He wastes no time in mapping out the newly exposed skin with his tongue. He kisses his way down to the waist band of my panties. He raises his head.

“Are you sure you want to do this Y/n?”

I feel the answer erupting in my chest, and I almost forget to answer.

“Yes! God yes Matt. Have to since I met you.” I breathe.

“Same here sweetheart.” In one swift motion he removes your underwear.


“Ready.” I smile and pull him back up to kiss him passionately. His tongue slides across my bottom lip and I gasp at the sensation. Matt takes advantage and maps out my mouth with his tongue. He lines himself up and slowly thrusts into me. His thrusts are agonizingly slow.

“Matt… faster… please!” I moan. He picks up his pace as if he eager to please. With each blinding thrust he hits my sweet spot. Soon his thrusts fall out of rhythm, and I know we both are close. I tighten around him and he groans thrusting faster.

“Y/n!” he groans as he releases, and that’s all it takes to throw me over the edge.

“Matthew!” My vision goes white as we ride out our highs together.

When we finally come down he pulls out of my and lays down next to me pulling me to his chest. I hear his steady heart beat as he wraps one arm around me and strokes my back. I lay one of my hands on his stomach, and he covers it with his own.

“That was amazing!” Matthew whispers into my ear. “Even better than your dancing!”

“I was just about to say the same thing!” I plant a kiss to his chest.

“Let’s go to sleep Y/n.” I nod against his chest and driest of to the steady beat of his heart.


The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon and kisses being planted all over my face. My eyes open to see Matt with two plates of bacon and eggs. I sit up and grab one of Matt’s white shirts and button it up a little. He sits down cross-legged at the end of the bed.

“Good morning beautiful,” he says handing me a plate and then a cup of coffee.

“Hmm. Morning handsome.” I lean in and give his a heated kiss.He smiles and begins to giggle into the kiss. He pulls away taking a drink of coffee.

“I have something to say Y/n.” He puts his cup and pate down.


“You might be mine at the office Y/n, but I want to make you all mine. Everyday, I want it to be you and me. I want to sing you to sleep at night. I want to wake up every morning and feel your heart beat against my chest. I want to kiss you awake on Sunday mornings. Make you breakfast in bed. I want to be the only one to comfort you.“ Matt says, his voice getting louder and more excited.

"I want you to be the one I come home to. Honestly, I’m so in love with you that I’ve dreamed about a perfect life for you and me. I want to be the father of your children. God, I want to be with you so bad. I know this is probably forsaking you out because we only just had sex last night, and we haven’t even been seeing each other. I just had to tell you, or I thought I might just explode. After the way we danced last night I knew it was now or never.” He takes a deep breath.

Matthew opens his mouth to talk again, but I shut him up with a kiss. Passionate, deep, and meaningful kiss that would last a lifetime.

“Will you marry me Y/n Y/l/n?”

“Well that escalated quickly!” I laughed. “Yes of course I’ll marry you.”

He pounces on me, and peppers my face and neck with sweet kisses. “How. Many. Kids?” he asks kissing me after each word.

“How about we start out with one mini Daredevil and go from there?” His kisses answer my question. We stay like that. Our brake fast completely forgotten.

Red Light - audreycritter - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Gah,” Jason Todd exclaims, slamming one hand against the steering wheel. Dev, to his credit, does not jump but looks up briefly from the article he is reading on his phone.

“Problem?” Dev asks, glancing ahead at the road from the passenger seat.

“I’m so fricking hungry,” Jason growls, twisting in his seat to look out the rear window. “Tim’s right there. Why the frick did we decide to wait until after her recital to eat?”

“Because it’s barely five in the evening, mate,” Dev answers, sounding vaguely amused. They left the Arts Hall after going to Cassandra’s afternoon ballet recital en masse, and managed to talk Alfred into take-out burgers instead of the older man skipping the recital to prepare food for afterward.

“It’s a stupid time to eat lunch,” Jason snaps. “And why did Tim pick it all up, anyway.”

Dev pockets his phone and gives Jason a level look as the car crawls forward in traffic.


“What?!” Jason exclaims, throwing his head back. “AUGH.”

“We’re having dinner. Did you not eat lunch?”

“What the hell,” Jason throws an arm in the air and slams the gas to close the gap that’s suddenly opened ahead of them. A second later, he pounds the brake just as hard at a red light. “Alfred told me not to eat!”

“He didn’t mean all day, mate,” Dev says, a little startled now. “You could’ve had lunch.”

“Hold on,” Jason snaps. “Fuck it.”

The younger man throws the gear shift into park and before Dev can even yell in protest, Jason flings the car door open and tumbles out of the car, shaking off his seatbelt.

“Jay!” Dev says, pointlessly, craning to see.

Jason jogs ten feet back and bends down at the window of Tim’s car. Dev can make out Tim’s confused expression through the glass, but a moment later a brown paper bag of food and a drink are extended through the open window.

Jason snatches them and sprints back to his car, sliding into the seat amidst the car’s angry beeping at being left on while the door is open. He buckles again just as the light changes to green and the engine makes an awful revving noise when he presses the gas.

“Drive,” Dev says and Jason whips the gear shift around and they’re moving forward again.

Somehow in those few seconds of running or buckling, Jason has already gotten a cheeseburger out of the bag and is chewing a mouthful.

“I slept in,” he mumbles around a large bite. “Didn’t have time. Goodness gracious, this is heaven.”

“It’s only Park Avenue,” Dev jokes, peering into the bag Jason had thrown onto his lap.

“Listen,” Jason insists, “I love this cheeseburger more than I’ve loved anything or anyone ever. With all my heart. See if there’s another one.”

“The sack’s full of them,” Dev answers, sorting through the wrappers. “No chips, though.”

“Tim said there’s another bag of those,” Jason says, wadding the paper and foil wrapper. He reaches over and grabs another burger. “Alfred will understand.”

“We’ll say I gave you mine if anyone’s miffed,” Dev says, folding the top of the bag shut.

“Well, now I feel bad,” Jason protests, taking another bite anyway.

“I just want chips, mate. I ate lunch like a sane person,” Dev says with a grin.

“Har har,” Jason answers with his mouth full. “Gimme Dick’s next.”

Dev’s hand tightens on the bag and he edges it away from Jason’s reach.

“I’m not gonna eat it,” Jason says, putting a hand up in a gesture of assurance. “I’m just gonna lick it and put it back. I’ll tell him later.”

Dev raises an eyebrow and moves the bag further away.

“You are zero fun, Dr. Frankenstein,” Jason grumbles, turning off the main road stretch they’d been on. “It’s like you’ve been spending too much time with Bruce.”

“Don’t act surprised,” Dev says. “If you get him ill, guess who has to take care of it?”

“Alfred?” Jason asks. “Okay, yeah. That’s a deterrent.”

“I meant me, you plonker,” Dev says, his tone offended. “I’d not leave him to Alfie alone.”

“Oh, in that case, hand it over anyway.” Jason shrugs and slurps soda from the cup and then makes a face. “This is fucking gross. Why is this orange.”

“Your da’s, and I’ve tried to talk him out of it,” Dev says, pressing his shoulder against the door to brace himself. “Bloody hell, Jay, slow for the turns or we’ll both end up zombies.”

“You aren’t a Wayne,” Jason scoffs. “What makes you think you’d come back?”

“Steph’s not a Wayne and she came back,” Dev retorts, taking the cup out of Jason’s hand. “If you don’t care about us, at least have mercy on your sodding suspension.”

“It’s Bruce’s car. I don’t care,” Jason says, speeding through a yellow light. He glances in the rearview mirror. “And Steph didn’t actually die. Good. We lost Tim.”

“Were we trying to lose Timothy?” Dev asks, turning his head to look out the back.

“We’re racing,” Jason answers. A second later, he cuts the wheel hard and they slam around a corner into an alleyway. “Fish-fucking-sticks, I forgot about that new bridge. I bet Tim took it.”

“I did not agree to racing,” Dev says firmly. “Not in the middle of Gotham.”

“We have to get you away from Bruce. He’s rubbing off on you and it’s awful.” Jason doesn’t slow down coming out of the alley and takes a u-turn almost immediately on the road he joins.

“Have you ever been in a car with Bruce, mate,” Dev says. “Bloody hell, at this point, I’m not even going to want chips. Your da drives like a bat out–” He stops abruptly.

Jason turns to him with a wicked grin.

“Finish it,” he orders, blowing through a yellow light.

“I’m just going to stop talking,” Dev says instead. “I’m going to close my eyes and whinge to Alfie when we get back and never get in a car I’m not driving, ever again.”

“If you don’t want your fries, can I have those, too?” Jason asks, slowing suddenly. They crawl down the street at five miles under the speed limit and Dev watches out the window as they pass a squad car tucked back into an alley with a radar gun. “Do you know if they jokerized them?”

“If they what?” Dev replies, his stomach turning. As soon as they’re around a corner, the car picks up speed again.

“The fries. Did they jokerize them. The seasoning?” Jason says, as if this is obvious. “They’re crap without it but sometimes Tim skips it because Bruce gets weird about it.”

“How dare your da get weird about remembering you died,” Dev says dryly. “The sodding audacity.”

“Hey,” Jason says, coughing. He picks up the soda and drinks some. The younger man makes a face at the taste and then sips it again anyway. “You’re doing better. You didn’t pause all funny before you said it this time.”

“Audacity?” Dev says with a grin. “I’m shite at writing, but I can manage some big words.”

“You know what the frick I mean,” Jason laughs. “I’m pretty sure we lost, by the way. Check Tim’s location.”

“I’m not ringing him, mate. If he’s still driving, he’ll answer anyway. The lot of you have no self-preservation skills whatsoever,” Dev refuses as they drive over the bridge toward the more secluded Manor.

“You’re so old,” Jason complains. “Just open your texts and go to his contact info. It should be right there. Dick made him share his location with everyone after that insomnia thing.”

Dev slides his phone out of his pocket with his free hand and taps on the screen.

“Huh,” he says. “This is bloody convenient. He’s half a mile from the Manor and not moving. I hope Dames is okay.”

“Why wouldn’t Damian be okay?” Jason asks, looking over sharply.

“He was in the back, yeah? And if Tim was driving anything like you were…” Dev trails off as if this is enough information.

“You lost me,” Jason says. “Damian’s an idiot but he wouldn’t try to take over.”

“He gets carsick in the backseat, mate,” Dev says, typing a text while he talks. “Did you not know?”

“How do you know that?” Jason demands. “Gah, it’s like you’re turning into Alfred.”

“He was sick all over my car on the way to Lake Vernon last summer. He was too sodding stubborn to ask me to stop.”

“I don’t even know why you stick around,” Jason exclaims, braking to a stop. Tim’s car is on the shoulder of the road but the car is empty.

“Mostly for tea,” Dev says, opening his door. “I’ll look about.” He sets the bag of cheeseburgers on the seat when he stands, then he stoops over and gives Jason a skeptical glance and takes the bag with him.

Jason flicks the hazard lights on and climbs out. He squints, looking down the road.

“They’re up there, walking,” he says.

“The petrol tank says it’s empty,” Dev adds, looking through the driver’s side window of Tim’s car.

“Get back in,” Jason says quickly. “Hurry. He saw us.”

Dev obeys and barely is buckled again before the car speeds forward.

“What the bloody hell,” he yelps as the speedometer tips toward 60 miles per hour. They rush past Stephanie and Cassandra, who are holding bags of food and trays of drinks. A second later, they speed past Tim and Damian, who are both sprinting.

“We can still win,” Jason says. “And loser has to tell Bruce that we broke the T-Rex’s head before the recital.”

“You what,” Dev exclaims. “Does this mean we’re free? We can burn it in the yard?”

“He’s going to fix it. He fixed it last time.”

“Then what’s the bloody point?” Dev demands, sounding defeated. “How did you break it, anyway?”

“Um,” Jason says reluctantly. “We shot it. But it was an accident. And we won!”

The car skids to a stop on the drive in front of the Manor with a whining screech.

“You accidentally shot…the head of…the massive dinosaur…” Dev summarizes faintly.

“Mhmm. With a crossbow,” Jason says. “We didn’t think it’d just fucking shatter like that, but I guess it’s gotten brittle. And now Tim gets to tell Bruce and I swear to god someone will die if they didn’t season those fries.” He’s already out of the car and he bangs on the roof. “You coming?”

“Yes,” Dev says in a detached voice. “But only because Alfie’s inside and I can find some semblance of sanity there, otherwise I’d just spend the night right here, thanks.”

“Can I still have your fries?” Jason asks, turning to give Tim and Damian the finger as they stagger onto the front lawn from the road. Tim gives it back and sits down on the grass and Damian runs faster. Jason yells and bolts up the stairs. “Answer me inside! If I’m still alive!”

Dev waves to Tim who waves limply before falling onto his back on the lawn.

“I’m so hungry!” the faint yell carries to the car. “Can you throw me a cheeseburger?”

“What, did none of you eat before?” Dev shouts back, his grip tightening on the bag.

“I slept in!” Tim replies. “And then the burgers were stolen.”

Dev sighs and turns toward the Manor.

“Drag your sorry arse inside,” he calls over his shoulder. He stops and takes a cheeseburger out and sets it on the steps. “Here. I’m luring you.”

When he glances back, Tim raises a hand in a thumbs-up gesture.

“This sodding family,” Dev mutters. Alfred appears just inside the doorway and doesn’t flinch or blink at the sound of crashing behind him.

“In one piece?” the older man asks calmly.

“Just barely,” Dev replies. “I thought ballet was supposed to be calm and civilized.”

“Not for the Waynes,” Alfred says with a slight smile, stepping aside. “But I hardly think this should be news to you.”

Jason steps around Alfred and back out onto the top step with a struggling, protesting Damian thrown over his shoulder.

“Did you jokerize the fries?” he roars down toward the lawn where Tim is still lying. Tim sits up and cups his hands around his mouth to shout back.

“Of course I did. They’re gross plain.”

“Eat them outside!” Bruce’s voice carries out of the house from somewhere down a hallway. “Or I throw them away!”

Jason drops Damian, who just barely manages to land on his feet, and he tips his head back and growls.

“You’re repressing everyone!” he complains loudly.

“I’ll clean the patio table,” Alfred says, disappearing inside.

“My house, my rules!” Bruce answers and Jason turns and slams the door shut.

The girls are at the edge of the lawn now, still carrying food. Cassandra is slurping slushie through a fat straw. A window above the steps opens and Dick leans out.

“Did Jason lick my cheeseburger again?” he demands of the crowd in general. “Jay. Jason.”

“Frick yes I did,” Jason says.

“He didn’t,” Dev answers, holding the bag aloft. The window shuts.

“You have no sense of fun,” Jason moans, snatching Damian up again. The boy is as tall as Tim now, so it’s less like watching a child being picked up and more like watching someone be abducted. “Come on, Demonbird. We’re going to jump in the pool just like this.”

Tim has dragged himself to his feet and joins Dev on the steps. He leans over and picks up the cheeseburger sitting on the ground and unwraps it.

“I have to tell Bruce about the T-Rex,” he mutters. “Wanna come?”

“Why not,” Dev answers with a shrug. “It’s safer than being by the pool.”

anonymous asked:

Ok I don't really know if you take requests/suggestions and it's TOTALLY fine if you ignore this but!! I thought I'd give it a shot lmao. Consider this: baseball!bangtan. Like, In the format of your college au. I just feel like each of the members would fit in a certain position and I just can't think of anyone else's bulleted au's that could do it justice!! But anyway, if it's not your cup of tea, just know I'm weak for college!bangtan. Very weak. Luv u

i dont think i know enough about just baseball, so i kind of took this request and did a mini sports!bangtan au……if that’s ok ^^

Namjoon: cycling~

  • cyclist!namjoon loves doing super long races without mountains just long long road races where he can just buckle down on his bike and go as fast as possible 
  • like he has the long legs for it so you know
  • likes cycling because no one is talking to him, its a one man thing and like when he’s in the zone like he feels free
  • you meet him because you’re at the bike shop to fix your brakes and you see this tall lanky guy come in holding this beautiful sleek bike over his shoulder and you’re like wow,,,,,,,so pretty @ the bike
  • and namjoon’s like ???? im sorry but did you just call me pretty?? and you’re like wHA no i meant your bike it’s so pretty and slender 
  • and he’s like why thank you,,, and gets proud because complimenting his bike = complimenting him basically in his head
  • and you two talk about bikes and good places to go out for a ride in your city and like your brakes get fixed and namjoons like wow your bikes nice too
  • and you’re like ahh thank you 
  • and somehow you two bond over your love for bikes and namjoon’s like ,,,,,,,, if you want do you wanna,,,,,,,,,have a date.,,,,,,,with out bikes like go out for a ride i can show you this long road near this river it doesn’t have to be a daTE dATE if that’s weird it’s up to you um you should bring a helmet though you know safety first
  • he blabbers because he’s shy but it’s cute hehe

Jimin: baseball~ 

  • is a pitcher on his league and it’s cute because like everyones like,,,,,,arent you kinda small dude
  • and jimin’s like what? small? excuse me? say that to my face? come here? say it to my f-
  • and like his height doesn’t matter his pitches are all like high speed and like no one can ever even hit them it’s alway strikes and he’s known as 
  • park ‘fastball’ jimin
  • you meet him because you work at the stadium where his team practices and you just sell hotdogs and drinks at this lil stand but jimin has had a crush on you for aGES and everyone on the league knows and keeps trying to get him to talk to you
  • and he’s only managed to like go over and stutter out an order for some hotdogs and then run away red in the face
  • until you’re like “hey!! i know you, you’re …..fastball right?”
  • and jimin’s like oh my god you said my name…..well my nickname…..my name……….
  • and he’s like ,,,,, “Y-yeaH it’s ,,,, a name the guys gave me it’s nothing special.”
  • and you’re like jokingly like “you should let me see if i can hit one of your famous pitches hehe” and jimin like perks up like “if you want!!!!! it can……it can be …..a………….da- dat- dateeeeee DANG This HOT DOG IS HOT GOTTA GO”

Taehyung & Hoseok: beach volleyball ~ 

  • literally spend 70% of their time on the court being Memes 
  • as in they don’t even play with a strategy, they’re just having fun digging their toes into the sand and taehyung wearing his eyeglasses on the back of his head while hoseok tries to balance the volleyball on his head
  • the team they’re facing is just like …….what is going on 
  • have a handshake before playing a match that takes like 5 min the ref is like oh my GOD stOP
  • turns out you’re the referee for one of their games and literally instead of i dont know playing and paying attention taehyung thinks you’re so cute he like tries to spike the ball and turns to you like “iM cool right, how many points for coolness ref (-;” and you’re like “one. it’s one point.”
  • hoseok thinks you’re cute too and he just gets distracted trying to sneak peeks at you that the ball bounces off his head but makes it over the net anyway and taehyung’s like holy Shit 
  • both of them use corny volleyball pick up lines on you
  • taehyung: “you’ve really SPIKED up my heartbeat with your cute face….”
  • hoseok: “wow you really make my heart do a DIVE if you know what i mean……”

Jungkook: wrestling ~

  • looks tall and sorta skinny from far away but upon closer inspection that. is. Wrong
  • he can body slam someone but he also enjoys watching naruto while drinking capri sun and eating chicken nuggets so
  • is actually really sweet before competitions like he’s all smiley and greets the other wrestlers with his childish smile but then in the ring he’s DEATHKOOK
  • you know jungkook because you go to the same gym but you’re always just like “oh he’s that kid that runs like 5032 miles on the treadmill”  but then one day you see him benchpressing like 250 pounds and you’re like Wait
  • and jungkook is like looking for someone to spot him and he asks you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,i can but if you drop that thing i can’t actually help you and he’s like it’s fine!!! 250 is nothing and you’re like oh my god how
  • and while you’re like spotting him jungkook is like whistling along to the theme song of some anime and you’re like …….. he’s twelve but he has the power of a horse
  • and jungkooks like smiling at you, sweaty and looking all cute like “hey, i did like ten sets isn’t that cool!!!!!” and you’re like this kid has the power to Destroy yet he is…….Soft? 

Yoongi: surfing ~

  • wears the shark tooth necklace ok for the aesthetic 
  • got into surfing because he was like “it’s just standing on a board in the middle of the ocean. it’s perfect.” and hoseok was like “yoongi,,,,it’s more than just th-” and yoongi was like shh
  • is actually super good and can even do tricks on the board and everyone’s pretty impressed considering that yoongi is impatient with anything that deals w physical strength
  • yoongi in hawaiian print board shorts
  • you’re on beach one day and you see this person sleeping and like slowly they’re turning red and you’re like ……. this person didn’t put on sunscreen did they
  • so you shake yoongi’s shoulder and he groggily gets up and is like what huh and you’re like my dude you can’t sleep on the beach without sunscreen on here use mine
  • and yoongi is like oh,,,thank you,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s kind of caught of guard and clams up around you because you’re cute and whatnot and he’s like “thanks for saving me from becoming a fried lobster” and you’re like “you can thank me by taking me out for lobster, how does that sound?” and yoongi is like oH i mean YES cowabunga 

Jin: archery ~ 

  • “it’s a royal sport. ive got the face of a prince, so like duh.”
  • jin won’t admit he actually got into archery after dressing up as robin hood for halloween for like three years straight as a kid
  • is always the best dressed one at archery competitions like other people show up in casual clothes but jin puts on like a princely looking top with ruffles on the collar and the rest of bts watching him is like he’s so Extra
  • but like he looks like a real regal from back in the day so like 
  • you run a little shop in town that makes hand-made wooden toys and one day jin stops by and asks if you could possibly carve and paint arrows just for him
  • and like he doesn’t really tell you much about the style he wants but you make them very pretty and paint like beautiful flowers on them and jin falls in love with them when you present them to him
  • and he’s like you’re so talented wow and you’re like me?? no!!! you’re the talented one archery is such a ,,,, hard and precise sport,,
  • you two playfully bicker over whose talent is more amazing
  • and jin is like,,,,,,,,,listen you should come watch me,,,,,,ill be using these arrows so if you want ,,,,it’d be nice if you were also there to bring me good luck
  • an you shyly agree and it’s cute you’re there with the rest of bts and jungkooks like “sOOOO you’re hyungs significant other aren’t you?” and hoseok’s like “oh yeah, jin doesn’t invite just anyone to see him compete. you’re totally dating him.”
  • lmao jin doesn’t even have to ask you out, bangtan just unanimously agrees you and jin are thing LOL 
BTS Run Theory: Jin’s Life Flashing Before his Eyes.

Okay so after watching the video countless times, I have come up with a theory of my own. 

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh

 I know a lot of other blogs have written dead Jin theories, and I agree with them that Jin is the one who’s actually dead, and not the other members. In this part of the music video you see everyone except Jin screaming, he just seems to be watching intently. Almost as if he’s reliving a memory. The whole ‘Run” music video is Jin’s life flashing before his eyes. Most dead Jin theories lack one thing, how he actually died.

Originally posted by bangtan-trashbin

Here you see Jungkook about to be hit by a car at the very end of “I Need U”. Much like the ending scene from “Run”. In fact they are almost identical.

Originally posted by nx-angels

This is how the whole music video ends because Jin is reliving his last memory, when he hit Jungkook. Jungkook was hit by the truck in the video which belongs to Jin. Jin had gone out to buy alcohol for a party he was attending, which was around the same time Jungkook had gotten mugged. Since Jin had just gone out to buy more alcohol he’s was in fact drunk and driving, without a seat belt. When Jungkook stepped out in front of his car Jin braked as hard as he could, sending him flying through the windshield, killing him. But stopping the car just enough to save Jungkook, the ambulance lights aren’t for him, but in fact for Jin.

Originally posted by lisettealways

In the teaser for “Run” he is shown in a state of limbo, the time where he is remembering all of the things him and the other members did while he was alive. That is why he seems expression-less and he and the background seemingly have no color besides shades of grey and black. All the other’s besides Jungkook and Jin have some sort of color in the teaser, represent the color of life. 

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh

You also see Jungkook watching what seems to be a memory, his life is also flashing before his eyes from the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes memories to replay in times of extreme fear, stress, or death. His body went into such fear when he was about to be hit it caused his mind to also replay memories just like Jin. His body went into such a state of fear it caused him to be in a coma, explaining why he lacks color in the teaser; because he is not alive but he not dead.

Originally posted by yngimn

Jungkook eventually wakes up from his coma and that is when he see J-hope and Jimin in a mental hospital because they tried to kill themselves after Jin died, and Suga who has started drinking to deal with his friend’s death. Rap mon and Tae have both started to commit crimes, to cope, but Tae can no longer take it so he jumps off  the tower, seen in the prologue. Rap mon has run away, seeing as he can no longer face the rest of them because it reminds him of Jin, who has died.

Originally posted by funsuga

When Jungkook goes back to his home, after his coma, Suga had been drinking. Suga had become irrational and angry drunk…which is common in alcoholics, and blames Jin’s death on Jungkook. Suga tries to beat Jungkook back into oblivion, throwing bottles and slamming him against walls. Jungkook doesn’t try to fight back until the end of the scene, he just tries to hug Suga, tries to show him that he didn’t kill Jin.

Originally posted by jxckwxng

Jimin tries to enter the bathroom in his room at the mental hospital, when he has a flashback from the times when they would party. Jimin’s memory isn’t all there, it in fact blurrs two memories together: The last party they all went to and when he tried to kill himself in the bathtub.

Originally posted by watermelonnniee

Jin is also seen standing back against the wall observing the party that killed him when he went to get more drinks

Originally posted by kpop-gives-me-life

As Tae’s body hits the water he decides that he no longer wants to die but live, so he fights to get to the surface

Originally posted by mylovelyidols

Jimin is also seen burning a picture, one that lack’s Jin. The picture was taken on the day of Jin’s funeral, where they all went to the last place they were all together. the beach.

Originally posted by kstopit

Originally posted by jammingjimin

They replicated the picture they last took, but with one thing missing; Jin. Jimin could no longer look at the picture, so he burned it; much like he did with Tae’s suicide note right before he tried to kill himself.

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Originally posted by yovngi

The reason why in “I Need U” Jin burns the petals, is representing him letting go of his life on earth and entering heaven. He is shown entering heaven when the flower blooms on his heart

Originally posted by metalane

That is why the Japanese version is based around flowers, because it is representing Jin and his life on earth 

Originally posted by btsgf

Originally posted by btsgf


I’m going to add to this, the reason why Jin is the only one seen in the pictures and the video is because they are his memories and he is the one reliving it, the other members are just after images. So that is why he is the only one that shows up is because he is reliving them. But the members are all on earth, all alive…so they don’t appear on the pictures and videos during the prologue.
Just a number// H.G.

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  • Request:  Hayes imagine? going to Nc and meeting the family for the first time but your 2 years younger than him so your worried about what they think. but u already know Nash really well.
  • Disclaimer: Gif creds go to owner
  • A/N: Tell me what you want to see more of and what your favorite imagine is! 
  • Word count: 523
  • Fandom: MagCon
  • Masterlist

Hayes, Nash and I had just landed in North Carolina for family visit. To say I’m nervous would be the understatement of the year. I know they are going to say something about my age. I’m only two years younger it could be worse.

  Hayes sensed my nervousness and grabbed my hand. “Babe it’s going to be fine. They are gonna love you just as much as I do. I promise.”

 Then Nash decided to speak up “Besides if they make y'all brake up or something the only person your gonna miss is me so it’s not that big of a loss.” he then cheekily smiled at Hayes who was sending a death glare his way. I just laughed.

 Nash is actually the one who set us up. Taylor, his girlfriend, is actually my best friend.

We got into the über that was waiting and drove of to the Grier home. The car stopped so I assumed that we were here. We grabbed our bags and went to the door. Nash knocked and soon a woman, who I’m guessing is their mother, opened the door.

She hugged her boys before turning to me and smiling “And you must be the one and only Y/n Y/l/n, Hayes never stops talking about you.” Hayes started blushing a little at the end of his sentence.

“Mom she doesn’t need to know everything.” He whined like a little kid. He is a little kid though.

I shook my head “Your such a child.”

Everyone is in the family room watching movies together. Mr and Mrs. Grier are on the couch with Nash sitting next to them, while Hayes and I are on the recliner I have my head on his chest and he has both arm wrapped around my waist, one hand playing with my hair and the other is holding mine. 

 We started drifting off to sleep but before we were fully on instinct we whispered quick “I love you” to each other and after that I was out like a light.

Nash POV

I looked over when I heard them whispering I love you to each other. SO CUTE! I got my phone out and took a photo of them and posted it on Instagram. Then went up to bed.

The next morning when I woke up it was because Y/N and Hayes screaming my name.

I groaned then went downstairs. “What do you want.”

“Why did you post that photo of us?!?The fans don’t know we’re dating yet!” Hayes said.

“I thought y’all told them already I’m sorry.” I defended.

“It’s Nash we had to do it soon anyways.” Y/n said.

I nodded and went to the kitchen.


I sighed and looked at Hayes who was staring very intently at me. “Yes?” I questioned. “Are you sure your ready? The fans are gonna hate because your younger than me.” I shook my head and put my arms  around his neck he placed his on my waist pulling me closer. 

“Let them hate, because at the end of the day I get to fall asleep in your arms. Age is just a number.”

Forbidden - Dean Winchester x Reader (Teacher/Student) - Pt. 5

A/N: Lisa is Dean’s wife. I did not base her character on the original Lisa from Supernatural just took the appearance and name. I also made her an actress just because that was the first job that came to my mind that moment that the person needs to be away from their home. So yeah Lisa here is completely different in character from Supernatural’s Lisa, with a few similarities.

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Oh boy was it hard.

Dean had fallen in love with you, without even realizing it, and he could not do anything about it (not yet at least) before he decided what he would do with her.


His wife. Lisa. They’ve been married for at least two years and he’d been dating her for another two. 

He loved her, yes, but that was probably in the beginning of their relationship. If you asked Dean he’d say that he still loved her after their marriage but that was half the truth.

When they first got married everything was alright but then Dean started feeling as if things had started to change or maybe that’s how they were before the marriage but he had not realized it. And it wasn’t him that had started changing but her.

It happened to be many times that Lisa would be away from home, appearing on some kind of movie or guest starring at some TV show, so Dean did not have the chance to see her very often, and it made him feel as if they were not married and he was alone, no different from how he used to feel two years ago, before they got married. And when she was home… well, that was a whole different story. She was distant and didn’t talk much, she said she felt tired, Dean sometimes though thought otherwise.

And on top of that she seemed not to really care about Dean and how he was, at least that’s how Dean saw it. And even though he was not sure about that, there was one thing that he was certain on. And that was that he did not care anymore. 

He tried to. Really. Because he wanted to save his marriage, all that they had with Lisa. Not for him but for her.

Despite the fact that many times she was “tired” and seemed to not care, she was a good wife (as much as she could be) and, no matter what, she loved him. That was for sure. So Dean could not do that to her. Even if he no longer felt the way she did. 

Not for her at least.

“So did you think about it?” Sam asked Dean as they made their way to their classes.

It was the last period and since the morning Dean had not stopped thinking about you, what he should do with you and his feelings for you, and what he should do with his wife.

“I don’t know, Sam. I feel totally fucked up” Dean sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Well you want to be with her, don’t you? I mean you… have feelings for her hm?” Sam asked.

“Yes Sam” Dean let out a defeated sigh “I’ve had for a long time”

“Just… don’t make any rush decisions, ok?” Sam said, looking at his brother sympathetically and Dean nodded.

After a while of walking in silence, Dean took in a  deep breath when he approached his classroom. They reached the door and after Sam patted his brother on the shoulder, he made his way to his own classroom, leaving Dean to do what he dreaded most, since the morning.

Giving a lesson and looking at you while trying  to act as if nothing was off and you were just like any other student.


~ A few seconds earlier ~

“You. have. to be. kidding me!” Caroline looked at you, eyes wide and mouth agape.

“No Caroline I’m not” you let out a sigh, looking down at your desk as you and all the class were currently waiting for the teacher to come.

And you really weren’t looking forward to it.

It would be really hard for you to look him in the eyes without blushing furiously or talking to him properly without stuttering.

And as you waited for him, Caroline looked at you stunned.

You had told her about the dream, after she kept bugging you the whole day and asking you what was going on and why you seemed to get lost in thoughts or when you tried to change the subject when he was mentioned.

“But you definitely have to be kidding me! You had that kind of dream with him!?” she raised her eyebrows.

“Yes Caroline, I did. Now can you please stop mentioning it and stop embarrassing me!?” you whisper-shouted and she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the sound of the door opening and Dean coming in.

As soon as he walked in the whole class went silent. Both you and Caroline turned to look at him and as he looked around the room his eyes suddenly stopped on you, as you both locked glances. It was just a few seconds but it seemed really longer, especially with the silence, not to mention kind of awkward with the whole class looking as he stood in the middle of his way to the desk just staring at you, as you did the same. But neither him nor you seemed to realize any of that, so Caroline, after glancing between the two of you, cleared her throat; giving you a look which made you brake your gaze and look down at your book.

Dean blinked a few times, clearing his throat “Hello class” he said and made his way to his desk.
“Hello Mr Winchester” the class said in unison apart from you, who just looked down at your book, and Caroline who would not stop looking at you frowning.

The lesson started and luckily Dean announced that you were not going to have the test.

Fortunately for you, because you wouldn’t able to concentrate even in the least bit.

However as the lesson started, time seemed to go by really slowly. You tried to concentrate, take notes and pay attention, however you found it really hard when you looked up from your notes to the blackboard and your eyes would lock with his. Every time you would look down immediately, trying really hard to avoid his gaze. Although many times you felt him looking at you, you thought nothing of it and just believed that it was what you wanted and-

Wait what?

No you didn’t… did you?

You shook slightly your head and rubbed your eyes, thankful that Dean could not see you clearly from where he was, since you were seated in the back of the class, Caroline next to you.

You looked down at your notebook, trying to steady your fast-beating heart, when you saw a folded paper being passed to you.

You looked at it and then at Caroline, who made a small sign for you to open it and so you did.

R u ok? -Car

You saw written in it and scribbled down your answer.

Yeah, fine. Don’t worry -(Nickname)

And passed it to her, carefully so that Dean would not see (if possible from where he was).

And now u expect me to believe u? -Car

Yes Car believe me. Just u know… him -(Nickname)

Yeah obviously. We can all see that. That’s why we r seating here right? So that u can have a better look at him? -Car

Well… maybe. But not in that way Car! -(Nickname)

Yeah, u tell me. Cause u r definitely not staring at his back and drooling over only at that sight. -Car

Shut up Caroline! U know I’m not! -(Nickname)

Yeah right, just remind me to tell cupid that he’s getting a raise after the good job he did with you and

She started writing but stopped, as soon as Dean glanced your way, and she pretended to be checking her notes. 

Dean glanced at you suspiciously and then continued his lesson. Before Caroline could write more, you snatched the paper from her hands, folding it and putting it at the end of your notebook. You gave her glare, telling her to focus on the lesson and she just rolled her eyes, doing as you said.

“Nerd” you heard her mumble.

You rolled your eyes and tried to focus on the lesson, in spite of the hardness of it.

Fortunately the lesson ended quickly and after Dean assigned you a paper, you gathered your things and waited for the bell to ring.

“Hey, (Y/n).” you heard a voice say and you turned to your right to look at your long-time-friend and also classmate, Kol Mikaelson who was seating a few seats ahead.

“Yeah Kol?” you asked.

“Do you happen to know when we are to have the project that Mr. Saltzman assigned us finished?” he asked and you frowned.

“Uhm probably by the next time we have a lesson with him. Which is… tomorrow”

“Great. Bloody great!” he said sarcastically.

“I take it that you have not done any of it yet, hm?” you smirked at his reaction.

“Oh no, love. I have in fact writen ten pages and was thinking of adding more tonight that I have free time. You know I like partying hard with homework instead of partying hard at some bar.” he said with his English accent.

You laughed and shook your head slightly “Oh come on Kol, you know that if you don’t write it then you are not going to get a grade, thus you’re going to fail the class” you said giggling.

“Oh come on, love. Don’t be so dramatic. You really think that someone with this charm and looks would ever fail?” he asked smirking.

“Of course not. How foolish of me to think such thing” you laughed as he did the same.

“So what are you going to do?” you asked him and he shrugged.

“Eh I don’t know. Maybe, you know, ask a really good friend of mine, a really beautiful and sweet girl whom I adore and believe is the best-” he started but you cut him off.

“No, Kol. I’m not doing your project” you said trying to seem serious but still smiling.

“Oh come on, love! Why not?!” he whined, playfully.

“Because!” you said “I’m not doing your project Kol, I have enough homework for my own and almost no time. Sorry but it’s no" 

"Really? Come on, love, how can you say no to this eyes?” he said looking at you with puppy-eyes.

“Like that” you said and put the bag on your shoulder and got up as the bell rang.

You walked in front of him, smiling cheekily and he tried to make an angry face although he failed at it when a smile tried to make its way on his face.

“I hate you” he said.

“Oh I know. And I love you too Kol” you shouted so that he could her from where you were, at the door, making your way out with the rest of the students.

Kol chuckled and mumbled “What a girl” as he gathered his things.

Though what you did not see was the glare and hard looks Dean sent you and, mainly, Kol all the while you talked. Not to mention when he called you ‘love’ or you shouted at him that you loved him. 

He knew that you said it playfully and did not mean it but deep down he felt as if you did mean it and he would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt.

Full of Surprises - Jin X Reader

anonymous asked:
Can i get a scenario where you and Seokjin go to the same school and he’s always had a crush on you and for like a week around valentine’s he leaves notes in your locker and you try to find out who it is? That sounds great ;u; thank you if possible

A/N: I hope You like it! This was so cute omo, And I meant to post this before Valentine’s ;-;

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: none

Word count: 1804

You sigh sensually as you walked through the corridor, down the hallway to your locker. You were not excited to be at school today. You had assignments due in almost all of your classes, keeping you up late at night, which also was the reason for the terrible bags under your eyes. The only thing you were kind of anticipating, was the usual pink note with a smiley face sticker inside of your locker.
These started to show up around 2 weeks ago, and since then, you have been trying to figure it out. The person had nice printing. It wasn’t the best, but still readable. Your friends all said it was a secret admirer and that maybe he’ll confess to you with Valentine’s day coming up. He hid his identity well.
At points, you would sit outside of your class when you had a spare, and you would watch the hallway of where your locker was, to see if anyone passed by.

A few girls and a few guys passed by. But the only person that really caught your eye was Kim Seokjin, the prince of the school. The “high school heartthrob” if you so call it. It didn’t surprise you that he walked down that hall. His locker was quite close to you. Not that you knew which one, but because of the many girls that crowded around the hall when it was his birthday or Christmas, or Valentine’s, or really any occasion that it seemed acceptable to give a gift.
You had a few classes together, and you exchanged a few “hello’s” here and there in the hallway. The only reason on why you knew him was because of all the assignments you got paired up with to do. You thought it was coincidental the first few times, but after a while when the teacher let you pick your own partners, you and Jin just naturally went together, ignoring the stings from the eyes of other girls. He was a great partner, he played his part in doing the assignment, and he never argued with you about what to do. You could see why all the girls drooled over him.
You dragged your feet to your locker and quickly opened it, not wanting to be late for your first class. As usual, a pink note fell out. You were about to open it, but the bell rang.
You quickly shoved the note in your bag, along with your other books, and picked up your pace to your next class.
The second bell rang as soon as you walked through the door. You walked along the back row to your desk, “You’re late” You turn your head to see Jin looking at you
“I am not” you sat down and got all of your books onto your desk. When you rushed trying to pack your bag, you didn’t notice that you kind of crumpled the note, “Shit” you mumbled. Jin looked at you, but you payed no attention. You pulled it out of your bag and his eyes widened, quickly turning the other way to face the teacher at the front. You gave him a weird look at the sudden movements of his head. You noticed the tips of his ears were red. Could he possibly know about the note? You shook off your thoughts of the secret admirer being him and opened up the letter.

| Letter |
Obviously, you don’t know how amazing you are. You make my day so much better, and you’re one of the reasons on why I come to school every day. You’re great at almost every single thing you do, and you haven’t acknowledged it yet. You’re also really beautiful…
I really want to talk to you in person, but I’m afraid that once you know who I really am, you won’t believe all the things I have been telling you

You smiled. Jin looked at you, again, “W-What’s that?” You look up at him. His cheeks were tinted a small shade of red, “Oh” you folded it back and put it into your backpack, “It’s nothing” you smile. You didn’t need anyone else knowing about this letter. You already had all of your friends trying to find the culprit.
2 days to Valentines. It was on a Sunday this year, so that totally throws the idea away of this “Admirer” to confess his feelings towards you. It was Friday today, the last day of school before you can finally take a break from all the lovebirds in the hallways, trying to run off to a secluded place so they can suck each other’s mouths off. You sighed as the last bell rang. You could finally go home. But then you remembered that you couldn’t go home. You were going to Jin’s house to work on a project that you had in science. You took your time while walking to your locker. Only to open it and find another letter. You looked around you. No one was here anymore. You opened it up

| Letter |
Unfortunately, I can’t ask you out on Valentine’s because it’s on a Sunday. Besides, you probably don’t want to go anywhere with me anyways. I hope you have a great weekend! This is probably my last letter to you. I look forward to talking to you soon!

You smiled at it as you took out the other 7 letters from your locker. If this was the last one, then you might as well take them all home. You went to put the letter back into the envelope but noticed there was something on the back

| Letter |
Turn around :) 

You spin around fast and you almost bump into Jin. He catches your arm, “Woah, You okay?”
“Yeah” He pulls you up, “Uhh, you can let go now” he gives you a confused look before he realizes that he’s still holding onto your arm, “A-Ah, sorry.. anyways, ready to go?”
“Umm, yeah”
‘It couldn’t be him, could it?’ You thought to yourself. He walked in front of you, ‘Wait, if this one had something on the back, then does that mean the rest have one too?’ You quickly walk faster as he opens the door to his car for you, “Thank you” you sat inside and opened up your backpack, taking all the envelopes out. He stared at you with a worried expression before he started the car and started driving. You noticed all the envelopes were numbered from 1 through 8. You opened them up in order, but Jin slammed on the brakes, making the letters fall off of your lap. You looked up at him, “Sorry” he spoke, “Pedestrians”
you nodded your head before bending down to pick up all of your letters. Bunching them up. Now you were screwed. You lost the number formation. Nonetheless, you flipped them to the back and they only had a single letter on them. It was only the last letter that contained more words. These letters were capitalized


“What the fuck?” Jin turned his head to you, shocked that a word like that came out of your pretty mouth. You looked back at him, “S-Sorry, ignore me”
‘if only I opened them in order god dammit’ you thought to yourself. ‘Okay okay, you can do this anagrams, we have to anagram the shit out of this’
Jin looked at you from time to time, enjoying the serious expression you gave when you looked at all the letters. He watched you as your forehead crinkled, indicating you were very confused. He giggled to himself, “Don’t do that, your going to have wrinkles there” he says. You flash your eyes up to him, as if you forgot he was the one driving the car, “What? Oh, uh, yeah..”
So far, the only things you could spell, were names. Which wasn’t really helping ‘what if it’s a phrase? Not a name?’ you quickly try to make short sentences in your brain. You got out a mini notebook and a pencil and started scribbling stuff down

LOKI (Sorry not sorry)

‘waitttttt’ you rearranged it


“I like what?”
You noticed you said that out loud, “Sorry”
You tried again, and crossed out the letters this time


‘Wait, but there’s an extra I- oh”


You finally smiled. You looked out the window to see Jin was on his driveway, then you questioned how long you’ve been focusing on those letters, “I’m sorry, did we just get here?”
“Well” he took out his phone, “We got here around 3 minutes ago, but you were so into trying to figure that out, that I couldn’t disturb you” he laughed as your face grew hot, “I’m so sorry, I’m done, we can go inside now!”
“Okay” he smiled
You entered his house. This wasn’t the first time you’ve been here. It always smelt like food. It made your mouth water.
“So, what were you doing?” he asks as he gets you a cup of water, “Just, anagrams”
“Oh really?”
“And what did you anagram?”
“This” you decided to show him, thinking that there was no harm in it anymore
“I Like you, Huh?”
“Yeah” you smiled at it and he smiled back, “Do you know who it’s from?”
“Nope, no clue”
He just handed you another pink letter, “Maybe this will help” you looked up at him with wide eyes, ‘No Way’ you thought to yourself.
You basically ripped open the letter

| Letter |
From: Jin

Your mouth hung open and he scratched his neck. You got up and hit him in the chest a couple times, “you’re such an idiot! You could’ve just told me! You made it so complicated!” He only laughed, “I’m sorry”
You looked into his eyes, “But it’s true, I do really like you Y/n” You blushed hard and tried to hide your face. But Jin prevented you from doing so by taking your chin in his hand to face him, “I know you probably don’t feel the same, but I’m glad that you read them and didn’t throw them out” he smiled
“but… Why me?? Why not the other girls? There are so many people that are better than me!”
“No there isn’t. Those people only like me because they think I’m he ‘perfect man’ but they don’t see me for the real me like you do”
You gave him a hug, “You’re still an idiot”
He happily accepted your hug and pulled you in to a tighter embrace, “Does this mean you like me back?”
“Maybe…” You nuzzled your head into his chest to hide your face
“You’re so cute, do you know that y/n?”
“Shut up”

~Admin Luna

Silent Falls (Chapter 1)

Prologue | One | NEXT

Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Shermie Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Words: 3410
Rating: PG-13, language

NOTE: Rating may go up once the creepier monsters come out in future chapters. I haven’t check this fic for errors. Sorry in advance. I spent 5 hours writing this thing and now I’m dead on my butt and ready to sleep like the dead. Enjoy reading!


           Stanley hummed along to the song playing in the radio, his fingers drumming against the steering wheel. He was in good spirits and their short camping trip to Silent Falls was amazing! He glanced at his twin brother who was preoccupied sketching in his book. His tongue sticking out slightly and his brows scrunched together in thought. Stanley grinned and turned his attention back to the road, “You’re making that face again bro.”

          Stanford blinked and turned to him, “What face?”

          “That face you make when you’re thinking too hard.”

          Stanford’s cheeks coloured, “A-ah. Ahem, so how far are we from the town?”

          Stanley shrugged, “Uhh, another five miles? Can’t really see much in all this fog. I might have missed our turn.”

          Stanford looked out the window and frowned slightly, “The fog sure is thick this morning. Should we stop and wait for it to lift?”

Keep reading

Personal Driver.

I tapped my nails impatiently against the steering wheel of my car and looked out the window for the thirtieth time today. I rolled my eyes wondering why I was bothering to do this favor for Robin. Why couldn’t he get up and drive his friend to treatment if it was so important?

Instead I was stuck playing chauffeur for the day while I should have been at home sleeping my morning away like most normal people on their day off.

I was growing impatient at this moment. I had been parked outside of Marco’s condo for at least 15 minutes and he had yet to appear. It shouldn’t take that long to get ready just to sit on a table all day and get examined. Instead of waiting any longer I honked my horn two times, the latest one lasting for a few moments before I finally released my palm from the horn.

It may have been a bit rude, and loud for the neighbors, but I didn’t care. I had things I wanted to do with my day too.

Marco wasn’t someone I knew all too well. Sure we saw each other in passing or at places where I was with Robin and he joined us but that was about it for our interaction. It was mainly short and polite conversation when we did exchange words.

I liked it that way. Marco gave off an arrogant vibe whenever we were around each other. Maybe it was because I was only around him at a bar or party instead of a calm environment but it seemed he relished in the attention from women. I didn’t like that.

I had mentioned it to Robin once who assured me he was not what he seemed but I figured he’d give a response like that and continued on with my assumptions about Marco’s personality. Him making me wait rudely outside of his place right now wasn’t improving my view of him either.

I looked out the window of the passenger side door once more and was relieved to finally see him walking to the car. Finally. I unlocked the car door and watched as he opened it and slid in comfortably, the only thing in his possession being his phone which his hand clung to in his lap.

“Hi,” he muttered in a somewhat irritated tone. If anyone should have an attitude, it should have been me.

I scoffed and began to restart my car. “Hello to you too. I don’t know where you need to go but you can tell me the directions.”

“Cool,” he continued muttering, staring down absentmindedly at his phone. I could tell he was barely paying attention to where I was driving while I exited his residence and I didn’t bother to ask either, just taking a normal route I knew.

I had been driving the nearly empty streets for a few minutes before Marco finally looked up and said casually, “You’re going the wrong way.”

He could not be serious…

I slammed the brake to my car hard and on purpose, watching him jerk forward slightly before the seat belt rescued him from whiplash.

“Christ, could you slam on the brake any harder?” he barked at me while holding the dashboard tightly in one hand.

“Yeah, I can actually. You wanna see?” I questioned sarcastically. “You couldn’t tell me I was going the wrong way a long time ago?” I looked through my rearview window and began to press the gas again, looking for a light to make a u-turn.

“What’s your issue?” he questioned harshly.

“Lets see. I had to wait on you, Mr. Pretty and Inconsiderate, for twenty minutes when I didn’t even have to be doing this. The least you can say is thank you.”

He put on a mocking voice that mimicked adoration in his tone. “Oh thank you Y/N so much for driving me around today even though I didn’t ask you to. I reallyyy appreciate your generosity. Here. Here’s some money for gas. Get yourself a drink too and loosen the fuck up.” Marco’s hand reached in his pocket at that moment and pulled out a few bills, tossing them onto my lap before he scoffed and looked back down to his phone.

My mouth dropped in shock at his actions as my eyes flipped between the road in front of me, the money in my lap and Marco who still sat downcast.

“You’re such an arrogant asshole,” I said under my breath and continued driving.

He ignored my comment and just gave me a direction of where to turn. “Turn here.”

I did as he said while still rolling my eyes. Marco continued to direct me but other than that, there was silence in the car and I didn’t bother to play any music.

I just sat with my attitude tracing the features of my face until we arrived at the facility. I parked off in the distance on purpose to make Marco walk as far as possible and he knew it too as he let out a chuckle. Instead of saying anything, he reached for the door handle and was beginning to let himself out. “You can at least say thank you,” I spat.

With his hand still on the handle, he positioned himself back into his seat and slammed the door he had begun to open closed before looking to me. “What is your issue with me? Please explain it because I’ve done nothing to you. I asked Robin to pick me up and he dropped it off on you. Don’t blame me for that.”

“So I guess he’s the reason you took forever too and didn’t apologize for being inconsiderate either, huh? Just put the blame on everyone else.”

He ran his hands down his face in frustration. “If I would have known he’d pick you, I would have turned down the offer and rather have walked.”

“Then walk! You still have to get home, remember? Walk yourself home.” If he thought I was going to return to take him home, he was wrong.

“I know how to fix this,” he chuckled in amusement while I sat confused. What the hell was so funny?


“Get in the back seat,” he commanded. I still sat confused, my arms crossed over my chest.

“What?” But he simply repeated what he had already said. “I don’t get how getting in the backseat is going to help anything.”

“Just go.” The look he gave me was stern and was enough to get me to reluctantly unbuckle my seat belt and get out of the car, only to get back inside and into the lofty backseat. I watched curiously as he did the same, looking around to the area around us before hoping inside.

His next move took me by surprise. Marco shut the door behind him and quickly leaned over to me, placing a forceful kiss to my lips. His soft and cold hands slid under the material of my shirt, rubbing my back in soothing circles while our tongues moved against each other, both motions from him sending shivers down my spine.

“Just say you want it,” he commented without any further explanation.

“I want it,” I nearly moaned in his mouth as he continued to deepen the kiss and busy his hands sliding off both of our pants. I moved my body to lay over the backseat, giving him ample space to position himself between my legs and lowered his member to my love.

Now, my car was a decent size but it wasn’t like we had a ton of space to move around wildly but Marco seemed to make it work as he hiked one of my legs up over his shoulder and moved in and out of me deliberately slow, eliciting joyous moans of satisfaction from my lips while he grunted with pleasure.

We probably didn’t have much time which explained Marco’s quick strokes. I should have been thinking about the idea of us getting caught in this position but I didn’t care. His body tangled up in mine felt too good.

I tried to contain myself once I reached my peak knowing I couldn’t really release my screams of gratification like I wanted but the sound was surely enough for Marco as I watched a proud grin brace his face hearing me moan for the final time.

Once we were finished we both attempted to clean ourselves up as best we could and adjust our clothing. “I gotta get going,” he stated after checking the time displayed on his phone. He stepped out of the backseat and kept the door open as he spoke again, “See you in a few hours?” I simply nodded silently and watched as he cracked a smirk and walked away.


Request- Hi can u do an imagine where you are the reason Lisa died so Dean would always yell at you and make you cry so one day when he was going to your room he stops and hears Sam talking to you about why your crying than Dean later on feels guilty so for the next days you give him the cold shoulder

A/N- Well… Umm let’s see… I didn’t know how to start this and I was really stumped, but once I thought of the whole Lisa scene it all came together. This… I think this is the first time I feel like my own writing has helped me and I don’t know I added a certain part which sounds a bit cheesy but I needed to hear those words or rather type them. WEll yep that’s a little insight haha. Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

No Pairing

Word Count- 1667

Warnings- mention of character death, mention of self doubt, mention of self hate? ,

“Now choose. Who shall you save? The girl who Dean Winchester loves or Dean Winchester himself?” you remembered that deep voice that sounded too amused for this kind of situation. Why wouldn’t they be amused? They were in control. Their sadistic ways and the way he watches you panic, and how you’d switch your gaze from an unconscious Lisa to an equally unconscious Dean.

“I choose neither,” you say with a quivering voice.

“Can’t even make a simple choice. You and I both know that you should choose the girl. Maybe then you can have a chance with the muscle headed stud over there,” he said, nodding in Dean’s direction. He smiled mischievously and lifted his hand toward Dean. “But hey- if ya can’t make the choice then who am I not to choose,” he shrugged.

“No!” you shouted, and threw yourself in front of Dean.

He chuckled, “I see… You choose the Winchester.”

You hear barking and then witness as her body was torn apart. You couldn’t even scream. You just stared at the horrific scene before you. Your mouth hanging slightly open, tears streaming down your face, and your breath caught in your throat.

You felt a poke against your shoulder, “Oh dear, did I brake you already?” He sighed, “What’s the fun in killing you now?” He took out a knife, put it in your hands, and held it up to your throat.

For a second you almost let him do it. Almost let him off you with your own hands. Lisa’s death was on you and you knew Dean would hate you now. Fortunately, you heard the door burst open, and the second the demon turned around he was impaled by Sam.

“Y/N! You okay?” he questioned.

You nodded not really answering.

He looked to where you were looking and saw Lisa. He then goes to check on Dean. When he woke up and saw Lisa he shouted. He, as always, blamed himself.

That was when youfinally talked, “It… It was my fault,” you say, not wanting him to blame himself.

“What?” he asked, his gaze boring into you.

You told him what had happened, and he was visibly more than angry. Which you thought he had every right to be. You then tell him about what the demon was about to do before Sam came, and handed him the knife. He stared at you and you at him. You could see it in his eyes, he lifted his hand that wielded the knife-

You bolt up on your bed. Your forehead beaded with sweat and tears slowly streaming down your cheek. “I’m sorry,” you whimper.

Sam, who was about to grab a cup of coffee, was passing by your room at the time. He immediately opened your door to check on you. He frowned when he saw you rubbing tears out of your eyes. “Same nightmare?” he questioned, already knowing what happened.

You nod, “I’m fine. It’s… It’s my punishment.”

“It’s been a year already Y/N. I know it hit you hard and Dean… He’ll come around,” he tried to convince you.

“Sam… THanks, but like you said, it’s been a year,” you pause, “I don’t blame him though… He’s right to be mad at me… Because of me Li-” you stop yourself from saying her name. Remembering the day Dean had yelled at you for saying her name, claiming you had no right to.

“It’s not good for either of you to go on like this…” he tells you.

“Thanks Sam… I’ll be fine” you say forcing a smile.

You follow him into the kitchen and he serves you a cup a coffee before sitting across from you. It was a comfortable kind of silence. While it lasted…

“Hey Sam want me to cook you sum breakfa-” Dean started, but when he saw you he snickered, “oh,” he muttered with a slight hint of disgust.

You stand up to leave but Sam stops you. “Dean-” he says seriously.

They glare at each other and you frown more than you already were. You turn to look at Sam, “Um- Sam, I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

“Why would he need you?” Dean spat.

You flinched at his words, “I-” was all you were able to get out.

“Dean! Drop it already!” Sam shouted.

“Drop it? Yeah sure… I’ll just drop it. Let’s not let Y/N get upset over having someone killed.” Dean responded sarcastically.

“Dean!” Sam shouted again.

“Sam! It’s alright it WAS my fault that Lisa-” you stopped talking once you realized what you had just said.

Dean grabbed you by the collar of you shirt and shoved you against the wall, “I thought I told you never to say her name again.”

“I’m sorry-” you mumbled.

“Sorry ain’t gonna cut it Y/N. Sorry doesn’t bring her back!” he growled.

“Neither does you yelling at me!” you shout back. Then you bit your lip for saying that.

He was pissed. You could practically feel his anger. You were so scared that you hadn’t noticed Sam trying to tear Dean off of you, unsuccessfully.

“I should’ve done it…” Dean yelled. His green eyes seemed so dark and they pierced straight through your Y/E/C eyes.  “I shouldn’t have let Sam stop me back then,” he growled.

You instantly knew what he was talking about. How could you not? You had just dreamt the entire situation. That didn’t stop it from hurting. It didn’t stop your heart from sinking. It certainly didn’t stop the stream of tears.

“I’m know,” you mumbled sadly.

That response seemed to calm his angry eyes, even for a second.  He let you go and you ran to your room. Dean had never regretted saying something this much before. He slowly turned around to face Sam who was shaking his head disappointedly.

“I- I didn’t mean-” he started.

“Really? It sure looked that way,” Sam responded and walked out of the kitchen.

Dean stood there dumbfounded.

Sam went to your room to check on you. Just as he expected, you were sitting on the floor next to your bed, crying. “Y/N-” he whispered softly.

You looked up and saw Sam standing there. You wiped your tears away and stand. He gives you his sad sympathetic eyes, and you couldn’t stop yourself from crying once again. He hugged you and you hugged him back. “Sammy…” you mumble against his chest.

That’s when he knew you were really hurt, not that he didn’t already know but you only call him Sammy in desperate situations. You had only called him Sammy twice before. “Its alright.” he whispered, rubbing circles on your back.

“It’s not alright Sammy. Maybe- Maybe I shouldn’t stay here.” you sobbed.

You feel him sigh, “Where exactly would you go?” he questioned.

“I don’t know-” you answer, “Just not here,” you add.

This was when Dean walked up to your room to apologize, but stopped when he heard you talking to Sam.

Sam pulled away so he can look at you, “Y/N… Dean- he didn’t mean that.”

You give him a sad smile, “He did Sam, but that’s not why I’m hurt.” you say.

“Then why?” he asks.

“Because he’s right. You don’t know how long I’ve thought that. What he said just now- since that day.” you bit your lip to prevent more tears, to no avail. “What I hate-” you wept, “What I hate is that I- I can’t forgive myself… Not until Dean does. We both know that isn’t gonna happen.”

Dean then feels a pang of guilt. He made you feel this way. He figured, he’d done enough damaged and he didn’t want to do anymore, so he walked away.

“Y/N…” Sam said, shaking your shoulders, “I think it’s time… You should forgive yourself. Don’t worry about Dean. You should always prioritize your feelings first in these things. Alright? That guilt that you’re feeling. Fight it. Always fight it.”

“I don’t- I don’t think that I can.” you respond.

“That’s fine because you aren’t alone. You got me here and I’ll help you.” he told you.

You nod and smile a little.

The rest of the day you avoided Dean as much as possible and when you couldn’t you just pretended or rather tried to pretend he wasn’t there. Which in turn, made you feel like you were giving him the cold shoulder even though that wasn’t what you wanted. This went on for a few more days. You hadn’t been yelled at since then and hope you never again would.

You were in the kitchen serving yourself a cup of water. You were finally starting to feel just a bit better, which Sam called progress. Just as you were going back to your room, Dean came in. He didn’t look angry or disgusted. In fact he looked just as if not more shocked than you.

“Y/N…” he said softly. You took a step back. “I’m sorry,” he said. You were too stunned by his out of the blue apology you didn’t know what to say. “I shouldn’t have been yelling at you all this time. I don’t think it was fair to you, especially with what happened. The thing is… I wasn’t much help that day and me being with Lisa just brought her into our world. I’m sorry I took that out on you.”

“Thank- Thank you… but… What brought this on?” you couldn’t help but ask.

He looked away, “It was the look in your eyes when I told you that load of crap a couple days ago and I uh- also heard you and Sam talk. It might not sound like I’m being truthful but, I hate it when you think of yourself that way and I’m sorry that I’m the one who let it come to this.”

You smile at him a little, “Looks like we both have a lot of forgiving to do.” you say.

“Yeah we do.” he responds before he gives you one big hug.

Hope you like it! x)

cocoa-and-rum  asked:

I have a prompt for you! Person A's car is down and is forced to call Person B for help. They are not exactly the best of chums.

A/N: Well this got out of hand. *typos all my own*.

A knight in a shining Ford pickup

>1800 words

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

Name your expletive and it most likely passed Emma Swan’s lips in the five minutes after her (not so) trusty bug puttered out, grounding to a halt by the side of the deserted country road. Those five minutes were spent poking around under the hood before she heard an ominous hissing sound, punctuated by loud pop and the release of a plume of hot steam that narrowly missed her face.

(And of course it was three am and this being goddamn middle-of-nowhere Maine the only garage in town wouldn’t open until at least ten).

She was at least a half hour drive from Storybrooke and even further in the other direction from the last vestiges of civilisation she had passed on her way home. That wasn’t a walk she relished in the pitch-blackness of the unlit road. But…


She couldn’t call Mary Margaret or David - not only did they both work early in the morning but they had a small son and she was pretty sure they would kill her if she woke him with a phone call. Belle was back in Australia visiting her mother. Ruby never answered her phone and could also sleep through a hurricane.

And that just left…



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GET OUT!!!!!!!!



AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being sent to a remote mountain location but because of the weather flying is out of the question so you are assigned the task of 



The weather was abysmal; it was one of the worst storms you had ever witnessed. Even Thor was reluctant to do anything to try and calm it, he was nervous that if his control weakened, and planes were airborne, he would be responsible for Midgardian casualties.

As a result, you were assigned by S.H.I.E.L.D. to drive the three hour journey from Edinburgh to the Scottish highlands with Loki, the Asgardian and God of Mischief, and the newest Avenger, to find and contain the Jotunn ice beast that had gotten loose in London during the alignment of the realms the year previous. It had made its way as far north as possible, but was now a nuisance to the farmers and hikers on the moors there.

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Fairytale Calum AU: Part 2


Images of the gown and garden are below the imagine xx

I walked in on Calum sitting with his father on the bright sunny morning. The King was sat upright on his bed, smiling at me as I entered.
“Good morning Y/N.” The King said to me cheerfully as I sat on the edge of his bed.
“Good Morning your Highness. Are you feeling any better?” I asked with a smile.
“Much, thank you my dear.”
I took the bandage off his forearm, taking a look at the 4 wide scratches that came from the creatures claw. Retrieving the potion, I placed it on a cloth and over the scratch. The King took in a sharp breath and winced at the feeling of it. I placed a fresh bandage over the cloth to hold it in place.
“As long as we carry on doing this for the next four days, you should heal in no time.” I told his highness with a smile.
“Calum, you need to remember that you have the meeting this morning on when you’re going to meet Princess Dina.” He father explained, and he nodded.
“You should rest your highness. If you need anything just let me know.” I told him.
“Thank you my dear.”
I stood up and so did Calum, both of us exiting the Kings room.

“He’s so happy he will be well enough attend my sisters birthday ball. You are attending of course, aren’t you?” The prince asked me, turning to me in the hallway.
“Well although it would be an honour my prince—”
“Calum! Y/N, it’s Calum! Say it with me: Cal-um. Two syllables. C-A-L-U-M! Caaaaalllllluuuummm.” He groaned as I still haven’t broke the habit.
“Sorry.” I smiled sheepishly at his attempt to get me to break my habit.
“Well although it would be an honour Calum I am afraid that will have left by then. I leave on Friday, the ball is Saturday night.”
“But surely you can stay one more night. It will not do anyone any harm and then I shall escort you home in the morning.” He planned.
“Please Y/N?” He grabbed my hand , pulling a puppy dog face. I giggled at him and nodded.
“Good. I’ll have a dress arranged then. It’s the least I can do after what you’ve done for my father.” He insisted.
“That is very kind of you Calum.” I told him shyly.
“Well it’s another way of saying thank you.” He told me as we carried on walking.
I walked into the hall to find people dancing all around the hall, the King and Queen were both sat watching the party from their thrones and many were milling about, socialising with other royals and authority figures. I carefully walked in, but then clumsily tripped over the bottom of my dress when I walked in. I picked it up to walk around before I yet again clumsily walked into someone’s chest, who grabbed me so I didn’t fall backwards.
“Sorry. I—” I looked up to see Calum smiling down at me.
“You came.” He smiled.
“It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. And a wonderful way to spend my final night here.” I smiled at him. He was gleaming back down at me and it wasn’t until then I noticed that he was still holding me, one hand on my back and the other on my upper arm. He must’ve noticed my blush when he slowly started taking his hands away.
“There are so many people here. They all look so extravagant.” I told him gleefully. He seemed amused at my excited persona and replied:
“Yes but sadly all are only interested in the idea of more power and money. None are here for the chance to enjoy themselves and be happy.” He then looked at me in some form of admiration.
“Other than you.” He mentioned.
“Well before this I hadn’t really been to the village, never mind the castle, never mind a party, never mind a royal party, never mind a ball, I mean…” I trailed off when he looked at me.
"Apologise for my babbling.” I looked down at my hands, embarrassed.
“You have nothing to apologise for Y/N.” He gently grabbed my chin, turning my face to look at his face, his warm brown eyes pouring into mine.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” Was announced and we both broke away, turning to the King who was stood above.
“May you join me, my family and their partners in our dance to celebrate my daughters birthday.” He smiled as people politely clapped. My hand was raised and I turned as I felt Calum’s soft lips press against the back of it.
“Would you care to join me?” He asked with a smirk.
“W-W-hat? Yo-You mean dancing?” I asked.
“I…I just… I mean that…"I stuttered as he began dragging me to the dance floor.
"You can dance with any girl, any princess in this building.” I stated.
“And I have chosen to dance with you.” He stated, bring me around so I stood in front of him.
“Why did you not dance with Princess Dina? She is so lovely and kind and pretty. Why not her?” I asked him.
“Because I wished to dance with you.”
“That’s not a proper excuse.” I told him, slowly becoming aware of the more people looking at me and Calum, as it was only us, the King and Queen and Mali and her partner on the floor.
“Excuse? It’s not an excuse. It’s a reason.” He told me.
“Well then it isn’t a proper reason Calum.” I told him.
“Okay then. Because you’re far more interesting.” He smiled.
“That’s far from true.” I insisted.
“It’s because you much more extravagant.” He smiled, one hand talking my waist.
“Now you’re just plain lying to me.” I whispered to him.
“It’s because you’re the most beautiful person in the ballroom.” He told me, not braking our stare as the music began playing.

He took my hand within his and we began dancing across the floor. I couldn’t break away from him, I spent half the night smiling, dancing, laughing until my feet hurt. When I finally stopped I was out of breath, me and Calum both laughing at each other. He bit his lip for a moment, seeming hesitant.
“Come with me.” He told me, grabbing my hand and leading me outside into the garden. I was still laughing with him, enjoying myself too much but noticing the feeling I had never felt before, someone had shown me such compassion and kindness. I then had an impending sense of dread.

I had fallen in love with the prince.

I had fallen in love with the prince

“Y/N?” He asked. I suddenly turned my head.
“Sorry, I was away in my thoughts.” I apologised. He held onto my hand and led me to the middle of the garden, where we sat on the round stone outline.
“Thank you Calum. Tonight has been so glorious. I couldn’t imagine something so terrific in all my years back at the house.” I proclaimed to him.
“Thank you Y/N, for curing my father. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t came to cure him.” He gave me a smile, one that caused my heart to beat at a rapid pace. His hand slowly raised upwards and his fingertips skimmed along my jaw and up to my cheek. He rested the hand along my face and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.
“You’ll have to tell me what spell it is that makes you like you are.” He murmured.
“I haven’t used a spell sire.” I breathed.
“What do you mean like I am?” I asked.
“You’re just enchanting Y/N.” He stated. I looked into my lap, blushing as his hand travelled down my bare arm and attaching to my others.

“I wish you could stay longer.” He pleads.
“I wish I could too but I do not want to overstay my welcome.”
“But you wouldn’t be at all.” He contradicted. I smiled at him sadly.
“But I’m afraid I would be Calum. Anyway, I must return to my sister.” I sighed.
“Do you not wish to stay?” He asked, standing as he faced me with a confused expression.
“Oh yes. Everything has been perfectly wonderful,” I grabbed his hands in an attempt to comfort him and myself.
“But I must return. But I wish you all the luck for the future Calum. I know you will be a great ruler one day.” I told him standing.
“Then will you join me in one last dance?” He asked, bowing.
“But there is no music.” I laughed as he took my waist and hand.
“What does it matter?” He dismissed, pulling me along as I laughed, making me feel so joyous. I so desperately wanted to confess my love, but he wouldn’t feel the same.

And perhaps it was best I didn’t. Because I was oblivious to the fact that my sister was watching from a distance, listening in on our whole conversation. And she was in an angry, jealous rage.