why did u get the mark

17408 Fansign:

- Mark said he had the ahgabong constantly on for 2-3 days
MK: it was on constantly I changed the battery before i went but its gone now

-  Jinyoung said because he didn’t play the games well yesterday, Youngjae made fun of him

-  Yugyeom said he wasn’t able to go to the Arbor Day event cuz he was sick F: dont be sick i was worried 

-  Youngjae said that he thinks that he will go back to black hair soon

-  Jinyoung said there isnt any perfume he is using lately

-  F: Why did u wear sth inside ur shirt for Paradise on GOT the stage JY: cuz the studio was cold & I didnt want to satisfy u guys’ desire

-  F: what r u doing for ur solo vapp? I heard the concept is sth ur not good at YJ: yup I didn’t decide yet what should i do?  F: (as a joke) driving? YJ: oh (to the staff) can I get my driving license for my vapp?

-  JB said his fav song in this album is Paradise

-  Mark said he didn’t eat things like bugs but he ate sth like a chicken and it was tasty that he ate in the jungle was delicious

-  They said they filmed Real GOT7 today before they came to the fansign

-  Yugyeom said on the days he plays bowling well he scores around 100 and usually around 70s

-  Fan asked if the cats get along well JB: they get along well they don’t fight for ranking Nora is top and Kunta and Odd is around the same

-  Jinyoung said for Zepp there isn’t a solo stage and it’s undecided for Yoyogi and Korean concert is also undecided

-  Fan asked Mark what he ate at the jungle Mark said he didn’t eat and that he was bitten by a bug so he had a bump on his face

-  WOLO will be release in a different album not on a concert album but the time is undecided yet

-  Bambam said his cafe in Thailand will open this month

-  Fan told Jackson that lot of fans were surprised from the photo Mama Wang uploaded cuz Jackson looked like his brother but he said he doesnt

-  Mark said it was hard sleeping that he really slept outdoors F: what about food did u really eat insects? MK: i didn’t eat it but it was fun

-  F: if you get a chance do you have thoughts on doing a musical? YJ: i want to do it


monthly fic rec : june (fics marked with ** are favesfaves4life)

- adore you by isthatyoularry (66k) **

“We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.

- through eerie chaos by mediawhore (102k) ******* (super uper fave)

For as long as anyone can remember, Old Hillsbridge Manor has always been believed to be haunted. Everyone in the village agrees and keeps a respectful, fearful, distance. New in town after a bad breakup and an internship that led to disappointment rather than a permanent job, Harry Styles figures taking pictures of the decrepit building could be a great new creative project. Or at least a much-needed distraction while he searches for a job and crashes at his parents’ new house. No one warned him about the apparitions though; about the music, the laughter, the people who flicker and vanish when you call after them, the echoes of a past that should be long gone… Harry has never believed in spirits but even he can admit that there’s something weird going on. What starts as mere curiosity evolves into a full-blown investigation and soon enough, Harry finds himself making friends with an aristocrat from the 1920s and struggling with finding the best way to tell him that he’s dead.

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

- the wonderlands by stylinsoncity (150k)

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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hc Request: IS IT POSSIBLE I COULD REQUEST A HEADCANON WHERE THE READER IS CUDDLING WITH CHICA? (possibly at a charity livestream etc.) (btw, you are AWESOME)

((thanks love, you’re so sweet!))

-it was just when the livestream started that Chica wanted some attention
-Kathryn was watching the chat and checking donations
-Amy had a handle on the camera
-The guys all sat on the couch just doing their thing
-you were the one that was on the floor, beside the couch, so the lil doggie chose you
-it started off as you two jackin around and playing, the chat found it cute but no one was really interest
-until you had laid down, a few hours later just getting tired, and Chica snuggled up against you, causing you to slowly fall asleep as she did
-it was fine and dandy until that one comment
“Mark look on the floor”
“what why”
“j u s t d o i t”
“alright alright- AWWWW”
-Everyone in the room and the chat DIED from adorableness
-Ethan took a few pictures and posted them on Twitter
-The guys paused what they were doing and everyone just spent the next few minutes to admire you and Chica
-lets just say that you didnt wake up till after the livestream and found out everything from tumblr
“you were just so peacefuuuul”

Scraped Knees - Soulmate AU

Joshua Hong [seventeen] x Reader
word count: 675
warnings: possible trigger for self-harm, but none of the self-harm is intended in that way
a/n: first and thrid part’s are in second perspective for reader and the second part is in third part
request: hi can I request a soulmate au with joshua? u can decide what kind soulmate au!

Scraped knees. This was the latest type of an unknown mark left on your skin. Over the last few weeks your knees had been bruised to the point where even touching them hurt the sensitive skin. You hadn’t done anything over the last few weeks that would lead to your knees being like this. So, naturally, you began to assume this was the work of your soulmate.

Your soulmate was either a prostitute or did a lot of work on their knees. Hopefully, it was the second option.

“Bloody hell- Why am I getting this pain now? It’s nearly eleven at night! They shouldn’t be doing anything now,” the pain was hitting again while you were trying to study for some university exam that allowed you to actually get your degree.

You thought of only one solution - to cause pain to them as well.

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Bf! Haechan

  • Ooh this boy had his eyes on you the moment you entered the room
  • Constantly looking at you and falling into a daydream and then realising that he has to act all manly and charming and has to woo you off your feet
  • but he just appeared really closed off when you first talked to him. Like he wasn’t interested in the conversation at all
  • He lowkey bullied you and made fun of you which would get you really sad
  • But then he would also make random jokes and you would laugh so hard and he would stare at you like awwwww but then when you’d notice him staring at you he’d look away. Because he’s still a shy baby
  • Purposefully bumping into you just to catch your attention 
  • But one day you got a secret note saying to meet them after school in the school playground
  • You were a little unsure if you should go or not because it could be a trap but you went along any way given your curiosity 
  • Haechan stood alone in the park, playing with the grass with his feet. You were surprised to see him, forgetting that you had to meet up with ‘someone’ (of course you didn’t realise it was Haechan who was that someone)
  • “Why’re you here Haechan?” You asked and he blushed and said “ I was waiting for you” and you went like what?????? and then realised that he was the one who wrote you the note
  • You were unsure about it but you said yes when he asked you out. The whole night you couldn’t sleep and you kept on laughing and tossing and turning reminiscing about the day’s events
  • Haechan spends his lunch time with you, like two ‘ol friends always at each other’s heels, making fun of you, roasting you, not letting you live, the norm
  • but then you’d go on cute cake shop dates and he’ll eat your food too 
  • “ya watch what you’re eating, I dont want you to kill me when I pick you up on our wedding day”
  • “Did you wash today? You hair smells” *continues sniffing your hair and hugging you*
  • stealing your things and blaming it on Mark
  • “Can I have your rubber?” “Do you have a pencil I can use?”
  • Extra af
  • He protected you one time from that ball approaching you and never lets you forget it
  • cute af hugs and him ruffling your hair after
  • kisses on the cheeks when he pisses you off
  • lots and lots of aegyo 
  • “I’m your cutie Haechan”
  • Buys you food and cute things he finds in the shops
  • and is so casual about like ‘here eat’ or ‘here i saw this and i thought u shud have it’
  • stares at you in class and gets detention for not paying attention
  • adhering to your arm and refusing to let go
  • rap battles, singing songs while walking home
  • him walking you home cuz he needs to protect you
  • gets so worried when you’re sick and brings food over to your place and checks on you
  • so scared of your parents its actually funny
  • Gets butt hurt easily
  • and doesn’t talk to you and acts all petty
  • gets jealous easily, at first he didnt even like you talking to boys
  • “Why dont u go and eat with that boy you were asking for homework”
  • “Mark get away from her, you’ll infect her with your stupidity”
  • But gets rlly cute too sometimes
  • wants you to not go home when he’s walking you and gives you a sad puppy look
  • knows your weaknesses and exploits them shamelessly 
  • so shameless it hurts
  • dance practice gatherings
  • dances extra hard to show off
  • waits for you if his classes finish early
  • sends you funny memes 
  • your texts are so funny and he doesnt let you study sometimes and its so annoying
  • but your conversations are so cute
  • “did u change my name yet”
  • your boyfriend is a cute savage kid who must be protected

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Cuddling with Mark
  • this smol bby had another request <3
  • i love him so much but this was terrible, lmao
  • i had 0 creativity to write today, i’m such an awful “writer”, lmao
  • if you could call me that xD
  • oh my god, d-did i just used xD ironically
  • okay so!!
  • first thing first
  • i don’t think that mark is a clingy person?
  • i mean, he clearly doesn’t mind at all if someone has skinship with him
  • and specially if it’s from his s/o
  • but he would rarely start it
  • he may, idk grab your hands or maybe won’t be too shy to ask for a hug or comfort if he needs it
  • but he doesn’t seem necessary to be over 24/7 to let you know that he loves you
  • yeah das right
  • so you almost always start the skinship
  • and he likes it a lot
  • specially if it’s like really spontaneous??
  • like your in the middle of a conversersation and you randomly just start snuggling him
  • he would smile super widely and even blush a little
  • and then he would lazily place his hands around your shoulders/back
  • and then just keep talking with you, maybe in a warmer and softer voice
  • even tho in the beggining of the relationship he would always get really flustered and blushy when you did that asdfghjklñ
  • so cute, honestly
  • buy going to the story now!!!!
  • so, mark left you babysitting the dreamies while mark and hyuck were practicing with 127
  • and at first you were like
  • “ugh, why me you have kun and hansol, and yukhei and jungwoo and ten”
  • “yeah, but then i was planning to take you out”
  • and you were like !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • okay!!!!! sure!!!! i love the dreamies!!!!! i love baby sitting!!!!!!!
  • but, tbh two hours on it and you were e x h a u s t e d
  • you did everything that day, cook, eat, watch anime, played, runned, e v e r y t h i n g
  • and rn for one side you had jisung and chenle running aroud
  • and for the other side you had  jeno and renjun fighting bc they couldn’t decide if the wanted to watch moomin or one piece together
  • “if i show y’all embarrasing mark videos would y’all let me alone?”
  • “…maybe”
  • “it’s saved on snapchat”
  • lmao, so you gave them your phone and went to mark’s bed to rest a little bc this kidz are insufferable
  • also, hopefully mark would be young enough for the next comeback of the dreamies <l3
  • the thing is that you accidentaly fell asleep in his bed
  • i mean, it’s completly understandable
  • his bed is probably super cozy and warm and probably smells like him too
  • so you were in heaven basically
  • the thing is that like half of an hour 127 practice ends
  • and when haechan enters to the room he’s like ???
  • “mark, y/n passed out in your bed”
  • “no, jeno delete th- what?”
  • and he naruto runs to the bedroom just to look at you
  • he would take like a hundred of pictures of you
  • basically as a revenge, lolz
  • and once haechan is gone he would quietly get closer to you
  • first he would just sit by your side, then he softly caress your hair, and then he would lay by your side but keeping his distance
  • and like this until he had both of his arms and legs around your figure
  • !!!!!!! lmao, so cute
  • he wouldn’t want to wake you up but at the same time he’s internally dying for caress every exposed skin that he sees
  • he wants to leave kisses in all your face and hug you tightly with his arms
  • until he was like “ugh, fuck it”
  • and when you wake you’re like ???
  • “mark what are you d-”
  • and he jUST KISS YOU
  • and you were so confused bc i fell asleep and i woke up next to a sweaty mark who’s now randomly kissing me
  • but oh well what can we do about it, am i right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and then he separates from you and smiles super widely at you
  • and you were like pLS STOP MY HEART
  • “you looked really pretty,,,,, i had to do it”
  • “shut up”
  • “i came here to gave y/n her phone back but now i’m traumatized”
  • rip chenle lmao
  • and the end
  • oh my god, i’ll go cry now thx love y’all
NCT U reaction to walking in on you hitting a really high note

Taeyong: *already creating a master plan on how to get you into the next NCT unit*

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Ten: appears next to you in a matter of second, enthusiastically joining the song with a way too seductive face for the said situation

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Taeil: gets so dreamy that he doesn’t even notice when you finish the song…so the excited puppy running to where you are standing may be a little bit late

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Doyoung: ‘’Where did she learn that, WHEN did she learn that and why does she sound better than me?’’ 

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Jaehyun: ‘’Up for a challenge, jagi?’’ you didn’t know challenges end with a kiss but who are you to complain

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Mark: ‘’Autograph, please, if you don’t mind.’’

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🌸Best Friend Mark headcannons🌸

⚪Welcome back to the best friend series!
⭐Shoutout to Soo-Young :>
⚪ Even if you’re not good at rapping, he will force you to rap with him
⚪ Him always cheering you on
⚪ Wouldn’t that be adorable to have Mark Lee as your own cheerleader?!
⚪ Probably buys you stuff
⚪ “Mark I said I wanted skittles, that does not be 46 bags of king sized skittles.”
⚪ Roasting session w/ Haechan
⚪ “Mark ily, but not ur hair.”
⚪ Trying to hang out in public but getting swarmed by fans
⚪ “Young man I swear if another fan screams opp- you know what?!”
⚪ Getting tired of the word Oppa because of that
⚪ Doing his part in Mad City and purposely butchering it
⚪Telling fellow NCT members they can’t even look at you
⚪He’s like an older brother
⚪"Call her hot one more I dare u"
⚪"Mark I’m old enough to take care of my-“
⚪ “What was that? Did you want peanut butter and jelly or just jelly on your sandwich?”
⚪ Annoying him w/ Chenle
⚪"Can you guys stop laughing like dolphins.“
⚪You’ll walk in to the dorm, Mark’s chasing Haechan in circles
⚪ The Dream Team is probably just laughing their heads off
⚪You probably smack both of them
⚪But then Mark buys you ice cream and you don’t even question it
⚪ Mark giving you fashion advice
⚪ “Why are giving me fashion advice when your hair looks like that everyday.”

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Set It Off - the story of trap!mork

If there’s one thing Mork Tuna knows how to do - it’s survive in these streets.

If you’re in some trouble, who ya gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters bitch. Mork fucking Tuna.

If he doesn’t leave your ass on read receipt first.

~ the most action packed lit ass story of our generation…..based off this dream I just had about mork tuna with some drug money in the strip club. (gifs aint mine but the story sure is)

(I recommend playing Nicki Minaj’s Beez In The Trap for this shit)

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Reaction To You Cheating With Another Member

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Would break up with you after hearing your side of things, he knew was gonna break up with you regardless of what you said but he wanted to at least give you a chance to talk. He’s too old and much too mature to stay in a relationship with someone who cheated on him, he knows better. As for his member, he would be extremely disappointed in them for doing something like that in the first place,let alone to their senior, he’d scold them and have a long talk with them about what happened which would end with them apologizing non-stop and promising that they would never act in that way towards anyone.

Originally posted by cinnamonsynonyms


Johnny would feel embarrassed about you cheating on him and wouldn’t really want anyone other than you three to know about what happened. He’d definitely consider continuing the relationship depending on how far the cheating went and what your excuse was. He’d feel a lot more anger towards his member than you and would ignore them and their apologies completely until someone finally noticed and help them settle the problem.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


Would be really upset with you and the member, he’d probably cry for a little while but would listen to you both about the situation and see your regret. He’d be more disappointed in you than his member mainly because he thought you were the love of his life and he could trust you, but he’s very mature so in the end i see you two breaking up but him still being good friends with you and wanting to rebuild a stronger relationship with the member.

Originally posted by why-jaehyun


After catching the two of you he wouldn’t want to talk to you again or care about hearing your story. He would go out of his way to avoid you he’s probs the type to block you on social media and your number, as for his member he wouldnt forgive him either and would try his best to not put a strain on the group or his career but he wouldn’t be afraid to let that member and the others know that he didn’t like him.

Originally posted by taeyounq


Doyoung would be fed up with the both of you and definitely wouldn’t want to maintain a relationship with either of you. He wouldn’t need or want an explanation after catching the two of you and would break up with you on the spot. I think he’d be petty in a situation like this, so he’d definitely tell all the other members about what happened.

Originally posted by nctaezen


He’s going to break up with you and not really talk to that member anymore, he would probably would act like he didn’t care to much and would get over it pretty quickly. He figures if you were just gonna cheat on him then you weren’t worth his time anyway. He wouldn’t act any sort of way towards his member he just simply wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

Originally posted by dimplesjae


He would of course be mad at both of you, but I think he’d quickly forget about your part and be especially mad at his member. He would listen to what you both had to say, but in the end it wouldn’t really matter and he’d still be super pissed. He’d tell you he needed a break or sometime away from you to think about what he wanted instead of breaking up with you right then and there, and he would make sure his member knew how horrible he made him feel betraying him like that when they’re supposed to be like brothers.

Originally posted by mxrksgf


Would be really hurt that both of you would do that to him, i think he’d want some closure to the relationship or to know why you did it but after getting a chance to talk to you he’d probably end up forgiving you and wouldn’t want to break up. Things in your relationship would be pretty awkward after that and he’d probably get really insecure whenever you were around the members, he wouldn’t fully trust you again after that. He would have some passive aggression towards the member for a little while but after talking with him and giving it some time things between them would go back to the way they once were

Originally posted by nakamotens


This baby would be heartbroken after catching you cheating on him with one of his members he’d cry for days trying to get over you and would keep blaming himself for not being a perfect boyfriend. Wouldn’t really wanna see you again but would want to ask you why you did it for closure, he’d probably forgive his member pretty quickly but be weary about trusting them as much afterwards.

Sehun: *phone rings* Hello?

WinWin: It’s me.

Sehun: It gets better bro, I already know why you’re calling. Just know things will turn around soon and you’ll fully be a contributing member of the group.

WinWin: So how long did it take you to finally get lines?


Sehun: 4 years.

WinWin: I’m hanging up now.

  • Mark: Hey Donghyuck! You said I wasn't your type because I'm not a 'bad boy' right?
  • Donghyuck: Ummm, yeah you're a softie Mark, why?
  • Mark: Well the saying goes "Play-Doh, fun to play with but not to eat", and you know what I just did?!?!
  • Donghyuk: ....ate the Play-Doh?
  • Donghyuk: Mark if you really ate the freaking Play-Doh and you think that's 'bad', then you're correct that's bad...STOP TALKING TO ME AND GET YO BOOTY DOWN TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM, JESUS!!!

Shoutout to facebook for making me look at pictures from like 5 years ago when my friends and I got front row tickets to a community production of RENT and everyone else in the audience were offended old people who left at intermission so we went out of our way to be the most enthusiastic crowd members in history which lead to the actors getting obsessed with us and talking to us in between scenes and winking at us during the songs and then when we wanted pictures with the cast Benny’s actor came over and personally thanked us for reminding him why he wanted to become an actor

NCT U Reacts to You Calling Them Daddy

Request: could you do a NCT U reaction to you calling them ‘daddy’???? ;)


Taeil: “Oh. Okay.” Taeil is somewhat bewildered by this. ‘Daddy…? But I’m her oppa.’ He probably won’t even know what you mean by it.

Originally posted by jihansol

Doyoung: You begged Doyoung to let you have a puppy in your shared apartment since small animals were allowed, but he said no. “Pleeeease daddy!” 

He thinks hard about what to say before opening his mouth, “Hmm, I like the way you say that.” He eventually caves in when you keep calling him that an he buys you a new puppy.

Originally posted by nelliel66

Mark: “I’m younger than you though.” Mark is so innocent, he doesn’t even know where you’d get the idea of calling him daddy from. You’re both young and inexperienced and he likes it that way, at least until he gets older.

Originally posted by meekokohaku

Jaehyun: “What did you just call me?” Just a moment earlier you were arguing with Jaehyun about something extra petty. In the middle of the argument you end up calling him daddy and it silences him. “Daddy’s about to show you why you shouldn’t anger him.”

Originally posted by handsomek-boys

Taeyong: Being under Taeyong was pure bliss. He knew just the right places to kiss, suck, and bite to make you scream his name. “Daddy.~” You moan into his ear and something awakens inside of him.

“I’ll having you screaming that all night.”

Originally posted by tayeong

Ten: “Did you just say what I think you said?” Your cheeks turn pink as he stares at you in awe. “When did I get that title? Doesn’t matter, I like it.” 

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nct as things my friend has said

@cookiebarra i love u bud :)))

doyoung - i love satan, im kidding jesus i don’t sin please accept me

ten - o shit i’m gay

taeil - i want you to have my babies except not really bc i don’t want children
don’t write that down i don’t give you permission
don’t write that down either
why are you still typing

taeyong - *burbs* hot

jaehyun - can we see the furries

yuta - *friend is wearing a blanket on his head*
man how much did you pay for that wig

winwin - everywhere is the house of christ if i’m in it

mark - did i just blink without closing my eyelids

haechan - i’ll cup my fart and throw it at u shut up

renjun - *sneezes* there she is

chenle - can you flap for me

jisung - you know that feeling when you get wet crispy lettuce and you snap it in half and you get that feeling in your heart that’s the feeling i get when i see johnny depp

jeno - sirius snape

jaemin - severus black

hansol - do you think if i farted into space and lit it on fire would it create a star

kun - don’t make me put some of my boogie woogies in your mouth

johnny - kadoonk