why did u get the mark

hc Request: IS IT POSSIBLE I COULD REQUEST A HEADCANON WHERE THE READER IS CUDDLING WITH CHICA? (possibly at a charity livestream etc.) (btw, you are AWESOME)

((thanks love, you’re so sweet!))

-it was just when the livestream started that Chica wanted some attention
-Kathryn was watching the chat and checking donations
-Amy had a handle on the camera
-The guys all sat on the couch just doing their thing
-you were the one that was on the floor, beside the couch, so the lil doggie chose you
-it started off as you two jackin around and playing, the chat found it cute but no one was really interest
-until you had laid down, a few hours later just getting tired, and Chica snuggled up against you, causing you to slowly fall asleep as she did
-it was fine and dandy until that one comment
“Mark look on the floor”
“what why”
“j u s t d o i t”
“alright alright- AWWWW”
-Everyone in the room and the chat DIED from adorableness
-Ethan took a few pictures and posted them on Twitter
-The guys paused what they were doing and everyone just spent the next few minutes to admire you and Chica
-lets just say that you didnt wake up till after the livestream and found out everything from tumblr
“you were just so peacefuuuul”

17408 Fansign:

- Mark said he had the ahgabong constantly on for 2-3 days
MK: it was on constantly I changed the battery before i went but its gone now

-  Jinyoung said because he didn’t play the games well yesterday, Youngjae made fun of him

-  Yugyeom said he wasn’t able to go to the Arbor Day event cuz he was sick F: dont be sick i was worried 

-  Youngjae said that he thinks that he will go back to black hair soon

-  Jinyoung said there isnt any perfume he is using lately

-  F: Why did u wear sth inside ur shirt for Paradise on GOT the stage JY: cuz the studio was cold & I didnt want to satisfy u guys’ desire

-  F: what r u doing for ur solo vapp? I heard the concept is sth ur not good at YJ: yup I didn’t decide yet what should i do?  F: (as a joke) driving? YJ: oh (to the staff) can I get my driving license for my vapp?

-  JB said his fav song in this album is Paradise

-  Mark said he didn’t eat things like bugs but he ate sth like a chicken and it was tasty that he ate in the jungle was delicious

-  They said they filmed Real GOT7 today before they came to the fansign

-  Yugyeom said on the days he plays bowling well he scores around 100 and usually around 70s

-  Fan asked if the cats get along well JB: they get along well they don’t fight for ranking Nora is top and Kunta and Odd is around the same

-  Jinyoung said for Zepp there isn’t a solo stage and it’s undecided for Yoyogi and Korean concert is also undecided

-  Fan asked Mark what he ate at the jungle Mark said he didn’t eat and that he was bitten by a bug so he had a bump on his face

-  WOLO will be release in a different album not on a concert album but the time is undecided yet

-  Bambam said his cafe in Thailand will open this month

-  Fan told Jackson that lot of fans were surprised from the photo Mama Wang uploaded cuz Jackson looked like his brother but he said he doesnt

-  Mark said it was hard sleeping that he really slept outdoors F: what about food did u really eat insects? MK: i didn’t eat it but it was fun

-  F: if you get a chance do you have thoughts on doing a musical? YJ: i want to do it


Scraped Knees - Soulmate AU

Joshua Hong [seventeen] x Reader
word count: 675
warnings: possible trigger for self-harm, but none of the self-harm is intended in that way
a/n: first and thrid part’s are in second perspective for reader and the second part is in third part
request: hi can I request a soulmate au with joshua? u can decide what kind soulmate au!

Scraped knees. This was the latest type of an unknown mark left on your skin. Over the last few weeks your knees had been bruised to the point where even touching them hurt the sensitive skin. You hadn’t done anything over the last few weeks that would lead to your knees being like this. So, naturally, you began to assume this was the work of your soulmate.

Your soulmate was either a prostitute or did a lot of work on their knees. Hopefully, it was the second option.

“Bloody hell- Why am I getting this pain now? It’s nearly eleven at night! They shouldn’t be doing anything now,” the pain was hitting again while you were trying to study for some university exam that allowed you to actually get your degree.

You thought of only one solution - to cause pain to them as well.

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crush - mark lee bulleted scenario

a/n this is my first thing ever and my requests are open!!! request scenarios, reactions, and mtl’s pls! nct only!

summary: you have a huge crush on mark and donghyuck snitches and you try your best to avoid him as much as possible
genre: fluff

- so you’re like ,, super close with donghyuck but not as close as he is with mark
- and you like mark A LOT but you don’t even know him personally you just hear about him from donghyuck and see him around school
- and OFCOURSE you wouldn’t tell donghyuck about your crush on mark. that boy can’t keep his mouth shut even if he tried
- so like one day you’re just hanging out with donghyuck doing your own best friend-y things at this cafe
- then suddenly mark and their other friends (literally the rest of 127 but thats so irrelevant) come in so donghyucks like YOOOOO U GUYS ARE HERE TOO
- so he calls them over and hes like this is y/n they’re my bff
- and you’re like . h-hi stutter stutter bc mark!!! lee!!! is standing right in front of you
- and theyre like oh nice to meet you but we gotta get going now we’re gonna be late for our thing
- so they leave and as soon as they’re out of the door donghyuck turns to look at you and goes
- “i have no idea why i never realized”
- and you’re like “bitch what”
- and he’s like “you like mark DON’T YOU????”
- and you’re like “I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM”
- and he’s like “shut up i saw how you were looking at him earlier i bet you didn’t even see the other guys”
- and you try to defend urself by saying “i paid attention to the other guys just as much as i did to mark!!!!! the hell are u talking about”
- and so donghyucks like “then whats the name of the guy with the pink hair?”
- you’re like “tae……yeon?”
- and hes like SEEEEEEEEE
- he doesnt stop teasing you about it
- you eventually get fed up and youre like “OK I LIKE MARK NOW SHUT UP BEFORE I BREAK UR NECK!!!!! keep it a secret though or i’ll actually break your neck”
- so donghyucks like “ofcourse your secrets safe with me”
- you don’t trust him but you don’t really think much of it
- so a few days pass and you’re at school and you notice marks kinda glancing at you but he never really says hi
- but youre like oh maybe he just recognizes me from the cafe
- and this happens a couple more times which makes u feel kinda :3333 bc mark lee is looking at u but maybe he just looks at everyone so ur also like ;((((
- then probably a week after the cafe thing you’re eating lunch with donghyuck at school and you notice he’s really quiet
- and he’s being EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA nice for some reason and youre like. this can’t be real
- so you’re like “what are you hiding”
- and donghyuck stares at you in shock
- then he stuffs a whole spoon of rice into his mouth
- and he’s like “imayormaynothavetoldmarkyoulikehim”
- and you obviously didn’t understand a thing he said because it was muffled by all that RICE
- so you ask him “what did u say”
- and he swallows his food and goes “DON’T GET MAD AT ME PROMISE YOU WON’T GET MAD”
- you’re like ok i promise
- and donghyucks like “i told mark you like him”
- and you’re like “YOU KNEW I’D GET MAD”
- then you two are just sitting there in silence til u finally calmed down and went “when did u tell him”
- and donghyuck says “like … last week maybe”
- and you’re like UGH THATS WHY HES BEEN STARING but u dont tell donghyuck that because hes annoying so u say “what did he say”
- so donghyuck goes “he just said oh really?”
- and you’re like OH REALLY ?
- so ur over it (on the outside, because you don’t wanna talk about it with donghyuck anymore) but on the inside you’re silently freaking out and now you don’t wanna have any encounters with mark at all
- so you start avoiding being near him at all times
- see him in the library? RUN!!!!
- oh he’s in the nurses office too? you’re suddenly not sick
- donghyuck wants you and his friends to catch a movie together??? you suddenly have so much homework sorry can’t make it
- you’re just doing everything in your will to not encounter mark because its kinda embarrassing if he addresses it ya know
- so one day you’re walking your dog in the park
- and you let her off her leash bc its safe anyway let her have fun ok whatever
- then you’re just sitting on a park bench just on your phone texting and shit
- then you look over at where your dog is and you see ANOTHER DOG HUMPING HER
- so you’re like OH MY FUCKING GOD
- and you rush over to where the two doggos are at
- and so does the owner of the other dog
- so u finally get there and u look at him and you’re like AW CRAP
- and he looks at you and goes “oh hey y/n…… sorry about this”
- and you’re like “uhhhh its fine i mean i guess she’s old enough ugh what am i saying im sorry too”
- and he just laughs and inside ur like HES SO CUTE
- so youre both just standing there awkwardly
- ……waiting for your dogs to finish
- and he breaks the silence by saying “you’re pretty close with donghyuck huh”
- and you’re like “oh uh yeah our parents are friends”
- and he’s like “if i hadn’t known better i would think you’re dating tbh”
- and you’re about to say “BUT U KNOW I LIKE U”
- but he doesn’t know that you know so you’re just like “hes like a brother to me i’d never date him”
- but then he goes “so who would u date”
- and ur like wtf is he trying to get me to say its him thats so cocky of him
- and something just comes over you because bro. mark lee is right here talking to u just take ur chance RIGHT
- and u go “i know donghyuck told you”
- and hes like ???? what
- and you’re like “you don’t have to deny it mark i know donghyuck told you about my crush on you”
- and you’re like WHAT
- but what you weren’t expecting was this
- and youre just SHOOK
- and youre both too shocked at how well donghyuck planned this
- you’re literaly forgetting to acknowledge the fact that the feeling is mutual and YOUR DOGS ARE DONE MATING
- then it hits u and ur like “wait u like me?”
- and marks like “i always have??? YOU LIKE ME?”
- and youre like “I ALWAYS HAVE TOO”
- and marks like “damn….. donghyuck really did this…..”
- and you tell him you’re already planning dh’s death
- and marks like “count me in…. he’s dead to me too….”
- and you’re like “ill hold his arms you hold his legs”
- so mark goes “we should plan this thoroughly over lunch… maybe this saturday?”
- and you’re like “is that a date?”
- and he’s like “PSH NO obviously nOt its a plan to kill donghyuck”
- you’re like :333 “see you on saturday then”
- and hes like “lets not bring our dogs”
- and you’re like “agreed”
- so now you’re going on a date with mark all thanks to donghyucks devious plan. that boy lied to both of you to get the truth out GENIUS

NCT 127 Reaction to You Telling Them That You Aren't Close to Your Father After They Ask to Meet Him

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taeyong ; you two were just walking, hand in hand, when taeyong turned around to face you and stopped you from walking. it looked like he wanted to say something so you kept quiet and waited. “can i meet your father? we’ve been together for a while now and i think it’s time.” you became a little uneasy once you heard his question. you and your father weren’t on the best of terms and talking about him was something that you usually avoided. “we aren’t that close anymore..” you’d start but taey would cut you off and pull you into a hug. “aw i’m sorry baby.”

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johnny ; you were talking with the dream members when johnny called you upstairs to his room. he told you that he had an important question to ask you so you didn’t hesitate to get to him. “yeah?” you made asked him as you stepped into his room and plopped down on his bed beside him. “well i was thinking and i think that i want to meet your father. if that’s okay with you?” “we’re not close.” you spat out almost immediately after he asked the question. even the thought of johnny wanting to meet your father made you uncomfortable. “oh shit sorry…you wanna talk about it?” you nodded and crawled closer to him, leaning into his chest while you started to tell him what was up.

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jaehyun ; you and jaehyun were cuddling, joking around, eating snacks and having a good time when he decided to ask you a question that he knew would probably kill the vibe. “baby, can i meet your father?” he sat up and rested his hands on your legs when you put them on his lap. “why would you wanna meet my sperm donor jae? we’re not close and it’d be really awkward.” you sarcastically frowned. “sarcastic thot why did you never tell me? that’s kind of sad.” he responded. you leaned toward him and ran your fingers through his hair. “it’s okay. i’m okay. i have you.” *touching moment af for jae*

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doyoung ; doyoung sneaked in an empty hallway and video chatted you. once you answered, you started yelling at him about how he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing but what he had to ask you was really important and he wanted to tell you before he forgot. plus he wanted to see your face before he performed. you were his good luck charm. "y/n, baby, the love of my life, wife, i have a question.“ he cut you off. "alright.” you decided to stop nagging and hear what he had to say. “can i meet your dad?” he asked as he continuously looked to his right to make sure that no one was coming. “no sorry, we don’t talk anymore.” doyoung looked startled as if he had saw a ghost behind you “aw what?!”,,, but that was the last thing you saw/heard since he abruptly ended the call. a few minutes later (caught),, he texted you. “we’re talking about this when i see you.”

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taeil ; taeil was playing in your hair when he finally decided that now was the time to ask you about something that he had been thinking all day. “when can i meet your dad?” “never, we don’t talk anymore. it’s pretty sad actually..” you quickly responded. “pretty sad? that’s really sad. i’m sorry that you have to go through that.” learning that you and your father’s relationship wasn’t that good made him kind of,, sad. ;(

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win win ; ya’ll were chilling on the bed, watching cartoons and talking about your future together. win wanted to ask you something since last week but he more scared of actually asking you than hearing your answer. you noticed that there was something on his mind though, so you asked,, “what is it? you look like you need to ask or tell me something.”  he hesitated but asked you the question (Bc It wAs NOw oR nEvEr) “can i meet your dad?” “we don’t talk like we used to anymore, it’d be mad weird.” you sighed, thinking about your relationship w/ your father. “oh! well that’s fine! we don’t have to.” *an understanding bean*

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donghyuk ; “y/n!” donghyuk shouted your name, waking you up. “what the hell did you you wake me up for?” *you were highkey pissed, you were trying to sleep obv* “i just thought of something..” he paused. you sighed,,, leaned your head on the headboard of his bed and waited for him to continue. “i want to meet your dad.” “well that’s not happening, i’m not talking to him,,,anymore. we’re not that,,,close.” you said in between yawns. “spill the beans (lowkey tried to make you laugh but failed).” he said looking shocked and concerned. “okay so…” you started.

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yuta ; “y/n” yuta called your name in a cringey but cute way. you were in the shower but he needed to ask you something right then. “what is it?” you shouted,, not even knowing that he was in the bathroom until you heard him clear his throat. “your dad….can i meet him?” he asked,, leaning on the door frame. “uhh….” you dragged on. “you don’t wanna meet that headass, and i don’t wanna speak to him. we aren’t on good terms” “oh shit, that’s sad. are you okay?” he became concerned. “yeah im okay, i’ve been okay.” you responded. his frown turned upside down and- (c gif) “alright, hurry up and get out though, i’m bored.”

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mark ; you were getting ready to cook mark’s favorite meal since he was in town for the weekend and he wouldn’t be back for awhile after he left. while you were getting ready to bake the cereal, mark snuck up behind you and backhugged you. “i got a question..” he swayed the both of you side to side while he waited for your response. “go ahead.” you said, stopping the water and wiggling out of his grip to get to the stove. “can i meet your father?” “eh i don’t think so, we’re not cool like that anymore.” you shrugged. mark was taken aback but immediately had the urge to hug you. so he did. “why are you hugging me so tight?” you asked, about to die. “i think you two should work things out.” you could tell that he was somehow hurt by what you told him.

Jackson: *is depressed*

Jinyoung: what’s wrong??

Jackson: *tears up a lil* you know i ALWYS feel like im a bothersome

Jinyoung: aww ssunie your never a bothersome if anything you make us all laugh and smile, your our mood maker *shows a genuine smile*

Jackson: that- that means a lot thank you so much!!

Jinyoung: *hugs Jackson*



Bambam: yes yes we did but why?

Yugyeom:he wants to prove to ppl that Jinyoung also makes moves lol

Jackson:*evil smile*

Why did I mentally and emotionally invest myself in NCT Dream,knowing they are a graduation unit?

-Me,a concerned and disappointed NCTzen

grim reaper!mark + demon!donghyuck
  • mark is a grim reaper who basically collects ur soul when u die 
  • and depending on how u’ve lived your life, he sends you off to heaven or hell 
  • (most of the time, he’s a sugar puff so unless u did something reeeeeeeeally bad, he’ll send u to heaven)
  • donghyuck is just the DEVIL
  • literally 
  • he legit just fucking drags your soul to hell 
  • buT i guess that’s why these two idiots work :’))
  • mark sends you to heaven
  • and donghyuck drags you to hell
  • amazing teamwork 
  • mark gets the heebie jeebies from hyuck 24/7 and hyuck feasts off his fear
  • “awh, babe, are you scared of me?”
  • “don’t fuckin call me babe u satan spawn” 
  • mark can’t stand hyuck almost 100% of the time 
  • hyuck is just so snarky and sharp-tongued and so goddamn flirty it makes mark so flustered
  • “hey babe ;))”
  • “shouldn’t you be in hell or something?”
  • “sweetheart, every moment with you is like hell”
  • whenever mark is tryna do his grim reaper stuff, reading over the list of souls he needs to reap, hyuck will just casually swing an arm around his shoulder or snake his arm around mark’s waist and tap on his side 
  • hyuck pretends to be this big scary demon when all he really is is a whiny puppy who wants attention
  • no one knows if they’re actually dating ??? 
  • it seems like every time hyuck goes anywhere near mark, mark snaps, but doesn’t stop hyuck from kissing his cheek or holding him closer
  • they constantly bicker 
  • so much so that they wouldn’t even notice if a soul tried escaping while they fought over where the soul went 
  • hyuck’s answer is always hell, but thankfully, mark actually THINKS BEFORE HE DECIDES
  • mark wouldn’t be caught dead admitting this, but hyuck’s smirk never fails to make his breath hitch 
  • hyuck just knows the affect he has on mark and he’s a little shit that abuses his power 
  • hyuck shoving mark against the wall to kiss the living daylights out of him only to teleport back to hell afterwards? common occurrence 
  • bUt in return, mark has hyuck wrapped around his finger 
  • he and hyuck have an emotional and physical bond, meaning when one dies, the other does too 
  • they can sense when something is wrong with their other half, even if they’re complete worlds away from each other 
  • they can summon each other by touching the matching marks on their neck and whispering the other’s name
  • fuckin drives mark insane when hyuck summons him at 2 am, claiming he was ‘lonely’ and just wanted to ‘hug his beautiful boyfriend’
  • “i’m not your fucking boyfriend” mark would grumble 
  • “and i don’t love you. we’re stating things that aren’t true, right?” 
  • if hyuck didn’t have the prettiest, sleepiest smile whenever he said that, mark would punch him and leave
  • but instead, he always finds himself crawling in bed beside hyuck and holding onto him protectively
  • mark swears to god that hyuck used his demon powers to seduce mark into going out with him
  • “that, my wonderful boyfriend, is called you fell in love with me and i had nothing to do with it” 
  • “fell in love with you my ass, smh” 
  • being a demon isn’t all fun and games (even tho it is most of the time)
  • hyuck needs to feed off something 
  • unfoRtunately, that means he eats humans
  • more specifically, their souls
  • he lures people in with glowing lights and taunting whispers in the dead of the night 
  • and sucks the life out of the fools that fall for it 
  • hyuck needs a loOoOot of self control when he goes on soul reaping duty with mark 
  • he isn’t allowed to go with mark if his hunger levels are high and jisung (fellow satan spawn) takes his place
  • kissing hyuck is like kissing a ball of flame
  • his lips are a match and mark is the fuse and every time they kiss, mark’s entire body sets on fire, his lungs and head and heart burn with the thought of hyuck 
  • and hyuck knows, he always knows and mark knows he knows because every time they pull away, hyuck is smirking, ready to dip back in and set mark on fire again
  • mark always pretends to hate hyuck, but always shuts up when fellow grim reaper jaehyun asks why he had to emotionally bond with hyuck when it wasn’t required 
  • mark turns bright red whenever anybody teases him about his undying love for hyuck and all hyuck does is grin and kiss mark’s temple because he knows it’s truer than anything
  • whippt!hyuck x tsundere!mark? i’m living
  • sometimes hyuck’s eyes just glow a bright red when he stares into mark’s eyes 
  • it used to alarm him, but now he knows that it’s just because hyuck can’t help it when he stares at mark
  • it’s just that feeling of being absolutely whipped that overpowers him and colours his eyes red
  • his demon side tells him to devour mark and everything he is, but his rational side tells his demon side to shut the fuck up because mark is the best thing he’s ever had
  • their relationship is sOoOoOo push and pull
  • does hyuck hold mark’s face when they kiss? U FUCKING BET HE DOES
  • despite hyuck’s snarky remarks and comebacks, he holds mark softly, gently, like he’s afraid he’ll break him
  • “i’m a grim reaper, not a human, hyuck”
  • “human or not, i could still ruin you”
  • “can’t ruin something that’s already ruined, babe”
  • hyuck found it cheesy when he was alive and he finds it cheesy as a demon too 
  • but there’s just this certain feeling of closeness and innocence when mark holds onto his hand tightly that he can’t complain 
  • after collecting like a million souls, you’d think any innocence would be stripped from mark, but there he is 
  • it’s like some part of him just refuses to let the pureness leave 
  • at first hyuck wanted to destroy that, but he grew to find it endearing 
  • mark is just his favourite thing in the entire world and he just feels so safe with him because he knows mark feels the same 
  • maybe that’s why they work so well together despite the odds
nctxmas || decorating the christmas tree

dream (ft. taeyong?? hehe)

nctxmas special ; collaboration with @sichen1
❄ reaction ; decorating the christmas tree with their best friend!!


  • ohhh buddy buddy 
  • he is HYPED
  • you guys go all out with the lights and ornaments it’s a serious issue
  • it’s just basically screaming and crazy laughing at 5AM in the morning j u s t to decorate the god damn tree
  • and it drives the others insane but you know what
  • at least y’all got spirit

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  • ‘y/n if you drop a single ornament taeyong is going to kill us.;;;;’
  • he finds it so childish but cute 
  • no wonder why you’re his best friend he just luvs your happiness so much
  • which is the reason why he’s helping you decorate he’s such a good friend
  • but you INSISTED
  • like come on renjun, show some festivity and spirit

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  • basically playing christmas movies and christmas songs in the background as you guys dance around the tree
  • not really getting any decorating done
  • you organized all the ornaments and stuff
  • but most likely 
  • you’ll both end up on the couch watching christmas movies with hot chocolate with a bundle of blankets and pillows

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  • you guys start out with decorating the tree
  • but then it starts snowing!! first snow woot woot
  • and then haechan insists and going outside 
  • so instead of glorifying the dorm with christmas decorations throwing snowballs at each other and running around just seems more appealing
  • ‘hey y/n! catch this!’ thwump*
  • but you end up bringing in a mess of snow for taeyong to clean :,(

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let’s just say you’re mark


  • ‘y/n come over right now and help me decorate this place’
  • ‘there’s not enough festivity’
  • ‘these old people aren’t helping me’
  • unfortunately none of the other members were quite in the mood yet to jolly up the place
  • um eventually you end up decorating the whole dorm but,, it’s fine,,
  • afterwards, a well deserved award of cookies and hot chocolate is served by mama taeyong

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  • here comes the bass speaker
  • and a shit ton of holiday songs
  • first you guys have to organize a holiday playlist to annoy the crap out of the others by singing totally off-key and dancing all over the dorm
  • you guys fight over who gets to put the star on top
  • eventually one of you drop an ornament
  • ‘…..shit…..’
  • ‘wHiCh OnE oF yOU diD iT’ -taeyong

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  • you’re on a budget
  • yes taeyong gave you a budget to go shopping for christmas ornaments
  • and yes he said he’d give you two allowance if you decorate the tree/dorms
  • so why the HECK not
  • you start wrapping each other up in lights and garlands
  • ‘jisung can u put that ornament on the top pretty plsss’
  • ‘okay u shortie’

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🌸Best Friend Mark headcannons🌸

⚪Welcome back to the best friend series!
⭐Shoutout to Soo-Young :>
⚪ Even if you’re not good at rapping, he will force you to rap with him
⚪ Him always cheering you on
⚪ Wouldn’t that be adorable to have Mark Lee as your own cheerleader?!
⚪ Probably buys you stuff
⚪ “Mark I said I wanted skittles, that does not be 46 bags of king sized skittles.”
⚪ Roasting session w/ Haechan
⚪ “Mark ily, but not ur hair.”
⚪ Trying to hang out in public but getting swarmed by fans
⚪ “Young man I swear if another fan screams opp- you know what?!”
⚪ Getting tired of the word Oppa because of that
⚪ Doing his part in Mad City and purposely butchering it
⚪Telling fellow NCT members they can’t even look at you
⚪He’s like an older brother
⚪"Call her hot one more I dare u"
⚪"Mark I’m old enough to take care of my-“
⚪ “What was that? Did you want peanut butter and jelly or just jelly on your sandwich?”
⚪ Annoying him w/ Chenle
⚪"Can you guys stop laughing like dolphins.“
⚪You’ll walk in to the dorm, Mark’s chasing Haechan in circles
⚪ The Dream Team is probably just laughing their heads off
⚪You probably smack both of them
⚪But then Mark buys you ice cream and you don’t even question it
⚪ Mark giving you fashion advice
⚪ “Why are giving me fashion advice when your hair looks like that everyday.”

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Badboy!Kang Daniel

Hi hello. Yes I realize this is the same picture as another AU I did but, when I saw this picture, two AUs came to mind.

  • Alright, all that I can think of is badboy dan
  • Like, you and dan are pals for a few years
  • And hes the type to get in trouble
  • Not because he wants to but because he sees shit happening and he decides to change it
  • Aaaand he ends up getting the blame
  • Like you got dragged into a mess because of him 
  • Then u got called to the principal’s office 
  • And then they had to do something and had to leave the room for a while 
  • He looks at you like that 
  • And you’re like dan why did u drag me into this you marked my record 
  • He’s like well you enjoyed the time didnt you 
  • And youre like asdfghjklnoididntwhatdoyoumeanididnahhididnt 
  • He’s like yes you did it’s clear on your face 
  • And you’re like embarrassed as shit hidin your face with your hands
  • He starts laughing 
  • You’re like more fucking embarrassed because his laugh is so cute 
  • And you’re like dan can you shut up your laugh is too cute and I don’t need it in my life so please shut up 
  • He’s like oh my laugh is cute? Does that mean I’m cute 
  • And you’re like *inhales* if I say yes will you shut up 
  • And he’s like yes 
  • You’re like yes you’re cute in fact way too cute for my own good and I’m gonna someday fall over because of your cuteness 
  • And then it hits you 
  • Oh shit 
  • You just said that 
  • And he starts laughing again because of your reaction 
  • You’re like you said you would shut up 
  • And he’s like but your reactions are cute too 
  • You’re like asdfghjkl are you messin with me 
  • He’s like no I’m just stating the obvious 
  • And you go but I’m not cute hell im the opposite of cute why would you think I’m cute 
  • And you ramble your life away 
  • Then
  • Out of nowhere
  • He kisses ur forehead 
  • And goes you’re cute. The end. 
  • You go — 
  • Just stop everything for a second 
  • Then go asdgfhjkl again and you hide your face again in your hands
  • He’s laughing again 
  • And you’re like dAAAAAAAN 
  • And he’s like but youre too cute 
  • You’re like just shut up and let me be 
  • And he’s like alright only if you kiss me 
  • You’re like asdfghjkl dan stop flirting with me I don’t need this in my life 
  • He’s like I’m not flirting with you I actually like you 
  • You’re like 
  • Processing information please wait
  • And he just ends up kissing you 
  • You go asdfghjkl for the 10th time 
  • He laughs again and boops ur nose 
  • You’re like dAAAAAN 
  • And then the principal enters and goes alright you two are dismissed but please don’t do it again or else you’re going home for the day 
  • You both are like yes sir/ma'am 
  • While you’re walking on the hallway 
  • He wraps his arm around your shoulders 
  • You’re like dAAAAN people will see us 
  • And he’s like but can’t I show the world my cute girlfriend 
  • You’re like girlfriend??? 
  • Since when did I say yes to that 
  • And he’s like well you didnt but you clearly want to 
  • You’re like god damn it dan 
  • But fine I’ll be your girlfriend
  • He’s like smiling af 
  • You’re like 
  • Asdfghjkl sTOP
  • And you hit his chest 
  • But he just pulls you in for a hug 
  • And you’re like asdfghjkl again 
  • He’s just laughing 
  • You’re like dan pls 
  • He’s like shoosh let me hug you 
  • You’re like 
  • Fine you dork
[NCT 127] Reaction to you owning a motorcycle/ motorbike

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Style/ Genre: Reaction - Headcanon / -
Word Count: 1,227
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2017

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Reaction To You Cheating With Another Member

Originally posted by runninq2u


Would break up with you after hearing your side of things, he knew was gonna break up with you regardless of what you said but he wanted to at least give you a chance to talk. He’s too old and much too mature to stay in a relationship with someone who cheated on him, he knows better. As for his member, he would be extremely disappointed in them for doing something like that in the first place,let alone to their senior, he’d scold them and have a long talk with them about what happened which would end with them apologizing non-stop and promising that they would never act in that way towards anyone.

Originally posted by cinnamonsynonyms


Johnny would feel embarrassed about you cheating on him and wouldn’t really want anyone other than you three to know about what happened. He’d definitely consider continuing the relationship depending on how far the cheating went and what your excuse was. He’d feel a lot more anger towards his member than you and would ignore them and their apologies completely until someone finally noticed and help them settle the problem.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


Would be really upset with you and the member, he’d probably cry for a little while but would listen to you both about the situation and see your regret. He’d be more disappointed in you than his member mainly because he thought you were the love of his life and he could trust you, but he’s very mature so in the end i see you two breaking up but him still being good friends with you and wanting to rebuild a stronger relationship with the member.

Originally posted by why-jaehyun


After catching the two of you he wouldn’t want to talk to you again or care about hearing your story. He would go out of his way to avoid you he’s probs the type to block you on social media and your number, as for his member he wouldnt forgive him either and would try his best to not put a strain on the group or his career but he wouldn’t be afraid to let that member and the others know that he didn’t like him.

Originally posted by taeyounq


Doyoung would be fed up with the both of you and definitely wouldn’t want to maintain a relationship with either of you. He wouldn’t need or want an explanation after catching the two of you and would break up with you on the spot. I think he’d be petty in a situation like this, so he’d definitely tell all the other members about what happened.

Originally posted by nctaezen


He’s going to break up with you and not really talk to that member anymore, he would probably would act like he didn’t care to much and would get over it pretty quickly. He figures if you were just gonna cheat on him then you weren’t worth his time anyway. He wouldn’t act any sort of way towards his member he just simply wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

Originally posted by dimplesjae


He would of course be mad at both of you, but I think he’d quickly forget about your part and be especially mad at his member. He would listen to what you both had to say, but in the end it wouldn’t really matter and he’d still be super pissed. He’d tell you he needed a break or sometime away from you to think about what he wanted instead of breaking up with you right then and there, and he would make sure his member knew how horrible he made him feel betraying him like that when they’re supposed to be like brothers.

Originally posted by mxrksgf


Would be really hurt that both of you would do that to him, i think he’d want some closure to the relationship or to know why you did it but after getting a chance to talk to you he’d probably end up forgiving you and wouldn’t want to break up. Things in your relationship would be pretty awkward after that and he’d probably get really insecure whenever you were around the members, he wouldn’t fully trust you again after that. He would have some passive aggression towards the member for a little while but after talking with him and giving it some time things between them would go back to the way they once were

Originally posted by nakamotens


This baby would be heartbroken after catching you cheating on him with one of his members he’d cry for days trying to get over you and would keep blaming himself for not being a perfect boyfriend. Wouldn’t really wanna see you again but would want to ask you why you did it for closure, he’d probably forgive his member pretty quickly but be weary about trusting them as much afterwards.