why did u get the mark

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Hi Abbie, did u manage to watch today's LieV wt JB n Youngjae. So they had a mission to get the members to say good things abt them.YJ picked Mark n called him. That dork was brushing his teeth when that happened. So u could actually hear him brushing n gargling n spitting. So YJ told him that it cld be heard on air. So, Mark being the sneaky ass that he is, lied thru his teeth saying that it was not him, but was Jinyoung. When in fact, JY was not even home. Do u see where I'm going wt this? :)

OH MY GOD LISTEN THAT MOMENT SENT ME INTO SUCH A FUCKING TINHATTING SPIRAL IT WAS SO WEIRD OK LISTEN mark said that jinyoung was the one brushing his teeth next to him but then jaebum said jinyoung was busy at a schedule?? so my first thought was ok who is lying?? did mark just try to cover up he was brushing his teeth (which…. why lmao) and the 1st person he thought of was jinyoung (cute) OR jaebum lied and said jinyoung was working but what reason would he have to lie?? other than… to cover up… jinyoung… is there… with mark… but why… would he need to do that…. but then i thought well if jinyoung IS there brushing his teeth…. wtf is mark doing there r they brushing their teeth together?? or is he just sitting next to jinyoung in the bathroom??? just chilling and scrolling on his phone waiting for jinyoung to finish brushing his teeth?? and that is literally the most couple thing ever i’m gonna pass out?? like nothing else makes sense why would they need to lie about jinyoung being there like i’m pretty sure jinyoung was at inkigayo but he may have finished?? but i don’t know and this is all so shady i’m

Sehun: *phone rings* Hello?

WinWin: It’s me.

Sehun: It gets better bro, I already know why you’re calling. Just know things will turn around soon and you’ll fully be a contributing member of the group.

WinWin: So how long did it take you to finally get lines?


Sehun: 4 years.

WinWin: I’m hanging up now.

i know some of you may have come across this troubling news earlier today

firstly before i begin this may i say my thoughts are with matty and hope he doesnt get saturday school.

i did some more digging i went one entire tweet back in this twitter and found this evidence 

he is in the pricipals office which i know from first hand experience is not a good sign. But why is matty beleive in urself raps in the office u may be wondering? 

using my skillset as a detective and my school dilequency past i have come across only one possible option

examine evidence 1 and 2

those markings are not usually what kids would want on there clothing no sir e bob THOSE STAINS ARE CATEGORICALLY AND UNDENIABLY MUSTARD STAINS 

in conculusion i firmly beleive matty boy howdy raps instigated and exhaserbated a school wide food fight and has been taken into custody 

this is the face of a man who wanted change so bad he started a glorious revoltion against the school administration

maybe the B stands for the Bourgiose must be taken down

nct as things my friend has said

@cookiebarra i love u bud :)))

doyoung - i love satan, im kidding jesus i don’t sin please accept me

ten - o shit i’m gay

taeil - i want you to have my babies except not really bc i don’t want children
don’t write that down i don’t give you permission
don’t write that down either
why are you still typing

taeyong - *burbs* hot

jaehyun - can we see the furries

yuta - *friend is wearing a blanket on his head*
man how much did you pay for that wig

winwin - everywhere is the house of christ if i’m in it

mark - did i just blink without closing my eyelids

haechan - i’ll cup my fart and throw it at u shut up

renjun - *sneezes* there she is

chenle - can you flap for me

jisung - you know that feeling when you get wet crispy lettuce and you snap it in half and you get that feeling in your heart that’s the feeling i get when i see johnny depp

jeno - sirius snape

jaemin - severus black

hansol - do you think if i farted into space and lit it on fire would it create a star

kun - don’t make me put some of my boogie woogies in your mouth

johnny - kadoonk

[samifer bunker AU]: Traumatized and ejected from the Cage, Lucifer finds himself wandering delusional across the country with one purpose: find Sam Winchester. It’s the name he has written down on a scrap of paper (Sam Winchester, Lebanon, Kansas), his only worldly possession along with the tattered clothes on his back. 

Near starving from a hunger he doesn’t understand he needs to sate, bleeding from sores he is unable to heal, Lucifer is picked up and hauled away, landing in Larue Carter Hospital in Indiana as a John Doe, muttering tales of Heaven, Hell, and his true vessel. “An angel,” he answers when the nurses ask him who he is. 

This is where Sam is finally reunited with the Devil, meeting Lucifer face to face with a mixture of fear, anger, and pity. Sympathy. Unable to leave him, unable to kill him, Sam does the only thing he can think of: bring Lucifer back to the Bunker with him. But the longer Lucifer stays, poorly adjusted to his new-found humanity, the more Sam realizes just how lost the former Morningstar really is, and how much he wants to save him.

NCT U Reaction to you getting stuck in a tree (Quando você fica presa numa árvore)

Here you go anon~

~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: Oh my God how did you get stuck there? I can’t even reach your feet! // Ai meu Deus como você ficou presa ai? Eu não consigo nem alcançar o seu pé!

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Taeyong:Hmmm wait i will call the police! // Hmmm espera eu vou chamar a policia!

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Doyoung: Why did you climb this tree girl? // Por que você escalou essa árvore carota?

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Ten: I can’t help you, look at my height! // Eu não posso te ajudar, olha a minha altura!

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Jaehyun: *He found a ladder and helped you down* Did you drunk? // *Ele achou uma escada e te ajudou a descer* Tu bebeu?

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Mark: The heck did you get stuck in there!? // Mas como é que tu ficou presa ai!?

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  • Jeongguk: *looks at Jimin in the new teaser*
  • Jeongguk: no but why
  • Jeongguk: what am i going to do
  • Seokjin: whats wrong maknae
  • Jeongguk: did this dum...
  • Seokjin: *glares*
  • Jeongguk: ...dumpling get hotter
  • Jimin: Oh my god Kookie you noticed. all for u
  • Jeongguk: *grabs Jimins collar*
  • Jeongguk: but WHY
  • Jimin: i wanted you to notice me and-
  • Jeongguk: stop it i can't take it anymore lets just do this
  • Jimin: you mean-
  • Jeongguk: yes. i'll let u take a selca with me
  • Jimin: *runs to calendar and marks the day*
  • Jimin: today's the happiest day of my life

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I have a math worksheet to finish which I have to hand in tomorrow at university and get it marked ... instead of working I'm sitting here counting the minutes until the next episode comes out ... please give me something to motivate myself to study ... I have 3 exams in 2 weeks and sooo much to learn. Why did I decide to study pharmacy again? Help meeee!!! T_T

OMG!! Hang in there! Please dont forget to study :’’ just remember after you watch this episode, you’ll go to study, STUDY IS MORE IMPORTANT <33 (said me who wasting my time on tumblr but dont look up on me LOL) AND HERE’S SOME VICTURI FOR U TO MOTIVATE U