why did u act like that

the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*

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I literally get why Chuuya dislikes Dazai, bec sometimes he's just a manipulative asshat but i kinda don't get it on why Dazai dislikes Chuuya too. What u think about it?

I think Dazai doesn’t really dislike Chuuya, simply because he doesn’t have a single canon reason to do so. It’s all an act. After all, everything about Dazai is just an act. 

The thing is, we heard from Chuuya all the reasons he’s livid at Dazai: he toys with him, he likes to put him in distress, he puts bombs under his cars, he never does what Chuuya says, he makes fun of him and, above all, he just keeps abandoning him

But what did Chuuya do? 

Ok, he’s short tempered, pretty violent and drunk dials people, but he’s the best partner he could have ever asked for. Chuuya is powerful, loyal and always went along with whatever Dazai was plotting, putting his own life in his hands every single time. No one will ever trust Dazai as deeply as Chuuya (still) does.

Did Dazai ever say there’s a specific thing Chuuya did/said that hurt him? No. Because there’s not. Because Chuuya can’t hurt Dazai to save his life. 

Maybe, if there’s a thing that could make Dazai hate Chuuya, is Chuuya’s ability to read him. One of Dazai’s most distinctive features is that literally no one knows anything about him. No one can understand his train of thoughts, no one knows about his emotions, about the things that make him happy, about the things that makes him sad. No one knows when Dazai is lying or being sincere. No one knows his plans. 

But Chuuya does. 

Even after four years, he still was able to see right through Dazai’s play the moment he heard the news of him being caught. Maybe because he saw Dazai putting his plans into action and deceiving people his whole life. 

Chuuya is the only person that could strip Dazai off his mask. 

After all, he’s his former partner and the person who knows Dazai better than anyone. No Mori, not even Oda. it’s Chuuya. It will always be Chuuya. 

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kaneki and touka are too young to be parents idk why all you touken shippers are so excited about it they're throwing their lives away, anything for your ship I guess huh.

my daughter was born when I was 19 and my husband was 21, and we certainly didn’t “”throw our lives away””. But that’s beside the point, and I’m not hopping on this age discourse bc I can tell y’all from experience age factors in very little when it comes to parenthood. Especially in a fictional series.

We’re excited because we as readers have seen Touka and Kaneki’s families ripped apart by various means, we’ve seen them both alone and afraid of the world. We’ve seen them grow close to one another, since the very beginning of the manga. We’ve seen them open up to each other, we’ve seen Touka let her walls down and Kaneki breathe easy again. We’ve seen them become each other’s comfort. Now we may possibly see them take it a step further, welcoming a brand new life into the world and making a new family of their own, together. Touka being pregnant doesn’t make the ship canon. The chapter they spent in each other’s arms, showing us how much they love one another, letting years of relationship development culminate in that one big intimate act, did. I’d dare argue that none of us are 100% happy about this, we’re not happy about the pain Touka is now going through, and will go through just to see their child born safely. She could die, the baby could die. We’re just enjoying the happy moments we’re getting now, because knowing Ishida, the pain is coming.

Sorry not sorry for ranting but I’m not having any more of this “u only like this bc it’s for your ship” bs. Of course I enjoy my ship’s moments lmao, idk why y’all act like it’s absurd for shippers to like when their ships get content.

Shit I Say to the Animals, Working in Animal Retail:

Be cool, man.

You don’t even like me, do you?



Why this.

DON’T JUMP it’s not worth it!

Y u so angry fren?

(Gary THE Snail) you will take this medicine & you will LIKE IT!

Y u scream?

If you act up in front of the customers you’ll be here forever.

How did you get so fat?!

How you gonna do me like this.

Eat damn you!

Oh! Shit I thought you were dead, man.

Pst! You’re my favorite.

Why are we screaming!?

Are you the devil?

Hey fat noodles💜! (gathering all the ball pythons in my arms despite risk of getting bit right in the face)

Naughty crickets get sacrificed to the Oscars.

(Whips all birds into a frenzy by mimicking them)

I will catch you. & I will put you in a box.

Quality [Liz, snek, birb, ham, etc]

U can’t live like this.

Thank you for peeing on me, I appreciate that.

(Whips guinea pigs into a frenzy by mimicking them)

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Hello, can I ask for Akira, Yusuke, Ryuji liking someone that's just kind of oblivious to flirting and romantic gestures. Like they're the "if you drop me a hint, I will pick it up and give it right back to you without understanding" type person. I mean they're only just bad at understanding when someone likes them and thinks it's just close friendship. Hope that's fine, thank you!

That’s so tragic lol. Thank you for the request! I hope you like it!


  • Akira’s a natural flirt, so he drops hints and makes innuendos all the time.
  • “Should I hold your hand? It’s looks kind of cold.”
  • S/O simply says, “No thank you. It’s kind of you to offer though.”
  • He isn’t fazed one bit. In fact, he approaches it as a challenge or a game, testing out how far he can go before S/O understands. 
  • He’ll brush their hair behind their ear and whisper into it, “You should be careful. Someone might just whisk you away for looking so cute.”
  • “Thank you for warning me. I’ll be on my guard,” they reply seriously.
  • The entire power of the universe was required to hinder him from kissing S/O on the spot. 
  • He becomes quite daring after that. One evening, the two agreed to purchase hot chocolate from a nearby street vendor; it was winter, and their breath was visible in the chilly air when they ordered their beverages. 
  • S/O excitedly sipped their freshly-made cocoa, and some whipped cream fastened itself on the corner of their lips. you know what happens next
  • Akira chuckles and wipes the cream with his thumb. He proceeded to thrust his thumb in his mouth and suck on it, never breaking eye contact with S/O the entire time.
  • S/O wore a baffled expression as they stated, “Thank you for the gesture, but that was very unsanitary. I’ll go fetch us some napkins.” He smirked as they departed, and he patiently awaited their return. 
  • “Why don’t we take a ride on the Ferris wheel?” The smirk remained plastered on his face while he asked. S/O agreed and they hastily boarded the ride upon arriving.  
  • Akira sits so close to them that their shoulders brush together.
  • “S/O,” he suddenly says. When they face him, his face is inches away from theirs. “Will you let me be your boyfriend?”
  • Realization hit S/O like a ton a bricks, and Akira’s lips twitched upward in satisfaction as he witnessed the blush manifesting on S/O’s cheeks.
  • “U-u-um, yes, that would be nice,” they said, averting their eyes away from him.
  • Akira snickers and gently takes hold of S/O’s chin, making them face him again. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.”
  • He lightly flicked their forehead.


  • Ryuji was utterly frustrated. 
  • Here he was, dropping some of his best one-liners with a rosy tint on his face, and S/O had the audacity to remain so adorably oblivious.
  • “I-I really like you,” he stuttered to them, after assembling all of his courage.
  • “Aw, I like you too, Ryuji!” S/O replied.
  • Ryuji beamed, but his face quickly morphed into suspicion when he asked, “Whaddaya mean by that?” 
  • “Huh? You’re just a lot of fun and you’re a great friend.”
  • Friend.
  • Awakening to his Persona paled in comparison to how much pain he felt hearing S/O say that word.
  • “Ryuji? Are you okay? Do you need to use the restroom?”
  • Good idea, maybe I’ll flush myself down the toilet while I’m at it since I feel like shit. 
  • “N-nah, I’m fine. Thanks,” he squeaked. “H-hey, do you wanna come with me to the park later?”
  • “Sure! Does six work for you?”
  • “Yeah, that’s cool. See ya later!”
  • The two ‘friends’ meet up and stroll around, discussing numerous subjects and exchanging anecdotes.
  • They took a seat on the bench by the lake, and Ryuji spotted a couple holding hands and pecking each other on the lips.
  • Grateful that the darkness hid his ferocious blush, he nudged S/O and nodded in the direction of the couple. “D-do ya think we could do that?”
  • “We could, but we’re not dating,” S/O casually answered.
  • “…Can we change that?”
  • S/O was also grateful to the darkness for disguising their flushed cheeks. “Y-you mean it?”
  • “Y-yeah…” He waiting for the rejection when…
  • “T-that would be amazing.”
  • Ryuji.exe has stopped working
  • “C-cool! S-so uh…” He swiftly pecked S/O on their lips, and the couple couldn’t even look at each other as they continued their walk holding hands.


  • Yusuke is extremely clueless himself; he’s clueless that they’re clueless.
  • S/O accepted his invitations for dates, and they permit him to embrace them when the two are alone in his dorm.
  • When they visited him in his dorm once again, he pulled them into a hug and whispered, “I have missed you, my love.”
  • S/O pulls back and laughs in his face. “Why are you acting like we’re dating? Did one of your friends tell you that we were? I swear, just because we’re close…”
  • Their voice became a distant fuzz, and Yusuke felt his soul disassemble on a molecular level.
  • This is too cruel to be a joke.
  • “You’re so gullible sometimes, Yusuke. I really worry about you…”
  • “U-um yes. I apologize. I will try to… read between the lines more often,” he replied, barely concealing the disappointment in his voice.
  • How had he not realized it sooner? He felt like such a fool.
  • “You look awful… did something happen?” S/O’s eyebrows furrowed with concern, and the urge to kiss them was overwhelming.
  • “P-please, there’s no need for distress. I’m all right, just a bit… drained.”
  • “Is there anything I can do to help?”
  • Yes.
  • “No. I’m fine, I assure you,” he said with a sigh.
  • S/O stayed with him for a bit; they tried to make him laugh from their outrageous ideas, and paid him a plethora of compliments.
  • When they were making their exit, their hand had just grabbed the doorknob when Yusuke spoke. “S/O. I’m sorry to further take your time, but I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”
  • S/O turned around questioningly. “What’s wrong?”
  • He took a deep breath and his cheeks glowed with a peachy hue. “I would be interested in furthering my relationship with you… as your romantic partner. Will you accept?” you could have just said you want to be their boyfriend
  • S/O is speechless, and Yusuke nearly has a panic attack until they say, “I… would love nothing more.”
  • Art boy has died and went to heaven.
  • The blush crept back on his cheeks as he beamed and exclaimed, “Wonderful!”
boyfriend! park jihoon
  • a tsundere at heart
  • was like super obvious abt his crush on you but denied it anyways
  • jinyoung: you literally ditched lunch with me and daehwi to help them find their keys
  • jihoon: ok but her keys were rly important ok i don’t like them that way i just wanted to help
  • samuel: did it feel nice when your hands touched while reaching for it
  • jihoon: pls stop this mental abuse
  • tries to be the more mature one in the relationship but also fights u for the last cookie
  • also tries to be manly but you keep pinching his cheeks HUFFS
  • his smile is always a bit suppressed around you it’s like GOTTA ACT COOL GOTTA ACT COOL GOTTA ACT COOL pls don’t be cute I gOTTA ACT C O O L 
  • jihoon insists that he doesn’t get as jealous as daehwi makes it seem to be but daehwi and jinyoung and samuel are like LIES and bring up all 42 receeipts they have on this boy
  • jinyoung: he once got salty bc u ignored his aegyo to listen to me sing
  • very observant and always detects the slightest changes
  • “did you buy a different conditioner? the older one smelled heavier” or “I thought you were allergic to dust why are you sweeping over there” 
  • kinda like daehwi but instead of straight up denying it he says it’s bc ur too obvious
  • “jihoon sweetheart i told you I was allergic to dust when you were like half asleep” “u were being too loud then” “I LITERALLY MUMBLED IT TO THE AIR”
  • buys couple/matching sweaters like its something y'all HAVE to wear when cuddling
  • a sucker for Eskimo kisses
  • lots of nose booping
  • when he’s tired he really likes it when you take him into your arms and rub his back gently
  • gets teased because the most he can go w pda is hand holding  and daehwi’s always like IS THAT ALL U GUYS DO WHEN UR ALONE HMMM I THINK N O T
  • ofc when it’s just you two alone he takes advantage of his godly visuals and uses aegyo to make you embarrassed 
  • actually gets 600 times softer when its just you two
  • kind of like watching a piece of mochi soften over time is that a good comparison 
  • this boy kNOWS he’s cute ok and breaks out into giggles whenever you get embarrassed
  • if jinyoung is the aegyo prince then jihoon’s the aegyo KING
  • not the greatest at baking but he likes to do it with you 
  • mostly he just licks the leftover batter and smudge whipped cream on your nose and then boops your nose with his HOW CUTE
  • gets sort of insecure about his fashion at times and even tho you tease him you also give tips and encouragement
  • “even if it does look bad your face makes up for it”
  • he tries to come up with original pet names like “bunny smooch” and “sweet donuts”
  • we all know his facial expressions are holy and sometimes he teases you by making like…..downright illegal expressions
  • like you two would just be chilling on the couch and cuddling and suddenly you face him and he bites his tongue and winks like BOY WTF GET A W A Y
  • he always laughs after your face steams and he’ll even ruffle your hair a bit
  • does this thing where he likes to cup your face and go in for a quick kiss
  • when you get down….even though he might not seem like jihoon is strangely encouraging and really does try his best to cheer you up
  • after a long talk he’ll order pizza and ice cream to soothe your feelings and let you play with his hair and even dress him up like. omg.

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This is probably going to be very long so please avoid reading this entire thing unless you’re the least bit curious about Lee Taeyong.

Apparently yesterday we received word and proof that all the claims against Taeyong were false. He did have multiple accounts; one for his internet quarrel and the others because of some of his buyers reporting his account after getting faulty gundam toys even at a low price. He had reimbursed his buyers or given them the parts missing. It sounds a lot like, he did try to scam or outwit his buyers, but failed. And like it was designed to show that he took measures against those buyers who complained verbally, he actually didn’t. Those screenshots of him threatening to beat up a high schooler and stuff were stuff said over an internet war of some sort.

Basically after all this shit was exaggerated and Taeyong was somewhat framed, SM chose the easy path to make Taeyong admit that he actually did everything he’s being accused of. That way, there won’t be much to prove, a 19-year-old trainee won’t have much to explain, and they can just make an official apology and get over it.

Taeyong had said in NCT LIFE S2, Episode 0, that he didn’t have any aspiration or dream or anything he really enjoyed doing till he got into SM and started training in rap and dance. He finally found something he enjoyed, something which made him feel like he’s serving a purpose. When SM chose to make him apologise rather than denying the false claims and standing up for himself, he could’ve left SM then because of course he knew how vicious these people could be since he already had a fanbase SM had very cleverly designed for them under the title ‘SMROOKIES’. But no, Taeyong stayed back because of his love for dancing and rapping (do remember that trainees can leave whenever they want to, but again since SMROOKIES was a big project they possibly were signed under a contract), or was forced to stay back. Either way it was definitely hard on the boy.

What I don’t understand is, why did he have to randomly bring up on multiple occasions that he did 'embarrassing deeds’, or he was a troublemaker? Like, when he’s supposed to make an apology he is to make the apology to calm the crazy K-netizens. But why did he have to randomly bring up that he was a troublesome student when it’s certainly, entirely not so?

Yes, probably SM made him talk about it when it was entirely unnecessary. Probably, SM made him cry with genuine frustration that must have piled up inside him with scripted words about how he’s embarrassed about a past he never had and how he’s apologetic about things he never did.

I don’t know what’s off but something probably is. It does make sense, but it does not. How much scripted is exactly the entire issue?

Taeyong was supposed to have the image of a ‘Tough Man’ as we can see in the first season of NCT LIFE. This entire image concept has been there for long and Taeyong was probably told to act in a very manly way to fit his image. He’s more soft, tender, and sensitive. He didn’t keep up with the image with which I am glad. But then, why did he keep up with the script?

Like, I’m not saying the entire thing is scripted, but how much is actually?

I know I am probably overthinking this, but I can’t put it down to rest. I had to share it somewhere; so I’m letting it all out here.

And I am not denying the fact that he must have gone through hell! Of course it must have been very, very hard for him. But why did he have to act so guilty? How much did SM push him to carry the act which is this self-deprecating and frustrating and depressing?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm still not over michele and emil pair skating i mean what's the story behind that picture and why did they agreed into doing that. look im not saying they're a couple BUT they're acting A LOT like it, plus they wouldn't even have a reason to do that choreography randomly i mean they could but... so why that. look LOOK, you cant fucking fool me ive seen how pair skate is we ALL did and i tell you they're sooo close now how did it even happen and oh look i've started crying can u hand me a tissue

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Can we have a reasoning as to why you chose to make the characters act the way you did, because I'm trying to make a webcomic myself? I would really like a mature awnser, because I've been getting awnsers from creators like "it's my comic lol i don't care about what u think lol"

You’re going to have to be more specific than that. I have no problem explaining my creative decisions but I’ve gotta have some specific examples to explain first. Ain’t no one got time for me to explain every single characterization decision I’ve made over the corse of the entire comic. OuO;;;;

Sf9 When They Find Out They’re Not Your Original Bias

Inseong: “That’s hilarious, of course I’m your ultimate bias right?” He would ask until he sees that you’re being serious. Probably wouldn’t get too upset about it but he’d be shooked and would ask a shiton of questions on what made you like the ex bias before and would probably try to display those same qualities in him later on smh. If you’re ex bias in sf9 was Taeyang, he’d try to be as sexy and dance better for you. “Babe, look at my body wave, I’ve perfected it oh yeah~so sexy~.” and your just like ppftt okay sweetie. God, catch him just trying to be more sexier on tv and everyone just like “is he feeling ok?..”

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Youngbin: Wouldn’t mind too much about it. “I mean if Rowoon was your bias before, that’s ok with me babe as long as I’m your ultimate bias now.” And that’s what he would say to you out loud but whenever your’re not there and he’s with just the other members including Rowoon, he’d stare at Rowoon for a longass time. (and I mean just stare) until Rowoon would get uncomfortable and would be like hyung why are you looking at me and Youngbin would just smile and be like “I’m trying to figure out what about you attracted Y/N in the beginning..” Was that shade the world may never know Whenever you’re with them youngbin will highkey try to up his game, trying to look more cool and battle to get your attention (even tho he’s already dating you) and Rowoon who already realized why Youngin’s acting like this from day 1 would just be like omg, is he still really acting like this.

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Rowoon: Wouldn’t let it hurt him even though it’s sort in the back of his mind whenever he see the member. “Zuhos was your original bias? ..Say no more, as long as I’m the only and only ultimate bias now, thats all that matters.

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But deadass would be so petty and just bully your ex bias for like week till he gets over it.

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Dawon: Having that knowledge engraved into him some days, he would either not care at all about it or be super duper salty and petty there is no in between

“Jaeyoon? HAHA iTS ALL GOOD I DONT CARE i mean why should I be mad there no reason to be jealous I’m actually gucci babe.”

*NEXT day*

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Zuho: “….You used to stan Youngbin as your ult? So You didn’t fall in love with me at first? Was I even on your mind when you first met all of us, I fell in love with you from the beginning though and yet I wasn’t even your first original bias..*sigh*

“Zuho are you actually this upset what..” Legit he really isn’t and is just teasing you but you’ll never know. Whenever you’re with sf9 and you coincidentally end up standing next to Youngbin or something, he’ll mess with u again and pretend to be sad like ‘sigh and there she goes again’

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Taeyang: “It’s cool, you cool, we cool baby.” But nah NAH, this guy is the most jealous and pettiest of them all. 

Hwiyoung: Oh hey y/n hows ur da-


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Jaeyoon: All smiley and is like “pftt u kidding me, why do you have to even tell me, it’s not like the past matters bby” But in actuality, he’s already got this thing handled.

 “So as you know, y/n used to bias you but ofc you know what you are obligated to do right or should hyung repeat it again for you.”

Chani: yes yes i know, to act as unattractive and uncool as possible in front of y/n”

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Hwiyoung: Downright Offended. “So the other day y/n told me i wasn’t her original bias and Dawon was.,Does that make any sense? Dawon? Like, I can maybe understand it if she had said Rowoon or something, but dawon?” (About to get a flying kick by Dawon right after but the boy’s not gonna let that stop him from speaking his petty mind)

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Chani: Is a swave and chill guy most of the time but to know that he wasn’t your first bias and Inseong the awkward uncle was? Now that’s just ridiculous to him. Wouldn’t let it get to him tho but the other members and Inseong wouldn’t let him live about it especially Inseong who would mention it until Chani goes legit crazy

Inseong: Hey Hey it’s ok it’s not like you’ll ever be good as me in y/n eyes it’s just the truth of life little one

Chani: I- *explodes*

Inseong: shhh shh let’s just keep it moving

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BTS Reaction When S/O isn’t a Romantic Person


*while Jimin is watching your eyes you get uncomfortable*

‘‘Jimin, uhm, you know… It feels uncomfortable…’‘

*he laughs*

‘‘It’s fun to see you like this, babe.’‘

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*he drinks your cola when you are watching TV*

‘‘JIN! Its kinda disg- Oh, Im sorry. I did it again. Im really sor-’‘

*He hugs you tightly even he knows you don’t like it*

‘‘I forgive you now!’‘

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Namjoon(Rap Monster)

*he saw you angry yesterday so he kissed you n you pushed him away. you have no idea about how to make promises so you are standing next to him without saying a word*

‘‘do you want to eat pizza?’‘(coldly)

*he smiles brightly*

‘‘with you, yes, i want it’‘

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*he catches you when you are smiling to him*


*he jumps*

‘‘yes, it is n you look disgusting with this hair its making you funny’‘


‘thank god i tought my girlfriend became an angel so i see she is still a devil’‘

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*you two meet at mc but he wants to go to a restaurant because its a date*

‘‘what? we are always doing it’‘

*he shakes his head*

‘‘yes we are always DATING but eating a hamburger? if you allow me to kiss you, why not?’‘

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*he gives you a rose on your 20th birthday*

‘’did you steal it from our garden?’’

*laughs insanely*

‘‘girl, im gonna punch you in the face. cant you act like you love it?’‘

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*he kisses your forehead*

‘‘what the f-’‘

*he breaths*

‘‘yes i love u too’‘

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MY WINGS THEORY!! Please read 🖤

(I’m actually pretty convinced in this theory….it’s based on the European story…Damien(didn’t really include that in my theory though…and the legend of Lucifer and the fallen angels.)
Sorry this is so long!! I connected some of the best theories I saw online..so, let me know what you think! x
I’ll analyze all the music videos:

All of them died (Jin died first. he committed suicide after that girl in school from Boy In Luv and War Of Hormone rejected him. Pretty sure he drowned himself in that car they keep driving around with.)
All the others died/killed themself after Jin passed away because they couldn’t live without their friend.
(Jimin drowned himself, J-Hope died of an overdose of pills, Kookie gets beaten up, then ends up in a car crash, Suga kills himself by setting his room on fire, Rap Monster died by fire too at his working place when he drops the cigarette, Tae kills himself by falling/jumping into water
All of them, accept V, kill themselfes in the music video to “I Need You”
Then follows the Prologue video. In which V tries to call someone (we know it’s Rap Monster, but he doesn’t answer.) after that we see V waking up in this very weird place..i think this video is based on the legend of Peter Pan..the kinda scary one. And it fits the concept of “Young Forever”
Let me break it down for you. This is not the disney, kids story. This is the legend of Peter Pan and the lost boys.
So, we all know Peter Pan takes lost boys to Neverland to never grow up, right? This is what’s happening here.
This place where V wakes up suddenly looked so weird for me.
So, the legend goes that Peter takes boys who are lost and don’t have anyone, who want to die anyway, to Neverland to kill them. The only condition is, that the one who’s supposed to die there, dies because he wants to die. They can’t just kill someone. They have to do it by free will.
This is why the lost boys don’t grow up there.. they are dead.
Peter and the lost boys have to convince the new boy to stay with them and to never grow up..they have to make him wanting to die.
In this case, Rap Monster is portraying Peter Pan and V the lost boy who get’s taken. He really is a lost boy at this part, because he doesn’t have anyone now.
The other boys are the lost boys who are already dead and on Peter’s(Rap Monsters) side.
Basically V calls Rap Mon, he doesn’t pic up because obviously he’s already dead. Instead, V get’s taken by Rap Monster (Peter Pan) to Neverland (this weird place V wakes up in)
V doesn’t really realize what’s going on, because all of the lost boys are his friends and he feels comfortable with them. In this world, he can forget about killing his father and just be with his loved ones. They play around in this weird place..playing pirate, fighting with sticks, sitting around campfires and sleep in the woods..who does this remind you of? Exactly, Peter Pan and his lost boys.
The boys and Rap Monster don’t want to let V go back to the real world. They want him with them in this world so they have to convince him to stay and to kill himself. This is a trade Peter Pan has..selfishness.
Also, Rap Mon is wearing a Nirvana shirt..The place when you’re between life and death is also called Nirvana..V later is wearing one too.
At the end, V climbs up the tower and is about to jump when the other boys cheer happily. They cheer because they tempted his friend to kill himself. Now, they are all together again..and do the things they did before. They even got Jin back.
Then there is the Run video in which we get to see V, who just jumped from that tower, basically reflecting on all the sins they begann when Jin died, but BEFORE HE KILLED HIMSELF AND BEFORE THE OTHERS KILLED THEMSELFES!!
We get to see Jin, dead, in that white room, imagining what it would be like to be with the boys at that time, realizing that he can’t,
Jimin and J-Hope in that white hospital room,dead and remembering all the stupid things they did when their friend died.(pillow fight)
We get to see Kookie at the end, dead, remembering everything they did, winking at Jin in the car because they’re all together now.
That video is basically a flashback of V when he’s close to death. Which is why we see him falling into water at the beginning and we keep seeing him struggling under the water during the video.
It’s a flashback of the boys trying to deal with the death of their friend..when they realized they can’t deal with it, they commit suicide. (Which is why we see V under water,looking at the camera at the end, meaning he’s dead now.)
And that’s the reason why Jin is acting strange in that video..because he isn’t actually there..but the other boys are still alive.
V just remembers all the stupid things they did BECAUSE of Jin’s death. Like, we see V&Rap Mon getting arrested(RUN) after that V went to his parents for support after he got out of prison and then killed his father(I NEED U),
we see Kookie and Suga fighting(RUN), after that fight Suga probably went to his house very upset and killed himself(I NEED YOU)
and Kookie, still numb from that fight with Suga(RUN) goes on the street where he get’s attacked by these guys and get’s in a car accident, he dies.(I NEED YOU)
Also, that scene is important..because it’s the scene where Kookie realizes what they’re doing is wrong! Suga just doesn’t want to deal with it so him and Kookie fight.
Jimin getting drowned in the bath by his friends just for fun(RUN) becomes reality and Jimin drowns himself(I NEED YOU)
To sum this up, everything in that video, accept the scenes under water of V, the scene of Jimin and J-Hope in this weird hospital like place, Jin in that weird,white room and especially the ending scene with Kookie turning around to the car, happened before the “I need You” music video and before the Prologue in which V jumps but not dies yet..
The video is basically different memories from before they killed themselfes.
The scenes in these weird, white rooms of Jimin/J-Hope and Jin are in the present time, they are already dead, so is the scene of V under water he’s just dying atm.
This RUN video is about V trying to find peace while slowly dying in the water..he is in that weird state between life and death(also called NIRVANA…he’s wearing a Nirvana Hoodie like Rap Mon in the RUN video) and he remembers everything they did..it’s basically the saying “when you die your whole life flashes before your eyes”
..and by the end of the video he’s dead. And we’re in the present time when the boys are walking down the street, followed by a car and Kookie turning around, winking, possibly at Jin in the car in which he killed himself in.
Then, in the epilogue (Young Forever) they try to find their way to peace through a maze..which would go with the Peter Pan theory I had earlier. This video starts right after the last scene in “RUN”.
Now Tae, and all the others are dead, remembered everything they did before they killed themselfes, and then got to this weird maze.
They are basically thinking about the way they died and the sins they committed. And they have to leave them behind in order to move on. Each of them leave the maze in their own speed (some are running, some are walking slowly), Tae left the Maze as the last..he had the worst thing to deal with and it took him longer than the others to deal with it, which is why they are a bit ahead of Tae when he leaves the maze.
(Also, important image here..Tae sees the boys up side down..there is only one place where everything is supposed to be upside down, it’s hell..but it quickly turns around when he joins the boys..this is important because V later becomes the devil himself…more later)
Since all of them died alone, they each have to find their way out of the maze alone to find each other again.
At the end of that we see a plane flying UP to the sky..so basically to heaven, which is where the boys want to go.
Then there is FIRE..in fire they are basically fighting against the sins they committed when they were alive (in that case, the sins are represented by the figures/people in the black hoodies..you never see their faces..) at the end, they have the house full of people in hoodies and TAE is the one who throws himself into them..which shows that he won’t fight the sins he committed and which is why he becomes the fallen angel later in bst (more later..just keep that in mind)
At the end, he runs out with the boys BUT he gave into his sins right before that..which shows that he really didn’t leave his sins behind.. but God in heaven ,where they want to go, for now believes that he does. (More later)
All the boy run out of the building right before it explodes with all the other people in there (the people in hoodies = sins)
So their sins are gone now (basically the boys are forgiven..)
The boys had to face their sins in order to get to heaven (so basically they had to go through hell…how is hell often portrayed? Right, as burning FIRE) that is why Suga at the end of FIRE goes like “i forgive you” because they defeated their worst sides..for now at least…
you know what’s also hell?
Right, facing you mistakes/ fears alone..which is in the WINGS short films..the boys are all alone, going through everything they did wrong..having to relive the worst moments (like Jimin drowning again/killing himself..same as J-Hope..(killing yourself is considered a sin)
Suga has to relive fighting/Not helping Kookie, Kookie dying in the car crash and him fighting with Suga. Maybe Suga even blames himself for Kookies death which is why he nearly gets hit by a car in his short film.
Tae obviously has to relive the moments after killing his father, losing his innocence(portrayed by the white dog), then killing himself, and Jin (who killed himself first) has to relive the moment where he decided to kill himself and leave the boys alone (polaroid pictures) which is why all the other short filmes somehow appear in his movie.
And Rap Mon has to relive not answering V’s phonecall after he killed his father..him not answering is the reason why Tae killed himself later..(also reference to the Peter Pan theory) and we see him tattooing himself again..we saw that in “Danger”, i believe..he might regret it and look at it as a sin.
They went through hell in “FIRE” to fight of the sins they committed as a group and they went through their personal hell to fight of the sins they committed themselfs..which is why every member is forgiven after their short film is over..(portrayed by the circles of the WINGS cover..them getting a circle on the WINGS cover shows them getting their WINGS and flying to heaven..)
Their lyrics in the songs are a sign of that too..V for example goes “i’m sorry my sister” = he looks for forgiveness to get to heaven,
Jimin “find the me who was innocent” = well..he wants to get rid of his sins and be innocent again to get to heaven,
Kookie just wants his friends to forgive him with the lyrics..“fly with me” (angels fly obviously)
Also, Jin’s awake is kinda obvious..he wants to be forgiven that he killed himself and he wants to wake up and go to heaven.
So, they are forgiven now and they can go to heaven to become angels..
There, the atmosphere seems to be perfect, calm..all the boys are together and happy..(in that museum/heaven are many references to the European story I talked about..the german quote, the art work which actually is from the story..)
in that music video the boys are literal angels who each portray one of the 7 deadly sins from the legend:
1. lust (Kookie)
2. Greed (Suga)
3. Anger (J-Hope)
4. Pride (Tae)
5. Envy (Jin)
6. Sloth (Jimin)
7. Glutton (Rap Mon)

I’ll start with Kookie:
He portrayes “Lust”..could be sexual (because he really is in that video omg) but lust also means a desire to avoid pain, emotional comfort, also wine (alcohol)
This is connected to Rap Mon’s “Glutton”
Ever lusted over something so much and now you finally have it and you can’t get enough? (Kookie) Right..that’s Gluttony(Rap Mon) The desire to want more..this is shown through substance abuse and drinking problems..Well, Rap Mon is constantly drinking Absinthe which is this green drink, with really strong alcohol. It’s also called a hallucinogen..or “the drink of WINGS”
So, what happens if Kookie and Rap Mon meet? Right..Kookies innocence get’s spoiled..he has dreams and all his hormones are at war (no pun intended) so he keeps “flying” (hanging from the ceiling) in his own world, trying Absinthe as well.
Basically Kookie leveled up his lust and became glutton.
As a glutton, RapMon is an attention seeker so he happily teaches Kookie his ways..the green color of the absinthe is connected to both of them in the video..and this is why we constantly see both of them together in that one room in the video.

Greed - Suga
“Strong desire to gain attention and power causing disloyalty and betrayal”
Suga has power over Jimin..

Jimin is the “Sloth” which basically means “without care”..
He avoids responsibilities, lack of interest and general absence.
No feelings for the world, yourself or people around you. You just don’t care about anything and don’t make any affords to archive something.
Jimin is in a room with Suga (you can also see the green smoke (absinthe) in there.)
Suga, the one with the “power” looks down through the glass floor to see Kookie and RapMon..but he looks down..so he’s better than them..
the room is empty because “big house, big cars and big rings” + his piano where only things he used to gain this power..they mean nothing to him now.
Greed (Suga) requires a winner(himself) and a loser(Jimin)
When Suga covered Jimin’s eyes, there was a sign behind him saying “the tempter”…Suga probably gave the Apple to Jimin (the apple is a sign of temptation and sins)
He then blindfolds Jimin to get complete control over him..he doesn’t want to share his power with him..he just wants to control him.
But Jimin doesn’t even struggle or fight back one bit. He’s the “Sloth” so he doesn’t care..or maybe he’s just too lazy to do anything about it. Even if he tries to free himself later..he can’t. But u see, Jimin’s hands are completely free. He could’ve just taken the blindfold off but he just didn’t bother..why making an effort..
At the end it’s Suga who takes the ribbon off..Jimin just looks sad. Because he’s the loser and Suga won everything.

Tae (Pride)
Pride is all about “Me,Myself and I”
As I mentioned Tae portrays the Angel Lucifer..he betrayed god(in FIRE because he didn’t actually leave his sins behind) and wants to rule over heaven instead of god..Lucifer’s sin is not wanting to be “god’s right hand” he wants to be god himself. And guess what, a few angels actually followed Lucifer (the 4 other boys..excluding Jin and J-Hope follow him right away).
Before Lucifer was banned from heaven he was the most beautiful angel and the closest to god. He was always described as “golden”, “looking like a gold star” which is probably why V is blonde..
Tae seems so adorable in the video..always smiling, always looking very pretty and cute..he even smiles when he’s jumping/falling from that balcony.
But that’s just a trick. He tricks/ betrayes everyone. (Which is why he’s covered in this white blanket through the whole video..white is a sign of innocence..)
He’s the tempter and wants all of them to think he’s one of the good ones. Which is why his smile is so cheeky when he finally reveals himself. He enjoys being the evil one..typical Lucifer.
He already has Jimin,Suga,Kookie and RapMon on his side..the weaker angels.
Now, Tae (Lucifer) has to keep tempting the other two, higher ranked angels..who have to suffer to follow Lucifers path.

J-Hope (Anger)
Anger helps us to fight injustice (V) in his opinion Tae is doing everything wrong. So he wants revenge. This is not accepted in heaven though, which is why he get’s banned from heaven.
J-Hopes character in “Boy Meets Evil” which was before BST, was so angry!! And so is his character now.
He knows the true,evil nature of V but accepts that he gets banned from heaven and accepts his future with V. He decides that his angry character would match well with V’s evil nature. He enjoys the power of anger and goes with V.
“People who fly into rage will always get a bad landing”
(He get’s banned from heaven because he choose Lucifer, not god)

Envy - Jin
Characterized by insatiable desire which is described as a sad desire towards traits or possessions of someone else.
As well as Pride(V), Envy(Jin) has been associated directly with the devil.
The war in heaven still takes place (chaos in the video..statues smashing, things breaking..)
and more angels will fall from heaven..Jin is one of them.
Jin is as proud as Tae..but he’s still fighting with the decision between good and evil. He slowly leans towards the chaos though.
He looks in a dark mirror..above it says “you still have to have chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star”…..dancing star= gold star= lucifer..isn’t that interesting?
While the boys (Jimin,Suga,Kookie,RapMon and J-Hope) already accepted their faith and run out of the room (away from heaven/god))
Jin looks unsure once again, but V, the tempter/lucifer covers his eyes. And Jin gives in to Lucifers final temptation. After that, he kisses the statue(the fallen angel) as a symbol for his loyalty to V(Lucifer) Jin now made his faith clear. He’s gonna leave heaven/god with his friends&Lucifer.
Then, V finally shows his true self.
“The Lucifer, the highest angel, falling and yet smiling. He’s not sad about his faith. He’s determined to follow his evil plan.”
Everything crashes at the end, including Jin’s face reflected in the dark mirror.
Now, this just confirms everything. They are all basically flying or more likely falling to earth.. (When you get banned from heaven you fall on to earth)
The trailer basically tells us the story of their falls.
The symbols of their sins from BST fall into pieces as well (Suga’s piano is broken in the corner, Kookies swing burning, Jimin’s blindfold is ripped, RapMon is covered in glass (probably from alcohol bottles), J-Hope lying between the arrows which symbolize his anger.
Jin’s story keeps telling us his ultimate fall. When he kisses his own reflection, his ego has grown, his sin..or well Tae’s sin (Pride) took over him and he’s invented a chaos inside him. He’s accepting his fate..there is no return for him now.
All fallen angels fall into corruption..they don’t have their beauty or angelic powers anymore.
Tae regrows his wings in pain..he stands up and spreads his new, black wings with an evil smirk telling us that this us just the beginning.

gnotblue replied to your post“look if that’s really a note keith wrote about shiro leaving then i’m…”

lol, true. Shiro doesn’t seem as interested (so far), but Keith’s look of Adoration being a crush is just the easiest explanation.

normally I just accept platonic explanations for everything, but who acts like keith does around shiro with their bro?? I mean I got 2 of them and that’s just not how we interact, nobody’s gonna be saying we’re DESPERATE to see each other lmao. keef just having a crush on a guy who mentors him seems more likely at this point. He’s waay too soft on shiro for me to buy “just buddies” anymore.

But the thing that REALLY makes me hrmmmm is that we know from the showrunners that lance and hunk have the strongest/closest bond (wondercon?? idr). Which is an odd thing to say if you’re gonna insist two other people with a very ambiguously presented relationship are ~bro power~ in an emotionally charged episode and yet don’t confide in each other even as friends would. If shiro’s like a bro to keith but they’re not even the closest members of the team, then they’re shitty ass brothers. And keith is still acting like he’s not exactly sure of his position at shiro’s side, which again is not a very bro vibe. But it is a very “i’m desperate to stay with you and not upset you so you leave me and I just love you and i don’t know or maybe even think you love me back” thing, which u know..did actually happen in the show..what i’m saying on this long tangent is that the show’s logic supports a crush more than anything else ok 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do hcs/imagine for playing spin the bottle with the gang + their girlfriends and the reader gets Dally? Thank you, love your blog xx


- everyone would literally be so on edge cuz like they don’t wanna kiss someone else infront of their girl
- they all agreed before hand that it wouldn’t be anything more than just a kiss
- Steve goes first
- he gets Darry and Darry is so uncomfortable and is trying to keep his mouth shut but Steve is really going for it
- Darry goes next and gets Sandy
- he did it any way and Sodapop was not happy
- okokokokokokok after Soda pulled away from and uncomfortable kiss with Dally it was Dallys turn
- to tell u the truth Dally was trying to spin it just right so it would land on you
- He smirked but his ears were red it was SOOO CUTE
- the game after that is just not the same anymore
- Dally is staring at you the entire time
- You spin it and it just so happens to land on Darry
- as ur lips were barely touching dally very loudly decided to intervene
- ‘Ok I think that’s enough Darrel.’
- ‘It’s a game Dallas calm down.’
- ‘Ya I know, y'all were just snoggin right infront of my eyes I don’t need to see that shit man.’
- it got to Dallas again after Two Bit kissed him
- he spun it again and made sure to angle it it perfectly to land on you
- it did
- Darry would have to cover Pony and Sodas eyes
- ‘Ok we get it! Take a breather!’
- until u spun it and got Soda
- y'all did the tiniest peck cuz Sandy was there and Sodas like a brother to you
- ‘Ok you know what I’ve had enough of this game.’
- 'What’s wrong now Dallas?’
- 'Nothin’ man. Nothing at all.’
- 'Why are u acting like such a dick?’
- 'Why am I acting like a dick? Well maybe if you weren’t so oblivious you would realize that I actually really like you and you are supposed to be mine and only mine.’
- 'Oh my god…you just said oblivious.’
- 'Really that’s all u got from that?’
- 'Oh well ya I got a thing for you too but that’s a big word.’
- 'Yet I’m the dick in this situation?’
- he would chuckle with a little smile
- 'Be my girl.’
- 'If you tell anyone bout this I will bust ur heads in, ya hear?’

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I'm rewatching "The Trial" and like- When Steven says "I'm just glad you're okay" to Eyeball it sounds so,,,idk how to describe it. Snotty, probably? He sounds like a little brat in the entire ep but that part in particular makes my soul sneer in "oh, shut up kid". Like don't act all ":( why won't u talk to me, I'm nothing but Nice To You" to someone you left for dead in space you little Squeaky Toy. Damn.

The lack of necessary dialog in SU is really the most annoying thing, especially as you are a writer yourself. (Most of us are, I’m sure)
Although cartoons should be “show, don’t tell”, we all know Steven has to be present…..but then they don’t even do “tell” lmao a mess…

Like the flow of conversation made it so that we should side with Steven and his did-my-best. Eyeball does not specify her AND her ENTIRE PLATOON were thrown into space.
The whole healing/stabbing nonsense left Eyeball in space and the rest, whom Steven already identified with whom would be easiest to talk to, are also left in space. I wish Eyeball addressed that her entire platoon would be suffering at the hand of Rose if it wasn’t for Navy to save them.

And the most backwards morality here is that this show’s entire message is individuality and the ability to be free as who you are. In that regard, Steven made the Rubies individuals for us as an audience by giving them names. And the show did it by giving them very specific characteristics.
But the moment they are getting rid of, they lose their individuality for? ease? Just leave ALL the Rubies in space? All of them? After all that?

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can i request a scenario of reiji in child au, how he feels about his new mom who is very supportive of him and buys him treats and stuff when he does a good job on something? ^ u ^

Admin Mawile: (´へωへ`*) Awwww~

-”I don’t need to be treated like a child.” Once again, you were trying to indulge him, as if a 98 on a test would ever be enough. 

For some reason, you felt the need to act like whatever he did was enough for you, like every shortcoming and failure pleased you. It was so far beyond what he knew to be true, Reiji wondered why you even bothered. 

He wasn’t good enough, and that was just the truth. 

There were three new books sitting on his desk, all ones he’d wanted, next to a steaming cup of tea. 

He’d stormed upstairs in desperation after you offered to take him out for dinner tonight as congratulations for a “good” test score, and you’d still deemed him worthy of gifts. 

It just didn’t make sense.