why did those girls have to be standing in the back smh


it’s been so long since I did a songwriter AU! i feel so bad because this has been sitting in my draft patiently waiting for me to write but- anyways I hope you enjoy! 

  • you had always known that daniel loved his cats 
  • you had always heard him gushing about what his cats had done the night before to your other classmates (specifically seongwoo and Jisung who always seemed so interested)
  • but one day after the music class that you both were in you were on the way to the music room (for some reason they made the music and the actual music classroom different) you heard singing/rapping coming from the room
  • you investigate bc why not 
  • and you open the door slightly and you see Daniel at the piano playing a melody that seems really relaxing 
  • but then
  • he starts singing about his appreciation for his cats and just cats in general 

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Kismet - Kang Daniel (3)

genre: hella HELLA angst with a sprinkle of fluff.

character pairing: kang daniel (wanna one) x female reader

warnings: minor mention of rape, hella heart wrenching and cringey fluff.

a/n: lemme tell you, this chapter i’m not sure about bc it’s lowkey cringey so i’ll post another chapter later today (if i’m not dead from all the homework i’ve been putting off smh)

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previous chapters: 1 2

chapter synopsis: daniel has had enough of hiding how he feels, and so are you, but what happens when daniel rejects your confession the way you do his?

“we need to talk.”

a simple phrase that can cause the person on the receiving end of this message to contemplate every decision and judgement they have made.

did i do something wrong? did i say something?

you couldn’t help those thoughts that coursed through your brain as you stared at the grey bubble in your messages app. you stared at the contact name and sighed.

danny boy 

you hadn’t spoken to danny in a while and graduation was drawing nearer and nearer. you would like to blame you tight schedule, due to finals and senior prep, but you had an eidetic memory. all you had to do was look over the pages once and you’d be set. you glanced around your dimly lit room and sighed heavily.

     you: talk about what?

you hit send and tossed your phone on your bed. you glanced at the one window in your room and you managed to spot daniel pacing. he must not see you. 

he was shirtless, his joggers hanging dangerously low on his hips. his hair was a tousled mess and you wondered how a person like that could look so dangerously good. staring at his tanned abs made your mouth water and his muscles that were flexed made your legs shake with excitement. what is happening to me?

you’ve seen daniel shirtless before, so why was now different.

because you miss him more than you know.

     danny boy: you know what. meet me in our spot in fifteen.

you watched as daniel searched his room for a shirt but settled on a grey hoodie, one you have stolen and recently gave back. knowing daniel, the sweater must’ve still smelled like you. he had a habit of not washing the sweaters you gave back right away. boys, you thought. 

you stood up and grabbed a hoodie, your own hoodie of course, and slipped on some sneakers that were laying hazardly on the floor next to your bed. despite the weather being mucky and rainy lately, you left your shorts on and left the house promptly. 

when you and daniel had turned twelve, just before you hit middle school, you guys found a giant tree that had branches curved into a dome-like build. the leaves helped block out any source of light. you two marked it as yours and made it “your spot” to retreat to when times were tough. you both knew that if the other had “run away” from home, you could find them in “your spot”.

you speed walked to the place and when the tree came into view, you worriedly slowed your pace. you had been ignoring for a long time, but you can’t deny that you miss him dearly. he was, after all, your bestfriend. but after your conversation with seongwoo, it wasn’t about him ignoring you first anymore, it was about prepping daniel to deal with your missing presence. 

the branches cracked under your feet and you crawled in through the small opening of “your spot”. daniel was standing there, his eyes red and the bags underneath them dark as hell.

“hey,” daniel spoke up first. you missed his raspy voice so much, you almost forgot what it sounded like. 

“hi,” you quietly returned. 

“how are you?” he asked casually.


“please, just… humor me,” daniel pleaded. you took in a deep breath and took a step closer to him. 

“i’ve seen better days,” you frown.

“same here,” daniel murmurs quietly. before you know it, daniel runs up to you and pulls you into his chest. your perfume his light on his sweater and you smile to yourself.

“you still haven’t washed this yet?” you tease.

“you still don’t get it, do you?” daniel asks incredulously. he pushed you from his body at an arms length, and you tilt your head slightly.

“whenever you borrow my sweater, your scent replaces mine and i love it. i love the smell of you that it drives me wild. the same way girls like to steal their boyfriends sweater because it smells like him, i love getting my sweaters back from you because i love your smell. i love your cute tiny nose that scrunches when you hear teachers incorrectly guide lessons, the way your eyes gleam when you drink anything warm, the way your cheeks turn pink whenever i compliment you on your genius mind. (y/n), i love you. i love you so much that these past few weeks that turned into months drove me wild. i need you, (y/n). you make me whole and… i need you,” daniel cried out, his thumb gently caressing my cheek. 

i can’t do this. abort. abORT.

“daniel… i–”

“you don’t have to answer or accept my confession. i know you must hate me, and i would to. but you have to know i ignored you to–”

“i know why you ignored me daniel. i’m not an idiot,” you interrupted him. daniel offers a small smile to you.

“no, you’re not,” he sighs. you grab his hand and pull it from your face and you immediately miss the warmth he provided.

“daniel, there’s things you don’t know. things i haven’t told you that you need to know,” you mumble.

“wh.. what do you mean?” daniel asks, slightly confused.

“do you remember my dad? jeffrey?” you ask slowly. i can’t believe i’m about to do this.

“of course. that asshole who left you and your mom,” daniel furiously responds.

“it’s not like that. jeffrey left to protect me. he made me a promise,” you frown.

“what are you talking about?” daniel asks, his confusion deepening as you dragged out your confession.

“he promised me he’d come back when i graduated at 18, the proper age. he didn’t want me to grow up to fast and not live a normal life, he wanted me to be happy and when i turn 18, a legal adult, he was going to come back for me and help me have a different life,” i managed to say. the look on daniel’s face made all the oxygen in my lungs escape in one breath and refuse to re enter. 

“y.. you mean, you mean all this time, you never really stayed because of me? it was for that asshole who abandoned you?!” daniel furiously yelled out. 

“he didn’t abandon me! he abandoned the bitch who was trying to get rid of me! don’t you get it? she didn’t want me! i remind her of the worst night of her life! i’m the product of a rape! jeffrey wanted me to not live like that! like a grown ass adult at the age of 12!” i yelled back.

“so this whole time, you lied to me,” daniel scoffs.

“daniel, you’re my best friend and i love you, but there’s just some things you wouldn’t understand,” i cry out.

“i love you! i wouldn’t have cared! but you made me think that this whole time, the reason you stayed was because of me! do you not get how much guilt i carried around everytime i look at you?” daniel yells at me.

“you ARE part of the reason why i stayed daniel, but not the whole reason! i’ve told you this, over and over again,” you scoffed in disbelief. you couldn’t believe how selfish he was being right now.

“you don’t get it still. i’m not saying i love you like my best friend. i’m saying i love you like the love of my life,” daniel horsley states. his voice was raspier than usual due to his yelling earlier. but it made the statement seem more raw; sincere. 

“daniel.. i can’t,” you cry out.  you turn to take your leave, heading back to the opening of a spot that was now tainted with the current aching memory you two were making. 

“why can’t you love me back?” daniel sobs out, making my heart ache. 

“you can’t love something that was never yours to begin with,” you mumble. 

“but you have me now…” daniel whispers dejectedly.

“but for how long?”


I’m going to be doing a fuckboy!svt au series for the next few days, I hope y’all like it!

  • so our dear leader is a classic fuckboy
  • you can always catch him with his fuckboy friends (usually wonwoo, mingyu, and vernon)
  • or you can always catch him trying to get into one of your classmate’s pants
  • he’s the captain of the wrestling team so he’s known throughout the whole entire school
  • he’s also a senior so he has people lining up for his advice on how to survive highschool (along with people who just wanna see him)
  • catch him tryna flirt with a teacher too (smh)
  • “did you sit in a pile of sugar? cause that ass is sweet”
  • he usually gets slapped
  • no shame what so ever
  • he has the sweetest smile and laugh and ass, everyone just melts
  • there’s a legend that if you look into his eyes you’ll be hypnotized by him and just be kinda like his slave (i wouldn’t mind tbh)
  • so you’ve known seungcheol since you guys were kids
  • him (being the fuckboy that he is) tries all the time to get in your pants
  • “y/n, we’ve known each other forever, you’ve even seen my dick before, i don’t see the big deal in just fooling around.”
  • “y/n let’s watch a movie together at my house.”
  • “y/n those clothes look really nice on you, but I think you might look better with them off.”
  • you’ve never paid him any attention so boom fuckboy bc he needs to get his pleasures fufilled somehow
  • but you did have a crush on him because I mean you guys hung out from like age 5 to age 18
  • so one day you’re at school, even after your club that usually ends around 5 so you go wandering around the halls and you hear some sound
  • tbh you don’t think much of it until you hear s.coups’ name so you go to investigate
  • through a crack you see seungcheol and this girl making out and groping each other (what a surprise)
  • and for some reason you can’t look away, causing seungcheol to feel someone’s gaze
  • you guys make eye contact making you freeze up
  • and seungcheol, being a fuckboy decides to give you a little show
  • he starts to grope the girl harder making her whimper and making you run away (bc that’s some hardcore stuff ya know)
  • after you leave seungcheol decides to end it with his latest bootycall and go after you
  • you’re waiting by the school’s entrance for your mom
  • and when she gets there seungcheol also gets there
  • “oh, seungcheol! it’s been a while! why don’t you come over for dinner?”
  • “I would love to come over for dinner, why thank you!”
  • and despite your strong displeasure of having seungcheol over, he was sitting there in your room, waiting for dinner
  • you had so many questions to ask him but since your heart was broken you didn’t want to see his face
  • “y/n, are you thinking about that girl and I?”
  • after getting no response he quietly moved to sit next to you and proceeded to take your hands in his
  • “y/n, are you mad at me? if you are I don’t think I could handle that.”
  • “seungcheol, why do you think I would be mad at you? we aren’t in a relationship so why would I care if you and that girl were doing something?”
  • at that seungcheol looked hurt, you never saw that look on his face besides back when you guys were 7 and you accidentally ripped his favorite stuffed bunny
  • suddenly seungcheol grabbed the back of your head connecting your lips together
  • you found yourself kissing him back
  • “y/n, I like you and I know you like me.”
  • “seungcheol, you’re a fuckboy and I know you’re only saying that to get in my pants”
  • “y/n you don’t understand-”
  • a knocking sound along with “kids dinner is ready”
  • in less than a second you dashed out of the room, you didn’t want to be with seungcheol after this
  • after dinner your mom suggested that seungcheol stay the night over but much to your relief he declined with the excuse that he had homework to do (but that’s a lie he never does his homework)
  • you were still awake at 1 am thinking of seungcheol’s sudden confession
  • “y/n, I like you”
  • your phone lit up, checking the screen you saw it was a text from seunngcheol
  • speaking of the devil
  • ‘y/n, I wasn’t lying when I told you I like you’
  • it took you about 5 minutes to figure out what to respond with
  • ‘seungcheol, if you really like me, prove it’
  • ‘I will, trust me y/n’
  • ‘whatever, just go to sleep seungcheol’
  • ‘sweet dreams y/n’
  • when you get to school the next day there seems to be news about seungcheol
  • one of your friends rushed to you
  • “y/n! have you heard about seungcheol?”
  • “I just got here so no, what happened?”
  • “apparently he broke off all his relationships with everyone saying he found ‘the one’“
  • after hearing that you were in disbelief
  • ‘did seungcheol do that for you?’
  • hearing a faint ding you looked down at you phone
  • it lit up displaying a text from seungcheol
  • ‘y/n, meet me at the track field in 10′
  • ‘alright’
  • you started walking to the track field walking past a lot of seungcheol’s side hoes, each of them wailing like he had died
  • ‘is his dick that good?’ you thought (later you would find out ;))
  • when you got to the track field you saw seungcheol standing there looking around
  • “why did you do that?”
  • “why did I do what?”
  • “why did you break it off with everyone?”
  • “y/n, I told you that I was serious about my feelings.”
  • “seungcheol, honestly, I hate you, so much, because I like you.”
  • hearing that from you made seungcheol extremely happy making him break out his sweet smile, that you love
  • “I won’t ask you to marry me but, maybe after college, we could?”
  • “seungcheol, you know I can’t say no to you if you talk sweetly like that.”
  • “fuck, y/n, I love you so much.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • so in the end fuckboy s.coups turned into goodboy seungcheol and y’all kept your promise to marry after college

An update from my “Birthday Dinner” story time. I was suppose to send this sooner, but I was back and forward on if I was going to make a story time video or write it out, but then when I made up my mind and made a video story time, my camera decided to be a hot mess! I’m saving for a new one asap! I kept trying to make it but was having audio problems while editing! I was so excited to make the video too smh, but thankfully right after the party I wrote everything down on my phone, so I copied and pasted what happened! so I wouldn’t forget NOT one detail! sorry for any errors and screaming in caps! I was excited! here it goes (reminder this is RIGHT after the Birthday party, so I was very excited and in a rush, so sorry for the curse words and caps lol! I felt like i was writing in my diary, so it got personal) :

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im laughing so hard just thinking about hawkmoth running out of butterflies. what if he ran out of butterflies??

“oh darn diddly i’m so mad i want to commit arson” says a random parisian

hawkmoth sighs contentedly. “the smell of anger is such a wonderful aroma to wake up to. despair is a planting ground for a new hope. now, fly my litt—”

the man paused, the atmosphere around him deadly quiet. not that it wasn’t a nice touch, little to no ambiance was a key factor in being evil. but in this case, the spacious observatory should have been swelled with the soft flutters of a butterfly’s wings. or maybe about 200 of them.

hawkmoth looked around him. not a butterfly in sight. he scowled.

“the time has finally come, hasn’t it,” the villian sighed dejectedly. “i never thought i’d ever have to do this…”

marinette was a heavy sleeper. that’s actually a lie. one of the many excuses she had to make for herself. her personal favorite was “i’m a vegan” when asked why she ate a flower. but that’s beside the point.

it was a nice saturday afternoon, no homework to worry about until at least 6 pm on sunday. so marinette, being a teenage girl with an unimaginable lack of sleep, was in fact asleep, and had been since 9 pm that night. her parents and tikki didn’t have the heart to try to wake her up, so they let her sleep. chat noir may or may not have knocked on her balcony door like a lost kitten begging for food and affection at 1 am, but if he did he didn’t have the heart to wake her up either.

marinette was probably dreaming about adrien or chat noir in some super significant dream that would lead to an emotional identity reveal. but it didn’t matter anymore because tikki, then sleeping next to her chosen comfortably, began blaring the most agitating beeping noise known to man. that meant someone was calling her on her compact (aka her magical smartphone that could not download pokemon go smh).

she nearly fell off her bed, which would have hurt a lot considering her bed is ridiculously high up like wth. quickly getting to her feet, marinette did her magical girl transformation and transformed into ladybug and answered her compact.

“WHAT’S THE SITCH,” she said absolutely calm and collected and definitely not screaming.

“you are not kim possible,” said a dark and evil man voice.

“i am kim possible,” argued ladybug.



ladybug was getting anxious now. how had this dark and evil man voice know she was not kim possible?? does it know she’s ladybug?????? before she could find the answers to either of those questions, the voice spoke again.

“where are my butterflies.”

“what,” ladybug questioned. she was confused.

“i said where are my butterflies.”

“who the heck are you.”

“i am hawkmoth.” !!! gasp!!!!! hawkmoth had gotten hold of her compact’s number!!!!





“ok,” ladybug replied composedly. she 1) got really tired of yelling and 2) she did not want her parents to come upstairs and see their daughter ladybug screaming at hawkmoth over the phone.

“you sent them off into space i need butterflies to make akumas you frick.”

“hawkmoth!! language.”

“shut your fuck i’m old enough to be adrien’s dad.”



there was silence on the line for a while. why would he single out this kid adrien??? could he mean????? adrien agreste?????

speak of the angel, teenage heartthrob adrien agreste just so happened to open the trapdoor to marinette’s room right then, staring down at his phone. he paused and looked up, his beautiful olive green eyes widening at the red and black clad superheroine standing heroically by the desk, one foot resting on her desk chair with the other planted firmly on the floor. she turned her warm blue eyes toward him, face turning as red as her suit in an instant. adrien felt his baby cheeks grow to a boil.

as if to break the tension, he spoke, his voice silvery and light,

“there’s a growlithe in here.”

“o shit really,” ladybug and hawkmoth sounded in unison.

An Ingenious Business Plan

In celebration of reaching 200+ followers (!!), I’ve written a fic based off of this post about SMH getting involved with their local troop. This is definitely going to be a multi-part, but I thought I’d publish the first bit just to whet your appetites. Thank you guys so much for your support and enthusiasm!

It’s not often that Shitty is glad to be wearing a shirt. Or pants, for that matter. Or clothes in general. He likes the feeling of being unrestricted by society’s insistence that he cover most of his body for no reason, all day long.

This is not one of those times.

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markhyuck!domestic au

bc markhyuck living together makes me vvv emo

-they probably live in an apartment

-they moved in together after college these dORKS

-hyuck probably had to drag mark to every apartment to scope the place out

-mark only went bc hyuck promised he’d buy him food lmfao

-”hyuck this apartment looks fine”

-”hm…. the wallpaper’s ugly let’s leave”


-so after 47 fucking years, they finally found one they liked

-it wasnt big but it wasnt too small either

-it felt home-y and they both really liked the vibe of it

-they have two rooms for sleeping and stuff but they just share a bed bc like

-how else is hyuck gonna wake mark up at 4 am to show him a dank meme

-hyuck’s the type to stay up really late so mark usually just falls asleep without him

-so basically hyuck’s a night person whereas mark’s a morning one

-it’ll be 2 am and mark’ll be asleep on his side of the bed (the side closer to the door lmao hyuck’s not about that life)

-so hyuck was on his phone scrolling through tumblr and he had his earbuds in so he couldnt hear anything

-he had his phone on like, the lowest brightness setting bc he didnt wanna wake his lil baby mark up omg

-he was hunched over, sitting upwards and suddenly he felt mark slowly pull him backwards

-hyuck was like “wTF omg” but he realized it was just mark and calmed down lmao

-so mark pulled hyuck back until he was laying down with him

-and took hyuck’s phone and closed it, tossing it on their bedside table

-mark pulled hyuck’s head to his chest and mumbled something about “go the fuck to sleep” in his hair

-mark probably makes coffee for hyuck in the morning omg

-that or mark goes to starbucks while hyuck’s still asleep to get hyuck’s favourite drink from there

-sometimes, for some reason, hyuck will be up earlier than usual and see that mark’s gone

-so he’ll panic a lil and check their kitchen to see if mark’s there


-his voice is still raspy and deep bc he just woke up and mark’s like blushing in the middle of starbucks calm urself mark lee smh


-”hyuck it’s 7am no clubs are open atm”


-”omg im at starbucks getting coffee you fuckin nut im hanging up”

-mark probably arrives back home and sees hyuck asleep on the couch with an episode of some kdrama on

-mark screeches and almost drops the coffee bc fuK THAT’S THE NEWEST EPISODE AND HE’S GETTING SPOILED

-hyuck bolts up and screams with him



-”omg i told you not to call me by my korean name!!!”


-they watch kdramas together lmfao

-sometimes mark likes to FORCE hyuck to sleep early with him

-like, he knows he wont be able to but he tries

-mark tries to help by talking to him!!

-sometimes it’s like, serious but most of the time not lmao

-”yo… when we get married we’ll still have the same last name……”

-”stfu mark omg”

-”when we get a kid can i name it pablo”

-”… mark why…….”

-”kanye yo”

-”literally go fuck yourself oh my god we’re not naming our kid pablo”

-they go grocery shopping together like a bunch of parents omg

-mark keeps hyuck in check lmao

-like hear me out, like i said in my markhyuck couple au thing, hyuck grabs extremely useless things oh my god


-except he doesnt use coupons lmfao

-if he sees something on sale, he’ll buy 50 of them

-even if it’s like, cans of tuna (he hates tuna)

-”hyuck stop grabbing so many boxes of cookies, like, we can get 2″

-they end up grabbing 27 of them anyway

-mark doesnt stand a chance against hyuck’s puppy eyes ok

-they sing really loudly and obnoxiously in the car

-mark always drives lmao hyuck hates driving


-and a million other dogs and cats

-mark doesnt have the heart to leave strays on the street so he picks them up and takes em home

-they have like 3 dogs and 2 cats istg

-the empty bedroom that they dont use is for the pets

-hyuck gets ‘mad’ but he ends up loving the animals the most

-mark really likes taking pictures of hyuck omg

-he has like a fucking album in his phone made especially for pictures of hyuck

-theyre both terrified of the dark so they have a system omg

-when they close the living room lights, mark has his flashlight out from his phone and hyuck has one hand on the lightswitch

-hyuck like counts down from 3 and closes the lights and bolts to their room with mark im laughing

-their pets sleep in their room omg 

-they probably have a candy drawer in their room im

-they order ramen from this one place so often, they have their details down so all they have to do is call and tell them their order and nothing else omg

-they dont interact with their neighbours at all

-THEYRE KINDA LIKE DAN AND PHIL (ive said this before bUT)

-i can just picture those rare days where they both wake up together

-and hyuck’s just sitting on the kitchen counter and he’s rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes

-and mark’s just holding a cup of coffee, staring at hyuck and all he can think about is how beautiful hyuck is and how fucking lucky he is

-he’s like grinning into his cup and hyuck notices so he’s like

-”wtf do you want u lil shit”

-”nothing, nothing” -mark, still grinning lmfao

-so hyuck’s just like ”c’mere you fuck”

-and mark goes over sluggishly and hyuck just pecks his lips and i jUST IM

-ok so like i said earlier they watch kdramas together right

-and the latest mark can stay up is like 1 and then he fucking dies after lmfao

-so it’s like 1:30 and mark’s dozing off but he’s trying sO HARD TO STAY AWAKE

-but he ends up falling asleep

-and hyuck doesnt even fucking notice he’s too busy seeing who the hell the girl ends up with

-but then he feels mark’s head fall on his shoulder and he’s ready to shake this bitch awake lmfAO

-he doesnt have the heart to 

-whenever mark falls asleep, he has this expression that makes him look like a kicked puppy

-so hyuck just turns off the tv and lays mark down carefully

-he trudges to their bedroom to grab their huge ass blanket and a pillow and basically sets up everything on the couch lmao

-he then proceeds to wrap himself in a burrito of mark and he falls asleep like that

-in the morning mark wakes up and is like “wtf why am i here whY IS OUR BEDROOM SUDDENLY IN THE LIVING ROOM AND OMG WHO DID HYEMI END UP WITH”

-hyuck’s all grumpy and shit bc mark woke him up oh my goddd

-”hyemi ended up with the guy we hated dude omg…. let me sleep you fuckin douchebag…”


-”i can barely carry my eyebags around do you think i can carry you smh”


-”ok listen here u lil shit you knOW i cant fucking sleep without you”


-this is getting too long i gotta end iT BYE

iHeartRadio Recap

So I tried to type this out as quickly as possible while also trying to answer all my anonymous ask I have in my inbox. So I apologize ahead of time if things are jumbled or confusing or if my spelling/grammar is a wreck.

First let me say this; I know no matter what I say in this post, no Tayvin will believe me. It is what it is. But I can promise you that I did my absolute best to make sure the details are all correct. I will not lie to make our ship more convincing. I’m not making anything up, just recounting the events as they took place. I know this thing was televised so you already know what happened. I’ll focus more on what happened off camera.

I will also throw this disclaimer in there:


Like seriously, every clap and camera pan is rehearsed during the commercials. They yell at you before they come back and tell you to applause, when you can and can’t stand, etc. It’s very interesting to witness. Also, the celebrities literally DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. They all talk during the performances and half of them have no idea what is going on. Including the nominees. It was definitely interesting to watch.

So, I arrive and it turns out I’m sitting next to some huge Selena and Taylor fans. However, they also think Cowlick is a douche bag which was glorious. I was also in direct view of Taylor’s table and with my binoculars I could see every single facial expression.  Which is exactly what I did. Whenever there was a performance or they won an award, I watched their interactions instead of the stage. I missed some performances, but I saw the most important one (the stunt) so it was worth it.

·         Taylor walked in one minute before the awards started. She rushed in holding Calvin’s hand and the crowd went wild. When I saw ‘crowd’ I mean the fans that were standing in between the heart stage and the tables set up for the celebrities. Turns out Calvin showed up about 20 minutes before she did, which I found interesting.

·         If People Mag was correct, Calvin was actually in her seat and she was in his. From left to right it was Tree, Calvin, Taylor, Sereah (spelling??), and then Selena.

·         Jason derulo started the show and music was playing. He was dancing, went to dance next to Taylor’s table, and Calvin cracked a half smile. The bordum begins.

·         Also let me just throw in this tidbit. You guys see a bunch of meme’s of Taylor dancing at award shows. This. IS. Real. She literally dances to almost every song like she will never dance again. And Calvin just sits there. Looking bored of course.

·         Best Female artist was one of the first awards. Actually it might have been THE first. She won, gave him a hug (which he didn’t even stand up for) and gave her speech. He looked bored.

·         Tree suddenly disappeared from the table and was replaced by Kelly Osborn

·         Calvin alternated between talking to Kelly and being on his phone the entire time and Taylor talked to her friend Searyeah (someone tell me how to fucking spell her name!!!!).

·         Megan Trainor performed and Calvin didn’t look up from his phone once. He didn’t even clap when it ended actually. Still looking at phone.

·         Selena won and Taylor looked hella happy for her. Calvin didn’t hug her when she won. He texted during her speech.

·         Finally we get Tayvin action. Taylor loops her arms through his (his hands are clasped together with his elbows on the table (if that makes sense). There was a performance going on when this happened.

·         Commercial after performance and she dropped his arm immediately lmao

·         Calvin wins best dance whatever. He wasn’t paying attention at all because they announced his name as a nominee and taylor clapped but he didn’t even notice. When he won someone pointed at him and he said “me?” and then the camera panned to him. Cringe worthy hug again.

·         Taylor gives her faux heart eyes for the crowd. Trust me, they were faux. She knew the camera would pan to her. The whole crowd went ‘awe’ and I said ewe and everyone laughed. He didn’t thank her, but he has no problem thanking diplo which literally makes no sense because how did diplo contribute to his award? Who fucking knows.

·         Taylor disappears and Calvin is at the table with her friends. No interaction, he is on his phone.

·         Selena says a couple words to him, but still he’s looking bored and on his phone.

·         They are getting Justin Timberlake ready to present Taylor her tour award. This is when shit gets weird. They start playing New Romantics and the crowd thinks she’s either going to perform or the video will drop. Obvi that doesn’t happen lol. They were hyping the crowd up and kept alluding to something “big” happening, but nothing big happened.

·         Taylor gets her tour award. I didn’t watch her acceptance speech at all because I watched him the entire time. He wasn’t paying attention. No seriously, you guys only saw the half of it when the camera panned to his face. He literally wasn’t paying attention during her speech. And when they camera panned to him and still looked bored, gave his smirk, then went right back to being bored af when the camera panned away. I DID hear her stutter though and the couple next to me said “why did she stutter so much at the last part? Weird” and I was dying laughing inside. Also, when she said “adam” the ENTIRE crowd was like “who tf is adam?” not joking. It wasn’t just the internet that was confused lol.

·         When the show went to commercial Taylor walked off stage and tapped selena’s shoulder as she walked by back to her seat. Selena turned, grabbed her phone, and then taylor hugged douche lord from behind with one arm. Selena took a picture and then Taylor pulled away. It seemed very rehearsed. Selena just snapped a photo and went back to her conversation with the girl next to her. And Calvin, once again, looked bored.

·         They didn’t talk and were both on their phones. Taylor seemed reallllyyy into her’s and I thought for a minute she MUST be liking dumb shit on tumblr.

·         No talking lasted for several minutes until Taylor got up and disappeared. People were telling me she was liking things on tumblr when this disappearance happened. He looked bored at the table and didn’t talk to anyone, again.

·         Taylor came back and started playing with the led lights on the table (they were there for the previous performance. Staff handed them out). This is the point where I realized she very well may be drunk I had seen the waitress come to her table about 12 different occasions at this point. I started to pay more attention once I realized this.

·         I was watching her still play with the led lights and said to the couple next to me “taylor looks drunk. She keeps playing with those lights” and they said “We know! We were just saying that”

·         Not 30 seconds later Taylor wins most meme’able moment and gets caught with the damn led lights. Smh. You could tell when the camera panned to her she had no idea what she won. When the cameras panned away she kept asking everyone at the table what she won. She STILL didn’t know lol. Calvin was on his phone and didn’t even look at her when she asked him.

·         Taylor slams another drink. At this point I’m positive she is drunk. She is literally tipping the cup upside down trying to get every last drop.

·         Commercial break. Announcer says Zayn is about to go on and that’s when someone behind me yells “where’s Gigi?!” and someone yells back “probably with her girlfriend” it was fucking iconic lol.

·         Album of the year award is about to be announced. You can tell she knows she is going to win because she isn’t paying attention for the nominee stuff and calvin looks bored.

·         She wins. Awkward hug. Calvin is on his phone during her acceptance speech LOL.

·         During her speech she says “this may be my last award show for a really long time” and some fan stood up behind me and said “WHAT!” Literally the whole crowd freaked out when they heard that.

·         Iggy starts her performance and Tree runs out and grabs Taylor, Voldermort, and Seryeah. They leave.


Okay that was a long and probably unneccesary recap but I have a few more things to say.

First, Tree kept checking up on Calvin and Taylor multiple times throughout the night. In the 3 hour show, I saw her at their table on 6-7 different commercial breaks. I thought it was very strange and I just needed to throw that in there. She would come around for about 45 seconds each time, ask how Calvin and Taylor were doing, and then would disappear again. Weird. At one point she even stood behind their table with her hands clasped behind her back just chaperoning. It was very strange.

Secondly, the seating is very weird. I noticed how initially Tree was by Calvin, then it was Kelly, then it was some other random girl. So I asked the security guard in my section (she fucking loved me by the way) what was up with that. Apparently they have people who fill seats to make the tables always look full. I did NOT know this. They have people on standby that are dressed really well and sit in the empty seats to give the illusion that there’s a full house. I’m not making this shit up. After security told me that I googled it and its true. Like I said, this whole thing is made for tv.

While I was sitting there I tried INCREDIBLY hard to not be biased. The whole point of me going was to see the thing for my own two eyes to maybe understand it better. So I told myself tonight I’m not a kaylor fan, tonight I’m just a fan. That being said, I have never been more convinced in my life that this entire thing is a farce. Calvin looked like he wanted to scratch his eyes out the entire time. At first I thought that was just his personality. I thought maybe he just hates award shows and that’s his demeanor towards everyone. Guys, its not. He looked like he was having the best time ever when he was talking to Kelly Osborn. Some of his friends came up and talked to him during commercials and he couldn’t stop smiling his bright white dentures. It was only towards Taylor and the farce. I made no mention of why I was there to the couple next to me and they even commented on it. He seemed cold and just SO done. I dislike him with a fiery passion, but for a second there I almost felt bad for the guy. And it made Taylor look stupid. She looked like that 2013 version of herself and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

I tried to think about their relationship as if it were real. I put myself in that frame of mind and then looked at them. Then I cringed even more. Because if this relationship is real then he is going to shatter her heart into a million damn pieces. I have never seen someone look so disinterested in “the love of their life” until I saw the way he looked at her. No heart eyes. No sense of pride that his girl was winning all of the awards. If you didn’t know any better you would think he was sitting next to some no name escort, not Taylor Swift, international pop star. They didn’t kiss once, they barely hugged, and the most physical contact they had was either when cameras were on or when a fan next to the tables waved at her. She would grab his arm, wave back, and then let go. It was like clockwork. I just couldn’t believe my eyes because we knew it was fake, I just didn’t realize it was THIS fake. And not only that, I knew Taylor was in charge, but I didn’t realize Calvin was hating it this much. I know he tried to get out of the stunt 8 months ago, but now he looks like he rather just curl up in a ball and die. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The fame that she is giving him must really be worth it.

In conclusion, I stand by my previous statement that I have never believed that this shit is a farce more than I do now. This has nothing to do with me believing if Kaylor is real or not. This is just based off of the things I saw tonight. I didn’t give a minute by minute break down of this because you guys would’ve been as born as Calvin was. It was repetitive. They would speak one sentence and then he would go back to his phone. Repeat. He honestly just looked like he was getting a root canal the entire time he was sitting next to her. I honestly think he hates her. He definitely resents her. I just don’t understand why Taylor is dragging this out. It is painful to watch. And trust me, I would know, I just watched it for three damn hours. I thought I would be angry watching the stunt, but it was so pathetic that I just laughed. And then I felt sad. REALLY sad for Taylor. I spend most of my time angry and bitter towards her, but for a moment I felt sympathetic and empathetic. I think about what it would be like to have to put on such a performance like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hide who I am. And besides the obvious reasons, there must be some really deep seeded issue going on inside of her to drag this stunt out so long. I couldn’t imagine ever having to do something like that. I just wouldn’t be happy.

Feel free to send any questions to my ask box.  


summary: irony doesn’t suit them.

pairings: adrinette and ladynoir  

sidenotes: for darling papayacha, (lamely known as @papaya-chan on tumblr, so much less cool with the n included smh) who is now officially older than dirt. thanks for introducing me to this awful show. im in pain daily thanks to you. (jokes on u bc i got u into hamilton HAHAHAH misery loves company)




She supposed, five minutes late was forgivable.

Ten was a stretch.

But thirty-five minutes in, white heels clicking on the sidewalk anxiously and hot, embarrassed blush officially glued to her cheeks, she decided that that was the last straw.




-and I am so sorry, Marinette, I had this work thing, and I couldn’t avoid it, and everyone was talking to me and before I knew it, it was 10 o’clock. Please, please call me back.”

Marinette had grown tired of clapping her hands over her ears and taking the four-year-old way out and pretending not to hear Adrien’s pleas. As childish as it was, she preferred it over actually considering.

Her phone rang again. And again, and again. He was relentless in pursuing her attention, assuming he had every intention of apologizing, for blowing her off, again.

Marinette had known from the beginning that Adrien was a flake. He wouldn’t strike you as it, but it was like he always had some little side job to do. Something that would lead him to either miss, or be twenty minutes late to a date that Marinette had scrawled on her calendar a week and a half beforehand.

She’d need only one hand to count all of the perfect, uninterrupted dates they’d had. Until now, she’d thought that those perfect dates were worth all of the fractured ones.

But at that point, standing on the sidewalk in one of her favorite dresses, alone, cold, and mortified, she knew that there was no way he could offer her a kiss on the cheek and a bouquet of flowers and everything would be solved.

“Don’t worry Marinette! I’m sure Adrien had a perfectly viable reason to miss last night’s date!” Tikki encouraged her gently. Unfortunately, Marinette wasn’t in the mood for her insatiable enthusiasm.

“I’m sure he does, Tikki. Just like he did for the last date, and the one before that, and the one before that.” Marinette said flatly.

Tikki pursed her lips and laid down on Marinette’s shoulder sadly.

“I’m sorry, Marinette. I know it’s been hard for you balancing Adrien and Ladybug, and then his knack for missing dates, and I know you still love him-“

“That doesn’t matter,” Marinette huffed, slowly taking off her silvery earrings and reattaching her Ladybug ones. “I don’t want to be with someone who isn’t going to be there for e. Even if…even if I do…love him.”

Tikki shifted her face uncomfortably. “Maybe going out for a run will make you feel better.”

Marinette offered her a soft, sad half grin.

“Why not?’ She asked rhetorically. “Tikki, transform me!”




He had a hero’s complex.

That’s what Plagg called it, at least. And it was the reason he’d arrived in front of a restaurant nearly forty minutes late, with no angry girl friend to yell at him for being a disgrace.

He’d rather her yell at him than ignore him, and after the fifth call, he began to wonder if this had been his final mistake.




“Someone’s going to see you,” Plagg told him, even though he knew his warning would fall on ignorant ears. Adrien had been all silence and glom ever since missing Marinette on their date, due to a sinking boat on the river with people trapped inside.

Not that Adrien could ever tell Marinette that.

Adrien threw a rock off the roof and watched it bounce, one, two, three times until it hit the ground below. Adrien was lucky enough no pedestrians had noticed him lingering on what was undoubtedly private property, and that he hadn’t managed to strike any pedestrians was a miracle in itself.

“She’ll forgive you,” Plagg reasoned with him. She always does…

Adrien made a sound of protest, his voice coming out in a low rumble. He hurled another rock to the ground and sighed.

“She shouldn’t have to.” He argued, moving a rock between his fingers and enjoying the feel before inevitably hucking it at the ground in frustration.

“Well,” Plagg shrugged. “I guess you’re screwed.”

Adrien sent him the iciest glare he’d seen since the Great Depression.


Plagg wasn’t nearly condescending enough to reply with “you’re welcome,” but he did have the humility to attempt to console his longtime friend.

“I’m sorry, you know.” Plagg told him sincerely. “This is a burden…I…never really asked if you wanted it.”

“It’s not your fault,” Adrien told him, although from his tone, Plagg didn’t feel very forgiven. “It’s my ‘hero’s complex’, right?” Adrien smiled like he was trying to crack a bitter joke.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Plagg asked him. “Marinette is a nice girl, but you’ll get over her.”

Adrien made a ‘hmm’ sound and Plagg sighed, sitting down on a rock Adrien had probably lanned on throwing.

“…Wanna go for a run to cheer you up?”

Adrien raised an eyebrow.

“I thought you hated runs.”

“I do. They’re pointless, and require me to expel unnecessary energy on things that don’t benefit me or you.” Plagg deadpanned. “…But, I know you like them. God knows why.”

Adrien smiled in appreciation. “Alright. But only because you asked.”

“You little shi-“

“Plagg, transform me!”




Ladybug’s arms tensed as she grabbed onto the bars of the Eiffel Tower and pulled herself upwards. The higher the got, the more wind blew in her face. She liked the way it made her forget where she was, and what she was doing.

Being one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions, Ladybug tended to seat herself below the viewing deck so she wouldn’t be interrupted by said tourists. Plus, the view was always a killer.

Ladybug rolled her head around, soothing the kinks in her neck and sighing. Runs were her favorite, although they involved less running and much more flying. There was something invigorating about being in complete control of your motion that she loved, and always soothed her when she was sad, or seething, or lonely.

She rubbed her mask softly, sometimes she forgot it was there, and she’d get paranoid that it had fallen off sometime on the way. Even though that was impossible, sometimes her paranoia got the better of her.

Ladybug quickly swung her legs over the cool, aged metal of the tower, leaning her head against the nearest framework and enjoying the utter feel of Paris all around her. It was easy to understand why so many people were drawn here, French or not. It was her home, and she loved it.


At the sound of her ego’s name, Marinette felt disappointment seep into her mind slowly. She’d been discovered, probably by tourists, who would no doubt want an autograph. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate them, it was just that this point in time was very inconvenient for tourists. She just needed to wallow in her anger and sadness, by herself.

She turned around slowly wearing the fakest smile she could conjure, only to be surprised in not seeing an eager group of foreigners, but her partner.

“Chat Noir?” She blinked. It was him, he was directly opposite her, just a few tens of feet across. He was leaning on crouched knees, peering up at her with those glowing green cat eyes. What was he doing here, anyways?

“What are you doing here?” He asked her before she could ask him the same thing.

“I’m…I’m…uh,” she looked down at her hands for some sort of excuse. No lucky charm could help her now.

He used his staff to push himself over to the side of the tower she was sitting on, and situated himself beside her, with a support beam between them.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to have a reason.” He told her softly. “Sometimes, I just come here to get away…”

She looked over at him from behind the beam and sighed. “Me too.”

She listened to the beat of his breathing, which was remarkably uneven. He must’ve had a rough night, not unlike hers. She bitterly thought back to standing in the cold in front of the restaurant, waiting for a boyfriend who didn’t care enough to show up.

He looked awful, on the breathing note. She snuck a look at him despite being separated by a chunk of the Eiffel Tower, he seemed almost pale, and his eyes were hooded with exhaustion. He’d been thinking about something pretty hard, that was for sure.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like, if we never became…” he looked down at his suit with grim seriousness. She understood.

“All the time.” She answered succinctly.

He stayed silent, like he was mulling over her answer. Meanwhile, she tried to decipher what had him so shaken.

Chat Noir was the kind of guy to stay loose and happy even when things seemed dire – that’s what made him so easy to be around, but, of course, no one was untouchable. Ladybug happened to know he was fiercely protective of his friends, and everyone in general. Still, it was nearly impossible to tell what had happened without more information.

“I think I ruined my life.”

Well, that said something.

Ladybug wanted to say something immediately to calm his probably aching nerves, but he stopped her before she could even open her mouth.

“And don’t try to demean it, I know I have.” He sighed in frustration. “I just – I can’t find a balance, you know?”

Balance was a funny word. Because no matter what – balance required sacrifice.

She’d struggled for so many years on the same issue – how could you find a balance? Two different lives, lives that had to stay completely separate. She danced with the question every night before bed, and every night the answer seemed to get more and more complicated.

But maybe all questions didn’t need answers.

She sighed.

“Chat Noir – balance inevitably means that you’re going to have to give up something. In order to maintain balance, something else must be cut out of your life.” She told him slowly.

He nodded, absorbing her words like gospel. “What…what do you mean?”

“I mean, that perfect balance isn’t always a good thing.” She said, suddenly realizing she was divulging one of her best kept secrets.

He tipped his head quizzically. She didn’t blame him, she felt the same way when Tikki had suggested it.

“If balance means you have to lose something – something you love, something you can’t live without – it balance really worth it?”

He looked down at the world below. He must’ve understood her. The thought was as ludicrous to him as it had been to her two years ago – when facing the choice, her best friend, or her secret identity. Balance meant that to preserve her two lives, Alya would have to go.

And if that was what balance meant, then Marinette wanted no part of it.

“What do I do?” He inquired. She smiled, pushing her hair behind her mask and leaning her head against the barrier between them.

“Do whatever it takes to get your life back. And screw balance! Cats always land on their feet anyways, don’t they?” She asked him slyly. He laughed, and she brightened significantly. Maybe he’d actually heed her advice.

“My Lady, dost my ears deceive me, or did you just make a cat joke?” He questioned her jokingly.

“You tell me,” she shrugged. He seemed much better now.

If only he could give her advice on how to properly break up with a boy you’re in love with.

He stood up, long, lean-muscled arms reaching to the sky as if he’d been reawakened.

“You know, I used to love you.” He told her, eyes facing out to the city, like the words were nothing but words etched in a history book.

She looked down sadly. “What changed?”

He looked back at her, green eyes dancing with enlightenment and something else disturbingly familiar.


She had only a few moments to react before he – quite literally – leapt off of the Eiffel Tower, face first, and disappeared from her sight.

“Damn,” she remarked, having no other words to say, She lifted herself to her feet, thinking about everything she’d told him and how hypocritical she was being.

How could she expect Adrien to understand how she felt without telling him? He was so busy with work, and his career, and his uptight father – maybe he was trying to balance everything. She knew a thing or two about struggling to manage her time. Maybe Adrien was just having more trouble than she was. She knew he wasn’t the kind of person to intentionally hurt her.

Whipping out her yo-yo and aiming it at the closest building, she made a decision.

She’d call him.




When she got home – Marinette, that is – he didn’t answer her call.

Instead, Chat Noir was waiting at her window.

She opened it slowly, her fingers slipping at the edges, hat was he doing here? What was he doing? Wasn’t he going to take her advice?

“I have something to tell you,” he said, voice rushed as his words cae out in short huffs, like he’d been waiting a lifetime just to tell her those words.

“Chat Noir, what? What are you doing he-“

He placed a finger to her lips, eyes mischievous and knowing. She was effectively silenced, only to watch in awe as he lifted his other hand and slowly slipped his ring off.

Speechless wasn’t the word she was looking for.

When Adrien looked back at her, guiltily holding the black ring with a small smile, she had no words, thoughts, or feelings.

“Sorry I’m late.”




this is a p ugly present and i formally apologize bUT ur birthday will probably be great now go get lit and do body shots

I seriously can't rn

Okay so I know everyone and their freaking cat is exploding about the recent episode, and yeah I’m one of them

Hence this “vent” post

First of all I want to say this was a great episode, it gave us more info of the Renmant and obviously the plot. And we got to see some good character development with Blake and her father. But what really got me was Qrow, which is what everyone is spazzing about anyways, so I’ll try to keep it short. This is more of a character study then anything (which also means I’m going to be re opening up some wounds from the ep and making everyone feel even more terrible)

Because holy shit, that poor man.

His semblance of all things is misfortune. That means Qrow has pretty much lived everyday of his life in most likely a sea of guilt. Because he knows what affect he has on those he loves, which is probably why he can be a little (or a lot) crass sometimes. Because he’s not an open person. Not just because of the shit he’s seen, but the shit he has likely caused. All because of a power he cannot control. He never meant it to happen, obviously, but he has to live with the fact that his very presence is a danger. And that is such a terrible thing to think about when you know how much guy cares about family. His nieces especially. Ruby, especially.

Like gosh, I’ve been destroying myself by thinking about this sweet little girl, Summer’s daughter, adored Qrow so much to base her look and her fighting style after him. How much she loves him, looks up to him and Qrow wanting to be there for her, but knowing, fearing, something that could happen because of his very existence in her life. Just, ugh.

Sorry am I bumming you out to much yet?

But on top of this, the fight with Tyrian makes more sense of why Qrow told everyone to stand back, and got mad at Ruby for interfering.

And it might be a reason to why Qrow wanted to be a huntsman in the first place. Trying, in any way, to use his misfortune for good. And why he also goes on solo missions.

But regardless, this just shines so much light on Qrow’s character, which I love. But damn, did you see how much it pained him to talk about this? Having to be ashamed of his semblance, when most people take pride of it, because he blames himself and his semblance for the bad things that happen. That’s hard for me to watch and could be because he’s my current favourite.

And I’m sorry for all you Jaune lovers out there, I totally sympathize with the kid. He’s taking Phyrra’s death the hardest, definitely, and for good reason too. And he also has every right to be upset. But the one angry sarcastic quip he made at Qrow is out of line. Like I know I love Qrow more than Jaune, and will obviously side with the drunkle birb cause I’m a little biased, buT DAMN. Like the dude just fucking opened up and explained to you why, with great pain I might add, he does what he does. And hates himself for it. And again, I know Jaune is upset, that’s cool, but tone it down for poor old drunkle birb here.

Anyways that was my totally not short at all (sorry) rant, because that episode was a lot, since it featured my favourite character, anD THE ENDING.

But I’m holding on to the theories as much as I can to why Qrow can’t or won’t die. But y'know, I’m still dying on the inside knowing that I got wait a whole week (maybe more depending if there’s another WOR smh) to see how this plays out

It was still a great episode though, props to RT

Now excuse me while I go scream in a corner.

Scandal 416: When Problematic Opinions about Black Women, Sex, and Sovereignty Become a Learning Opportunity

This post is not the promised analysis of Olivia Pope in the context of themes from It’s Good to Be Kink  (416), and the broader trajectory of season four. It’s also not about my other thoughts and concerns regarding the episode (Fake again? WTF; Really, Mellie, Really?!). No, all of  that has to come second because people are out here acting a gotdamn fool over the fact that Olivia had sex with a (foine ass) stranger. It is one thing to disagree with the course of action Olivia has taken in this particular instance, but quite another to make disparaging and downright dangerous comments that go well beyond the scope of the fictional character.  Yesterday, as the day went on, the commentary became more and more problematic, causing my reactions to progress from


and finally

And then I woke up to new bullshit. So, here I am. 

In most cases I have paraphrased real comments from real people that have, either been sent directly to my inbox, or are taken from tweets, and tumblr posts I have come across.  A few of these are direct quotes (have fun deciphering!).  If you are concerned about my methodology, I have actual screen grabs to back up all of the comments below.  Because I do not wish to attack individuals, but instead to unpack the faulty logic and dangerous ideology behind the comments, I have declined to assign identities.


Sleeping with random men does not solve Olivia’s problems just as leaving DC did not. Will she feel more ‘empowered’ the next day after sleeping with this guy? Have fewer problems?

Sleeping with random dudes does not solve multiple problems, but it sure does feel good for one night. Would you deny her that? And it’s a hell of a lot better than her usual, and actually sad, schtick of work and isolation, featuring wine and popcorn.  I’m also pretty sure neither the episode, nor Olivia, suggested a one-night stand is a panacea.  

Sleeping with random men means Olivia has experienced ZERO growth. Isn’t she just repeating patterns of her party girl past? She is on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Faulty logic. Olivia slept with one man, one time. This has nothing to do with growth.  Is sexless-ness or settling into a monogamous relationship criteria for ‘growth’? And do we want to qualify ‘growth’ as going from  a party girl past to sleeping with a married man? Yeah, I thought so. Also, how can nothing have changed yet people also want to go back to season one Olivia? Riddle me that.

We have no sense that Olivia is ashamed of her dating past. Many people are making  assumptions that female promiscuity is a bad thing, when they would not make the same assumption with regard to Russell. No one is concerned for his safety, or outraged that he has chosen to go the home of a woman he has just met.  

In 403 when Catherine brought up Olivia’s party girl ways, Olivia was on professional business with her employee, Quinn. Olivia’s past is not Quinn’s business. Her refusal to revisit that past is not proof of shame, or regret. Sometimes we have a phase and then we move on. We are also entitled to revisit that past, as and when we want to and for however long it pleases us.

Yes Olivia owns her body, but she needs to get her act together first, then she can go after whatever she wants.

Paternalism. So, only women who have their  ‘act together’ should be allowed to have sex with whomever they choose? Or, sex impedes one’s ability to get one’s ‘act together’?

Olivia is going to wind up pregnant, or with an STI because of this irresponsible behavior!

Bullshit. Girl, GTEntireFOH. Where was this concern when Olivia was sleeping with Edison, Jake, or Fitz? At least one of those men intermittently sleeps with another woman when he’s on the outs with Olivia. God knows, Olivia whipped Fitz’s dick out entirely too fast on that Resolute desk (208) and in that server closet (214) for there to have been any condom use. Nary a fuck about pregnancy could be heard from y’all then. So, spare me the faux concern. Besides, Olivia is a grown, responsible woman who values herself. I’m pretty sure contraception was handled. More importantly, you have no indication that it wasn’t. 


How can women justify Olivia’s behavior as some kind of feminism and sexual agency that will lead her to healing?! That’s plain insane!

Misapprehension. First, I have not seen a single soul who believes that a single incidence of getting new dick will act as a sprinkling of fairy dust over Olivia’s life. Secondly, you don’t understand feminism and sexual agency. A feminist ethos that lacks paternalism embraces sexual agency, and does not pathologize the exercising of said agency. Again, Olivia made the decision to sleep with Russell out of a sense of curiosity and autonomous desire. Supporting her right to follow those things—for a night, or a lifetime— if they are her choice is feminism.

Olivia’s goal isn’t sovereignty because everything she does, or reacts to, is about Fitz

This is patently false. Sovereignty, when applied to an individual, is a state of self-governing; the rule over one’s self.  Let’s forget that in this very episode Olivia was protecting Abby, not Fitz, or any of the men connected with Fitz. No, it was about Abby, her friend and family. Let’s also forget about the two seasons in which Rowan actively tried to control Olivia’s personal and professional life, and the many ways she tried to defend herself against those interventions. Let’s  also forget the entire story line this season created around Olivia liberating herself from her father’s control, culminating in a metaphorical shot to the heart. And, lastly, let’s forget that Olivia herself has told Fitz 

This is not about you. My whole life is not about you. I have goals. I have DREAMS! I did this for me.”— (“We Do Not Touch the First Ladies”, 312)

So, yeah, Olivia’s life is totally about being an appendage to Fitz.

There is a larger point to be made, the dismissal of which, has caused some to argue that Olivia has no identity outside of Fitzgerald (weirdly, in an episode that had nothing to do with the two of them). To oversimplify, Olivia’s life is actually about following her autonomous desires, and dealing with the compromises and challenges to achieving them. ‘Desire’ is not a synonym for  ‘sex’ or ‘romance’. However, in the case of Olivia Pope, those elements are part and parcel of her desires.

This is not a good way for someone experiencing PTSD to behave! It seems like a stretch to believe she would be mentally stable enough to guard down and have sex with someone she met at a bar, let alone take him back to her apartment! For someone so concerned about her safety, why would she do that?

Consider that PTSD is not a fixed state that grips a person 24 hours a day. Like depression, it can be an ongoing thing that people struggle with, and to varying degrees. Olivia seems to be a highly functioning PTSD sufferer. I note that no one has questioned her ability to remain brilliant at her job while dealing with PTSD. Yet, somehow the decision to have a sexual encounter is null and void because of it? Error 404, girl. Fucking is way less complex than devising a strategy to clean up a political mess. Sex is really not that deep (no pun intended).

Olivia took Russell back to her apartment because foreign spaces actually leave her more vulnerable after the kidnapping (that’s why the confined space of the bar’s bathroom brought on an episode for her). The entire encounter was about having this sexual experience on her terms, and getting over her fears. Bringing him back to her turf fits in with that. Trust that the gun was likely not very far away.


All this talk about owning your own sexual agency is hogwash if you mean sleeping around like dogs.

Again, paternalism, misogyny and a healthy dose of smh. Please see the above section about sexual agency, and what it actually means.

Every woman has value, and her love is a gift. If you open up your legs to just anyone,  for free, with no strings attached, you are demeaning your gift. This is especially true if you do so after experiencing real love.

-___-.  Having a vagina is not a gift; it is a fact of life. Therefore, being a woman is not like being a piece of property that depreciates over time, or gains value based on the number of owners between whom we’ve been traded. Our worth is not based on those to whom we grant access to our bodies, and the number of times we do so. Our worth is inherent because we exist as living, breathing beings in this world.

Secondly, y’all have got to get off this romance novel/Hollywood Rom-Com bullshit. Sex and love are not synonymous. It is entirely possible to have sex with someone without being in your feelings, even after you’ve experienced deep soulful love.

PTSD suffers can sometimes ruin the emotional bonds they have with loved ones after acting out  in sexual ways. Olivia’s wild behavior could ruin things between her and Fitz.

Besides the fact that they haven’t been together all season, this could possibly be a thing if Olivia and Fitz had any agreement on sexual fidelity. Obviously that’s not part of their relationship. So, Olivia’s one-time (as it presently stands) behavior has literally nothing to do with Fitz.  

Lastly, have you met Fitzgerald? Have you not watched four seasons of Scandal? The only way to ruin things between Fitz and Olivia (besides death to one of them) is for Olivia to finally and definitively end things with Fitz. Olivia could bone every man this side of the Potomac and Fitz would still be like

over Olivia.  

People are only calling Olivia a whore because the writers have called her whore since season one! Even Olivia called herself a whore! You can’t blame the fans when they do it, too.

Oh, I will absolutely blame fans each and every time they call Olivia Pope out of her name. The show is not instructing anyone to call Olivia a whore.  The derogatory words fans use reflect their own  sense of morality and respectability politics. By the logic above, the show is also instructing us to call Fitz ‘weak’, a ‘devil’ and a’boy’; and Olivia is ‘the help’.  Clearly we don’t agree with that. Why would ‘whore’ be different.

I’ve already discussed Mellie’s use of the term on several  occasions, and frankly, it made sense for that character to do that. I will remind you that I predicted Mellie would cease calling Olivia a whore once her rape was revealed to Fitz. But I’m sure some of y’all want to believe that your outrage posts and letters magically made this happen.

This Olivia is displaying loose behavior that is not in line with season one Olivia. She would NEVER have stooped to this level.  It is clear that she does not respect herself, and now, neither do I. I’m out!

As for the rest of it, do people not see how contradictory it to request a return to some mythical season one Olivia (because, y’all, she was so perf!) while also talking about how nothing has changed? Non-sequitur as fuck. The less people knew about Olivia, the more pristine their projections remained. With each season that came tumbling down.

Moreover, what is the ‘level’ to which Olivia has ‘stooped’? Is this not the same woman who had been sleeping with a married man? Or maybe that is on a different ‘level’ (higher or lower?). Also, this is the woman who has a history of sleeping with a bevy of powerful, older men.  She seemed to have respected herself all these years. So… the attempted point being made above:

I’ll conclude by saying that everyone is entitled to reject a storyline on the show. That’s not my concern. The language some of us use to voice our displeasure reflects our own complicated politics about representation, sexuality, gender roles, etc and reveal patterns of thinking that are highly problematic. Some of us, including myself, come from conservative cultures where some of the above ideologies are normative. Listen, the patriarchy is real and you don’t need to be a man to uphold it. All of the above comments came from women who have bought into patriarchal notions that women, especially black women, are expected to uphold [religiously] prescriptive standards of sexuality and morality in order to have value and ‘earn’ respect. It’s important that we challenge these patterns of thought because they are oppressive rather than liberating.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. Have you seen any problematic comments that I haven’t covered? Are there gaps that you would like to fill in? Especially if you disagree, I’d love to hear why.

Okay, here's some of my favorites from some silly writing i did back in 2008

Sam: “Hey, Dean! I found a way no-strings-attached to break your crossroad deal!”
Dean: *Iz hopeful* “Really?”

*Sam & Dean’s answer mactine*

(all of this is in a really perky voice)
Sam: hey! this is Sam…
Dean: and Dean! We’re probably out hunting…
Sam: so leave a message at the beep….
Dean: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Sam and Dean: kisses!

Sam: Stay out of the bathroom Dean, I’m going to shave my legs for swim practice.
Dean: Sam, you’re such a girl.
Sam: *whiney voice* AM NOT!
Dean: *singsong whiney* ARE TOO! By the way, do you think this jacket makes the color of my eyes pop?

Dean - “What is it?! You found away to break my deal, kill bela, bring back dad, and stop you from going evil????!!!”
Sam - “Nooo… But I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geicko!”

Dean: dude! *stops Sam*
Sam: What?
Dean: um,what do you think your doing?
Sam: I was gonna kick the door down-
Dean: *cuts Sam off* no. *shacks head* no body kicks doors down but me. Why dont you go get tied to a chair or somthing,your good at that.
Sam: *sad* fine.
Gordon: I got some rope!
Sam:*confused* didn’t you die?
Gordon: didn’t you?
Sam: touché

Dean: Hey Sam what time is it?
Sam: (smiles evily)
Dean: Oh no Sam don-
Dean: Oh god kill me

Dean: Man! Dad called me.
Sam: What? But he’s…dead.
Dean: Yeah i know.
Sam: Well what did he say?
Dean: He said…you get the extra cookie.

(Sam and Dean walk into a pet store)
Sam: Hey Dean, can I buy a fish?
Dean: Sure, do whatever you want.
Sam: Awesome! I’m going to name him after you, Dean.
Dean: That’s nice.
(Two days later)
(Dean walks into motel room, and bumps into the table holding Dean the fish. The bowl falls off and breaks)
Dean: Oh crap!
(Dean runs out of motel room to buy another fish. While he’s gone, Sam comes back. Sees dead fish on the floor)
Sam: NOOOOOO!!! Dean!!!!
(Sam shows up at Bobby’s house extremely upset)
Bobby: What’s the matter, Sam?

sam and dean split off on the case. sam goes to the lib to do some research and dean goes to check out the scene of the crime. dean gets back to the motel 1st. he looks around to make sure no one is around and pops in a specially made CD into the the DVD player. the CD blasts “cmon barbie let’s go party uh uh uh yeah, cmon barbie lets go party uh uh uh yeah.” dean is singing along and shaking his booty and doing poses.

Dean: Sam?
Sam: yeah?
Dean: How come girls can say, ‘I’m going to go to brunch with my girlfriend’, and no one assumes anything,
but when I say, 'My boyfriend and I are going shopping for fanny packs’, everyone thinks I’m gay?
Sam: I have no idea dude. its just one of those double standards. *puts on fanny pack*

Sam: (listening to “All Out of Love” by Air Supply)
*singing badly* Im all out of love, Im so lost without Dean!
I know you were right, believing for so long!
Im all out of love, what am I without Dean!
I cant be too late to say I was SO wrong!
*very out of tune* OOOOOH, what are you thinking OF!!!
What are you thinking of!
What are you-

Lilith: *knock down door* STOP IT,STOP IT, JUST STOP! *pulls Dean into the room* Heres your brother,good as new, just stop singing!
*storms out*

Dean: *awkward* hey.
Sam: *awkward*hey. soooo,how was hell?
Dean: um,pretty bad….ya know its a little hot there.
Sam: yeah?
Dean: yep, and the line for bathroom is long as…..well you know.
Sam: I can imagine.
Dean: the food’s pretty good though. *pause* so do you sing songs about me alot or-?
Sam: yeah,I do. usually in the shower. is that weird?
Dean: *backs out of the room* um you know what? I total forgot some stuff back in hell,I’ll be right back. *runs out*

Sam: *stands there like he lost his shoe* *sigh* *starts to sing “Tainted Love”*
Sometimes I feel Deans got to
Run away, hes got to
Get away
From the pain that you drive into the heart of me!
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I’ve lost my light
I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night!

OOOH!…tainted love!

(mean while, back in hell)
Dean: *looking up* ah man, you can hear him here too?
Demon #1: god he’s awful.
Demon #2: hey, thats not how the song goes.
*Dean & Demon #1 look at him*

Demon #2: I mean…um, he’s so bad. This really is hell.

~ My NaruHina & SasuSaku & NaruSaku Rant ~

You know, I’ve been thinking alot lately about Naruto, Sasuke’s redemption, the unnecessary pairing war and the series coming to an end soon supposedly. And.. I’ve come to notice growing with this series how huge the NaruHina/SasuSaku base is, makes me feel like I’m not going crazy with why I ship the ones I ship.. regardless if 1 of our ships don’t like its sister ship, whatever. Whether some/few of you like it or not, we sail together because of something we have in common:

Hinata being the only girl to ever acknowledge & love Naruto in a way thats unbeatable since Part 1. 

Sakura being the only girl to really get to know the REAL Sasuke, and help him in ways no other girl has, before he left the village in Part 1. 

When 1st reading the manga & watching the anime, what stuck out to me the most was Sakura’s fangirl crush on Sasuke & Hinata’s secret crush on Naruto. Why not Naruto’s crush on Sakura? Because it never went anywhere but to comedy relief for me, its like I never seen Sakura in Part 1 look upon Naruto as a possible love interest in any serious way. Why I stuck to a “fangirl crush” & a “secret crush?” 2 words - Character Development. For all 4 characters as support ones to each other too.

Naruto - Accepting Sakura’s love for Sasuke which has been shown on multiple occasions. Not only that, learning about love, STILL learning/doesn’t & understand girls feelings [Said by Kushina & Naruto themselves] When hearing the words “Because..- I love you” [not only by Hinata but Kushina, was a big impact on Naruto] & the reasoning behind those words from Hinata, he learned that there is more to her then what he thought and never knew. Hinata said shes not afraid to die to protect Naruto because she loves him. This confession was a wake-up call. Which is why the way hes been approaching Hinata lately has been on a different level ever since her confession, its not awkward anymore. Hinata has always been the one to boost his confidence where hes always showing a tough act to everyone else, thus Kiba’s “Don’t act all tough Naruto just because Hinata’s here!" Naruto & Hinata has this bond that is much deeper then what most Anti- Fans put it on. 

Hinata - As we all know, she has always admired/inspired by Naruto & loved him for who he was from the start. It grew from a crush into love. Her character development is from Naruto & Neji right after him. Her character is a part of Naruto, to me it was made for Naruto, her being shown to be the only girl from the beginning to know just how amazing Naruto is like we viewers do stands out from all the “Naruto” girls. Naruto reminds Hinata how strong she is, knowing she does the same. Hinata’s development is her confidence in herself. When she is confident in herself, she becomes less stutterish, more up front & strong. The “she has big boobs and is quiet/easily to control” is NOT why we are fans of her or the pairing. Thats an insult on Hinata’s beautiful heart & shows insecurities from Anti- Fans if going to that line. Her "secret” crush was always to be revealed and furthered eventually. 

Sasuke - The most closed off person in the whole series. Was a happy young boy at one time. Clan killed, learned new things about the clan, Itachi, the village left & right, after thinking one way most his life can make someone go off the deep end. Sasuke in Part 1 showed him getting over his revenge when being with “Team 7” He judged Sakura as 1 of the others that did not know or understand his type of pain & only cared about his looks. This showed eventually that Naruto & Sakura was Sasuke’s development as a character. A big part involving his concealed feelings/heart was Sakura. Sasuke never admitted it but showed when Sakura was unconscious or to himself that she was precious to him. Sasuke opened up more when the scenario became a place he could open up to. Unfortunately Hate & Revenge swallowed up all the things in his heart and left nothing but a “Thank You” ONLY to Sakura when knocking her out and laying her gently on the bench. Sakura reached Sasuke in ways no one else can to this day, not even Karin. He does care, waiting for him to come to his senses.

Sakura - Whether a few fans don’t want to admit it, Sasuke is a BIG part of Sakura’s character development. He told her what was up when she was wrong. Sasuke & Naruto became a goal for Sakura to reach up to them, to catch up. Getting Sasuke back was another development for her. Her character was/is always involved around Sasuke, and her love for Sasuke never left. Her “fangirl” crush was always meant for her to love Sasuke in a way thats much maturer, which she started to before he left the village. Her fangirlness was always meant to be developed into a a mature type of persona when approached with Sasuke. Her love for Sasuke never said to fade just change. She wants to help save Sasuke from the darkness & if we know Sakura Haruno she will not stop until she can do all she can & find out all she may, about Sasuke to understand him more. Which she has yet to learn the truth with Itachi/Uchiha Massacre. 

Which brings me to some NaruSaku, no offense to your ship. But half or less of you, hates Sasuke & Hinata. I’ve seen the hate of these 2 so much that I sometimes feel it blinds you from looking more into the characters/story & why they are there. Its hard for me to accept arguments and debates when i know some of you severely hate these 2 characters & thus making it biased.

I see “Sasuke almost killed Sakura twice thats an abusive relationship you support!” Or “Hinata needs to get over her 24/7 stalkerish crush on Naruto, and take control of her shit and become the heiress of the Hyuuga clan!” Well for shits & giggles, Obito was redeemed and called 1 of the coolest guy Naruto knows [lol.. Naruto smh] & even Madara [somewhat] Tobirama said his speech of how the Uchiha clan is capable of love go and read it it explains Sasuke’s off the deep end mode. 

What I don’t get is, some of you bring up serious shit involving NaruHina & SasuSaku, and its crazy. If it makes you sleep in your ship at night then ok, don’t get all pissy at the backlash. These 2 characters [Sasuke & Hinata] are a big part in Naruto & Sakura’s life. Visa Versa. I even seen that some of you say SasuSaku fans aren’t true Sakura fans because we don’t want Sakura happy? Are you shitting me? These characters still trying to develop and end right & here some of you shooting judgement cannons for no reason. If Sasuke ends up like a dick and doesn’t come back and doesn’t show Sakura any care or happiness or acknowledgement or appreciation by words OR actions. go ahead bitch out you were right BUT till the words “The End” its pointless arguments that can bite you in the ass. I don’t HATE NaruSaku, its 1 of my favorite BROTPs. I’m just tired of seeing that both pairings NH & SS are crack & undeveloped. Hopefully this will let yall look at it in a different light cause I’m tired of the not putting right where right is bullshit. And again SOME of you. 

Arm-Chair Judges

judge  (j

External image
jv. judgedjudg·ingjudg·es

v.tr.1. To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration: judge hs; judging character. There sure has been a lot of “judging" going around lately. And it is all being done behind a computer screen while sitting in that holier than thou "judgement chair.”   Have taken the time to read a few things here & there……and am going to use some quotes from those places that give in my opinion an honest OBJECTIVE view of what is going on. They are full of common sense, carefully thought out…..no knee-jerk reaction by what on the SURFACE seems to be going on. They, like myself and a whole bunch of others, are like minded in one thing……that Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson & Kristen Jaymes Stewart Pattinson are OFFICIAL PARTNERS and have made a life & family together…..despite whatever crap has come their way.    Let me start by posting this pic here of Kristen and a quote she made this summer in an interview:

This has a lot to do with the media and their bullshit…….BOTH she and Rob tried telling people this very thing this summer……they warned us about this very thing……only to have it fall on deaf ears by some people.  Man….there is a lot being said about Rob right now. Not so long ago it was Kristen. And despite the rubbish going around….you know what…they are both still standing….still here…..still making movies….she with Chanel & him with Dior. Still getting praised by those who have worked with them. If something were truly amiss with either one of them….this would not be happening.   How do I know that…..well because at one time Robert Downey Jr. was not the successful guy he is now. He seemed to stay in trouble all the time….umm he was talked about not because of the projects he was doing…..no he was talked about because he was doing drugs and being hauled into jail alot. He could have kept that up…..and we wouldn’t have know the man that we do today……a very successful & sought after actor…..whose wife he credits for helping him change his ways…..has a family with.  The things being said about & spread about Rob is not only cruel…but boarders on being libel….saying his is on drugs or drinking so much he is just a big mess……and there is ZERO proof of this…..only being said about him because of his association of a certain person…..ms. pineapple. Tsk Tsk  If just being around someone like that…..makes one a druggie or boozed up person or gay or a cheater or insert whatever you have deemed to be abdominable……then we would all be just as messed as Rob or Kristen by those so called armchair judges. How ridiculous that is.  Not liking what you see & making wild ass assumptions are two different things. And right now…..all I am seeing is a bunch of wild ass assumptions over much to do about nothing. Yes…nothing. Take the latest group of pics….which are out of sequence btw……didn’t know there was a video….and just like I thought….WHAT YOU SEE IN those ass pics….is NOT what is really is……again….just how do I know this…well…..from this here comment from another place……and not posting name out of respect for the person who posted…… “ I noticed some talking about the new pictures of the"stroll” in LA, and I thought the hand holding & asks touching were very “iffy”; and then I saw the video. Peeps, after watching I saw NONE of this. Rob was swinging his hand from front to back, & the still from the side made an illusion that he touched her rear. JS. I see this whole thing as being similar to the Camile Rowe Dior shoot, except Rob is the Director this time. And we know he will do whatever it takes to keep the haters and Papz away from Kris and their little family.
He is yucking it up for the Papz, showing them to be the Fools he knows they are. I just love a Rob & Kristen. And has it really been 6 years since Twilight?“SMH  Panic Button overload……and what did ROB tell all of you: THE MEDIA gets a SET of pics and makes up a story to go with those pics…and it is NOTHING BUT A LIE!!!! He also said "the media does terrible, terrible things to the world, it makes people stupid” He is right.  Therefore people: .he did not touch her butt like that damn cockroach pap wanted you to believe!!!!!!!

Again… those who said they believe in RK are dropping off like flies….why is that….BECAUSE INSTEAD OF TRUSTING Rob & Kristen…..they  are letting the media play them……with their narratives and crafty pictures. Those that are buying into this…..the media has got you hook, line & sinker. They have been wearing you down..planting those seeds of doubt…..and with this latest round of pics…..you fell for their stinking lies. Well….that is on you & you alone. I along with others have tried telling you….along with Rob & Kristen….just how conniving, sneaky, and filthy the media is…..but it has falling on deaf ears.  Another thing….since there are some who just can’t understand this….that think that Kristen is in no way involved in all this PR crap….well…..you’d be wrong. Rob & Kristen are partners……married……she knows what is going on……she is in the background like Rob was when she had her turn at this with Sage. Pineapple is going to be playing in …….wait for it….

NASHVILLE, Tenn. And do you know where…..in the very same place that Sages’s video was made. . Kris is the conection with Nash TN. It´s more than obvious. Rob and Kris are working TOGETHER in this business So……..

You want to believe that horseshit the media is shoveling out….then go for it. But don’t come running to me to hold your hand or reassure you that things are fine…..been there done that got the t-shirt…..moved on & that door…..drive-thru has been nailed shut. Suck it up & but your big girl pa

nites on. Go cry your puddle of tears on Big Bird’s shoulder or whoever else’s….I don’t care……once you turn a deaf ear on what Rob & Kristen have said about the media…..and gobble up the media rubbish….you are on your own cupcake. 

Like my friend said on her blog……cause I agree with her on this……. You can take your ‘Rob & Twigs’ posters and shove 'em where the sun doesn’t shine. You can talk on other places that choose to endorse this crap until the cows come home…..but you know what….. At the end of the day….it will not change the truth……that Rob & Kristen are still together……making a life & family together………..and they don’t care if you like it or not…..me either for that matter……because it is their life……..NOT yours.