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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I loved your Baby Chad fics and was wondering if him and Whiskey ever made up in their senior year?? I just love the way you do outsider POV and I love your OCs in all these fics, they always make me want to read more of them!!

omg first of all, you are literally never bothering me– I have to apologize that i haven’t been on tumblr as much (taking 6 English classes at once bc why not) so i may be a bit slower in responding but NEVER a bother! 

as for baby chad and whiskey… honestly, i did not have them making up their senior year. they are both captains and busy with their respective teams and just… idk, sometimes you have those friendships that dont survive for whatever reason and when i wrote it, i set out to capture that brand of longing/nostalgia. unfortunately, that means that if i had them have a happy ending, i would lose my main point in writing the fic! so… no friendship for baby chad and whiskey. fear not too much for them– it worked out, in the end. maybe not for the best in terms of what could have been, but it still worked out.

thank you for liking the fic though– the baby chad sequel is lowkey one of my favorite things that ive written even though its small and sad and not as popular as some of my other stuff. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sorry i couldnt give it a happier ending!

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can you explain why you love olivier so much?

WHY HECK YES I CAN ANON come and talk to me about Olivier always!  (Sorry this took me a couple days I wanted to make sure I had time to really give you a proper answer.)

I think she’s such an interesting character!  To be honest I love her more for what we don’t see than what we do, if that makes sense?  On the surface she’s a fierce, tough, badass lady with a sharp tongue who will take absolutely no shit from anyone.  (And what I think this series does really well in general is that the badass women are never presented as badass for a woman, they’re presented as badass period, which I love.)  These are all reasons that I love her, of course, and really fundamental to her character, but it’s the moments of compassion and mercy that we see hiding behind her cold exterior that really made me love her the most.  When she gives her soldier the broken watch so she makes sure that the search party comes back, when she shows glimpses of the love she has for her family and gets them to leave the country … I don’t know it just makes her so well rounded even if she isn’t hitting you over the head with any of the feelings she has.  I think she’s a truly caring and selfless character, you just have to earn her respect and her trust.

I also love that she’s a hardass on the Briggs men (and in turn they are Loyal AF and all truly respect her and like, want to do a Good Job™ ), but she also takes every possible moment to brag about them like a proud mama bear??  Like every time she’s sassing one of the central commanders she’s like ‘y’all are weak my Briggs men would never’ LMAO.

Also, the whole arc with Raven made me fall in love with her at least twenty times over HAHA #getfuckinrektRaven

I could flail forever and a day but !! that’s a small novel in itself just know that I love Olivier come flail with me.

Okay it’s 2 in the morning and I’m watching Miraculous Ladybug for some reason and for ages I’ve been trying to remember why Alix’s shoes look familiar to me, and it’s just hit me

When I was 9 years old I had a pair of Heelys that looked EXACTLY like this, right down to the green squares and the pink laces


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when and where did edward nygma, serial killer, genius, future riddler, learn to make origami penguins without looking? how long did it take him to learn how to do it so well? why did he learn to make origami penguins in the first place? did he do it just to impress oswald? was he looking for ways to woo his crush and just think "i know, i'll make him a paper penguin. he'll be super impressed"? what happened to the origami penguin? did oswald keep it? does he still have it?

one time when I was 15 my social anxiety was just starting to pick up and there was a teacher’s conference in the library at school. I was a library helper so I just sat behind the desk like normal. A couple minutes passed and one teacher asked me to get him some coffee from the office so I was “uhh okay” but it took me a while to figure out how to work it because I don’t drink coffee and the machine was ancient

when I came back he was like “why did that take so long why didn’t you just run” and without missing a beat my nervous little ass handed him the coffee and said “we’re not supposed to run inside a school” and I have never been more proud to make a grown man stutter

Roommate!Wonwoo AU

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Request: Roomate!Wonwoo AU please

This has been in the inbox since forever and it’s finally dONE WOO :D but anyways I wrote like 6 pages on a google docs for this so I apologize for the length! I hope you enjoy it & don’t come at me for taking so long :^) -Admin Madi

  • Ok so this is how everything went down;
  • Yours and Wonwoo’s parents were super good friends
  • and since you were both heading off to college/university, they thought “Hey, why not make them room together to save money??”
  • They were adamant that this was the best plan for the both of you
  • Little did they know that you and wonwoo have talked like maybe 3 times at the most??
  • So moving day was pretty awkward
  • But not as awkward as your first day living together dear lord
  • You two were so careful around one another you didn’t know how to act
  • Barely any words were spoken between you two
  • You weren’t used to living with someone of the opposite sex who was the same age as you at all
  • your whole mindset was “dont look at him, dont talk to him, you’ll be fine”
  • Bc you’ve seen those dramas where the girl falls for the guy and there is no way in hell that you are letting that happen on your watch
  • So every time you come out of your room to get a drink or use the bathroom, you keep your head down and avoid ALL eye contact
  • Wonwoo is 100% convinced that you hate him and are uncomfortable with the living arrangement
  • So he blocks your path and stands right in front of you one day when you’re trying to run back into your room
  • He asks if you’re okay with rooming with him bc he’s getting concerned
  • You’re like shit okay he’s noticed what I’m doing
  • So you just shake your head and smile at him for the first time ever and lie
  • “It’s great! Do you not like it?”
  • Wonwoo rolls his eyes playfully and pokes your shoulder
  • “You’re bad at lying.”
  • Ok so your act was painfully obvious so you just let your shoulders slump
  • Wonwoo really doesn’t want to live on his own so he offers for you two to get to know each other
  • You nod bc hell, that’s a pretty solid idea since you’ll be seeing a lot of him from now on so it won’t hurt to know what he’s like
  • So you two grab some chips and soda and plop your little butts down on your couch
  • You discuss your favorite shows, books, movies, songs and the basics
  • By the end of it you’re both like “damn, they’re not so bad”
  • AKA you two click ridiculously well
  • When you initially met wonwoo you thought he was a quiet, introverted guy that was lowkey hot
  • But now you’ve seen the really dorky and funny side to him where he’s making horrible puns every other minute and showing off that adorable nose scrunch of his
  • And you find yourself thinking “this guy is great best friend material”
  • And wonwoo was all for this new friendship
  • So for the first little while, you guys plan your lives around one another
  • You would dedicate afternoons to going out to try new foods, catch the latest releases of movies and make aimless trips to the grocery store to find what the other person likes
  • You would bring home lame things like dinosaur magnets for the fridge bc you knew they would make him laugh
  • And wonwoo would lend you his books where he would have lines highlighted and his thoughts written next to them bc he knew you would find them funny

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AND THEN TONY FINDS OUT ABOUT T'CHALLA HIDING THE ROUGE AVENGERS and his heart literally breaks. Again. But this time he loses all hope. He is not even able to pretend that he is not hurt, like he usually would. Tears gather in his eyes and he just cries. Like he hasn't in a long time.

Keep in mind that he didn’t even cry during Cap 3. Not even after watching his parents being murdered.

It takes a LOT to make Tony cry but this- 

This hurts too much. 

He finds it out and he confronts T’Challa about it. He’d not even be like “So where do you think they hide?” but he’d say

“Why did you not tell me you are hiding them?”

Imagine that. Cap 3 basically happened because Steve didn’t tell Tony shit. Because NO ONE told anyone anything! 

And now T’Challa just did the same and Tony would not be able to cope with that. 

(((Cue Rhodey swooping in like the angry angel of revenge that he is. First shredding T’Challa into pieces and verbally tearing him a new one before he gathers Tony and takes him away. Tony, who has calmly talked to T’Challa up until the point T’Challa admitted to hiding the team and Tony, who them broke down completely, crying hard.)))


…And thats how Dave’s speakeasy was created.

This one has been laying around since last winter. I tried my best to save picture 1 + 2 + 3 from terrible 2k15 style

Thanks for those who came up with ideas for the name of Dave’s Speakeasy! I love my followers! 

Monster of the night

Again, this was just a little something I did in the car in the spirit of Halloween. If any of these don’t make sense please let me know because I did keep some quite brief.

Josh: He’d hidden it from you for so long, but it didn’t take a genius to piece together why Josh disappeared from your bed every full moon. And it’s not like you’re bothered, in fact you find it pretty normal that your boyfriend is part wolf, it at least explains why he’s a monster in bed.

Simon: He’s always been more on the sweeter side, that’s all you’ve ever known of Simon. What you didn’t expect though, was him to come out one day - over breakfast of all things - as a fucking angel. It had taken a while for him to really show you, and you hadn’t pushed him, but when he did finally flash off his snow white wings, you fell in love all over again.

JJ: Dating an incubus wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but for JJ you’d do anything.
He’s tried to stop you, told you he’s not worth it, but you love him too much to stop. And good god the sex is so euphoric, JJ knows exactly where to touch you to make you come undone and have you crying out for more.

Tobi: Tobi’s a bit of a mystery. You’ve always know there was something a little sinister about your boyfriend, if him snarling at the postman like an angry dog was anything to go by. That had been a simple analogy you’d thought of off the top of your head, but you hardly thought that it would in fact be related to what he was. Because sure, transforming into a demon dog on the weekends was just typical of your man.

Ethan: Ethan’s always had the piss taken out of him for his origins - which is hardly his fault - but all it did was make you love him even more. He’d hidden his wings from everyone for so long, but all it took was a pout and a flutter of your eyelashes for him to give in and show you his sparkling blue fairy wings. And when you did see them, you don’t know why he’d kept them secret - because they were absolutely beautiful.

Vik: Vik’s always had a slight obsession with your neck, and it’s not like you even minded him leaving love bites on every inch of bare skin he could find. Well, that was until you’d felt something pierce your skin and what you could only guess was blood, trickling down your chest. He’d apologised of course, because its Vik the sweetest person - er, vampire - you know, but really you weren’t bothered, in fact if anything it spiced up your sex life.

Harry: You knew there was a reason for his relentless anger, so when Harry told you about his family’s origins you weren’t exactly surprised, but it was pretty hard to believe that your boyfriend was in fact a demon. It was only when he flashed you his black and red eyes that you could truly start to believe.


Richonne Aesthetic:

and in that moment—however long it lasts, seconds, minutes, days—while he’s saying my name into my mouth and I’m breathing into him, I realize this, right here, is the first and only time I’ve ever been kissed. 

Jocelyn -   *huffs* ok, but I don’t understand why Magnus is so upset about Alec Lightwood being hurt. He’s all holed up in the room with Alec all alone and won’t let me help. Magnus doesn’t even like the Lightwoods, and he just said he regrets ever getting involved in Shadowhunter business. None of this makes sense. Why is he so mad at me right now???

Random Shadowhunter-  Ohhhh, shiiiit. Nobody told you, did they? Um, so yeah while you were taking that long nap some stuff went down.  Magnus and Alec….well there was this wedding……and Alec walked down the aisle and kissed Magnus. Then he kissed him some more….right in front of everyone…so, uh, those two are…

Jocelyn-  Magnus and Alec got MARRIED?!?!? I don’t underst….

RSH-  No, no THEY didn’t get married, but it doesn’t even matter because they basically are married. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you just helped Magnus Bane’s husband almost kill himself. So, yeah, you should probably find a witness protection program ASAP. *whistles* Wouldn’t want to be you right now.

Why did it take me so long to try Shea Moistures Curl Smoothie?! Makes my curls so defined and frizz free

Everyone’s Type [Kaisoo High School! AU]

Genre: …A little fluff, and really rushed angst at the end?

Words: 6.1k

Summary: Jongin, the school’s kingka, tries seducing Kyungsoo on a dare (and because he has a nice booty). Little did he know, he wouldn’t be the one doing the seducing.

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Well if you're doing the emoji story thing: 🎄😱🙌🎉

“Has anyone seen Umi or Kawa?”

Walking into main living area, Hanzo was happy to see that Umi was in plain sight, harassing 76 again. Kawa, on the other hand, was nowhere in sight, and that was a little worrisome.

“Please, take her–” 76 all but shoved Umi into his arms. “Why does she like me so much?”

Hanzo shrugged, draping her over his shoulders even as she made a distressed whining noise. “Obviously you did something to make her like you.”

76 sighed, shaking his head as he returned to what he was doing, which appeared to be untangling Christmas lights for Winston.

One down, one to go. But it didn’t take long for Hanzo to find Kawa, once the Christmas tree behind him started to shake.

“Careful there! Hanzo, I have found Kawa for you–” Reinhardt grabbed the tree before it fell, and reached in, deftly picking up Kawa. And the three ornaments he had in his grasp.

“It’s not an Overwatch Christmas without a Christmas tree disaster,” Ana noted as Hanzo took back his semi-solid spirit and Reinhardt put the delicate glass ornaments back on the tree.