why did this scene have to be so damn dark :'[

10 Immediate Questions/Reactions to X-Men: Days Of Future Past

I have finally managed to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past. And boy, was it worth the wait. 2011’s prequel First Class, along with last year’s The Wolverine, were both steps in the right direction, but Bryan Singer has truly shepherded this franchise back on course. Was it even better than X2? I need to think on it, but maybe.

Still, it wouldn’t be an X-Men movie if I didn’t yell “WHAT? WHO? WHY?!” a few times while watching.

1. Surely a mutant dropping a football stadium on to the White House is greater justification for developing the Sentinels than a quick firefight in Paris? At the end of this movie, the U.S. military is just cool with mutants?

2. Why did Mystique even bother to impersonate Nixon at the White House when she could have easily just killed Bolivar Trask there and then?

3. I know Storm’s role was “reduced” due to Halle Berry’s pregnancy, but yikes, she barely even gets two lines. No fan of the movies has ever liked Iceman, so why does he get so much screen time?

4. You can barely even see Rogue during her seconds-long, non-speaking cameo, and Anna Paquin gets seventh billing. Guess she was laughing all the way to the bank!

5. Speaking of Rogue: I understand nixing the escape sequence, but why not simply edit her into the early temple scenes rather than re-shoot so much of the third act without her? 

6. Bishop was fantastic but underused, so I hope he’s in X-Force. I also demand more of Quicksilver.

7. Damn, Fassbender. You handsome.

8. With Mystique rescuing Logan before he gets his adamantium claws, does this mean that his back story as established in X-Men and X2 is no longer canon? When he asked Xavier to bring him up to speed on what he’s missed since 1973, I was kind of hoping to get a long winded recap. I assume this will be addressed in Apocalypse.

9. Jean Grey was given one hell of an ugly wig.

10. X-Men! Using their powers as a team! Has it really taken seven films to get to this? Hopefully Apocalypse skips the introductions and features Storm, Jean, Cyclops, and others already working as a fully functional team.