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could you point me in the direction of the evidence that alexander the great was a bottom? I absolutely don't doubt it's true but I've never seen anyone say otherwise so I figure there's some proof of some sort I'm missing, but couldn't find anything myself

you didn’t find anything because there is no proof, and in fact, the sources tell us the precise opposite. so why did i say he bottomed in my joke post? let’s get into it.

A (SIMPLIFIED) PRIMER: in ancient old mediterranean times it didn’t matter if you were a man who boned men or women – you should probs do both – but what mattered VERY much was whether you topped or bottomed. are you old enough to have a beard? now you’re too old to bottom. pederasty was the name of the game in the south (think athens) especially. if macedon followed these same sexual mores, we can’t be sure, tho they were likely similar. 

now that you know this, take note that hephaestion was actually older than alexander, taller, and more masculine and impressive-looking. according to the above – that’s called the dover model – it should be a given that hephaestion topped, right? or that they didn’t have a relationship at all, considering they were so close in age, and the dover model mandates a big age difference. then why do i have in my pocket two handy examples of hephaestion being identified not only as the bottom but as younger than alexander? observe:

• justin refers to hephaestion as “puer” (”boy” but with connotations in this context of “young pretty bottom boy”) 
• arrian refers to hephaestion as alexander’s “ἐρώμενος” (i.e. alexander’s beardless younger bottom) 

weird, right? we could take this at face value, discounting all that we factually know about hephaestion, or we could take a look at how romans of the late republic/early principate – when these biographies were penned – viewed sexuality in their own society, and how that may have influenced the way they interpreted alexander and hephaestion.

late republic/early principate sexual mores were a bit different from classical greek mores in that, simplified version, the socially superior partner had to top, and the supremely socially inferior – like a slave or a woman – was to bottom. hephaestion was second man in the empire with a massive presence in court; importantly, he was free-born. if alexander and hephaestion had a sexual relationship, which the roman biographers were fairly certain they did, that meant to the romans that hephaestion was either sleeping his way to the top (a common late republic sentiment – cicero used it against antony, like, hourly) which is very not befitting for, you know, the top general in the empire, or – worse – that alexander was a tyrant who was raping his second in command, and hephaestion wasn’t man enough to fight back against it. yikes. even worse option than that to the romans? alexander, king of kings, was taking the d from someone below his status. no matter what the evidence said – like hephaestion’s age and physicality and what we know about alexander’s personality, which i’ll get to in a minute – that was literally unthinkable. 

so the principate biographers lied. yep. in order to better mould hephaestion to their worldview, some bent the history so that hephaestion was younger and prettier (justin), or just plain unimportant enough that being alexander’s ἐρώμενος was socially acceptable (arrian). some laid into the nepotism angle even if they didn’t explicitly state fucking as the cause of it (plutarch). 

take-home message? history is malleable: like a memory, it never remains whole and accurate. the more often we pull it from the shelf, the more often it gets rewritten. 

idk, oprah. proof isn’t a thing that really exists for this period. but now that we know the roman histories are sometimes fake news, here’s some stuff supporting alexander bottoming: 

good evidence: historiography & the dover model

• what the romans had to say about hephaestion and alexander’s relationship is lowkey lies, so even tho we can’t definitively say hephaestion topped, we know that pretty much all evidence that hephaestion bottomed is not legitimate. that means the opposite could be true.

• alexander was younger than hephaestion, infamously remained beardless, and was physically smaller, which means that if macedonians followed southern sexual mores, and if alexander and hephaestion in particular even cared about bringing social politics into the bedroom (see how many variables?) then alexander would’ve bottomed 

pretty okay evidence: character extrapolation 

• i’ve had a prof bring up in class the fact that alexander was too soft for his parents, who worried he was effeminate, which we can safely interpret as “worried he was a bottom” – playing the lyre, not wanting to get it on with anyone in a way befitting a red-blooded macedonian guy, sleeping with the iliad under his pillow, other assorted twink activities. from his annoying high-pitched voice to the fact that he started dressing persian – seen as effeminate to macedonians – it’s pretty much accepted that he was an effeminate dude in his day. not conclusive, definitely problematic as being indicative of sexual position preference, but it is an argument i have seen.

not-really evidence but a component relevant to our discussion of the insidious crawl of unintentional historiography: 

• mary renault ran amok with the bottom/top thing in her books and made alexander finally topping and becoming a “man” into a whole arc in the persian boy, and it’s a fairly pervasive narrative in historical fiction that he’s a somewhat effeminate bottom. this isn’t historical evidence, but it shows how the narrative shifts – this interpretation, so widely distributed in fiction, is now undeniably present in our shared consciousness. (my joke post, which was geared toward an audience of like literally one person, was more about this.)

a final note is that people are just people, and we tend to forget that when we get so caught up in how fun it is to study ancient cultures. but at the end of the day, no matter the mores of their location and period, people are gonna fuck how they want, where they want, who they want, and when they want. like any other pair of young guys getting it on, i’d bet you ten bucks, realistically, that they switched. 

(source 1)
(source 2

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Hey, I wanted to ask a question: Why do you feel so strongly about Noctluna? I support it myself but sometimes I get saddened or irritated by others bashing it and of course, the lack of content in the end. Sometimes, the fandom makes me feel bad for loving them... Can I hear some genuine positivity, please? Thank you. Oh and your edits are amazing!

Hi there!

I’m so sorry to hear that that a part of the fandom makes you feel about them that way sometimes, and I certainly feel with you on that part. But don’t let it ever make you feel bad for loving them! I would just advise you to ignore stay away from such things, and also don’t mingle in the ship wars, it doesn’t make one look good or wise, but foolish. Oh and thank you for liking my edits! Glad you do!

Well then, onto the positivity part hehehe. So here is my vision on Noctis and Luna throughout the game, and why I feel for them so strongly. Note though, I am just pointing out some things again from my view and why I love them :D

This might be a unpopular opinion but I don’t necessarily view Noctis and Luna as ‘badly written’ or lacking in development. I look at the game and story in its whole including their relationship (the bigger picture so to speak). The circumstances they live in, the roles they have, fates etc. You see a major romance plot isn’t what FFXV is about, its a part of it but not the main focus, and I think a lot of people were expecting a major obvious romance thing like they were used to in past FF games. The worlds and stakes are different in this game and so are the actions and motivations and struggles of the characters in FFXV. Well, I do want to add that more content around Noctis and Luna is always welcome, but even if more content doesn’t get released , I would still love them.

For me the way how Noctis and Luna were handled was quite refreshing, it was different and I loved that. I love it when developers go out of the box and show different approaches when it comes to romance and the take in the story. Its a tragic approach true that, and I am a big sucker for tragic love stories. Rest in pieces though my heart ;__;

I believe they did have a lot of development, and I mainly point this to that they did write for over 12 years in their ‘lover’s notebook’ which contains 12 years of memories (in game information confirms they have written to each other for over 12 years). And I can only imagine what they wrote to one another over these years, they’ve gotten to know each other only through this way and to be able for having it kept up for 12 years tells me that they were really devoted to one another (it takes a lot of dedication). I do wish maybe we could have gotten a few snippets of written pages by them in order to get a better picture, but in the anime brotherhood we did get to see they were sending each other pictures with notes, letters and gifts. Its a very intimate way of communicating.

Another reason why I love them so much is a bit explained in this post of mine: http://mistress-light.tumblr.com/post/161941452257/it-just-got-to-me. The reaching out theme I call it hahah. No but it just struck me every time Noctis trying to reach for her, and at the end finally being able to.

The most interesting and loveable thing on why I love this couple is because despite what their roles are, they longed to be together. Imagine all the promises they made in their notebook, all their plans together, hopes and dreams. The innocence in their childhood, and how it all ends.

“I won’t let you down “, “All I wanted was to save you” Noctis stating that all he ever wanted was to be with her. And same goes for Luna. Luna really came to terms with her fate and decision when she talked with Ravus in Altissia. Also the symbolism in her death scene (the spirit sequence of her death) first being children depicting the moments they were the most happy in their lives together, and then Luna suddenly transforming into her older self, which symbolises her resolve and facing the reality. Noctis remaining a child state, symbolises that he still hasn’t made his peace. He wants to believe and stay in his fantasy of being together in the mortal world. Yet it cannot be, for fate is cruel.

What fascinates me about them, is that despite their longing and dreams for one another, they had a responsibility to the world. Both were destined with divine roles upon them. It made things super hard for them on a emotional level in which they both had to cope and come to terms with. They had the choice by just dropping every thing and be selfish and let the world go into oblivion, they considered that. But both are very selfless people, they care about the world, people. They couldn’t be together with the knowledge of having failed the world. They truly were at peace in fulfilling their destinies and be together at the end, even if it meant sacrificing their own needs. Its a very strong and remarkable theme in their relationship.

In the end they were in their ‘Final Fantasy’.

So here you have it a bit in random points how I personally feel about them and what makes it work and love em in the end ;) Thanks for your question dear anon and I hope this may have brighten up your day.

Your Nerd; Renjun

request :
yo i know you are kinda nervous in ur writing and probably skeptical about how it turns out but.. dont worry,, its lovely and enjoyable:>> CAN I REQUEST FOR A RENJUN FLUFF where hes like a nerd that helps u in homework cus your his tablemate omg tats so cute okay abt sth liddat BYE KEKKEKEKEKE

a/n : well hello anon! sorry for the delay in posting this up; ive had some troubles and many school events to organise, i apologise ;-; anyways, i hope its okay!! im sorry if i didnt actually emphasise on the nerd part iM SO SORRY ;-; anyways, thank you for requesting!! 💕🐳

genre : fluff, nerd!Renjun


You sank further into your seat, finding a comfortable position before closing your eyes. It has been eight hours of school with two more to go. The sounds of someone trudging in and placing their bag on the seat beside you was heard. Knowing who it was without even opening your eyes, you began making inhumane noises whilst complaining about how your brain was filled with too much information after math class on trigonometry. “Renjun how the hell are you not dead yet? Theres like two more hours of having to absorb information i swear i-” you stopped your words right there when you saw Renjun fishing out a container filled with food and a cup of chocolate frappe. “I knew you would complain again so i told my mom to cook for you food as well so we can study and do homework together! Anyways its our free period now, its lesson for the Econs students,” he said slinging on your bag over his before you could protest, ready to head off to the cafeteria’s study area. You could only blush in embarrassment as the both of you walked away from the classroom. It was these simple things that this little nerd by the name Huang Renjun did to make you fall for him hard after being seatmates for three years. You never told him or even anyone about it; simply to avoid embarrassment, rejection and the loss of friendship.


“Hnfff why do they need to make life harder by combining mensuration with trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem and congruency when they could be four separate questions,” you groaned in disapproval as you flipped on to the next page of the math homework Renjun had brought over to your house. Being sick definitely let you skip school with a valid reason but that only means a whole lot to catch up on afterwards. Just your luck that Renjun knew your address and actually offered to stay with you and teach you the lessons taught in class. “Well you’d better start doing it; its actually not that difficult I’d say,” Renjun said as he took a tray from the dressing table beside your bed, “stay put and finish this question and the question afterwards. I’m going down to heat your porridge and bring your medicine. Oh, triangle PQR is congruent to triangle XYR by the way!” He then went down to the kitchen while humming. You made a grim face as you stared back at the printed questions on the papers in front of you. “If i could get smarter at every time i smile at the thought of that snaggle toothed boy, I’d probably already have a doctorate in mathematics and rocket science,” the pencil in your hand dropped onto your leg as you muttered under your breath. You sat there on your bed, drifting off to wonderland as you flipped through the other pages. Suddenly a page filled with post-its and coloured ink caught your attention. You frowned as you thought about what Renjun could have doodled on your paper as he had always done before; moomin, random objects in your pencil case or maybe even a sponge he found in the art room. Careful to not let any of the post-its to fall off, you gently lifted the stapled papers and flipped to that page. Your eyes were being greeted by your favourite colours being used to write your name in cursive and post-its with his handwriting on around it. Words in capital letters screamed “READ HERE FIRST” as you eyed the details of the neat calligraphy of your name. “1. heyyyyyyy idek how to start this but first of thank you for existing and taking notice of me five years back when we werent seatmates yet hehe,” the first post it above your name melted your heart as you continued on to the next one. “2. also can i just say that your eyes are just!! so!! pretty!! so is your smile, i want to see that toothy grin you give me everyday!” you covered you mouth and grinned as you read the last sentence. “3. you must be wondering why the sudden sweet messages and especially on your homework welp anyways im a nerd so sticky notes it is :P” You giggled upon reading the third post-it. Ah, why is he so cute? you thought to yourself. “4. Trust me, you’re really beautiful. Dont let others tell you otherwise because if they do, tell them to catch my fists ;) And yes, i just did call call you beautiful because you are, from the inside out, everything about you is beautiful. I love you so much i get carried away sometimes thinking about you.” Your eyes instinctively widened in surprise as you did a double-take on the last sentence. “5. Yes, you read that right. Even after your cute little double takes when ur shooketh™ hehe :)) And yes i love you more then just how our platonic friendship is, i love you more than just as a friend. So now look up ;)” You looked up in confusion to see Renjun sitting at the edge of your bed with your porridge and a few roses in hand. “Be my girlfriend?” a pink-cheeked Renjun said as you nodded, tearing up a little and he embraced you. You felt complete and in place in his arms. He looked down and kissed your forehead; an immediate instinct he felt the need to comply to. “Yah, you’re such a nerd its too cute i swear,” you said as you looked up, remaining in that position. “At least im your nerd now,” he smirked, cupping your heated face.


After the Fall kit update. Little bits of junk slowly coming together. So much weathering to do. I’ve got a bunch of stuff/belts/junk in my car I can’t be bothered getting right now. Why did I take this project on only three weeks out from the event while I’m in the middle of my busiest time at Uni? Because larp lyf I guess. And because I love it. 

 Side note: Rivett guns are fun.

About how Tumblr hides posts

So, some of you might already know the post about how Tumblr hides your posts if you use external links! And this clicked for me because it explains so much. For instance how my WIPs got more notes than my actual art.

See, in the seond example I link back to external sites. Tumblr apparently made the post invisible in all those tags and hence, it got less notes because no one aside from my followers actually saw it. It would explain why I suddenly got far less attentions and barely any new followers since I link back to different pages for over a year already. Why WIPs get more notes than finished art. All those moments of wondering what I did wrong and if my art wasn’t good enough - when in reality, it was Tumblr messing my posts up all along.

To be sure I made a test. I wanted to know if that really made a difference! So I reposted art from a month or two again with one little difference. This time, I didn’t add any external links to the post.

Within 24 hours, the post got more than twice as much attention.

…..Tumblr, really? Seriously??? This makes me SO SO SO mad, but then again I’m just glad that I FINALLY found out what is going on.

Artist problems
  • “my music playlist stopped three hours ago and I never turned it back on”
  • “merge the layer Kronk””WRONG LAYEEEEEEEEEEER”
  • “why do I even HAVE that layer”
  • “where the fuck is the hole”
  • “writing action SUCKS”
  • “Hm…if I kill this character I can progress this story how I want it to, but everyone will hate me…”
  • ”…how long ago did I save”
  • “it looked so much better in my head”
  • “i really gotta go to the bathroom BUT IF I GO I’LL GET OUT OF THE ZONE”
  • *posts work on the internet**gets two notes*”all these hours wasted”*sees a picture of a bagel with thousands of notes*”wtf”

Feel free to add more to this list.

Get to know me

Huge thanks to @declarations-of-drama for tagging me! ❤

  • Star sign: Aries
  • Height: 160 cm (5ft 3in), it’s actually not very short, but all my friends and family members are taller than me, so I feel like a hobbit :(
  • Time right now: 12:34 (and no, I didn’t even wait for it to post this)
  • Last thing googled: weather in Wales, UK (WHY for heaven’s sake did I need this information in Russia? Some questions will never get their answers)
  • Favourite music artist: David Bowie, Bob Marley, Insomnium, Dropkick Murphys, Joy Division, System of a Down, Claude Debussy. Such a strange mix, I know
  • Last TV show watched: BBC Sherlock (one of my favourite series ever) and a very-very old British comedy “Only Fools and Horses”. Yep, I’m a TV-necrophile
  • What I’m wearing right now: red plaid pyjama pants and my brother’s huge old T-shirt. I look like a hobo, but a stylish hobo
  • When did I create my blog: September 2016, but I believe I’ll start actually filling it up with content only in March or April 2017
  • What kind of stuff do I post about: well… I haven’t posted a single thing on my blog because I got into a very hard time with my work and university right after I created it, that’s why I didn’t have enough time and effort to introduce other people to my stuff, but I’m going to post pics of my TS3 gameplay, some shit about my characters (and I have LOTS of them) and my shitty stories. I have a lot of work to make it real ‘cause I need to translate huge amount of information to English. I really enjoy it though, but it will take some time.
  • Do I have any other blogs: Not really. I have a private reblog-only blog (‘cause I use notes for everything I like and they become cluttered very soon, so I created a baby-blog to keep track of stuff I really need) but it’s not an actual blog
  • Do I get asks regularly: no, pretty much because I haven’t posted anything here yet!
  • Why did I choose my url: Actually, this is an absurd story. I once had cockroaches in my kitchen and after another crusade against them I fell asleep and my dichlorvos-filled brain produced a dream about me defeating the Cockroach Overlord Johny (who looked like Mackenzie Crook riding on a huge cockroach) with dichlorvos and holy water and becoming the next Cockroach Overlord. No comments on this.
  • Gender: Female
  • Pokemon team: It may sound bizarre but I never watched pokemons in my life
  • Favourite colour(s): Red and green with all their shades
  • Average hours of sleep: from 5 to 8, though my neurologist said I should take at least 9, but YOLO
  • Favourite character(s): It’s a hard question for a person who has like 5419238756 favourite characters. I’ll try to pick some and answer it later
  • Dream job: translator (especially literary), and I’m currently studying to become one (from English - which is my favourite language -and Chinese)

Though everyone I follow and everyone who follows me has already done this, I’m tagging everyone who hasn’t done it yet :3

Defending (2) - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Originally posted by lamoissondejuillet

Words: 1408
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Featuring: Thor Odinson, The Warriors Three and Lady Sif, Tony Stark, Clint Barton
Warnings: fighting?, capture
Requested by @sexymackstan
omg thank you!! PART 2 TO LOKI! So you, thor and the others end up fighting Thanos. You believed that love was strong, with Loki being a changed man you knew it was possible. He ruled Asgard alongside with Thor, when you end up getting kidnapped by a new evil, Loki and your new brother in law Thor, set out to find you. Loki breaks all the rules to find you, but one man who knew where you could be, he seeks out help from the rest of the Avengers.
Author’s Note: Loki is so much fun to write for ahhhhhh! Also, if yore like “hey why is this being posted late/ why is there two up today” please check this out! (I mean, if anyone happens to be curious, haha!)

One Two Three


“You sure you’re ready for this?” You looked to Thor. He just laughed at you.

“I am a god.”

“And I’m dating a god.” You smirked back, causing Thor to smile.

“Come on, we need to get going, now.” Sif interrupted your conversation.

“Remind me, why did we think this was a good idea again?” Thor laughed as the portal started to open.

You glanced, hinting a duh look at Thor. “He’s threatening Loki again. And, he said he’s got something coming for that loved one of yours.” You told him, for what seemed the one-hundredth time. “And we don’t want anyone of us to be hurt, do we?”

Thor sighed. “I guess not.”

You, Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three headed into the portal, taking you to Thanos’ land. It was just the six of you and Loki had no idea, he would have never let you go.

You arrived in a different land, and Thanos already had people fighting you. It was going to take a while to take him out, but he was going to be taken down.

Everyone had separated off as there were so many defenders, and yet, somehow, you managed to lose track of enemies, and start to make your way to find Thanos.

As you were looking around quietly, you ended up being scared half to death.

“(Y/N).” The deep voice of Thanos called, and you turned around to see him sitting in a big chair, looking over you. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here this early, and all alone. It’s like you’re asking for death.” He smiled.

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IG stans are ruining everything as always, why i'm not surprised

Don’t think anyone is surprised about this tbh. They just can’t seem to understand that they should freak out somewhere other than in the comment section of Lili or Cole’s posts. 

Please don’t go police them or engage them on Cole’s posts tho, it’s useless and it just feeds into a negative atmosphere on there which L&C don’t need or deserve.

And to end on a positive note: the important thing is that Cole did tag Lili, like he was extra enough to tag her hair even! Why? Because he’s whipped, obviously, but also because he wanted us to know for sure it was Lili. Knowing full well what kinda reactions that gets.

So I remain hopeful that the IG stans won’t affect Lili and Cole’s behavior online much if at all. 

Hey what if Will Solace is the reincarnation of Achilles and Nicos the reincarnation Patroclus. Because like The gods ended up kind of feeling bad about what they did so they decided to make it up to them and this was the way they did it. But as we all know the gods cant help but make people miserable hence how it took so long for will and nico to meet and how much bs nico had to go through.

gayyuurinikiforov replied to your post: Also I need to start working out so I can have abs…

As someone who wears normally 3xl shirts you hope it’s not fitted and if it is good luck trying to get it over your head. AND PANT oh it’s awful like once I put on say leggings or something but once you remove it you just peal it off and hope you did sweat to much but chances are you did

Yeah on that note, why the fuck are women’s clothes always ~fitted~? I usually buy women’s T-shirts because they’re softer material than men’s most of the time, but they’re ALWAYS fitted. It’s not a problem for me because I happen to be the right shape for them and find them comfy most of the time, but maybe I’d like something loose for once, you know? And I can’t imagine what it must be like for anyone who’s, you know, shaped like a human and not an underfed prepubescent Barbie doll like I am

Title: Waltz

Author: bluecoins

Length: Chaptered

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance

Summary:  Baek Hyun has been getting relentless calls from a strange number at the strangest times and he decided to post the contact number on some gay dating website for the calls to stop. It was supposed to work, goddamnit.



Just what’s on my mind right now

Idk… Sometimes I get ungrateful. Like I start to think “oh, why did this post not get a lot of notes” “Did I do something wrong?” (I know, very ungrateful and disgusting of me) but then I realize that there’s so much to be grateful and thankful about. Like, at least I HAVE a device to post with, at least I HAVE and can afford wifi so that I can post, at least I HAVE the time and freedom to post.

Think about it, even the air that you breathe can make a difference to somebody. So just be grateful and thankful for everything you have in life. 

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golly gosh, I am feeling warm all of a sudden, I think I’ll just take off my hoodie

hmm, hang on a second

wow, today is a good day! but wait…

is it possible?

my god, this is too much of a coincidence

could it be 

that I…

AM the disco?

celestialcas  asked:

Question! Why did Teen Titans get cancelled? I saw you posted your badge from the old TT days and it had me thinking. I grew up on the show (with a mad crush on Robin, but who didn't?) and I find myself watching the old eps every now and then just because I love it so. (Side note: I'm thrilled I found your blog because I'm majoring in animation when I get into college and just knowing you worked on TT is awesome enough!!!)

Answer! I don’t know that it got cancelled so much as ran its course. Kids’ TV shows tend to be three year affairs, and then they reboot it or move on to something else. See: every Batman show ever

It was a looong time ago, so I don’t totally remember, but my memory of the show was that it just came to an end rather than getting cancelled. I’m sure Brianne or Youngberg or Ben Jones could shed more light on what happened, but that’s my impression. 

I’m glad you liked the show! I liked it too.

'Can't catch feelings if I've had them' pt.2 Derek Luh

part 1 here part 3 here

“I can’t "start” catching feelings if I’ve HAD them" I re-read his message over and over again. Derek and I were just friends. Best friends actually, and none of this was supposed to happen. I mean yes, I had had minor crushes here and there on him but who wouldn’t? He was an amazing guy, and an even better best friend, not to mention not too bad on the eyes. Though I was almost positive , well up until this point, he had just viewed me as his best friend and maybe just like a sister to him.

A ding from my phone sounded, tearing me from my thoughts. This was weird, I had never been nervous with Derek before. I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe I was overacting. He could just be pulling my leg, or maybe completely serious.

I slowly reached for my phone, seeing the text displayed across the lock screen, which just so happened to be a picture of Derek and you.

‘We need to talk. I can’t do this over the phone (Y/N), I’m coming over. Don’t leave.’ I was definitely more nervous than ever. In the past I had tried to push the feelings to the back burner, but they were always somewhat still present.

I rushed around trying to fix myself and the seemingly neglected house before my best friend had arrived. It smelt odd in the living room, probably the result of the week old Chinese take-out sitting on the coffee table. You carried the multiple takeout boxes toward the trash bin, dropping a pair of chopsticks along the way.

As if on cue, the doorbell sounded loudly, causing you to almost slip while running on the cherry colored hardwood floor to the front entrance. Looking to the small mirror next to the door you pushed your stray hairs back as best as you could. The door clicked open revealing a distraught looking Derek.

He let out a short sigh, happy to see you were just as nervous as he was. Smiling slightly, he pushed his way past you making his way to the soft , slightly-broken, brown couch in the living room.

“(y/n), you don’t have to stand its your own house babe.” he laughed. He fuckin laughed. You felt even more awkward now that he had pointed it out. You cautiously took a seat on the lumpy love seat, at least a foot away from Derek.

“listen, (y/n) I don’t want to scare you away. And we’ve been best friends since-well forever. Tell me if I should continue where I’m going babe.” Derek desperately searched your hazel eyes, you could tell he needed to tell you this, so you nodded your head waiting for him to continue.

“I don’t know babe, its just- I guess-look, I’m just gonna say it.” he paused heaving in a deep breath. “ Fuck, I love you” looking at you finding your expression unchanged.

You let a small laugh slip through your lips, “D- I love you too”

“No (y/n) I don’t think you get it. I love you, more than a sister ,more than  friend, and definitely more than a best friend. I’m in love with you god dammit. I want to be in a relationship with you. Are you understanding me?” Luh tried terribly hard to find a sign that you had registered what he said but to no luck.

After a few moments of an immensely awkward silence you peered up at him through your thick brown lashes, “What do you mean, you love me?”

Derek clearly couldn’t contain himself, jumping to the spot next to you, grabbing your hand in his, setting his free hand just above your jean clad knee. Your chocolate eyes widened but quickly settled when you remembered how bad you wanted this to happen. Derek started to lean in, you following suit. Just as your lips were to touch, the front door busted open and in came the whole squad.

Jack J. had addressed me then Derek, noticing he was here early. “damn derek you never on time anywhere, Why you so early?”

“ We were just hangin out guys, he’s my best friend duh.” real smooth. Lets just hope Derek doesn’t think you don’t want him just as much as he wants you.

Hey lovelies! I’m so sorry it took much longer than I had anticipated to get this finished and posted but here it is! hope you enjoy. I did happen to leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger so hit me with those notes so I know whether or not to post another part. have an amazing day :) 

does it ever kill u to think about how josuke for the most part is the only jojo to really escape the joestar curse

i’m not saying that he has an easy time–he has a suburban serial killer to deal with, not to mention all of the stand stuff, but just the fact that he’s able to deal w all this while still being a kid for the most part and he comes out of it relatively unscathed (emphasis on the relatively)

and dio’s influence definitely still persists throughout diu, but it’s much less direct than the other parts post sdc. i mean, the bow and arrow definitely has its ties to dio which connects him to the overall stand activity in morioh, but the bow and arrow isn’t exclusively tied to dio. after all, enya was the one who shot dio with it in the first place. the most direct connection we have to dio in diu (other than star platinum’s time stop power) is actually okuyasu’s father, who actually ends up being the force behind the event that brings josuke and okuyasu together, given that whole tragic episode with keicho. in fact, it ends up in a more positive place because it gives okuyasu a new support system and gets him out of his abusive family situation.

just. it kills me to think about how lucky the morioh kids were in the long run, especially given how much suffering they did experience. both giorno and jolyne have to deal with dio’s influence in a much more direct way, with giorno being dio’s son and jolyne constantly having to deal with pucci. and neither of their stories ended up very positively. that’s not even thinking about the parts after the  universe reset, which are direct results of dio’s legacy and influence post his death. i think that’s why i treasure diamond is unbreakable so much, because it’s the one part that we kind of get a breather, where things end on a completely positive note for once and we get a sense that being born a joestar isn’t completely suffering all the time. but it also kills me to consider what the morioh kids did go through as “getting off easy.” because it wasn’t easy. having to deal with a serial killer shouldn’t be easy. 

i hate this. i hate jojo’s bizarre adventure. i am screaming and in hell. (j/k i love this fucking manga)

viktor was already planning to propose to yuuri, and that’s beautiful

so I was about to go to sleep but then I had this revelation and I had to post it so yeah

this probably will go off topic and not make much sense since it’s 2:30 AM but hey, I’ll post it anyway. screencaps and an attempt at something resembling analysis under the cut. note that this is all wild speculation, but I had to get it out of my head, so here you go.

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