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There should be a side story in ddadds where you and all the other dads team up to hunt Amanda’s group of “friends” the fuck down


no workout, not today.

since your so called bestfriend wasn’t going to come over to watch a movie, you decided to go to sleep. you were a little upset since you were in the mood to be wrapped in his arms but you brushed that desperate feeling off and got ready for bed.

you already had on your pajamas and your hair was wrapped up. now, all that you needed to do was get your sheets from the dryer. you headed to the laundry room and turned on the light.

just as you turn switched on the light, you heard a car door close. “kook…ie?” you whispered to yourself, hoping that it was him.

it was already super dark outside and you could be a little paranoid at times. you grabbed a baseball bat that you kept by the door and held it up, ready to swing if needed.

you slowly crept through your hallway, making sure to not make any sounds. soon after you stepped foot in the living area, you heard keys jingling which let you know that you didn’t have to worry anymore. it was kookie, the only person who had a key to your home.

“y/n-ah!” he shouted as he entered. he started to call your name a second time until he saw you, looking like you had lost your mind. “why?” he stopped and pointed at your baseball bat. “do you have that? you’re gonna beat me or something?”

you let out a small laugh and sat the bat down by your couch. you sat down and motioned for kookie to join you. “nah. but why did you pop up over here? i didn’t ask you to.”

he leaned back and rested his legs on your thighs. a small smirk appeared on his face as he watched your facial expressions. he loved it when you tried to act tough or mad when you were really in a ‘soft’ mood. “can you take my shoes off?”

you turned your head so fast that you could’ve broken your neck. you scoffed and pushed his feet off of you. “boy who do you think i am? you better take your own damn shoes off!”

“hmph okay. i guess i’ll just go home instead of watching some movies with you. or maybe i could go to the gym. i’m supposed to be there anyways.” he spoke in a high pitched and sarcastic tone as he got up and headed for the door.

almost instantly, you ran in front of him and blocked the door. “don’t leave me. don’t go. i need you here. what kind of bestfriend are you? sit your ass down.”

he shook his head and chuckled, while going back to sit on the couch. “you’re the most confusing person i’ve ever met y/n. how did you go from i need you here to sit your ass down?”

you sat back beside him and pulled his legs up and onto your thigh. you pulled off his shoes and sat them beside your bedroom slippers. “i don’t know but turn on a movie and make sure it’s something scary.”

“yeah yeah i know….is this how you get me to let you lay under me? you’re wild y/n.” he assumed, but little did he know that he was right.

you pursed your lips together and nodded. “yeah, i’m a little wild.”

“i swear we should just date.” he said (something that he always says ; playfully).

you eyed him and gagged. “yo never in my-”

“anyways we’re going to the gym tomorrow night so be ready when i come over.” he cut you off.

“um..i don’t think so.” you responded.

“i will leave your ass right now.” kookie said, while laughing at himself in the inside because he knew for a fact that he wasn’t gonna leave his best friend.

“okay! okay! okay!” you shouted. “i’ll go..”

“it’s not like you had a choice.”


you worked hard the next day. kookie as a personal trainer isn’t so good. you were super hurt for a whole week. he made it up to you by buying whatever you wanted for that entire week.

SVT Super Powers; Jihoon!

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//their performance yesterday had me crying in my bed thEY’RE GORGEOUS


-so Lee Jihoon


-little professor X 

-kind of

-his power is actually teleportation!!

-like jun he’s one of the latest kids to find out they had super powers

-it was like 10 a night and he was like 12

-he was already in bed cause he was tired

-but he needed to use the bathroom really badly 

-so he just was like

-”what if i could transport myself to the bathroom….naaaaaaaaah”

-he then looked to the ceiling

-and then started to jokingly “concentrate” on going to the bathroom



-a little bit of magic 

-and the urgency of using the toilet

-he was in the bathroom



-and that’s how he found out that he had teleportation powers

-he was so shook but he was so his new superpower

-he found it easier to get home from school too!!

-no more busses

-thank goD FOR THAT

-his parents didn’t find out about his powers until one day where he wanted to actually show them



-”come down here please!”


-and what seemed to be like a second he was there

-right behind her

-his mum jumped cause he was so quick

-”w-wait weren’t you in your room a second ago?!”


-”but i didn’t hear you walk down the stairs! how did you do that?”

-”oh it’s easy”

-and then he just went from one side of the kitchen to the other

-his mum

-100% shooketh™


-”i’m fine!! did you think it was cool?”


-his mum thought he wAS HURT POOR MOM

-so as the years went by he was doing it more and more 

-and he would just think of a random place out of anywhere in the world and he would just transport there for like half a second 

-also he’s in like college now so these little short trips to random places are like little holidays for him

-he then thought of the most random place


-and he just went there

-meanwhile you were in your room and you were just filling out some homework sheets for a teacher

-and i think you guys know where this is going


-you turn around as soon as you smell a mix of like……strawberries and a magical boy

-and there he was

-just laying on your bed

-looking as confused as you

-but on the plus side

-he found you really cute like a button!!


-”who are you??”

-”who are you??– wait hey i can see my house from here!”

-”wait what? i think i’ve seen you around before….”

-”i’m jihoon what’s your name?”

-”y/n……how did you get into my house….? did my mum just let you in….?”


-”then how did you??”

-and as you asked that

-you witnessed the blonde kid teleport from your bed

-to your door

-in like 0.000003 seconds

-”oh my god you’re fast wait did you just teleport?!”

-”yeah i do that sometimes”

-”sometimes?! is there any realistic explanation for what you just did?!”

-”not really it’s all do with where i wanna go…i think of something or a place and i’m there….cool right?”

“a little warning next time please………?”

-”yeah sure i have to head back now i’ll see you round y/n!”

-and with a smile a wave and a poof 

-he just disappeared


-a little warning next time please?

-you want him to come back?

-alright…..fair enough

-heres the twist

-fanta twist

-whenever he thought of you and your cute liTTLE FACE AWW

-he would be where you were

-so one time he thought of you

-you were in the park 

-just listening to music and clearing your mind

-and just out of nowhere

-jihoon was above you

-not like in that way


-bad reader

-he was above you yeah

-but he was in the tree

-just hanging from the branch

-the only way you knew he was there

-was that he made a pinecone fall onto your head


-”oh hey y/n”



-”…….you can’t get down can you?”

-”i actually can’t help”

-so these….random appearances from jihoon had you confused 

-like why did he pop up everywhere

-and you were gonna ask him

-but you kind of remembered what he said about him thinking of somewhere or something

-that something

-must be you???

-so one time you just finished college and it was really dark outside

-and jihoon appeared yet again

-but not by teleportation but by chance

-”hey why do you just appear everywhere i go???? is it just by chance or???”

-”well….there’s only one reason.”

-”what…am i always on your mind or something???”



-”…how did you know?”

-”it’s a little thing…….called kind of being obvious and wanting to be where i am?”

-”well sorry that i like you and stuff—”


-wh a t 

-w h a t 

-w                                h                                        a                                        t 



-”wait you like me??”

-”yeah well of course why do you think i teleport to be next to you??”

-”wow i didn’t see that one coming”

-neither did i tbh

-but then after that you kind of realise that you also like him being around and stuff and it’s a nice feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-”imagine i teleport to you when you take a shower or something”

-”lol don’t even think about it”



-”….so when do you take showers??”

-”lol          d  o  n  ’  t        e  v  e  n      t  h  i  n  k       a  b  o  u  t       i t 

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This boy. This song. This is everything right here. 


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“The photo I took of you has like 24,00 notes on Tumblr,” you say, looking at your account. “What is Tumblr?” Richard asks.

“It’s kind of like Facebook but you can literally post whatever without people knowing who you are unless they’re really good hackers. There are many different types of blogs,” you say, explaining all the types of blogs that you usually see.

“And I look like I just frightened you,” you finish, looking at Richard, Aidan and Dean. They look like lost puppies and you can’t help but laugh.

“And which group are you in?” Richard asks, clearing his throat.

“Mines is a mixture of photography and fandoms. I draw stuff and write stories for fandoms and I kind of just yeah,” you finish lamely, not really wanting to get into it. “Can I see?” He asks and you nod passing him my phone.

“I have this system where everything on my blog is 100 my own. Meaning no reblogging stuff. Everything on their is also watermarked as well. It’s barely visible and it kind of curves around whatever is in the middle so they can’t crop it out,“ you explain.

“B/T? 20 million followers?” Richard asks and you nod. “I can’t remember where I got the name from,” you say, shrugging.

“20 millions followers?” Dean asks. “Some people run multiple blogs so I probably get my following from that,” you explain. He nods. This is actually pretty fun.

Aidan and Richard take a picture together and you laugh.

“So I just put a caption on where it says text?” Richard asks, looking at you thoughtfully. You nod. “Yeah and then by the pound sign, you just put whatever hashtag you want. It’s like twitter but you can put spaces. One you finish with the tag, you press enter,” you explain and he nods again.

“I think i’ll caption this, “Y/n is teaching us how to us Tumblr and I don’t know how to feel about it.”” he says and you laugh.

“Just don’t make a tumblr. That would be ten times harder,” you say. “Why are there things popping up on the bottom? Did I do something wrong?” Richard asks and you laugh.

“Those are just notifications. It tells you how much people liked or reblogged the post. Its like regular notifications but on the bottom,” you shrug. you decide to move next to him to see what he’s doing. He’s looking at all the notes. You read the reblogs and smile.

“My followers are big fans,” you say. “Obviously. This blasted thing has 100 notes and I just posted it 2 minutes ago,” he says. “It’s probably cause you’re hot,” you say, shrugging and he smiles at you.


1: Favorite M/V Scenes - Mansae


okay i cheated and used both the regular mv and the perf. ver. of the mv because they were both lovely and i love them both a lot and wanted to make gifs of both of them

The cruel irony of listening to the Rogue One score on Spotify and the first suggested song that pops up is Kesha’s “Die Young”. Why did you do that, Spotify? Whyyyyy?


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Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys for sending me those sweet messages! 

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I checked the faq and this didn't pop up anywhere but Why did pent punch Gino???? Like- Gino isn't a part of supermental and they have NO ties to khonjin house so why did he hate Gino to the point of wanting to inflict pain on him if he's never met the guy?? And its not like we'll get a explanation in supermental cause again no relation so why?

You sound so sure about that accusation