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i suppose this is sort of a ‘watercast’ world where keith is a mer and lance is an avian, but hes a sassy peacock and he still makes terrible pickup lines and keith hates that his boyfriend does this. The lance outfit is courtesy of @saintoftoasters

the pickupline was gracefully provided by @absolem0 thank u!

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“My child, you will break my heart no more.”

“Young human of my property. You will cease from damaging the organ of my property in wich it is named “heart” and pumps blood trough my body.”

“Human who has yet to reach the age of maturity whom I consider to be my property, you will cease to inflict emotional damage that metaphorically injures the muscle in my chest which supplies life giving blood.”

“homo sapiens of an age value smaller than mine, and therefore younger than myself. you shall cease causing me emotional pain, usually metaphorically described as causing physical harm to the organ in my circulatory system which sends blood cells and oxygen through my body, known as the “heart.””

“Stop hurt“

Vodka was easier to swallow than the fact that you weren’t coming back.

i mean come on you can’t tell me that tfp wheeljack doesn’t get introduced to old western movies and secretly gets addicted to them

and one day he walks into the base and goes ‘howdy partner’ to ratchet and ratchet goes ‘???? i’m not your partner, wheeljack”

“this town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” wheeljack agrees

“…wheeljack we’re not in a town. this is a base. it’s a little cramped but it IS big enough for the two of us. there’s nine of us here. what are you even talking about.”

meanwhile miko and raf are laughing behind him and fowler’s thinking he doesn’t get paid enough to babysit giant alien robots.

and so begins the search for a cowboy hat big enough for wheeljack’s head. they WILL find it. miko’s determined.

Hello Again Here Is Yet Another Picture For Craze And She Asked Me This Time To Draw It (p.s Craze Dose Not Like To Be Called “He” Or “She”) Fucking Anti And Dark. I Can’t See Why She Is Still Shipping This Everyone Gave Up On It…….AND I NEVER EVEN LIKED IT!…..But anyoo it’s for Crazs and I will do anything for my bro Craze, Anything That Will Keep It Happy In Life Cause Craze Might Seem That Type Of Person Who Is Happy But Really…It it Is Very Depressed. …But Here You Go Craze Hope You Love It (p.s If IT Helps You Out Craze…..I Kind Of Hade Fun Making This…..and it is Quite adorable. ..but hey I really hate this ship….and boy x boy…) (WindowTap’s Note)

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Every now and then my mind begins to wonder into past parts it should not and I fight to stop it but it’s too late. I’ve caught glimpses and even if I turn back and stop looking now, I’ve already seen enough to send my heart breaking into a million pieces all over again. It’s a sickening feeling to not be able to rid your mind of what is poisoning it.
—  I wish I could forget what you did