why did this exist'

BTS Reaction to you believing in aliens

request: Could you do a reaction when (y/n) believe 💯% in alien, please? ( English is not my first language… 😁)

[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin wouldn’t find it weird. After all people had their own opinions on certain subjects and he has seen many weird things in his life, so who was he to judge? He would listen with interest as you listed all the reasons as to why aliens did exist in the world and would also ask you questions to show you that he didn’t find it weird or boring.

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-Kim Namjoon-

Honestly this boy would crush your dreams in an instant. Namjoon was a very realistic person who didn’t believe in things like that and he wouldn’t hesitate to tell you so. He would feel bad though, which led to him letting you bombard him with alien “facts”. 

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-Min Yoongi-

Yoongi would listen to you ramble on and on about it even if he didn’t agree with what you said. Although he wasn’t as open to the subject, he could see how passionate you were about it, so Yoongi would keep his opinions to himself.

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-Jung Hoseok-

He would find it weird how you knew so much about the subject. Hoseok didn’t mind it much but he eventually got tired with the constant subject about how aliens could be using disguises to interact with humans.

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-Park Jimin-

Jimin would be another one who would let you ramble on about it. He knows how important it was to you and he wanted to support you as well. The both of you would have late night discussions about it.

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung hated the subject of aliens, mostly because it reminded him of his nickname. He wasn’t going to stop you from believing they were real, but he would ask you not to talk about it whenever he was around.

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would find it both interesting and weird at the same time. It kinda freaked him out to think that there could be aliens living in the same world as them. After all the facts and evidence you showed him, he began to think that you were one too.

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My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

2x08 summary- Magnus’ POV

Alec: I need you to throw my brothers rune ceremony


Jace: I know you had sex with my brother, I felt it


Maryse: I heard you liked to drink


Max: *freaked out* How much of you is a demon?


Clary: I hate Simon! I’m leaving this party


Jace: Maryse just tried to kill me! Look at the non-existent axe in the wall!


Iris: *steals Magnus’ spell book*


Raj: I wanted to know if you were up for a threesome


Clary and Jace: Clary can make runes and has pure angel blood that could potential destroy the whole downworld but we wanted to be secretive


Shadowhunters: *exist*


luke + bodhi | rebel pilots on hoth au

“I was a cargo pilot,” Bodhi mumbles. “I can’t—I don’t know that I’m the right person to pilot an X-Wing.”

“It’s not that hard,” Luke says breezily, even though he’s gotta admit he’s sweeping over some details. “Some different controls, tighter maneuvering. Weapons. Look, I bet you’d be great at it.”

Bodhi lets out a breath, a shaky laugh. “Thanks.”

“Seriously! Hey, I could teach you some stuff, if you want?”

Bodhi’s head snaps up, eyes wide. “You’d do that?”

Luke smiles, reaching out to grip Bodhi’s shoulder. “I’d be honored.”

Aqours First Live Leaks PSA

Some of you may have seen footage of Aqours’ First Live circulating social media recently.

This footage is illegal.

More specifically, it’s a satrip - illegally leaked footage from the satellite feed used to stream the Live Viewings. It shouldn’t belong in the hands of fans.

In fact, there is usually no officially released video footage until the Blu-ray preview and Blu-ray come out. Before then, any videos of First Live on the internet are likely illegal footage.

We understand that many of you are dying to to watch First Live, but for the love of Aqours…

DO NOT upload and spread First Live leaks around on social media.

By doing so, you are also publicly acknowledging that you are in possession of illegally leaked videos.

If you see any First Live leaks on social media, please report them.

These leaks have the potential to hurt future chances for Live Viewings. Live Viewings are a privilege, not a right. The satellite footage only exists because Live Viewings do, and if it keeps getting leaked and spread around every year, then Love Live! might decide that it’d be better to not have Live Viewings at all.

You may think that you are doing other fans a favor by spreading satrip clips, but you are also actively hurting the Love Live! franchise.

If you would like to support Love Live! Sunshine!! live performances, then please buy the First Live Blu-ray.

why indeed, John?

Why, when TFP leaked, did they make sure to call attention to it and ensure everyone and their dog knew it had leaked (which therefore had people watching it early)?

Why did they show TFP three days early when they showed TLD an hour before it aired to stop spoilers?

Why did Steven Moffat allude to a secret, lost episode when literally no one else was asking about it?

Why did radio times publish that article ten times?

Why did the mainstream media write about the Sherlock fandom vs Apple Tree Yard? Literally no one gives a shit seriously

Why is MSM talking about us at all? we’ve always been the crazy side of the fandom, no one gave us the time of day and suddenly our opinion is valued and even revered throughout certain articles?

Why has everyone gone into radio silence?

Why are there so many coincidences both within the writing of this season and the events happening around us?

Why do tv channels keep hinting at more Sherlock and then the listings magically disappear when people become aware of their existence?

Why did a Sherlock episode called ‘The New Friend’ appear in the listings? Where did that come from?

Why do they keep disappearing whenever we get close enough to the dates (almost like they’re saying watch this space)? Why was PBS showing three unknown episodes airing in February back to back?

Why were they going to call The Final Problem 'Backlash’ if they didn’t expect to get backlash?

Why would they have instances of Chekhov’s gun dotted all over the series with no intention to finish what they started?

Why, in TLD, is there a poster saying 'March 8th’ and 'the secret will be revealed’?

Why did they not have anyone sign NDAs for TFP unlike tld and previous episodes before it?
Why did the BBC scour the internet for the chess piece promo and have their lawyers crack down on tumblr blogs and place copyright infringements on everyone that reblogged them?

Why, then TFP was released early, didn’t the BBC lawyers follow up the way we know they can when the finale of their biggest show had gifs, spoilers and meta running rampant on Tumblr? Why ignore all of it and go after the chess piece promo?

Why release the s1 scripts if not to tide us over and keep us playing the game?

Why teach us how to play the game without following through on their own damned story? They placed this subtext into their narrative. They knew what they were doing. no one stumbles onto subtext this beautiful: No one will ever convince me that you told me a lie.

Why is TLD a masterpiece in cinematography and story (but not necessarily characterisation: still not happy about John vs Sherlock) when, one episode later, TFP is a giant shitshow of awful transitions, characterisation and fucky scenarios?


Why does Derren Brown keep cropping up and why does all of this stuff about subliminal messaging make so much damned sense, when certain phrases, words and catchphrases always stick out amongst the entirety of fandom? Things like, ‘there must be something comforting about the number three, people always give up after three’. ‘it’s never twins’. ‘no one could be that clever. you could.’ ‘this is a lie. yes.’ and there are so many more, that’s just off the top of my head

Why would they say ‘insane wish fulfillment’ if this isn’t an ARG? why did BBC say ‘be part of making history’ if there’s nothing to interact with?

Why advertise this whole series around love, and more importantly, why advertise ‘Sherlock’s in love, but who with?’

Why plant the seed and disappear right when it’s about to get good? 

Why say ‘to hell with deferred gratification’ if that’s all we’re getting?

Something fucky, that’s why. Add more if you got ‘em