why did this come out so ugly

Okay, I realize the last post I made did not tell you why you should read Houseki No Kuni, so lets get into that.

Say you don’t like SU that much anymore, but still love the immortal nonbinary gems dealing with war and lost comrades stuff. HNK would be the perfect replacement for you.

Coming out the year before SU, the plot is that a gem named Phosphophyllite wants to fight against the Lunarians who kidnapped their brethren only to be assigned to a natural history magazine. Like SU it’s set on Earth, but thousands of years after humanity was destroyed by several meteors striking the planet.

One of the many themes of HNK is change and how it’s possible even for something ageless and immortal. Phos goes through many changes on their journey, both physically and emotionally, as time goes on. They learn how to deal with new information and how to keep going after making many mistakes. Their changes also contrast to the rest of the cast, who mostly stay the same no matter what happens.

The manga handles themes such as death and letting go surprisingly well, with the disappearance of several characters becoming essential plot points and never being forgotten by the narrative,

Many chapters are sprinkled with foreshadowing that won’t become apparent to you until much, much later. They even are retold as the newer chapters callback to the beginning that started it all

The cast is a joy to be around, with everyone their own blend of vibrant and unique,

(I love these kids)

And even include some recognizable gemstones such as:

(Cairngorm is another name for Smoky Quartz BTW)

And many more!

It has been licensed under the name “The Land of the Lustrous” and will be available later this summer!


He woke up, drenched in sweat. Same old bed, same old room. Same old nightmare that had left nothing but voices, always unwanted companions.
He stared at the ceiling, the remains of the dream lingering in his head.
Why did that “me” felt so out of place?
He could still hear the echo of that ugly mantra.

And then, once more, he asked himself if he really was nothing more than “Just Billy’s Twin”.
Like always, the answer didn’t come.

in regards to my Tattoos // Piercings // Stretched ears

Honestly I’m so sick of people coming up to me and telling me “why did you do that to yourself, you’d be so much prettier without all that shit” It’s rude and just flat out unnecessary. Would it be okay to walk up to someone and tell them “hey, you’re ugly” NO, and its basically implying the same thing, just because you slipped in a compliment while insulting me doesn’t make it okay.
Frankly, if it bothers you that fucking much, to the point you need to go out of your way to tell me , you need to get a life. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but it is not up to you to tell me you hate it. I didn’t do it for you, I do it for myself. So take your judgemental ass as far away from me as possible because i will not stand here and get insulted for being myself. Body modifications are a form of self expression, its art. You can say what you want but at the end of the day, what i do with my body is entirely up to me. I AM beautiful and you have no right to tell me otherwise.

@realjonghyun90: 루…왜…못생기게나온거야…너이쁘잖아… 사진찍을때만이래… 이번공연 일등공신 루!

Roo.. Why did you come out so ugly… You’re beautiful right… It’s only because of taking a picture… This concerts number one contributor is Roo!