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How Drunk Was I?

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Michael Gray x Reader

Request: Hi I saw you wanted prompts, would you be able to do the “How drunk was I?” Prompt For Michael please?

*Peaky Blinders Requests Are Open*

Y/N’s face contorted as she gained consciousness. Her eyes felt like they were glued shut and her head felt like a stick of dynamite had gone off in it. She rolled over, with great difficulty mind you, an groaned.

“Good morning to you, too,” Y/N’s eyes snapped open and stared at the man in her bed. She felt around. Nope, not her bed. Michael was smoking a cigarette. The sheets were pooled at his hips, leaving his chest bare. Red smudges and lip stains were present along his face, neck and chest.

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When You Said Your Last Goodbye

First attempt at writing and Langst. @bleusarcelle

Prompted by this song https://youtu.be/cqJoVlnmdFQ

     Growing up, you’re always told that things happen and people die. They get sick, or they get old and say their goodbyes. They know that it’s going to be their time to leave soon, so they love as fiercely as they can. But, what about when it’s sudden? When they leave so suddenly there isn’t a good bye or a last smile? 

     When Lance left, no one knew how to react. It was a simple mission. That’s how most days went for the team. Assemble and head out to face a fleet of Galra ships or to a planet to bring them freedom. This day wasn’t much different. The planet was called Unila and closely resembled Earth.The battle was almost over. Most of the fleet was either destroyed or retreating. 

     “Woo-hoo!! At this rate, Zarkon will be Zar-gone”, chirps the Blue Paladin. Only the groans of the team respond. A blast of light into the left flank of the Blue lion pulls the team back to attention. 


     “He’s going down too fast! I don’t think I can get him in time”, Keith cries. 

     Blue crashed on the shore of a glistening ocean from a setting sun. The last thing Lance saw. 

     “Lance? Lance! Answer us, come on buddy.” 

     “I’m h-home guys. We made it. Veradera beach.” Lance is interrupted by a fit of coughing. “It’s okay. We made it home. Tog-together.” The line went silent as the paladins called for their brother. 

     Keith is the first to land on the beach, as close to the wreckage of the Blue Lion and her Paladin and begins tearing across the pebbled beach. 

     “Lance? Lance! Come on, talk to me.” 

     He manages to crawl into the shambled cockpit, to the image of a crumpled Lance, slouched in his chair. The red is everywhere, no longer the vibrant blue of the lively paladin. 




      It fills his place. It acts like a driving force between the team.

      Pidge hasn’t left the lab since the send off. Hunk hasn’t left the kitchen. Shiro and Keith take turns in the training room and sulking in obscure parts of the castle. Coran has taken to cleaning or repairing any part of the castle that might need it. Allura stays mostly in her room, seldom coming to the comand deck to make sure everything is okay. But it’s not.


    Keith is the first to go anywhere near Lance’s room. This is mostly due to the fact that his room is down the hall and he needed to change his shirt(per Coran’s order). He almost walks right by, but stops. It’s still for a moment. Just Keith, as still as a statue in front of the door as the air flows around him. Then, he turns and goes in. It’s painful to see everything the same as it was before the mission. Clothes on the floor. Pictures all over the wall are intermingled with drawings of places they’ve been, people they’ve met, and drawings of the team. Beauty products lay on the desk. On Lance’s bed is his jacket with his phone and earbuds on top.

     Keith sits and put the buds in his ears, pressing play.

     All I want is nothing more
     To hear you knocking at my door
     'Cause if I could see your face once more
     I could die as a happy man I’m sure

     When you said your last goodbye
     I died a little bit inside
     I lay in tears in bed all night
     Alone without you by my side

     But If you loved me
     Why did you leave me

     Take my body
     Take my body
     All I want is
     All I need is
     To find somebody
     I’ll find somebody Ooh oh
     Ooh oh
     Ooh oh
     Ooh oh’ Cause you brought out the best of me
     A part of me I’d never seen
     You took my soul wiped it clean
     Our love was made for movie screens

     But If you loved me
     Why did you leave me
     Take my body
     Take my body
     All I want is
     All I need is
     To find somebody
     I’ll find somebody

If Jung Hoseok was a boyfriend.

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  • *How Hobi makes his way into your life.*
  • boy would be adorable confessing to you.
  • he’d have the giggles.
  • because fave person is in front of him.
  • he’s flustered okay give the man a break.
  • would end up all serious and lightly tell s/o how they feel.
  • s/o can’t take hobi seriously because serious hobi isn’t what they signed up for but they mentally aw because CUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEE.
  • matching couple outfits, definitely.
  • he’d be the type to get you a t-shit from every country he visits.
  • even south korea, boy don’t give a damn.
  • gotta spread that home country glory.
  • 10/10 can relate.
  • my country’s flag was 6 feet long and stayed up in my brother’s bedroom for like 6 hours lmao.
  • the glory is unreal.
  • watch him accidentally expose you on v live.
  • like
  • no one’s supposed to know about s/o, hobi honey are you trying to get your bae killed.
  • jin’s there
  • jin comes in with some joke, enough time taken during it for you to sneak out during it
  • ofc everyone hates you because they hate hobi and HOW DARE THEY WHY WOULD ANYONE HATE ON MY RAY OF SUNSHINE SAVIOUR, JHOPE JUNG HOSEOK HOBI.
  • he my bias, fight me.
  • couple dances.
  • he teaches you Red Velvet.
  • dies on the floor when he sees you dancing like those car wash noodle bodies.
  • yoongi will thank you for making hobi so happy.
  • yoongi will hate you because you’re taking away his soul partner.
  • yoongi hates hobi because he was invited to ‘hang out’ and he did not sign up for mush and yucky feels.
  • would feed you with that twisting handed action that he did with yoongi once upon a time.
  • would just love you with all his heart and treasure you.
  • i’m out.
  • thanks for reading :)
The Fire That Won’t Go Out

The first fires started on Monday and by Saturday we were all evacuated from our homes, told to grab only essentials. And although it was never directly said to us, it’s implied we’re never going back. I’m writing this from my parent’s house in Michigan, far away from the hellscape that was once my home.

My boyfriend Ike, a volunteer firefighter, got called about the first house fire. Typically he doesn’t get called on for this sort of thing but apparently it was a rager. So with a kiss to my cheek and a cheeky reminder to let the cat in tonight, he took off. Meanwhile I settled in for a day off of work, I don’t get them often enough and I wanted to relax.

About noon Ike called me. I was dancing around my room to the Hamilton soundtrack while eating Pringles when the phone went off. I turned off the music and answered.

“Hey babe.”

“You won’t believe this- it’s the McGowan house.”

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Liar pt 2~J.B


2 months later

After I left Jason i started a new life, I haven’t spoken to him since I left him. Today was like any other day. I would get ready for school and then I would leave for my short walk to school. I grab my bag and jacket, plugged in my headphones and headed out for the day.

As I was walking along I heard my name being called, but whenever I would took put my headphones I couldn’t hear it anymore. Then I heard it again and so I turned around. Jason was right behind me, calling my name. I really didn’t want to see him, let alone speak to him so I carried on walking, more briskly now.

“Y/n” he sounded like he was getting closer. I pick up my pace even more but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. He pulled my headphones out of my ears. “Listen to me.” He pleaded.

“Why should I listen to you?” I spat. “Look I know what I did to you was wrong but I swear it was all lie.” He said looking at his hands.

   “Oh so now that your little soul mate Polly left you, you’ve decided to come back to me? Lucky me. Are you tired of being lonely? Is that why you want to talk to me? So you can ask me to take you back saying all the things that a you know I’ll wants to hear. All the reasons why you love me. Oh that’s right you don’t. You never did and I regret ever falling in love with you.” I said boiling with anger.

“I know you heard what i told Polly, the truth is I thought I was not in love with you anymore.” He told me tensely. “Is that supposed to make me take you back? You telling me you thought you didn’t love me anymore?” I asked with a humourless laugh.

“No. Oh god. I just want to tell you that everything I said to you that day was a mistake, I realise now that I can’t live without you. I cannot function without you in my life, I always loved you and I still do.” He poured out to me.

     “Jason, do you expect me to believe that? What happened to just finding someone to settle with?I don’t think that we an make this work Jason. I’m over you and I don’t need you anymore. After you said those things, I started thinking that I don’t need to on anyone else but myself.”

“No! Please Y/n. Please give me another chance.” He begged, tears gathering in his eyes.

     “Jason, don’t you realise the things you said absolutely broke me. Every part of that conversation. You saying that you weren’t ever in love with me. I tried very hard to get over you, now you just expect me to throw all of that work away. No. If I said those things about you you wouldn’t take me back.” I vented to him, letting everything out. “Y/n I know i hurt you. I made a mistake just please just let me make it up to you. Give me another chance, you’re my everything.” He begged again.

“Don’t you understand that we can’t work? I can’t trust you, not again. Every time you say something I’ll think it’s all lies. Every time you’re out I’d be at home thinking that you are cheating again! That I’m there for you to bounce back to when you’re done having fun with someone else and falling in love with them. I can’t go through that again. Please don’t ask me to.” Tears started falling down his face.

“Maybe we can’t be a couple right now, but can’t we be friends? I need you in my life. Maybe later on in life you can forgive me and we can be together again, but for now please just be my friend. You’re the most important person in my life. Please don’t leave again.” He cried out.

“Jason-” he cut me off" Please.“ He begged me. "Just friends.” I responded. “Thank you!” he got up from his knees and spun me around and kissed me. “Jason, friends don’t do that…”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” He said blushing and putting me down again. “I need sometime to get used to this whole ‘friends’ thing, but I can make it work. I’m just really happy you are in my life again.”

The Second Dragon {Healing Arrow}

My first time posting a fic here. Oh dear, let’s see how this goes. Here’s my Hanzo/Mercy (Healing Arrow)

The Second Dragon is just a one-shot. Just two people subtly falling in love from a distance. I’m not sure how else to describe it… It’s different than most short stories I’ve written, but ya’ll probably wouldn’t know because I never post them, ha… anyway, I’ll shut up now.

He always just sat there alone.

Whether it was before or after combat, he was always alone. He bothered no other, and no other bothered him. That was how it was, and that was how it had always been since the team was formed. The only exception was during battle, where communication was key to success, but that was the only time in which he would engage in conversation, even though the talking was brief and urgent. He only spoke when spoken to; he never delved into anyone’s business, and whoever tried to get into his, he would be sure to shake the rattle and make them back off. Everyone knew his name, and everyone knew what he did; but that was all. That was it. Nothing more. Despite her feelings about him, it only made her more curious.

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PART 5/? (y’all gotta stop me)

  • “ i wanna get better. “
  • “ i didn’t know i was lonely till i saw your face. “
  • “ i didn’t know i was broken till i wanted to change. “
  • “ it’s not easy making a name for yourself. “
  • “ where do you draw the line?”
  • “ i never thought i’d be in this far. “
  • “ try not to miss me when i’m gone. “
  • “ i sold my soul to the open road. “
  • “ i don’t really care which side wins. “
  • “ i think i’ve had enough. “
  • “ i might get a little drunk. “
  • “ i say what’s on my mind. “
  • “ i might do a little time. “
  • “ all of my kindness is taken for weakness. “ 
  • “ i think it’s gonna be a long, long time. “
  • “ i’m gonna be high as a kite by then. “
  • “ i’m not the man they think i am at home. “
  • “ wherever i have gone, the blues are all the same. “
  • “ set me free. “
  • “ i know soul’s freezing. “
  • “ hell’s hot for good reason. “
  • “ there’s something tragic about you. “
  • “ there’s something lonesome about you. “
  • “ you’re familiar–like my mirror years ago. “
  • “ there’s something wretched about this. “
  • “ there’s something broken about this. “
  • “ i got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match. “
  • “ you’ll never catch us. “
  • “ just let me be. “
  • “ i still want you back. “
  • “ the captain goes down with the ship. “
  • “ when the world ends, will god go down with it? “
  • “ now i can take her man. “
  • “ stay away from things that aren’t yours. “
  • “ but was he yours if he wanted me so bad? “
  • “ you don’t love her. “
  • “ stop lying with those words. “
  • “ she’s getting on my nerves. “
  • “ you’re someone who knows someone who knows someone i once knew. “
  • “ i just wanna be a part of that. “
  • “ the road outside your house is paved with good intentions. “
  • “ i could write it better than you ever felt it. “
  • “ one day we’ll get nostalgic for disaster. “
  • “ i love you in the same way there’s chapel in a hospital–one foot in your bedroom and one foot out the door. “
  • “ i do not know why i would go in front of you and hide my soul. “
  • “ i will hide behind my pride. “
  • “ my lover’s go humor. “
  • “ i should have worshiped her sooner. “
  • “ if the heavens ever did speak, she’s the last true mouth piece. “
  • “ we were born sick. “
  • “ the only heaven i’ll be sent to is when i’m alone with you. “
  • “ take me to church. “
  • “ fear might be the death of me. “
  • “ don’t forget about me, even when i doubt you. “
  • “ i’m no good without you. “
  • “ you are all that i’ve got. “
  • “ black clouds are behind me. “
  • “ i now can see ahead. “
  • “ often i wonder why i try hoping for an end. “
  • “ sorry weighs my shoulders down. “
  • “ trouble haunts my mind. “
  • “ but i know the present will not last. “
  • “ tomorrow will be kinder. “
  • “ it’s true–i’ve seen it before. “
  • “ a brighter day is coming my way. “
  • “ all i want is to hold you now. “
  • “ i’ve been saving my soul for someone like you. “
  • “ let’s love while we’re young. “
  • “ oh darling, we’ll be fine. “
  • “ now i can’t think of a day without you. “
  • “ i need more dreams and less life. “
  • “ i need that dark in a little more light. “
  • “ i cry tears you’ll never see. “
  • “ you can go cry me an ocean. “
  • “ you are what you love, not who loves you. “
  • “ in a world full of the word ‘yes,’ i’m here to scream ‘no.’ “
  • “ wherever i go, trouble seems to follow. “
  • “ i only plugged in to save rock & roll. “
  • “ how’d it get to be only me? “
  • “ i’m the last damn kid still kicking. “
  • “ i will defend the faith, going down swinging. “
  • “ i will save the songs that we can’t stop singing. “
  • “ oh no, we won’t go. “
  • “ we don’t know how to quit. “
  • “ does it make you freak out? “
  • “ girls like girls like boys do. “
  • “ tell the neighbors i’m not sorry. “
  • “ you only know what i want you to. “
  • “ i know everything you don’t want me to. “
  • “ your mouth is poison. “
  • “ your mouth is wine. “
  • “ you think your dream is the same as mine. “
  • “ i don’t love you but i always will. “
  • “ i wish you’d hold me when i turn my back. “
  • “ the less i give, the more i get back. “
  • “ your hands can heal. “
  • “ your hands can bruise. “
  • “ i don’t have a choice. “
  • “ i still a choose you. “
  • “ i can’t cry in your arms ‘cause you’re not here. “
  • “ it’s not your fault–and if it was, i wouldn’t care. “
  • “ my heart is bigger than the distance in between us. “
  • “ the only proof that i need is you. “

Why die for them, Marcus? For a Church who never gave one single damn about you? They wrung your soul like a piece of wet laundry. And after they squeezed every last drop of good out of your body, what did they do? Excommunication. Oh, my poor boy. Don’t let your life be the last thing they take.

Reason #236 why I love Tyrael

Tyrael: My stomach feels strange.

Lorath Nahr: Did you forget to eat again?

Tyrael: No. In fact, I decided to get the day’s eating out of the way all at once. I kept at it until I couldn’t take another bite.

Lorath Nahr: Oh. It sounds like you ate too much, then.

Tyrael: Being a mortal is very complicated.

What if the Quincy did the Hueco Mundo arc?

As requested by anon. :)

In canon, the Hueco Mundo arc was all about hollows and Aizen, of course. Aizen kidnaps Orihime, and Ichigo and company go and get her back. Fights happen. Friendship lessons are learned. Grimmjow is there. But what if the Quincy took over that kidnapping-in-Hueco-Mundo arc? What would have happened then?

1. Yhwach would send Haschwalth to kidnap Ishida.

Because if there’s one member of the company whose power Yhwach is interested in (other than Ichigo’s, of course), it’s Ishida’s. So naturally Yhwach would send his right-hand man, Haschwalth, to kidnap Ishida and bring him to Hueco Mundo.

Haschwalth: You must come with me or all your friends will die.

Ishida: Or I could come with you because holy shit the Quincy are alive???

Haschwalth: Oh okay.

Haschwalth: I guess I prepared that noose speech for nothing.

2. Soul Society would refuse to help.

In canon, Soul Society refuses to help because they claim that Orihime super wanted to be kidnapped. It was dumb. Their refusal would make *slightly* more sense in this case.

Yamamoto: Ishida is a Quincy. He went and joined the Quincy.

Ichigo: No, he was KIDNAPPED by the Quincy!

Yamamoto: He left a note that said, “See ya! The Quincy are alive and that’s rad.”

Ichigo: And would Ishida EVER use the word “rad”?

Yamamoto: When you guys invaded Soul Society, Ishida spent the entire time saying he was Quincy and hated Soul Society.

Ichigo: That’s just Ishida being Ishida!

Yamamoto: Yeah…we’re not helping.

Ichigo: BUT WHY

3. So Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad would go to get Ishida back

Later to be joined by Rukia and Renji, of course. Because friendship.

Ichigo: Let’s go save Ishida!

Chad: Possibly from himself.

Ichigo: Same thing as far as I’m concerned!

4. In Hueco Mundo, they’d meet a mysterious child.

In canon, that’s Nel. In this case it’s Liltotto I guess. 

Ichigo: Look! A tiny child in the desert! Let’s rescue her!

Orihime: She’s so tiny and adorable!

Liltotto: Uh, okay. Whatever.

Ichigo: Success!

5. Meanwhile, Haschwalth and Ishida would bond.

You know, like Ulquiorra and Orihime in canon.

Haschwalth: I made you this Quincy uniform.

Haschwalth: You must put it on.

Haschwalth: And also you must eat this Quincy food or else I will force you to eat it.

Ishida: You know I’m on board with this, right? I came willingly and that uniform looks awesome.

Haschwalth: …

Haschwalth: I’m never going to get to shove you up against a wall at this rate.

6. But sadly, Ishida would also be tormented by Bazz-B and Bambietta.

Instead of Loly and Menoly, who torment Orihime in canon, Ishida would be tormented by two Quincy who are very unhappy about the interest Yhwach is showing in the visitor: Bazz-B and Bambietta. This is probably the time to remind us all that Ishida doesn’t have his powers, since he was kidnapped before his dad could help him regain them. So Ishida isn’t super able to defend himself.

Bazz-B: Fight back!

Ishida: I would LOVE to but I don’t have powers or weapons!

Bambietta: I am going to fucking cut you in half.

Haschwalth (from the doorway): …


7. Meanwhile, the friend group would split up and have their fights.

Only against various Quincy, rather than against various hollows, of course.

As Nodt: I will now show you visions of Kaien rotting away.

Rukia: That’s pretty traumatizing.

Rukia: I mean, not as traumatizing as it would have been if you had somehow convinced me you WERE Kaien.

As Nodt: I’m not that good at makeup.

As Nodt: Also - what?

Rukia: I’m just saying.

8. Ultimately, Ichigo would fight and kill Haschwalth.

For that is the fate of anyone playing Ulquiorra’s role.

Haschwalth (reaching out his hand to Ishida): I…understand…

Haschwalth: Balance…is here…in my palm…

Haschwalth: [dies]

Ichigo: Is it my imagination or did that last line not make any sense?

Ishida: Dude! Be cool!

9. Yhwach would take the opportunity to invade Soul Society.

Suddenly revealing that this was his plan all along!

Yhwach: Now that many of the captains are here in Hueco Mundo, and Kurosaki Ichigo is crushed, I will invade Soul Society.

Yhwach: A flawless plan.

Bazz-B: Aren’t you all-powerful? Why would you need to split their forces?

Yhwach: That doesn’t mean I don’t like to take it easy.

10. Aizen would be sad.

He ascended into the sky for nothing.

Gin: I still can’t believe you got scooped so utterly.

Aizen: Shut up, Gin.

Words: 3370
Dean x Reader
Warnings: mildly graphic descriptions, violence, blood, language
A/N: *wiggles eyebrows at you* :D Enjoy! And a heads up, this isn’t the last part, but we are coming close to the end of this journey. This is part of series! Find the other parts here:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Your name: submit What is this?

You narrowed your eyes at the crossroad demon, losing patience. “What is there to talk about? You either make the deal or you don’t,” you said angrily.

He scoffed at you. “Surely you must realize it’s not that simple in your case. We’ve been explicitly instructed not to deal with you.”

You heart stalled in it’s pounding. “What? By who, Luther? He must be a pretty big fish in that hell pond if he’s giving orders to crossroad demons everywhere,” you said.

The demon rolled his eyes at you. “Not Luther. The biggest fish,” he hissed.

You swallowed hard, a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. “Crowley.”

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anonymous asked:

You know what I love? Steel is always portrayed as this cold character that's very independent like most Frisks, mature, all driven by grudges and anti-social... But now with the kindness soul ship they come off more as a child, really. Just a big child. Just like Frisk in game is shown being so independent but yet everyone calls them a child? I think this is really angsty when you think about it.

// Why did I wake up to this now the feels are taking over

I don’t know if I’m more moved by the fact you took an actual minute of your day to make mine with this message or that someone out there has been touched by my creation tbh


 Your perception is very accurate! This is part of the reason why I love that ship tbh. It hurts X’D

When Suho Turns Thug

*in exo’s dorm*

Suho: hey guys, it’s time to go to bed

Everyone: *ignores him*

Suho: um…guys…

Baekhyun: oh man the thug is talking to us we better listen

Suho: wha-

Chen: oooh it’s the thug!!! watch out!!!

Suho: what’s going on 

Tao: uMMMm everyone saw your teaser pictures suho 

Suho: and ?

Kris: u look SUPER hardcore. just lyk me

Tao: ok kris you’re NOT even hardcore shut up

Kris: o??? and you are?????

Tao: um actually ye-

Suho: guys!

Baekhyun: woah woah woah we need to listen up or he’ll kick our ass

Lay: guys. suho wouldnt do that. hes our leader. 

Chanyeol: lay do u not get the joke

Lay: what joke

Baekhyun: suho. suho is the joke

Suho: hey!!!!! are you guys making fun of me ??

Sehun: oh shIT duck and cover suho is mad 

Suho: what are you-

Baekhyun: *gets on his knees* i surrender. plz dont hurt me 

Chanyeol: *snickers*

Suho: ok that’s it! you bitches better fucking listen to me before i cut all of your balls off

Sehun: woAH

CHen: um what the hell

Suho: im sick of you. all of you. you know what??? this new era has taught me something. that im the leader. the MOTHERFUCKIN leader and you little shits have to listen to me

Baekhyun: hA i dont think so

Suho: *kicks baekhyun*

Baekhyun: oWWWWWW what the HECK

Suho: say it again bitch

Kai: um guys what happened to suho

Luhan: i dont know he just suddenly turne- wait suho where did you get those chains from 

Suho: from yo mamas bed

Chen: holy shIT what is happening

Xiumin: guys…i think i know what it is. 

Chen: what

Xiumin: it’s…the full moon

Chen: and?

Xiumin: they wanted to keep it a secret. all they wanted was peace. 

Sehun: what the FUCK are you saying

Xiumin: during the full moon…they switch bodies

Sehun: who??

Xiumin: suho and kyungsoo

Baekhyun: so you’re saying that right now d.o’s spirit is inside suho’s body

Xiumin: yes

Chanyeol: ahaAHHAH *pokes suho* kyungsoo?? is that you????

Suho: *punches chanyeol*

Chanyeol: ahHhHHHHHHHHHH

Luhan: oh my god…it’s true

Kai: no. we need to test it. hey kyungsoo

D.O: yes?

Kai: you’re a pussy

D.O: oh…im sorry you think that…*tears*

Kai: oh my god. it really is suho. 

Lay: wow guys. this is really amazing. this is true nature’s form

Tao: lay we dont need any of your philisophical bullshit ok. we need to figure out what to do. 

Suho: all of you need to fucking LISTEN TO ME. 


Suho: Much better. Now, I need all of you to make a circle around this fire 

Chen: when did you make a fire ????

Suho: nOW

*everyone listens*

Suho: now, chant with me, careless careless, shoot anonymous, anonymous

Sehun: why are we singing mama

Suho: im taking all of your souls. all of you will descend into HELL mwahahahHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tao: ok bye bitches i am ouT

Suho: you can’t leave

Tao: yes i fucking can. youre batshit crazy im not gonna stay for this

Suho: you will descend first *grabs tao*

Kris: omG bbe ill save you *runs and trips on the fire* OMGGG MY CLOTHES ARE ON FIRE AHHHHH

Tao: stop drop and roll oppa!!!!! save yourself!!!!!!! 

Kris: oh tao-

Tao: no actually save me first

Suho: ugH you know what i hate all of you i dont want any of your souls goodbye see you in hELL

He Leaves You For Another Girl Part 2

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He Leaves You For Another Girl Part 2

Your POV

One Year Later

     So far so good. After I left Harry I came back home and started a new life. I haven’t heard from him since. Today was like no other day. I would get ready for my morning jog and then I would get ready for work. Right now I am just putting on my work out clothes on. I would usually go for a jog around the park. I grab my water, headphones, and my phone.

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anonymous asked:

Do you believe if someone has cheated on you that they will receive karma for their infidelity, lies, & deception? Do you have any advice for not beating up on myself about my unfaithful partner? I keep thinking o well if i did this, this, this & this differently than maybe he wouldn't have done that. I also just feel energetically dirty now that I know that I had been deceived & thought everything was fine while he was out sleeping with other woman. How do I learn to accept, detach, & let go?

Hmm, there are a few different ways to look at this. First, you can stop beating yourself up, if that’s who he is it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference what you did or didn’t do. He will probably do it to the next person too. Because there is something inside of him that is lacking. Most likely it comes down to how he feels about himself. People often do these kinds of things because of pain in their lives, or their own feelings around self worth. If he doesn’t feel worthy about himself due to a childhood pain, he will seek constant approval or acceptance by others, and sometimes it’s not enough to get it from just one person. He needs to be wanted by more and more people. Or maybe I’m wrong, lol. Just my insight. 
You ask about Karma, and yes of course causing pain to another will create Karma. But let me play devils advocate here. What if this is Karma coming back to you from something you did in a past life? What if, in different roles, and possibly even different genders, you created this karma in an act of betrayal?
I know right now one of the things you are feeling is probably anger, and that’s fine. The default is to think that this person is causing me so much pain, ‘I want to see them pay’. But if you can step back and see things big picture, they might not always be as they first seem. Right now you are a victim of betrayal, but you can shift that belief. You can say, well, my soul wanted me to experience this, my soul even asked this other soul to play that role, god bless them for taking on that request. Now, I’m here feeling all this emotion, but why, what did my soul want me to gain from all of this. To just experience it? To learn to forgive? That will be up to you to figure out.
Basically, shift this from something that happened to you without your control, to something that you chose before you were born into the physical. Then you cease to be a victim to some degree. 
Hope some of this helps.

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tbh i decided to watch voltron because like the first few weeks after season 1 released all i saw on my dash was sheith and i wanted to know what that was all about lmao. then after i watched it it took bits of my soul and keith is my fave i love him.

talk about voltron & why you love it!  

tumblr really did take to voltron so fast didn’t it that’s kind of how i found out about it too i was seeing cool art everywhere on my dash but really suddenly it and i really wanted to know what the show was about. 


honestly there are not enough hours in the day to really do justice to talking about how fantastic his character is all the nuances my gosh i love him too. take care!! 8))) 

SU Fan Theory: Fusion

So tonight’s episode kinda cut deep into the feels and I’d just like to start by offering everyone a tissue. I almost f*ckin lost it when Rubby and Sapphire were speaking through Garnet.

Speaking of fusions though, I’d just like to share a little theory with my fellow Universes that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Remeber the scene in “Jailbreak” between Jasper and Garnet just before they throw down, and Jasper said, “You’re both out and fused again?! Why? Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.” When I first watched the episode I thought Jasper was just talkin smack about Garnet, but if you really think about it what if Jasper was actually repeating learnt information? Something that had been drilled into her head, and into the head of other HomeWorld gems?

My theory: The Diamond Authority has forbidden fusions on HomeWorld.

Once Rose left the Diamond Authority (that is to say shes the Pink Diamond like the other fan theories say she is) the balance was shifted or something and they became weaker because of it. In order to maintain order the Diamonds forbade fusing to keep the power.

This would explain why Jasper and Lapis never worked as a fusion. If you listen closely enough Malachite has two distinct voices, Jasper and Lapis. This is because they are not one being but two sperate individuals forcing themsleves into a fusion. It just doesn’t work.

Now I’m nearly done and if you’ve stayed with me this far I thank you. You may also be wondering, “If fusions are bad then why would they send Peridot to the Kindergarten to create gem fusions?”

My theory: gem fusions are all about love and trust, becoming one emotionally sound entity. This makes a fusion work; this makes them stronger. So what if the Diamonds thought they could combine gems in Kindergartens to create emotionless fusions whose soul purpose would be to follow orders? Obviously it didn’t go according to plan.

Then again I could be wrong. I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow night considering its gonna be about gem fusions and stuff. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did!

P.S. My baby Peridot and her finger-copter

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Oooh, Ota was fantastic in that kbtbb cheating headcannon. In both his and Soryu's. May I request a continuation where she's happy without them and they spend their days trying to drown their sorrows and failing?

A/N- The first of many kbtbb cheating continuations ^_^  I hope you guys will like it.  Sorry for the long delay!  I hope this fits with the request…

I focused mostly on the guys suffering than MC’s happiness.  There will be other continuations where the guys will be suffering and MC will be happy (that sounds bad lol).



Eisuke-  “Come on,” Ota whined from the couch he laid on, “we have to go to the auction.  It will be starting soon.  Hurry up Eisuke.”  Eisuke ignored the artist as he sat by the window with a crystal glass filled with a dark amber liquid.

Ota groaned as Baba said, “is this still about MC?  You were the one that cheated on her; she has gotten over you, why can’t you do the same?”

“Shut up already,” Eisuke said as he took a sip of the mysterious liquid, “I am not going to the auction today.  I am not feeling well.  Go now.”

Ota groaned, “you have missed the last five auctions.  You can’t just sit there and drink all your problems away.”  Eisuke turned toward Ota and gave him a death glare as he finished his drink in one sip.  Before he could pour another cup, Baba rushed over and snatched the bottle from his hand.

“This is sad,” Baba said before turning toward Ota, “get Soryu to help us.”

“I don’t need any damn help,” Eisuke exclaimed as he reached for the bottle but ended up falling on his face, “shit.”

Ota smiled mischievously, “to be honest, this would make a great picture.  The fallen king.”

Baba-  “Are you okay in there?” a voice called toward the thief followed by loud baginging on the door.  Baba buried his face under a pillow as the pain increased in his head with ever knock.  “Baba!  We haven’t seen you all week,” Ota yelled through the door.  Baba moaned in annoyance as Ota continued to prod the sleeping bear, “you can’t hide in there forever.”

Baba threw the pillow off his head and yelled, “go away Ota.”

With a soft sigh, Ota took a step away from the door, “fine.  I will tell MC you don’t want to see her.”  Baba threw himself off the bed and ran over to the door.  The door was thrown open revealing Baba’s messy appearance.

Ota almost burst out laughing at the sight as Baba asked, “where is she?”



“Oh yeah,” Ota sighed, “she is not here.  I lied.”  Baba went to close the door but Ota put his hand out to stop him.  “But there is a chance she can come back, you just need to stop moping around.”

Baba hesitated before turning around and walking back toward the bed, “I don’t deserve her.”

“You only made one mis–” Ota began but Baba turned around with a crestfallen expression, “Baba, snap out of it.”

“I screwed up,” Baba said as he fell onto the bed, “please leave me to my misery.”  Ota groaned as he shut the door.  He had to go tell the other guys he failed at his mission.

Ota-  Ota sat on the floor of the studio staring at the destroyed canvas.  Running his messy hands through his hair, he let out a low groan.  He was surrounded by all of his recent beautiful artwork, but all of them were destroyed.  Destroyed by his own hand.  A paint stained knife laid on the floor a few feet away from Ota.

Ota stood up and took his phone out of his pocket.  She was still his background picture.  Biting his lip he looked through his recent calls and saw many missed calls from the guys– mostly Baba.  He missed two auctions since the breakup.  None of the guys knew he was the reason for the breakup, all they knew was that MC broke up with him then quit her job.  They were not happy about it.

Putting his phone away he walked over toward a picture he drew of her and kicked it across the room before falling back to the ground.  Ota was stuck.  He had no passion to paint any more images, and became nauseated when looking at any of his recent works.  All of his infatuation for art abandoned his soul when she left his life.  Ota knew he could not blame her for this desperate time of his life, it was all his fault at the end of the day.

His phone rang and Ota’s eyes widened as he rushed to take it out.  His heart instantly dropped when he saw the name.

“Why did I have to get my hopes up?” Ota muttered to himself as he ignored the call and looked around the room once again.  The only reason why I even came here is because some people say that times like this is when people become the most creative and deliver their best works, Ota thought to himself as he  walked over to pick up one of his paint brushes off the table, why can’t I be one of those people?  Ota snapped the paintbrush with his hands and watched as the two pieces fell to the floor.

Mamoru-  “You’re even worse than usual,” Eisuke stated as Mamoru took a puff of his cigarette and a sip of whiskey.  Mamoru stared out the window ignoring the conversation that the other guys were having, that was now on the subject of himself.

“How many bottles has he gone through so far?” Ota asked peering at the growing pile on the table.

“Five,” Baba replied.

Soryu groaned, “just ignore him.  He is acting like a teenage girl whose boyfriend just broke up with them.”

Ota continued, “his poor liver.”  Soryu groaned and walked out of the room with his phone in his hand.  He had no interest in the subject of MC and Mamoru’s love life.

“He has smoked a whole pack since I got here,” Baba stated.

“It’s only been an hour,” Ota exclaimed.

“Mamoru, you also missed the auction last night,” Eisuke added.  

“Can you guysh quit it already” Mamoru yelled at the men.  The guys laughed as Mamoru stood up and began to walk toward his room.  He quickly tripped and fell face first on the ground.  The guys busted out laughing.  “I am okay,” Mamoru muttered.  The door opened as Soryu walked back into the room hanging up his phone.

Ota quickly said, “MC you’re back!”  Mamoru quickly tried to get off the bed but fell again.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Baba asked.  Mamoru muttered something no one else could hear before falling asleep on the floor.

Soryu-  “Stop talking about me,” an exhausted looking Soryu exclaimed as he slammed the papers he was holding onto the desk.

“What crawled up your arse?” Mamoru asked as he took a puff of a cigarette “no one was talking about you.”

“Guilty conscious?” Ota asked.

Soryu glared daggers at Baba and Ota who were sitting in the corner of the room talking, “then what are you two girls whispering about?”

“Lunch,” the duo said in union.  Soryu took out his gun and pointed it at the duo who went pale.  Neither guy would have been surprised if Soryu accidentally shot either one of them.  It did not help that they had a hand in the breakup that caused Soryu’s recent horrible mood.  Soryu has been acting off ever since the breakup; he has become dangerously emotionally unstable.

Soryu raised his eyebrow, “lunch?  Do you really expect me to believe that?”

“We were talking about MC, she was in the hotel today picking up some stuff,” Ota said with his hands in the air.  Soryu’s eyes widened as he lowered the gun.

“Soryu, are you okay?” Baba asked as the mobster turned around.

Soryu growled, “don’t talk to me.”  Soryu walked out of the room as Baba and Ota let out a sigh of relief.

Mamoru groaned, “he’s acting like an immature little kid.”

“He is more on edge than usual,” Baba sighed.

“Ryosuke says he hasn’t been sleeping, and has been spending a lot more time on mob stuff,” Baba pointed out.

Ota added, “he has been looking sick lately.”

“STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!” Soryu yelled from the next room.

Mamoru yelled, “GO TO SLEEP!”