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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Reader is the child of Tony Stark. While talking to Peter one day you discover that Flash is bullying him, and decide to take matters into your own hands by showing up to Liz Allen’s party to put an end to it. 

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: slight spoilers for Homecoming, mild swearing, bullying

Word count: 2,805

Notes: I know this isn’t the exact dialogue as in the movie but I’m just working off my memory so bare with me folks. Also this took me several day to write but I love it, even though the ending is kinda shaky but this is very long and I would enjoy you guys sent in requests! My masterlist is in my bio (it’s almost empty but that’ll change) along with a prompt list you can request off of if you want!

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the twins (part 1)

a short story of 3 parts written by me 

please consider that english isn’t my first language so i am sorry if there is any mistakes while you read this

  • characters : (yousra,faris,menna)

faris by @hammie-heart


The wind is howling dark fog is everywhere and all she could see in the sky is nothing but red clouds she tries to escape from something but then falls on the ground ….

Yousra: “ack!” she gives a small scream but turns around suddenly to face what she has been running from ….

A dark figure with red eyes they have dark wings approaches yousra slowly.


she wakes up to find herself on her bed tired as always it’s been 3 months only and she feels like she is going to give birth soon, she looks unsettled.

Menna is sleeping on the coach next to her bed of course faris won’t sleep in the same room with menna in it, yousra decides to go outside her room to have some water , yousra exits the room.

“Yousra?…why are you up at this time?” said faris who was setting on the coach in the living room he stood up to help her when she walks

yousra: “it’s ok faris I was about to get some water”

Faris: “you could’ve asked me…”

He helps her to set on the coach after that he went to get her a cup of water and came back with it “here drink”

Yousra takes the cup but then she looks down to it “…….faris?”

“Yes yousra is there something you need?”

Yousra: “our children will come to life soon they will have a pretty weird life right? Hehe”

She looks at faris smiling while saying that

Faris: “heh, yeah they’ll get to have our magic traits I am sure we can help them get control of it right yousra?”

Yousra just looks down without an answer her expression seems emotionless.

Faris: yousra?

Yousra looks to him “faris….you are a good and respected person that’s why I love you…..but…..”

His expression changes “…..but?”

Yousra looks at him smiling she puts her hand on his and says “faris I know you won’t like this but…can you just promise me to take care of them? I m-might ….not be able t-to see them….” She starts to tear up.

Faris frowns and takes his hand out of her grip then holds her shoulders

“ yousra! What the hell are you saying!?what did I say about being strong for you! You yourself said you’d be strong For the children!…..for me…..did you just throw all this away ? or was it a selfish need of me that I want you to be here?….was it yousra?”

Yousra stays silent for a while “faris…please face it ….JUST….just look at me! I am weak I can’t walk by myself I can’t drink by myself I became skinnier everyday…..I won’t stand a chance when I give birth to them…..”

Faris: “I know that all this is happening to you but please…stay determined "….he hugs her…."Stay determined for me …stay determined for your children they will need you better than me….please”

Yousra gets him off her and stands up quickly “FARIS I CAN’T-” she falls on the ground after losing balance she gives a loud cry “AAAAAAAAAA!!!”

“YOUSRA!!” he descends to her horrified and worried “yousra are you ok!?”

“No faris! Ow ow ow! IT HURTS SO MUCH!” she was holding her stomach and crying

“What happened!?” menna comes in as she was woken up by yousra’s screams.

“Help me!!” yousra cried, faris tried to get her up but she couldn’t stand so he carried her “yousra it’s ok I am here calm down” he tried to calm her down but she is still crying

Menna: “that’s not good we need to get her to the hospital now” menna ran to get something to cover up yousra while she was between faris’ arms “don’t worry yousra you will be alright you can get through this” said faris with a worried expression, she clutches on his shirt “faris….it’s time” his eyes widened as she said that.

Menna: “quick faris let’s go!”

They leave the house to the hospital…


How Would Monsta X Propose

||| Requested by anon |||

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

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I knew the perfect gif for this before I even wrote it 😂

He had all of this planned out. He took you to one of the highest places in the city so you could see the beautiful view of the night. He wanted to show off so bad but was actually kind of scared to even go the the railing.

“Why did you take me here then?” you laughed.

“I… Uhhh…” he would get so shy, completely forgetting everything he wanted to say and would just pull the ring out hoping you will say yes and would pretend as if nothing happened and would act all cool again when you did.

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

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If you thought he’s awkward before wait for this moment. He was extremely clumsy all day because he was worrying so much he would do something wrong. Things kept falling out of his hands and he even tripped over the chair when he went to go get if for you when he took you out for dinner.

“Are you okay? You have been acting strange all day?” you asked, completely clueless.

“No… No it’s not!” he said, suddenly standing up. Just as soon as he stood up he sat back down again. “Actually everything is great when you’re with me. I got this for you,” he said taking the ring out.

You stared at him before pulling him in for a kiss as a yes.

Lee Minhyuk

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He would do it in the morning. He prepared you breakfast and everything and for once didn’t wake you up while doing so. He brought it to the bedroom and when he knelt down besides the bed you had to get up and kneel with him, embracing him immediately because you already knew what he was up to.

“Jagi, you didn’t even give me a chance to say that I love you,” he whined.

“I don’t need to hear it, you tell me that every day as it is… I do.”

He smiled at you brightly, happy with your answer and hugged you even tighter than ever.

Yoo Kihyun

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He decided to cook you a grand meal and propose then but he felt so much pressure to make this the most perfect dinner ever that he ended up almost burning the kitchen down. You came back from work to only witness the huge mess he made.

“Kihyun, oh my god! What happened? That’s so not like you.”

“Jagi~~ I know,” he cried out. “I just… Just…”

He stopped doing whatever he was doing at this point and just took your hand and gazed into your eyes.

“It didn’t turn out how I imagined it would but I don’t even care anymore since you’re here and-” he stopped to inhale some air because he was speaking so quickly. “And I want you to know if you would like to marry me and make me the happiest person ever in the process as well?”

“Are you serious? Of course I do! Being with you is what makes me happy as well!”

Chae Hyungwon

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He had no idea how he screwed up like that but when he put his hand in the inner pocket of his jacket the ring wasn’t there.

“Ummm Jagi…”

“Hyungwon what are you doing?” you asked him, as he has been standing with his hand in the pocket for good ten minutes.



“I lost it~~”

“Lost what?”

He then looked at the table and took the doughnut which was ready to be eaten.

“Will you marry me?” he asked, giving you the doughnut. You just laughed and put it on your finger.

“Of course you big dummy.”

I.M/Lim Changkyun

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He thought about proposing for a while now and he decided that he wanted to leave a huge impression. One day he fell down on the floor clutching his heart, pretending that he’s dying. You ran over to him immediately, worried about his well being when he rolled over and took the ring out.

“I’m dying how badly I want to marry you. Will you do me the honor?”

You couldn’t believe this idiot and smacked him lightly before falling on top of him and kissing him on the lips.

“I will take that as a yes,” he laughed.

Lee Jooheon

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He would secretly pick you up while you were sleeping and hoping that you won’t wake up would take you to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately you woke up half way to the sea and got so scared, thinking you’re being kidnapped or something he had to stop just to calm you down. You talked for so long that you completely missed the sunrise.

“It’s gone… The opportunity is gone!.. ” he sobbed dramatically.

“What are you talking about?”

“The opportunity to purpose to you in a nice setting is gone!” he cried out louder, stopping immediately when he realized he said that out loud. He looked at you standing there, almost crying.

“Are you for real?”

He nodded and you just jumped in his arms and kissed him.

Kiwi - Harry Styles Imagine

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Words: 3,215

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing, mention of drugs and alcohol

Based off the song, ‘Kiwi’

They met back in highschool, bumping into each other in the hallway. He did not know her at first, learning that she just moved from New Zealand, but she was not your typical girl. Her status from her parents made her known across her school. But she was not like the other girls he found, he knew about parties that went on on school nights, where all her friends went, but he saw her at the local market, or at the park on those nights. He found that she was never interested in drinking, drugs or sex, like the other boys and girls. She would turn down everyday date with her friend’s friends, they told her that she was boring for not doing it, but it was the money that kept their friendship tied.

He tried his best to talk to her, every time he would see her, he tried to have the courage to say a simple word, but none came out. He knew he was like every other ‘low commoner’ of the school, over being head over heels in love, but, he could not care about it, all he wanted was a simple conversation at that moment.

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I Get To Love You - Sirius Black x Reader

  Request:  you should do a fluffy fic where you and Sirius are dating and have been for a good while and then one day someone says to the reader “ hey Mrs. Black” and the Sirius would grumpily say “ don’t call her that she’s too pure to be a black” and then reader like consoles him and says that she would love to be a black and some really fluffy shit happens.. thanks love just an idea:)) 

Well… My heart. And please, just please, for my heart’s sake… Sirius was never sent to Azkaban. Okay? Okay!
I wrote this while listening to this beautiful song!
Warnings: I don’t know people, I am crying. My English. 
Gifs are not mine/ Credits to their original owners.

   Being with Sirius was like an amazing ride. It had its downs sometimes but it had its ups all of the time. He may appear to be the bad-boy, the careless rebel, but really, he was a cinnamon roll. He was sensitive and caring, but crazy too. He loved to cuddle like it was a life or death matter. He was protective and he was trusting. He didn’t patronize you but he wouldn’t hesitate when someone was flirting with you- they weren’t really flirting with you but he was as jealous as it can get. He trusted you. It was them he didn’t trust. 
   You have been together about two years now. You were there when he had run away from his family. You were always there when he wanted to pretend he was okay but he wasn’t. You had seen him at his best and worst and you loved him deeply. More than you admitted, actually. You just didn’t want to scare him away with your feelings. But he knew. He knew, even if you didn’t say it. He understood it in all those little things you would do. It could be a simple question like “did you eat today?” if you were too busy to be with him during lunch or a really deep and profound conversation in the middle of the night because he couldn’t sleep or the way you kissed his forehead. You didn’t know but he knew. He knew it was your way of saying it every time you two had a fight- a silly one, really- and you were the one to reach back first. He felt awful because he hadn’t done the things he wanted. He hadn’t told you he loved you. You knew he needed his time. And you were willing to wait.
   You walked into their dorm with your pajamas on- a huge t-shirt of his and a pair of shorts-and your hair in a messy bun, ready to fall asleep in your boyfriends’ arms- as every night since the beginning of your last year. 
   You were greeted by a sleepy-but hyperactive, at the same time- James.
“Hello, Mrs. Black” he said yawning. You just shook your head and rolled your eyes.
“Hello, Mr. Prongs” you said mockingly.
   You failed to notice your boyfriend’s grimace, but you did notice that he snorted, something that left you quite puzzled. You brushed it off as you made your way towards him. He was resting his back on the headboard of his bed, his eyes were burning holes on the ceiling, his raven hair falling loosely around his beautiful face. You climbed on his bed and wrapped your arms around his upper body, reaching to kiss his cheek, tenderly. He always blushed. You leaned against the headboard as well and rested your head on his shoulder. 
“Goodnight! And guys, please, keep it low” James teased as he slipped under his bed sheets. You wanted to throw him a pillow. Or the whole bed.
“Yes, James. You want to lose your virginity to Evans and only Evans. We know, you are too innocent!” Sirius commented theatrically but there was a tone of annoyance. You silently laughed though, the vibrations of your body delivering the message to him. He held you closer to his body as he slid down, laying on the bed. Your head was resting on his chest. You could feel his warmth and his heart beating steadily. You fell asleep, without even realizing it. 

  You were woken up by something that didn’t seem to stop moving. You opened your eyes and saw Sirius tossing and turning. He hadn’t slept and you felt bad instantly. You brought your hand on his arm, turning his body towards you, his face a breath away from yours. You cupped his cheek, caressing his soft skin, silently asking him what was wrong. He leaned into the touch like he always did.
You locked eyes.
“What’s wrong, baby?” you asked softly and worryingly. You knew that sometimes he had too many things going on inside his mind and he wasn’t able to make them shut up. He looked away and your worry increased. He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you as close as humanly possible to him. He moved his head, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 
“I just don’t like it when they call you Mrs. Black. You are too pure for that” he confessed, his breath falling hot onto the sensitive skin of your neck.
  For a second you couldn’t respond. You really didn’t know what to say. You knew about his family better than anyone-including James. You understood why he didn’t like his last name but still.
  You brought his face in front of yours, gently but confidently.
“I know you don’t like your last name, babe. I know. But I love it. It’s you. I don’t care if there other hundred people with the same surname-whenever someone says ‘Black’ the only thing I can think of is your pretty face and magnetic soul. Not even the color! So, really, I don’t mind” you whispered. Two years now, you had come to love everything about him. Even the things he didn’t. Like his last name or the scar on his chest. 
   He was looking at you like you had said something he never expected. Was that the way people wanted to be looked at?
“I adore you” he breathed out softly. You froze for a second and then a huge grin was plastered on your mouth- and you didn’t even try to hide it. 
“About time” you teased but your voice was way too happy to actually mean it. He furrowed his eyebrows, thinking. That was always dangerous. 
“Hmm… Since you love my last name that much, why not take it?” he asked you.
  Your heart stopped. Like, really. It stopped. And then it started again beating twice, no, ten times faster than it normally did. 
“Sirius, what are you saying?” you stuttered out, breathlessly. His hands cupped your face-you knew he could feel your heart. Hell, even McGonagall could hear it.
   Your hands were shaking and you couldn’t exactly stop them from tugging his dark locks a bit. You knew that your eyes were wide open. 
“Marry me” he whispered with confidence. He was sure of what he wanted. You were almost crying. Almost? Scratch that. You felt your eyes tearing up. You wanted to-
  You hugged him even tighter and pressed your forehead against his. You closed your eyes.
“Yes” you husked and crashed your lips to his, feeling his smile. A million times yes. 
He kept you inside his arms. Home.

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Crude Confessions and Passive Aggression (Thievery Pt 3) | Peter Parker x Reader

request: yup, my original idea, but y’all asked for a p3 so here it is!

summary: peter and ned come clean, reader is really hurt by the sheer amount of time that she didn’t know. takes place after the events of homecoming

warnings: language (pretty mild)

IMPORTANT: tiny is the kid who was playing chess and talked to ned, and he was the person in the bathroom when peter saw happy

word count: 2237

part 1 part 2 


“So, I guess the spider is out of the bag.” Ned commented from behind you, sending a shock of surprise through you. Disbelief, however, being the emotion most present within yourself at the moment.

“Ned knew?” You could speak in only a weak whisper at this point. This was too much. Peter dipped his head in shame. Why wouldn’t he tell you? You only ever made yourself completely open to him. Apparently, he didn’t value honesty in your relationship as much as you did.

“Ned, can we please have a second?” Peter uttered, his attention still fixated on the floor. Ned’s face drooped, looking kind of hurt, but when he turned to face you and saw the pain on your own face he gave you a small smile of encouragement and walked back towards the living room.

“Peter, why would you keep this from me?” You questioned, taking a step further into the dark room. Peter kicked aside a rolled up T-shirt and and wrung out his mask relentlessly.

“Please, Y/N.. You have to understand. This is really dangerous, what I do. I only wanted to keep you safe, I put everybody around me in jeopardy when they know what I can do.” His face was looming with sorrow, it already hurt him to have to keep it from you, but you finding out this way was somehow worse.

“Peter, you saw what happened yesterday, we worked together so well. I can handle myself, and danger is a part of life. You can’t protect me from the world, but you can let me help you through this.” You noticed your unspoken feelings manifesting in silent tears rolling down your cheeks. Peter took a step toward you and wiped it away with an outstretched hand.

“I’m sorry. I just-” He cleared his throat unsuccessfully, “I care about you.” His eyes were swimming with tears and you could feel your stomach wrenching but you couldn’t fully push aside the anger at him.

“Clearly not enough to tell me the truth, Peter, I have felt-” You began to cry and tried to finally bare your feelings to him. It was time to just tell him how much you loved him, oh my god… I love him? But he shushed you.

“Please, please don’t leave me. Look I’m freaked out Y/N! I’m only 15 and I’m only just figuring out how to do this! I really fucked up here, I should have told you, of all the people I should have told-” Peter began to cry, not loud, but you could see the tears streaking down his face and you could hear the small intakes of breath that signified his distress. You couldn’t let him be this upset anymore. You swiftly closed the space between you and cupped your hands over his face lightly.

“Peter, why would I ever leave you? We have been best friends forever, I was just upset. Peter I just want you to trust me with anything… and I thought we had that.” Your voice cracked in the middle but you refused to look away from his eyes, who, in their own right, did not leave your gaze. When you finished speaking he opened his lips as if to say something, and then closed them promptly like he suddenly thought otherwise.

You could feel his gaze burning your pupils as it intensified. He lifted his calloused hands to your cheeks gently, coming to a position that mirrored yours and then tilted his head down and brought your lips together. Your stomach flipped and you felt hot and tingly all of a sudden. The feeling of his soft lips against your chapped ones was luscious and this was all you ever wished for.

“I never didn’t trust you, Y/N. I didn’t trust myself to protect you. Mr. Stark took my suit away after I failed him at one point and I felt inept to take proper care of you.” Peter pulled his head away, but only far enough that you could still feel his warm breath on your now cold lips. This was all a lot to take in at once, Tony Stark? So this was the internship? He took the suit? And through all the confusion you still managed to feel a little smile at the use of an SAT word sprinkled in his apology, Spider-man or not, he was still Peter Parker.

“So I guess Tony made the suit for you? If he took it away?” Peter smiled about the fact that you always just understood, you picked things up so fast and always seemed to be on the same wavelength.

A knock interrupted your conversation and sprung you and Peter from your close proximity to opposite walls of the small room. “Yo, guys. Are we good yet?” Ned peeked his head in and cocked an eyebrow at the bizarre position you guys were now in.

“Yeah, Ned. Come in.” You capitulated.

The rest of the night was spent talking about Peter’s adventures as Spider-man and his fights with the Vulture.

The weekend came and went with you doing chores and homework. It was Monday again and you had Peter and Ned in your sights, standing on the front steps of the school and waiting for you. You were all kinds of nervous considering you and Peter had not talked about the kiss since it happened.

“Hey, Y/N!” You heard Michelle yell to you. You turned slightly to address her.

“Hey Michie!” You called her by her nickname.

“I told you, my friends call me MJ!” She got all heated, her cheeks turning a deep red and a small curl falling over her right eye, which she batted out of her way with a quick swat of her pinkie.

“Michie, I have been friends with you and I’ve never called you that. Listen I gotta talk to Peter, I’ll see you later.” Michelle nodded reluctantly and then flipped you off, sweeping her finger like a bow. You just chuckled under your breath, that was just how she interacted with you.

Peter’s face lit up and Ned gave you a quick fist bump as you joined them, “Hey Y/N. We forgot to tell you,” Ned’s eyes were lit up with excitement as he lowered his voice to a whisper- that only made them seem more suspicious, “Peter’s suit has a little robot woman in it named Karen and she’s-”

“That’s cool Ned, hey I gotta go, see you later.” You brushed him off and pivoted away, walking briskly through the labyrinth of students, thanking your lucky stars that it was so easy to disappear.

Michelle looked skeptical when you slid onto the chemistry stool next to her with an angry huff. “I take it lil Peter pissed you off?” You glared at her from the corner of your eye as you shoved your cheek onto your fist.

“Yeah, he just kept something from me…” Your eyelashes fluttered in exasperation.

“Did he have a good reason?” Michelle always asked the right questions, she could always assess a situation calmly before taking a position.

“Yes, but he shouldn’t have kept such a giant thing from me, I know I shouldn’t be mad at him but I am.” You could feel your heart beating faster and faster.

“If you were him, would you have kept it from him- and DON’T answer right away, I want you to really think about it.” Michelle finally set down the book she was reading and looked you straight in the eyes, which was kind of eerie because she wouldn’t budge. She really wanted you to think this through.

“Michie, you don’t usually care this much,” You tell her, trying to get her to stop focusing on you.

“Yes I do, you are my friend Y/N. And if you think I don’t know that you are head-over-heels, shit-eating-grin, in love with Peter, then you are damn wrong. So get your head out of your ass and figure this out,” She raised one eyebrow lazily and then suddenly got a very raw and sincere expression, “Look, you are one of my only friends and I care about you. Now stop being an idiot.” Her vulnerability was short lived and you snorted when she shrunk back into her book.

“Thanks Michie, you know I love you.” You hugged her unwilling body sideways. Before she could shrug you off the teacher came in and class commenced.

Meanwhile, you remained inside of your head. Sorting out your emotions and trying to decide what to do about Peter. On one hand you thought you absolutely would’ve told Peter immediately and not even thought about it, but on the other, Michelle was right, you probably would have wanted to protect you. But then why did he tell Ned? It then occurred to you that you didn’t even know how Ned found out.

new message:

hey, how did you find out about peter??


ummmm, i went to his house with a lego death star to build and while i was in his room he climbed in on his ceiling, we scared each other shitless


oh okay, thanks


okay thennnnn..?

You set aside the phone and took a breath, so Ned found out by accident too. Peter didn’t just not trust you, he was struggling. You didn’t want to wait for lunch, and you knew that he was in the same hall as you right now, so you discreetly pulled out your phone again, glancing up to see if Mr. Roberts was watching you. That was kind of a joke because none of your teachers are ever “attentive” they are more just… there.

new message:

meet me in the hallway by the trophy case asap

peter the quidditch beater:


You shoved your stool with a squeal, mumbled a “can I use the bathroom”, and grabbed the hall pass. Your stomach was doing somersaults again as you prepared to talk to him again.

“Hey, Y/N. What was this morning about? Are you ok?” Peter looked truly concerned for you. You shook your head, dismissing his worry.

“I’m fine, it’s just that you couldn’t expect me to just be cool with the lie so quickly. Peter, it really hurt that you kept it from me for so long. For weeks you’ve been blowing me off and I have just handled it! But Michie helped me realize that you were worried about me and wanted to take care of me-” Peter’s eyes got really wide then, “OF COURSE I DIDN’T TELL HER. Oh my god Peter, I’m not stupid. It’s just that I don’t understand why you were so afraid to tell me. Especially after Ned found out and nothing happened to him. I don’t underst-” You were spilling your heart to him when he suddenly cut you off to explain.

“Because I’m not in love with Ned.” You stood there frozen, and you could see the moment that Peter’s confession dawned on him. His mouth dropped open and kept moving up and down like he was a fish trying to breathe out of water.

“Peter?” You question taking a step forward.

“I um, I’m in love with you, Y/N. I think I always have been. I didn’t want to tell you because I simply can’t imagine existing in a world where my secret was the reason you were hurt-” This time you cut him off. You wrapped your hands around his neck and lightly tugged his head down to yours. He didn’t resist and you felt his hands snake around your waist and clasp at the base of your spine. Your lips fit into the gap between his and you feel him pull you close.

“I’m in love with you too.” You mumbled against his lips.

“Eh-um guys…” Tiny called from right next to you. You and Peter sprung apart for the second time in the last 5 days to see the proper looking boy gesturing to the water fountain you were standing in front of. Peter looked taken aback that Tiny interrupted us to get a drink, while you found it amusing.

He took his drink, not bothering to be quick about it and then awkwardly stood up straight and walked away, “Bye Tiny!” You called after him, soliciting an awkward wave from him.

You turned to Peter to see his bright red blushing cheeks and look of bewilderment and just gave him a smile, “We are not done here,” You told him mock-sternly, wagging an index finger in his face before pecking him on the cheek quickly and skipping back to the room.

In a small warehouse over in the Bronx there were two figures speaking to one another. One man was large and some sort of gun slung over his shoulder, and the other was sitting back in a folding chair. The figure in the chair raised a navy streaked hand to his forehead, “So there was a girl fighting with the spider kid?” He sounded exasperated.

“Yeah, she helped him catch Marcus, he seemed kind of fond of her. I think we should follow her. We got footage of her face off of Marcus’ body cam?” The tall man suggested, swinging the gun down and tilting his head to the side inquisitively.

“You may be onto something, see if she’s got any ties to the annoying twerp in spandex.”


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dreamnoteprincess  asked:

Okay. I know I said one more, but I just thought of this. Hell's Studio AU. Sammy starts to show an emotion no one would ever expected; Sadness.

This one’s a bit shorter. I hope you don’t mind.


No one had ever seen Sammy sad before. Except for the toons during the ink monster debacle, of course. But the human members of the studio were still getting used to seeing Sammy happy. All other emotions from him were foreign. So when Sammy came into work one day looking dejected, no one was quite sure how to react.

“Hey, you feeling okay?” Bendy was sent down to see what was going on with their music director.

“Honestly? No. I’m not.” Sammy sat at his desk, his head in his hands.

“Did something happen?”

“My father just died.” Sammy said. “Does that answer your question?”

“Oh.” Bendy just stood in the doorway, unsure how to proceed. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, well, I’d like to be alone now, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, of course.” Bendy beat a hasty retreat. He was trying not to think about how weird it was to see Sammy sad. He just seemed so…defeated.

“What’s wrong?” Joey asked when Bendy returned to him.

“His dad died.”

“Oh…” Joey looked away, suddenly ashamed of his behavior. “That’s..That’s awful.”

“He just wants to be left alone right now, so let’s give him some space.” Bendy said. “I don’t want to make this any harder for him than it already is.”

“Of course.” Joey nodded. “I completely understand.”

“He’ll tell everyone when he’s ready.”

Bendy spread the word throughout the studio that everyone should leave Sammy alone for a bit. He didn’t tell them why, just that Sammy was going through a rough patch and he needed some space. The studio employees did as they were told and didn’t bother Sammy. Susie and Alice dropped by a few times to give him emotional support. They were about the only ones he wanted to see at the moment. The next week Sammy flew out to his father’s funeral, taking the rest of the month off so he could spend time with his family.

“Do you think he’s gonna be okay?” Alice asked as the toons gathered togethers after hours. “He looked pretty rough.”

“I don’t know honestly.” Bendy said. “I’ve never seen him like this before. But…people die, right? You go through a grieving process and then you move on. That’s how it goes, right?”

“I always forget humans aren’t like us.” Boris played with his tail. “It must be tough, losing people.”

“Sammy’ll be fine.” Bendy said again, mostly to reassure himself. “He’s always fine.”

When Sammy returned to the studio, he was more or less back to normal. He remained subdued for weeks afterwards, but things slowly returned to the way they had once been. Being Sammy, the music director didn’t tell anyone else that his father was dead. Not until a year later that was. But things were normal again. Bendy clung to that sense of normalcy. He saw Sammy sad more than once in the years that followed, but never as distraught as he’d been when his father died. Not until years later.

take desperate to a new level

Evak and boy squad fic based off of this post by @shadeandadidas because it was just too good to pass up.

“Ugh, you guys are gross,” Jonas groaned staring at Isak and Even cuddled up on the couch of their apartment. The boys were over to hang and play fifa, and since the school year just ended Magnus felt it necessary to make a speech about why they had to “keep hanging out all together no matter what, even though Even graduated because it’s important you guys we gotta keep the squad together!” 

Mahdi laughed at Jonas’s comment, while Jonas started laughing at Isak’s instant glare and eye roll. 

“We’re not gross, we’re amazing,” Isak said petulantly, pressing his face further into Even’s chest. Even smiled down at him and pressed a kiss to his head.

“If amazing means gross, then yes,” Mahdi joked. 

“Aw, come on you guys!” Magnus exclaimed. “They’re cute, you can’t deny it.”

Even smiled. “Thank you, Magnus, I’m glad someone believes in us.”

Isak just gave a thumbs up, as he was too occupied trying to literally melt into his boyfriend’s side.

Jonas laughed again, trying to fathom how his best friend became so soft.

“Has it always been like this?” he asked.

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Grace, Morgan and I, we’re seeing each other and have been for a while...” Greyson finally spoke up, taking Morgans hand in his.

Really? That’s so amazing! I’m so happy for the both of you!” I exclaimed, now seeing Morgan’s face which looked…shocked shall we say. “Why did you make such a big deal out of telling me though?” I asked curiously, readjusting my position. 

We thought you’d have a problem with it, honestly.” Morgan replied, finally readjusting her position too. “Besides, your the first official person to know about us.

I laughed a little, shaking my head. “I don’t have a problem with it! If my brother is happy and my best friend is happy, then I am also happy.”

The conversation ended on the pair of them thanking me for being so understanding. The relief that they felt filled the room and I felt a wave of relief for them too, I found it silly that they waited so long to tell anyone about this.

Anywhere With You 

by sweetums (3k)

Published : 2017-07-26

“Do you want some gum?” Louis’ lovely voice interrupts his train of thoughts.

“No, thank you.” Harry responds quickly.

What? ‘No, thank you’? What was he thinking? If Louis Tomlinson offers you gum, you take it. If Louis Tomlinson offers you a vial of vomit, you take it.

“On second thought, gum would be perfection.” Harry actually considers just dying right there as he reaches over to pry the piece of gum out of Louis’ perfect little hand, eyes flitting over to the other man’s amused face.

Why did he say that? He could’ve said, ‘I’ll have some gum’ or ‘gum would be great’ or even a simple ‘thanks’ but no, no, for Harry, ‘gum would be perfection’.

He loathes himself.


AU where Harry gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Louis Tomlinson during a blackout. Inspired by Chandler and Jill Goodacre from Friends.


Holy fucking shit, why did this take so much time to write? 

okay so im back with this beautiful fic for @novelistjugheadjones ‘s writing contest (which is way overdue but Madison is amazing and gave me a lil more time to finish it, luv ya Mads <3) 

A/N so yeah… this is way out of my comfort zone: for starters, and as you may have seen, it’s bughead (yeah, I never in a million years thought I would be writing bughead fanfiction, but I think Betty Cooper is kinda growing on me OMFG WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, THIS HIATUS IS CHANGING ME) and it’s a song-fic (another thing I never thought I would be fucking doing so yeah) of the masterpiece called “Sick of losing soulmates” by Dodie Clark @doddleoddle (download her EP, she is an amazing artist: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/intertwined-ep/id1164878952) + it’s (kinda) based off two v cute Noorhelm and Evak scenes on Skam (or that’s where I got the inspiration from) so yeah, it’s a little bit everywhere but I think you guys will like it (or so I hope) 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request some fluffiness between CrA x AS when CrA goes out to hunt some demons but comes back really late and wounded so AS helps her lovely girlfriend out with the wounds?

“Geez! Why do you keep on hurting yourself?” Ara asks with a huff, wrapping up the last of Elesis’s wounds. “I know that you hate demons since they murdered your group of Red Knights, but don’t you think you’re being too extreme about exterminating them all?” She pats her bandaged arm, causing Elesis to wince just a little.

“Revenge…” she whispers. “I’ll take revenge no matter what…”

Ara sighs and pats her head. “I know you want revenge on them for what they did to your Knights, but you have to let others worry about you!”

Elesis looks up at Ara and wraps her arms around her slender waist. The spearwoman squeaks in surprise as she was pulled on top of Elesis. “H-Hey!”

“Then you can comfort me…” Elesis whispers before falling fast asleep. Ara smiles softly and let’s her sleep with her on top.

He Should Have Taken More Time

This is another favorite of mine. Also from A Treasury of Jewish Folklore edited by Nathan Asubel. All spelling and grammatical errors are mine; I am a poor transcriber.

The rabbi ordered a pair of new pants for the Passover holidays from the village tailor. The tailor, who was very unreliable, took a long time finishing the job. The rabbi was afraid that he would not have the garment ready for the holidays.

On the day before Passover the tailor came running all out of breath to deliver the pants.

The rabbi examined his new garment with a critical eye.

“Thank you for bringing my pants on time,” he said. “But tell me, my friend, if it took G-d only six days to create our vast and complicated world, why did it have to take you six weeks to make this simple pair of pants?”

“But, Rabbi!” murmured the tailor triumphantly, “Just look at the mess G-d made, and then look at this beautiful pair of pants!”


Pharmercy- Angel With a Shotgun

So…. this is a bit different haha. But! I couldnt help it, the song fits so well. Its also a bit rushed towards the end but oh well :D

Happy Valentines Day my dudes <3

my experience with adhd
  • I don’t even remember putting that thing down but now it’s not in my hand and I don’t know where it went
  • ‘what do you mean you can just think about nothing? what’s that like? I don’t understand’
  • *tuning out of a conversation halfway through somebody else’s sentence because I just thought of something interesting*
  • carrying my psychiatrist’s business card with me at all times because I see her once a month and every time I go I forget what floor her office is on. I’ve been there 8 times
  • ‘Between A & B, A would be the right thing to do’ *a cascading thought process that takes a few seconds tops, justifying option B* ‘actually B would be the right thing to do’
    • somebody else, later: why did you think B was the right thing to do??
    • me: …. it’s not important, I’ll know better next time
    • (spoiler: I won’t know better next time)
  • I know you already told me this thing like 12 times but can you tell me again just one more time because I forgot
  • it’s not that I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to do this thing. it’s just that in that particular moment i thought it was okay to do it anyway for reasons that would take 48 minutes to explain even though it only took me 3 seconds to justify it in my thoughts, so it’s easier for me to just say ‘I forgot’
  • ‘I already told you that’ ‘really? I must have forgotten, i’m sorry’ ‘it was FIVE MINUTES AGO. in this SAME CONVERSATION’
  • this internal conversation:
    • me: I feel motivated to do this responsible thing
    • me: if I don’t do this responsible thing right now I will get distracted and forget to do it for another 5 hours
    • me: so I should do this thing right this second, there is nothing stopping me
    • me: after I finish this one cell phone game
    • me, 5 hours later: I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN
  • almost flunking a class because I straight up didn’t know any homework had been assigned despite loving the class and always attending
  • trusting the memory of literally anyone else over my own memory
  • intending to do something for days. sometimes months. never doing it
  • *cuddling somebody* mm this is nice … *2 seconds later* bored now
  • somebody is mad at me. I might as well fucking d i e
  • the options in company are: overshare about the one thing I care about or not talk at all
  • insensitive or inattentive? YOU decide (and when you tell me that i hurt your feelings and I didn’t notice I’ll rejection sensitive dysphoria into fantasies of disappearing forever)
  • being excellent at my job for months on end, doing everything right and everything well, and then suddenly & without explanation being t h e  w o r s t at it for several weeks, making dumb mistakes everywhere for no discernible reason
  • when asked to explain something: well it all started when I was a baby
    • ‘they don’t need that much explanation’ well YOU tell ME where to start b/c I have no fucking clue tbh
  • i can’t throw away anything b/c when I look at it I remember all the sentimental reasons I keep it around and they seem just as important as actually needing it and when I close the storage box back up I forget I had it in the first place until the next time I try to get rid of my clutter and repeat this process
  • i wasnt’ idle for a second all day and yet I didn’t accomplish a n y t h i n g
  • am i a speed-reader or was I so impatient for what came next that I read only half a page and then skipped to the next one?
  • getting excited about a project, starting it, then racing to finish it as fast as I can because when I get bored I’ll abandon it and never go back. must beat the boredom
    • edit my fics? working twice on the same idea? /uproarious laughter
    • well I fucked that up. too bad I can never rework it because I no longer have passionate energy for it
  • me, opening a bottle of adhd meds: I don’t have adhd. I’m just a lazy bum who doesn’t try hard enough

Ground control to Captain Andor, AKA the Rebelcaptain Astronaut AU no one ever asked me to make

The year is 2032. It’s the end of construction to extend the International Space Station with a top-of-the-line rotating habitat, bringing the old station into the new age of space travel. Captain Cassian Andor has been on a solo mission to the ISS to install the Key To Station Operations, an AI more commonly known as K-2SO, whose job it is to manage the newly expanded station, as well as assist the crew when necessary, enabling the entire station to be run by only one crew-member at a time. 

To put the new features to the test, Cassian is to leave the station in the hands of Jyn Erso, a British astronaut send in from the ESA. She arrives two days before Cassian’s planned departure to earth, and the widely different pair take an immediate dislike to each other.

Unfortunately for them both (or perhaps fortunately), due to a critical error in K’s programming, he accidentally ejects Cassian’s return pod five hours too soon. The capsule is sent floating off into space unmanned, and Cassian is stuck on the ISS with Jyn. His only option is to wait out Jyn’s two-month mission and take the planned descend back down with her. Suddenly, they need to somehow find a way to get along for a total of 64 days.

There’s room enough on the station for them to avoid each other most of the time, but for some reason they never do; instead they get in each other’s space, his hand on her elbow when he drifts by her, her eyes always finding his as the first thing when she enters a room. Cassian isn’t sure when the feel of her loose hair tickling his throat as she floats by stopped bothering him. Sometimes he’s not even sure if it ever really bothered him at all. Jyn doesn’t remember when she started thinking of Cassian’s discarded jackets left in her workspace as an annoyance and started seeing them as signs of the kind of life she tried to leave behind on earth, but now longs for.

Without realising it, they’ve both started closely orbiting each other as surely as the station itself is orbiting the earth.

By day 17, they’ve both privately begun to understand that maybe they aren’t as different from the other as they first thought. By day 34 nothing’s been done about it, but even two people as repressed as Jyn and Cassian will have to snap at some point when pushed together in such close quarters…

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

married part 3- h.s imagine

part 1 

part 2

Niall opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it. You rolled your eyes as you stared at him from across the kitchen counter. Niall furrowed his eyebrows as he placed his hand on his chin. He shook his head and leaned against the counter. “Alright. Tell me again exactly what she said.”

You let out a sigh as you leaned your hands against the counter. “She basically told me to fuck off, Niall.” Niall shook his head and sat down on one of the bar stools. “I just can’t believe Kimberly would say something like that to you.” You sighed as you sat on the seat next to his. You leaned your head against your arm. “I can’t believe it either.”

“So did you tell Harry?” Niall asked. You shook your head, “No. And I’m not planning on telling him either. I can’t tell him that he married-”

“The wicked bitch of London?” Niall interrupted, lips quirking up in a smile. You let out a chuckle as you gently punched him in the arm. “I’m serious, Niall. It’ll break his heart knowing Kimberly’s capable of saying something like that to someone. Promise me you won’t tell him?” Niall shrugged his shoulders as he got up to grab something from the fridge. “I guess, Y/N. But he’ll find out eventually. What’s he gonna think when his best friend suddenly stops talking to him?”

You groaned as you placed your head on the counter. “It’s not like I was going to do anything to hurt the marriage. I respect Harry too much to ever jeopardize it. But now I feel like I did overstep my boundaries, that’s why Kimberly wants me out of the picture.”

Niall turned around from looking in the fridge, a bottle of water in his hands. “You did nothing wrong, Y/N. You’re Harry’s best friend. Just because he’s married, that’s never going to change. Kimberly’s just insecure that her marriage is in the runs.”

You rubbed your face with your hands, clearly exhausted of the situation. “Out of all the people I could’ve fell in love with, why Harry?” You let out a laugh at how ironic your life was. “I just had to be the stereotypical girl who falls in love with her best friend.”

Niall smiled, sitting back down next to you as he placed his arm around you. “Harry’s just a great guy. Every girl is bound to fall in love with him. At least you have the privilege of being his best friend?” Niall tried assuring you, giving your shoulder a squeeze. You leaned your head against Niall’s shoulder and puffed out your cheeks, “I hate my life.”

With yet another promise from Niall that things were going to work out in the end for you, Niall left your apartment. You were sitting on your bed, scrolling through your Facebook feed. You sighed as you saw another post from Harry’s honeymoon. You leaned your head against the bed frame as you clicked on Harry’s name. You started looking through his most recent pictures. A lot of the photos were either from his honeymoon or his wedding. You tried not to wince as you would stumble upon pictures of him and Kimberly kissing. You were basically looking at Harry’s timeline in his photos. There were pictures from when he proposed to Kimberly, pictures of them at a Coldplay concert, pictures of them eating crazy looking food, pictures of them on the bed snuggling. Just pictures of them.

You laughed as you landed on the next picture, your hand covering your mouth.

You smiled at Harry as he placed a small cake in front of you. He sat down in front of you, a smile so wide, you were afraid his dimples would somehow burst. “This is my first time trying out this cake recipe, love, so bare with me if it’s not good.” Harry said as he began lighting candles on the cake.

You shook your head, a smile still on your face. “It looks absolutely amazing, H.” Harry looked over at you and smiled. He looked at the clock on the wall and noticed the time. “And now, it’s officially your birthday.”

Since you and Harry were twelve, he’s always made sure to be the first to tell you Happy Birthday. As your best friend, it was his sole purpose to do so. Every year, Harry would make you a cake, from scratch, and would sing you happy birthday. You guys would eat cake in your pajamas while watching Sixteen Candles and eat even more cake for breakfast in the morning. It was a perfect tradition you’d hope would never end.

Your eyes glanced over to the caption. On this day, my beautiful best friend came into this world. I will always remain thankful for this day. I will always love you.

You bit your bottom lip, rereading the caption what felt like a million times. You couldn’t help but wonder how your birthday will be this year. It was only in a couple of weeks. Would Harry still come over? Should he even come over? With everything Kimberly said, is it right for him to come over? You grabbed one of the pillows placed on your bed and screamed into it. With your head still in the pillow, your laptop began to ring. You looked over to see your mom was trying to FaceTime you. “Just what I needed” you mumbled. You plastered on the most phony smile to exist. “Hey mom.”

Your mom smiled, “Oh, honey! How lovely it is to see you!” You shook your head, letting out a giggle. “I saw you at the wedding, mom.” Your mom shook her head, a look of concern appearing on her face. “How are you doing, sweetie?” Besides Niall, your mom was the only one that knew of your feelings for Harry. How could she not? She was your mother. Your mom would always tell her friends that she knew you and Harry would be married someday. She loved your friendship and she loved how Harry respected you. It’s what every parent dreams for their child. When she got the invitation to his wedding, she was absolutely shattered for her daughter. She immediately called you only to be met with you sobbing on the other side of the line.

You shrugged your shoulders, pushing your hair behind your ears. “I’m fine.” Your mom shook her head. “You’re not. And it’s okay if you aren’t.”

You sighed as you stared at the computer screen. “It’s over, mom. He’s married. I can’t do anything but be supportive for him.” Your mom pursed her lips, nodding her head. “Well, Y/N. The reason why I called was because I want you to go out-”

You groaned, interrupting her. “Mom. Please. The last thing I want to do is go on a date.” Your mom let out a sigh.

“Y/N. Harry’s married.” You shook your head slowly as your eyes shifted away from the screen. Your mother continued, “And from looking at how happy he was at the wedding and listening to his vows…Y/N, he’s going to be married for a long time.” You sniffed, trying not to tear up in front of your mom.

Your mom looked down at her hand, looking at her wedding ring. “Every mother wants that for her child. They want to see them in love. They want to see their wedding. I want that for you, Y/N. As your mother, I can’t stand back and watch you hurting.”

You looked back at the computer screen, a tear falling down. “Let yourself be happy.” Your mom whispered on the other side. Your head shot down in defeat. She was right. A moment of silence passed before you whispered, “Alright.”

Lucas was…nice. He did everything you were supposed to do on a first date. He asked about your family, he asked about your job, he asked about your hobbies. He pulled out your chair for you at dinner, he held open the door for you, he paid for dinner. Lucas was a proper gentleman. You couldn’t help but think you needed someone like Lucas. As harsh as it sounds, Lucas was your distraction from Harry.

“Well this is me.” You said as you nodded towards your apartment building. Lucas nodded as he followed your gaze. “Is it alright if I walk you towards your door?”

You smiled, nodding your head. As you and Lucas were walking towards your door, you let out a laugh as Lucas was telling you about accidentally walking into his brother “handling” his business in his room.

Your laughter halted as you saw Harry standing in front of your door. He was staring between you and Lucas with his arms crossed. “Harry? What are you doing here?” Harry stared at Luke before he turned to look at you. “Can I talk to you?”

Lucas cleared his throat, catching on the tension. “I should probably get going, Y/N. I had a really great time.” You turned to look at Lucas and gave him a small smile, nodding. “I did, too.” You leaned over and gave him a hug. As Lucas returned the hug, you couldn’t help but feel Harry throwing daggers at you. Lucas cleared his throat once more as he nodded towards Harry and walked back towards the elevators.

As soon as you opened your apartment door, Harry was quick to ask, “Who was that?” You ignored his question, taking your heels off. “What did you need to talk about, Harry?”

Harry cleared his throat, crossing his arms once again. “Were you on a date?” You closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose. “Yes. Ok, yes, Harry. I was on a date.”

Harry let out a scoff. “That explains why you wouldn’t answer my texts.” You rolled your eyes as you began pouring yourself a glass of wine. “Well I’m sorry my life doesn’t revolve around you.”

Harry closed his mouth, a slight pang of hurt on his face. He shook his head. “I just wanted to tell you that me and Kimberly got into our first fight today. I really needed you, Y/N.” You stared into the wine glass, your mind zoning off as Harry went on about the fight.

“I just need you to tell me what to do.” Harry said. You quickly came back to your senses. “I’m sorry, H. I got none of that.” Harry let out a sigh. He was already frustrated enough with Kimberly and being ignored by you wasn’t making it any better. “Damn it, Y/N. Stop thinking about that guy and pay attention to me.”

This time it was your turn to let out a scowl. “I’m sorry Harry that I wasn’t listening to you go on about your wife. Why would I want to hear your problems in your marriage when I’m having problems myself?”

Harry threw his arms out, “You’re supposed to be my best friend! You’re supposed to be listening to my problems and help!”

“My life doesn’t revolve around you, Harry!”

Harry looked away from you, shaking his head. He realized he was being needy but you’ve never had a problem with it before. You were always happy to help him whenever you could. He couldn’t help but think it was because you had a potential guy in your future. He doesn’t know who that guy was, how many dates you guys have been on, or how much you liked him. What he did know was you didn’t look right with that guy.

Harry placed his hand on the door knob before he looked at you. “You’re right. I’m sorry I ruined your night.”

“Wait, H-” You closed your eyes as the door shut. You wrapped your arms around yourself, hating that you were so harsh to Harry. You were about to run after him but you couldn’t help but thinking about what Kimberly said. You knew you shouldn’t let her words get into her head. Why is she just now having a problem with your friendship with Harry when they’ve been together for two years now? You let out a sigh as you sat on your kitchen barstool. You couldn’t help but think about what it would be like from Kimberly’s shoes. You would be insecure as well if your husband had a best friend that has feelings for him. But you weren’t the type of person to jeopardize a marriage, why couldn’t she see that? You leaned your head against your hand. You didn’t know what to do anymore.

When Harry stepped into the elevator, his eyes were staring at your door, expecting you to run after him. When your door made no movement of opening, Harry looked down at the floor as the elevator doors closed.

thank you guys so much for all the feedback married is getting so far! i love that you guys are liking it! i love hearing from you guys! let me know what you guys thought/ want to see what happens next! 

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